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igh d. 1727, and was «. by his eldest son,

John Leigh, Esq. of Rosegarland, M.P. for New Ross from
1727 to 1758; m. July, 1727, Mary, dau. of John Cliffe, Esq. of
Mulrancan, co. Wexford, by whom he had

EoBEUT, his heir.

Grace, m. 20 May, 1758, Anthony, 8th Earl of Meath, aad
d. -20 Oct. 1812.

Mr. Leigh, whose will, dated 2 April, 1751, was proved 27
Sept. 1758, was s. by his only son,

Robert Leigh, Esq. of Rosegarland, 6. 1729, M.P. for New
Ross from 1759 to 1800, D.L. co. Wexford, and appointed
Lieut.-Col. of the Wexford Militia 1763 ; m. Feb. 1750, Arabella,
dau. of Robert Leslie, Esq. of Glasslough, co. Monaghan, by
whom he had,

I. Francis, his heir.

II. Charles, Major in the Army, d. u-,tm.

III. Joseph, of Tinnakilly, co. Wicklow, Collector of the
town of Wicklow 1799, -m. Aug. 1797, Mary, dau. of Stephen
Radcliffe, Judge of the Perogative Court, and had issue,
1 Stephen, d. unm. ; 1 Ellen, m. 10 Feb. 1830, Charles
Arthur Walker, of Tykillen, V.L. co. Wexford, M.P. ; 2
Arabella ; 3 Mary Anne.

Arabella, m. June, 1782, Ponsonby Tottenham, Esq., M.P.
for Fethard, and d. 2nd Aug. 1806.

Mr. Leigh, whose will, dated 10 April, 1802, was proved 10
May, 1803, was s. by his eldest son,

Francis Leigh, Esq. of Rosegarland. b. 1755, Collector of !m
Wexford 1794, Sovereign of New Ross 1799. Hem. Dec. 1788, ■
Grace, dau. of Richard Baldwin, Esq., by whom he had,

I. John Robert, jn. Feb. 1S22. Dorothea Anne, dau. of
Edward FitzGerald, Esq, of Carrigoran, co. Clare ; and d.

in his father's lifetime, 7 July, 1827, leaving by her (who 3
m. 2ndly, 7 Sept. 1832, Hervey Francis de Montmorency, I
^Lsq, (ste Bvkke's Peerage, Viscount Frankfort), j

1 Francis Adgdstine, now of Rosegarland.

2 Charles Edward, h. 1823, formerly in the 99th Foot: m.
1853, Elizabeth Anne, dau. of — Parker, Esq. of Hans-
lope Park, CO. Bucks, and d. s. p. at Paris, Nov. 1867.

II. Charles, 6, 1797 ; d. unm. 1821.

III. Francis, of Sion, co. Wexford, 6. 1808; High Sheriff of
Wexford 1837 ; i/i. June, 1830, Mary Martin, dau. of John
Southcote Mansergh, Esq. of Grenane, co. Tipperary, andci.
20 Feb. 1882, having had issue, '

1 Francis Charles, formerly Lieut. Wexford Militia, 6.

1831. 2 John Robert. 3 Charles, d. -luim.

4 Leslie Cecil Hore.

1 Grace Mary, m. George King, Major 53rd Regt.

2 Mary Arabella, m. July, 1854, Percy Lorenzo Harvey,
Esq. of Lonsdale, en. Wexford.

3 Elizabeth Kate Ellen, d. un,a. 4 Dorothea Olivia.

I. Cecilia, m. Major-Gen. Thomas Hore, and d. 28 July,.

II. Grace, 6. 1791, d. 1798. in. Mary, d. unm.
Mr. Leigh, who was M.P. for Wexford from 1793 to 1802, d,
1839, when he was s. by his grandson, now of Rosegarland.

.<4rms— Arg., two bars az. a bend compony counter-compony
gu. and or. Crest — A dexter hand lying fessways couped at the
wrist holding a sword erect impaling three gory heads all ppr.
ilotto—'En Dios se vince ; and Conlan-a-bu.

Scat — Rosegarland, New Ross, co. Wexford.


Leighton, Stanley, Esq. of SvFeeney HaH,
Salop, and the Whitehouse, co. Worcester, M.A.,
Balliol Coll. Oxford, M.P. for North Salop 1876-
85, and for Oswestry Dir. since 188.5, J. P. cos.
SalojJ and Montgomery, D.L. for the former co.,
late Capt. 15th Salop Rifle Yoluuteers, called to
the Bar, 1861, Inner Temple, h. 13 Oct. 1837; m.
27 Aug. 1873, Jessie Marie, dau. of H. B. W.
Williams -Wynn, Esq. of Xant - y - Meiched, co.
Montgomery, and Howbery Park, co. Oxford, and
has issue,

Beetie Edward Parker, b. 26 Nov. 1875.
Eachel Frances Marion.

Mr. Stanley Leighton, who is 2nd son of Sir Bald-
win Leighton, 7th Bart., of Loton Park, and
Sweeney Hall, M.P., by Mary, dau. of Thomas
Netherton Parker, Esq. of Sweeney Hall, and
eventual heir to her brother, the Rev. John
Parker, became possessed of the Sweeney estates
by deed of gift from his father in 1869.

Liiueagre. — For Leighton, see Burke's Peerage and

^amilg of |]arbr.

Thomas Parker, Yeoman of Tewkesbury, built the White-
house, in the parish of Longdon, co. Worcester, and by deed
1589 settled his estate on his eldest son,





Thomas Parker, Gent, of the Whitehouse who m. 1534,
Thomaslne, sister of Philip Monox, Esq. of Porchester, Kent,
and dying 1605, was s. hy his son,

Thomas Parker, Gent, of the Whitehouse, (he was fined
vith otlier Worcestershire gentlemen for not taking out their
knighthood at the coronation of Charles I.), h. 1599; d. 1636,
and was s. by his son,

Thomas Parker, Gent, of the Whitehouse, m. 1649, Ann
Yonger, of Welch Court, Yatton, co. Hereford, and dying in
1676, was s. by his son,

Thomas Parker, Gent, of the Whitehouse, 6. 1650, m.
1634, Eleanor Rogers (through whom the Parkers became
possessed of an estate at Compton, co. Gloucester), and d. in
1700. He was s. by his son,

Thomas Parker, Esq. of the Whitehouse 6. 1687; m. Mary
Jeffes, and dying in 1751, left issue,

I. Thomas, his heir. ii. John, heir to his brother.

I. Mary, m. John Smith, Esq., Glover, of Worcester, Capt.
in Worcestershire Militia.

II. Eleanor, m. Samuel West, Esq., Haberdasher, of Wor-
cester, D.L. for CO. Worcester, and Sheriff 1777.

ui. Elizabeth, m. Moses Johnson.
The elder son,

Thomas Parker, Esq. of the Whitehouse, Attorney-at-
Law, 6. 1732, was a benefactor to Longdon Church, where
there is a monument to his memory. He d, unm. in 1794, and
was s. by his brother,

John Parker, Esq. of the Whitehouse, ft. 1734 ; m. Mary,
dau. and co-heir of Charles Watson, Esq. of Camberwell, and
dying in 1796, was s. by his only child,

Thomas Netherton Parker, Esq. of the Whitehouse, h.
1771 ; m. 1796, Sarah, only dau. of George Browne, Esq. of
Oswestry, and sole heir of her uncle, Edward Browne, Esq. of
Sweeney. Mr. Parker was D.L. for the cos. of Worcester and
Salop, J. P. for Shropshire and the borough of Oswestry, Capt.
in the Worcestershire Yeomanry, Capt. in the North Shropshire
Volunteers in 1805. He d. 1848, having had issue,

I. Thomas Browne, J.P. for Shropshire, Cornet in Shropshire
Yeomanry, 6. 1797; d. v.-rnn. 1833.

II. John (Rev.), who s. his father, of Sweeney Hall, and the
Whitehouse, Vicar of Llanyblodwell, Rural Dean, J.P. for
Shropshire, 6. 1798; d. unm. 1860.

I. Mart, who s. her brother, 6. 1799, m. in 1832, Sir Baldwin
Leighton, Bart., and d. 5 March, lb64, leaving^ with other
issue (see Burke's Baronetage).
Stanley-Leighton, now of Sweeney Hall.

u. Sarah Elizabeth, h. 1802; d. unm. 1884.

^amilji of ^ahcr anb grobnt.

Thomas Baker, Gent, of Weston, Lullingfields, co. Salop,
purchased the estate of Sweeney in 1623, from Andrew
Chambre, Esq. of Pctton, co. Salop, whose father had pur-
chased it from Henry, the last Earl of Arundel, of the Eitzalan
family, 1563. He d. 1639, and was s. by his son,

Tho.mas Baker, Esq. of Sweeney, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Col. "William Fenwick (her sister m. Judge Mackworth). He
built a new house at Sweeney. In the civil wars he adhered
to the Parliamentary side, and was one of the Commonwealth
Commission for propagating the Gospel in Wales. He was
Sheriff of Shropshire in 1649, and had a grant of amis, and
was M.P. for same co. in 1653. Dying in 1675 .?. ^3. he devised
his estates to Thomas Browne, of Little Ness, co. Salop (son
of John Browne, M.P. for Montgomeryshire in 1653) who liad
511. Mr. Baker's cousin, Mary, dau. of Thomas Gough, of Bes-
ford, and was s. by his son,

Thomas Browne, Esq. of Sweeney, who was pricked for
Sheriff in 1685, but succeeded in excusing himself from the
oilice. He m. Christina Browne of Essex, and was s. by his

Thomas Browne, Esq. of Sweeney, 6. 1682 ; m. 1703, Sarah,
dau. of Edward Lloyd, of Leaton Manor, Salop. He d. 1729,
and left issue,

I. Thomas, of Sweeney. n. Edward, d. s. p. 1794.

The elder son,

Thomas Browne, Esq. of Sweeney, 6. 1706; m. 1730,
Hannah, dau. of Edward Lloyd, of Crumpwell, Salop (through
whom an estate at Tregivna and Pentracoed eventually came
to the family), and d. in 1761. He left issue,

Thomas, of Sweeney, b. 1731 ; d. s.p. 1768.

Edward, of Sweeney, Mayor of Oswestry 1780, 6. 1733; m.
Margaret Howell, of Treflaak : d. s. p. 1781.

George, r.i. Mary, dau. of John Eill, of Killshew, co. Mont-
gomery, and dying in 1780, left an only child,
Sarah, heir to her uncle, Edward Browne, and, as stated,
m. T. N. Parker, Esq.

Francis, 6. 1738 ; in. Elizabeth Lloyd, of Osbaston, d. s. v.

Sarah, in. Rev. Owen Owen, of Ty-gwyn, co. Merioneth,

Rector of Llangyniew, d. s. p. 1816.

Arms — Leighton, Quarterly, per fess indented 07 and gu ;
Parker, sa., on a fess arg. between three pheons points
downwards or, a buck's head cabossed of the field between
two pellets ; Browne, erm., on a fess embattled and counter-
embattled sa. three escallop shells arg. Crests— haasTos, A
wyvern expanded sa. ; Parker, A buck's head cabossed sa. ;
Browne, A crane's head issuing from a fess embattled sa.
Mottoes — Leighton, Dread shame ; Parker, Nee fluctu ncc
fletu movetur.

Seats — Sweeney Hall, near Oswestry ; and 'Whitehouse, co.


Leir-Cahletox, Hon. IIeneietta Axne, of
Greywell, Hants, elder dau. and co-heir of Gruy,
3rd Lord Dorchester (*eeBfRKE"s Peerage), m. 1st,
14 June, 1864, Capt. Francis Pajnton Pigott, Ifith
Lancers, "who d. 7 April, 1883, having assumed the
additional surname of Caeleton, and by him has

I. Guy Francis Figott-Carlcton, h. 1 March, 1S75, d. Nov.

n. DrDLET Masses Pigott-Carleton, 6. 1 Feb. 1870.
I. Daisy Carleton.

She VI. 2ndlT, 10 Nov. 18S7, Major-Gen. Eichari>
Langfoed Leir, of Ditchcat, co. Somerset, J.P.
(.see Leir of Ditcheat),vf]io also assumed the addi-
tional surname of Carleton. She is Lady of the
Manors of Greywell, Nately-Scures, and Newnhanv
CO. Hants.

^■am'ih of fi^arhtott.

Liiueag'e. — Baldwin de Carleton was settled at CarletoDr
near Penrith, Cumberland, at the Conquest. At the visitation
of Cumberland by Dugdale in 1065, Sir William Carleton, of
Carleton Hall, certified his descent, eighteen generations in all,
from Baldwin de Carleton. Todd says in his account of the
advance of Charles II., 1651, that "he asserted the royal
cause with fidelity and courage, and having entertained tho
King at his house near Penrith, he received from the King
the honour of knighthood."

Thomas Carleton, of Carleton, Cumberland (descended,
according to Collings, from Adam de Carleton, living 15
Edward I. 1286), was b. 1513 ; in. Mabelle, dau. and co-'neir of
Thomas Carlisle, of Carlisle, and d. 29 Elizabeth, 1586, hav-
ing had two sons,

1 Thomas, of Carleton, 6. 1547; d. I.'i38; in. Barbara, dau.
of Hugh Lowther, of Lowther, and was grandfather of Sir
William Carleton, of Carleton, who was living at the Herald's
Visitation in 1665.

2 Lancelot, of Brampton Foot, Gilsland, Cumberland, b. 3;
Edward "Vl; m. Eleanor, dau. of James Kirby, of Kirby,
CO. Lancaster, and d. 1615. His son,

Lancelot Carleton, of Rosfad, m. Mary, dau of William
Irvine, co. Fermanagh. He was slain at Marsloa Moor
in the service of Charles I. He had two sons,
I. Lancelot, of Rosfad, High SheritTco. Fermanagh, 1683,
and for Donegal ICbO ; m. Mary, dau. of John Calhcart,
Esq., CO. F'ermanagh : andrf. 1695, having had six sons,
none of whom lelt male issue except the 5th, viz.,
Christopher, of Newry, co. Down, m. Katherine. dau.
of Henry Ball, Esq. of Donegal, and had two daus.,
Ann, m. John Rotton, of Dublin and Conally. in.
Alexander Crawford, Esq. of Millwood, co. Fermanagh
(their dau. Katherine ra. 1785, Beauchamp Colclough,
Esq of Kildavin, co. Carlow), and four sons, the
third was Sir Gct Carleton, of whom we treat.
n. Christopher (see Carleton 0/ Market JIUl).
The above-named,

Sir Guy Carleton, third son of Christopher Carleton, Esq.
of Newry, co. Down, and grandson of Lancelot Carleton, Esq.
of Rosfad, was a K.B., Lieut.-Gen. in the King's Army,
of the forces in N. America, Capt.-Gen. and Governor of
Quebec, and Commander of the Forces in that province.
Governor of Fort Charlemont in Ireland, was for his services
elevated to the Peerage (1786) as Baron Dorchester, of Dor-
chester CO. Oxford, b. 17'24; m. 1772, Lady Mary Howard, dau.
of Thomas, 2nd Earl of EflSngham, and c^ 1808, having by her
(who d. 1836) had three sons,
I. Christopher, Col in the Anny, &. 1775; ?«. Priscilla Martha,,





co-heir of William Belford, Capt. in the Army. She d. 1815.

Hon. Christopher Carleton d. 1806, leaving a son, Arthdr

Henry, 2nd Baron, b. 1805; d. v.nin. 1S2G.
u. George, Col. in the Army, b. 1781 ; m. 1805, Henrietta,

dau. of Henry King, of Askham Hall, co. Westmorland

and by her (who m. 2udly, 1818, Rear-Admiral Macnamara,

and u. 1855) had a son,
Gut, s. as 3rd Baron Dorcifestek, b. 25 Oct. 1811, m. 12
June. 1837, Anne, dau. of W. J. Wauchope, Esq., and
d. 3 Dec. 1875, having by her, who d. 7 June, 18l51, had

1 Henrietta Axxe, now of Greywell.

2 Maria Georgiana, «;. 4 July, 1S65, Timotliy Fetherston-
haugh, Esq. of Kirlioswald {see that family).

Col. the Hon. George Carleton was killed at Bergen-op-Zoom,
lit. Kiehard, 51. A., of Boughton, Hants, Rector of Nately-
Seures, b. 1792 ; m. 1820, Frances, co-heir of E. Horton,
of Calton Hall, eo. Derby, and d. 1869, leaving by her
(who d. 1864) a .son. Dudley Wilmot, 4th and present
Baron Dorchester (see Burke's Feerafje).

Jrms — Erm., on a bend sa., three pheons arg. Crest — A
dexter arm embowed, and naked to the elbow, the shirt turned
over above tlie elbow arg., folds gu., the hand grasping an
arrow in bend sinister, point downwards, ppr. Jl/otto— Quondam
liis vieimus armis.

J:amihr of lijott.

Francis Pigott, Esq. m. Anne Pelling, sister of Rev. Dr.
Polling, D.D., Senior Canon of the Chapel Royal, Windsor,
Rector of St. Anne's, Westminster, and Prebendary of St.
Paul's, was father by her of

John Pigott, Esq., ra. a dau. of Col. Gillery, and had ten
children. His son,

Francis Pigott, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, J.P. co. Oxford,
was adopted by his great-uncle. Dr. Pelling, who made him his
heir. He m. Anne Dalby, only child and heir of Richard
Faynton, Esq. of Banbury House, co. Oxford, and had an only

Patnton Pigott Stainsby-Conant, Esq. of Archer Lodge,
Hants, and Banbury, co. Oxford, m. Maria Lucy, 3rd dau. of
Richard D. Gough, Esq. of Souldern, co. Oxford, and had

I. Francis, M.P. for Reading, J.P. for Hants, and Lieut.-
Governor of the Isle of Man, b. 1810 ; ra. 1833, Frances
Phillips, 2nd dan. of Lieut. -Gen. Sir Francis T. C. Wilder,
of Binfield Manor House, Berks, M.P. for Arundel, and d.
having had issue,

1 Francis Paynton, of whom presently.

2 '^tainsby Henry.

3 Hugh Pelling Gough.

1 Frances Lucy. 2 Gertrude Elizabeth.

3 Chica Emily Charlotte.

ti. Richard Paynton (Rev.), Rector of ElUsfield, Hants, m.
Emma, 3rd dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir F. T. C. Wilder.

III. Shreeve Botry (Rev.), Rector of Great Bradley, near
Newmarket, m. Eliza M'iilahon, 4th dau. of the late Sir F.
T. C. Wilder.

IV. Gillery (Sir), Knt., of Shiriield Hill, near Basingstoke,
Hants, Serjeant-at-Law, willi patent of precedence, Bl.P. for
Reading ls60 to 1863, appointed Oct. 1863, a Baron of the
Court of Exchequer, m. 1836, Francis, only child of Thomas
Drake, Esq. of Ashday Hall, Halifax, co. York, and has

1 Arthur Gough, b. 1850. 2 Cecil Ernest, b. 1856.

1 Frances. 2 Rosalie. 3 Alice.

4 Mabel. 5 Edith. 6 Beatrice.

V. John Pelling, Major in the Army, Staff Officer at the
Tower of Lond'jn. vi. Charles Stainsby,

vii. Frederick William, of the Middle Temple.

I- Anne Dolby, m. Bernard Brocas, Esq. of Wokefield Park,
Derks, and Beaurepaire, Hants, d. s. p.

II. Eliza Mary, d. v.iihi.

HI. Lucy, ra. Rev. T. T. Vaughan, Rector of Gotham, Notts,
eldest son of Right Hun. Mr. Justice Vaughan, d. 1830.

iv. Charlotte Archer.

V. Isabella, ra. Cliarles Eversfield, Esq. of Denne Park,
Horsham, Sussex.
Mr. Pigott as.sumed, by royal licence, the additional surnames
and arms of Stainsby-Conant 1836. He d. Sept. 1862. His

Francis Paynton Pigott-Carleton, E.sq. of Greywell Hall,
and Banbury, Capt. 16th Lancers, b. 1837 ; ra. 14 June, 1864.
Hon. Henrietta Anne Carleton, now of Greywell, dau. of
Guy, Lord Dorchester, and thereupon assumed the surname
of Carleton, and had issue, (as above). Mr. Pigott-Carleton
d. 1 April, 1S83.

An.'S (as granted in 1775 to Francis Pigott, Esq., B.xrrister-
at-Law, Impropriator of Banbury, Oxon.) — Per fesse erm. and
sa., three pickaxes counterchanged. Crest — A greyhoimd

statant, per pale sa. and erm. These same arms were allowed
to Mr. Paynton Pigott when he took the surnames and arms of
Stainsby-Conant, and he bore them quarterly with the arms
of Stainsby and Conant, thus: 1st and 4th, Conant; 2nd,
Stainsby ; 3rd, Pigott. The crest of Stainsby is, A mount
vert, thereon a lion rampant erm., holding between the fore-
paws a fleur-de-lis az., the dexter hind-paw resting on a mill-
rind sa. Mottoes — Lahore et virtute ; Conanti dabitur.
&aj— GreyweU Hall, Winchfield, Hants.


Leie-Carleton, Majoe-Gen. Eichaed Lang-
FOED, of Ditclieat, co. Somerset, J.P. Hants and
Somerset, b. 21 Aug. 1841, m. 10 Nov. 1887, Hon.
Henrietta Anne, of Greywell, Hants, elder dau.
and co-heir of Guy, 3rd Lord Dorchester (see
preceding memoir). Maj.-Gen. Leir has assumed
the additional surname of Carleton.

Lineage.— This family was seated for upwards of two
centuries in the co. of Devon. Sir Peter Lear, of Lyndridge
Hall, Devon, was created a Bart, in 1660, and possessed exten-
sive property and manors in that co. The first of the family
that settled in Somersetshire, was Richard Leir, of Charlton-
Musgrove, in 1617. His grandson,

Rev. Thomas Leir, b. 1658 ; m. 1698, Mary, dau. of Ralph
Freke, Esq. of Hannington Hall, Wilts, by Cecilia, dau. of Sir
Thomas Colepepper, Bart, of Hollingbourne, and left issue,

Thomas, his heir.

Mary, m. William Norman, Esq., Stoke Lane, Somerset.
Ann, m. T. Chaffey Cooper, Esq. of Yalhampton House.
Jane.m. J. Bythesea, Esq. of Week and Chapmanslade,
Wilts. Elizabeth, d. s. p.

The eldest son,

Bev. Thomas Leir, of Ditcheat and Chariton Musgrove, 6.

1699, s. his father in the estates and Living of Ditcheat, and

also his uncle William Leir, of Charlton-Musgrove, 1743; to.

1735, Elizabeth, dau. of Paul Methuen, of Bradford, Wilts, and

had issue,
Rev. Thomas Leir, s. his father in the estates and Livings of

Ditcheat and Charlton-Musgrove 1781 ; 6. 1738 ; vi. 1763, Maiy,

dau. and heiress of John Kington, Esq. of Jaggard's House,

Wilts, and had issue,
Thomas, of Jaggard's House, Weston, and WTiitby,
J. P., B.A. Queen's Colh, b. 17 Oct. 1765; m. 2 Oct. 1794,
Jane, dau. of the Rev. john Jekyll, D.D., Vicar of Ever-
creech, and Dean of St. David's Cathedral, and d. 7 May,
1865, having by her, who d. 28 Sept. 1843, had issue,

1 Thomas Macie, of Jaggard's House, Wilts, b. 19 Nov.
1795 : m. 1822, Anne, dau. of J. CoUard, Esq., and d. 18S5,
leaving issue,

Thomas Kington, of Jaggard's House, Wilts, b. 1823 ;
VI. 1847, Maria Louisa, only dau. of Rear-Admiral
William Jones Lye, of Bath, and had issue, John Macie,
h. 1849, d. unm. Oct. 1892.

Charles. Henry.

Anne. Jane. Maria. Isabella.

2 John Macie.

1 Jane Elizabeth.

2 Mary, m. 27 July, 1833, Rev. Edward Wilkins, M.A.,
King's Cull. Cambridge, J. P., Rector of Hemstead, co.
Norfolk (who d. 18 July, 1876), and d. 14 March, 1880,
leaving issue,

Edward John Pane Wilkins-Leir (Rev.), of Weston
House, CO. Somerset, B.A. Trin. Hall, Camb., b. 29 Sept.
1835. He assumed by royal licence, 28 Oct. 1881, the
name and arms of Leir in addition to those of Wilkins.

3 Anne. 4 Helen.

John, b. 1767, d. s. p.
William, of whom hereafter.

Paul, of Charlton-Musgrove, b. 1770, to. Fanny, relict of
William Morton Pledell, of Whatcombe House, Dorset.
Charles, b. 1779, d. s. p.'
Richard, of Riugwell House, Somerset, b. 1780.

The third son,

Rev. William Leir, of Ditcheat, M.A., J.P., b. 1768, s.
his father in 1812 ; m. 4 April, 1803, Harriott, dau. of Randolph
Marriott, Esq. of Leases Hall, co. York, 1804, and had issue,

I. William Marriott, of Ditcheat, of whom presently.

II. Charles Marriott, B.A., Rector of Charlton-Musgrove,
Wincanton, li. 2 April, 1812; m. 6 May, 1852, Frances Anne,
dau. of William Eardley Richardes, E.sq., R.A., of Brynei-
thin, CO. Cardigan, J. P., and d. 12 Jan. 1864, having by her
had issue,

1 Charies Paul, b. 21 Feb. 1853; d. 22 Sept. 1877.

2 Edward Methuen. of Charlton, co. Hereford, b. 24 July,
1854; m. 1879, Elizabeth, dau. of John George William
Bosnall, Esq. of Froufraith, J.P. and D.L. for Cardigan.






3 Frank William, b. 30 May, 1858; m. 1882, Helena, dau.
of William Venables, Esq. of Llysdinam Hall, Brecon.

4 Lewis Randolph llarriotc (Rev.), M.A. Oxon, Rector of
Charlton-Musgrove, 6. 11 Aug. 1860; m. 25 Sept. 1890,
Rosamond Frederica, 5tli dau. of Major H. C. Marriott,
of Avonbank, Pershore (see that family/}, and has issue,
Lilian Diana, h. 14 March, 1892.

1 Marianne Frances, b. 26 Aug. 1855 ; m. 1880, J. Kussell
Cox, Esq. of Beaminster Manor, J. P. for Dorset.

2 Emma Charlotte, b. 7 Oct. 1856 ; hi. 1884, George
WiUiams Parry, Esq. of Llydiardi, J. P. and D.L. for

1. Charlotte, of Eingwell House.
Bev. William Leir d. 1863, and was s. by his eldest son.

Rev. William Marriott Leir, M.A., of Ditcheat, b. 17
April, 1805; m. 31 Oct. 1840, Mary Ann, only dau. of Edward
Langford, Esq. of Trungle Manor, Cornwall, and had issue,

I. Richard Langford, now of Ditcheat.

II. Charles Edward (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Ditcheat. b. 3
Sept. 1842; vi. 1871, Frances Mary, eldest dau. of Rev.
Thomas Fox, Rector of Temple Combe, Somerset, and has
issue, Hugh Musgrave, b. 1881 ; Ernest William, b. 1883 ;
Theodora, Margaret, Mildred, Rachel, Eleanor, and

III. WiUiam, of Combe Head, Hampton, N. Devon, J. P.
cos. Somerset and Devon, Lieut. -Col. 4th Bait. Somer-
set L. I., b. 31 Dec. 1845; m. 1874, Anna Maria, dau. of
Robert Brown, Esq. of Cliffville, Stafford, and has issue,
William Hubert, b. 1884; Evelyn Constance, and Hilda

I. Constance Mary, m. 8 Jan. 1872, Robert Lecky Watson,
Esq. of Kilconner House, Bagnalstown, co. Carlow, and has
issue, Feilding Marriot, b. 1873 ; Ketherton Langford, b.
1875 ; Kathleen Rose Fortescue.
Mr. Leir d. 5 May, 1891.

Seat — Ditcheat, near Evcrcreech, Somerset.


Leith, Alexander Henet, Esq. of G-lenkindie,
CO. Inverness, Lieut. Welsh Regt. b 27 Julj, 1866,
s. bis father 1892.

Lineage.— The Leiths, of Freefield and Glenkindie, are
descended from a common ancestor with the Leiths of Leith
HoM, from whom they branched off about 1688. They also
represent the ancient House of the Strachaxs of Glenkindie.
They have teen a hardy and long-lived race, the last five
heads of the family having lived to very advanced ages.

Alexander Leith, Esq., 2nd son of James Leith, Esq. of
Leith Hall, acquired from George Leith, of Freefield, with
consent of his son, Peter, the lands of Freefield, Bonnytoun,
<fcc., by a disposition, dated 26 Jan. 1702 ; and having also
made several purchases, got a charter under the Great Seal of
the lands of Freefield, New Rain, Barreldykes, &c., all erected
into one free barony, to be called the Barony of Freefield in
all time coming, and this has continued to be the chief title
of the family ever since. This charter is dated 26 Jan. 1705.
He m. Christian, dau. of Alexander Davidson, of Newton, by
whom he had four sons, i. Alexander, his heir; ii. Walter ;
ui. Patrick ; iv. George. He afterwards acquired from his
cousin-german, Sir Patrick Strachan, the lands and barony of
Glenkindie, anno 1738, of which he put his son in possession
in his own lifetime, and the son was long designated by that
title. This Alexander lived to the age of 90, and dying anno
1754, was 6'. by his eldest son,

Alexander Leith, 1st of Glenkindie, and subsequently of
Freefield, who was served and retoured heir to his father by
a precept from Chancery dated 26 April, 1756. He m. 1st, Jean,
eldest dau. of Alexander Garden, Esq. of Troup, Advocate, by
Jean his wife, dau. of Sir Francis Grant, ofCullen, one of the
Senators of the Court of Justice, by whom he had two sons
and four dans.,

Alexander. Garden.

Jean, m. George Buchan Hepburn, Esq. of Smeaton, Advo-
cate. Christian. Bethia. Agnes.
He 7)i.2ndly, Martha, dau. and co-heir of John Ross of Arnage.
and had by her

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