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r of
Lincoln's Inn, and M.P. for co. Carnarvon.

Corbet, Lieut.-Col. in the army.

Hugh, TO. a dau. of the celebrated French General Bom-gard,
and had a son. Love Albert, to. Miss Comberbatch.

William (Rev.). Vincent.

Katherine, m. John Jones, Esq. of Llwynon, and was
mother of a son, Thomas Parry Jon-es, of Llwyn Onu.
The eldest son,

Love Parry, Esq. of Penarth, co. Carnarvon, m. Sidney,
heir of Madryn, dau. and co-heir (with her sister, Mary,
mother of the Lord Dinorben) of Robert Lewis, Esq. of
Llysdulas, co. Anglesey, Chancellor of Bangor, and had issue,
two daus. and co-heirs, Ellen, m. Col. Wardle. The other,

Margaret Parry, heir of Madryn, in. 9 Feb. 1786, her first
cousin, Thomas Parry Jones, Esq. of Llwyn Onn, co. Denbigh,
who then assumed by royal licence, the additional surname
and arms of Parry. The grandson and representative of this
marriage was the late Sir Thomas Love Dcncombe Jones
Parry, Bart., of Madryn.

yfj-TOS— Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., a fess between three
lozenges, az., for Parry; 2nd and 3rd quarterly, 1st and 4tU
erm., a lion rampant sa., for Jones; 2nd and 3rd per bend
sinist er erm. and ermines a lion rampant or, armed and langued
az., for Tudor Teevok. oVesfs— 1st, Parry, Five batile-axes,





staves, gTi., headed or, three in pale, and two in saltire, en-
circled with a wreath ol laurel ppr., motto over, Heh Dduw
heb Ddym, Duw a Dygon ; 2nd, Jones, On achapeau gu. turned
up erm. a demi-lion rampant or; 3rd, A stag trippant arg.
attired and unguled or; 4th, A nag's head and neck erased sa.
for Madrin, motto over. Nil Desperandum. Motto — Gofal Dyn
Duw ai gwerid : A prudent man God will guard.
SecU — Llwyn Onn, Wrexham.


Paeet, Chaeles Hubeet Hastings, Esq. of
Knights Croft, Sussex, b. 27 Feb. 184S, m. 25 June,
1872, Lady Elizabetli Maude, dau. of Sydney, 1st
Lord Herbert of Lea, and sister of the present Earl
of Pembroke {see Lueke's Peerage) and has issue,

I. Dorothea. ii. Gwendolne.

Lineage. — Thoma'? Taiirt, Esq. of Banstead Manor
House, Surrey, 6. 23 net,. 1732; m. Miss Oakes, sister of
Thomas Oakes, Esq., a Member of Council in India, and was
father of

EicHABD Paeet, Esq. of Banstoad, Surrey, Governor of
Bencoolen, m. Mary Gambier, nieue .jf the late Lord Gambler,
and had an only son,

Thomas Gambiee Paret, Esq. of Highnam Court, co.
Gloucester, M.A., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1850, 6. 22 Feb.
1816; m. 1st, 13 Aug. 1839, Anna Maria Isabella, 2nd dau. of
Henry Fynes Clinton, Esq. of Welwyn, Herts, and cousin of
the Duke of Newcastle, and by her (whod. II March, 1848)
had issue,

I. Charles Clinton, 6. 16 Sept. 1840, and d. 7 July, 1883.
n. Charles Hcbeet Hastings.

I. Lucy Anna, d. 1861.

Hem. 2ndly, 1851, Ethelinda, now of Highnam Court, dau.
of the Very Eev. F. Lear, late Dean of Salisbury, and by her
had issue,

lu. Ernest Gambier, 6. 25 Oct. 1853.

IV. Sidney Gambier, 6. 9 Jan. 1«59.

II. Linda I.sabel. in. Mary Beatrice.

IV. Ethel Geraldine, m. 21 Sept. 1887, Oxley Durant Parker,
Esq., 2nd son of John Oxley Parker, Esq. of Woodham

■y. Hilda Katharine.

He d. 28 Sept. 1888, leaving Highnam Court to his widow for life.

.^rms— Arg., a fesse between three lozenges sa. Ortit —
Three battle-axes erect ppr. Motto— 1m ne cede mails.

iiaidCTicc— Knights Croft, Rustington, Worthing, Sussex.
Town Residence — 17, Kensington Sq., W.


Paeey-Ceooke, Douglas, Esq. of Darsham,
Suifolk, J.P., Barrister-at-Law, b. 1833 ; m. 1860,
Emily, dau. of the late Robert Sayer, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., of Sibton Park, Suffolk, and hasissue,

John Walter, Lieut. 3rd Suffolk Eegt., b. 1862; m. 1888,
Georgiana Harriet, dau. of Col. J. St. Leger, D.L., of
Park Hill, co. York, and has a son, b. 1889.

Mr. Parry-Crooke is eldest son of John Parry-
Crooke, Esq. of Kempshott Park, Hants (who d.
1843), by Louisa, youngest dau. of George H.
Errington, Esq. of Chadwell Heath, and Ashbourne,
CO. Derby.

SeaJ— Darsham House, Saxmundham,
Toum Residence— 60, Eutland Gate, S.W.


Paeteidge, Heney Thomas, Esq. of Hockham
Hall, Norfolk, J.P., b. 12 Feb. 1837; m. 14 July,
1868, Emily Gertrude, dau. of the Ven. Archdeacon
Kempthorne, Rector of Elton, Hunts, and by her

1 (who d. 1 June, 1880) has issue,

! 1. Henrt Ealph Champion, b. 1873.

! I. Etheldred Gertrude. ii. Eleanor Dorothy.

• Lineage.— Henry Paeteidge, Esq., 2nd son of Henry
Partridge, Esq. (by Joanna his wife, dau. and heir of Robert
Jacques, Esq. of Elmstone, Kent), and grandson of Henry

. Partridge, Alderman of London, b. 17 May, 1671, s. his brother
Robert, of Buckenham House, Norfolk, and of Lowbrooks,
Berks, 1710. He m. 1st, 21 Oct. 1701, Elizabeth, only dau. and

heir of Thomas Holder, Esq. of Northwold, by whom (who d.
17 Jan. 1703) he had no issue, and 2ndly, Martha, eldest dau.
of John Wright, merchant, and by her (who rf. at Croydon, 20
Feb. 1760) had four sons and six daus. Mr. Partridge d. 3
July, 1733, and was s. by his son,

Heney Paeteidge, Esq. of Northwold, Norfolk, and of Low-
brooks, Berks, 6. 22 Jan. 1711. He to. 1st, 20 July, 1745, Mary,
dau. and heir of Robert Say, merchant, and by her (whoti. 2s
April, 1748, aged 20) had issue,

I. Henry, his heir.

II. Robert, b. 18 May, 1747; m. 8 March, 1776, his cousin,
Jane, dau. of WiUiam Purcas, Esq., and dying 14 Feb. Ibl7,
left issue,

1 Robert, b. 1797; d. 15 April, 1823.

1 Jane, m. 1800, Rev. Henry Say, Rector of Nortli Piekcn-
ham and Houghton-on-the-Hill, Norfolk.

2 Mary, to. 1804, Rev. Peter Hansell, Minor Canon of
Norwich Cathedral.

I. Mary, m. Bryan Burrell, Esq. of Broom Park, Nsrthum-
berland, and d. 1776.

Mr. Partridge m. 2ndly, 1751, Aliee, dau. of Simon Taylor,
merchant at Lynn, and by her (who d. 1797) had issue,

III. Walter, 6. 1757; d. unm. at Gibraltar, Dec. 1800.

IV. John, b. 1776 ; m. 1801, Sarah, dau. of Edward Evcrard,
Esq. of Lynn, and d. 17 May, 1813, leaving issue, Alice,
m. 1 Jan. 1834, J. Fry, Esq., and Plcasance, vi. FiedericiL
Ingle, Esq.

II. Martha, m. 1786, Mr. John Vancouver, and d. s. p. 1807.
Mr. Partridge d. 4 Nov. 1793, aged 82, and was s. by his son,

Heney Partridge, Esq. of Northwold and Lowbrooks, 0.
24 May, 1746; m. 11 Sept. 1781, Katharine, youngest dau. of
Samuel Reynardson, of Holywell, co. Lincoln, and by her (who
d. 30 Dec. 1820) had issue,

I. Henry Samuel, his heir.

II. Charles Robert, 6. 1791 ; d. 1800.

III. John Anthony, M.A., Rector of Malpas, co. Chester, b
2 May, 1794; m. 18 May, 1826, Louisa Isabella (who d. 7
April, 1858), youngest dau. of Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake,
Esq. of Shardeloes, Bucks, and d. 27 Feb. 1861, leaving witd
other issue,

1 John Francis, who assumed by royal licence, 1873, the
surname of Penyston (see Penyston of CornwM Manor).

I. Katharine Mary, d. 23 Feb. 1852.

II. Sarah Frances, m. 9 Nov. 1815, Benjamin Wilson, Esq.
of Sledagh Hall, co. Wexford, eldest son of Christian
Wilson, Esq. of Sledagh, and d. 18 Feb. 1884, in her 100th

III. Charlotte, m. 16 April, 1808, Jocelyn Henry Connor
Thomas, Esq., son of Rev. Dr. Thomas, of Evertou, Ireland,
and d. in Tasmania, 13 Nov. 1873.

IV. Sophia, ?)i. 11 April, 1808, John Thurston Mott, Esq. of
Bamingham Hall, Norfolk ; d. 22 Feb. 1859.

Mr. Partridge d. 30 Sept. 1803, and was s. by his son,

Henry Sa.\iuel Partridge, Esq. of Hockham Hall, N'orfollc,
J.P. and D.L., b. 22 June, 1782; m. 18 June, IsOo, Mary
Frances, dau. of the Ven. Luke Heslop, D.D., Archdeacon of
Buckingham, and by her (who d. 1 Feb. 1853) had issue,

I. Henry Chajipion, J.P. and D.L., b. 20 May, 1807 ; m. 23
Aug. 1834, Etheldred Frances, eldest dau. of Lieut. -Gen.
Birch Reynardson, of Holywell, co. Lincoln, and by her
(who d. 9 Oct. 1846) left at his decease, 20 Oct. 1850,

1 Heney Thomas, now of Hockham Hall.

2 Arthur William, b. 1838 ; m. 1867, Blanche Emily,
youngest dau. of the late Rev. John A. Partridge, Eector
of Baconsthorpe, and has issue, eight children.

I Etheldred Mary, in. 27 July, 1858, William Dundas, Esq.,
brother of Eobcrt Dundas, Esq. of Arniston.

II. Edward Jacob, d. 24 Nov. 1820, and bur. at Royal
Military College, Sandhurst.

Jil. Charles Francis, b. 28 Nov. 1811 ; d. 9 April, 1S60.

IV. Walter John, M.A., Eector of Caston, Norfolk, J. P., b.
11 May, 1813; m. 1st, 9 Aug. 1842, Maria Agnes, 5th dau.
of Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke, Bart., and by her (.who d.
26 Feb. 1847) had a son, Walter Henry (Rev.), m. June,
1872, Ellen Elizabeth, dau. of William Oliver Dodgson, and
has eight children. Rev. W. J. Partridge, to. 2ndly, 2 Feb.
1858, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of George Gataker, Esq. of
Mildenhall, and d. Dec. 1S91.

V. Frederick Robert, b. 29 March, 1815; ra. Aug. 1842,
Emma, 2nd dau. of Eev. .Stephen Frost Rippingail, and d.
24 April, 1878, leaving issue.

VI. William Luke, b. 9 Sept. 1819 ; m. Helena, dau. of
— Lindon, Esq., and d. s. p. 14 Feb. 1876.

VII. George Anthony, b. 5 Feb. 1825 ; m. Sarah, dau. of
Kev. J. Holworthy.

I. Louisa Katharine, m. 7 Aug. 1833, Henry Dover, Esq.,
and d. 30 Aug. 1834.

II. Charlotte Anne, d. unm. 1825.

III. Sophia Sarah, m. 29 Aug. 1829, George Gataker, Esq.,
and is deceased.

IV. Eleanor Dorothea, to. Henry Birch Reynardson, Esq, of
Adwell House, co. Oxford, aci has issue.

5 n





Mr. Partridge d. 1 Oct. 1858.

Arms—Cxii., on a fesse cottised or, between three partridges
rising off the last three torteaux. Cixst—A partridge, as in
.■»he arms. Motto — Dum spiro spero.
.^-Seat— Hockham Hall, near Thetford.
tfClub— United University.


(&€ Jaqttes of Easby Abbey.)


Paktbidge, Edwaed Otto, Esq. of Farcliynys,
l^orth Wales, and Hazelhursfc, Bishop's Wood, co.
•Gloucester, J. P. and D.L. co. Hereford, and J.P.
•cos. Brecon and Salop, formerly Capt. Eoyal Mon-
jnoutli Mil., m. 1st, Catherine Maria, dau. of Rev.
•Oeoi-ge B. Bevan, of Crickhowell, and has issue,
.1. Charles Edward, Lieut.-Col. B.W.Kent Eegt., b. 18 March,

II. Frederick Leonard, late E.N.

HI. George Herbert.

I. Alice Catherine. n. Annie.

'He m. 2ndly, 1872, Elizabeth Mary, widow of
•Joseph Bailey, Esq., M.P., and dau. and heiress of
"W. Congreve Russell, Esq., M.P.

Iiineagre. — This is a branch of the old Gloucestershire
lamily mentioned by Sir Robert Atkyns as seized in 1608 of
Down Hatherley, Side et Lcckhampton, and other manors,
and as long settled at Wishanger in Miserden, which estate
-Julius Pai-tridge sold to Sir John Rolt in 1868; it has since
-passed to Mr. Leatham, M.P. AVishanger Manor House is of
considerable antiquity; it was rebuilt, and the porch added in
1578 by Robert Partridge, who m. Anne, dau. of John Ernie, of
■ Cannings, Wilts. Their impaled coat may still be seen carved
■in stone over the front entrance, and a quaint old sundial
. surmounts the arms. During the wars between Stephen and
the Empress Maud, the chief of this family migrated from
Normandy, and for his military services received from King
Henrt II. a grant of the borough of Maldon in Essex, in which
1 ne is described as "Partridge the Norman." Afterwards the
family settled at Kendal, in Westmorland, and subsequently
I la Gloucestershire.

At the Herald's Visitations for co. Gloucester, in the IGth
century, William Pautridge, of Wishanger, was the reprc-
-5*entative of the family ; he was M.P. for Rochester 1572. Sir
Miles Partridge, his relative, accompanied the Duke of Somer-
set in the expedition to Scotland, and was knighted after
•the battle of Pinkie. He served the office of Sheriff for co.
Gloucester 1.S47, and received a grant of the manorof Almonds-
Imry from Henet VIII. ^26 Feb. 1552. William Partridge,
of Wishanger, above mentioned, d. temp. Elizabeth, seized
of numerous manors in co. Gloucester.

ItoBEBT Pautbidge, s. liis father, William ; he in. Anne, dau.
••of John Ernie, of Cannings, Wilts, and was s. by his son, John,
who 'III. Anne, dau. of William Aubrey, LL.D., who dying
■without male issue, was s. by his brother, Anthony, who ih.
Alice, dau. of Timothy Cartwright, of Devizes; a monument
-in Miserden Church shows the coat of Partridge impaling,
Cartwright. From this ancient stock, according to family
■ evidences, descended

John Paetbidge, b. 1672, of Harborne, aften^-ards of Ross,
.in which district he successfully established nail and iron
factories. His descendants became prominent ironmasters in
the Dean Forest and South Wales districts. He was bur.
at Ross, 1751. By hia wife, Esther, he had, besides other

I. John, 6. 1704, of whom presently.

.11. Samuel, b. 1714; m. Margaret, dau. of the Rev. David
tPrice, of Brecknock, and had issue,

;Samuel, 6. 1746, who by his 2nd wife, Catherine Stewart,
of the Deanstou, Perth, had a very numerous family,

.Samuel, b. 1787, of New York.
John, b. at Glasgow, 1789, 11. A., and Portrait Painter

Extraordinary to the Queen.
aUchard, b. 1805, F.R.S., and President of the Royal
College of Surgeons, 1866.
John Partkidge, b. 1704, the before-mentioned son, vi.
C\nne, dau. of Richard Jones, of Ross, and he was bur. at Ross,
1791, leaving i-sue,

I. John, b. 1733; (/. v.nm., and was bur. at Ross, 1810,
Mhere a medallion bust with a lengthened inscription exists
to his memory on the north wall of tlie church.

II. Richard, of New Weir; d. unm. 1778, buried at Ross.

III. William, of whom presently.

I. Esther, m. Thomas Apperley, of Ross, and had issup,
Anne, m. Richard Willis, of Monmouth, their only dau. m.
Capt. Kane, of Monmouth.

II. Anne, m. Thomas Blakemore, of Darlaston, and had
issue, John Partridge, rf. s. p. ; Richard, of the Leys, near
Monmouth, M.P. for Wells, d. unm, 1855.

The 3rd son,

William Partridge, J.P. and D.L., of Bishop's Wood and
Monmouth, b. 1740, was Sheriff for co. Monmouth 1807 ; he and
his two elder brothers were leading ironmasters in the Dean
Forest and South Wales districts ; he jh. Anne Biby, dau. and
co-heir of John Biby Hawker of Chepstow, and d. 1819, pos-
sessed of landed estates in cos. Hereford, Monmouth, and
Gloucester, and left issue,

I. John, of Bishop's Wood, b. 1795, of whom presently.

I. Anne Biby, of Beech Grove, Bishop's Wood ; d. unm.

II. Sarah, m. WiUiam J. Bagshawe, J.P. and D.L., of the
Oaks and Wormhill Hall, co. Derby.

III. Jane, m. the Rev. E. B. Bagshawe, Rector of Eyam, co.

His only son,

John Partridge, of Bishop's AVood, 6. 1795, J.P. and D.L.,
Sheriff for CO. Monmouth 1824; m. 1st, 1817, Eliza, eldestdau.
of Edward Ives, of Titchficid, Hants, sometime Judge at
Moorshedabad, and subsequently "Resident" at the Court of
the Kings of Oude, at Lucknow, and by her (who was bur. at
Bishop's Wood, 1871) had issue,

I. William, of Wyclands, Bishop's Wood, co. Gloucester,
J.P., and D.L., b. 2 Jan. 1818 ; vi. Elizabeth Emily, dau. ot
Richard Webb, J.P. and D.L., of Donnington Hall, co.
Hereford, and had issue,

1 Richard William, Barrister-at-Law, of the Middle
Temple, b. 25 Jan. 1844.

2 John Blakemore. b. 15 Dee. 1848, Merchant.

3 Robert Ernie, &.' 16 Sept. 1861, Barrister-at-Law of the
Middle Temple.

1 Georgiana.

Mr. William Partridge was educated at Winchester, and |
graduated M.A. at Christ Church, Oxford, and was called to i
the Bar at the Middle Temple, 1843 ; appointed Police '
Jlagistrate for the Wolverhampton District 1860, andj
Metropolitan Police Magistrate 1863. He was a J.P. fori
cos. Hereford, Monmouth, Sussex, and Gloucester, and D.L. I
for the two former counties. He d. 1891. I

II Edward Otto, of Farchynys. |

III. Frederick John, of 35, Queen's Gate Terrace, South |
Kensington, b. 21 Nov. 1821; late Lieut. R.N. ; served in i
H.M.S. " Pique "at the siege of Acre 1841, and was honour-'
ably mentioned in the despatches for his services on the Coast |
of Syria, two medals and one clasp ; m. Henryetta, dau. of |
John Croker, J.P. and D.L., of Ballynagarde, eo. Limerick.
She d. 1886, and was bur. at Bishop's Wood, having had
issue, John Croker ; Ernest Bagwell ; AV alter St. Ives
Croker, of Learbrook, near Monmouth, J.P. for that co., ■
late Capt. and Adjutant 61st Rcgt., m. 1881, Alice Edith, j
dau. of E. Mackenzie, Esq. of Fawley Court ; Adeline Bag-|
well, m. 14 Dec. 1886, Lieut.-Col. Nathaniel Ronald Taylor, ;
Assistant Commissary General. ,

IV. Richard Hawker, 6. 1829 ; d. in the Isle of Man. :
I. Eliza Ives (deceased), m. James Wintle, of Newnham-

on-Severn, only son of James AV'intle, J.P. and D.L., ofi

Saint Bridge, near Gloucester. (

Mr. Partridge m. 2ndly, 1875, Margaret Anne, dau. of John;

Croker, of Ballynagarde, co. Limerick; he d. March, 1880,.

and was bur. at Bishop's Wood.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, chequy, arg. and sa., on a
bend gu., three escallops or; 2nd and 3rd, chequy, arg. and
sa., a bend vair. Crests— 1st, Out of a ducal coronet or, »>
horse's head, sa. ; 2nd, A leopard, arg., spotted sa. '

iSeat— AVyelands, Bishop's Wood, near Ross, tiwi— Oxford'
and Cambridge, Pall Mall. |


Pateeson, Charles James Geoegb, Esq. of]
Castle Huntly, co. Perth, b. 18 March, 1858 ; *. his ,
brother 1890. 1

Liineage.— Geoeoe Patersok, Esq. of Castle Huntly, 6.,
1734, adopted the medical profession, and went to India a")'
Official Secretary to Sir Robert llarland, where he distin-
guished himself both in his profession and in the transaction
of some difficult negotiations at the Court of Arcot. On his'
return to Scotland, he m. 30 Nov. 1776, the Hon. Anne Gray,|
2nd dau. of John, 12th Lord Gray of Kinfauns. In 1777
Mr. Paterson bought the old castle of Lyon, in the Carse oi ;





Gowrle, and restoicd to it its ancient name of Huntly, which
name had been given it by his wife's ancestor, Andrew, 2Dd
Lord Gray, by whom the castle was built in 1452. By Anne
his wife, Mr. Paterson (who d. 1817) left issue,
I Geob&e, of whom presently.

II. John, Capt. K.N., 6. 10 Dec. 1778 ; m. 1807, Jessie, dau. of
Col. Paton, Governor of St. Helena, d. 1858, haying had

1 Francis Gray, d. 27 Aug. 1820.

2 George John Mapleton, Rector of Brome with Oakley,
Suffolk, b 27 June, 1821; r,i. 28 Sept. 1869, Anne Eliza-
beth, eldest dau. of the late Major-Gen. Sir Denis Pack,
K.C.B., and his wife, the Lady Elizabeth Louisa, dau. of
the 1st Marquess of Waterford.

3 Augustus, married.

4 Adrian, married.

1 Constantia, m. J. Hovendon, Esq.

2 Henrietta, m. — Fanche, Esq., and has issue.

3 Jessie, m. Baron De Larisse.

fin. David, Capt. R.N., b. 1781 ; d. unm. 9 Sept. 1810, while
serving as Capt. of H.M.S. " Fox."

IV. Charles, Lieut. -Col. in the army, late 53rd Kegt.,
Aide-de-Camp to Lord Fitzroy Somerset, m. Feb. 1812,
Eleanor PhiUppa, 2nd dau, of Vice-Admiral James Eichard
Dacres, and fell in action at the battle of Vittoria, leaving
cne son,

George Dacres, Capt. 98th Regt., 6. 11 Jan. 1813; m. 28
June, 1837, Augusta, youngest dau. of Sir William Pratt
Call, Bart. of Whiteford House, Cornwall, by his wife, the
Lady Louisa Forbes, 3rd dau. of George, 5th Earl of
Granard, and d. 3 April, 1847, leaving issue,
1 Charles Edward, b. 28 Jan. 1844, an Officer 23rd Regt.

1 Eleanor PhiUppa.

2 Augusta Matilda.

3 GeorginaLucy.

V. William, Capt. R.X., C.B., 5. 1783 ; m. Sarah, dau. of S.
Bisset, Esq., and d. 1838, leaving issue,

1 Francis, deceased. 2 John Alexander, d. 1870.

1 Mary Mackenzie. 2 Margaret.

VI. James, Capt. H.E.I.C.S., b. 1785 ; m. 3 Sept. 1821, Davie,
only dau. of David Erskine, Esq., and dying 1856, had issue,
besides two daus., a son,

James Erskine, who m. Mary, dau. of — Macnabb, Esq.,
and has issue,
1 James. 2 David.

1 Mary Christian. 2 Anne.

3 Catherine Graham. 4 Margaret Mary Augusta.
5 Amy.
•VII. Francis Gray, b. 1787 : d. young.
I. Margaret, d. v.nm. 1845. Ii. Mary, d. unm. 1871.

in. Augusta Anne, d. unm. 1844.

The eldest son,

Geobge Patebson, Esq. of Castle Huntly, co. Perth, Col. 3rd
Foot Guards, 6. 1 Jan. 1778 ; m. 1818, Margaret, dau. of John
Smith, Esq., and by her (who d. 11 Aug. 1886, aged 90) had

Geoege, late of Castle Huntly.

•Col. Paterson d. 14 July, 1846. His son and heir,

George Patebson, Esq. of Castle Huntly, b. 15 June, 1819 ;
*. his father 1846 ; m. Catherine Jemina Jane, dau. of Joseph
Eobertson, Esq., and had issue,

Geobge Fbedebick, late of Castle Huntly, J.P. and D.L.,
Capt. Highland Borderers Militia, b. 5 Jan. 1857, d. s. jj.
Charles James Geoege, now of Castle Huntly.
Philip John William, 6. 22 Sept. 1864.
Georgiana Margaret, m. 1874, Capt. A. P. Samuells, 32nd

Punjaub Pioneers ; d. 1880.
Alma Helena Jemina. Margaret Augusta Jane.

Victoria Anne Gray.

He d. 25 Feb. 1867.

Arms — Arg., three pelicans feeding their young in nests
ppr., on a chief embattled az. a bezant between two stars of
the field. Crest— A pelican feeding its young in a nest ppr.
Mottoes — Above the crest, Merui; below the shield, Je meurs
four ceux que j'aime.

i'eat— Castle Huntly, Longforgan, Dundee.


■ Pateeson-Balfotje-Hay, Edmund de Hata,

' Esq. of Carpow, Leys, and Eanderstone, J.P. cos.

Fife and Perth, b. 7 Jan. 1849 ; s. his father 1865,

and his grand-uncle, the iate David Balfour Hay,

Esq. of Leys and Eanderstone, who d. 21 Aug.

: 1868.

Xjineag'e. — The late John Pateeson, Esq. of Carpow, son
of John Paterson, Esq., by Elizabeth Oliphant his wife, ni. 1807,
Jane, dau. of John Hay Balfour, Esq. of Leys and Randerstone
(son of Peter Hay, Esq. of Leys, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of
David Scott, of Scottstarvit), and d. 1822, having had by her
(who d. 12 June, 1857) a son, Peteb Hat, late of Carpow, and
five daus., Katherine, m. Sir W'illiam Dunbar, Bart, of
Mochrum: Elizabeth, d. Feb. 1868; Helen; Margaret; and
Jane, m. the Hon. John RoUo. The son,

Peteb Hay Patebson, Esq. of Carpow, 6. May, 1816 ; to.
April, 1848, the Hon. Marianne, youngest dau. of the 8th Lord
Elibank, and had issue,

I. Edmund de Hata, now of Carpow.

II. Peter Hay, b. 11 Dec. 1849 ; 7)i. 1885, Amy, only surviving
dau. of Henry Johnson, Esq. of Buglawtown, Cheshire, and
has a dau. b. 21 Dec. 1886.

I. Marianne Hay.

II. Jane, d. Sept. 1865.

III. Charlotte Emily de Haya.

He d. 23 June, 1865.

Seais— Carpow, Abemethy, co. Perth; Mugdrum House,
Newburgh, co. Fife; Leys, Erroll, N.B.; and Randerstone
Castle, Kingsbarns, co. Fife.


Pateeson, Eobeet Pateeson, Esq. of Mont-
gomerie, co. Ayr, J.P., I. 20 May, 1829; m. 1870,
Ella Morison, dau. of the late Rev. John Thomson,
of Balmerino, co. Fife, and has issue,

I. William Robeet, b. 1885.

II. John George Graham, b. 1887.

I. Mary Georgina Janette, b. 1872, d. 1877.

II. Beatrice Ann Monro, b. 1881.

III. Dorothy Olive, b. 1882.

IV. Grace AUason, h. 1883.

Mr. E. P. Paterson is the eldest son of the late
William Pateeson, Esq. {formerly Oee) of
Montgomerie, by Anne, his wife, dau. of the late
Alexander Fowlds, Esq. of Skernesland, co. Ayr,
The late Mr. W. Paterson was the youngest son of
the late Eobeet Oee, Esq. of Lylesland, co. Een-
frew, by Mary his wife, dau. of the late Eobert
Paterson, Esq. Sheriff Substitute, co. Eenfrew,
Mr. W. Paterson, d. 1886, leaving by his wife, who
d. 1887, besides the present Mr. Eobert P. Pater-
son, of Montgomerie, three sons, 1 William Orr,
of Gadgirth (Sheriff Substitute of Ayr); 2
Charles ; and 3 Henry ; and two daus., 1 Anne, m.
the late Eev. H. A. Sadleir; and 2 Mary, m. the
late N. C. Campbell, Esq. of Barnhill, Dumbarton,
and Sheriff of Ayrshire.
Seai— Montgomerie, Tarbolton, N.B.


Pateshall, Anne Elizabeth, of Allensmore
Court, CO. Hereford, widow of Evan Pateshall,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., who in 1854, took, by royal
licence, the name and arms of Pateshall in lieu
of those of Thomas {see Thomas of Welfield), in
compliance with the testamentary injunction of
the late Edmund Burnam Pateshall, Esq. He was
M.P. for CO. Hereford 1874 to 1878, and d. 9 April,

Lineage.— The family of Pateshall is of antiquity in co.
Northampton. In 6 Richakd L, we find upon record the
name of Simon de Pateshall, High Sheriff of that co. ; and
Camden mentions his descendants as filling the same office
during several subsequent reigns.

Edmund Lechmebe, Esq., son of Scudamore Lechmere, Esq.
of Fownhope Court, by Jane his wife, dau. of Edmund Pates-
hall, Esq. of Allensmore, co. Hereford, took the su

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