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issue, Roger Greville, 6. 22 Jan. 1877.
1 II. Eleanor Louisa, m. 29 Jan. 1874, Arthur Hancock
Edwards, Esq. of Ashgrove, West Yorkshire, 4ih son of Sir
Henry Edwards, Bart, of Pye Nest, and has issue, Kleanor
Churchill, 6. 5 Feb. 1875, and Geoffrey Otho Charles, b. 2
Oct. 1876.

in. Charlotte Emily, m. 17 July, 1879, Henry Willoughby
Trevelyan, Esq. of Rothley, late 3rd Hussars, eldest son
of Major-Gen. Henry Willoughby Trevelyan, C.B. {see
Bubke's Peerage, Trevelian, Bart.).
Mr. Pease d. 22 Nov. 1882, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henry Joseph Robinson Pease, Esq. of Hesslewood, J.P.
and D.L., 6. 29 Dec. 1843 ; vi. 15 April, 1869, Dora Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of John Boulderson Barkworth, Esq. of Raywell,
East Yorkshire and had issue,
I. Joseph Robinson, now of Hesslewood.
H. Williani.Henry Barkworth Robinson, 6. 21 Sept. 1874.
III. Godfrey Bart'jn Robinson, 6. 15 May, 1887.
I. Dora Mary Robinson.

n. Barbara Valence Isobel Robinson, 6. 25 May, 1881, and d.
31 Jan. 1884.
Mr. Pease d. 6 May, 1892.

At-ns — Vert, a chevron between three stags trippant or, in
the centre chief point a bezant, on a chief per fesse gu. and arg.
an eagle displayed counterchanged. Crest — An eagle's head
erased arg., holding in the beak or a peascod vert. Motto—
Confide recte agens.
Seat — Hesslewood, near Hull.


Pease, John William, Esq., D.C.L., of Pen-
dower, and Nether Grange, co. Northumberland,
J.P., 1. 13 Aug. 1836 ; m. Sept. 1860, Helen Maria,
dau. of Alfred Fox, Esq. of Falmouth, Cornwall,
and has issue,

I. Howard, 6. 12 July, 1863 ; to. 1887, Margaret, dau. of
Canon Kynaston, of Durham, and has issue, Valentine.

II. John William Beaumont, 6. 4 July, 1869.
I. Sarah Helen.

u. Florence.

III. Sophia Mabel.

liineage. — The Peases, of Darlington, descend, according
to tradition, from a West Riding family of the name, settled
near Wakefield, where an old house. Pease Hall, still remains.

John Pease, 10 Henry VII., was father of

Edward Pease, of Sike House, co. Y'ork, whose son,

WiLUAM Pease, of Fishlake, co. York, d. 1597, leaving a

Nicholas Pease, of Fishlake, (d. 1647), who was father of

William Pease, of Fishlake, who d. 1692, leaving a son,

Joseph Pease, of Felkirk, whose son,

Edward Pease, of Felkirk, b. 1711 ; came to Darlington
1744, TO. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Michael Coates, and d.
1783, leaving a .son,

Joseph Pease, of Darlington, h. 1737; m. 1763, Mary Richard-
son, and d. 3 April, 1808, having had issue,

1. Edward, b. 6 Jan. 1767 ; m. 3 Nov. 1796, Rachel, dau. of
John Whitwell, and d. 31 July, 1858, having by her (who d.
18 Oct. 1833) had issue,

1 John, m. Sophia Jowitt, and d., leaving Sophia, m.
Theodore Fry; and Mary Anne, m. J. B. Hodgkin.

2 Joseph, of Southend, Darlington, co. Durham, b. 22
June, 1799: M.P. for South Durham from 1832 to 1841 ; la.
20 March, 1826, Emma, youngest dau. and co-heiress of
Joseph Gurney, Esq. of Lakenham Grove, Norwich, and
d. » Feb. 1872, leaving by her (who d. 11 April, 1860)

Joseph Whitwell, created a Bart, in 1882 {set BtmnE's
Baronetage, Pease, Bart.).

Edward, 6. 24 June, 1834 ; m. 26 Feb. 1862, Sarah, dau. of
Charles Sturge, of Bewdley, and d. 13 June, 1880,
leaving by her (who d. 14 June, 1877) a dau., Beatrice
Mary, who m. 1885, Newton, Viscount Lymington (see
Burke's Peerage, Portsmouth, E.).

John Henry, 6. Feb. 1836 ; d. 17 April, 1854.

Arthur, of Hummersknott, co. Durham, J.P. for that

CO. and for the N. Riding, co. York, M.P. for Whitby

1880-5, 6. 12 Sept. 1837 ; m. 14 April, 1864, MaryLecky,

dau. of the late Ehenezer Pike, Esq. of Besboiough,

CO. Cork, and has issue,

Arthur Francis, b. II March, 1866 ; m. I Oct. 1889,

Laura Matilda Ethelwyn, eldest dau. of Charles Peter

Allix, Esq. of Swaffham Priory, co. Cambridge, and

has issue.

Heibert Pike, b. 7 May, 1867.
Cliud Edward, 6. 27 Nov. 1874.
Alice Mary. Rosa Elizabeth.

Winifred Pike. Evelyn Ada.

Gurney, 6. 28 Feb. 1839 ; m. 22 April, 1863, Katharine,
dau. of John Jowitt Wilson, Esq. of Kendal, and d. 10'
June, 1872, leaving issue, Harold Gurney; Wilson;
John Henry; Katharine Maria ; Lilian.

Alfred, b. 16 June, 1841 ; d. 20 Dec. 1852.

Charles, 6. 7 April, 1843; to. 27 Sept. 1871, Sarah Eliza-
beth, dau. of Henry Bewley, Esq. of Willow Park, co;
Dublin, and rf. 9 July, 1873, leaving a son, Charles
Gurney, b. 1872, d. 26 May, 1883.

Francis Richard, b. 6 Dec. 1845; d. 7 June, 1865.

Jane Gurney, 6. 10 Jan. 1827.

Emma Gurney, b. 17 Dec. 1829.

Rachel, 6. 15 June, 1831 ; m. 1st, 6 March, 1851, Charles;
Albert Leatham, Esq. of Gunnergate Hall, ClevelaTid,
who d. 11 March, 1858, leaving issue ; 2ndly, William
Fowler, Esq., M.P. for Cambridge.

Elizabeth Lucy, b. 21 Jan. 1833; d. Sept. 1831 ; m. 1857,
John Fowler, Esq. of Ackworth, co. York (who a!. 4.
Dec. 1864), and had issue.

3 Edward, d. s. p.

4 Isaac, d. s.p.

5 Henry, of Pierremont and Stanhope Castle, co. Durham,,
M.P. for Souih Durham, 1857-65; to. 1st, 1835, Anna,
dau. of Richard Fell, of Belmont, Uxbridge, Middlesex,
and by her (who d. 29 June, 1839) had a son,

Henry Fell, see Pease of Brinkburn.
He TO. 2ndly, 1859, Mary, dau. of Samuel Lloyd, Esq. of
Wednesbury, and d. 30 May, 1881, having by her had

Edward Lloyd. John Francis.


Henrietta Rachel. Marion Elizabeth.

1 Rachel, to. Richard Fry, of Bristol, and d. s. p.

2 Mary, d.s.p.

3 Elizabeth, m. Francis Gibson, of Saffron Walden, and
had issue.

II. Joseph.
This 2nd son,

Joseph Pease, Esq. of Feethams, Darlington, 6. 1772; m,
1st, 1801, Elizabeth Beaumont, and by her (whotZ. 1824) had a
son, John Beaumont; 2ndly, Anna Bradshaw. He d. 184&.
Ills son,

John Beaumont Pease, Esq. ofNorth Lodge, Darlington, h.
1803; TO. 1825, Sarah, dau. of the late Samuel Fossick, Esq.
of Pennsbury, Middlesex, and by her (who d. 1877) had issue,

I. Joseph Beaumont, to. 1872; d. 1873, leaving issue,

II. John William, now of Pendower.

III. Edwin Lucas, see Pease of Mowden.

IV. Walter, d. 1871.

I. Elizabeth, m. 15 May, 1862, Henry Fell Pease, Esq. of
Brinkburn, co. Durham, and has issue, Walter; Algernon ;,
Anna Louisa.

Mr. Pease d. 1873.

Arms — Per fess az. and gu., a fesse nebuly erm. between two^
lambs passant in chief arg., and in base upon a mount ppr. a
dove rising arg., holding in the beak a pea-stalk, the blossom
and pods also ppr.

Crest — Upon the capital of an Ionic column a dove rising,
holding in the beak a pea-stalk, as in the arms, all ppr.

Motto — Pax et spes.

Seats— FenAovier, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Nether Grange,


Pease, Henet Fell, Esq. of Brinkburn, co. Dur-
ham, J.P., and J.P. and D.L. for the N. Riding, co.
York, M.P. for the N. Riding, co. York (Cleveland
Div.), since 1885; b. 28 April, 1838; m. 15 May,





1862, Elizabeth, elder dau. of John Beaumont
Pease, Esq. of North Lodge, Darlington, and has had

I. Norman Henry, h. 10 June, 1866 ; d. 1 May, 1S79.

II. Waltee Fell, h. 16 March, 1874.

III. Algernon Henry, b. 19 May, 1882.
I. Anna Louisa, 6. 16 May, 1863.

For Linearie and Arms, see Pease of Peiwiower.
■Seat — Brinkburn, Darlington.


Pease, William Edwin, Esq. of Mowden, eo.
Durham, and Pentre Cascob, co. Radnor, b. 3 June,
1865 ; educated at Clifton Coll., and Trin. Col., Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1888.

Iiineage. — Edwin Lucas Pease, Esq. of Mowden, co.
Durham, and of Cascob, co. Radnor (3rd son of John
Beaumont Pease, Esq., sec Pease of Pendower), J. P. and D.L.
CO. Radnor, and J. P. co. Durham, m. 1862, Frances Helen,
4Jau. and co-hciress of William Peter Edwards, Esq. ofHind-
'«'eU, CO. Radnor, and by her had issue,

I. William Edwin, now of Mowden.

II. Ernest Hubert. iii. Owen Beaumont.

I. Emily Beaumont. ii. Helen Theresa, d. 1874.

air. Pease d. 24 Jan. 1889.

Arms — See Pease of Pendower.
Seat — Mowden, Darlington.


Peckhah, Eey. Habrt John, Vicar of JVutley,
Sussex, M.A., h. 15 April, 18-il ; m. 18 Jan. 1876,
Edith, dau. of Rev. Divie Robertson, Vicar of Hen-
field, Sussex, and has issue,

I. Richaed Habet, h. 17 May, 1877.

II. Arthur Nyton, b. 16 March, 1881.

III. Walter Divie, b. 18 March, 1883.

Ijineagre. — This branch of the Peckhams, settled at Nyton
since 1585, descends from Thomas Peckham, of Rumbolds-
T\-eeke, adjoining Chichester, 4thsonofHENEY Peckham, Esq.,
Lord of the Manor of East Hampnett, Sussex, who was son and
heir of Edward Peckham, Lord of East Hampnett, grandson of
John Peckham, who derived from a branch of the Peckhams
tjf Yaldham, in Kent.

Chables Hewitt Smith, Esq. of Ashling Meadows (son of
Eev. Charles Smith, of West Stoke by Kitty his wife, dau. of
:Sir John Bull, of Chippingongar, Essex, and grandson of John
Smith, Esq. of Chichester, who d. about 1748), m. 1800, Maey,
■only dau. and heir of John Peckham, Esq. of Nyton, Sussex,
.and niece of V.'illiam Peckham, Esq. of Chichester, who suc-
ceeded to the estates of his kinsman. Sib Thomas Peckham, of
Nyton, who was knighted 31 Aug. 1722, during his Shrievalty.
By her (who d. 25 April, 1824) he left an only son and heir,

Chables Peckham Peckham, Esq. of Nyton, Sussex, J. P.,
■b. 9 July, 1801 ; m. 12 Dec. 1826, SybeUa Jane, dau. of Right
Eev. Robert James Carr, D.D., Bishop of Chichester, and by
ier (who d. 8 May, 1879) had issue,

I. Charles Henry, b. 27 Dec. 1834 ; d. unm. 26 Feb. 1860.

II. Habet John (Rev.), now of Nyton.

I. Mary Sybella. ii. Sybella Katharine.

III. Georgiana Frances. iv. Cecil Virginia.

V. Frederica Maria. vi. Frances Henrietta.

Be assumed the surname and arms of Peckham only 25 Jan.
1820, andci. 4 Nov. 1873.

Armg — Erm., a chief quarterly or and gu. Crest — An ostrich
jipr. Motto — Tentanda via est.

Residence — Nutley Vicarage, Uckficld.


Peckoyee, Alexander, Esq. of Bank House,
Wisbech, co. Cambridge, Lord Lieutenant of that
county, h. 16 Aug. 1830 ; m. 8 April, 1858, Eliza
(deceased), dau. of Joseph Sharpies, of Hitchin,
Herts, banker, and Elizabeth Ransome, his wife
(both deceased), and has issue, 1 Elizabeth Jose-
phine, m. 9 April, 1893, James Doyle Penrose, Esq.,
jun. of 7, Regent's Park Villas ; 2 Alexandrina ;
3 Anna Jane.

liineagre. — Edmund Peckoveb, of Charlton, co. NorHi,
ampton, Gent., served as a trooper in Cbomwell's army, under
Fleetwood, from 1646, and on his joining the Society
Friends, obtained his discharge, dated 6 Aug. 1655, which
the family still possess. He then came to visit some of his!
relatives in Norfolk, and settled at Fakenham, in that co., in ,
1657, where he purchased landed property, still held, and m.
Margaret Monk. His son,

Joseph Peckovee, m. Katherine Long, dan. of James Long,
of Swainesthorpe, and had three sons, Robert, Edmund, and
Joseph. The 3rd son,

Joseph Peckovee, m. Ann, dau. Of Richard Wright, of Nor-
wich, and was father of

Richabd Peckovee, m. 4 April, 1753, Jane, dau. and only
child of Daniel Jessup, of Theberton, Suffolk, through whom
his estates in Theberton and Badingham, Suffolk, came into
the family. He d. 1 Sept. 1757 His widow d. April, 1796.
Their son,

Jonathan Peckovee, to. 22 Oct. 1789, Susanna, dau. of
William Payne, of Newhill Grange, York, and d. 18 Dec. 1833.
His widow d. 3 Nov. 1853. They had issue,

I. Richard, d. a minor.

II. William, d. unm. at Wishech, 1877, aged 87.

III. Daniel, d. unm. at Woodhall, Calverley, Yorkshire, 1867,
aged 69.

IV. Algeenon, of Sibalds Holme.

I. Elizabeth, m. John Talwin Shewell, Esq. of Ipswich ;
d.s.p. 1871.

His only surviving son,

Algeenon Peckovee, Esq. of Sibalds Holme, Wisbech, 6.
25 Nov. 1803; m. 26 March, 1828, Priscilla, youngest dau. of
Dykes Alexander, of Ipswich, banker, and by her (who is
deceased) had issue,

I. Alexandeb, now of Wisbech.

II. Jonathan, b. 16 June, 1835 ; d. unm. 8 Feb. 1882.

I. Susanna. ii. Priscilla Hannah. m. Jane.

IV. Katherine Elizabeth, vi. Christopher Bowly, of Ciren-
cester, and is deceased.

V. Algerina. vi. Wilhemina.
Mr. Algernon Peckover d. 10 Dec. 1893.

Arms — Per pale gu. and sa., a garb or, on a chief nebuly of
the last three lions r.impant az. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a lion rampant az., holding in the dexter paw a sprig
of oak, leaved, fructed, and slipped ppr.,and resting the sinis-
ter fore-paw on an escutcheon charged with the arms. Motto
— In Christo speravi.

Residence — Bank House, Wisbech.


Peel, William Crotighton, Esq. of Peele Fold,
CO. Lancaster, and Trenant Park, Cornwall, Lieut.
3rd Dragoon Guards, b. 18 Oct. 1870; s. his
father 1881.

Lineage. —About the end of the 16th century, Robert
Peele left the parish of East Marton, in Craven, and settled at
Hole House, in the lower Division of the Hundred of Blackburn,
with which his descendants have ever since been connected.
He d. 1608.

William Peele, of Peele Fold, Oswaldtwistle, m. 9 Aug.
1712, Anne, dau. of Lawrence Walmesley, Esq. of Upper
Darwen, and had issue, i. Robeet, his heir; ii. Lawrence;
HI. Nicholas ; iv. Joseph, of Fazeley, co. Stafford, m. Martha
Fowler, andcZ. 23 March, 1820, leaving issue, of whom the 4tll
son, George, m. 1799, Rebecca, dau. of Richard Barlow, Esq.,
and d.. 1810, leaving two sons, Joseph, of Singleton Brook, co.
Lancaster, and George, of Brookfield, co. Chester; i. Anne;
II. Elizabeth. The eldest son,

Robebt Peel, of Peele F'old, m. 28 Aug. 1744, Elizabeth,
dau. of Edmund Haworth, Esq. of Walmesley Fold, and by
her (who d. 1796) had issue,

I. William, of whom presently.

II. Edmund, m. Miss Wright, and had issue, 1 Robert, of
Exmouth and Wallington, Norfolk (who m. Miss Yates,
and d. 1842, leaving issue, two daus., Anne, m. the Rev.
C. W. Ethelston (see Peel of Brynypys), and Ellen, m.
James Peel Cockburn, Esq.) ; I Susannah, wife of Jonathan
Haworth ; 2 Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Haworth.

III. Robert (Sir), created a Baronet 20 Nov. 1800 (««e
Bdbke's Peerage and Baronetage).

IV. Jonathan, of Accrington, co. Lancaster, m. 1st, Ann,
dau. of Giles Haworth, Esq., and by her (who d. 1785) had

1 Robert, of Accrington, father of Jonathan Peel, Esq. of
Accrington and ICnowlmere {see Peel of Knowlitwre).

2 Giles Haworth (Rev.), m. Maria Halse, and had issue,
William, to. Julia Whitworth. and had issue, George





Henry; Edmund Yates; Elizabeth, m. the Kev. C. H.

Coxe; Anne, m. Owen Wethererl, Esq.; Maria, who d.

1S03; Sophia; Ellen, m. Kev. Florence Wetherecl; and


1 Grace, m. Edmund Peel, Esq. of Church Bank.
■2 Anne, m. Rohert Peel, Esq. of Taliaris, co. Carmarthen,

and d. 1806.

3 Elizabeth, to. Edmund Yates, Esq., and d. 1825.

4 Jane, d. 1794.

Mr. Jonathan Peeljii. 2ndlj-, Esther Bolton, and by her (who
<l. 1841) left at his decease, 1834,

3 Jonathan, of Culham, Oxon, m. Eliza Tubb, and by her
left at his decease, 1841, William Accrington; Edmund
Yates, TO. 27 June, 1861, Louisa Longridge, eldest dau. of
Henry Palmer, Esq. of Shriff, co. Leitrim ; Robert Bolton ;
John Henry ; Emily Esther ; Susan Magdalen ; Matilda ;
and EUen.

4 Bolton, TO. Elizabeth Isabella, dau. of John Peel, Esq. of
The Pastures, co. Stafford, and by her left at his decease,
1843, Reginald, late of 8th Foot; Lennox Bolton ; Frede-
rick ; Wildman Yates ; Charles James ; Emily ; and

5 William, 6. 1793 ; m. 1st, Anne Jane, dau. of Spencer
Steers, Esq., and by her (who d. 1828) has issue, Spencer,
Capt. 1st Foot, 6. 1820; Charles Steers, 6. Dec. 1821;
Francis William, 6. 16 Feb. 1823 ; Margaret Jane ; and
Susan Ellen.

■C Edmund, d. 1836. 7 Joseph, d. 1844.

5 Catherine, m. Henry Formby, Esq. of Formby, co. Lan-
* Esther, m. Capt. Macdonald.

7 Dorothy, to. Robert John Peel, Esq, of Burton-on-
« Jane, d. 27 May, 1862. 9 Mary.

10 Susannah, 711. Rev. W. Villier.', Vicar of Broomsgrove
and Hon. Canon of Worcester, and had issue,
William Richard (Rev.), Vicar of Boston Spa, m. Emily
Conduite, dau. of W. Vale, Esq. of Mathon Court, co.
Worcester, R.N., J.P. (««€ Vale of Mathon Court).
Edward W. B., late 34th and 5th Foot.
Robert John, late Jesus Coll. Oxford.
Elizabeth Jane, m. Rev. J. R. Davison, Vicar of
■V. Lawbence, of Ardwick, ;n. 1st, his cousin, Alice, dau. of
Jonathan Haworth, Esq., and 2ndly, Dec. 1822, Elizabeth,
dau. of Richard Creswick, Esq. of Sheffield, and widow of
Sir Joseph RadclifTe, 1st Bart, of Rudding, and by her (who
d. 24 Nov. 1855) had no issue. By the former he left at his
decease, June, 1827, four sons and seven daus.,

1 EoBEKT, of Bath, m. 1805, Elizabeth, dau. of John En-
t^vistle, Esq. of Foxholes, co. Lancaster, and had issue,


John Entwistle, of Stone Hall, co. Pembroke, to. 18
Aug. 1842, Anne Maria Cordelia, only child of James
James, Esq., and niece of Sir WiUiam Phillipps Laugh-
arne Phillips, 9th Bart, of Picton, and had issue.

Ellin Louisa, m. 1863, Capt. Thomas Lloyd Still, R..\.

Anne Elizabeth Margaret, to. 1869, Joseph Fetherston-
haugh, Esq. of Hopton Court.


2 Jonathan Haworth, of Cottsmoor, co. Pembroke, m.
Ellen, dau. of Thomas Royds, Esq. of Greenliill, and had
issue, Xavier deCastanos, of Denant, co. Pembroke, J.P. ,
to. 1838, Maiy, dau. of Roger Eaton, Esq., and d. 29 May,
1885; Wellington; Helen, m. Edward Massey, Esq.

3 Frederick (Kev.), of Willingham, co. Lincoln, Canon of
Lincoln, to. Susan, dau. of Edward Haworth, Esq. of Sale,
and had issue.

4 William Henbt, of Aylesmore House, co. Gloucester,
6. 3 May, 1796 ; m. 1st, 4 April, 1821, Elizabeth, eldest
dau. of Col. Glutton, of Pensax Court, co. Worcester, and
had issue,

Lawrence Henry, 52nd Light Infantry, and Major Comm.
Radnor Militia, 6. 1823 ; m. 1846, Catherine Maria, dau.
of Rev. Walter de Winton, of Walsworth Hall, co.
Gloucester, andd. 16 Dec. 1865, leaving with other issue,

1 Waltee Hatwood, of Aylesmore, b. 1847.

2 William de Winton, 6. 1850.

Thomas Frederick. Francis, Comm. R.N.

Barbara, to. 7 Aug. 1852, Capt. de Winton, of Walsworth
Hall, CO. Gloucester.
He m. 2ndly, 15 Nov. 1836, Rebecca Mary, dau. of William
Curre, Esq. of Itton Court, co. Monmouth; d. 1872, and
was s. by his grandson.

1 Elizabeth Anne, vi. James Bellairs, Esq.

2 Charlotte, m. 1st, Benjamin Gibson, Esq., and 2ndly,
James Formby, M.D., of Formby, near Liverpool.

3 Caroline, m. Rev, Miles Formby, M.A.

4 Harriett, to. Rev. Roger Hesketh Formby, M.A.

5 Georgiana, to. Capt. Rhodes, of Rochdale.
■6 Alicia, m. Rev. Robert Peel.

7 Susanna, to. Charles Brownell, Esq. of Sheffield.
VI. Joseph, of Bowes, near London, m. Ann Haworth, and
had issue.

1 Haworth, d. 1841.
3 Jonathan, d. 1844.

2 Joseph, m. Eliza Haworth.

4 Edmund, m. Maria Browne, and had issue, Edmund,
William, Joseph, Robert, Emily, and Marianne, m.
Augustus Peel, Esq.

5 Lawrence (the Eight Hon. Sir), Knt., P.C., late Chief
Justice of Bengal.

6 William, deceased.

1 Marianne, in. the Rev. — Browp. 2 Elizabeth.

3 Alicia, m. Leonard Willan, M.D. 4 Sarah Maria.

5 Charlotte, deceased,
vti. Robert John, of The Pastures, co. Stafford, to. Eliza-
beth Margaret Slater, and d. 2 Feb. 1857, having had

1 Robert John, of Burton-on-Trent, h. 9 July, 1796; m.
7 Jan. 1818, Dorothy, dau. of Jonathan Peel, Esq. of
Accrington House, and had issue, Charlotte Isabella,
Marianne Elizabeth, Susannah Cecilia, Margaret Isa-
bella, m. 12 Jan. 1864, Perceval Hart Dyke, Esq., and

2 Henry, Capt. in the army, deceased.

1 Elizabeth Isabella, m. Bolton Peel, Esq.

2 Charlotte Ann, m. Rev. S. W. Yates.

3 Cecilia, to. Capt. Yates.

4 Georgiana, to. Rev. C. Alderson.

I. Anne, to. 1st, Rev. Borlase Willock, of Harwood, co.
Lancaster, and2ndly. Rev. George Park, of Hawkshead, and
d. 1826.

The eldest son,

William Peel, Esq. of Church Bank and Peele Fold, co.
Lancaster, 6. 1745; vi. 1766, Mary, dau. of Thomas Haworth,
M.D., of Blackburn, and left issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Robert, of Taliaris Park, co. Carmarthen, m. 1st, Jane
Yates, but by her had no issue, and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of
Jonathan Peel, Esq. of Accrington, by whom (who rf. 21
May, 1806) he left is3ue at his decease, 13 June, 183S {see
Feei. of Taliaris Park).

III. Edmund, of Church Bank, 6. 1774; m. 1794, Grace, dau.
of Jonathan Peel, Esq. of Accrington, and d. 18 April, 1836,
having had issue,

1 Jonathan, d. s. p. 1878.

2 Edmund, Capt. R.N., m. Lucy, dau. of Richard Meek,
Esq., and d. 1871, having had issue, Edmund Richard, to.
1864, F'rances Emma, dau. of J. Y. Lee, Esq., and has
issue ; William Fenton, of Broughton Park, Lancaster,
m. 1866, Sarah Edith, dau. of Gen. WUloughby, C.B., and
has issue, Charles ; Lionel, rn. 1871, Mary, dau. of Rev.
B. King, and has issue ; Flora, vi. Rev. E. C. Bramall;
Lucy Jane; Grace, 7)1. Rev. Samuel Goldney; and Isa-
bella Mary, m. L. H. Birch, Esq.

3 Thomas, to. Charlotte, dau. of William WUlock, Esq.

4 George. 5 Sidney.

1 Ann. 2 Mary, to. WiUiam Peel, Esq.

3 Esther, to. John Peel, Esq.

4 Elizabeth, m. Rev. Hart Ethelston.

IV. William, of Burnley, m. Susannah Allen, and had a son,
Rev. William Peel, who d. 1823.

V. Jonathan, m. Sarah, dau. of Rev. — Armistead, of
Mitton, CO. York, and had a dau., who d. in infancy.

VI. John, of Burton, in. Antoinette Goodwin, and has a son,
Edmund, and three daus., Agnes, to. Col. Butler ; Eliza, m.
Rev. De Courcy O'Grady ; and Isabella Antoinette, to. Henry
William Knox, Esq. of Netley Park, co. Mayo.

I. Elizabeth, deceased.

II. Anne, to. Robert Peel, Esq. of Accrington.
The eldest son,

Thomas Peel, Esq. of Peele Fold, co. Lancaster, also of
Sawley, and finally of Penzance and Trenant Park, Corn-
wall, 6. 1768 ; TO. Dorothy, dau. of Robert Bolton, Esq., and
left issue,

Robeet (Rev.), to. Alicia, dau. of Lawrence Peel, Esq. of
Ardwick, and left at his deceased a dau. Florence Augusta.


William, of Peele Fold and Trenant Park.

Edmund, d. 1834.

John, J.P., M.P. for Tamworth, m. 1830, Esther, dau. of
Edmund Peel, Esq. of Church Bank, and d. March, 1872,
having by her (who d. 27 Nov. 1887) had issue, 1 Charles,
of North Rode, Cheshire ; 2 Francis; 3 Edmund, 6. 1842,
late Capt. 14th Hussars, m. 1869, Jessie, dau. of Right Hon.
Sir Lyon Playfair ; 4 Gerald, to. Eliza, dau. of Robert
Graham, Esq., and has issue; 5 Sidney, b. 1849, m. Amy
Rose, dau. of J. C. Meymott, Esq. ; 1 Louisa, m. E. S.
Heywood, Esq. ; 2 Frances Grace, m. A. A. A. E. Brebant;
3 Mary, m. J. Kynaston, Esq. ; 4 Adelaide, m. Rev. A.

Elizabeth, to. William Willock, Esq.

Hester, m. Richard Curteis Croughton, Esq.

Ann, m. Jonathan Peel, Esq. of Accrington, Knowlmere,
Barrister-at-Law, and d. s. p.

The 3rd son,

William Peel, Esq. of Peele Fold, co. Lancaster, and Tre-
nant Park, Cornwall, b. 19 July, 1797 ; m. 5 April, 1827, Mary,
dau. of Edmund Peel, Esq. of Church Bank, and by her (who
d. Nov. 1889) had issue,





I. William Henkt, of whom presenOy.

II. Ernest Frederic, 6. 18 April, 1831 ; m. Eliza, dau. of Kev.
M. Watkins.

Mr. Peel d. 27 Nov. 1871. His son,

William Henry Peel, Esq. of Peele Fold, J.P., Capt. 9th
Eegt., b. 22 Feb. 1828 ; m. 1866, Hester A. C, dau. of William
P. Croughton, Esq. of Herondcn, Kent, and had issue,

I. William Croughton, now of Peele Fold.

II. Cyril, 6. 8 July, 1876.

I. Mary Grace. ii. Esther. lu. Cicely.

IV. Mildred. v. Dora.

Mr. Feel d. Sept. 18S1.

Arms—Krs-, three sheaves of as many an'ows ppr., handed
gVi., on a chief az. a bee volant or. Crest — A demi-lion ram-
pant arg., gorged with a collar az., charged with three bezants,
holding between the paws a shuttle or. Motto — Industrie.

Seat — Trenant Park, Duloe, Corawall.


Peel, Herbert, Esq. of Taliaris, co. Carmarthen,
B.A. Cantab., J.P. and D.L., High SherifE 1890,
*. 18 Aug. 1840 ; m. 22 Oct. 1884, Mary Susannah
Ainsworth, eldest dau. of the late Capt. William
Henry Lee, E.M.L.I., by his wife, Mary Anne Lee
(nee Mundell), and has issue,

I. James Herbert Marmadcke, 6. 1885.

II. Alan Ralph, 6. 1886.

III. Eobert Lloyd, 6. 1889.

IV. Humphrey Lee, b. 1893.
• I. Eileen Annie, 6. 1888.

II. Adela Vera, 6. 1891.

liineag-e.— EoBERT Peel, Esq. of Taliaris, 6. 1770, 2nd
son (by Mary his wife, dau. of Thomas Haworth, M.D., of
Blackburn) of William Peel, Esq. of Church Bank, and Peele
Fold, CO. Lancaster, (see preceding article), eldest brother of
Sir Robert Peel, 1st Bart, of Drayton (see Bdrke's Peerage)
m. 1st, 1793, Jane Yates (who d. s.p. 1796), and 2

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