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ndly, 1 Dec.
1800, Anne, dau. of Jonathan Peel, Esq. of Acerington House,
CO. Lancaster, and by the latter only (y/hod. 21 May, 1806) had
issue, I. William, his heir; i. Anne ; ii. Mary. Mr. Robert
Peel d. 13 June, 1838, and was s. by his son,

William Peel, Esq. of Taliaris, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1843,6. 2 April, 1803; to. 6 Sept, 1836, Anna Maria,
dau. of John William Lloyd, Esq. of South Park, Kent,
and Danyrallt, co. Carmarthen, and by her (wlio d. 1879) had

I. Herbert, now of Taliaris.

II. Robert Lloyd, 6. 19 Oct. 1841; on. 13 Sept. 1SG6, Cathe-
rine, dau. of — Ross, Esq. of Inverness, and d. 20 March,
1892, leaving issue,

' 1 Robert, 6. 28 May, 1869. 2 Lawrence.

1 Edith. 2 Helen. 3 Maybel.

4 Violet.

III. William, 6. 13 May, 1843.

IV. Alan, 6. 16 May, 1848 ; m. 1880, Constance Grace,
youngest dau. of T. Massey, Esq. of Cottesmore, Haverford-
west, and has a dau. Constance Dorothea.

I. Susanne, m. 9 Dec. 1868, David Long Price, Esq. of Talley
House, CO. Carmarthen, and has issue, John ; Robert Peel :
Francis; Edmund; Herbert Overton ; Alan Sydney; Cecil
Evelyn; and Susanne Elizabeth.

n. Annie, d. 7 Aug. 1870.

III. Evelyn, m. 1884, St. Vincent Peel, eldest son of John
Peel, Esq. of Danyrallt, co. Carmarthen.

rv. Gertrude.

V. Rosamond, m. 1889, George Neville Peel, Esq., son of the
late Rev. Edmund Peel, of Coombe Lodge, Bruton, co.

Ti. Constance.

Mr. Peel d. 16 March, 1883.

Ai-ms, dkc. — Same ax Peel of Peele Fold.
Seat — Taliaris, Llandilo, co. Carmarthen.

1866, Henrietta Margaret, eldest dau. of Sir Hugh
Williams, Bart, of Bodelwyddan, North Wales
and by her (who d. 29 July, 1885) has had issue,

I. Hdgh Edmcnd Ethelston Peel, b. 13 Nov. 1871 ; w. 25
Feb. 1892, Gladys, dau. of Capt. Rowley-Conwy, of Bod-
rhyddan Hall, Rhyl.

II. Charles Wicksted Ethelston, 6. 15 Aug., d. 12 Dec. 1873.
in. Herbert Wicksted Ethelston, takes the surname of bis

paternal grandfather,
IV. Ernest Ethelston Peel.

I. Margaret Anne. ii. Ethel Mary.

in. Linda, deceased.

Mr. Peel, eldest son of Eev. Charles Wicksted
Ethelston (who d. 1872), of Uplyme Kectory and
Wicksted Hall, co. Chester, by Anne his wife, dau.
and heir of Egbert Peel, Esq. of Wallington Hall,
Norfolk, assumed by royal licence the surname of
Peel in lieu of that of Ethelston.

liineage.— Robert Peel, Esq. of Wallington Hall, Norfolk,
eldest sou of Edmund Peel, Esq., next brotlier of William
Peel, Esq. of Peele Fold (see that Memoir), m. Miss Yates, and
d. in 1842, leaving two daus.,

Anne, m. Rev. Charles Wicksted Ethelston.

Ellen, in. James Peel Cockborn, Esq.
The elder dau.,

Anne Peel, m. 1823, Rev. Charles Wicksted Ethelston, of-
Uplyme Rectory and Wicksted Hall, Cheshire (son of Charles
Wicksted Ethelston* (d. 1830), m. 29 March, 1796, Mary Threl-
fall, who d. 1S02), and by him (who d. 1872) had issue,

I. Edmdnd Peel, now of Brynypys.

II. Robert Peel Ethelston, of Hinton Hall, Shropshire, J.P.,
b. 1831 ; m. 18.^4, Louisa Philippa, dau. of Thomas Perry,
i;sq. of Moor Hall, Harlow, and has, with other issue,

Edmund, b. 1857 ; to. 1883, Ethel Constance, dau. of
Andrew Caldecott, Esq. of Pishobury, Herts.

Robert Ethelston, of Moor Hall, Essex, late Capt. Royal
Welsh Fusiliers.

Edith, TO. 1882, John Eldon Bankes, Esq., J.P., eldest son
of John Scott Bankes, Esq. of Soughton Hall.

I. Eliza Anne, m. William Speke, Esq. of Jordans, Ilminster,

II. Ellen Mary, m. Charles Joseph Parke, Esq. of Henbury
House, Wimborno, and lias issue, four sons and four

III. Margaret Emily, m. J. W. Perry Watlington, Esq. cf
Moor Hall, Harlow.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., three sheaves of asm&i.j
arrows ppr., banded gu., on a chief az. a bee volant or, for Peel;
'Jnd and 3rd az., on a pile between two crosses-crosslet in base
arg. an eagle displayed purpura, for Ethelston. Crests — 1st,.
Peel: A demi-lion rampant arg., gorged with a collar az.,
charged with three bezants, holding between the paws a shuttle
or. 2nd, Ethelston : A ram's head couped sa., charged witb
three crosses-crosslet or. Motto — Industria.

Seats — Brynypys, near Ruabon, and Wallington Hall, Down-
ham Market.


Peei, Edmund, Esq. of Brynypys, co. Flint,
Llandrino Hall, co. Montgomery, and Wallington
Hall, Norfolk, J.P. cos. Flint, Denbigh, Salop, and
Montgomery, High SherifE of the last co. 1858, and
D.L. CO. Flint, High Sheriff 1870, h. 26 March,
1826 ; m. Ist, 23 Sept. 1854, Anna Maria, dau. of
Sir John Hesketh Lethbridge, 3rd Bart, of Sandhill
(which lady d. 28 Nov. 1860), and 2ndly, 1 Feb,


Peel, William, Esq. of Knowlmere Manor, co.
York, J.P. Lancashire and W. E. Yorks, h. 18 Oct.
1814 ; m. Sept. 1876, Meliora Sybella, dau. of Hemy
Phillpotts, Esq. of St. Clare, Torquay, and has issue,

I. Robert, 6. Feb. 1881.

II. Henry, b. Nov. 1882.

III. Lawrence, b. Sept. 1884.

I. Mary Nina. ii. Eleanor Georgiana.

Lineag^e. — Robert Peel, Esq. of Acerington, elder son
of Jonathan Peel, Esq. of Acerington, by Anne his 1st wife,
dau. of Giles Haworth, Esq., and grandson of Robert Peel, of
Peele Fold (see Peel of Peele Fold), m. Anne, dau. of William
Peel, Esq. of Peele Fold and Church Bank, and by her (who
d. 1827) left at his decease, 1839,
Jonathan, of Acerington and Knowlmere.
William, d. s. p. at Malta, 5 Dec. 1861.
Robert, of Church Bank, d. s. p. 1848.
Thomas, d. s.p. 1839.

Edmund (Rev.), Vicar of Baldon, Oxford, b. 29 Nov. 1817; m.
28 Nov. 1849, Frances Catherine, dau. of the Hon. and Very
Rev. George Neville Grenville, Dean of Windsor, by Lady
Charlotte Legge his wife, dau. of George, 3rd Earl of Dari-

* He TO. 2ndly, Hannah, dau. of John Edwards Kehterton,
, by whom he had three sons, Edwards, Hart, and Edwin.





mouth, and d. in 1877, leaving- a son, George Neville, b. 11

Oct. 1854.
John, of Danyrallt, co. Carmarthen, J. P. and D.L., High

Sheriff 1883; m. 1843, Charlotte Louisa Frances, ilau. of

John William Lloyd, Esq. of Danyrallt, and has a son, St.

Vincent, J. P., and other issue.
Augustus, m. Marianne, dau. of Edmund Peel, son of Joseph

Peel, Esq. of Bowes, near London, and has a son, Augustus

Edmund Massey.
Mary, m. William Peel Croughton, Esq.

The eldest son,

Jonathan Peel, Esq. of Accrington House, co. Lancaster,
and Knowlmere Manor, co. York, Barristerat-Law, J.P. co.
Lancaster and W. Kiding, co. York, 6. 1806; vi. 1st, 1833,
Ann, youngest dau. of Thomas Peel, Esq. of Peele Fold and
Trenant Park, which lady d. s. p., and 2ndly, 1838, Mary, dau.
ofEev. John Wilde, of Harnage, Salop, Kector of Pontesbury,
andPerpetual Curate of Albington Hussey, by Mary his wife,
dau. and co-heir of William Corfield, Esq., by whom (who d.
1876) he had issue,

I. EoBERT, b. March, 1842 ; deceased.

II. William, now of Knowlmere Manor.

III. Walter Spencer, of Wennington, Lancashire, J.P., \V. K.
Yorks, b. 24 Oct. 1850.

I. Mary Anne. ii. Alice. in. Julia Maud.

IV. Edith. V. Constance Bertha.

Mr. J. Peel d. 1885.

.4n7!S, ttc. — Same as Peel of Peelc Fold.
Seats — Accrington House, co. Lancaster, and Knowlmere
Manor, Clitheroe, co. York.


(-See Peel of Feel e Fold.)


Gaeeett-Pegg, Jonx William, Esq. of Ches-
]iam House, co. Buckingham, J. P., b. 23 July 18.'j3,
m. 30 April, 1873, Elizabeth Knowles, dau. of Wil-
liam Andrews, Esq. of Chesham, and lias Lad issue,

I. John Oswald, d. in infancy.

II. WiLFKiD George, b. 7 Oct. 1880.
HI. Robert Owen, 6. 16 Aug. 1882.

liineagre. — This family is a cadet branch of the Pegges of
SJtirley, co. Derby. Hcmphret Pegge, son of Ralph Pegge, of
Shirley, co. Derby, m. Margery Kurd, of Osmaston, co. Derby,
and d. 1639, leaving a son, George, of Osmaston, who d. 1634,
and left by his wife Anne, whorf. 1613, with other issue, a son,

, Humphrey, of Osmaston, who d. 1689, leaving, by Katherine
Riddiard his wife, who d. 1687, a son, George, of Y'eldersley,

.' b. 1G48, m. Mary Chadwick, of Glindon, who d. 1604, and d.
1714, leaving a son,

John Pegg, of Melbourne, co. Derby, 6. 1679, and d. 1737,
leaving, by Margaret his wife, who d. 1747, a son,

i| John Pegq, of Melbourne, 6. 1736, vi. Elizabeth Hasard

l| (b. 1741, d. 1809) and d. 17."3, leaving issue, a sun,

I John Pegg, of Melbourne, b. 1764, m. Mary Sheffield (6. 1764,

|j d. 1822) and d. 1826, leaving issue, a son,

William Pegg, of Melbourne, b. 1799, m. 29 Nov. 1820,
•Sarah Ward, and d. 11 June, 1846, having by her, who d. Oct.
1884, had issue.
Rev. George W^ard Pegg, of Melbourne, b. 1821, m. 8 Sept.

■ 1»52, Mary, elder dau. and co-heiress of the late John Garrett,

' of Chesham, by Mary his wife, dau. of the late William Morton,
of Amersham, and d. 10 Feb. 1861, leaving an only son, John
William Garrett-Pegg, Esq. now of Chesham House. The
records of the Garrett family, now in the possession of Mr.
J. W. Garrett-Pegg, show an unbroken line of descent for
iuurteen generations. The ancestor of the family, originally
Xewell, was John Newell, the owner of a small estate at
Hadnall, in the parish of Edlesborough, Bucks, in 1487. This
estate, with additions, remained in the family for more than

I 300 years, and was their place of residence until towards the
end of that period, when they migrated to Chesham. The
name of Garrett was assumed about 1550, and that of Newell,
as an alias, was dropped about 1700.

, &a<— Chesham House, Chesham Bois, Chesham, Bucks.


Thuesbt-Pelham, James Augustine Haevet,
Esq. of Cound Hall, Salop, Lord of the Manors of

Cound, Upton-Crcssett, Holgate, Clee, and Felhamp-
ton, and patron of four livings, b. 21 Jan. 1869 ; s.
his grandfather 1878; m. 1890, Alice, youngest
dau. of Admiral Sir Arthur Farquhar, Iv.C.B., of
Drum-na-gesk, Aboync, co. Aberdeen, and has issue,
Mary Audley Nina, b. 1891.

Lineag-e.— The Pelhams of Crowhurst ard Coimd were
a younger branch of the Pelhams of Langhlon and Stanmer,
ancestors of the Earls of Chichester.

Sir Thomas Pelham, 1st Bart, of Laughton (so created 2i
May, 1611), M.P. for .Su.'isex, m. Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas
Walsingham, elder brother of Sir Francis, and d. 2 Dec. 1624,
leaving a son.

Sir Thomas Pelham, 2nd Bart, of Laughton, M.P. for Sussex.
1654 (ancestor, by his 1st wife, of the Earls of Chichester),
Til. for his 3rd wife, Margaret, dau. of Sir H. Vane, and by her
had a son.

Sir Nicholas Pelham, Knt. of Cottisficld Place, Sussex, M.P.,
who m. Jane, dau. and co-heir (with her sister Elizabeth, wife-
of Robert Cressett, Esq. of Upton Cressett and Cound) of James
Huxley, Esq. of Darnford, co. Oxford, and by her left at his
decease, 1739, aged 90, a son and heir,

Thomas Pelham, Esq., M.P. for Lewe.=, m. Elizabeth, dau.
of Henry Pelham, Esq., and by her had issue,

Henry, his heir.

Frances, m. her cousin, Edward Cressett, D.D., of
Llandaff, and had an only dau. and heir, Elizabeth, who
d. un,ii. 29 June, 1792.

The son and heir,

Henry Pelham, Esq. of Crowhurst, assumed the additional
surname of Cressett on succeeding to the estates of his niece.
Miss Cressett, 1792. He m. Jane, dau. of Nicholas Hardinge,
Esq., M.P., by Jane Piatt his wife, sister of Charles, 1st Lord
Camden, and had issue,

John Cressett, of Cound and Crowhurst, M.P., d. uniii.
Aug. 1838.
Frances, m. 24 May, 1800, Rev. George Augustus Thursby,
Rector of Abingdon, co. Norlhamptun, and by him (who c'.
17 Jan. 1836) had a son. Rev. Henry Teursby-Pelham, of
Cound, of whom presently.
Anne, m. Thomas Papillon, Esq. of Acrise, Kent.
Mr. Pelham was s. by his grandson,

Rev. Henry Thdrsby-Pelham, of Cound Hall, b. 31 March,
1801 ; m. 8 May, 1827, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
Papillon, Esq. of Acrise Park, Kent, by Anne his wife, dau.
of Henry Cressett Pelham, Esq. of Cound Hall, Salop, and
Crowhurst Park, Sussex, and by her (who d. 25 Dec. 1872) had

I. George, b. 7 July, 1828 ; d. 8 April, 1846.
n. Walter, J. P.. b.'ZO Dec. 18.30; m. 17 May, 1865, Emily
Sarah Fitzgerald, eldest dau. of the Hon. James Butler, and
granddau. of James 22nd Lord Dunboyne, and d. 15 Dec.
1874, leaving by her,

AValter Harvey, 6. at Nice, 28 Oct. 1867; deceased.
James Augdstine Harvey, now of Cound.
He (/. 1874.

III. Augustus (Rev.), 6. 28 Sept. 1832, Rector of Cound.

IV. Henry, b. 21 Sept. 1834; d. 15 Sept. 1854.

V. FYancis, C.E., b. 18 Feb. 1838.

VI. Pelham, of Abermarlais Park, Carmarthenshire, late-
Capt. 30th Foot, b. 17 May, 1840 ; m. 1872, Emily Florence,
only child of Henry F'oley, Esq., and has issue, Eleanor

VII. Cressett, b. 31 Jan. 1848.
I. Anne, deceased.

Mr. Tluirsby-Pelham assumed the latter surname by royal
licence 1852, on succeeding to the Cound estate. He d. Dec.

^r)»s— Quarterly : 1st and 4th counter-quartered, 1st and
4th, az., three pelicans arg., vulning th'.-m.sclvcs ppr. ; 2nd and
3rd, gu., two belts in pale issuing from the base arg., with
buckles and studs or, for Pelham ; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a chevron
between three lions rampant sa., for THrRSBY. Crests — 1st,
Pelham, A peacock in his pride arg. ; 2nd, Thursbt, A curlew
with wings expanded arg., beak and legs ppr. Moltots —
Vincit amor patriae, lor Pelham ; In silcntio fortitude, for

Seats— CounA. Hall, and Harnage House, near Shrewsbury ;
Felhampton Court, Church Stretton.

C'iM&s— Arthur's, White's, and Hurlingham.


Pell, Albert, Esq. of Hazclbeach, co. North-
ampton, and W^ilburton Manor, co. Cambridge,
M.A., J.P. for COS. Leicester and Northampton and

5 I





the Isle of Ely, D.L. for co. Cambridge, and M.P.
for South Leicestershire 1868 to 1885, b. 12 March,
1820; m. 8 Sept. 1840, his cousin, Elizabeth
IBarbara, only dau. of Sir llenry Halford, 2nd Hart,
of AVistow Hail, co. Leicester, M.P.

Liineag-e.— SiB Alef.rt Tell, Knt. (son ot Robert Pell,
who d. Nov. 1779, and Esther Wilson, nee Long, his wife, m.
•Tune, 1747) was appointed Judge of the Court of Bankruptcy,
and received the honour of knislitliood 1831. He m. 20 April,
JS13, the Hon. ilargaret Letitia Matilda St. John, 3rd dau.
and co-heirof Henry Beauchamp, i2 Baron St. John of Bletsho,
^y Emma 31aria Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Samuel Whitbread,
Esq. of Cardinnton. and <^ 5 Sept. 1832 (his widow survived
until 5 ilarch, IStiS), leaving issue,
Albert, now of Haztlbeach.

Henry Beauch imp St John (Rev.), Jf.A., Rector of Icken-
ham, Mi.ldlesex, b. 18.'5 ; m. Julia Caroline Maria Tyndall,
and has issue, Albert Julian; Beauchamp Tyndall; Mar-
garet Louisa Julia.
Oliver Claude, of Wilburton Manor, co. Cambridge, J. P. and
D.L., b. 1825; in. 18&6, Adelaide, youngest dau. of Marcus
MacCnusland, Esq. of Dreuagh, co. Londonderry, and d. 17
Oct. 1891.

Margaret ilatilda, d. unm.

Eliza Elizabeth, m. Alexander Pym, Esq. (see Ptm of the
Hasdis), and d., leaving issue.

.4n;is — Arg., a bend between two mullets pierced sa. Crest
— On a mural crown or, a mullet pierced sa.

Seats — Hazelbeach, Korthampton, and Wilburton Manor,
Ely, CO. Cambridge.


Pembeeton, Eichabd Laueence, Esq. of The
Barnes and Bainbridge Holme, co. Durham, J. P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1861, b. 12 Oct. 1831 ; m.
1st, 16 Nov. 1854, Jane Emma, 2nd dau. of Eev.
Martin Stapylton, Eectorof Barlborough,eo. Derby,
(2nd son of Martin Stiipylton, Esq. of Myton, co.
York), and by her (who d. 7 Dec. 1865), has had

I. Edward Stote, 6. 16 Aug. 1855; d. same day.

II. Richard Laurence, b. 25 July, 1856; d. 16 April, 1858.

III. John Stapylton Grey, 0. 23 Dec. 1860; m. 11 June,
1890, Janet Maud, 2nd dau. of Lieut.-Col. Thomas
Horatio Marehall, C.B., of Hartford Beach, North-
-wich, CO. Chester, and by her (who d. 20 Oct. 1892) has

Richard Laurence Stapylton, b. 10 April, 1S91.

IT. Ralph Hylton, 6. 17 July, 18G4.

I. Ellen, m. 14 June, 1883, Col. Emilius Clayton, R.A., and
has issue two sons and thiee daus.

II. Mary Laurence. lu. Laura Penelope.

IV. Jane Emma Stapylton.

Mr. Pemberton m. 2ndly, 30 April, 1867, Elizabeth
Jane, eldest of the two daus. of Rev. James Watson
Stote Donnison, of Mendham, Harleston, Norfolk,
and co-heir witli her sister, and on her father's
death senior representative of the ancient family of
Stote, of Newcastle, Hedworth, and Horsley Hill,
.CO. Durham. By her he lias issue,

V. Bertram Roper Stote, 6. 20 Jan. 18G8.
vi. Michael Watson Stote, 6. 15 June, 1876.

vii. Gerard Widdiingtoa Stote, b. 9 March, 1878.
-V. Isabel. vi. Margaret.

Xineage. — John Pemrebton, of Stanhope, living 1400,
was I. by his son, John, who was t. by his son, Thomas, who
•was s. by his sou, Riv;hard Pemberton, of Stanhope, m. Anne
Wooler, and had itsue, two sons, i. John, his successor ; ii.
George. The eliler,

John Pemberton, m. Alice, sister of Alexander Feather-
Btonhaugh, Esq. of Stanhope Hall, by whom he had issue,
two sons, I. tticHAED, liis successor ; ii. Cuthbcrt. The

Richard Pembeeton, m. Alice, dau. and co-heir of John
Hindmarsh, Esq. of Aislaby, by whom he had (with three
daus.) two sons, i. Michael, his successor ; ii. Eobeet Pem-
bebton, of Eshe. The eldest son,

Michael Pemberton, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Frosterly,
purchased the manor or lordship of Aislaby from the other co-

heirs of his maternal grandfather, John Hindmarsh, in 1595.
He m. Margaret, dau. of Ralph Watson, of Tudhoe, by whom
(who was bur. 27 Jan. 1634) he had issue, four sons and three
daus., I. John, hissuccessor; ii. Ralph Pemberton, of Eggles-
cli£Fe, afterwards of Durham, bapt. 6 July, 1602; iii. Michael,
bapt. 19Jan. 1594, bur. 17 Nov. 1599; iv. Richard, bapt. 17
Oct. 1604, lived near Grantham, co. Lincoln; i. Margaret,
bur. 22 Aug. 1596 ; ii. Florence, bur. 1 July, 1654 ; in. Mary,
in. 30 Oct. 1610, Anthony Garnett, of Egglescliffe, Gent., by
whom she had a son, John Garnett, Esq. of EgglesclifFe, Capt.
of Horse in the Regt. of Col. George Heron, in the service of •
Charles I.

John Pembeeton, Esq. of Aislaby, the eldest son and heir, i
had livery of his father's lands 5 Oct. 1626. He m 8 June, i
1G12, Isabel, dau. and eventually co-heir (with her sister, the I
wife of Toby Ewbank, Esq. of Snotterton) of Henry Grey, Esq.
of Newniinster Abbey, 4th son of Sir Ralph Grey, Knt. of
Chillingham, Northumberland, and by her had issue,

MrcHAEL, his successor.

John Pemberton, of whom hereafter.

Henry, bapt. 20 April. 1620, Capt. in the service of Chablesi
I., in which he was slain.

Mary, bapt. 30 Nov. 1613; m. Ralph Hurst, of Ashe, co.

Jane, m. William Theobalds, of Egglescliffe.

Anne, b. 14 Oct. 1621 ; m. Robert Thorpe, of Yarra.
John Pemberton was bur. 28 Jan. 1643-44, and his wife 19 Feb.
1601-2. He wass. by his eldest son,

Michael Pemberton, Esq. of Aislaby, Major in the service
of Charles I., bapt. 17 April, 1616, to. Alice, dau. of Christopher
Place, Esq. of Dinsdale, and had issue,

I. Michael, his successor.

II. John, bapt. 5 Sept. 1648, Sheriff of York, 1684; d. at
Koningsburgh, Denmark. He m. 1st, 19 Sept. 1678, Sarah,
dau. of George Prescott, of Darlington, by whom he had an
only child,

1 William, m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Killinghall, Esq.
of Middleton St. George, co. Durham (he was bur.
27 Oct. 1730; she d. 16 June, 1745), by whom he had

William, his successor, 6. 8 Jan., bapf. 7 Feb. 1718 ; m.
Miss Woodman, of Plymouth, and had issue,
Willtam, to whom his cousin, John Killinghall, Esq.,
in 1762, devised the manor of Middleion .St. George,
which belonged to the Killiaghalls before the year
1417 ; he m. Winifred Cock, of Plymouth, by when
he had issue,
William of Middleton St. George, who d. v,nm. 1 1
March, 1801, aged 28.
Sarah, bapt. 1704, wife of George Pinkney; she d. i.p.
July, 1781.
Mary, bapt. 9 May, 1706 ; rf. July, 1750.
Elizabeth Pemberton, bapt. 12 July, 1710: in. 18 Nov. |
1733, James Allan, Esq. of Darlington and Blackwell |
Anne, bapt. 1 May, 1712; d. unm.
Catherine, bapt. 7 July, 1714; m. Robert Brown, of
London, Merchant, and d. s. p.
Margaret, bapt. 6 Sept. 1716; d. unm., and was bur.
31 Dec. 1745.
John Pemberton, m. 2ndly, 15 Dec. 1683, Mary, dau.
of Robert Dodsworth, Esq. of Barton, co. Yoik, widow
of John Killinghall, Esq. of Middleton St. George, by
whom (who was bur. at Hurworth, 2 Feb. 1730) he had

2 John, h. at York, 10 Sept, 1684, an officer on the Irish
Establishment; d. unm. 1769.

3 'llidinas, 6. 10, and bapt. 13 April, 1686, d. unm.

4 Francis, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, bapt. 7 June, 1687 ;
77!. 1st, 1716, Jane, dau. of John Rand, of Newcastle :
she d. s. p. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Samuel Han-
cock, Gent., widow of William Hall, Curate of AH
Saints, Newcastle (maiTiage licence dated 21 July,
1732), by whom he had issue several daus.

1 Elizabeth, d.mim. aged 18.

The eldest son,

Michael Pemberton, Esq. of Aislaby, bapt. 13 Feb. 1C44,)
and some time of Northallerton, where be d., and was bur.l
6 Feb. 1685-86 ; m. Anne, dau. of George Metcalfe, of ThoriH
borough, CO. York, by whom he had issue. The son and

John Pembeeton, Esq. of Blackwell, sold Aislaby, circa.
1720, in. 13 June, IU97, Mary, dau. of Christopher Place, ofi
Darlington, Gent., by whom he had issue, who all d. v.nin.-
He d. 18, and was bur. at Darlington, 21 May, 1729 ; she d. 16'
April, 1755.

John Pemberton, of Hilton, Capt. in the service of KingI
Chables 1., stated to have been 2nd son of John Pemberton,i
of Aislaby, co. Durham, by Isabel his wife, dau. of Henry'
Grey, Esq. of Newminster Abbey, was agent or steward to the





■family of Hilton, of Hilton Castle, and was named a trustee in
the will of John Hilton, Esq., 22 July, 1668, wherein he is
designat«d as his " true friend." He m. 1st, Jane Bobinson,
of Stone Cellar Farm, at Usworth, parish of Washington, and
liad issue,

John, his heir.

Robert, who served in Queen Anne's navy.

Mary, named in the will of John Hiiton, Esq., as " his god-
John Pemberton ra. 2ndly, June, 1G71, Bridget, dau. of Adam
i-jliipperdson, Esq. of Buinbridge Holme, and sister aud co-
heir of Eobert Sliipperdson, Esq., by whom he had,

Michael, of Bainbridge Holme.

Adam, of Sunderland, d. 1609.

Shipperdson, b. 1720.
The eldest sort,

John Pemberton, Esq. of Bainbridge Holme, h. at Hilton,
Sbapt. Feb. 1668; iii. Dorothy, dau. of Kobert Stote, Esq. of
Ilcdworth,and Horsley Hill, co. Durham, great-great-grandson
■jf Kichard Stote, Esq., Alderman, Mayor and Sheriff of New-
castle-ou-Tyne, who d. 15 Feb. 1615, by Eleanor his wife,
<Iau. and heiress of Cuthbcrt Atkinson, Esq. of Hedworth,
sometime Mayor and Sheriff of Newcastle-on-Tync, and had

John, his heir. Michael, of South Moor House.

Kichard, of Yarm.

He d. at South Moor House 1746, and was ». by his eldest

John Pembebton, Esq. of Bainbridge Holme, 6. 5 Nov. 1704,
r,i. 11 Dec. 1740, Penelope, dau. and co-heir in blood of
the Eev. John Laurence, Rector of Eishoj) Wearmouth,
Prebendary of Salisbury, and by her (who d. 1767) he had

I. John, b. 1741 ; d. unm. 1776.

II. Stephen, of Bainbridge Holme, J.P., sometime Fellow of
Oriel Coll. Oxfurd, <). 1743-44; m. 2 May, 1782, Isabella,
dau. of George Anderson, Esq. of Newcastle-ou-Tyne, by
whom (who d. 1800) he had issue,

1 George, of Bainbridge Holme, F.E.S.

I Penelope, m. 8 June, 1809, Eichard Clay, Esq. of Hill
House, CO. Derby.

II Annabella, m. 9 Jan. 1815, Thomas Wilkinson, Esq. of
Scots House and Bishop Wearraouth.

-'• Mary Anne, in. 1817, Joseph Henry Hendon Holmes,
Esq., K.S.A., Judge Advocate to the Forces of Denierara
and Essequibo.
4 Kiizabeth, d. 1853.

Mr. Pemberton d. 27 Nov. 1831, and \ras *. by his son,
Gkorge Pemberton, Esq. of Bainbridge Holme, an Officer

In the Lite Guards, J.P., F.E.S. , 6. 15 May, 1874; m. 29

-Sipt. 1819, Jane, dau. of Thomas Hunter, Esq. of Eeoly

nail, CO. Worcester, and by her (who d. 22 Feb. 18^6) left

4it his decease, George Thomas, d.s.p. ; Stephen John, b.

24 March, 1825 ; Georgianua Jane ; and Anne Penelope, in.

811. Eichard. of Barnes, co. Durham, b. 1-1 Jan. 1746; m.

4 Aug. 1774, Elizabeth, only child of Ealph Jackson, Esq.

of Sunderland, by Elizabeth, dau. of John ThomiJSon, Esq.

•of Shotton Hall, co. Durham, and d. 23 March, 1838,

Jiaving had issue,

1 John, Barrister-at-Law, sometime of York, and after-
wards of Sherburn Hail, Durham, J. P., 6. 14 March,
1779; Mi. 3 July, 1810, dau. of William Browne, Esq. of

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