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ulantire Hall, co. Cumberland, and d. s. p. 29 Jan.

2 Ealph Stephen, 6. 26 Jan. 1780, High Sheriff co. Car-
marthen 1820, and CO. Durham 1846; 77). 20 June, 1820,
Anne JIary, dau. and sole heir of Thomas Eippon, Esq.
of Low Mill, CO. Durham, and niece of the Hon. Eichard
lUiherington, President of Tortola and Virgin Islands and
d.f.p.-l-i Feb. 1847.

a Eicliard, J.P. and D.L., ?7.4 April, 1782 ; 717. 4 Nov. 1830,
Ellen, dau. of Capt. Eobert Jump, E.N., and d. 3 Nov.
1843, leaving by her (who d. Sept. 1837) a son,
Eichard Laurence, now of The Barnes.

4 Thomas, D.L., b. 3 March, 1785, purchased Bainbridge
Holme from his cousin, (ieorge Pemberton. Esq., Ifc32 :
m. 21 Sept. 1830, Elizabeth Orde, dau. of Capt. John
Dutton, of Newcast!e-on-Tyne, and d.s.p. 27 Feb. 1839.
His widow jn. Eev. A. Wade.

1 Penelope, d. unm. 18 May, 1821.

2 Eleanor, d. unm. 11 Oct. 1826.

3 Elizabeth, m. 22 Sept. IsI4, Thomas Thomp.=;on, Esq. of
Bishop Wearmouth, and has issue.

4 Margaret, m. 12 July, Is28, John Austin, Brigadier-
■ '■• Gen. in the army of Portugal, K.C.T.S., and had a

dau. Penelope Frances Elizabeth Pemberton, m. Eev.
.- . George Augustus Murray, eldest son of George Murray,
. «. 1^-1>M Bishop of Rochester, and has issue, three sens and

two daus.
I. Penelope, d. young.

^rms— Arg., a chevi-on erm. between throe criffins' heads
couped sa., quartering Hindmaksh Grey, Laurence, Jack-
son, isc. Crest — A griffin's head couped ppr.

Seats — The Barnes and Bainbridge Holme, near Sunder-
land, and Hawthorn Tower, near Sealiam Hurbour, all in co,

Ciifis— Carlton, Athen,Eum, and Windham.


Pemberton, Feancis Alex andek Richard, Esq.
of Newton, co. Cambridge, J.P. and D.L., b. July,
1846; m. 3 Oct. 1871, Ann Rosalie, 4th dau. of Sir
Henry J. Stracev, 5th Bart, of Rackheath Park,
CO. Norfolk. She d. at Algiers 29 Feb. 1872.

Lineagre. — in this family vests the male representation
of the Pembertons of 'I'rampinpton, originally from Pem-
berton, CO. Lancaster, and established in co. Cambridge by Sir.
Francis Pemberton, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench

Christopher Kobert Pemberton, Esq., a younger son ot
Francis Pemberton, Esq. of Trumpington House, near Cam-
bridge, m. Aug. 1794, Eleanor Hamilton, only dau. of James
Hamilton, Esq. of Woodbrook and Strabane, co. Tyrone (wlio
d. 1846), leaving issue,

John James, 6. 1896; d. unm.

Eichard, b. 1802 ; d. unm.

Christopher Eobert, of whom presently.

Walter Hamilton, of Denton House, Harlcston, J.P. Norfolk,
b. 1806 ; m. Maria Lee Warner, of Norfolk.

Alexander Samuel, b. 1810; d. 1826.

btanlej-, 6. 1811; 771. Jiiiss Marianne Haggir, and d. July,

Cecil Charlotte, m. H. S. Eussell, Esq.

Mary, m. Eev. Sir John Lighten, 4th Bart, of Merville.

Hari'iet, 7)1. Thomas Henry Musgrave, E-q.

Charlotte, d. young. Charlotte Maria, d. young.

Eleanor Charlotte, d. 1843.

Eleanor, m. Eev. Hervey Vachell.
Mr. Pemberton d. 1822. His son,

Christopher Eobert Pemberton, Esq. of Newton, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1858, 6. 1801 ; m. 13 June, 1829, Hen-
rietta, eldest dau. of Nathaniel William Peach, Esq. of Ket-
teringham Hall, Norfolk, M.P., and had issue,

I. Christopher Peach, Lieut.-Cel. Scots Guards, b. May, 183S,
killed at the battle of Sedan, 1 Sept. 1870, being pi'esent as
Military Correspondent of the 7'imex.

II. Francis Alexander Kichard, now of Newton.

I. Frances, m. Kev. Kobert Edgar Hughes.

II. Henrietta Elizabeth Haniet, m. 1 Jan. 1868, Hon. Dudley
Spencer Montague She d. 16 May, 1871.

Mr. Pemberton d. 26 June, 1884.

Arms — Arg., a chevron between three buckets sa. Crest — A
boar's head erased sa. Mo^(o— Audi alteram partem.

iSea/!— Newton, near Cambiidge.


Pemberton, Henry Williams, Esq. of Trump-
ington, CO. Cambridge, J. P., D.L., Barrister-at-Law,
M.A., 2nd son of Rev. Edward Hodgson, by Char-
lotte his wife, dau. of Francis Pemberton, Esq. of
Trumpington, b. 1819; m. 1855, Frances Maria
Sophia, only child and Iieir of Francis Charles
James Pemberton, Esq. of Trumpington, and
widow of William Hunfcly Campbell, Esq., Capt.
20th Regt. By royal licence, dated Oct. 1855,
the QrEEN was pleased to grant to this gentleman
and his said wife, Frances Maria Sophia, licence
and authority that they should, in comi^liance with a
proviso contained in the last will of the said Francis
Charles James Pemberton, Esq. of Trumpington,
take and use the surname and arms of Pemberton

Liineagre. — Tlie family of Pemberton of Trumpington,
originally from co. Lancaster, ivas established in co. Cam-
bridge by the purchaser of the Trumpington estate, viz.. Sir
Francis Pemberton, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench,
1080, who presided at the tiial of Lord Eussell for the Eyo
House Plot.

Aiiiu—Arg., a chevron between three buckets sa. Crest— X
boar's head erased sa. Motto — Audi alteram partem.

iatf — Trauipington, near Cambrulge.

5 I 2






Pembekton, Edwaed Leigh, Esq. of Torrj Hill
and Wrinsted. Kent, late Major East Kent Yeo-
manry, J.P., M.P. for East Kent, b. 14 May, 1823 ;
m. Aug. 1S49, Matilda Catherine Emma, dau. of
Hon. and Eev. Francis James Noel, and has two
daus. and two sons,

I EoBEKT Leigh, J. P., late Lieut. Grenadier Guards, h. 25 I
Dec. 1852; m. 5 June, 1883, Edith Selina Hay, dau. of
Robert Hay Murray, Esq. (see Bukke's Peerage, Atholl,
D.), and has issue, Xora, b. 14 March, 1884 ; and Elsie, 6.
29 Dec. 1SS9.

n. Wilfred Leigh, h. 19 June, 1854.

Lineag'e. — Robert Pembeeton, Esq. of the Inner Temple,
Barrister-at-Law, son of Edward Pemberton, of Warrington,
M.D., by Ellen his wife, dau. of John Lyon, of Appleton, m. 24
July, 1788, Margaret, eldest dau. an I co-heir of Edward Leigh,
Esq. of Bispham Hall, co. Lancaster, and first cousin of Sir
Robert Holt Leigh, 1st Bart, of Whitley, and had (with a dau.
Erances Ellen, who d. 28 Oct. 1867, m. Rev. Edward Collins
Wright, Rectorof Pitsford, co. Northampton), two sons, Thomas
and Edward Leigh. The elder was

The Right Hon. Thomas Pemberton-Leigh, of Torry Hill,
P.C, Q.C., 6. 11 Feb. 1793. This eminent equity lawyer was
called to the Bar 1816, and made a King's Counsel 1829. He
was appointed Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales 1841,
and his Chancellor 1843. He sat in Parliament for the boroughs
of Rye and Ripon, and was raised to the Peerage 28 Aug. 1858.
as Baron Kisgsdown, of Kingsdoicn, Kent. His lordship ^«.
•Ian. 1843, to the estates of his mother's cousin. Sir Robert
Holt Leigh, Bart., and assumed, in compliance with that
gentleman's will, the additional surname and arms of Leigh
by royal licence, dated 7 March, 1843 : herf. mim. 7 Oct. IsG",
when his peerage became extinct, and his estate devolved on
his brother,

Edward Leigh Pembekton, Esq. of Torry Hill, 6. 1 Feb.
1795 ; m. 23 Dec. 1820, Charlotte, dau. of Samuel Compton Cox,
Esq., a Master in Chancery, and had issue,

I. Edward Leigh, now of Torry Hill.

II. Robert Leigh, d. 18 April, 1850.

III. Charles Leigh (Rev.), Rector of Curry-Mallet, Somerset,
m. Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of John Woodcnck, Esq. of The
Elms, near Wigan, and by her (who d. 27 Dec. i86J) has
had two sons and three daus. ; one of the daus., Mary Leigh,
d. 9 Sept. 1862.

IV. Loftus Leigh.

V. Wykeham Leigh, Maj.-Gen., C.B., of Abbot's Leigh,
Sussex, formerly Col. 60th Uifles, m. 1884, Jessie, dau. of
John Graham, Esq. of Skelmorlie Castle, N.B., and widow
of Charles Gaddum, Esq., and has issue, a dau. b. 1 Jan.

■VI. Henry Leigh.

I. Emily Leigh, m. Capt. Leach, R.E.

II. Margaret Leigh, ra. Col. MuUer, and d. 2 Jan. 1856.

III. Charlotte Leigh, m. Gerald Coke Meynell, Esq.
He d. 12 March, 1877.

Arnii — Erm., an estoile or, between three buckets sa., hoops
and handles of the 2nd. Crest — A dragons head erm. erased
gu., ducally gorged or, and transfixed by an anowfessnise ppr.
Motto — Ut tibi sic alteri.

Seat— Torry Hall, near Sittingboume.

W('.6— Carlton.


Pendaeves, William Cole, Esq. of Pendarves,
CO. Cornwall, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff ISSO, b.
11 July, 1841; Special Deputy Warden of the
Stannaries, m. April, 1893, Alice Louisa, dau. of
H. R. Farren, Esq. of Green Hammerton Hall,
Yorkshire. He assumed the name of Pendakves
nnder the will of his uncle, Edward William
Wynne-PendarTCS, Esq., M.P, in 1861. He was
educated at Harrow and Ch. Ch. Oxford, B.A.
1864, called to the Bar 1868, at Lincoln's Inn.

Lineage.— The family of Pendarves of Pendarves is of
centuries standing in the parish of Camborne and co. Cornwall,
yet few particulars remain of it prior to the reign of Henry
VIII., when

David Pendarves, of Crowan, in that co., ra. Mary, dau.
of Thomas Sperron, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. and heir of
Richard Gwennow, and had, with three daus. (Honor, in.
Richard Carveighe ; Blanche, vi. Richard Merrett; and Anne,
'III. Thomas Eva), three sons,

I. John, of Constantine, in Cornwall, ancestor of Fensartes
of Hochroice, which line ended in an lieiress 1727.

II. William, aged 67 in 1620, and then unm.

III. Thdmas, of whom hereafter.

The 3rd son,

Thomas Pendarves, of Pendarves, in Camborne, co. Corn-
wall (Visit. Cornwall, 16'20), had, with a dau. Elizabeth, ra. '>&
March, 1670, John Vivian, two sons,

I. Alexander, his heir.

II. Ralph, d. 10 April, 1625; ra. Anne, dau. of Thomas Eva,
of St. Just, and was ancestor of Pendarves of Taskui,
Bodriggy and Padstow.

The elder son,

Alexander Pendarves, Esq. of Pendarves, m. Alice, dan.
of John Humphrey, Esq. of Ciimborne, and by her (who
1640) left, with a dau. (Anne, to. 29 Oct. 1617, John Arundell,
of Camborne), four sons,

I. Richard, his heir.

II. Henry, aged '20 in 1620, bur. 11 Jan. 1C30.

III. Thomas. iv. John.

Mr. Pendarves d. 28 July, 1G84, and was s. by his eldest son,
Richard Pendarves, Esq. of Pendarves, aged 24 in 1620,
ra. at Camborne, 13 April, 1029, Catherine, dau. of William
Arundel, Esq. of Menedarva, and had, with two daus. (Anne,
m. Thomas Hicks, of Paul, and Alice, ra. Reginald Bawden,
of Guddern), three sons and another dau.,

I. William, his heir.

II. Richard, of Malaga, in Spain, Merchant, bapt. 22 April,
1633 ; ra. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Corbetl, of London, and
had a son,

Richard, heir of his uncle.

III. Thomas (Rev.), Rector of Mawgan, and St. Columh,
bapt. 4 Sept. 1645 ; m. 7 Jan. 1688. Grace, dau. of Robeits
Hoblyn, of Nauswhyden, and d. 16 March, 1703, leaving by
her (who d. July, 1735; a son and a dau.,

William (Sir), heir to his cousin.
Grace, bapt. 11 Aug. 1696 ; m. 1st, Robert Coster, of
Truro, and 2ndly, Samuel Perceval, of Clifton, but d. s. -p.
She s. to the estates on the death of her brother 17
and devised them to her cousin, John Stackhouse.
I. Dorcas, bapt. 7 Dec. 1640; m. 11 March, 1674, John -
Courtenay, ot TregeUas in Probus, and had an only dau.,
Catherine Courtenay, ra. 1700, John Williams, of Trehanc i
in Probus, and had issue. Her 3rd and only surviving j
Catherine Williams, m. 31 March, 1738, Eev. William
Stackhouse, D.D., Rector of St. Erme, and by hiiu
(who d. 6 Aug. 1771) had two daus., Mary and Cathe-
line, ra. 5 March, 1771, Rev. Jonathan Rashleigh,
Rector of Wickham, co. Southampton, and as many
William Stackhouse, of Trehane, b. 1740 ; m. 1 May,
1770, Mary, dau. of Jonathan Rashleigh, Esq. of
Menabilly, and had issue.
John Stackhouse, bapt. 15 March, 1741, m. Susan, dau.
and heir of Edward Acton, Esq. of Acton Scot, CO.
Southampton, and had issue,

1 John, d. 1782, aged 7.

2 Edward William Wynne Pendarves, of whom
hereafter, as successor to Pendarves.

3 'Ihomas Pendarves Stackhouse, assumed the sur-
name of Acton 1834 (see Acton of Acton Scot.).

1 Catherine Stackhouse, m. 1831, Eev. William
Fowler Holt.

2 Anne Gregory Stackhouse, m. Rev. Thomas Cole-
man, Rector of Church Stretton, Salop, and had a
dau. Mary Anne Coleman, m. John Wood, Esq. of
Ashlield, Martock, co. Somerset, and had issue,
William Cole Wood, now Pendarves of Petir-
darves, and. Augustus Wood, now Acton o/.4cio>»

Mr. Pendarves d. 1674, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Pendarves, Esq. of Pendarves, bapt. 4 July, 1630,
who m. 23 May, 1667, Admonition, dau. of Edmond Prideaiix,
Esq. of Padstow, but d. s. p- 22 Dec. 1683, when he was s. by
his nephew,

Richard Pendarves, Esq. of Pendarves, who d. s. 2'- *
June, 1700, aged 21, and was s. by his cousin-german.

Sir Willlam Pendarves, Knt. of Pendarves, knighted by
Queen Anne, M.P. for St. Ives. He ra. Penelope, dau. oi
Sydney Godolphin, Esq., but dying s. p. 12 March, 1726, aged
37, was s. by his sister Grace, as above. Having no child,
she devised her estates to her cousin, John Stackhouse,
Esq., as above, who d. at Bath, '22 Nov. 1819, and was «. by his

Edward AVilliam WynnePendarves, Esq. of Pendarves,
M.P. for Cornwall, m. 5 July, 1804, Tryphena, 3rd dau. and
sole surviving heir of Rev. Browse Trist, of Bowden, in Devon-
shire. Mr. Pendarves, whose patronymic was Stackhouse,





assumed the adclitional surname of Wynne by sign-manual,
<latod 4 Jan. lSi3, and of 28 Feb. in the same year, that of
Pendabves, in place of Stackhouse. He d. 26 June, 18D3, and
<levised his estates to his great-nephew, William Cole Wood,
afterwards Pendaeves, now of Pendarves.

Arms — Sa., a falcon rising between three mullets or. Crest —
A demi bear erm., muzzled, lined and ringed or.

6Va(— Pendarves, Camborne, Cornwall. Toim Residence —
■40, Cadogan Square, S.W.


Pe^dee, Sie John, G.C.M.G-., of Middleton
Hall, CO. Linlithgow, and Footscray Place, co.
Eent, J. P. for the cos. of Kent, Middlesex, Lan-
caster, Denbigh, Argyll, and Linlithgow, D.L. for
CO. Lancaster, M.P. for Totnes 1865-06, and for
the Wick District 1872-1885, and since 1892, b. 10
Sept. 1816 : in. 1st, 28 Nov. 1840, Marion, dau. of
James Cearns, Esq. of Glasgow, and by her (who d.
16 Dec. 1841) has issue,

I. James, of Thornby Ilall, co. Northampton, formerly Lieut.

2.Mh Regt., b. 28 Sept. 1841 ; vi. 1867, Ptose Mary, 3rd
dau. of Edward Grigg Hopwood, Esq. of Hopwood Hall,
CO. Lancaster.

Sir John m. 2ndly, 12 June, 1851, Emma, only
sin-riving child and heir of Henry Denison, Esq. of
Daybrook, and by her (who d. 8 July, 1890) has
had issue,

II. Henry Denison, &. 8 Oct. 1852 ; d. unm. 1S81.

III. John Denison Denison-Pendek (Sloane Street, Chelsea),
6. 10 Oct. 1835 ; by royal licence dated 8 May, 1890, he
and his issue were authorized to take and use the surname
of Denison in addition to and before that of Pendeb, and
to bear the arms of Denison quarterly with their own
family arms. He in. 1879, Beatrice Katherine, dau. of
Cuthbert Ellison, Esq., and has issue,

John Cuthbert, b. 11 May, 1882.
Henry, b. 2 April, 1884.

I. Anne, b. 9 Nov. 1853 ; by royal licence dated 8 May, 1890,
she was authorized to take the additional surname and
arms of Denison.

II. Marion, 6. 4 Dec. 1856; m. 1875, Sir George William
Des Voeux, K.C.M.G., and has issue.

Sir John is son of the late James Pender, of the
Vale of Leven, co. Dumbarton, by his wife Marion
Mason. He is a Fellow of the Imperial Institute
:ind of the Royal Geographical Society of Scotland,
of the Royal Societies of England and Scotland,
and of the Scottish Antiquarian Society, Chairman
of several cable companies, of the Globe Telegraph
and Trust, and of the Metropolitan Electric Supply
Company. Among the honours conferred on him
may be mentioned the Grand Cordon of the
Medjidie, Knight Commandership of St. Saviour
of Greece, the Portuguese Orders of the Conception
and the Rose, and Grand Cross of the Royal
iVrditary Order of our Saviour Jesus Christ ; he is
also an officer of the Legion of Honour.

J^amiljT of glcnison.

Nathaniel Denison, of Nottingham, and of Daybrook, co.
Notts, III. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Robert Huish, of Notting-
ham, and d. 1783, leaving by her (who d. 1811) an only son,

Kobeex Denison, of Daybrook, who m. Mary, dau. of John
Huthwaite, and d. before 1826, leaving by her (who d. 21 Feb.
I7H7) with other issue, a son,

Henry Denison, of Daybrook, who m. 1815, Anne, dau. of
Ito-bert Goulding, of Speke Hall, co. Lancaster, and d. 17
Aug. 1859, having by her (who d. 8 Oct. 1877) had issue,

Emma, 6. 19 Oct. 1816 ; in. 12 June, IS51, Siii John Pender

Mary, m. to Lieut.-Col. M. B. G. Reed, of the a4th Regt.,

and d. s.p. 30 Nov. 185S, bur. at Rangoon, India.

Arms — Gu., on a bend nebuly arg., between a terrestrial
fflobe in chief ppr., and a in base of the second,
t»o lions' heads erased of the first.

Crest— A demi-lion, or, charged on the shoulder with a
cross-crosslet sa., holding in the dexter paw a seax ppr.,
I'omel and hilt gold, and resting the sinister paw on a globe as
tiiihe arms.

Supporta-s (as G.C.5LG.)— On either side a merman sup-
porting with the exterior hand a Corinthian column, thereon
flames of tire, all ppr.

Motto — Perse ve 10.

&a(s— Middleton Hall, Uphall, LinUlhgow; Footscray Place,
Footscray, Kent.

Town Residence— \%, Arlington Street, Piccadilly, S.W. — Brooks's, Reform, City, and Garrick.

Pexx, Richard Poyee Lewis, Esq. of Camrose
House, CO. Pembroke, J.P. for Haverfordwest, b. 19
Oct. 1859 ; m. 24 March, 1885, Edith Mary, only
dau. of Charles Hugh Allen, Esq. of Robeston Hall,
Milford Haven, S. W'ales, and has issue,

I. Charles Lewis William Allen, 6. 30 Sept. 1S87.

II. John Richard Poyer, b. 8 Feb. 1892.

I. Mabel Edith Mary, b. 11 March, 1886.

II. Anita Sophia Katherine, 6. 20 Oct. 1890.

Lineag-e. — Richard Penn, 6. 7 July, 1787, at Kingsand,
in the parish of Maker, Devon; vi. 24 Sept. 1828, Emma
Margaret, dau. of — Tucker, Esq. of Mead Lodge, Pembroke,
and by her (who d. 14 Nov. 1356, and was bur. at Walwyns
Castle, inside the church) had issue. Mr. Penn d. 19 May,
1858, and was bur. at Walwyns Castle, outside the church. His

Col. Lewis William Pentj, C.B., A.D.C., R.A., vi. 22 Dec.
1853, Ann Eliza, eldest dau. of D. P. Callen, Estj, of Molleston,
near Narberth, co. Pembroke, and had issue,

I. Richard Poyer Lewis, who s. to Camrose on the death
of his maternal great-uncle, the late Charles Wheeler
Townsend Webb-Bowen, Esq. who d. 13 April, 1881, aged

II. John William, b. 18 June, 186! : r,i. 18 March, 1884, his
2nd cousin, Mna Newtonia Webb Bowcu. of Camro?e
Vicarage, and (i. 5 Dec. 1890, leaving issue, Edward Hugh
Mowbray, b. 20 Nov. 1885.

I. Katherine Geraldine, m. 22 April, 1835, Francis James
Gordon Thomas, Esq. of Smithfield, near Narberth, co.
Pembroke, and has issue, Frank Griffith, b. 6 Oct. 1887.

II. Beatrice.

III. Helene, m. 24 Jan. 1889, Ernest Ince Allen, youngest
son of Charles Hugh Allen, of Robeston Hall, Milford
Haven, and has issue, Charles Ernest, b. 'Zd Nov. 1889; and
Catherine Helene Mary Edith, b. 28 Aug. 1893.

Col. Penn d. at Kirkee, Bombay, 14 Dec. 1879.

.4 i-//is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., a lion rampant sa., for
BowEN ; 2nd and 3rd, gu., a fess between three owls or, for
Webb. Crests — .A. lion rampant sa., for Bowen ; an eagle
displayed, standing on a rock, for Webb.

Seat — Camrose House, Camrose, R.S.O., Haverfordwest.


Pexxant, PniLiP Pennant, Esq. of Bodfari, co.
Flint, J.P., D.L., M.A., High Sheriff 1862, High
Constable of Flint Castle, b. 5 Aug. 1834; m. 29
April, 1862, Mary Frances, dau. of Rev. Edward
Bankes, of Soughton Hall, Flintshire, Canon of
Gloucester, and has issue,

I. David Falcon-er, 6. 16 March, 1S67.

I. Mary Catherine. ii. Georgina Bankes.

III. Adelaide Wynne.
Mr. Pennant, who is son of Rev. George Pearson,
Rector of Castle Camps, co. Camb., who d. 1860, by
Catherine his wife {m. 1826; d. 1859), dau. of Philip
Humberston, Esq. of The Friars, Chester, s. by will
to the Bodfari and other estates of his cousin and
godfather, David Pennant, Esq. of Downing, co.
Flint (son of Thomas Pennant, the historian and na-
turalist), at the decease, 1853, of Louisa, Viscountess
Fielding, Mr. David Pennant's granddau. and last
descendant, and in 1860 he assumed by royal licence
the siu-name of Pennant, in lieu of his patronymic
Pearson, and the arms of Pennant quarterly with
tliose of Pearson. Mr. Pennant has four brothers
and three sisters surviving, George Falconer;
Charles; John Batteridge; Edward Lynch;
Catherine Hester ; Frances Elizabeth ; and Adelaide

Lineage. — The family of Pennant derived its descent
from Tudor Trevor, a.d. 924, founder of the tribe of the





Marches, called Earl of HcnifoixT, the son of Ynjr ap Cad-

TuoMAs Penkan't, of Downing, the naturalist ami traveller,
■was "24111 in descent from Tudor Trevor. He m. Elizabeth,
dau. of James Falconer, Lieut. R.N. (her hvother was creat-
Srandfather of the present Philip Pennant Pennant, Esq.), and
had issue,

David Pennant, Esq., m. Louisa, dau. of Sir H. Peyton,
Bart., and had a son,

David Pennant, Esq., m. 1st, 21 June, ]82'2, Lady Caroline
Spencer-Churchill, only dau. of George, 5th Duke of Marl-
borough, which lady d. 10 Jan. 1824, and 2udly, Lady Emma
Brudenell, dau. of Pobert, 6th Earl of Cardigan, and hy her
(who d. 2 Dec. 1S47) had issue, LoDisA, who m. 1846, Rodolph
"William Basil, Viscount Fielding (subsequently 8th Earl of
Denbigh and Desmond), and d. '.853, without issue. David
Pennant, inn., d. 1S35. David Pennant, sen. d. 1841, leaving
hy his will to Philip Pennant Pearson, his cousin and godson,
the Bodfari and other Pennant estates in case of his granddau.,
Louisa, dying without issue. On Lady Fielding's death he
succeeded, and has assumed the name and arms of Pennant
hy royal licence.

^)-»is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, Pennant; 2nd and Srd,
Pearson. fVt.fJs— 1st, Pennant ; 2nd, Peakson.

iScat— Nantlys, St. Asaph, co. Flint.


PEXXEFATnER, Edward, Esq. of Eafchsallagh,
Grangeton, co. Wicklow, Parrister-at-Law, Q.C.,
J.P. and D.L., b. 22 Sept. 1809; m. 80 March,
1841, Harriet, Srd dau. of the late Richard Hall,
Esq. of Copped Hall, Totteridse, co. Hertford,
and by her (who d. 7 March, 1868) has had issue,

I. Edward Wade, b. 4 May, 1843 ; d. IG Sept. 1846.

II. Arthur Wiloughby, b. 19 Feb. 1847 ; d. 6 Sept. 1863.

III. Charles Edwakd, Capt. Army Reserve, late 4th
Hussars, 6. 1 May, 1849.

IV. Frederick William, 6. 29 April, 1852, Barrister-at-Law in
England and Ireland.

I. Susan Mary, m. John Gathorne Wood, Esq., eldest son
of John Wood, Esq. of Thedden Grange, co. Southamp-
ton, and d. 18 Dec. 1864, leaving issue.
Xiineag-e. — The first of this family who settled in Ireland

Matthew Penn-efathek, a Cornet in the army, son of
Abraham Pennefather, and younger brother of Abraham
Pennefather, of Hanbury-on-the-Hill, co. Stafford. lie ac-
quired by patent, 1666, the estates of Clonegoose, Ballylanigan,
A'c., CO. Tipperary ; he r,i. and had (with another son, John,
of Compsey) his successor,

Matthew Pennefather, Esq., m. Levina Kingsmill, heir
of Ballyowen, afterwards New Park, co. Tipperary, and left
three sons,
I. Kingsmill, his heir.

u. Matthew, Lieut.-Col. in Gen. Sabine's Regt. in Queen
. Annie's wars, gallantly distinguished at Oudenarde. sub-
sequently returned to Ireland, and was appointed Auditor
of the Irish Revenue in the reign of George I., and was
M.P. for Cashel from 1716 until his decease 1733. Col.
Pennefather m. 1697, Catherine, dau. of Sir Randal Beres-
ford, 2nd Bart, of Coleraine, and left four daus., Mary, m.
William Palliser, Esq. of Rathfarnham : Levina, d. unm.
14 May, 1734; Dorothea, m. William Williams, Esq. of
Mount Williams, co. Mcath ; Elizabeth, m. 1735, Alex-
ander, 5th Earl of Antrim.
HI. William, of Marlow, m. 1755, Anne, dau. of Lovelace
Taylor, Esq. of Koan, co. Tipperary, and had two sons,
Thomas and John, father of Thomas, of Marlow, who m.
Mary Moore, of Mooresfort, and was father of Thomas
Pennefather. who m. 1818, Mary, dau. of Vere Dawson Hunt,
Esq. of Cappagh, and left, with two daus., F'anny Mary
Dorothy and Anna, m. Col. Hunt, one son. Rev. Thomas
Pennefather, Vicar of Kiltennel, co. Carlow, 6. 1823, m.
1859, Catharine Sophia, dau. of Rev. Henry Preston Elring-
ton, D.D., son of Thomas Ehington, D.D., Bishop of Ferns
and Leighlin, and has issue, Thomas Henry, b. 1861;
AVilliam de Vere, b. 1870 ; Isabella Mary : Charlotte Soph

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