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, John Leith Ross, of Arnage, who left issue,
The eldest son,

Alexander Leith, Esq. of Freefield and Glenkindie, ra. 1774,
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of James Gordon, of Cobairdie, by
Mary his wife, dau. of the 15th Lord Forbes, and had seven
sons and six daus., of whom one, Elizabeth Ann, was wife of
Peter Gordon, of Abergeldie. Mr. Leith d. 1828, and was s.
by his son.

Gen. Sir Alexander Leith, K.C.B., of Freefield and Glen-

kindie, Col. 31st Regt., a distinguished Peninsular officer, who
served in Holland, Egypt, West Indies, Peninsula, and South
of France, and received a cross and one clasp for his services
in command of the 31st FootatVittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle,
Nive, and Orthes. He m. 1st, Maria, eldest dau. of Robert
Disney Thorpe, Esq., M.D., of Headingley, near Leeds, one of
the co-heirs of the Barony of Braye, and by her had issue,

Alexander, late of Freefield and Glenkindie.
Robert William Disney, of whom hereafter.
James, V.C, Major Scots Greys, m. a dau. and co-heir of
Thomas Shaw, Esq., and d. 13 JNIay, 1869, aged 42, leaving
three daus., Isabella Mary; Maria Caroline ; and Elizabeth
Ann. His widow in. 2ndly, 6 April, 1876, Lieut. Hon.
John Scott Napier, 92nd Gordon Highlanders, 2nd son of
Lord Napier and Ettrick.
Thomas, of Petmatheii, co. Aberdeen, J. P. andD.L., Major-
Gen. 14th Bombay Native Infantry, late A.D.C. to Sir
Bartle Frere, Governor of Bombay, tn. 30 July, 1874, Lady
Mai7, dau. of Col. the Hon. Robert Alexander George Dal-
zeU, C.B. Gren. Guards, and sister of Robert Harris, 12th
Earl of Carnworth, and has issue, Alexander Robert, 6.
22 Feb. 1878 ; Thomas ; Evelyn and Marjorie.
Ann Katherine, rn. 1842, Alex. Innes, Esq. of Raemoir and
Cowie, CO. Kincardine, who d. 1883.
Mary Sarah, to. 1857, Robert F. 0. Farquharson, Esq. of
Houghton and Balfling, co. Aberdeen, and by her (who d.
1880) had six daus.
Sir Alexander Leith vi. 2nd!y, March, 1841, Mary, dau. of
Roderick Mackenzie, Esq. of Giack, by Christina Niven his
2nd wife, sister of Sir Harry Niven, Bart. He d. 1859. She
d. 1883.
His eldest son,

Alexander Leith, Esq. of Freefield and Glenkindie, J. P.
andD.L., M.A. Trin. Coll. Cambridge, Member of the Royal
Archers, Queen s Body Guard for Scotland, formerly an ad-
vocate at the Scottish Bar, b. 19 Dec. 1817 ; m. Aug. 1843,
Mary Anna, only dau. of Gen. Sir Alexander Halkett, K.H.
(of the family of Pitfirrane, co. Fife), and d. 1836, leaving an
only dau. and heir,

Georoiana, now of Freefield.
Mr. Alexander Leith was s. at Glenkindie by his brother.

Gen. Robert AVilliam Disney Leith, C.B., of Glenkindie,
CO. Inverness, and Wcsthall, co. Aberdeen, h. 28 Feb. 1819 : m.
14 June, 1S05, Mary Charlotte Julia, only dau. of Sir Henry
Percy Gordon, and Lady Mary his wife, dau. of the Earl o
Ashburnham, and had issue,

I. Alexant)er Henry, now of Glenkindie.

II. Robert Disney, b. 1873.

I. Mary Levina. ii. Mary Alice.

III. Edith. IV. Elizabeth Charlotte.

Gen. R. W. D. Leith d. 1S92, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Or, a cross-crosslet fitchee sa. between three crescents
in chief and as many fusils in base gu. a border az., quartering
az. a hart tripping or, attired and unguled gu. Crest — A stag
at gaze ppr. Mottoes — Trusty to the end; and Non timeo sed

SectJ— Glenkindie, Iverkindie, Inverness.


((See preceding Memoir.)


Leith-Hay, Col. Alexander Sebastiait, C.B.,
of Leith Hall, co. Aberdeen, J.P. and D.L. for co.
/Vberdeen, h. 1819; s. 1862; m. 1860, Christina
Grace Agnes, dau. of WiUiam Charles Hamilton,
Esq. of Craighlavr, co. Wigton ; served in the 93rd
Highlanders with distinction through the Canadian
rebellion of 1857-59, the Crimean War, and the
Indian Mutiny ; is a linight of the Legion of
Honom-, and of the Order of the Mejidie.

Lineage.— The surname of Leith is of great antiquity
in Scotland, and those who bore it held, in a remote era, vast
possessions, including the barony of Restalrig, and others in
the shire of Mid-Lothian and territory of Leith, whence it is
presumed, the name was assumed. The immediate ancestor
of the family before us,

William Leith, of Barnis, living in the time of David
Bruce, and said to have been the male representative of the
Leiths of Edimjarrock, was provost of Aberdeen in 1350, and
proprietor of the lands of Caprinton, in co. Aberdeen. He
,11. a dau. of Donald, 12th Earl of Marr, and had two sons..





Laurence, his heir: and John, Ambassador to the Court of
England in 1412. 'WUliani Leith d. sometime in the reign of
EoBEET II., and was s. hy his elder son,

Laurence Leith, of Barnis, co. Aberdeen, Provost of
Aberdeen, 1401, 140oandl4U. He iMn the time of James II.,
and was .«. by his son,

XoRMAN Leith, who 7)!. Elizabeth dan. of 'William Leslie,
4th Baron of Balquhain, by Agnes Irvine, his wife, dau. of
the Baron of Drum, and three sons ; Henkt, his heir, Gilbert ;
and John (ancestor of the Leiths o/ OctrAa/y Norman Leith,
d. temp. James III., and was s. by his son,

Uenby Leith, of Barnis, who had also three sons, Georre
his heir, William, «. his brother, and Patrick, ancestor of the
Leithsp/ Harthill. He d. before 1479, and was s. by his eldest

George Leith, Esq. who possessed many other lands be-
sides those of B.irnis. He had two daus.

Elizabeth, m. John Foibes of Towie.

Janet, m. 1st, Alexander Seton of Jlcldrum, and m. 2ndly,
Sir Alexander Gordon, of AbergeUlie.

Hr. George Leith at his decease 1505, divided the land of
Barnis, <S:c., between his two daus. His brother,

William Leith, Esq. of Edingarrock, which estate he
acquired by Charter from George Leslie, of Leslie, dated
31 Jan. 1499, m. a dau. of Gordon, of Strathdon, and was s. by
his elder son,

Patrick Leith, Esq. of Edingarrock, who d. s. j). and was s.
by his brother,

George Leith, Esq. of Edingarrock, who in 1550, was
served and returned heir male to his uncle George Leith, of
Barnis, before John Leslie of Balquhain, Sheriff of Aberdeen
and an inquest composed of fifteen of the le.iding gentlemen
in the country. He d. at an advanced age, about the close of
Queen Mary's reign, and was s. by his son,

Patrick Leith, Esq. who during the lifetime of his father
was designed of Likliehead. He m. Jean, 2nd dau. of \ViIli,im
Leslie, seventh Baron of Balquhain, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of Sir Walter Ogilvie, of Boyne, and has issue,

I. Patrick, his heir.

II. John, of Edingarrock, who m. a dau. of John Leslie, of
Wardis, and d.s. p.

III. Laurence, s. his brother.

IV. Henry.

I. Kichola, to. George Leslie, 4th Laird of Finrasse.

II. Margaret, m. Stephen Leslie, 4th Laird of Warthill.
Mr. Patrick Leith d. in the end of the rtign of James VI.,
and was s. by his eldest son,

Patrick Leith, Esq. of Edingarrock, who sold that estate
and the lands of Likliehead to John Forbes of Leslie, and
d. s. p. His brother,

Laurence Leith, of Kirkton de Rain, m. 1st., Agnes 3rd
dau. of Alexander, third Laird of AVardis, by Margaret his
wife, dau. of Alexander Forbes of Towie, m. 2ndly, Bessie,
dau. of Sir George Gordon, of Cocklarochie, and bad a son,

John Leith, Esq. who sold the lands of Kirkton de Eain,
and purchased those of New Leslie, Peill, Lyde, Arnbog. He
5(1. Margery, dau. of Arthur Forbes, fourth son of the sixth
Lord Pitsligo, by Margaret his wife, dau. of Alexander Leslie,
fourth Laird of Pitcaple, and had (with two daus. the elder
'III. — Lumsden of Cashnie, and the younger m. — Forbes of
Culquhary) two sons,

Jastes, his heir.

Alexander, commonly called Hard Head, ancestor of the
Leiths of Bucharne Blair.

The elder son,

James Leith, of New Leslie, m. M.argaret, dau. of Alexander
Strachan, of Glenkindie, and had issue, John his heir ;
Alexander, ancestor of the Leiths of GUnkindU and Freefleld,
William d. s. p. ; Margaret m. Gordon of Beldomie ; and
Jean, m. John Grant, of Tomavillion. The eldest son,

John Leith, Esq. of Leith Hall, m. Janet Ogilvie, dau. of
George, 2nd Lord Banff, by Agnes Falconer his wife, dau. of
Alexander, 1st Lord ILalkerton, and had issue, John, his suc-
cessor; Patrick; George of Blackall; Laurence; Anthony;
and Elizabeth, m. Eichard Gordon, Esq. of Graigmile. Mr.
Leith, acquiring the whole estate of Leslie in the Garrock,
regained possession of the lands of Edingarrock, his ancient
patrimonial inheritance. He d. 1727, and was s. by his eldest

John Leith, Esq. of Leith Hall, m. Mary, dau. of Charles
Hay, Esq. of Rannes ; and dying 1736, left (with a dau.,
Janet, m. James Gordon, of Ardmillie) a son and heir,

John Leith, of Leith Hall, who augmented his estate by the
lands of Lair and Adlair. He m. Harriot, dau. and heiress of
Alexander Steuart, of Auchluncart, and had issue.

John 1 v, • •

Alexander/ ''"'"^ '" succession.

James (Sir), a Lieut. -Gen. in the army, 6C.B., K.T.S.,
Grand Cordon of the Order of Merit of France, Governor of
Barb adoes, and Commander of the Forces in the Windward
and Leeward I. - lands. Sir James Leith d. 16 Oct. 1816.
John Loith d. 1763, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Leith, Esq of Leith Hall, at whose decease without
issue, 1778, the estates devolved on his brother.

Gen. Alexander Leith, who having s. Andrew Hay of
Eannes, assumed the name of Leith-Hay, and was of Eannes
and Leith Hall. This gentleman who was b. 1758, m. 1784,
Mary, eldest dau. the co-heiress of Charles Forbes, Esq. of Bal-
logie (cadet of Tolquhon), and by her (who d. 1824) had issue,
Andrew, his heir.

John James, Kear-Admiral E.N., b. 22 Oct. 1788; m. 27
June, 1843, Margaret, only dau. and heiress of the late
Alexander Forbes, Esq. of Blackford, co. Aberdeen, and d.
25 Oct. 1854, leaving issue,

Alexander John, see Forbes-Leith of Fyvie Castle.

Albert Howe Leith, 6. 1851.

Margaret Mary, r,i. Patrick Stirling, Esq. of Kippendavie,

and has issue, John Alexander, and Patrick Douglas.
Elizabeth Alexandiina, m. Major Duncan Forbes Gordon,

late 92nd Highlanders, 2nd son of Alexander Gordon,

Esq. of Newton, and has issue, Lewis, Alastair, andEsine


Harriet Christian, m. Sir H. N. Lumsden, Bart., and d.

Mary. m. Major Mitchell, of Ashgrove, and is deceased.
Elizabeth, ra. Alexander Forbes, Esq. of Blackford, and is
deceased. Margaret, d. unm.

Gen. Hay d. IG May, 1838, and was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Andrew Leitu-Hay, Knt. of Eannes and Leith Hall,
b. 17 Feb. 1785, K.H., Knight Commander of Charles III. of
Spain, and member of the Legion of Honour, J.P., D.L.,
Lieut. -Col. in the army, M.P. for the Elgin district of burghs
1833-38 and 1841-47, Clerk of Ordmance 1834-38, Governor of
Bermuda 1838-41, served throughout the Peninsular War, on
which he has written a history; knighted 1834; ;ii. 1816,
Mary Margaret, dau. of Wiliiam Clark, Esq. of Bucklanck
House, Devon, and by her (who d. 1859) had issue,
Alexander Sebastian, now of Leith Hall, and head of the
family of Leith.
William, b. 31 July, 1819; m. 4 Oct. 1844, Emma, eldest
dau. of J. P. Swetc, Esq. of Oxton, Devon ; and d. 28 Oct.
18G1, leaving issue.
James, 6. 26 Nov. 1820; m. Maria, dau. of Col. Grey, and
has two sons and five daus.
Norman, 6. 19 Aug. 1829; lost on the coast of Australia,

Charles, b. 18 Oct. 1831.
Caroline Elizabeth.

Sir Andrew Leith-Hay d. 13 Oct. 1862.

^r?/is— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or, a cross-crosslct fitchSe sa
between three crescents in chief and as many fusils in base-
barways gu. ; 2nd and 3rd, quarterly, 1st and 4th arg., three
inescutcheons gu., 2nd and 3rd, gu., three cinquefoils arg.
Crests — A cross-crosslet fitchee sa., for Leith ; A goat arg., lof
Hat. Mottoes — Trustie to the end; and Spare nought.

Heat — Leith HaD, near Kennethmont, co. Aberdeen.


Lelt, Hugh Mounteney, Esq. of FramingliarQ
Hall, Norfolk, b. 1889. Mr. Lcl.y is 7th in descent
from Sir Peter Lely, Court Painter to Charles II.,
who d. 1680, seised of the Manors of Greetwell and
Cherry Willingham, co. Lincoln, in which co. his-
descendants have since resided.

Lineage.— Sir Peter Lelt, of the Piazza, Covent Garden,
London, of Kew Green, Surrey, and of Greetwell, co. Lincoln,,
the Court painter, b. 1617; knighted by King Charles II.
d. 1680. His will dated for Feb. 1679, and proved 28 Jan.
1680, mentions his son and heir, John Lelt, his dau. Annu
and his sister, Catharine Maria, widow of Conradt Week, Bur-
gomaster of Grol, in Guelderland. Sir Peter's son, the said

John Lelt, Esq. of Kew Green, and Greetwell, co. Linctuln, j
m. Anne, dau. of Eichard Mounteney, Esq. of Kew, and d.l
1728, leavingtwo sons, Eichard, of Greetwell Hall, co. Lincolm]
(described in his epitaph, in Greetwell Church, as "Petril
Lely, Car. II. Pictoris, Nepos Natu-maximus "), who d. 1736,|
without surviving issue ; and

Peter Lelt, Esq. of Lincoln, b. 1698; m. Frances Maplo-
toft ; and d. 1761, having had twenty children, of whom threej
only left descendants.





I. David, of Grantham, 6. 1743; m. Elizabeth ToJd, and had

1 Peter, 6. 1774; d. unm. 1832.

2 Frederic, b. 1782; d.s. p. iSiS.

1 Lydia Ann, m. her cousin, William Ostler, Esq. as here-

II. Styles, left issue.

I. Bridget, of wliom we treat.

The daughter,

Bridget Lely, b. 1727 ; m. 'WiUiam Ostler, Esq. of Barton,
CO. Lincoln, and had one son,

William Ostlee, Esq of Grantham, co. Lincoln. 6. 1770;
HI. his cousin-german, Lydia Ann, dau. and eventual heir
of David Lely, Esq. of Grantham ; and d. 1853, leaving by
this lady (who survived till 1869) two sons, i. William Ostler,
Esq. of Arnold Field, co. Lincoln, b. 23 May, 1800 ; m. 28 April,
1835, Emma Elizabeth, dau. of William King, Esq. of Spittle-
gate House, Grantham, and ii. John, of whom we treat.
His second son,

JouN Lely Ostler, Esq. of Cawthorpe, co. Lincoln, 6. 1810 ;
in. Laura, dau. of the Rev. Edward W. Grinfield ; and d. 1859,
leaving issue,

William Grinfield Lely, of Framingham Hall and Caw-

John Mounteney I^ely, Barrister-at-Law, b. 1839; m. Mary
Lsetitia, dau. of Major Carr, and has issue a dau., Con-
stance Laetilia.

Laura Lely, m. the Eev. W. H. Pengelley, of Great Gonerby,
CO. Lincoln.
Tie elder son,

William GRiNprELD Lely, Esq. of Framingham Hall, Norfolk,
B.A., J. P. for Norfolk, b. 1838; m. 1867, Annette Jane, dau.
of Edward T. Massy, Esq. of Cottesmore, co. Pembroke, J. P.
and D.L., and had issue,

I. Frederick Massy Grinfield, b. 1363; d. 1871.

ir. Hugh Modnteney, his heir.

III. George Peel, b. 1870.

IV. Edward Barham, b. 1S72.

V. Arthur Vaughan, b. 1874.

VI. Conrad William, b. 1875.
I. Helen Mary, b. 1370.

.^9-5»s~Arg., a fess between three roses gu. Cresi— A Cor-
nucopia ppr.

Seats — Framingham Hall, near Norwich; Carlton Scroop


Leman, Naunton Eobeet Twtsden, Esq. of
Brampton Hall, Suffolk, b. 1825 ; s. his father 24
Feb. 1869 ; m. 11 Aug. 1869, Rosa Elizabeth, 5th
dau. of Eev. John Alexander Ross, M.A., Yicar of
Westwell, Kent, and has issue,

Eobeet Naunton, b. 2 Oct. 1870.

Lineage.— TuE Rev. Naonton Thomas Orgill, of
Brampton Hall, b. 11 Dec. 17.59, (son of William Orgill, Esq., of
Beccles, and Susan Leman, his wife, 3rd dau. and co-heir of
William Leman, Esq., by Sarah his wife, dau. of Thomas
Leman, Esq. of Brampton Hall, grandson of Thomas Leman,
Esq. of Brampton, nephew of Sir John Leman (s:e Boeke's
Extinct Baronitage), assumed the surname of his maternal
ancestors in addition to his patronymic, 1807, on succeeding
to a property left by Mrs. Mary Leman, of Bury St. Edmunds.
He m. 3rd Dec. 1783, Henrietta Jane, 4th dau. of Sir William
Anderson, Bart, of Lee, co. Lincoln, and d. 1837, having had
issue by her (who d. March, 1843),

George, of Brampton Hall (Rev.) M.A., Incumbent and
Patron of Stoven, b. 4 June, 1739; c^ s. x>.

Leman Orgill, d. an infant.

Kaunton, 6. 1792; d. unm. 1818.

Robert, of Brampton Hall.

Charles, b. 1801 ; d. unm. 18J5.

William, 6.1802; d. unm. 1848.

Tliomas (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Brampton, 6. 1804 ; m. 1838,
Emily, dau. of the Rev. Joseph Guerin ; and d.. Ib73.

Elizabeth Mary, d. unm. 1842.

«usan Leman, d. unm. 1866. Harriet, d. wim. 1834.

Maria, d. 1796. Charlotte Catherine, d. 179G.

Frances, m. 1820, Molyneux Shuldham, Esq., Comm. R.X.
who d. 23 Feb. 1866.

Anne, m. 1822, Thomas Gee, Esq.

Charlotte, m. 1821, George Barlee, Esq.
The. 4th son,

];obert Orgill Leman, Esq. of Brampton Hall, Suffolk,
B.A. Trin. Coll. Oxford, b. 1799 ; iii. 1st 25 March, 1823, Isa-
bella Camilla, dau. of Sir William Jervis Twysden, Bart., and
iy her (who d. 7 March, 1850) had issue,

I. Naunton Robert Twysden, now of Brampton Hall.

It. John, d. aged 21.

I. Frances Henrietta Flora Eliza.

He m. 2ndly, 29 March, 1859, Ellen Maria, 4th dau. of the
Itev. J. A. Ross, M.A., Vicar of Westwell, Kent, and by her had,

A son b. 1862, and three daus.
He d. 24 Feb. 1869.

Arms — Az., a fess between three dolphins naiant arg.
Crest— Krg., on a lemon-tree a pelican in her piety ppr.
Motto — Volens semperque juvare paratus.

vSeat— Brampton Hall, Wangford, Suffolk.


Lempeiere, The Rev. William, M.A., of Rozel
Manor, Jersey, M.A., Seigneur of Rozel and Diela-
ment, in that Island, h. 3 June, 1818 ; m. 15 May,
1S50, Julia Anne, dau. of Thomas Moore Wayne,
Esq. of Manor House, St. Wambro', Hants, and
has issue,

I. Reginald Eaocl, M.A., Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, b. 8
Dec. 1851.

I. Mabel.

II. Eleanor Irene, m. 26 June, 1878, Robert Lempriere Hes-
kcth, Esq.

III. Agnes Emilie, m. James Turner Murray, Esq.

IV. Helen Maud, m. Eev. Reginald Theodore Marshall.
Liueag'e. — Mr. Bertrand Payne, in his Armorial of

Jersey, devotes considerable space to the history of the ancient
and eminent Jersey family of Lempriere, and states that it
"possessed in the Duchy of Normandy the extensive seig-
neuries and lands of Lempriere, Pontrilly, Gourbesville, Rau-
ville, Quierqueville, la Carpeuterie, Croville, Belle-Fontaine,
Cauquigny, S. Refaire, Bois Gingant, Durrelle, CourseviUe,
Duiteville, la Grandifere, and others." In Jersey, besides other
estates which Raoul Lempriere (who settled in Jersey, 1353)
and his brother-in-Law Guille Payn purchased of the De
Earentine family, various branches of tire name have held the
fiefs of Godeaux, Herupe, Ecoucqueville, Bnuteville, Buisson,
Surville, Hougette, Lempriere, Covey, Maufant, Chesnel, des
Prfes in St John's parish, Pett Rozel in St. Saviour's parish,
with Morville Eobilliard and de Lecq in St. Ouen's parish.
In 1362, Raoul Lempriere was appointed to the oflBce of Bailiff,
by King Edward III. of England. From that period the
family has been among the first of the Island, where they
were distinguished for the high and responsible offices they
have held, and their high rank.

John Lempriere, Seigneur of Rozel, in Jersey, reciever of
the King's revenues in that Island, a.d. 1430, and bailly
thereof 1434; in. and had three sons, i. Renaud, Signeur
of Rozel, killed at the seige of Mont Orgueil Castle 1467 : ii.
George, of whose line we treat ; iii. Raulin, Seigneur of St.
John, La Hague Boete. The 2nd son,

George Lempeieee, Seigneur of Dielamont, Jersey, Jurat of
the Royal Court, 7ii. Thomasse, sister and heir of William De
St. Martin, Seigneur of St. Trinity, and was father of

Deocet Lempeiere, Seigneur of Trinity, Jurat of the Royal
Court, m. Slabel, dau. of Philip De Cartaret, Seigneur of St.
Ouen, and left with two daus,, Mary, wife of James Le Gros,
and Mabel, wife of Edward Payn, of St. Ouen, two sons,
I. John, Seigneur of Trinity, ancestor of the Lempriekes of
Trinity : ii. Thomas, of whom we treat. The 2nd son,

Thomas Lempeiere, Seigneur of Diflament, Jurat of the
Royal Court for 50 years; he hi. a dau. of — De la Rocque,
and was father of

Michael Lempriere, Seigneur of Dielament, Attorney-Gen.
of Jersey 1570, m. Mabel, dau. of Richard Dumaresq, Seigneur
of Vincheles de Bas, and relict of John Mcsservy, and had,
with two daus., Sarah, wife of Martin Romeril, Constable of St.
Trinity, and Esther, wife of Francis Amy, two sons, i. Hugh
of whom presently ; ii. Thomas, Jurat of Royal Court, Seigneur
of Les Augres. The elder son,

Hugh Lempriere, Seigneur of Dielament, Advocate Royal
Court 1575, Solicitor-General 1590, Jurat 1592, Lieut. -Bailly
IGOl, and Judge Delegate of Jersey 1614 and 1621, Capt. of
the Trainbands of St. Trinity. He m. twice ; by his first wife,
Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Dumeresq, he had issue. The
2nd son,

Michael LEMPRrERE, Seigneur of Maufant, the famous Bailly
of Jersey under Charles 1., and under Crcmwell, styled by
the local historians " The Hampden of Jersey." Of this dis-
tinguished man Mr. Bertrand Payne gives an interesting and
flattering chaiacter. He m. Sarah, dau. of Frances de Car-





tcret, of La Hague, and had, with a younger son, Philip, who,
d. s. p., and two daus., an elder son, Michael Lempbiere,
of Dielanient, Jurat Koyal Court, Col. East Eegt. K.J.M..
■,.1. Frances, dau. of Francis de Carteret, of La Hague, and
had, with a dau. Mary, wife of John le Hardy, Constable of
Grouville, an only son,

Michael Lemprieke, Seigneur of Dielament and Saval, Jurat
Koyal Court, Col. East Kegt.K.J.M. ; )/i. Jane, dau. of James
Corbet, and had issue. The eldest son,

Charles Lempbiere, Seigneur of Dielament, Solicitor-Gen.
1741 ; Jurat Eoyal Court, 1750 , Lieut. -Bailly of Jersey, 1755 ;
Judge Delegate. 1763 and 1756 ; Col. N. Kegt. R.J.M. ; m.
1733, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of James Corbet, Seigneur of
Eozel, and co-representative of De Carteret of St. Oucn, in
right of her grandmother, Anne, dau. of Francis de Carteret,
and who upon the death of Kobert Earl Granville, s. %i.
became entitled to one quarter of the St. Ouen estates, and
had issue,
Charles, University of Oxford, Commissionary-Gen. of Jer-
sey and Guernsey, Capt. R.J.JI., d. v.nm.
■William Charles, of whom presently.
Thomas, Seigneur of Chesnel, Commissary-General of Jersey
and Guernsey in succession to his brother Advocate Eoyal
Court, Col. X. Eegt. E.J.M., wounded in the battle of Jer-
sey, 17S1 ; m. 1783, Elizabeth Charity, dau. and heir of the
Kev. Samuel Beuzeville, heir of Admiral G. Oury, and d. 30
June, 1823, leaving issue,

George Oury, of Pelham, Hants, J. P., Admiral, E.N., h. 11
March, 17b7 : in. 8 Aug. 1833, Frances, only dau. and heir
of Wiliam Dumares<i, Esq. of Pelham (of a Norman
family who settled in Jersey in the early part of the 13th
century), and d. 16 Jan. 1864, having by her (who d.
2 May, 1 887) had issue,

1 Audley, Capt. 77th Eegt., h. 18 July, 1834, killed
before Sebastopol 19 April, 1855 ; Alma and Inkermann

2 Algernon Thomas, M.A., Barrister- at- Law, J.P. for
Hants, Capt. of Hampsliire Militia, and for two years
Private Secretary and Aide-de-Camp to Sir George Fcr-
gusson Bowen, Governor of Queensland, and afterwards
of New Zealand, b. 17 Dec. 1835 ; d. 13 Nov. 1874.

1 Ellen, of Pelham, Hants. 2 Harriet.

Charles, scr\'ed in the Peninsula.
Thomas, Lieut. E.E., d. at Alicant.
Samuel, E.N., deceased.
Elizabeth Sophia, deceased.

Maria Julia, deceased. Anne Oury, deceased.

Caroline Charity.

Ameha, m. Charles Pipon, Esq., deceased.
Marianne, m. the Hon. Algernon Herbert, son of the 1st
Earl of Carnarvon.

Jane, m. Major Lewis, B.A., deceased.
Philip. Sophia.

The 2nd son,

AVilliam Chables Lempriere, Seigneur of Dielament,
Advocate and Jurat Eoyal Court, and Col. N. Eegt. E.J.M.,
Commissary-Gen. of Jersey and Guernsey, Bailiff of Jersey;
b. 5 July, 1754; rn. 4 April, 1783, Elizabeth, dau. of Matthew
Gosset, and d. in the lifetime of his father, 1 May, 1790,
leaving by her (who rf. 29 June, 1833) issue,

I. PniLrp Eaoul Lempbiere, Esq. Seigneur of Eozel, Jurat
Eoyal Court, Col. Jersey MiUtia, 6. 27 Aug. 1786; la. 29
Oct. 1811, EHzabeth, dau. of John Poingdestre, Esq. of
Jersey, and by her (who d. 14 Oct. 1861) left at his decease,
4 Nov. 1859,

1 William, now of Eozel.

2 Charles, Major H.M. 53rd Eegt. d. unm. 4 Jan. 1855.

3 Henry, late Lieut.-K.A., 6 10 Sept. 1820 : m. Imogene,
dau. of Osborne Tylden, Esq. of Torry Hill, Kent.

1 Helen, m. Eev. Augustus Knapton, and has issue.

2 JIaria, m. 1st, May, 1^04, Charles Winston, Esq., of
Temple ; 2ndly, James Poingdestre, Esq.

II. William Charles, Capt. E.H.A.. of Ewell, Surrey, m. Har-
riet, dau. of Sir Thomas Eeid, Bart., and rf. 1853, leaving
issue, Arthur Eeid, Major-Gen., J.P. for Hants, b. 1835 ;
ra. 1864, EUen Marion, eldest dau. of Lieut. -Gen. C

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