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ia ;
F'rances Eliiabeth ; Ellen Emily Janet.
The eldest son,

Kingsmill Pennefather, Esq. of New Park, Col. of Militia,
M.P. for Cashel, and afterwards for Tipperary, m. his cousin,
the only dau. and heir of John Pennefatlicr, Esq. of Compsey,
and had (with four daus., the eldest, Mary, m. Hamilton Lowe,
Esq. of Rose Green; the 2nd, Levina, 7/i. Sir John St. Lcger,
Baron of the Exchequer; the Srd m. Capt. Prince ; and the 4th
311. Rev. Francis Gore) six sons,

I. RiCHABD, his heir. '

II. Thomas, on whom the Compsey estates, together witts
Kilshane and Ballyneira, was settled 1730. Ho in. in thut.
year, Frances Goodwin, of Island Bridge, near Dublin, and
left at his decease, 1764 (with two daus., one of whom,
Frances, m. Thomas Oldis, Esq. of Ballylanigan), a son,

John Bolton, m. his cousin, the dau. of John Pennefather,
Esq. of Poulevarla, and d. 1811, aged 77, leaving, witb
two daus., Elizabeth and Anne, 7)i. William LathaiQiy Esq.
of Ballyshenan, one son,

Thomas, of Ballylanigan, Mayor of Cashel, ^n. Anne,
dau. of John Hunt, Esq. of Moync, and d. 25 Dee.
1828, having had issue,

William, of 30th Regt., distinguished in India, the-

Peninsular, and Egypt, and at Waterloo, m. 2 Sept.

1822, Susan, dau of Anthony O'Dwyer, Esq. o£

Cashel, d. v. p., leaving an only son,

William, of Ballylanigan, J.P., 6. 16 Aug. 1823:

■in. 16 Nov. 1852, Kate, 2nd dau. of Richard Scott,

Esq., Solicitor, and has issue, William, b. 17 Sept^

1853 ; Richard, b. 22 July, la55 : John, 6. 20 May,.

1858; Mary Susan; and Catherine Ada Susau

Mary Alozisia.

Kingsmill, an Officer in the army, d. in the Peninsula.

Richard, of Kilshane, m.Miss Going, dau. of Rev. Mr.

Thomas, Mayor of Cashel.
Cherry, to. John Smithwick, Esq., and had issue.

III. William, of Carrigeen. iv. Job ', of Poulevarla.
V. Matthew. vi. Frederick.

Mr. Pennefather d. 1735, and was s. by his eldest son,

Richard Pennefather, Esq. of New Park, M.P. for Cashel,
id. Charity, 3rd dau. of Alderman John Graham, of Platten, co.
^Icath, and had two sons and three daus.,

I. Kingsmill, M.P. for Cashel 1753, 1761, and 1771, m. the
Hon. Mary Lysaght, dau. of John, Lord Lisle, and dying
!'. p. May, 1771, left issue,

1 Richard, successor to his grandfather, of New Park,
M.P. for Cashel, Lieut.-Col. of the Tipperary Militia, to.
1st, 17s2, Anna, only dau. and heir oi Matthew Jacob,
ICsq. of St. Johnstown, co. Tipperary ; 2ndly, Sarah,
relict of John Gladstone, Esq. of Annesgift ; and 3rdly,
Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas Mansergh, Esq. of Grenane.
Lieut.-Col. Pennefather d. May, 1831, and by the 1st
wiie only he had issue to survive youth, three sons and
five daus.,

1 Kingsmill, Lieut.-Col. of the Tipperary Militia, who
d. in the lifetime of his fattier, 1819. He m. 1st, Maria,
dau. of Burton Persse, Esq. of co. Galway, by whom
he had one dau .

Anna, in. Stephen Moore, Esq. of Barne, co. Tip-

He m. 2ndly, Grace, dau. of Thomas Barton, Esq. of

Grove, and had two daus.
Mary. Katherine.

2 Mathew, of New Park, co. Tipperary, J.P. and D.L.,.
High Sheriff 1826, and formerly M.P. for Cashel, b.
17H4: m. 1814, his cousin, Anna, 4th dau. of Daniel
ConnV, Esq. of Ballybricken, co. Cork, and left issue,

1 Daniel Francis, b. 1816. 2 Richard.

1 Mary. 2 Anna.

3 William, of Lakefield, m. 1819, Charity Maria, dau.
of Richard Long, Esq. of Longfield, co. Tipperary,
and d. 4 Feb. 1872, leaving issue,

Richard, of Lakefield, J. P., 6. 19 Jan. 1826; m. 24
Feb. 1857, Emma Elizabeth, duu. of Robert Darwm
Vaughton, Esq. of Ashfurlong House, co. Warwic-U
and d. 1876, leaving issue,

1 William Vaughton, now of Lakefield, *. 14 Jan.

2 Richard Dymoke, 6. 1865.
1 Maria Emma.

3 Anna Louisa.

William. Matthew, d. 1859.

William John Copley Lyndhurst, d. 1865.

1 Dorothea, m. 1st, Richard L ckwood, Esq. of Cashel,
and 2ndly, Thomas Sadler, Esq.

2 Mary Anne, m. Lieut.-Col. John Lind«ay, of co.

3 Catherine, m. Col. Lloyd, of Rockville, co. Bos-

4 Margaret, ni. Ambrose Going, Esq. of Ballyphilip, co.

5 Eliza, in. 1st, Major Acheson Montgomery Moore,
of Garvagh, co. Tyrone, by whom she had one dau.,
and 2ndly, Sir John Judkin Fitzgerald, 2nd Bart, of

2 John (Rev.), in. Elizabeth, dau. of Major Perceval, an^J-
had issue,

Kingsmill, Major Limerick Militia, 7)i. 1st, Frances,
eldest dau. of Major Townscnd, Monckton Hall, ot tho
28th Regt., and had one son, John, and four daus.,
Elizabeth, Fanny, Caroline, and Clare. He m. 2ndly.
1842, Jane Catherine Patnca, eldest dau. of Thomaa

2 Harriet Lavinia.





• He Grenier de Fonblanque, K.H., formerly H.M.'s
Consul-Gcneral and Chaiire d'Affaires in Servia, and
giandilau. of Sir Jonah Bai lington, Knt., Judge of the
Admiralty in Ireland, by whom (who d. 6 May, 18s6)
he had issue,
Charles Edward de Fonblanque, 6. 23 June, 1843.

J. de Fonblanque, in. 28 April, 1886, Madeline, dau.
of Sir Robert Frescott Stewart.
■William AVestby, Lieut. R.N., m. Elizabeth, dau. of

William Harding, Esq.
John Lysaght (Sir\ K.C.B., Grand Cross of the Legion
of Honour, and Commander of the Order of St. Maurice
and St. Lazarus of Sardinia, Gen. in the army. Col.
iind Foot, and Commander of the Forces at Malta,
distinguished in India and the Crimea, m. 1830,
Margaret, eldest dau. of John Carr, Esq. of Mountrath,
and d. 1872.
Joseph Lysaght, Barrister-at-Law, -m. Elizabeth, dau. of
— liea, Esq. of Barnwood, co. Gloucester, and had one
dau. lulia.

Eobert Perceval, Lieut, and Adjutant in the 3rd Eegt. of
Native Cavalry in Bengal, m. Miss Elizabeth Benson,
and by her (who d. 28 March, 1887) had one son, Henry,
late Capt. 4Ist Regt., m. 23 Oct. 1860, Margaret Luchesa
Jane Mana, widow of Col. Temple West, and only dau.
and heir of Sir John George Reeve de la Pole, 8th
Bart., of Shute House, and '7. 9 Aug. 1888, aged 97;
and a dau. Laura, m. Dr. George Rae, Bengal Medical

Ann, m. William Ryan, Esq. of Ballymackeoghe, co.
Tipperary, and has issue.

Mary, m. Rear-Admiral Henry Vansittart, of Bisham
Abbey, Berks, and has issue.

Clare, m. Thomas Evans, Esq. of Ashore, co. Tipperary,
Lieut. R.N.

Laura, m. — Philips, Esq. of Mount Philips.
3 William, M.P. for Cashel from 1783 to 1797 ; he was for
thirty-eight years Revenue Collector of Athlone and Cork,
and for ten years Surveyor-General in Ireland : he vi.
Frances, 2nd dau. of Francis Nisbett, Esq. of Derry-
carne, co. Leitrim, and has issue,
William, H.E.I. C.S., d. Aug. 1826.

EicHAUD Daniel, of Kilbracken, co, Leitrim, J.P. and
D.L., Col. (retired) East Kent Militia, b. 13 Aug. 1818 ;
■in. 7 Oct. 1868, Hon. Sarah Annade Montmorency, ilau.
of Very Rev. Hervey, Viscount Montmorres, and has
issue, W'illiam de Montmorency, b. 27 Aug. 1869 ; Anna
de Montmorency ; and Mary Eva de Montmorency.
Jane, m. Daniel Conner, Esq. of Ballybricken, co. Cork,
and d.s. p. 1869.

Margaret, m. Richard Warren, M.D. of Lisgoold, son of
Rev. Robert Warren, of Crookstown, co. Cork.
Klizabeth, m. PhineasBury, Esq. of Curragh Bridge, co.

Limerick, and Little Island, co. Cork.
Francis Mary, m. Col. Arthur St. George Herbert Step-
ney, C.B., Coldstream Guards, and d. 1848.

1 Mary, m. Daniel Conner, Esq. of Ballybricken, co. Cork,
and had issue.

2 Catherine, m. Daniel Mansergh, Esq. of Cashel, and had

3 Margaret, in. Robert Warren, Esq., son of Sir Eobert
Warren, 1st Bart, of Warrenscourt, and had issue.

U. William, of Knockevan, Major 13th Light Dragoons,
M.P. for Cashel 1771, m. Ellen, eldest dau. of the Ven.
Edward Moore, D.D., of Moorest'ort, co. Tipperary,
Archdeacon of Emily, and d. Nov. 1819, having had two

1 Richard, one of the Barons of the Exchequer in Ireland
m. Jane, eldest dau. of John Bennet, Justice of the
King's Bench in Ireland, and had three sons and three
daus ,

Richard, of Darling Hill, co. Tipperary, Under-Secretary
for Ireland, m. 1S36, Lady Emily Arabel Georgiana
Butler, dau. of Richard, 1st Earl of Glengall, and d
1849, leaving issue, Richard, 6. 13 May, 1837, and
Evelyn Henrietta, m. 2 March, 1869, Arthur Philip,
6th Earl Stanhope. His widow m. 1852, CoL H. A.

John. William.

Ellen, m. John Cromie, Esq.

Susan, m. Rev. Robert Jessop.

Dorothea, in. Somerset Richard, Lord Famham, and d.
30 Nov. 1861.

2 Edward (the Eight Hon.), Lord Chief Justice of the
Court of Queen's Bench in Ireland (of whom we

1. JIary, m. John Croker, Esq. of Ballinagard.
n. Eliza, VI. Morgan O'Meara, Esq. of Tooraavara.
in. Charity, m. Samuel Allen, Esq, of Golden.

Mr. Pcnnefather d. 1775. His grandson,

The Right Hon. Edward Pennefathee, Lord Chief
Justice of Ireland, one of the most eminent and learned
lawyers of his time, 2nd son of Major William Pennefather,
iSth Light Dragoons, of Knockevan, co. Tipperary, M.P. for

Cashel, by Ellen his wife, m. 6 Jan. 1806, Susan, eldest dau.
of the late .lohn Darby, Esq. of Markly, Sussex, ana of Leap
Castle, King's co., and by her (who d. 6 April, 1862) left

I. Edwakd, now of Eathsallagh.

II. William (Rev.), Rector of Callan, co. Kilkenny, l.
1811 ; in. 1846, Anne, eldest dau. and co-heir of the late
Gen. Hon. John Brodrick (youngest son of the 3rd Vis-
count Midleton), by Anne bis wife, dau. ot Robert Graham,
Esq of Fintry, and had issue,

1 Edward Graham, Lieut.-Col. Inniskilling Dragoons, b.

1 Mary Alice. 2 Margaret Susan.

3 Florence Anne. 4 Ellen Isabella.

5 Agnes Elizabeth.
iiT. John Edward, d. 19 May, 1842.

IV. Richard Theodore, Auditor-Gen. of Ceylon, m. 1851,
Ariana Margaretta, dau. of Col. Shore, and d. 1865, leaving
two sons,

1 Edward George, deceased.

2 Richard.

I. Anne, m. 1831, the late Wade Browne, Esq. of Monkton
Farleigh, Wilts, and had issue.

II. Ellen, ro. 1836, James Thomas O'Brien, D.D., late Bishop
of Ossory and Ferns 1842-75, and has issue, Edward Penne-
father (d'ece.iscd) : James Thomas ; lieorge Thomas Michael;
William; John Michael; Francis Alexander; Henry Arthur;
Charles Monsell; Ellen Violet; Dorotha, 7)i. Yarburgh Lloyd
Greame, Esq. of Sewerby House, co. York; Mary, m. Rev.
Walter de Montmorency, of Castle Morres, co. Kilkenny ;
Kathei ine ; and Alice.

III. Susan, m. 1840, the late Richard Hall, Esq. of Finden
Place, Sussex, and 92, Eaton Place, London, and has issue,
Spencer Richard, Lieut.-Col. Coldstream Guards, and
Mary, m. 186t, Lieut.-Gen. Arthur James Lycn Fre-
mantle, C.B., Governor of Malta.

IV. Katherine.

V. Mary, jh. 1845, George Le Hume, Esq. of Artramont,
CO. Wexford, and has issue, George Ruthven, Governor of
Dominica; and three daus.

VI. Dorothea, ?«. 18.50, the late James Thomas, 4th Earl of
Courtown, and d. 1859, leaving issue.

Lord Chief Justice Pennefather d. 6 Sept. 1847.

Jrms — Per fesse or and gu. a bend erm. Crest — A lion
sejant arg., sustaining an oval shield per fesse or and gu.,
charged with a bend erm. Mottoes — 1 abyde my tyme;
Vivite fortes.

.S(:o«— Rathsallagh, Grangeton. Town Residence — 6, Fitz-
william Place, Dublin.


Pennington, Frederick, Esq. of Broome Hall,
Surrey, J.P. for Surrey and London, M.P. for
Stockport 1874-85, b. 7 March, 1819; m. 13 June,
1S54, Margaret Landell, dau. of the Eer. John
Sharpe, D.D., Vicar of Doucaster, and Canon of
York, and has issue,

Fredeeic, 6. 20 Dec. 1863.

Evelyn, m. 1884, Capt. Francis, late Royal Irish Regt.

Lilian, m. 1885, Hubert T. Cattley, Esq.

Ada, in. 1886, H. E. Taunton-Collins, Esq.

Lineagre. — Eiciiakd Pennington, Esq., m. 2 Jan. 17^6,
Margaret Leyland, and d. II Dec. 180S, leaving by her (who
d. 10 Aug. 1826) a son,

John Pennington, Esq. of Hindley Lodge, co. Lancaster,
who m. 1796, Elizabeth, dau. of John Hargrcaves, Esq. of
Westhoughton, co. Lancaster, and by her (who d. 1853) had

I. Richard, m. 1st, his cousin, Ann Kargreaves, and had
issue ; 2ndly, Jane Caldicott, of Wood ord.

II. John, m. Mary, dau. of Rev. Dr. Johnson, and had issue.

III. Alfred, d. unm.

IV. Frederick, now of Broome Hall.

I. Ann, 771. Rev. Hugh Evans, ;ind had issue.

II. Catherine, m. 1st, Joseph Mellor, of Bahia, and had
issue ; 2ndly, — Blackburn, M.D.

III. Maria, m. Thomas Thomasson, Esq. of Bolton, and had

Mr. Pennington d. in 1850.

,^-fa«— Broome Hall. Holmwood, Surrey.

Toicn Residence— 11 , Hyde Park Terrace, London, W.


Pennyman, James Stovin, Esq. of Ormesby
Ilall, CO. York, J.P. North Riding of co. Y'ork, b.





15 Oct. 1S30; m. 19 Sept. ]855, Mary Mackenzie,
2nd dau. and co-heir of AVilliam Josepli Coltman,
Esq. of Naburn Hall, co. York, and lias issue,

I. James AVobsley, b. 10 Aur. 18o6 ; m. 6 Oct. 1882, Dora
Maria, 3rd dau. of H. K. Beaumont, Esq., M.P., of Whit-
leyBeaumont, AV.R. co. York, and has issue, James
Beaumont Worsley, b. 17 Dec. 1883; Thomas Henry, b.
16 .May, 1892, and Mary Dorothy.

II. Alfred Worsley, Capt. 25th Kcgt. King's Own Borderers,
6. 7 Oct. 1858.

III. Frank Worsley, b. 15 Jan. 1864; u. 23 Sept. 1831.

IV. William Geoffrey, b. 3 May, 1870.

I. Kdith Mary, in. 26 June, 1890, Capt. George Fraser
Phillips, 14th Regt. only son of late Henry Wyndham
Phillips, of Sydenham, Capt. 14th P.O.W. Regt.

liineag-e. — The Pennymans claim Saxon extraction. The
name was originally written Penna-Man, signifying the chief
head man, and the family was first settled in Kent. From

Thomas Pennyman, of Stokesley, co. York, descended

James Pennyman, Esq. of Ormesby, to whom Sir William
■Scgar, Norroy King of Arms, granted, 1 May, 1599, a crest to
liis coat of arms, viz., "a lion's head erased and pierced with
an arrow or, on a mural crown gules." He m. Ann Burnett,
of Breakhouse, Cleveland, and had a numerous family. The
•eldest surviving son,

James Pennyman, Esq. of Ormesby, m. 1st, Catherine, dau.
■of AVilliam Kingley, Esq. of Canterbury, and 2ndly, Joan
Smith, of London, ty both cf whom he had issue. Mr. Penny-
jnan d. 1655, and was s. by his eldest son,

CoL. Sir James Pennyman, 1st Bart, of Ormesby, a distin-
guished officer under the royal banner during the civil wars,
who was created a baronet 22 Feb. 1663-64, Sir James m. Eliza-
beth, dau. and co-heir of Stephen Korcliffe, Esq., and dying
1680, was s. by his son,

Sir Thomas Pennyman, 2nd Bart, of Ormesby, Lord Privy
Seal to William 111. He ni. Frances, dau. of Sir John Low-
Thcr, of Lowther, co. Westmorland, and was s. 170::), by his
eldest son.

Sir James Pennyman, 3rd Bart, of Ormesby, m. Mary, dau.
of Michael Warton, Esq. of Beverley, andco-heirof her brother,
■fcir Michael Warton, Knt. By her he had issue,

I. James, m. Dorothy, dau. of Most Rev. William Wake,
Archbishop of Canterbury, and d. v. p. an.l jj.^j. 1743.

II. William (Sir), 4th Bart., d. unm. 1708.

III. Warton, who s. as 5th Bart.

IV. Ra'ph. m. a dau. of William Gee, Esq. ol Bishop Burton,
and had issue,

James, who s. as 6th Bart.

1. Catherine, 7?i. R. Bethel, Esq. of Rise.

ji. Dorothy, m. Rev. James Worsley, of Stonegrave, co.
York, younger son of Thomas VVorsley, Esq. of Hovingham
Hall, CO. York, by Mary, his wife, eldest d:iu. of SirThomas
Frankland, 2nd Bart, of Thirkelby, by Elizabeth Russell
liis wife, granddau. of Oliver Cromwell. The son of this
marriage, Col. James Worsley, b. 1764; m. 1789, Lydia,
dau. of Taylor White, Esq., and sister of Sir Tliomas Wol-
laston White, 1st Bart, of Wallingwells, and by her (who d.
19 April, 1832) left at his decease, 1807,

1 James White Worsley, who took the name of Penny-
man, and s. to Ormesby Hall.

2 Thomas Taylor Worsley, Officer in 15th Regt., a Penin-
sular an . Waterloo veteran (medal with clasps), m. 1825,
Rose, 4th dau. of Rev. J. Stovin, D.D., ami d. s. p. 1851.

Z Charles Pennyman Wors ey (Rev.), b. 1798; m. 1826,
Caroline, dau. of Peter Acklom, Esq. of Beverley, and d.
1863, leaving issue,
Charles Bethell, 6. 1830 ; d. 1866.
Pennyman White, b. 1838, late Capt. 60th Rifles.
Mary Caroline, m. 1857, Rev. E. M. Chapman, Rector of
Tuynton, Lincoln.
Harriet Maria.
4 William Worsl?y (Rev.), Rector of Bratoft, co. Lincoln,
h. 1800 ; m. 1825, Louisa, dau. of Rev. W. B. Ramsden.
Wed. 1881, and left issue,

AVilliam Ramsden, b. 1832: m. 1862, Mary, dau. of
.aSneas Macdonald, Esq. of Canada, and d. 11 March,
1871, leaving issue.
Frederick Thomas, a twin brother, 1832 ; d. 1847.
Francis, Capt. in the Mercantile Marine, 6. 1836; to.
1863, Katherine, dau. of Picv. Francis Pickford, co. Lin-
coln, ana has issue,
liichard, an Officer B.N.I., m. 30 Aug. 1877, Edith, 2nd
dau. of M. Staniland, Esq. of Harrington Hall, co.
Lincoln, and has issue.
Louisa Augusta, m. 1863, George Boden, Esq., Q.C., and

Recorder of Derby.
Dinily, m. 1852, Charles George TJppleby, Esq., of co.

Lincoln, and d. 21 Oct. 1870, leaving issue.
Lydia, d. 1859.

Constance, m. 1863, Henry AVinteringham, Esq., C.E.
and has issue ; he d. 1877 ; she d. ISaS. '

III. Mary, d. unm.
Sir James d. 1745. His 3rd son.

Sir AA''arton Pennyman, 5th Bart, of Ormesby, assumed the
additional stirname of Warton. He Hi. Charlotte, dau. of Sir
Charles Hothani, 4th Bart, of Scorborough, by Bridget his
wife, dau. of AV. Gee, Esq., and had issue,

Charlotte, to. Francis Boynton, Esq.

Jlary, m. Williain Berry, Esq. of Bristol.

Maigaret, m. Henry Mai.ster, Esq. of VVinestead.

Haniet, vi. Henry Stapylton, Esq. of Wig-hiu Park.

Caroline, m. Roger Gee, Esq. of Bishop Burton.

Diana, to. Gen. George Hotham.
Sir Warton d. 1770, and was s. by his nephew.

Sir James Pennyman, 6th Bart, of Ormesby, M.P., m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Sir Heniy Grey, 1st Bart, of Howick, co. Nortli.
umberland, and 1st cousin of Earl Grey, by whom (who d. 14
Sept. 1851) he left issue,

I. AVilliam Henry, his heir.

I. Elizabeth. ii. Hannah.

III. Charlotte, m. Lst, 1805, Charles, son, of Sir George
Robinson, Bart., and 2ndly, 1812, John George Boss, Esq.,
and <;. ] 1 Sept. 1832.

IV. Frances Harriot, to. 1st, 29 Nov. 1808, Charles John
Berkely, M.D. of Beverley, and 2ndly, 26 Aug. 1820, J. AV.
C. Robinson, Esq.

Sir James d. 27 March, 1808, and was s. by his son.

Sir William Henry Pennyman, 7th Bart, of Ormesby, m,
Charlotte, dau. of Bethel Robinson, Esq. of Calwick, and d.
1852, when his estates devolved on his cousin,

James AVhite Worsley, Esq. of Ormesby, J.P., Capt, R.E..
who took the surname and arms of Pennyman, b. 5 Nov.
1792 ; TO. 24 March, 1828, Frances, 3rd dau. of Rev. James
Stovin, D.D., Rector of Rossington, co. York, and by her
(who d. 6 June, 1869) had issue,

James Stovin, now of Ormesby Hall.

FYances Maria, m. 17 July, 1855, Forbes MacBean, Esq., late
Li.ut.-Col. 92nd Regt., and has issue.

Capt. J. AV. Pennyman d. 1 Feb. 1870.

Jrms — Gu., a chevron erm. between three broken spears
or, he;ided arg. CreH— On a mural crown gu., a lion's heail
erased or, pierced through the neck with a broken spear in
bend or, head towards the sinister arg. Motto — Fortiter et

Seat— Ormesby Hall, Middlesborough, co. York.


Penrhyn, Edward Hugh Letcestee, Esq. of
East Sheen, Surrey, and of Bournemouth, Hants,
M.A., J. P. and D.L. for co. Surrey, and J.P. for
Hants, late Cliairman of the Quarter Sessions for
Surrey, also late Chairman of County Council same
CO., and late Major 1st Royal Surrey Militia, h. 7
June, 1827; m. 21 April, 1853, Vere, dau. of
Gosling, Esq. of Eotley's Park, Surrey, and of
Hassobuiy, Essex, and has issue surTiving,

I. Arthur Leycester, Barrister-at-Law, 6. 10 March, 1866.

II. George Leycester, b. 25 April, 1871.

I. Charlotte Georgina. ii. Constance Vere.

III. Agnes Eleanor, m. 30 Dec. 1885, Rev. Phipps John
Hornby, Vicar of St. Kichael-on-AVyre, Lancaster.

IV. Amy Gertrude, m. 2 June, 1887, Major Arthur R. Hop-
wood, late Rifle Brigade.

V. Maud Lina. vi. Cecil Mary.

Ijineage. — Edward Leycester, Esq., J.P. and D.L. (son
of Rev. Oswald Leycester, a younger brother of Ralph Ley-
cester, of Toft Hall, Cheshire), b. 16 Sept. 1794, assumed the
surname of Penrbyn in lieu of his patronymic in compliance
with the will of Baroness Penrhyn, of Penrhyn Castle, who d.
about 1817. He m. 16 Dec. 1823, Lady Charlotte Elizabeth
Stanley, e'dest dau. of Edward Smith (Stanley), 13th Earl of
Derby, and by this lady (who d. 15 Feb. 1853) had issue,

Edward Hugh Leycester, now of East Sheen.
Oswald Henry Leycester (Rev.), Rector of Winwick, and
Hon. Canon of Lancashire, m. Charlotte, dau. of the late
Edmund Hornby, Esq. of Dalton Hall, co. Lancaster, and
has issUe,
Charles AVindham Leycester, b. 5 Nov. 1873.
Eihel Frances. Mary Charlotte.

Elizabeth Gertrude.
Mary Charlotte Leycester, m. 1850. the late Morgan Yeat-
man, Esq. of Shawfield, Bromley, Kent.
Emma Catherine Leycester.





Mt. Penrhyn d. 6 March, 18C1.

Seats— East Sheen, Surrey, and The Toft, Eournemouth,


Penrice, Thomas, Esq. of Kilvroiigh, co. Gla-
morgan, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1867, b. G
i^pril, 1820 ; ni. 10 June, 1852, Louisa, 2nd dau.
of Rev. George Ernest Little, of Newbold Pace}',
CO. Warwick, by his wife, Jane S. W. Knightlev,
of The Bury, co. Warwick, and has by her (who d.
3Iarck, 1880) issue,

,1. Louisa Jane, m. Sept. 1879, Admiral Sir Algernon
Maclennan Lyons, K.C.B., and has issue,

Thomas Humphrey Lyons, b. 12 June, ISSO.
Algernon, b. 17 Aug. 1886.

\Yinifredj J J 20Au^. 1885.
Maud J ' "

«. Jane, in. Aug. 1876, William Denman Benson, Esq. of tlie
Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and d. 7 Jan. 1891.

Lineage. — The Penrices of Kilvrough are descended from
an ancient family of the same name ivhich has been for many
generations located at Crowle, co. Worcester. The eldest
tiranch of the family was seated at Penrice Castle, in the
lordship of Gower, co. Glamorgan. The Manor at Castle
of Penrice passed into the family of Mansol of Maryan,
through the marriage of Isabella Penrice with a member of
tliat family in 1420.

Thomas Penrice, Esq. of Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, was the
residuary legatee of John Howe, last Lord C bed worth, and s.
to his lordship's estates in Gloucester and Wilts, which he sold
1810. He m. Hannah Waite, and d. 2 Nov. 181C, leaving by
filer who d. 5 Jan. 1829) five children,

I. John, his heir of Great Yarmouth, and Wilton House, co.
Norfolk, Capt. 15th Hussars, b. 4 June, 1787 ; )». June, 18U),
Maiia Catheiine, eldest d: u. of Herbert Newton Jarrett,
E.sq. of Bromley Lodge, Essex, and by her (who d. Oct. 1867;
had issue,

1 John, of Great Yarmouth, afterwards of Bramerton, Nor-
wich, J.P. and D.L., Major Norfolk Artillery, b. 5 Dec.
1818; m. Charlotte Ann Cobb, and d. s. p. 12 Oct. 1892.

2 Thomas, now of Kilvrough.

3 Herbert Newton, Capt. li.E., d. 8 March, 1890, unm.

4 Charles Berners (Kev.), M.A., Kector of Little Plum.stead,
Norfolk, m. 1864, Catherine, dau. of llev. George How-

5 Fountaine Jones, d. young.

1 Maria Catherine, m. Nov. 1848, Gen. Sir George Colt
Langley, K.C.B., and d. 25 Nov. 1887, leaving issue.

■2 Caroline Leonora, m. Col. Henry Evans, H.E.I.C.S., anJ
has issue.

3 Isabella, m. 19 Aug. 1847, Col. Arthur Walter Onslow,
H.E.I.C.S., 2nd son of Sir Henry Onslow, 2ud Bart, of
Hengar, and d. Dec. 1880, leaving issue.

4 Eiimia Vernon.

.5 Julia, m. 8 March. 1859, Col. Edward C. L. Durnford,

E.M.A., son of Col. Durnford, and has issue.
Mr. Penrice d. Nov 1844.
ai. Thomas, of Kilvrough, co. Glamorgan, Capt. 16th Lancers,
and served in all the Peninsular campaigns under the Duke
of Wellington, purchase], 1820, Kilvrough and other estates
in CO. Glamoigan. He was i. i;i March, 1789, and dying .s. p.
1846, was s. by his nephew, the present Thomas Penbice,
Esq. of Kilvrough.
<ii. Charles (Rev.), 6. 12 Sept. 1791, purchased, 1817, the
Plun stead Hall estates and the perpetual advowsons of
■ Plumstead, Witton, and Brundell, and d. 1853.
1. Hannah Green, m. Nov. 1805, Andrew Fountaine, Esq. of
Narford Hall, Norfolk.
«. Mary, m. .May, 1812, Thomas Trench Berney, Esq. of
Morton Hall and Braconash Hall, co. Norfolk.
Arms — Per pale indented arg. and gu., in dexter chief a
woirs head couped at the neck sa. Crest — A wing elevated
surmounting another arg., the former charged with two mullets
of six points in pale gu. M'dlots — Above the crest, Tuto et
celeiiter; under the arms, Justus et propositi tenax.
Seat — Kilvrough, near Swansea.


Penettddocke, Chaeles, Esq. of Compton Park,
Pyfield, and Baverstocke, Wilts, and Bratton St.
Maur, Somerset, Barrister-at-Law, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sherif

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