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sabella Augusta, to. 1880, Right Hon. Sir William
Gregory, K.C.M.G., of Coole Park, co. Galway.

Mr. Dudley Persse d. Sept. 1878, and was s. by his eldest

Dudley Persse, Esq. of Roxborough, co. Galway, D.L., late
Capt. 7th Fusiliers, served with that Regt. in the Crimea, and
was severely wounded at the Alma, b. 7 Nov. 1829; s. his
father Sept. 1878 ; and d. unm. 13 March, 1892, and was «. by
his brother,

William Norton Persse, Esq. of Roxborough, Major E.A.,
m. Sept. 1860, Rose, 2nd dau. of Rev. A. B. Blesham, Rector
of Wootton, Kent, and has issue,

William Arthur, now of Roxborough.
Rose. Kathleen. Millicent.

Jocelyn. lonie.

Major Persse d.W Feb. 1893.
Seal — Roxborough, Loughrca, co. Gahvay.


Peter, Eev. Egbert Godolphin, present
representative of the family, Eector of Cavendish,
Suffolk, and Eural Dean, b. 31 July, 1818; m.
1860, Catharine Stewart, dau. of the Eev. Alfred
Lvali, Eector of Ilarbledown, Kent.

Xiineag'e. — William Peter (younger son of William
Peter, Esq. of Torr Newton, and brother of John Peter, Esq.
of Torr Newton, ancestorof the Lords Petre), s. to his father's
estates in Dorset and Hants. He ra. Joan, only dau. and
heiress of Sir George Arundel, Knt. of Cahvoodly, co. Devon,
and had a son,

John Peter, of Bowlay, near Exeter, M.P. for that city
temp. Philip and Mart. He m. his cousin, Wilmot, dau. of
John Peter, Esq. of Torr Newton, and sisicr of Sir William
Peter, Secretary of State, and d. 1679, at a very advanced age,
leaving a numerous progeny of sons and daus., amongst whom
wore, I. John, M.P. for Dartmouth, d. s. p. ; ii. Otho, seated
atBowhay; and in. Thomas.

Thomas Peter, the 3rd son, to whom his father made gifts of
divers lands in Cornwall, m. Agnes, dau. of Thomas Godolphin,
Esq. of Godolphin (by his 2nd wife, a dau. of the noble House
of Granville), and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Peter, who served with distinction under Sir
Edward Poyninas, at Havre, and in the Low Countries. In
the 13th of Elizabkth, he was M.P. for F'owey ; in the 14th, for
Penryn; and in the 28th of the same reign, for Dartmouth.
He TO. Thomasine, dau. of John Kestell, Esq. of Kestell, co.
Cornwall, acd left issue, two sons. The elder.

Henry Petee, M.P. for Fowey, temp. James I., m. 1609,
Deborah, dau. of John Treffry, Esq. of Place, and d. 1619,
leaving a son,

Thomas Peter, b. 1610; m. 1632, Elizabeth, only dau.
and heir of Henry Mitchell, Esq. of Harlyn, co. Cornwall.
Having been an active Royalist in the civil wars between
Charles I. and his Parliament, Thomas Peter was for a long
time imprisoned by Cromwell, bui obtained his release on
the 2nd of Feb. 1653, through the influence of his maternal
kinsman, the itelebrated Hugh Peter, who was Cliaplain to the
Protector. He d. 167.5, leaving issue, three sons and a
dau., the wife of Henry Vincent, Esq. His eldest son and

Geegoet Peter, Esq. of Harlyn, High Sheriff co. Cornwall
in the last year of William III. .and the first of Queen Anne's
reign, m. 1658, Elizabeth, dau. of John Groove, Esq. of Goove-
hays, CO. Devon, by whom he had two sons, William, who d.
s. p. in his father's lifetime, and

John Peter, Esq. of Harlyn, who m. 1685, Anne, 2nd dau.
of Sir John Coryton, 2nd Bart, of Newton Ferrers, and co heir
of her brother. Sir William Coryton, 3rd Bart. John Peter d.
1732, leaving issue, three sons,

I. Henry, his successor.

II. William (Rev.), Rector of Mawnan, who by his wife
Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. William Smith, Chaplain to Queen
Anne, left two sons, viz.,

1 William (Rev.„ who s. his father in the rectory of
Mawnan, and m. Harriet, dau. and co heir of Hon. George
Hamilton 2nd son of James, 6th Earl of Abercorn.

2 Robert (Rev.), Rector or Sully, co. Glamorgan, who m.
Martha, dau. of John Franklin, Esq. of the same co.

III . Jonathan, of Portcotton, in. Mary Allen dau. ot Edward
Hoblyn, Esq. of I odniin, by Bridget, dau and co-heir
of John Carew Esq. of PeuMarne, and graiiddau. of the
celebrated Richard Carew, Esq. of Anthony, author of The





Suivei/ of Cornicall, the contcmpora-y and friend of Sir
Philip Sydney and Sir Walter Italeigh (see Peter Hobltn
of Colquitt).

Mr. Peter was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Henry Peter, Esq. of Harlyn, High Sheriff of the co.
Cornwall 20 George II., m. Jlary, only dau. and heir' of
AVilliam Harpur, Esq. of Trevarthen (a younger branch of the
ancient Derby family of that name), and left issue, a son and

William Peter, Esq. of Harlyn, m. his 1st cousin, Mary,
dau. of Jonathan Peter, Esq. of Portcothan, and dying 1776, ,«. by his eldest surviving son,

Henry Peter, Esq. of Harlyn, Col. Eoyal Eegt. of Militia,
•T.P. and D.L. He Hi. Anna Maria, yoimgest dau. of Tliomas
I'lous, Esq. of Piercefield, in Monmouthshire, and, dying iu
1S2I, was s. by his eldest sou,

William Peter, Esq. of Harlyn, M.A., J. P. and D.L., for
some time M. P. for Bodmin, and afterwards H.B.M. Consul for
Pennsylvania, U.S. America, b. 22 March, 1788; m. 1st, 12
Jan. 1809, Frances, only child of Jolin Thomas, Esq. of Chyver-
ton, CO. Cornwall, Vice-Warden of the Stannaries, by whom
(who d. 21 Aug. 183G) he left issue,

I. John Thomas Henry, his heir.

II. EoBERT GoDOLPHiN (Eev.), present representative of
the family.

III. William Ecus, d. s. p. 20 Feb. 1834.

IV. Algernon, Capt. B.A., b. 9 May, 1823 ; d. s. p. 30 Jan.

V. Granville Carminon, d. 17 July, 1833.

VI. George Francis Carew, 6. 3 Aug. 1831 ; m. Louisa, dau.
of WilUam Lydiat, Esq. of Antigua, and widow of Dr.
Heath, and rf. 21 June, 18G5, leaving a dau. hliza Maiy
3Ionica, m. 12 Oct. 1876, Oliver, 2nd son of Sir Oliver
Xugent, of Antigua, and has a son, George, 6. 21 July,
1877, and two daus., Catharine Mary Monica and Frances
Elizabeth Gertrude.

I. Anna Maria, d. luim.

II. Ellen Jane. d. unm.

III. F'rances Mary.

Mr. Peter m. 2ndly, Mrs. King, of Philadelphia, U.S. He d.
1S51. His son,

John Thomas Henry Peter, Esq. of Chyverton, Rarrister-
at-Law, J. P. and D.L., High SheiiEf 1866, b. 23 Jan. 1810: m.
July, 1861, Mary Ann, dau. of John Pembertlies Magor, Esq.
of Lamellen, co. Cornwall. He d. s. -p. 1883, leaving Chyver-
ton to his widow.

Arms — Gu., on a bend or, between two escallops arg , a
Cornish chough ppr. within two cinquefoils az. Ci-est—lwo
lions' heads erased and addorsed, the first or, the second
Mz., gorged with a plain collar counterchanged. Motto— ^ans
Dieu rien.

Heat — Chyverton, Truro, co. Cornwall,


Peters, William Hexry, Esq. of Harefield,
Devon, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1876, formerly
7lh Dragoon Guards, b. 1814; m. Ist, 1840, Mary
Jane, dau. of A. Levy, Esq. of Hutton Hall, near
Penrith, by Jane his -nife, dau. of M. Atkinson,
Esq., J.P., of Temple Sowerby, Westmorland, and
lias issue,

I. Haery Brooke, Maj.-Gen. and late in command 4th Hus-
sars, 6. 1842; TO. 30 April, 1883, Hon. Eosalinda Catherine
Sophia Clifford Butler, only child of James FitzWalter,
15th Lord Dunboyne, and has issue, Henry Clifford
Bctler, b. 24 June, 1884; and Arthur Malcolm, b. 1
June, 1888.

n. Arthur Ernest, I,ieut. 11th Eegt., d. g. p. Jan. 1883.

I. Florence Mary, m. John J. Spedding, Esq. of Greta Bank,

II. Frances Lucy, d. May, 1856.

III. Eleanor Jane, m. Oct. 1867, Col. Sussex Lennox, eldest
son of Lord Sussex Lennox.

IV. Harriet Amy Blackburne, to. 27 Oct. 1874, Alfred
Douglas Dundas Hamilton, Esq. of Gidea Hall, Essex,
J.P. and D.L.

He m. 2ndly 19 Oct. 18S7, Maria Eosalinda, only
surviving dau. of the late Hon. St. John Eutler
(.see Burke's Peerage, Dunboyne, B.).

liineag'e. — This family, which claims to be a branch of
the noble House of Petre, added, it is stated, the " s" during
tlieir sojourn in Wales, where they still possess a paternal
estate. For several generations they were seated at Plat-
bridge House, near Wigan, co. Lancaster, but

Ealph Peters, Esq. of Platbridge, Barrister-at-Law, sold
that estate soon after he succeeded to his uncle Bertie Eutwisle's
West India property. Subsequently he resided near Southport.
Mr. Peters m. Frances, 2nd dau. and co-heir of Eev. Thomas
Blackburne, LL.D. of Thelwall Hall, co. Chester (2nd son of
Thomas Blackburne, Esq. of Orford Hall, Lancashire), by
Margaret his wife, eldest dau. of Sir Eichard Brooke, 4th Bart,
of Norton Priory, and had issue,

I. Thomas (Eev.). Eector of Eastington, co. Gloucester, in
1840, Frances, 4th dau. of Eev. John Adey Curtis Hay-
ward, of Quedgeley House, co. Gloucester, and has had issue,

1 Ealph Entwisle, b. 1843: in. Oct. 1868, Eose Harriet,
dau. of Col. M'Xair, of the Bengal Army, and 0. leaving-
four children.

1 Frances Elizabeth, m. 25 July, 1865, Sir Thomas Hyde-
Crawley-Boevey, 5th Bart, of Flaxley.

II. William Henry, now of Harefield House.

I. Frances Margaret, m. the Eev. Henry Hamilton, of
Thomastown Eectory, Kildare, and has issue.

II. Mary, d. unm. 1840.

Arrm — Gu., on a bend or, between two escallops arg., a
Cornish chough within two cinquefoils az. Great — Two lions'
heads erased and endorsed, the dexter or, the sinister a/..,
each gorged wiiti a plain collar counterchanged. J/oUo— Sans
Dieu rien.

Seat — Harefield, Lympstone, Devon.

Club — Junior Carlton.


Pethick, William, Esq. of Lanoy, co. Corn-
wall, and of Sneyd Park, co. Gloucester, J.P.,
and Alderman of the City of Bristol, h. 3 Nov.
1831 ; m. 23 June, 1857, Ellen, dau. of James
Haycroft, Esq. of Highbury New Park, London,
and has issue,

1. Arthur William, 6. Nov. 1862.

I. JIarion, ni. Eobert Grieve Sommerville, Esq. of Creech
St. Michael, Taunton.

II. Amy.

III. Edna Haycroft.

IV. Ellen Margaret.

Liineag-e. — William Petdick, Esq., d. 1807, leaving by
Anne his wife (who d. 1848), a son,

Thomas Pethick, Esq. of Lanoy, who/n,. 25 Nov. 1830, Susan,
dau. of Matthew Wevill, of NonhhiU, Cornwall, and by her
(who d. 1886) he had issue,

I. William, now of Lanoy.

II. Henry, of Trewartha, Weston-super-Mare, J.P. for
Somerset, in. Fanny, dau. of Daniel Collen, Esq. of Chippen-
ham, and has issue, three sons and five daus.

Mr. Pethick d. 1884.

<Sea(s — Lanoy, Launceston ; and Sneyd Park Bristol.


Petley, Charles Ralph Carter, Esq. of
Eiverhead, Kent, h. 5 June, 1877, s. his grand-
fatlier 1890.

Xiineagre. — The family of Petley is one of great antiquity j
in Kent, and can be traced back to the time of Henry III.
It was originally seated at Downe, in that co. and afterwards
at Halsted and Eiverhead. About the year 1620,

Ealph Petley^, son of Thomas Petley, of Filston, iu j
Shoreham, a scion of the Halstead family, m. Elizabeth Cam,
of London, and became the owner of Eiverhead, 1625, he was
father of

Ealph Petley, Esq., b. 1645, who was of Eiverhead, Kent,
and seiTcd as High Sheriff 1680. He m. 1667, Jane, dau. of
Sir John Seyliard, Knt. of Chiddlngstone, Kent, and d. 25 July,
1704, aged 50, having had issue,

I. Thomas, of Eiverhead, ?/i. Margaret, one of tlie three daus.
and co-heirs of Thomas Gifford, Esq., and had issue,

1 Gilford, d. ixnm.

2 Kalph, of Eiverhead, d. unm. Sept. 1751, having be-
queathed his estates to his cousin, Charles Petley, Store-
keeper of the Ordnance.

1 Jane, d.

II. John, ol whom presently. in. Ealph, d. unm.
I. Jane, ra. 1st, Edmund Fowler, Esq. of Ashe, and 2ndly,

Stephen Lushington, Esq.
The 2nd son,

John Petley, to. Jane Lockyer, and (besides a dau. Jane,
who d. I'.am.) had a son,





Charles Petley, Esq., Storekeeper of the Ordnance at
Chatham, afterwards of Riverhead, m. 13 June, 1752, Elizabeth,
dau. of Eobert Paul, Esq. of Ewart, co. Northumberland, and
</. July, 1765, baring had issue,

Kalph Robert Cabteb. Iiis heir.

Charles, rf. young, 17G0. John, d. unm. 1792.

Twisden, d. young.

Elizabeth, vi. Philip Cade, Esq. of Greenwich, d. s. p.

Judith, d. unm.

Jane, m. Ut, Kenneth McKenzie, of Tarbat House, N.B.,
who claimed to be heir of the forfeited earldom of Cro-
marty, and 2Qdly, Donald Macleod, Esq. of Geanies, N.B.

The eldest son,

Ralph Robert Carter Petlet, Esq. of Eiverhead, m.
5 May, 1778, Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Campbell, M.D., of
Poole, Dorset, and d. 19 June, 1788, having had issue by her
<who d. Oct. 1825),

Charles Carter, his heir.

Horace, m. 1st, Elizabeth Sole, of Plymouth, by whom he
had, Horace Cade, d. an infant, and Elizabeth, who m. the
late Major P. M. Petley. He m. 2ndly, Sarah Twiyg, and
had by her, Sarah Elizabeth (deceased), m. Capt. Robert
Cliristie, of Durie, N.B. ; Mary; Charles; and Jane, in.
Donald Matheson.
John Cade, Col.-Comm. E.A., m. Louisa Valverde de Calde-
ron, of Gibraltar, and had surviving issue, Robert, Major,
Prc'fessor at Sandhurst Military College ; John Campbell ;
Louisa, m. Col. FitzGerald ; Jane, m. Percy William
• Hewgill, Esq., E.A. ; Ellen; Antoinette; Mary; Julia, lu.
Capt. Gurney.
The eldest son,

Charles Carter Petlet, Esq. of Riverliead, m. 1st, 6 Nov.
1806, Annabella, dau. of Donald Macleod, of Geanies, co.Ross,
Sheriff Depute of that shire, and by her (who d. 3 Dec. 1812)
Charles Robert Carter, late of Eiverhead.
Patrick Macleod, Major in the army, m. 28 July, 1842,
Elizabeth, dau. of Lieut. Horace Petley, E.N., and d. 24
Dec. 1875.
He m. 2ndly, 9 July, 1814, Ellen, dau. of Henry Woodgate,
Esq. of Riverhill, Kent, and by her (who d. 3 Dec. 1839; had

Henry (Rev.), m. 28 March, 1869, Elizabeth, dau. of Mr.
Thomas George, of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, and hao
, issue, three sons.

John Alexander Charles, late 58l:h Eegt., of Auckland, New

Zealand, m. a Maori lady, and has i^sue, John ; Charles ;

Harriet; Ellen ; Gladnin ; and Patrick, d. Dec. 1871.

Charles Robert Carter Petlet, Esq. of Eiverhead, Kent,

J.P., M.A., Oxford, 6. 9 Sept. 1807 ; to. 10 Aug. 1843, Martha,

dau. of Francis Woodgate, Esq. of Ferox Hall, Tunbridge,

Kent, and d. 23 May, 1890, leaving issue,

I. Chakles Carter, Capt. East Kent Militia, b. 9 July. 1844;
7)1. 14 Oct. 1875, Kathleen, 2nd dau. of Col. Munns, St.
Martin's, Canterbury, and d. 15 Feb. 1882, leaving by her
<who d. 30 July, 1881) issue,

Charles Ealph Carter, now of Eiverhead.
Kathleen Norah, b. 1 Nov. 18s0 ; d. 15 May, 1891,

II. Francis Woodgate, M.A. Merton Coll. Oxford, b. 24 Jan.
1849; t^. 21 April, 1877.

III. John Macleod, 6. 2 Oct. 1856; m. 2 July, 1891, Alice,
youngest dau. of George H. Ballard, Esq. of Sevenoaks, and
"has issue, Mary Enid, 6. 13 Dec. 1892.

I. Martha Annabella, in. 26 Oct. 1887, Eev. F. Harrison

II. Mary Elizabeth, d. 12 Feb. 1874.

III. Katheiine Ellen, d young.

Anns — Arg., two bends engrailed sa., a canton of the last.
Crest — A cubit arm in armour erect ppr., garnished or, gra^^p-
ing a scimitar by the blade also ppr., hilted or.

iStp.t— Eiverhead, Sevenoaks,


Petee, Edwaed Heney, Esq. of Whitlej
Abbey, co. Warwick, J. P. and D.L. for co. Warwick,
High Sheriff 1877, b. 21 Feb. 1831 ; m. 29 Oct.
1857, Lady Gwendaline Talbot, sister and co-heir
of Bertram Arthur, 17th Earl of Shrewsbury and
Waterford, and has issue,

I. Oswald Henry Philip, b. 1S62, Lieut. Warwickshire Yeo-
manry Cavalry.
n. Bertram Edward, b. 1873.

I. Mary Adela, 6. 1861.

II. Mary Gwendaline, b. 1865; m. 8 Sept. 1887, Sir Henry
Alfred Doughty Tichbome, 12th Bart.


Mr. Petre is 3rd son of the late Henry William
Petre, Esq. of Dunkenhalgli, co. Lancaster, bv
Adeliza Maria his 2nd wife, dau. of Henry Howard,
Esq. of Corby, and grandson of the Hon. George
William Petre, 2nd son of Robert Edward, yth
Lord Petre {see Bueke's Peerage).

Seat — Whitley .\bbey, near Coventry. Town Residence —70,
Cadogan Garden*", S.W.
««!>— Travellers'.


Pettiwaed, Robeet John, Esq. of Finborougli
Hall, Suffolk, M.A., J.P., High Sheriff 1867-68,
late Major West Suffolk Militia, b. 1819 ; m. 1855,
Lady Frances Catherine Nelson, dau. of Thomas,
2nd Earl Nelson, and by her (who d. 1877) has issue,
nine daus. Mr. Pettiward, only son of Robert
Bussell, Esq. of Bath, by Frances his wife, dau. of
Rev. Henry Eyre, of Landford, Wilts, assumed by
royal licence, 22 Jan. 1856, the surname and arms
of Pettiwaed in compliance with the testamentary
injunction of Roger Pettiward, Esq. of Great
Fniborough, deceased. He had three sisters,
all now deceased, Frances Mary ; Caroline Martha ;
and Jane Catherine, m. Rev. Thomas Massingberd
Pyke, Rector of Onehouse, Suffolk, who d. 1876.

Lineage. — The Pettiwards, seated formerly at Bury St.
Edmunds, were resident and held considerable property at
Putney, Surrey, in the 17th century. That estate still re-
mains in the possession of the present Mr. Pettiward, as does
also an estate at Onehouse, Suffolk, derived from a period
antecedent to 1700.

Arms — Arg., a cross ragulee sa., charged with five etoiles of
the first. Crest — A croi^s as in the arms.

-Stat— Finborough Hall, Stowmarket, Suffolk.


Pettox, Jame.s Reynolds, Esq. of Laheen, co.
Leitrim, J.P., Higli Sheriff 1879, b. 1813 ; s. his
brother 1875.

Lineage.— Rev. Thomas Pevton, Prebendary of Kinvarra,
in the Cathedral of Cloniert, Oct. 1627, and Rector of Ballin-
robe, CO. Mayo, 5 Nov. 1631, was father of

John Peyton, Esq. of Boyle, co. Roscommon, m. Catherine,
dau. of Humphrey Reynolds, Esq. of Loughscur, co. Leitrim,
by Russell his wife, dau. of Sir James Ware, Knt., Auditor-
Gen, of Ireland, and by her (who d. 19 May, 1664) had issue ;
I. Humphret ; II. George, of Streamstown, co. Westmeath ;
III. Oliver. The elder son,

Humphrey Peyton, Esq. of Boyle, co. Boscommon, d. in-
testate (administration, 10 June, 1669), leaving issue by his
wife Elizabeth,

I. James Peyton, Esq. of Driney House, co. Leitrim, m.
Catherine, dau. of James Reynolds, Esq. of Loughscur
Castle, CO. Leitrim, and widow of Robert Sandys, Esq., and
had issue,

1 George, of Driney.

2 James, of Cartrons, co. Roscommon, 6. 1716; d. 1790.
leaving by Hannah his wife, dau. of Edward Wynne,
Esq., three sons (John, William, and Wynne) and a dau.
Catherine, m. Archibald Eraser, Esq.

George, of Driney House (the elder son), m. Jane, dau.
of Walter Gray, Esq. of Tubbercuriy, co. Sligo, aud d. IsO.i.
having had a son,

Walter Peyton, Esq. of Driney House, J.P., Dcputv-
Governor, co. Leitrim, m. Nov. 17S9, Alice, eldest dau.
of Richard Cunningham, Esq. of Portshane, co. Leitrim
and had (with a dau. Alice, m. Laurence Park, Esq.) one

son, ,„ - ,^ •

Capt George Hamilton Contnoham Peyton, of Dnmy

House, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1815, b. 9 Nov. 1791 :

m. 15 Dec. 1818, Eliza, dau. of James Duncan, Esq., and

left issue.

Rev. Walter Conyngham, of Driney House, M..\., Rural

Dean, Incumbent of liillis, CO. Cavan, 6. 1821 ; m. 1856:

Margaret, dau. of Kev. James M'Creight, Eector of

Keady, co. Armagh, and granddau. of William Foster,

Bishop of Clogher.

James Duncan, m. 21 June, 1870, Harriett Elizabeth,
youngest dau. of the late Capt. William Gary, 17th Eegt.,
Adjutant Carlow Rifles, and has issue, William "Walter,

6 JL





6. 21 March. 1871 ; Alsrernoti, 6. 2 Jan. 1876; Mary, &. 13

Oct. 1872: Olive Mabel, 6. 28 Oct. 1877; Ethel Mildred, 6.

9 Oct. 1878.
George Richard.
Henry Alfred, m. Ida, dau. of Eer. Joseph Hamilton,

Kcitorof Tara, co. Meath, and has issue, two sons, George

and ■\Ve.srn>pp.
Oliver, settled ia Australia, m. Emma Bellman.
Hannah Maiia. Elizabeth Arnold.

II. John, of Laheen.

I. Catherine.
The 2nd eon,

John Pettov, Esq. of Laheen, co. Leitrim, High Sheriff
1731, m. .a dau. of James Reynolds, sister and co-heir of
Christopher Reynolds, Esq. of Laheen, co. Leitrim. and had
issue, I. Tobias; ii. Reynolds; iii. Martin; iv. Henry;
V. John ; i. Anne. The eldest son,

Tobias Peyton, Esq. of Laheen, and Oxhill co. Leitrim, m.
n dau. of John Yeadon, Esq. of Abbey boylcj Roscommon, and
Had issue. The eldest son,

John Peyton. Esq. of Laheen, High Sheriff of Leitrim 1751,
7B. a dau. of Robert Hamilton, Esq. of co. Cavan, and had
. I. John, his heir.

II. HamilTon, m. Susannah, dau. of William Chambers, Esq.
of Kilboyne, co. Mayo, and relict of Edmond Finn, Esq.,
and by her had a son,

John Hamilton, who m. 1814, Mary, dau. and heir of Bryan
Cunningham, Esq. of Port, and had by her four sons and
six daus..

2 Hamilton, b. 1822.
4 William, 6. 1836.

3 Mary.

C -Vnne.

1 Bemar.1, 6. 1818.

3 John, b. 1823.
1 Susannah. 2 Jane.

4 Emily. 6 Margaret.
The son and heir,

John Peyton, of Laheen, High Sheriff, and Lieut.-Col.
Leitrim Mililia, 6. 1759; m, Mary, dau. of George Nugent
Reynolds, Esq., of Letterfyan, co. Leitrim, and sister and co-
heir of George Nugent Reynolds, Esq. of same place, and by
her (who vi. 2ndly, Richard McNamara, Esq.) had issue,-

John Reynolds, his heir.

Jane, m. Juhn Lambert, 2nd son of Walter Lambert, Esq.
of Castle Lambert, co. Galway.

Mr. Peyton d. at Raheen, May, 1806, and s. by his son,

John Reynolds Peyton, Esq. of Laheen, m. 1st, Louisa,
eldest dau. of Samuel Scott, Esq. of Dublin, and 2ndly, Alicia,
dau. of Andrew Ennis, Esq. of Roebuck, co. Dublin, by whom
he left at his decease, 1850, two sons,

I. RicHABD Reynoldb, late of Laheen.

II. James Reynolds, now of Laheen.

Ai'ms—Sa.., a cross engrailed or, in the 1st quarter a mullet
STg. Crest — A grittin .sejant or. J/o(Jo—Palior, potior.
Seat — Laheen, co. Leitrim.

Phelips, William Egbert, Esq. of Montacute,
CO. Somerset, J.P. and D.L., late 6th Dragoon
Guards; b. 30 March, 1846; m. 1st, 2 Dec. 1875,
Cicely Grace Augusta, dau. of Frederick Fane,
Esq. of Movies Court, Hampshire, and by her (who
d. 4 March, 1877) has a dau. Marjorie Cicely. He
m. 2ndly, 1 Jan. 1881, Constance Louisa, eldest
dau. of the Hon. Sir Spencer Cecil Ponsonby Fane,
K.C.B., of Brympton Park, Somerset, by his wife,
the Hon. Louisa Anne Rose, 3rd dau. of Henry
Augustus, 13th Viscount Dillon, and by her has,

I. Edward Frederick, 6. 22 Feb. 1882.

I. Clare Louisa, b. lf> March, 18b3.

II. Gerard Almarus, 6. 12 Aug. 1884.

Lineage.— Without dwelling on the tradition that the
Phelips family oriuinally migrated into .Somerset from Wales,
it is certain that it has been seated in cos. Somer.set and
Dorset for many centuries, and the muniments of title prove

Thomas Phelipp, armiger, was a landowner and resident at
Montacute in 1479. He m. Jane, widow of Abbott of Pen-
dower, was eschcator for Somerset and Dorset, 19 Edward IV.
and on his death in 1501, was bur. in the Priory of
Montacute. He left two sons, Richard, his heir, and Thomas,
d. s. p. 1565. The eldest,

Richard Phelipp, Esq. of Montacute and Charborough,
Dorset, was tscheator for Somereet and Dorset, M.P. for

Melcombe Regis 19 Henry VJII., and for Dorset 1 Philip and
Mary. He left by Emalyn, his 1st wife,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. William, iii. Henry.
I. Edith, m. Sir John Horsey, Knt. of Clifton Mavbank. i

Dorset. " *

He d. 1560, and wa,s s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Phelips, Esq. of Montacute, 6. 1500, who left, by '
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Smythe, Esq.of Long Ashtoii, I
Somerset, who d. 1598,

I. John, of Corfe Mullen, Dor.sct, M.P. for Poole 1555. h.
1535 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas Speke, Knt. Hi.-s
great-grandson Edward PheJipps d.s.p. 1675, when CorlV
Mullen passed to Thomas, 3rd sou of Edward Phelipps.
Esq. of Montacute. i

II. Thomas (Sir), of Barrington, Somerset, 6. 1548; m. 1st, |
Jane, dau. of James Compton, i^sq. of South Petherton i
2ndly, Jane, dau. of Sir John Clifton. His son, Thomas,
was knighted 1603, and created a Bar^ 1619-20. The title-
became extinct 1690, with the 4th Bart.

III. Richard, m. Mary, dau. of Bartholomew Skeme, Esq. of
PaswykeHall, Essex, and had issue, four daus., one of whom,
Elizabeth, m. Sir Henry Ludlow, of Maiden Bradley, Wilts.

IV. Edward, of whose line we treat.

I. Ur-ula, m. John Farwell.

II. Elizabeth, m. Christopher Ancketill.

III. Audrey, m. Robert Ivell.
He d. 1588. The 4th son.

Sir Edward Phelipps, Knt. of Montacute, knighted by
King James, previous to his coronation, 1603, was Master of
the Rolls, Chancellor to Henry, Prince of Wales, and
Speaker of the House of Commons; Queen's Sergeant in
1602; he (according to Camden) built before 1601, the
present house at Montacute, one of the finest specimens of
Elizabethan architecture in England. He m. 1st, Elizabeth,
dau. of Robert Newdigate, Esq. of Hawnes, co. Bedfo

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