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The elder son,

James Phillips, Esq., m. 1702, Margaret Haynes, co. Cavan,
and with her acquired estates in that co. He was s. by hi*
only son,

Thomas Phillips, Esq., m. Mary Anne, dau. of John
Wade, Esq. of Clonebrany, co. Meath, and d. intestate (.-.d-
ministration granted 24 Dec. 1730), leaving an only son anj

Michael Phillips, Esq. 6. 1730, who obtained under the
will of his maternal uncle, John Wade, Esq., the lands of.
Coolior or Asligreen, co. Meath. He m. 1771, Mabel, dau. of
Stearne Tighe, Esq. of Dublin (4th son of Alderman Richard
Tighe), and by her was father of

Thomas Phillips, Esq. of Ashpark, co. Meath. to. 1st,
Anne, dau. of John Tandy, Esq. of Johnsbrook, co. Meatli,
and by her had issue,

I. Michael, his heir.

II. Thomas, M.D., who settled in Canada.

I. Mabel.

II. Marian, m. Robert Miller, Esq.

Mr. Phillips to. 2ndly, Helen, dau. of Joshua Nunn, Esq. of St.
Margaret's, co. Wexford, and by her had issue,

III. Joshua.

III. Frances. iv. Jane.

v. Marianne. vi. Elfrida.

His eldest son,

Michael Phillips, Esq. of Glenview, Major in the Cavan
Militia, J. P. co. Cavan, b. 1796 ; m. 1832, Mary Anne, dau. of
Higatt Tench, Esq. of Ballyhaly, co. Wexford, by Frances his
wife, eldest dau. of Joshua Nunn, Esq. of St. Margaret's, and
d. 23 Dec. 1876, leaving two sons,

I. Thomas George Johnston, now of Glenview.

II. Heygate Henry, M.D., Dublin and Cambridge, for-
merly Assistant-Surgeon 44th Rcgt., b. 1841; m. 1870,
Fanny, only child of Henry Meredith, Esq. of Edgbaston,
near Birmingham, and has a son, Thomas Harry Meredith,
and two daus.

Seat— Glenview, Belturbet, co. Cavan.


Phillips, John Henley Shawe, Esq. of
Culham House, co. Oxford, b. 16 April, 1867.

Lineagre.— John Shawe Phillips, Esq. of Culhain
House, J. P. and D.L. (son of John Phillips, Esq. of Culham,
by his wife, Philippa), served as High Sheriff of co. OxforJ
1842. He TO. Anna, dau. o Thomas Duffield, Esq. oi
Marcham Park, M.P., and dying 1859, left, with other issue,
an elder son and heir.





.JOHN Shawe Phillips, Esq. of Culham House, co. Oxford,
J.P. for Berks and Oxon, and D.L. for the latter co. , 6. 20
.Ian. 1843 ; m. 22 Feb. 18GG, Maria Elizabeth, only dau. of
Henley G. Greaves, Esq. of Elmsall Lodge, co. York, and
had, ^vith other issue,

John Henley Shawe, now of Culham House.
Mr. J. S. Phillips d. April, 1893, and was s. by liis eldest son.

Seat — Culham House, Abingdon.


Phillips, William Page Thomas, Esq. of The
Cedars, co. Suffolk, J.P. and D.L., b. 20 Sept. 1833 ;
educated at Eton, M.A. (Exeter Coll.), Oxford,
J{arrister-at-Law ; m. 23 July, 1857, Clara Matilda,
eldest dau. of Henry Browning, Esq. of Grosvenor
Street, London, and has had issue,

I. AVilliani Pajre, 6.5 Aug. 1858; educated at Eton ; d. unm.
26 March, 1884.

II. Henry Western Page, 6. 22 May, 1860 ; educated at
Eton ; m. 1 July, 1890, Florence Erma Anielie, youngest
dau. of William Walsey Martin, Esq. of Delamere Ter-
race, Paddington.

Lineagre. — Thomas Phillips, Esq. of co. Monmouth, rr...
Ann (a lineal descendant of Sir David Gam, knighted at
Agincourt for saving the King's life), dau. of Benjamin James,
Esq. of Crickhowell, co. Brecon, and by her (who d. 6 Oct.
1854) had issue,

I. Thomas (Sir), Q.C., Mayor of Xewport (Mon.), at tlie time
of the Chartist outbreak, b. Sept. IbOl, d. unm. 26 May,

II. Benjamin.

Mr. Phillips d. 6 Jan. 1845. His 2nd son,

Benjamin Phillips, Esq., F.R.S., F.R.C.S.,6. 7 April, 1805;
m. 5 April, 1832, Elizabeth, younger dau. of William Woods
Page, Esq. of Woodbridge, Suffolk, J.P. and D.L. (his sister
Slaria, ra. Sir Matthew Wood, father of Lord Hatherley, and
grandfather of Gen. Sir H. Evelyn Wood, K.C.B., V.C.) Mr.
Phillips d. 11 June, 1861, leaving by Elizabeth his wife (who
d. 29 July, 1881), an only son,

William Page Thomas Phillips, Esq., now of The Cedars.

Scat— The Cedars, Wood bridge, Suffolk.


Phipps, Charles Nicholas Paul, Esq. of
Chalcot, Wilts, J.P. and D.L., High Slieriff 1888,
M.P. for Westbury 1880-5, Major Wilts Yeo-
manry, b. 4 Nor. 1845 ; m. 13 Oct. 1874, Clare
Emily, dau. of Sir Frederick Hervey Bathurst,
Bart, of Clarendon Park, Wilts, by Clare Emily
Ids wife, youngest dau. of Sir Kichard Brooke, 6th
Bart, of Norton Priory, Cheshire, and has issue,

I. Charles BAxncRST Hele, b. 8 Feb. 1889.
I. Evelyn Cecilia. ii. Norah Jacintha.

IIL Alice Mary. iv. Clare Dorothy.

V. Gladys Hose. vi. Violet Victoiia.

Lineagre. — The Phipps family has for a very long period
been settled in Wilts. The name appears in the parish books
of Westbury previous to 1500.

Henry Phipps, Ump. Henry VII., was possessed of lands
of Westbury and Charlford. He d. " stroken in yeares," and
by his will, dated 1598, left his property to

Nicholas Phipps, living 1568, who had estates in the parish
of Westbury, and was Lord of the Manor of Leigh. He left
three sons i. Nicholas, ancestor of tlie familj" of Phipps oJ
lUywood House, Wilts, extinct in the male line ; ii. Thomas, of
whom we treat ; in. Paul. The 2nd son,

Thomas Phipps, was father of Thomas Phipps, whose son,
Padl Phipps, added greatly to the patrimonial estates of his
family in the parish of Westbury. He left two sons, i. John,
J. P., whose sons d. s. p.; ii. Thomas. The 2nd son,

Thomas Phipps, Esq. of Leighton House. Wilts, J. P., High
SheiifF 1734, and M.P. for Westbury, m. 21 March, 1705,
Christian, only dau. of Thomas Warner, Esq. of Warminster
and Sutton Magna, Wilts, and dying 1747, was s. by his son,

Thomas Phipps, Esq. of Leighton House, J. P., Receiver-
beneral for Wilts Curing fifty-seven years, and High Sheriff
'1774. He m. Jane, dau. and co-heir of Henry Hele, Esq. of

Sarum, M.D., and had issue, a dau. Maria, m. Bryan Edwards,
Esq., M.P. for Southampton, author of the History of Jamaica.
and a son,

Thomas Hele Phipps, Esq. of Leichton House, m. 1774,
Penelope, dau. of Lewis Clutterbuck, Esq. of Widcombe House],
near Bath, and by her (who m. 2ndly, Gilbert Trowe Beckett
Turner, Esq. of Penlcigh House, Wilts, High Sheriff 1807>
had issue,
Thomas Henry Hele, his heir.

Charles Lewis, of Dilton Court, Wilts, Lieut.-Col. Wiltshire
Yeomanry Cavalry, b. 17s2, J.P. and D.L., High ShcrifT
1833 ; m. 7 March, 1808, Sophia, dau. and co-heir of Sir
John Hales, Bart, of Hale Place, Kent, and d. 9 Aue
1862. ^

Paul, Lieut.-Col. in the army, K.H., served throughout the-
Peninsula, and was at Waterloo, 6. 18 Jan. 1789 ; m. Mrs.
Kingston, widow of Benjamin Kingston, Esq. cf Waltort
Hall, and eldest dau. of John Saunders, Esq. of Downes,.
Hants, and dying 22 Nov. 1858, left (with one dau.
Jacintha Penelope, m. 14 June, 1859) her cousi', Thomas
H. H. Leckonby Phipps, Esq. of Leighton House, a son,
Capt, Phipps, who distinguished himself in the Crimea and
under Havelock at the capture of Lucknow.
Mr. Phipps d. 10 Sept. 1820, and wass. by his son,

Thomas Henry Hele Phipps, Esq. of Leighton House, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1804, and Chairman of the Wilts
Quarter Sessions at Warminster, b. 30 Nov. 1777; m. 1799,
Mary, only dau. and heir cf William Leckonby, Esq. of Great,
Eccleston and Hothersall Hall, co. Lancaster, and by her (who
d. 22 May, 1835) had issue,
Thomas Henry Hele, of Leighton House, Wilts, and Butleigh
Court, Somerset, b. 15 March, 1800; vi. 1827, Hester, only
dau. of William Hall, Esq. of Barton, co. Oxford, and dying
4 April, 1847, left issue. His eldest son and heir, Th >mas
Henry Leckonby Hele Phipps, Esq. of Leightcn House,
Wilts, m 14 June, 1859, his cousin, Jacintha Penelope,
only dau. of Lieut.-Col. Paul Phipps, K.H., and dying s. x>.
was s. by his uncle.
John Lewis, of Leishton House, Wilts, J.P. and D.L., Higji
SherilT 1864, b. IbOl ; m. 11 Sept. 1834, Mary Anne, dau. of
Capt. Barney, R.N., and ward of Lawrence Heyworth, tsq.
of Yew Tree, near Liverpool, and d. 1870. leavmg by her
(who d. 1877). a son, Richard Leckonby Hothersall
Phipps, Esq. of Leighton House, co. Wilts, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1884, b. 1842 ; m. 1871, Julia, dau. of the late
Henry Alcock. Esq. of Aireville, Skipton, co. York, and d.
2 Nov. 1889, leaving an only son, John Lewis, b. 1872.
Richard Leckonby, Col. 68th Regt.,of Charlton House, Somer-
set, b. 1804; m. 184'2, Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Lowe, Esq.
of Harefield House, Surrey, and d. 21 Oct. 1876, leaving-

Edward James, Rector of Stansfield, Suffolk. 6. 1806 ; m. 21
Aug. 1844, Susanna, dau. of the Ven. Archdeacon Burton,
and d. 1884, leaung issue.
Arthur Constnntine, of Whitstone House, Somerset, b. 1809 :
III. Frances Henrietta, diiu. of John Payne Tudway, Etq.,
M.P.,andrf. 1867, leaving issue.
Charles Paul, of Chalcot.
Emma Mary, d. 1891.
Mary Jacintha, d. 1841.

Mr. Phipps d. 8 Aug. 1841. His youngest son,

Charles Paol Phipps, Esq. of Chalcot and Dilton Court,
Wilts, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1875, M.P. for Westbury,
1869-74, 6. 26 Sept. 1815. m. 21 March, 1844, Emma Mary, dau.
of M. Benson, Esq. of Liverpool, and granddau. of M. Benson,
Esq. of Lutwyche Hall, Salop, and by her, who d. 11 Jan. 1882,
had issue,

I. Charles Nicholas Paul, now of Chalcot.

II. William Wilton, b. 15 March, l»47 ; m. 9 Nov. 187G,
Jessie, dau. of William Butler Duncan. Esq. of New York,
and has issue, 1 Paul. b. 3 March, 1880 ; 2 William Duncan,
b. 16 June, 1882; 1 Margaret Percy; 2 Rachel Mary

III. Thomas Hele, b. 10 Aug. 1848, M.-ijor 7th Hussars, d. at
Cairo, 20 July, 1885, while returning from service in ihe-
Soudan with the expedition for the relief of Khartoum. ♦

IV. Frederick llolhersall, b. II Feb. 1856.

I. Etheldreda.

II. Susan Jacintha, m. I Oct. 1S84, George Augustus Eliott,
only son of Sir George Tapps-Gervis Meynck, Bart, of
Hinton Admiral, co. Hams, and ol Bodorgan. Anglesey.

Mr. Phipps d. 8 June, 1880.
Arms—Sa.., a trefoil slipped, between eight mullets arg.
CVe«(— A lion's gamb cuuped erect sa., holding a mullet


Sca<— Chalcot, Westbury, Wilts.


PiCKERSGlLL-CuNLiFPE, II AEET, Esq. of Chester-
ford Park, co. Essex, J. P., cos. Essex and E. E.




PI a

Yorkshire, I. 1858 ; vi. 1880, Arlette Tsobel, dau.
of Cliarles W. Keynolds, Esq., J.P. of Eamslade,
Berks, and had issue, two daus.

Lineage. — John Tickersgill, Esq. of Nctherne House,
f^urrey, and Tavistock Square, London (son of John Pickers-
jjill and Mary his wife), b. 13 Aug. ITS.'i; m. 2 Aug. 1810,
•■^ophia, youngest dau. of John CunhfTe, Esq. of High House,
Addinghain, co. York, and sister of Ellis Cunliffe Lister Kay,
3Csq. of Manningham, and by her (who d. 20 Dec. 1874, aged
Hi) had issue,

I. William Ccnliffe, his heir, late of Blendon Hall and
Ketherne House, J.l'., 6.22 Oct. 1811; to. 17 Dec. 1335,
Anna, dau. of George Washington lliggs, Esq. of Wood-
villc, near Baltimore, U.S.A., and d- Isi)!, leaving issue,

1 William Ccnliffe, 6. 4 Feb. 1844; in. 18 Feb. 1865,
Sophia, 2nd dau. of Joseph Whitaker, Esq. of Palermo,
and d s. p. at 18 May, 1SG8, v.p.

2 John, b. 4 Sept. 1846 : d. v. p. 5 June, 184S.

i Sophia, VI. 23 April, 1857, Louis Jay, Esq. of Frankfort-

2 Anna Riggs, m. 1 June, 186G, Carl Jay, Esq., also of


n. John Ccnliffe Pickersgill Ccnliffe, Esq. of Hooloy,
Coulsion, Surrey, assumed, l>y royal licence, the additional
.surname and arms of Ccnliffe 1867 ; b. 28 March, 1819;
m. 30 Jan. 1849, Helen Hutton, 2nd dau. of the late Very
Rev. T. Dale, Dean of Rochester, and d. 1873, having had

1 John Cunliffe, of Coulsdon, Surrey, B.A., Barrister-
at-Law, b. 28 Dec. 1850; d. 1880.

2 Harry, of Chesterlord Park.

3 Charles, b. 1863 ; vi. dau. of 0. L. Master, Esq. of
Barrow Green, Surrey.

1 Helen Dale. 2 Mary Harriette.

3 Evelyn Sophia. 4 Gertrude Annci.

5 Alice. 6 Mabel.

7 Ethel. 8 Kaiharine.

9 Milicent.
an. Thomas Thompson, b. 1821 ; d. unm. 1847.

I. Sophia, 111. 4 .(an. 1844, Robert Kodger, Esq., J. P., of
Pladlow Castle, Tonbridge, Kent (both deceased), and had

II. Harriette Eliza, m. IS April, 1865, Rev. Henry Shepherd,
Rector of Chaldon, Surrey, and has issue.

air. Pickersgill d. 11 Nov. 1865.

JiTiu< — Arg., three eagles, wings elevated sa., on a chief gu.
as many fountains ppr. Crtst — On a rock ppr. an eagle, wings
elevated sa., bezanlee, and holding in thd beak a cross-cross-
let titch^e or. Motto — Quae recta sequor.

Seat — iJlendon Hall, liexley, Kent. Residence — 77, Marina,
■St. Leonards-on-Sea, Surjsex.


Pierce, John Timbkell, Esq. of Frettons, co.
Essex, J.P., D.L., called to the Ear at the Middle
Temple 186S, when he joined the Home (now
iSouth Eastern) Circuit, h. 30 Nov. 1831 ; m. 7
Aug. 1861, Mary, younger dau. of the late Henry
Milward, Esq. of Redditch, J.P. for cos. Worcester
und Warwick, and has issue,

I. John Timbrell Milward, b. 11 May, 1862; m. 6 July,
ISsG, Annie Wylio, only dau. of John Macgregor, Esq.,
31. D., and has issue, John Timbrell Nelthorpe and
Mary Vt'inifred.

ji. Francis Dormer, 6. 7 July, 1869.

I. Mary Milward, ra. 10 April, 18S8, Sir Fielding Clarke,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at Hong Kong,
formerly Chief Justice of Fiji.

II. Catherine Frances.

III. Margaret Eleanor. iv. Eliza Janet.
V. AVinifred. vi. Esther.
Lineagre. — This family was, until the beginning of this

century, settled inco. Monmouth (Chepstow).

George Pierce, Esq., ia. 13 Dec. 17U0, Betsy, dau. of John
Matthews, Esq. and by her (who d. 15 May, 183») had issue,

1 George Capt. B.X., b. 12 Nov. 1793; entered the Navy
in ISO.i, and accompanied the expedition of 1«07 to Copcn-
hag»-n. commandC'i a gunboat in tne attack upon Walcheren
in 1»09, and served actively at the bombardment of Algiers
under Lord Exmouth in 1816. He d. 4 June, 1863.

2 James Parker.

Mr. Pierce J.. 24 Dec. 1823. His second son,

James Parker Pierce, Esq. of The Grove, Highgate Road,
J.P. for Middlesex, m. 6 June, 1826, Mar>-, younger dau. of
the late John Timbrell, Esq., aad by her (whorf. o Sept. 1874)
bad issue,

1 John Timbrell, now of Frettons.

2 James. M.A. (Corp. Chris. Cull. Camb.), jji. Laura Harriett,
dau. of the late Charles J. Simmons, Esq.

3 William Timbrell, m. Sarah EUzabeth, dau. of the late
Edward Rayne, Esq.

1 Eliza Ann, m. George Thompson Frederick Abraham, only
son of the laie G. F. Abraham, Esq. and has issue.

2 Mary Timbrell, m. Rev. George Bulstrode, Hon. Canon of
Ely, and Rector of St. Mary Stoke, Suffolk, and d. 27 Oct.
1860, having had issue.

3 Emily Elliott, m. Rev. John Brown McClennan, late Fellow
of Tim. Coll., Cambridge, son of the late Capt. McClennan,
and has issue.

Mr. Pierce d. 21 Jan. 1869.
5eoi— Frettons, Danbury, Chelmsford.
Toii-H Ke.fidtnce—3, Middle Temple Lane, Temple.
Club — Reform.


PiERPOiXT, Robert, Esq. of St. Austins, co. Lan-
caster, J.P., M.P. for Warrington since 1892, M.A.
Ch. Ch. Oxford, and Barrister-at-Law, of the Inner
TemiDle, b. 8 June, 1845. Mr. Pierpoint is the son
of the late Benjamin Pierpoint, Esq. of St. Austins
(who d. 1877), byElizabetli,his wife, dau. of Thomas
G-reen, Esq. (she d. 1857). He has two sisters,
Eleanor, who m. WiUiam Philip Brabazon, Esq.,
and Agnes.

Seat — St. Austins, Warrington, co. Lancaster.


Corbet, Ret. George William, of Sundonie
Castle, Salop, Rector of Upton Magna, co. Salop,
b. 1824; m. 1871, Ellen Maria Phoebe, dau. of
Rev. Percival Spearman Wilkinson, of Mount
Oswald, CO. Durham ; assumed the name of
Corbet in lieu of Pigott 1890. He has issue,

HoGH Dbyden, b. June 1873.

Lineag-e.— A descendant of the ancient Norman family
of Picot, Richard Pigott, m. the dau. and sole heir of Sir
Richard de Peshale, of Chetwynd, Salcp, and obtained with
her that fine estate.

Robert Pigott, of Chetwynd, High Sheriff of Salop 1517,
m. Margaret, dau. of Sir John Blunt, Knt. of Kinlet, and had
a son,

Thomas Pigott, of Chetwynd, whose son,

Robert Pigott, Esq. of Chetwynd, High Sheriff of Salop,
1574, had, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of William Gatacre, Esq.
Gatacre, numerous issue, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Pigott, Esq. of Chetwynd, Sheriff of Salop, 1624, »,.
Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Eyton, Esq. of Eyton, and dying
1620, was s. by his son,

Walter Pigott, Esq. of Chetwynd, Sheriff of Salop 1615, m.
Katherine, dau. of Sir Richard Leveson, Knt., and had a son,

Thomas Pigott, Esq. of Chetwynd, m. Anne. dau. of Ralph.
Sneyd, Esq. oi Keele, co. Stafford, and dying 1665, was*, by
his son,

Walter Pigott, Esq. of Chetwj-nd, ni. Anne, dau. of Sir
John Dryden, Bart, of Canons Ashby co. Northampton, and
dying 1669, was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Pigott, Esq. of Chetwynd, Sheriff of Salop, 1697, m.
Frances, dau. of William Ward, Esq. of Willingsworths, co.
Stafford (brother of Edward, Lord Dudley and Ward), by
whom he had, with two daus., Honor, m. John Harvey, Esq.,
and Ann, m. Richard Lyster, Rsq. of Rowton, Salop, six sons
of whom the 4th, William, was ancestor of Pigotts of
Dodder.-haU (to which Memoir refer). The eldest son,

Robert Pigott, Esq. of Chetwynd Park, Salop and of
Chesterton Hall, co. Huntingdon, b. 21 Nov. 1699 ; m. 1st,
Diana dau. and co-heir of Richard Rocke, Esq. of Shrewsbury,
but had no issue. He m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of — Peers, Esq.
of Criggion, co. Montgomery, by whom he had three sons and
four daus., of whom the youngest, Rebecca, m. John Mytton,
Esq. of Halston. Dying in May, 1770, Mr. Pigot was s. at
Chetwynd by his eldest son,

Robert Pigott, Esq., High Sheriff of Salop 1774, who sold
the estate at Chetwynd, lived for some time at Geneva, m.
abroad, and had a son, who (/. before him. His own death
happened at Toulouse, 7 July, 1794. His brother,

P„EV. William Pigott, Rector of Chetwynd and Edgmond,
m. Arabella, dau. of John ilytton, Esq. of HaLston, Salop, and
had Lssue,





William, Capt. 82nd EcRt., d. at Gibraltar 1795.
John Dbtden, his successor in the Edgmond estate.

Anne, ra. John Corbet, Esq. of Sundorne Castle, and had
issue, Andrew William, of Sundorne, d. s. p. ; Deyden
EonERT of Sundorne, d. s. p. 1859 ; Vincent, d. s. p. ;
Kynuston, d. s. p. ; and Annaeella, in. 1841, Sir Theodore
Briiickiiian, Bart., d. s. p. ISG4.
Marj-. Harriott,

aev. William I'igott d. 9 March. 1811, in his 70th year. The
Jnd son,

Kev. John Dbyuen I'igott, of Edfcmond, Eector of the
same place, and Habberley, m. 3 Feb. 180G, Frances, 2nd dau.
of Henry Beven, Esq. of Shrewsbury, and d. 1S05, leaving
John Dryden, late of Sundorne Castle.
William Henry. Arthur James.

Lci>ihton Price.

Charles Francis Corbet (Rev.), M.A., Eector of Edgmond
and Hon. i;anon of Lichfield, &. 1820; ))i. 1873, Catherine,
dau. of Chandos Wren-Hoskyns, Esq., M.P., of Harewood,
CO. Hereford, and d. Jan. 1838.

George William (Rev.), now of Sundorne Castle.
Louisii Harriott. Frances Sarah.

Au.iiusta Honoria. Arabella.

, Eosaiiiond Dorothy Henrietta Ord.
'His eldest son,

Kev. John Dryden Corbet, of Sundorne Castle, Salop, h.
IS April, 1808, assumed the surname of Cokeet 18C0, and
d. s. p. Oct. 1889.

Arms — Erin., three fusils con.ioined in fesae sa. Cr^.jS— A
wolf's head erased arg., langued gu.
jScoi— Sundorne Castle, Shrewsburj'.


' PiGOTT, William Hakyey, Esq. of Doddershall
Park, Bucks, J.P., Capt. R.X., b. 8 March, IStS ;
m. 1 Nov. 1886, Edith, 3rd dau. of Col. Lloyd, of
Aston Hall, Shropshire, and Lady Frances Lloyd,
tvnd has issue,

Editha Ivy.

Xiineagre. — Rev. William Pigott, Eector of Edgmond
and Chetwynd, Salop, 4th son of Eobert Pigott, Esq. of
Chetwynd, Sheriff of Salop 1C97, m. Dorothy, dau. of John
Cotes, Esq. of Woodcote, and by her (who d. 1757) had, with
other issue,

William, his heir.

Jiorothy, m. Walter Hai-vey Tliursby, Esq. of Shrewsbury.
Sar;ih, ra. Henry Bevan, Esq. of -hrew.sbury.
Anne, m. Gen. Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart.
The son and heir,

William Pigott, Esq., s. to Doddershall Park, co. Bucking-
'ham, 1789, at the death of Chiistabclla, Viscountess Saye and
Sele, and served as High Sheriff 1792. He );i. Sophia, only
idau. of Sir William Wolseley, Bart, of Wolseley, co. Stafford,
and by her (who d. 1801) had issue,
William, liis heir.

John Charles, Lieut.-Col. Royal Bucks Militia, ■ni. Elizabeth,
dan. and co-heir of John Williamson, Esq. of Stafford, and
had, with other issue, a son and heir, John.
James Noel (lii'V.), Rector of Grendon Underwood, Bucks.
Emma, m. 1792, John Marvcy Thursby, Esq. of Abington
Abbey, co. Northampton.
< Selina Hariiet, m. Capt. Henry Baker, K.N., and d. i. p.

Mr. Pigott rf. 26 Feb. 1302, and was s. by his son,
. AViLLiAM Pigott, Esq. of Doddershall Park, J. P. and D.L.,
■Lieut.-Col. Comm. of the 3rd Regt. of local Militia, b. 22 Oct.
1773; m. )0 Dec. 1794, Anne, dau. of Eev. William King,
Rector of Mallow, co. Cork, and by her (who d. Jan. 1843) had
George Guen'Ille Wandesfoed, his heir.
\Vi liam, Ensi.en 2r)th liegt., d. April, 1817.
John Robert, Perpetual Curate of North Marston, Bucks, d.

Feb. 18.52.
Emma Anne, m. Rev. Eobert Wilson, Eector of Ashwell-
lliorpe, Norfolk, nephew to Lord Berners. She d. 1827; he
d. isno.

Col. Pigott d. 2 June, 1838. The eldest son,

George Grenville Wandesford Pigott, Esq. of Dodders-
:iall Park, Col. Royal Bucks Militia, M.P. for St. Mawes 1830,
'i. 1st, 20 Oct. 18i2, Charlotte, younger dau. of Edward Bceston
'-on;,', Esq. of Hampton Lodge, Surrey, which lady d. s. p.
'S2.J. He m. 2ndly, 31 Oct. 1838, Charlotte, youngest dau. of
iVilliam Lloyd, Esq. of Aston Hall, Salop, by whom (who d. 9
iept. 1883) he had issue,

William Harvet, now of Doddershail.

Mary Louisa, d. unni. 4 April, 1875.
Col. Pigott d. 4 Jan. 1S65.

Arms—Enn., three fusils conjoined m fesse sa. Crrd—K
wolf's head erased arg., langued gu. il/o«(o— Toulc toys

6>at— Doddershall Park, Aylesbury.


Pigott, Eobeet Edwakd, Esq. of Capard,
Queen's Co., b. 12 Sept. 1862 ; s. his fatlier 1887.

Liineag'e. — John Pigott, Esq. of Dysart, Queen's co.,
had a grant of that estate by letters patent dated 28 Feb. 16G2,
in all which he was s. by his son.

Sir Robert Pigott, Knt. of Dysart, knighted by Sir Arthur
Chichester, Lord Deputy of Ireland, 30 Sept. 1609 ; had a
re-grant of Dysart by patent dated 10 Oct. 1587, and obtained
a grant of Corbally, Capard, and other lands in Queen's co.,
by patent dated 29 April, 1622. He m. 1st, Anne, dau. of
William St. Leger and granddau. of Sir Anthony St. Leger,
Lord Deputy, by whom (who cL 9 Oct. 1599) he had issue,

I. John, of Grangbeg, a. to Dysart, Major in the army, slain
in battle with tbe Irish 1640, m. Martha, dau. of SirThomas
Colclough, Knt. of Tintern Abbey, and had, with other

1 Robert, of Dysart, whose lineal descendant and repre-
sentative, temp. George III.,

Rev. Richard Pigott, D.D., of Dysart, had an only
dau. and heir, Anne. m. March, 17S3, Robert Shapland
Carew, Esq. of Castle Boro, co. Wexford, and was
mother of Robert Shapland, 1st Lord Carew.

2 Thomas (Right Hon.), of Long Ashton, Somerset.

3 .Vlexander, ancestor of Pigott, Bart, of Knapton (set
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage),

4 John, ancestor of Pigott 0/ iic(/iee)i(?u.^.

II. Alexander, of Innishannon, co. Cork.

I. Sibella.

II. Dorothea, m. Andrew HouU, Esq. of Aghenehelly, co.
Cork, who d. Dec. 1037.

III. Joan.

Sir Eobert m. 2ndly, Thomasine, dau. and co-heir of Chris-
topher Peyton, .Auditor at War, and widow of Peter Baptiste,
alias Castilion, by whom he had further issue,

III. Thomas, of whom hereafter.

IV. William, of Kilflnny, lu. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Sir
Jonn Dowdall, Knt. of Kilfinny. co. Limerick, by Eliz:ilietli
his wife, dau. of Sir Thomas Southwell, Knt. of PoUylong,
and widow of John Southwell, Esq. of Rathkeale, and d.
25 Feb. 1667, leaving issue,

John, of Kilfinny, Barrister-? t-Law, m. 1st, Garthrude,
dau. of Sir Thomas Southwell, 1st Bart, of Castle Mattress,
by whom (who d. 28 May, 1683) he had issue,

1 William, of Kilfinny, who had two sons, John and
William, both d. s. p. in 1718.

2 Southwell, who s. to Capard.

3 John, d. s. p. 4 Eobert, d. s. p.
5 Richard, d. s.p.

He m. 2ndly, 1696, Margaret, dau. of ^ir Caesar Colclough,
2nd Bart, of Tintern Abbey, sister and heir of Sir Cffisar
Colclough, 3rd Bart, of Tintern Abbey, and widow of

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