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V. Albert Leonard. i. Alice.

II. Edith Eliza, m. Henry Seton-Karr, Esq.

III. Elizabeth Mary Ethel.

IV. Annie May, m. Henry Haynes, Esq.

V. Evelyn Constance.

liineage.— William Pilkington, Esq. second son of
BicHAKD Pilkington, Esq. by his wife, the dau. of William
Pendlebury, Esq., 6. 26 April, 1765, to. 20 Oct. 1794, Ann, dau.
of Richard Hatton, Esq. of Parbold, a.nd d. 20 May, 1831,
having by her, who d. 15 Sept. 1815, had with other issue,

I. KicHAKD, of St. Helens, in. Ann, dau. of Richard Evans,
Esq. of Haydock, and had six sons, William, Rkhard,
Edward, Alfred, Charles, and Laurence.

II. William, of whom we treat.
The 2nd son,

William Pilkington, Esq. of St. Helens, 6. 14 March, 1800,
m. 24 June, 1824, Eliza Charlotte, dau. of Charles Boyes, Esq.
Lieut. R.N. and by her, who d. 9 Dec. 1889, had issue,

I. AViLLiAM, of Sutton, St. Helens.

II. Richard.

III. Thomas, m. C. C. S., dau. of S. Douglas, Esq., and has

IV. George, m. Frances Elizabeth, dau. of T. Carlisle, Esq.,
and has issue.

V. Harold, d. 19 Pec. 1879. vi. Leonard.

I. Mary, m. H. Chator, Esq., and has issue. ii. Eliza.

III. Eleanor, m. H. W. Todd, Esq., and has issue.

IV. Annie, m. G. T. Todd, Esq., and has issue.

V. Mathilda (Mrs Deane;. vi. Jaue (Mrs. Rigg).
Mr. William Pilkington d. 12 Sept. 1872.

.Seat — Sutton, St. Helens, co. Lancaster.


Pilkington, Guy Brabazon, Esq. of Halliwell
Hill, Lancashire (part of the ancient possessions of
the family), b. 5 Nov. 1866.

Lineage. — James Pilkington of Halliwell (described as
grandson of Rev. Leonard Pilkington, the son of Richard, of
Bivington), b. 6 Sept. 1603; m. 3 Oct. 1627, Elizabeth, dau. of
Hugh Stones, of Sharpies, andti. 16 Dec. 1691, seised of Halli-
well. His son,

James Pilkington, of Sharpies, bapt. 12 Sept. 1630 ; ra.
Anne, dau. of Edmond Saundersun, of Breightmet Hill, bapt.
at Bolton, 5 Sept. 1036, and d. 23 March, 1703, seised of Halli-
well, having had a son,

John Pilkington, of Halliwell, who, by Agnes his wife, had
issue, James, John, and Margaret. He d. 1729, seised of
Halliwell, and was s. by his son,

John Pilkington, who had retired to Maryborough, in
Queen's Co. 1717, after the battle of Preston. His son and

John Pilkington, Esq. of Carrick, Queen's Co., m. Abigail
Kelly, and had issue,


William, whose family resided at the Mansion House at Car-

Abigail Margaret.

Anne, m. J. Gubbins, Esq. of Limerick.

Sarah. Mary.

By his will, dated 17 Jan. 1791, he devised his estate near
Preston and Bolton, Lancashire, to his eldest son,

John Pilkington, Esq. of Carrick, Queen's Co., m. Cecilia,
sister of Peter Alley, Esq., late of Albany Terrace, Regents
Park, London, and had issue, John and George, and d. March,
1827, leaving his estate near Bolton, in Lancashire, to his
tidest son,

John Pilkington, Esq., who d. unm., March, 1846, having
devised his estate near Bolton, and his interest in Carrick,
Queen's Co., to his only brother,

George Pilkington, Esq. of Carrick, Clerk of the Crown,
ill. 1828, Albina, dau. of Joseph Brabazon Grant, Esq. Banis-
ter-at-Law, and had issue,

Joseph Brabazon, late of Halliwell.

George. Frederick.

John. Richard.

Elizabeth. Albina.

He d. 24 Aug. 1865. His eldest son,

Joseph Brabazon Pilkington, Esq. of Halliwell Hall, co.
Lancaster, b. 25 Jan. 1841, late 94th Regt., m. 19 Oct. 1865,
Harriet, dau. of John Pilkington, Esq. of Carrick, Queen's
Co., and by her (who d. 24 March, 1868) had issue.

Got Brabazon, now of Halliwell Hall.

Haidee Maude Brabazon.

Arms, tS:c.—See Pilkington of Tore.

Jiesidaice — 53, Rutland Square, Dublin.



PiNCKARD, EosA, 2ncl dau. of the late Robert
Hodson, Esq. of Laurel Lodge, South Minims, Herts,
m. 17 Ang. 1865, G-korge Henry Pinckard, Esq.
of Combe Court, Surrey, J. P., and of Grove Road
London, N.W.,who was b. 25 May, 1805, andd!. s.p.

Lineagre. — The Pinckards held landia Northamptonshire
as early as 1346, and became possessors of Ascote, in Pattes-
hall, and Grimscote, in Cold Higham, co. Northampton, in
1570. They retained these estates till 1809.

A branch of the same family has held land at Caldicote from
1748, from which branch George Henry Pinckard, of Combe
Court, descends.

John Pinckaed, of Caldicote, 1748, m. Elizabeth Bloxham,
and had issue, one son, John, who d. s. p., and three daus.,
Jane, Phoebe, and Elizabeth.

Henry Pinckard, of Caldicote, m. 1st, 26 June, 1750, Anne,
dau. of John Flesher, Esq. of Duncot, and had a numerous-
family. He TO. 2ndly, Rachel, dau. of Thomas Wilklns, Esq.
of Towcester, by whom (besiiles two daus., Ann and Rachel,
for whom see Kolley of OaJdands and Arden of longcrofts}
he had,

Richard, &. 30 May, 1765 ; was in the army ; d. s. p.

Joseph, of whom presently.

George, M.D., of Bloonisbury Square, 6. 1768; was Physiciara
to the Army in Sir Ralph Abercronibie's Expedition to the
West Indies in 1795 ; wrote " Notes on the West Indies," and
other works : later was Physician in Ordinary to H.R.H.
the Duke of York, and accompanied H.R.U. in lh&
Walcheren Expedition. He d. s. p. in 1835.

William, 6. 1769 ; d. s. p. at Versailles.
The 2nd son,

Joseph Pinckard, ft. 12 Sept. 1766; m. 1793, Jane, only dau.
of Walter Tidboald, Esq. of Anstcy Barton, North Devon, and
settled at Court Barton, Winklcigh, North Devon. He had

Henry, m. 1848, Agnes Wemyss Adamson, and d. s. p. 1S66.

Richard, M.D., ^."1846.

George Henry, late of Combe Court. Joseph, d. young.

Caroline, to. John Letheren, Esq. of Seckington, Winkleigh,

Ann, 7)1. J. S. Pidgeon, Esq. of Warley Elms, Brentwood,
and d. leaving issue, three daus.

Jane, m. Frederick Lermitte, Esq. of Brighton, and had
issue, three daus.


&a(— Combe Court, Godalming, Surrey.


PiNCKNEY, Erlysman Charles, Esq. of Asher-
ton House,Wilts, and of Wraxall Lodge, Bradford-
on-Avon, b. 20 Nov. 1808 ; m. 9 April, 1834, Jane,
dau. of Robert Pinckney,Esq. of JierwickSt. James,
Salisbury, and has issue,

I. Erlysman, of Wraxwell Lodge, J.P. for Wilts, 6. 1&
Dec. 1838; to. 22 Feb. 1870, Frances Elizabeth Mary,
dau. of James William Cusack, M.D. of Dublin, and by
her (who d. 21 Sept. 1889) has issue,

I. Erlysman Charles, b. 23 Dec. 1871.

II. John Robert Hugh, 6. 11 May, 18(6.

I. Jane, b. 21 Jan. 1837 ; to. 29 Aug. 1861, William Henry
Tanner, Esq. of Bockley House, Marlborough, who d. 7
Aug. 1886, leaving issue.

Lineage.— This family is of Norman origin. In Holin-
shed's Chronicle of England the name of Pinkenie occurs on
the "Roll of Battel Abbeie," also that of Robert de Pinkenie
amongst the Barons who signed Magna Chaita.

After the surrender of the baronial and manorial rights at
the beginning of the 15th century, traces of the family are
found at Sutton Paynell, in Yorkshire, down to the beginning
of the 17th century (Harleian MSS.).

Mr. Pinckney's ancestors were living at XJphaven in the 15th,
and at Rushall in the 16th centuries, and his great-great-
grandfather was b. at Charlton in 1664. His wife's pedigree
goes back to a marriage of Robert Pinckney, of Durrington, ini
1598. Other traces can be found at Milston, which, like the-
above-named places, is a village in Wiltshire, and adjacent to>

William Pincknet, of Rushall, Wilts, d. 1591, leaving by
his wife, Agnes Page, a son,

William Pinckney, who, by his wife Catherine, was father





■'ViLLiAM PiscKNET, b. 1633. By his wife Ann (who d. 1709)
lie had a son,

Robert PiNCKNET, 6. at Charlton, 1664; j>i., and, by Martha
iiis wife, was father of

William Piscknet, 6. 1711 ; m., and by Sarah his wife had
issue, William ; and Jane, 6. 1739. The son,

William Pincknet, of Wolfhall, Marlborough, h. 1741 ; m.
1773, Mary Heame, of Martin, and d. 1811, leaving by her (b.
1739 ; d. 1S24) a son,

John Heaene Pinckn-et, Esq. of Temple Grove, East Sheen,
ii. 1777: ?H. Harriett Locliton, of Monkton, Andovcr, and by
iier (who d. 1855) had issue,

I. Horace, 6. 1S06; d. 1882.

n. Erltsman Charles, of Asherton House.

III. William Philip, b. 1810; m. Ethelred Baskctt, and has

issue, William John; and Alfred Baskett.
jv. George Henry, b. 1811 ; m. Mary Tanner, of Blacklands,

Calne, and d. 1883, leaving three daus.
I. Henrietta Frances, 6. 1815: m. George Eds.ard Wilmot

Wood, Es J. of Wood Hall, co. York, who J.. 18C4, leaving

three sons and one dau.
Jlr. Pinckney d. 1864.

Seat — Asherton House, Salisbury.

PiNCKXEY, William, Esq. of Milford Hill, Wilts,
J. P. late Major 1st Wilts Rifle Vol., a banker ; b.
12 Sept. 1834 ; educated at Eton and Exeter Coll.
Oxford, M.A. ; m. 5 Eeb. 1863, Frances C, dau. of
Hev. Gr. F. Everett, Shaw Eectorv, Newbury, and
has issue,

I. Geoege, 6. 1863.

II. Herbert, b. 1864.

III. William Percy, b. 18C3.

I. Frances Beatrice.

II. Violet Millicent.
lu. Elsie Constance.

Liixteaire. — Robebt Pincknet, of Dunington, m. Anne
Eyves, and had a son,

Philip Pinckney, b. 1608; who, by his wife, Christian, was
father of

Philip PiNCKNEi, 6. 1653. He )?i. Alice Subdeane, and had
a son,

Philip Pincknet, 6. 1688; who m. Margaret Day, and had
a son,

Philip Pincknet, b. 1732 ; m. Jane Pinckney, of Charlton,
and had issue,

I. Philip.

II. Robert, of Berwick St. James, who, by his wife Frances,
had a dau. Frances, m. her cousin, Robert Pinckney, of

The elder son,

Philip Pincknet, b. 1764; m. Jane Pike, andcf. 1807, leaving
a son,

RoBEET Pincknet, Esq. of Amesbury, Wilts, 6. 1798;
'ii. his cousin, Frances, dau. of Robert Pinckney, Esq.
■of Berwick St. James, and by her (who d. 1887) had issue,

I. Robert (Rev.), of Hinton Admiral, m. Miss Mariann
Macreight, and had issue, three sons and four daus.

II. John, of Great Uurnford, banker, m. 1st, Rachel M.
Bendall, and by her had two sons and two daus ; 2ndly,
Frances Haynes, and by her had five sons and five daus.

in. Philip, late Capt. Carabineers, m. Emma lieilly, and has
one son and two daus.

IV. William, now of Milford Hill.

V. George, 73rd Regt. d. v.nm.

I. Frances Emma, d. at Pau, unm.
Mr. Pinckney d. 1856.

£ea«— Milford HUl, Salisbury.


{See Coffin.)


PiNNET, William, Esq. of Somerton Erleigh, co.
Somerset, J. P. and D.L., Member in seven Parlia-
ments, first for Lyme Regis and af tervpards for East
Somerset from 1832-1865, and Col. 2nd Somerset
MHitia, b. 4 July, 1806, High Sheriff co. Somerset

Ijineage.— Rev. John Ptnnet, of Eroadwindsor, Dotaet,
6. 1622, and bur. at Bettiscombe Church 1705, left, with other
issue, Nathaniel, his heir: Azabiah, whose grandson
John Fbederick, eventually inherited the family estates, of
him hereafter; and Mary, who m. 1675, John Clarke, Esq. of
London. Rev. John Pynney was «. at Bettiscombe by his
eldest surviving son,

Nathaniel Pin.nev, Esq. of Bettiscombe, Barrister-at-Law, <
and the estates eventually devolved upon Nathaniel's youngest
brother, Azariah's grandson,

John Fbedebick Pinnet, Esq. of Bettiscombe, M.P. for
Bridport, who inherited them on the death, g. p. 1760, of his
cousin, Azabiah Pinnet, of Bettiscombe, High Sheriff of
Dorset 1749. He d. unm. 11 Nov. 1762, aged 44, and left his
estates to his cousin,

John Pbetor, Esq. (only surviving son of Michael Pretor,
Esq. of Okehampton, co. Devon, by Alicia his wife, dau. and
co-heir of John Clarke, Esq. of London, by Mary his wife, dau.
of Rev. John Pinney of Eroadwindsor). This gentleman, i
b. 1740, assumed, on succeeding to the Pinney estates, the sur-
name and arm." of Pinnet by royal licence. He vi. 14 June,
177?, in the island of Nevis, Jane, only dau. of Major William
Burt Weekes, of Nevis, and had by her (who d. 21 May,

I. John Fbederick, of Somerton Erleigh.

II. Charles, of Camp House, Clifton, Mayor of Bristol, 1831-
32, 6. 29 April, 1793; m. 8 March, 1831, Frances Mary, 4th
dau. of James Charles Still, Esq. of East Knoyle, co. Wilts,
and d. 17 July, 1867, leaving by her (who d. 6 March,

1 Fbederick Wake Peetob-Pinney, Esq. {see Pinnet of
The Granrie).

2 John Charles, Vicar of Coleshill, co. Warwick, m. 26
Aug. 1862, Harriet Margaretta, 4th dau. of Rev. John
Digby Wingfield Digby, Vicar of Coleshill, co. Warwick,
and by her (who d. 21 Dec. 1877) has issue, Reginald
John, 6. 2 Aug. 1863; William Digby, 6. 7 Oct. 1864;
Frederick Wyldbore Digby, b. 10 Oct. 1865 ; John Charles
Digby, b. 5 July, 1867; Richard Wake Digby, b. 1 Feb.
1869: Baldwin Francis Still Wingfield, 6. 16 Dec. 1875;
and Ann Eliza Mary Digby.

1 Mary Jane, m. 18 Jan. 1870, Rev. Godfrey Thring, Rector
of Hornblotton, near Castle Gary, co. Somerset, and has a
son, Leonard Godfrey Pinney, b. 22 Jan. 1873.
1. Elizabeth, m. 9 March, 1797, Peter, eldest son of Evan '1
BaiUie, Esq. of Dochfuur, co. Inverness, and has issue, two ll
sons and two daus. Evan, the eldest son, m. Lady Geor- ' '
giana, dau. of the 5th Duke of Manchester.
IX. Mary, m. Jeremiah, son of L.Ames, Esq. of Clifton Wood,
who d. s. 'p. 1820.
Mr. Pinney, High Sheriff of Dorset 1764, d. 23 Jan. 1818, and
was s. by his son,

John Frederick Pinney, Esq. of Somerton Erleigh, J.P..
High Sheriff 1823, b. 1 March, 1773 ; m. 20 Aug. 1801, Franci-,
only dau. of William Dickinson, Esq. of Kingweston, M.F.
for Somerset, and had issue,

William, now of Somerton Erleigh.

F'rances, m. 11 Nov. 1828, Sir John James Smith, Bart, of
The Down House, Dorset. Anna Maria.

Mr. Pinney d. 19 Sept. 1845.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, gu., three crescents or, issu-
ing from each a cross-crosslet filchee arg., for Pinnet; 2nd
and 3rd, or, an eagle displayed with two heads vert, beaked
and membered gu., standing on a fasces ppr., and holding in
each mouth a trefoil slipped of the second. Crests — 1st, An
armed hand and arm ppr., holding a cross-crosslet fitchei.-
arg., for Pinnet ; 2nd, A demi-eaglecouped or, wings endorsed
sa. semee of trefoils slipped of the first. Motto — Amor

Seats — Somerton Erleigh, and Burton Pynsent, co. Somerset.
lieside^ice — 30, Berkeley Square, London.


Peetoe-Pinney, Feedeeick Wake, Esq. of Tlie
Grange, Somerton, co. Somerset, J. P., b. 20 Mav,
1834; m. 3 March, 1863, Lucy, 5th dau. of Abel
Smith, Esq., M.P. of Woodhall Park, co. Hertford,
and has issue,

I. Charles Fbederick, b. 9 June, 1864.

II. Robert Wake, b. 7 Oct. 1867.

I. Frances Mary. ii. Hester Lucy.

III. Alice Susan.

Mr. Pretor-Pinney assumed the additional surname
and arms of Peetoe by royal licence 22 Aug. 1877.

Lineage, Anns, d-c. — Same as Pinnet of Somerton ErleUjli.
/Seat— The Grange, Somerton, Taunton.






Piatt, Hexrt, Esq. of GorSdinog, co. Carnarvon,
and Plas Llechylched, Anglesey, J. P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1877, Col. 4th batt. Eojal Welch
Fusiliers, High Sheriff for co. Carnarvonshire 1877,
Anglesey 1879, b. 1842 ; m. 1868. Eleanor, 2nddau.
of Eichard Sykes, Esq. of Edgeley House, co.
Chester, and has issue,

Henry John Heylyn, h. 1869, Lieut. 12th Royal Lancers,

d. unm. 1893.
Kme James Walter, 6. 1871.
Nesta Mary, 6. 1873.
Gladys Violet Eleanor, h. 1876.

Lineage.— Henry Platt, of Bridgehouse, co. Tork, was
father, by Alice his wife, of

Henbt Platt, of Saddleworth, co. York, 6. 7 April, 1793;
TO. 20 March, 1815, Sarah Whitehead, of Saddleworth Fold, and
d. 11 Nov. 1842, leaving a son,

John Platt, Esq. of Werneth Park, co. Lancaster, and
Bryn-y-neuadd, co. Carnarvon, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
of the latter co. 1863, M.P. for Oldham, 6. 1817 ; m. 1842,
Alice, only dau. of Samuel Eadcliffe, Esq. of Lower House,
Oldham, co. Lancaster, and had issue,

I. Henky, now of Gorddinog.

II. Samuel Kadcliffe, of Werneth Park, J.P. co. Lancaster.
i!i. P'redericb, of Barnby Manor {icefollowino Manoir).
IV. Joseph Arthur. v. John Harold, J.P.

VI. James Edward, J.P. Cheshire.

VII. Sydney, of Bryn-y-neuadd, co. Carnarvon, J.P., Hig-h
Sheriff 1888, Capt. Derbyshire Yeom., 6. 2 Feb. 1861 ; m 18
Nov. 1884, Agnes Bertha, dau. of Col. Marshall, of Hartford
Cheshire, and has issue, Lionel Sydney, b. 1 Oct. 18sd. '

I. Mary, m. Thomas Hardcastle Sykes, Esq. of Edgeley co
Chester, and is deceased.

II. Lucy, m. Joshua W. Eadcliffe, Esq.

HI. Ahce, m. H. Champion, Esq. of Corfton Hall, Salop.
IV. Bertha, m. H. Miles Eadcliffe, Esq. of Werneth Park

Oldham, and Summerlands, Kendal.
V Florence, m. 1st, E. C. Wellesley, Esq. of Kitcombe,

A ton ; and 2ndly, Eev. A. J. Burr, Eector of Uphill,

^^■u^"'^'^''°^"'^' '"■ ^^- I^radish, Esq. of Charlton Lawn,

Cheltenham, Hon. Major 3rd bait. Sherwood Foresters.
Mr. Platt sat in Parliament for Oldham from 1865 until hi^
death in 1872.

William Playne, Esq. of Longfords and Avening Court
Gloucestershire, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1871, 6. 9 Feb'
1804; m. 28 Sept. 1836, Mary Anne, dau. of Joseph Ellia-
Viner, Esq. of Badgeworth Court, near Cheltenham, and by
her (who d. 18G8) had issue,

I. Frederic Carl, Capt. Eifle Brieade, a distinguished officer
6. 8 Sept. 1837 ; served with the 2nd batt. of his Kegt in
the Crimea and was wounded in the attack on the Eedan
Sebastopol, (medal and clasp), and throughout the Indian
Mutiny, including Cawnpore (medal and clasp for Luck-
now) ; 7)1. 1862, Jane, dau. of William M'Laren, Esq of
Oakbank, Hamilton, Canada, and d. 19 Dec. 1863 leav-
ing a dau. Mary Vinee, b. 1863, s. to the settled estates of
her grandfather (which included Avening Court and estate,
and the Lordship of themanorof Avenins), m. 11 Sept. 1884*
Eobert Erskine Pollock, Esq. (uc Pollock of Acmuig). '

II. Arthor TwisDEN, now of Lougfords.
Mr. Playne d. 19 Jan. 1884.

Scat— Longfords, Minchinhampton,

i&aj— Gorddinog, near Bangor.


i Platt, Feedeeice, Esq. of Barnby Manor,
'I^ewark, co. Nottingham, and Upper Breinton, co.
Hereford, D.L. co. Hereford, J.P. co. York, and
Notts High Sheriff, Major Duke of Lancaster's
Own Yeomanry, and Patron of the living of Becken-
ham, b. 27 April, 1849; m. 29 July, 1874, Florence
Miza, younger dau. of Frederick Bedwell, Esq. of
East Moulsey, co. Surrey, and has issue,
i I. Algernon John Frederick, 6. 11 June, 1875.
> n. Cecil Sherman, b. 1 Aug. 1877.
I. Brenda Jeannette, b. 7 May, 1880.

Mr Frederick Platt is 3rd son of John Platt, Esq.
ot Werneth Park {see preceding Memoir).

iJi^Z^r^^;. '^ k'^^' ^ *"' '=°"P«'^ O'"' between four roses arg.,
seeded and barbed ppr. Crest-In front of a demi-lion ram

arT.'a'n'esSpV.' "'''"' '*°^''^^ between the pa^a^oTe
I iSmf— Barnby Manor, Newark, co. Notts.


! JlAYNE, Aethue Twisden, Esq. of Longfords,
md Box House, co. Gloucester, J.P., b. 7 Autr 1843 ■
«. 20 Jan. 1870, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Richard
. otter, Esq. of The Argoed, co. Monmouth, and has

William Hetworth, 6. 24 Oct. 1870.

Linea^e.-WiLLiAM Playne, Esq. of Longfords and
tTE.. T^' ''°'* ^"'■'^ °^ ^'^^^ ^lanor of Avening, m. a
eb^ 180., Catherine, dau. of William Benger, Esq. He d.

March, 1850, leaving an only son, ^ ^ ^



Mansel-Pletdell, John Clavell, Esq. of
Whatcombe, Dorset, J.P. and D.L. County Coun-
cillor High Sheriff 1876, b. 4 Dec. 1817 ; m. 1st. 1844,
Emily, dau. of Capt. A. Bingham, which lady d. s.p.
18 15, and 2ndly, June, 1849, Isabel, dau. of F. C. A.
Colvile, Esq., late Scots Guards, of Barton, co.
Warwick, by Mary his wife, sister of Chandos, 1st
Lord Leigh, and granddau. of Thomas, 10th Lord
Saye and Sele, and has issue,

I. Edmund Morton, Col. late 12tb Eoyal Lancers, Hon.,
Major Dorset Yeo. Cav., b. 1850; ra. 6 June. 188."), Emily
Kathleen, youngest dau. of Sir Thomas Fjuser Grove,
Bart, of Feme, Wilts, and has issue,

Ed.mdnd Morton, 6. 23 Dec. 1886.
Vivien, 6. 1889.
Daphne, b. 1893.

II. John Colvile Morton (Eev.), M.A., Eector of Bengeo,
Herts, 6. 1851 ; m. 23 Oct. 1879, Beatrice Maud, dau. ^
of Eobert Smith, Esq. of Goldings, Herts, and has issue,

John, h. 1884.

Evan, twin with John. Harry Percy b 1092

Dorothy Isabel, b. 1881. Cicily, b. ISSJ. '

III. Henry Bingham Morton, Capt. 1st batt. Eoyal Fusiliers,
6. 1852; d. unm. 21 Feb. 1886.

Mr. Mansel-Pleydell is heir pres. of his cousin Sir
Courtenay-Cecil Mansel, the present Bart, of Mud-
dlescombe, co. Carmarthen.

Lineage, -The family of Pleydell is originally of the
Tillage of Coleshill, Berks, and is descended from Thomas
de Coleshill, who, on 2 March, 1275, held the Lordship of"
ColeshiU from the Crown by king's service. Of this family

William Pleydell, of Coleshill, 6. circa 1425, whose will
bears date 6 Nov. 1494. He d. 1495, leaving, by Isabella his
wife, a son and heir,

Thomas Pleydell, Esq., who d. 1527, possessed of a con-
siderable estate, and was interred, together with Agnes his
wife, in a chapel which, for that purpose, he had in his life-
time caused to be erected on the south side of the church of
Coleshill, called in his will, " The New Church of the Saluta-
tion of our Blessed Lady." His son and heir,

William Pleydell, Esq. of Coleshill, m. Anno. dau. and
co-heir of Eobert Eeason, Esq. of Corfe Castle, and left at hi*
decease, 1555, seven sons and two daus. The 6th son, Thomas, ancestor of the Pletdells of CulenhiU, iihi-ianham, uwi
Ci-icklade, represented by the Earl of Eadnor, and the 7th,
John, ancestor of the Pleydells of If'estcott and Holyiocd^
Amney Crucis, co. Gloucester. The 4th son,

Gabriel Pleydell, Esq. of Midgehall, m. Anne, dau. anil
co-heir of Henry Stokes, Esq., Sussex, and had one son,

Oliver Pleydell, Esq. of Midgehall, m. a dau. of — Palmer,
Esq. of CO. Gloucester, and had one son.

Sib Charles Pleydell, Knt. of Midgehall, knighted 1618.
He m. Catherine, dau. and heiress of Thomas Bouchier, Esq.
of Barnesley, co. Gloucester, and by her had seven children,
John, William, and Charles, who all d. without issue; Anne
asd Susan, unm. ; Elizabeth, m. Sir Thomas Newcomen, Bart,
of Kenagh, co. Longford ; and Deborah, r,i. Very Eev.
Benjamin Culme, D.D., of Cannon's Leigh, co. Devon, Dean
of St. Patrick's, Dublin. Sir Charles Pleydell ra. 2ndly, Jane,

5 L





relict of Kobcvt Attyc, Esq., and dau. of Sir John St. John,
Kilt, of Liddiard Tregooze, Wilt?, elder brother of Oliver St.
John, Viscount Grandison, in the kingdom of Ireland, and
Baron Trcgose, of Higliworth, Wilts ; by her he left ten
children, i. Edward, 6. 1 May, 1619; d. 3-oung; ii. Oliver,
of Milton, CO. Oxford, of whom presently; iii. Charles, an-
cestor of the Pletdells of Wooitoii Hassclt ; iv. John;
V. Gabriel; vi. Giles; vii. Allen ; i. Mary, m. Sir William
Eoberts, Kut. , u. Catherine ; and in. Lucy. The eldest sur-
viving son,

Oliver Pletdell, Esq. of Milton, co. Oxford, to. Mary Gold-
smith, of Aveling, Wilts, and left issue,

Edmdkd Pleydell, Esq., M.P. for Wootton Bassett, Wilts,
«t. Anne, dau. and sole heir of Sir John Morton, Bart, of Mil-
bourne St. Andrews, Dorset, aud d. Nov. 1720, aged 75, having
iiad issue,

I. Jolin Morton, d. s. p. 1705.

II. Edmcxd Morton, of whom presently.

Jii. Neville Morton, of Sitterton, Dorset, m. Betty, dau. and

sole heir of Charles Brune, Esq. of Plumber, Dorset, and
. dying 1774, left issue, one son and two daus.,

-1 Charles Pleydell Brune, d. s. p.

•1 Jane, m. Humphrey Prideaux, Esq. of Cornwall.

"2 Elizabeth, ni. Capt. Gape, and d. s. p.
IV. Thomas Morton, d. s. p.

I. Henrietta, m. Walter Hardyman, Esq., Wilts.

II. Arethiisa, ni. George Kyves, Esq. of Ranston, Dorset.

III. Cornelia, m. Eev. Timothy Collins, Canon of Wells.
The son and heir,

Ediiukd Morton Pleydell, Esq., M.P. for Dorset, m. De-
l)orah, dau. of William Kyffyn, Esq. of co. Denbigh, N.W.,
Ooveraor of Ajendo, East Indies, and d. March, 17S4, leaving

Edmund Morton, of whom hereafter.

Jonathan Morion, who s. to the Irish estates. He m. Eliza-
.betli, dau. and co-heir of John Jackson, Esq. son of Sir

JPhilip Jackson, Knt. of Pontrylas, co. Hereford, and d.
\ J805, having had issue, one son, Jonathan, d. s. p. andfour

■daus., Elizabeth, d. mim. ; Harriet, m. T. Newcombe, Esq,

-of Starcross ; Marcia, jji. Edward Turton, Esq. ; and Sophia,
m. JoiiuDicUin, Esq., and d. s. p.

"William Slorton, d. unm.

Mai'y, d. unm. Susan, d. young. Cornelia, d. unm.
The eldest son,

Edmund Morton

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