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. C. Hay,
and has issue.

Arras — Gu., three eagles displayed or. Crest — An eagle
rising ppr. Motlo — Timor Dei nobilitas.
Seat — Bozel Manor, Jersey.

Butler, Esq., C.B., late Capt. Tth Dragoon Guards,
and lias issue,

I. James Butler, 6. 14 Sept. 1880.

II. George Dalur, b. 5 Aug. 1882.

III. Marcus Beresford, 6. 11 Oct. 1883.

IV. Alan Cane, b. 11 July, 1885.
1. Anne.

Liiueag'e. — James Lendritm, Esq. of Corlea, co. Tyrone,
was father of

George Lendrum, Esq. of Moorfield, co. Tyrone, m. Mary,
dau. of John Story, Esq. of Corick, near Clogher, co. Tyrone,
elder brother of Eight Eev. Joseph Story, D.D., Bishop of
Kilmore, and had issue,

I. James, his heir.

II. Thomas (Rev.).

III. Joseph (Kev.), Prebendary of Coolstuffe, Diocese of
Ferns, co. Wexford.

IV. John, Major H.E.I.C.S.

I. Mary, m. 22 Dec. 1767, John Richards, Esq. of Dublin,
Barrister-at-Law, and d. 1822, leaving issue, 1 John (father
of John William Eichards, Esq. of Barnagh, co. Mayo, (see
KicHABDs of Macmine) ; 2 George (Rev.), Eector of Cool-
stuffe (father of John Eichards, Esq. of Macmine, co. Wex-
ford); 1 Hannah, ni. Mr. Hamilton, of Sea View, co. Done-
gal; 2 Frances Anne, m. Eev. Thomas Skelton.

II. Anne, d. unm.

III. Rebecca, in. Rev. Hugh Nevin, LL.D., Rector of Derry-
volan, CO. Fermanagh, Prebendary of Kilskerry, Diocese of

James Lendrum, Esq., fixed his residence at MagheracrosSr
CO. Fermanagh, and changed its name to " Jamestown." He
in. 1st, Nov. 1770, Ann, dau. of William Young, Esq. of Cool-
keiragh House, co. Derry, by Lotitia Hamilton his wife ; and
2ndly, July, 1812, Margaret Young, of Loughesk, co. Donegal.
By the former lady Mr. Lendrum had (with a dau. , Letitia,
who d. unm.) an only son ,

George Lendrum, Esq. of Jamestown, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff co. Fermanagh 1806, and Tyrone 1819, b. 24 Aug.
1776 ; m. 28 April, 1805, Mary Jane, 3rd dau. of Henry Cod-
dington, Esq. of Oldbridge, co. Meath, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of Lathom Blacker, Esq. of Rathescar, co. Louth, and had

James, his successor.

Elizabeth, to. Aug. 1831, the Rev. Cosby Stopford Mangan,
Incumbent of Derrynoose, co. Armagh.

Mr. Lendrum d. 22 Oct. 1855, and was s. by his son,

James Lendrum, Esq. of Magheracros.s, J.P. and D.L. for
cos. Fermanagh and Tyrone, High Sheriff co. Fermanagh
1835, and co. Tyrone 1837, B.A. Cantab. 1830 (Trin. Col.), 6.
12 Jan. 1806 ; m. 2 Nov. 1843, Anne, eldest dau. of Samuel
Vesey, Esq. of Derrabard, and by her (who d. 1876) had

I. George Cosby, now of Magheracross.

II. James Vesey (twin with George), Captain Seaforth High-
landers, )-/!. Constance Eccles, and d. 2 Nov. 1890, leaving
issue, one son, Charles.

III. William Trevor, b. 4 July, 1854.

IV. Samuel Edward Latham, 6. 10 Sept. 1855; d. 30 April.

I. Rosabelle Frances, m. C. E. Walker, Esq., 21st Fusiliers,
and lias issue, two sons and one dau.

II. Mary Jane Waller, ra. D. Carleton, Esq., late Capt. 21st;
Fusiliers, and had issue, three sons and one dau.

III. Elizabeth Alice.

Arms — Gu., three garbs or, on a chief arg., as many wool-
packs, sa. Crest — On a mount vert, a dove holding an olive
branch in its beak all ppr. Motto — La paix.

Seat — Magheracross (the ancient name restored), BaUina-
mallard, co. Fermanagh.


Lendrum, Geoege Cosby, Esq. of Magliera-
cross, CO. Permanagli, J. P., D.L. co. Fermanagh,
.High Sheriff 1875, J.P. co. Tyrone, High Sheriff
1882, b. 22 April, 1846; m. 10 Dec. 1878, An-
toinette Prances, eldest dau. of Antoine Sloet


Lentaigne, Joseph Hussey Nugent, Esq.,
J.P. CO. Dublin, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, Barrister-
at-Law, Clerk of the Crown, and Hanaper and
Permanent Sec. to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland,
b. 30 May, 1847.

Lineage.— This family is of ancient descent in Normandy,
Michel Lentaigne, who rf. 1695, left (by Magdalene Brenet,
his wife) two sons, Eichard and Michel; the younger was
Sieur des Moulins, and the elder, Eichard Lentaigne, wa.s
Sieur de la Croix ; he m. Jeanne (who d. 1741), dau. of Pierre
Haye, Sieur de la Lori^re, and rf. 1720, having had issue,

I. Gabriel, a Capucin.

II. Pierre, b. 1687, rf. 1732; appointed 1730, " Adjudicataire
de la charge de Conseiller du Eoi, Keceveur des Tailles de





Selection " at Mortaine— an oiBce held by his son and grand-
son up to the time of the French Revolution in 1789; —
he TO. 1710, Marie le Koy, who d. 1768, and had (with a
dau. Jeanne, ra. 1734, M. Ouzouf de Beaument) two sons,
Frangcis Jean and liichard Sieurde la Lande, who ra. Mdlle.
Jlarie de Bois Adam; their posterity is settled at Av-
ranches. The elder son. Francois Jeanne Lentaigne, h.

1711, ra. 1734, Gillette Reiiee Genevieve Joseph Marthe, h.

1712, d. 1795, dau. of Guy de Fleury, " ecuyer, Conseiller
Secretaire du Eoi,'' by his wife, Renee Francjoise Douard
de Fleurance et de Logiviere, and thus acquired the fief of
Logiviere, with all its rights and privileges confirmed by
Louis XVI. By this marriage Francois Jean was father of
(besides a son, Marie Jean BaptisteLentaignedeMontaudin,
b. 1740, ofBcierau7 Kegt. des Gardes du Eoi, -/u.l786,Victoiiu
Harrington de Saint .Suliac, and a dau., Marie Guyonne, m.
1769, Louis Jean Le Clerc de Sautrey, Chevalier de St.
Louis, Garde du Roi) an eldest son, Piekee Jean Feanpois
Lentaigne, Seigneur de Logiviere, h. 1738, Conseiller du
Roi, ra. 1762, Marie Anne Angelique Therese, dau. of Pierre-
Joseph Lehot Duferage, by Therese Guerin Du Mesnil his
wife, and had issue (with four daus., Marie, d. unm. ; Marie
Fran5oise, Moisson de Precorbin; Renee Pen-ine.
m. 1798, M. Le Freon de Longcamp, and had, with other
issue, Frangois Adrian, Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur,
Conseiller a la Cour Imperiale, b. 1801, ra. 1836, Elise Hue
de Prebois, whose only son, Robert Albert, ra. 1864, Louise,
dau. of Henri, 3rd son of Marquis de Viennay, of Grand-
Noe Maine ; and Genevieve Augustine, ra. M. Le Vannier
des Vauviers) two sons of whom the elder was Jacques
Gut Lentaigne de Logivieee, Chevalier of the Legion of
Honour, b. 2SFeb. 1769, Mayor of Caen from 1806 to 181C,
to whose energy the city of Caen owes the foundation of its
museum and public library ; he ra. Marie Elizabeth Felicite
du Bouisson, and d. 1839, having had (with a dau. Marie
Melanie, ra. 1st, le Jolis de Villiers, Conseiller i la Cour
Boyale de Caen, Chevalier de la Legion d' Honneur, and
2ndly, in 1850, Charles Doynel, Marquis de Montecot,
Chevalier de Malte Garde du Corps du Koi Locis XVllL,
Gentilhomme de la Chambre du Eoi ChaklesX.) a 'sun,
FranQois Cyrille Lentaigne de Logiviere, ra. 1827, Mdlle.
Felicite Desiree de Chaumontel, and was father of the pre-
sent GrsTAVE Jacques Maeie Lentaigne, Count de Logi-
viere, b. 1628, ra. 18.53, Marie Caroline, dau. of Amedee
Felix, Count de Chaumontel, Chevalier of St. Louis and of
the Legion of Honour, and officer de la Garde du Koi
Chables X., h. 1802, d. 1869, and has issue, Guy Marie
Adrien, h. 1861, and Bernard Amedee, b. 1866, and two
daus., Marie Marguerite and Marie Felicite Gabrielle.

HI. Robert, b. 1689, d. 1724; his only dau. Jeanne,
d. uani.

IV. Jean Richard, b. 1697, d. 1773 ; ra. Anne Magdeleine
dau. of Jacques Lehot Duferage, and had issue (with two
daus., one ra. 1771, M. Augustin de Marescot de Villeuil,
and the other, M. de Queens), Antoine Charles, ra. 1774,
Marie Therese Foucques, de Marencour; and the Rev.
Jacques Lentaigne, D.D., Cure de St. Sauveur, and Rector
of the University of Caen, who d. in Dublin, 25 Jan.

V. Jean Franqois, of whom hereafter.

I. Ambroise, m. 1723, Raulin le Montier, Sieur de la Bec-

The 5th son,

Jean Feancois Lentaigne, Capitaine de la Compagnie de
St. Erienne de Caen, b. June, 1699; d. 1780; ra. 27 March,
1724, Marie Anne Lehot Duferage. Their eldest son,

PiEEEE Francois Lentaigne , " Lieut, de Dragoons," et Juge
Consul, 6.24 Feb. 1725; d. 14 May, 1802; ra. 1766, Anne
Marguerite, 6. 1740, dau. of Guillaume Frangois Paisant
Duclos, son of Jean Paisant Duclos, by Eachael his wife
(m. 1701, d. 1710), dau. of Elie de Cussy, and had issue,

I. Jean Feanqois, b. 11 Sept. 1768, guillotined 1793.

II. Joseph, b. 8 Jan. 17/0, guillotined 1793.

hi. Benjamin, b. 14 Feb. 1773. of whom we treat.
IV. Simeon, b. 1775; ra. 1807, Rose dau. of Jean Edouard
Blacher, by Marie Anne Mitchelle Delaunay his wife, and J.
1845, leaving two sons,

Abel Edouard Marie, h. 11 Oct. 1808, Chevalier de la

Legion d'Honneur, Juge au Tribunal Civil de Caen, et

Conseiller a la Cour Imperiale, d. 1877, leavingone son,

Edward Juge a la Cour Civile de Falaise.

Ismael Jean Zacharie Simeon, 6. 2 April, 1820; d. 1874,

leaving two daus., Marie, ra. 30 April, 1877, M. Edouard

Valbrey, and Louise, ra. 27 Oct., 1878, M. Lucien


I. Jeanne, m. 1791, Nicholas Hervieu Duclos, and left

issue, Victor, d. inDublin in 1831; Charles; Benjamin;

Nathalie Lucile, ra. 1816, Pierre Alexandre Lecesne, and

has issue, Jules, who represented Havre for many years

in the Chamber of Deputies, and (Z. 1878; Charles; Victor

Louis ; Louise Alexandrine, ra. Sept. 1837, Adolphe Frederick

Le Page, Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur, Colonel l/i-

recteur d'Artillerie au Havre ; and Nathalie Agathie, -la.

1858, Alfred Rene Buot de Lepine, "Capitaine au Long


The 3rd son,

Benjamin Lentaigne, and his two brothers, were, at the
period of the French Revolution, firm adherentsof the ill-fated
Louis XVI. The younger of these two brothers, Joseph Len-
taigne, then but 23 years of age, an oflScer in the Gardes du
Corps, took a distinguished part in the events of 1789. and,
with his elder brother. Jean Frangois Lentaigne, was guillo-
tined 25Messidor, an 2. The third brother, Benjamin, escaped
to Flanders, where he entered I'armee de la noblesse Franc-aise.
He emigrated, 1792, in the suite of the French Princes, to
England, and, not wishing to be a burden on them, studied
medicine and entered the British service as assist. -surg. 5th
Dragoon Guards. Heretircd, 1799, from the army, and settled
as a physician, in the city of Dublin, where he was granted by
Trin. Coll. the honorary degree of M.D., and was elected a
member of the Royal College of Physicians. He acquired
very considerable practice, and purchased landed property in
CO. Monaghan. Dr. Lentaigne ra. 24 July, 1799, Maria,
Therese, dau. and eventually heir of John O'Neill, Esq.,
Catholic Delegate, 1792'* (of the O'Neills of Lower Clanaboy),
son of Patrick Francis O'Neill, Esq. by Catherine his wife, dau.
of Hugh Macguire, Esq. of Churchtown, of the line of Tempo.
By her (who d. 24 May, 1820) Dr. Lentaigne had three sons and
one dau.,

I. John (Eight Hon. Sie), P.C, C.B., of Talaght.

II. Joseph (Very Rev.), M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, and Uni-
versity of Melbourne, N.S.W., formerly a Barrister, after-
wards in Holy Orders of the Church of Rome, 6. 27 July,
1805, d. Dec. 1885.

III. Benjamin Plunkett, b. 1809, d. in infancy.
I. Mary Anne, d. unra. 11 Dee. 1887.

Dr. Lentaigne d. 19 Oct. 1813. His son.

Eight Hon. Sir John Feancis O'Neill Lentaigne, P.C,
C.B., of Tallaght, co. Dublin, J.P. and D.L. for co. Mon-
aghan, High Sheriff of the latter co. 1844, Knt. of the Order
of Pius IX., B.A., 6. 21 June, 1803 ; ra. 13 Sept. 1841, Mary,
dau. and co-heir of Francis Magan, Esq., J.P. of Emoe, AVest-
meath, and by her (who d. 8 May, 1887) had issue,

I. Joseph Hussey Nugent, present representative.

II. Victor Walter (Eev.), b. 27 Oct. 1848.

III. John Vincent O'Neill. Trin. Coll. Dublin, B.A.,
L.K.Q.P.I., F.E.C.S.I., 6.19 July, 1855; m. 20 Feb. 1882,
Phillis Mary, only dau. of John W. Coffey, Esq., and has
issue, Edward Charles ; Benjamin; a son 6. 11 Dec. 1887;
and Mary Sydney.

IV. Henry .aingus Westenra, Trin. Coll. Dublin, 6. 19 Aug.
1857; ra. 6 Oct. 1885, Emily, eldest dau, of the late —
Hepburn, of Bothwell House, Sydney, Australia, and d. 18
Aug. 1887, leaving issue.

V. Benjamin Plunkett, b. 28 March, 1865,

I. Mary Theresa, a Sister of Charity,

II. Margaret Mary, a Nun.

Sir John held office as Inspector-General of Prisons in Irelanti
from 1854 to 1877, and on the formation of the General Prison
Board for Ireland, was appointed Hon. Member of the Board.
He was also Commissioner of National Education, and In-
spector of Reformatory and Industrial Schools in Ireland, Ex-
President of the Statistical Society, and President of the Royal
Zoological Society. Forhislongandeminentpublicservices he
received the insignia of a Companion of the Bath in 1873. He
contested the representation of co. Dublin, 1851. Sir John
d. 12 Nov. 1886.

Arms — Or, on a chevron az. between three martlets sa. a
fleur-de-lis of the 1st, a chief of the 2nd, charged with three
mullets arg. quartering O'Neill and Plunkett. Crest — A
dove ppr. charged on the breast with a mullet arg. and holding
in the beak a fleur-de-lis or. Jloltoes — Dieu ayde. Over tQe
crest — Pro fide, rese, et patria pugno.

SeaS— Tallaght, co. Dublin.

Club — Stephen's Green, Dublin.


Lexthalx, Edmund Ktffix, Esq. of Bessels
Leigh Manor, co. Berks, and Maenan Hall, co. Car-
narvon, J.P. for Berks and Oxon, b. 30 Aug. 1821 j
s. Ms father 1870.

liineagre. — Sie Rowland Lenthall, of Lenthall, and
Hampton Court, co. Hereford (whose family had been seated

* John O'Neill, 6. Jan. 1740; m. 24 Feb. 1768, Mary, dau.
(by Catherine his wife, dau. of Luke Plunkett, of Possextown)
of Walter Plunkett, Esq., 2nd son of Thomas Plunkett, by his
wife Elizabeth Nangle, of Kildalkey, and grandson of Walter
Plunkett, Esq. of Rathmore, co. Meath, by his wife Ismay
Plunkett, of Ardpa trick, niece of Oliver Plunkett, the Lord
Primate, beheaded at Tyburn, 1681.





at Lcnthall from the reicn of Edward I.), was master of the
Kobes to King Henrt IV. and V. He was a Lord Marcher,
and was associated with Thomas Chaucer (the poet's son) ,as
one ot the Ambassadors to the Court of France, to negociate
the marriage of Queen Katharine with IIenhy V. Sir Row-
land accompanied Henky V. to France, and had a command
at the battle of Agincourt. Sir Rowland, who was also Deputy-
Governor of Alengon, under the Duke of Gloucester, and Con-
stable of Wigmore and Bolsover Castles, m. Margaret, dau.
and eventually co-heir of Richard Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel,
and by her (who d. 1422) had issue,

Edmund, who having m. Margaret, dau. of William, 5th
Lord Zouch. of Harringworth, d. s. p. 1447 ; and

Henry, who also d. s. p. in the same year.
Sir Rowland m. indly, Lucy, dau. and co-heir of Richard, 4th
Lord Grey de Codnor, by whom he had issue,

Rowland, m. Isabella, dau. of Sir Walter Devereux, and d.

John, 7?!. Anne, dau. of Humphrey Bessels, of Bessels Leigh,

Katharine, m. William, Lord Zouch, of Harringworth.

Elizabeth, m. Sir Thomas Cornwall, of Burford, by which
last alliance Hampton Court eventually vested in the Cora-
wall family.
Sir Rowland was High Sheriff of Hereford in 1423, and d. Nov.

A few years later the Lenthalls, retaining a portion only of
their possessions in co. Hereford, settled at Latchford and
Great Haseley, in co. Oxford, which manors and estates they
acquired in the reign of Edward IV., by the marriage of
AVilliam Lenthall (described in his will as " born at Lenthall "),
who d. June, 14y7, with the heiress of the Pipards. Thomas
Lcnthall, the eldest son of William last mentioned, i)i. Eliza-
beth, dau. and heir of John Willie, of Bovey Tracie, and had
issue. William, living, says Francis Thin, "of reverent age,"
in 1584: and three sons, Jolin, William, Rowland, and one
<lau., who m. Ist, Robert Tempest, 2ndly, George Smith, of
Manstanton, co. Durham, and 3rdly, Sir John Tempest, of
BoUinghall, co. York ; she left an only dau., Juliana Tempest,
who m. a nephew of John Hampden. In 1580 these estates
were possessed by John Lenihall. Esq., whose son (by Elinor,
dau. of Edward Lee, Esq. of Pitston, co. Bucks),

Sir Edmund Lenthall, was one of those prosecuted in the
Star Chamber for disregarding a Royal Proclamation in the
reign of Charles I., restraining persons of quality from
residing so much of the year in London. Sir Edmund in.
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Francis Stonor, of Stonor, co. Oxford,
but d. s. p., and the line of the family was continued through
his uncle,

William Lenthall, Esq., in. Frances, dau. of Sir Richard
Southwell, 01 St. Faith's, in Norfolk, and who, at his decease
2 Dec. 1596, aged 44, left issue,

I. John (Sir), Marshal of the King's Bench Prison, who in-
herited the family estates upon the demise of his cousin, Sir
Edmund, m. Bridget, dau. of Sir Thomas Temple, Bart, of
Stowe, and had (with eight daus., of whom Catherine m.
Lord Paisley, and Frances m. Edward, eldest son of Sir
Edward Moore, of Odiham, Hants), six sons, of whom the

Edmund, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir William Wade, Lieut,
of the Tower of London, and had issue, three sons and a
tlau. ; William Lenthall (M.P. for WaUingford 1679, and
for Cricklade 1681). The elder son m. twice, 1st,
Stephanie, dau. of Admiral Sir S. Harvey, K.C.B. ; and
2ndly,Lucy, dau. of EdwardDunch, first cousin to Oliver,
Lord Protector, but had no issue by either marriage, and
Selling the old family estates at Latchford, and Great
Haseley, terminated this branch of the family ; Ednmnd,
the 2nd son, d. 1644; John, the 3rd son, d. 14 May,
1641, without issue; and Bridget, the only dau., d. mrm.

II. William, of whom hereafter.

III. Thomas. iv. Francis.

And four daus., one of whom m. into the family of Warcup,
and wa.s mother of Sir Edmund Warcup, the historian of
The 2nd son,

The Right Hon. William Lenthall, h. June, 1591, was
Speaker of the Long Parliament. He subsequently was ap-
pointed Chamberlain of Chester, Chancellor of the Duchy of
Lancaster, and Keeper of the Great Seal. He received a
Patent of Peerage from Oliver, Lord Protector, 1656, and in
the single Parliament assembled by Richard Cromwell, he
sat in the Upper House by the title of William, Lord Lent-
hall, and so great wa.s his influence and weight at the Resto-
ration, that Gen. Monck assured King Charles that he could
not have brought about that desirable event without Mr.
Lenthall's concurrence. This eminent lawyer and statesman

m. Elizabeth, dau. of Ambrose Evans, Esq. of Lodington, co.
Northampton, by whom (who was iirst cousin to Lucius Gary,
Lord Falkland) ho had issue, John, his successor; William ;
Francis : Frances, m. Roland, son of Sir John Lacey, of Puddle-
cote and Shipton, co. Oxford; and Elizabeth. Mr. Speaker
Lenthall d. at his seat, the Priory, Burford, 1 Sept. 1662. His
only surviving son and successor,

Sir John Lenthall, Member for Gloucester in the Long
Parliament, and also for the same place in the Parliament
called by Richard CromweLl, was Col. in the Army, Governor
of Windsor Castle, and one of the Six Clerks in Chancery, and
was created a Baronet by Cromwell. He to. Ist, Mary, dau.
of Sir William Ayshcombe, of Alverscot, Oxon,but had by her
no issue. He m. 2ndly, Mary Blewett, relict of Sir James
Stonhouse, Bart, of Amlicrdcn, by whom he had one son,
William, and a dau. Rlizabeth, m. Sir Sandys Fortescue, of
Buckland Filleigh, Devon. Sir John m. 3rdly, Catherine,
dau. of Col. Eusebius Andrews, of Edmonton, Middlesex, but
had no further issue. He was High Sheriff co. Oxford, 1672,
and dying 9 Nov. 1681, was s. by his only son,

William Lenthall, Esq., to whom Gen. Monck stood
sponsor. He vi. his first cousin, Lady Catharine Hamilton,
only child of James, Lord Paisley, son and heir of James,
2nd Earl ot Abercorn, by whom (who m. after his decease
the Earl ot Abercorn) he left issue at his demise 5 Sept.
1686, aged 27, two sons, John, his heir; and James. The

John Lenthall, Esq. of Burford, High Sheriff co. Oxford,
m. Jane, dau. of Sir W. Hill, and had two sons and two daus.
The elder son,

William Lenthall, Esq. of Burford, High Sheriff co. Oxford,
d. unm. 1781, and was i. by his brother,

John Lenthall, Esq. of Burford, bapt. 29 Jan. 1722, m.
Anne, dau. of the Rev. Christopher Shute, and had two sons,

I. John, of Burford, High Sheriff 1787, to. Sarah, dau. of the
Rev. John Caswell, Rector of Swalcliffe, by whom (who d.
2 March, 1837) he left at his decease, 1820 (with three daus.)
two sons,

1 William John, to. Frances Mary, eldest dau. of T. Terry,
Esq. of Beverley, and has one surviving son, Edmund
Henry, of Lincoln's Inn.

2 Rowland Henry, of Kemsey, co. Worcester, who has
been twice married ; d. leaving an only son, Rowland.

II. William John.
The 2nd son,

William John Lenthall, Esq. of Bessels Leigh, Berks,
b. Jan. 1764, was High Sheriff for the counties of Carnarvon
and Merioneth. He m. Jan. 1789, Elizabeth, dau. and co-
heir (with Annie, wife ot the Rev. John Nanney, of Maes-y-
nenadd, co. Merioneth, and Ermine, wife of Richard Hughes
Kenrick, Esq. of Nantclwyd, co. Denbigh), of Sir Thomas
Kyffin, of Maenan, co. Carnarvon (descended from Einion
Effel, youngest son of Madoc, last Prince of Powis), by whom
(who d. June, 1791) he had two children,

Kyffin John William, his heir.

Ann Margaret, d. 1810, in her J 0th year.

Mr. Lenthall d. March, 1855, and was s. by his son,

Kyffin John William Lenthall, Esq. of Bessels Leigh
Manor and Maenan Hall, J. P. for cos. Carnarvon and Den-
bigh, and D.L. for the former co.. High Sheriff co. Carnarvon
1828, formerly Capt. Royal Denbighshire Militia, b. 12 Oct.
1789; m. 18 April, 1818, Mary Anne, eldest dau. of John
Ashton, Esq. of the Grange, co. Chester, and by her (who d.
24 Sept. 1866) had issue,
Edmund Kyffin, now of Bessels Leigh.
William Kyffin KyfRn, assumed the name of Kyffin only by
royal licence in 1870, on succeeding to the estate of Bel-
mont, CO. Denbigh, in compliance with the will of Anne,
wife of the Rev. John Nanney, dau. and co-heiress of Sir
Thomas Kyffin; ((.1822; and al. 4 April, 1892.
Francis KytHn, Barrister- at-Law, 6. 1824 ; and d. 19 Jan.

Mary Anne, deceased.

He c£. March, 1870.

Arms — Arg., on a bend cottiscd sa. three mullets or. Crest
— A greyhound salient sa. collared or. 3/oUt>— Anincourt.

Sewts— Bessels Leigh Manor, near Abingdon ; Maenan Hall,


Macalpine-Lent, William, Esq. of Dalswinton,
CO. Dumfries, and Duror, co. Argyle, J. P. and D.L.
for the former co. was educated at Eton and Christ
Church, Oxford, and served in the 15th Hussars,





I. 25 Nov. 1839 ; m. 15 April, 1869, Agnes Louisa
Georgina, dau. of tlie late Walter Jervis Long,
Esq. of Presliaw, Hants, and lias issue,

I. Robert Leny, Lieut. IGth Lancers, h. 11 Feb. 1870.

II. James Robert, b. 1S78, «. in 1881, his great-aunt, the late
Miss Georgina Frances Downie, of Appin, co. Argyll,
whose name he will assume in 1899.

III. William Harley, 6. 1880.

I. Emily, b. 1871, m. 1890, F. M. Quantccli Shuldham, Esq. of
Norton Manor, co. Somerset.

II. Agnes Marion, 6. 1872.

liineagre. — Capt. William Macalpine, of the 78th High-
landers, of the family of Macalpine of Auld, m. Anna, dau. of
George Leny, Esq. of Glins, co. Stirling, by Ehzabeth Graham,
his wife, of Gartmore {see that family) and had, with other
issue, a son,

James Macalpine-Lent, Esq, of the Glins, Lieut. 8th Light
Dragoons, who assumed the name of Leny, under the will of
his maternal uncle, Robert Leny, Esq.; b. 19 Jan. 179G ;
TO. 1829, Marion, dau. and co-heiress of Robert Downie, Esq.,
M.P., of Appin, CO. Argyll, and by her (who d. 1881) he had

I. Robert, 6. 1836, drowned 1845, umn.

II. William, of Dalswinton.

I. Anne Elizabeth, d. mini. 1873.

II. Marion Agatha, m. Rev. J. Evans Geldart Riadore,
M.A., Lavant, Chichester, and has is.'sue, two sons and two

III. Margaret Rosina.

IV. Roberta, m. James Lutyens Mansfield, Esq., who d.

Y. Jemima, m. Rev. D. Mackinnon, Rector of Speldhurst,
Kent, and has issue, three sons.

VI. Patricia Charlotte, m. Rev. Edward Downing Pollock,
Vicar of Tamworth.
Mr. James Macalpine-Leny d. 1867, and was s. by his only
surviving son.

Seat — Dalswinton, Dumfries.

Residence — Brookleigh, Guernsey.

Clubs — Carlton, Army and Navy, and Xew (Edinburgh.)


Leonard, Patrick Marcellinus, Esq., M.A.,
T.C.D., of Queensfort, co. Galway, and Kerrfield,_
CO. Southampton, Judge of County Court Circuit
No. 51, b. 1 June, 1821 ; w. 15 Nov. 1855, Mary,
2nd dau. of John Pearson, Esq. of Tandridge
Hall, CO. Surrey

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