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rd Kingsale.
' III. Marianne, (?. KJim. iv. Grace, d. v.nm.

V. Isabella, m. Kev. S. Glubb, Vicar of St. Anthony, in
Meiieagc, and is now deceased.

VI. Elizabeth, deceased.

Uev. Richard I'olwhele was well known as a poet, essayist,
.and local historian, and acquired in each department a well-
■carned reputation. He d. March, 1838, and was ». by his eldest
surviving; son,

RicuAHD Graves Polwiiele, Esq. of Polwhele, J. P. and D.L.,
I>icut.-Col. Madras Artillery, b. 20 Oct. 1794; m. 18 Nov. 1829,
Louisa Frances, only dau. of Rev. Robert Greville, of Wyastone
■Grove, co. Derby, Rector of Bonsall and Adlaston, claiming
<icscent from a younger branch of the noble family of Brooke
.and Warwick, and d. 1870, and was s. by his nephew.

Arms — Sa., a saltire engrailed erm., quartering the arms of
lAJKiE. Tresawell, Trencreek, Ac. C'rcst — A bull gu., horned
•or. .Vnother crest of the family is a blackamoor's head, with
sin olive branch in his mouth.

&ut— Polwhele House, near Truro, co. Cornwall.


PoMFEET, WiLXiAM PoMFEET, Esq. o£ Godintoii
Tavk, and Morghew, co. Kent, J.P. and D.L., b. 15
Dec. 1828 ; assumed by royal licence name of PoM-
TEET in lieu of Burra, 1882 ; m. 1st, 1853, Isabella,
<iau. of George Nottidge, Esq. of Tunbridge (she
d. 1876) ; m. 2ndly, 1878, Flora Eose, dau. of
C F. Hore, Esq. of Hilden, Beckenham, Kent, and
ty her has issue,

Virgil Pomfret, b. Aug. 1882.
Eva Mary, b. 1879.
Amphyllis Rose, 6. 1885.

IMr. Pomfret is the eldest son of the late William
Burra, of Ashford, Kent, by Mary C, dau. of John
Butler Pomfret, Esq. of Tenterden, Kent.

Seats — Godinton Park, Ashford, and Morghew, Tenterden,

Ctubs—Vniou and Carlton.


PoxsoNBT, Miles de Hale, Esq. of Hale Hall,
■CO. Cumberland, Lord of the Manors of Hale, and
Wilton, Cumberland, b. 14 May, 1841 ; m. 7 Oct.
1865, Malrina Luttrell, dau. of George Williams,
F:sq. of Port Sorrell, Australia, she d. 2 Feb. 1892.

Lilneag'e. — The Ponsonbys derive, it is stated, from an
ancient and noble family in Picardy, and were established in
England by one of the companions in arms of William the
CoNQCEROE. At an early period they settled at Hale, co. Cum-
berland, when they assumed the name of Ponsonbt, from the
Lordship of Ponsonby, where they possessed and had the office
of Barber to the King of England conferred upon them.

During the reign of Henry III., Hale was the property of
Alexander de Hale. His daus., Agnes and Constance, held
it of Thomas de Multon, of Gillesland, temp. Edward I., at
■nhich time the Ponsonbys got Agnes's part, and temp.
EicHARD II. they became possessed of the whole.

John Ponsoney, Esq. of Hale, was father of Simon Pon-
60NBT, Esq. of Hale, m. Anne Eglesfield, of Alenburgh Hall,
Cumberland, and had a son, Henry Ponsonbt, Esq., who
m. Dorothy Sandy, of Rottenden, Cumberland, by whom he
had two sons, both of whom were officers of rank in Crom-
^vell's army, and accompanied him to Ireland 1G49, viz.,
John (Sir), of whom we treat, and Henry, ancestor of Pon-
sonbt 0/ Crotto, CO. Kerry. The elder,

Sir John Ponsonbt, Knt., Col. of Horse in Cromwell's
ai-iny, went with his regiment, which he raised for the service
of the Commonwealth, to Ireland, 1649, and became Sheriff of
cos. Wicklow and Kildare 1654; he represented co. Kilkenny
in the first Parliament 1661. Sir John was 6. 1608; m. 1st,
Dorothy, dau. of John Brisco, Esq. of Crofton, co. Cumberland,
and by her had a son, John, of whose line we treat. He m,
2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Lord Folliot, and widow of Richard,
son and heir of Sir Edward Wingfield, and by this lady was
ancestor of the Earls of Bessborocgh {see Burke's Peerage).
Sir John d. 1678. His son, by his 1st wife,

John Ponsonbt, Esq. of Hale, ■ni.Annc Copley, of Gosforth,'
and had, with other issue, a son and heir,

John Ponsonbt, Esq. of Hale, m. Isabella, dau. of Thomas
Patrickson, Esq. of Scalegill Hall, co. Cumberland, and was
father, with other children, of

John Ponsonby, Esq. of Hale, m. Dorothy, dau. of Miles
Wilson, Esq. of Ashness, co. Cumberland, and had (with three
daus., Mary, Isabella, and Dorothy, to. — Steel, Esq. of
Cockermouth) four sons, John, d. a minor, Miles, of whom
presently, Anthony, and William. The 2nd son,

Miles Ponsonby, Esq. of Hale Hall, J.P. and D.L., m.
Catherine, dau. of Wilfred Clementson, Esq. of Cockermouth,
and d. 3 April, 1814, having by her (who d. Nov. 1814) had
issue, fire sons, who all d.s. 'p., and five daus. The 3id dau.,

Dorothy Ponsonby, m. 17 June, 1805, John Fisher, Esq. of
Whitehaven, J.P. and D.L., who, in her right, and under the
will of her father-in-law, assumed the surname of Ponsonby.
They had issue,

Thomas, d. a minor.

Miles, late of Hale. John, b. Jan. 1821.

Mary. Catherine. Dorothy.

Mr. Ponsonby d. 10 Nov. 1848 ; Mrs. Ponsonby d. 30 Jan.

Miles Ponsonby, Esq. of Hale Hall, co. Cumberland, J.P.
and D.L., b. 8 Dec. 1808 ; m. 3 May, 1837, Barbara, dau. of
Christopher Wilson, Esq. of Rigmaden Park, Westmorland,
and by her (who d. 1874), has had issue,

I. Miles de Hale, now of Hale.

II. Henry, b. at Paris, 5 March, 1857.

I. Catherine Cumpstone Florence, m. 6 Aug. 1864, Alexander
Staveley Hill, Esq., Q.C., M.P. for Coventry, andd. J4 May,
1868, leaving issue, a son, Henry Staveley Hill.

XI. Dorothy Jane (deceased), to. Robert Arthur Brooke, Esq.
of Bath, Lieut. 11th Hussars, deceased, leaving issue, one
son, Robert Arthur Ponsonby Brooke, deceased.

III. Barbara Ellen.

Mr. Ponsonby d. 25 March, 1892, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Gu., a chevron between three combs arg. Crest —
On a ducal coronet or, three arrows, one in pale and two in
saltire, shafts or, points downwards, feathered and pointed
arg., entwined by a serpent ppr. Motto — Pro rege, lege,

;Seat— Hale Hall, Beckermet.


Ponsonby, Thomas Beabazon, Esq. of Kilcooley
Abbey, co. Tipperary, b. 29 Dec, 1878.

Liineagre. — This is a branch of the Ponsonbys, Earls o/ij

Majob-Gen. Hon. Henbt Ponsonbt, of Ashgrove, 2nd son |
of William, 1st Viscount Duncannon, to. Lady Frances Bra-
bazon, dau. of Chambre, 5th Earl of Meath, and dying in I
1745 (being slain at Fontenoy), left, with a dau. Juliana, m. [
William Southwell, Esq., a son and successor,

Chambre Bbabazon Ponsonbt, Esq. of Ashgrove, in. 1st, I
Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Edward Clarke, Esq., by whom I
he had a dau., F'rances, m. 1767, George Lowther, Esq. of]
Kilrue, co. Meath; 2ndly, Louisa, dau. of John Lyons, Esq. cl
Murant, co. Westmeath, by whom he had another dau. Sarah,
of Llangollen Vale, who d. 1831 ; and 3rdly, Mary, dau. of
Sir William Barker, Bart, of Kilcooley, by whom he left, with
a dau. Mary, wife of Thomas Barton, Esq. of Grove, a son,

Chambre Brabazon Ponsonby, Esq., b. 12 June, 1762; who
inherited Kilcooly from his maternal family, and assumed the
additional surname of Barker. He m. 4 June, 1791, Lady
Henrietta Taylour, eldest dau. of Thomas, 1st Earl of Bective,
and by her (who d. 12 Jan. 1838) had issue,

William, his heir.

Chambre Brabazon, late Capt. 8th Hussars, m. 30 April, 1834,
Mary, dau. of Col. David La Touche, of Marlay, who d. Aug.
1840. He d. 1 May, 1863.

Thomas Henbt, succes.sor to his brother.

Catherine Jane, m. '25 May, 1819, Edward Michael Conolly,
Esq. of Castletown, M.P., and d. 1861.





Mr. Ponsonby-Earker d. 13 Dec. 1834, and was s. by his eldest

William Possonbt-Bakkek, Esq. of Kilcooley Abbey, co.
Tipperarj-, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Kilkenny 1824,
and Tipperary 1844, h. 9 Kov. 1795; m. 8 Aug. 1816, Eliza-
beth Selina, 4th dau. of Hon. and Eight Eev. William Knox,
D.D., Bishop of Derry, and d. s. p., when he was s. by his

Thomas Henry Ponsonbt, Esq. of Kilcooley Abbey, Capt. 6th
Dragoon Guards, vi. 21 Feb. 1838, Fanny Mary, dau. of Major
E. L. Dickson, of the Life Guards, and left issue,

I. Chambke Bkabazon, of whom presently.

I. Frances Amelia, d. iinm. 21 July, ISSO.

II. Kathleen Louisa Georgiana.

III. Blanche Mary.

Mr. Ponsonby d. 10 Feb. 1880. His son,

Chajibue Beabazon Ponsonby, Esq. of Kilcooley Abbey,
J.P., High Sheriff 1882, Lieut. 10th Hussars, b. 14 Dec.
1839 ; TO. 22 Oct. 1873, Hon. Mary Eliza Sophia Plunkett, dau.
«f Edward, leth Lord Dunsany, and had issue,

I. Thomas Brabazon, now of Kilcooley.

II. Henry Chambr6, b. 8 April, 1883.

I. Dorothy Constance.

II. Alice Isabella.

Mr. Ponsonby d. 9 Oct. 1884.

Arms, d-c. — Same as Ponsonby of Hale.
&ai— Kilcooley Abbey, Thurles,'co. Tipperar7.


Talbot-Poxsonby, Chaeles Williajt, Esq. of
Incliiqtiin, co. Cork, J.P., retired Lieut. K.N., b.
29 Maj, 1843 ; assumed by royal licence, 1866, the
additional surname and arms of Ponsonby ; m. 15
Jan. 1868, Constance Louisa, youngest dau. of F.
P. Delme-Eadclifle, Esq. of Hitchiu Priory, Herts,
and has had issue,

I. William Charles Frances, b. 14 Oct. 1868; d. 6 June, 1870.

II. John Seymour William, Lieut. K.N., b. 1 May, 1870.

III. Edward Frederick, Lieut. K.A., b. 21 Oct. 1872.

IV. Charles George, b. 1 May, 1874.

V. Frederick William, b. 19 Jan. 1879.

VI. Arthur Hugh Brabazon, 6. 4 Sept. 1885.

I. Evelyn Mary Georgiana, b. 22 Feb. 1876.

II. Constance Emma, b. 18 Nov. 1882.

liineag'e. — William Brabazon Ponsonby, 4th Lord Pon-
sonby, of Imokilly, dying s. p. 10 Sept. 1866, that title became
extinct, and his cousin, the present Mr. TALsoT-PoNsoNBy, s.
to the manor of Inchiquin, in the Barony of Imokilly, co. Cork,
under the will of William, 3rd Lord Ponsonby, assuming there-
upon, by royal sign-manual, the name and arms of Ponsonby
in addition to those of Talbot (see Burke's Peerage, title
Shrewsbury and Talbot).

The Vert Eev. Charles Talbot, Dean of Salisbury (2nd
son of the Hon. and Eev. George Talbot, D.D., who was 3rd
son of Charles, 1st Lord Talbot, of Hensol, Lord Chancellor of
England), m. 27 June, 179G, Lady Elizabeth Somerset, dau.
of Henry, 4th Duke of Beaufort, and d. 23 Feb. 1823, leaving
by her (who d. 5 May, 1856) five sons and six daus. The 2nd

Admiral Sib Charles Talbot, K.C.B., 6. 1 Nov. 1801; m.
11 Dec. 1838, Charlotte Georgiana, widow of Lieut.-Col. Staple-
ton, dau. of Major-Gen. the Hon. William Ponsonby, K.C.B.,
and sister of William, 3rd Lord Ponsonby, of Imokilly, and d.
8 Aug. 1876, leaving with other issue (see Burke's Peerage,
Shrewsbury, E.), a son, the present Charles Willlam Talbot-
Ponsonby, Esq., E.N., now of Inchiquin.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a chevron between three
tombs arg., for Ponsonby ; 2nd and 3rd, gu., a lion rampant,
within a border engrailed or, for Talbot. Crests — 1st, On a
ducal coronet or, three arrows, points downwards, one in pale
and two in saltire, shafts or, feathered and pointed arg.,
entwined by a serpent ppr., for Ponsonby ; On a cap of
maintenance gu., turned up erm., a lion statant, tail extended
or, for Talbot. Mottoes — 1st, Pro rege, lege, grege ; 2nd (over
second crest), Prest d'accomplir.

Stats — Inchiquin, near I'oughal, and Langrish House, Peters-
field, Hants.

Clubs — Carlton, S.W., and Naval and Military, W.


Poole, Hewitt, Esq. of Mayfield, co. Cork,
J.P., Major South Cork Militia, b. 5 Jan. 1812 ; tn.

1st, 31 May, 1836, Jane, eldest dau. of the late
Joseph Deane Freeman, Esq. of Castle Cor, co.
Cork, D.L., and by her (who d. Feb. 1841) has had

I. Thomas, 6. 1 Jan. 1840 ; d. Oct. 1852.

I. Bessie Deane Freeman.

II. Joanna Townsend, m. 17 April, 1879, Horace Townshend,
Esq., late Capt. 99th Eegt.

He m. 2ndly, 17 Nov. 1849, Lucia Anne, eldest
dau. of Kichard Wills Gason, Esq. of Kichmond,
Nenagh, co. Tipperary, D.L., and by her (who d.
22 April, 1888) has issue,

n. Hewitt Eichard, 6. 18 Jan. 1853.

III. Alice Katherine, d. 22 Nov. 1862.

IV. Lucia Theodora.

Xiineag'e — Thomas Poole, stated to have been a scion
of the Cheshire family of Poole of Poole Hall, and of the
Gloucestershire family of Charfiiild Manor, near Thornbury,
purchased the estate of Maytield, co. Cork, 1628. He m.
Mary, dau. of Francis Bernard, Esq. of Castle Mahon, co.
Cork, and was father of

Francis Poole, Esq. of Mayfield, m. Margaret, dau. of
Capt. Thomas Hungerford, of The Island, and had a son,

Thomas Poole, Esq. of Mayfield, m. Miss Hewitt, of Clan-
coole, CO. Cork, and was father of

Thomas Poole, Esq. of Mayfield, in. Anna, dau. of Henry
(or Walter) Baldwin, Esq. of Mossgrove, co..Cork, and had a

Hewitt Baldwin Poole, Esq. of Mayfield, iji. 17C8, Doro-
thea, dau. of Jonaa Morris, Esq. of Barley Hill, co. Cork, and
had issue, i. Thomas, his heir ; ii. Jonas Morris (Eev.), m.
Mary Anne, dau. of E. Sealy, Esq. of Barleyfield, co. Cork,
and d. leaving issue, Hewitt Eobert (Eev.), D.D., Fellow
Trin. Coll. Dublin, Dorothea, Harriett, and Mary Anne ;
I. Anna Baldwin ; ii. Dorothea, m. Eev. Eobert Cane ; in.
Catherine (Mrs. Meade) ; iv. Barbara (Mrs. Keatinge) ; v.
Elizabeth, m. Samuel M'Call, Esq. of Glyntown; vi. Maria
(Mrs. Morgan) ; vii. Harriet, ?(!.. Eev. Morgan Jellett, and was
mother of Eev. J. H. Jellett, Provost of Trin. Coll. Dublin;
viii. Jane Morris ; ix. Charlotte Sophia. Mr. Poole d. 1800,
and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Poole, Esq. of Mayfield, b. 1773; vi. 14 June, 1806,
Joanna Meade, dau. of the Eev. Horace Townsend, of Derry
Eosscarbery, and by her (who d. 1865) had issue,

I. Hewitt, now of Mayfield.

II. Horace Townsend, 6. 6 Jan. 1813; to. Judith Isabella,
eldest dau. of Lionel J. Fleming, Esq. of Newcourt, Skib-
bereen, co. Cork, and d. 24 March, 1872, having had issue,
Thomas Hewitt and Elizabeth.

III. Thomas, m. Anne, eldest dau. of J. Bennett, Esq., J.P.,
of Willaston, Douglas, Isle of Man.

I. Helena Charlotte. ii. Dorothea Morris.

III. Katharine Townsend, m. Henry Newton, Chief Justice
of Bombay, and d. 1865, leaving five daus.

IV. Charlotte Meade, deceased,
v. Joanna Isabella.

VI. Elizabeth Henrietta, m. AV'illiam J. Cummins, M.D., and
(/. 1808, leaving a son and a dau.

VII. Isabella Susan, m. John William Perrott, Esq. ofThorn-
cliffe and Castle Lyons, co. Cork, and had a son and a

Mr. Poole filled the ofiice of Sovereign of Midleton for upwards
of thirty years. He d. 1854.

Arms — Az., scmee de lis or, a lion rampant arg. Crest — Out
of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head az., beaked gold. Motto
— Pollet virtus.

-Seat— Mayfield, near Bandon, co. Cork.


PooxE, CuDWOETH Halsted, Esq. of Marbury
Hall, CO. Chester, J.P. for that co. and for Salop,
High Sheriff co. Chester 1880; b. 22 Aug. 1847;
>». 24 Mav, 1870, Isabel Marian, youngest dau. of
the late Sir George Chetwynd, 3rd Bart, of Gren-
don Hall, co. Warwick, and" by her (divorced 1878)
he has a dau.,

Florence Mary Charlotte.

Lineage. — Domville Halsted, Esq. of Dane B.ank,
assumed the name of Poole in compliance with the will of the
Eev. Cudworth Poole ; he was 6. at Lyniine, Cheshire, 21 July,
1701, and was bur. 1 May, 1795, having m. 20 Jan. 1783, Sarah,
dau. and co-heiress of James Massey of EostUerne, and by





Jier (who (I. about 1837) had issue, i. Domville Halsted Ctd-
■woRTH, of Marbury Hall, a. 1S69, and was s. by his nephew,
Ci'BwoKTnllALSTED (stt heloic); II. John Halstcd ; iii. William
IIalsted, of whom presently ; anil iv. James. The 3rd son,
William Halsted Toole, Esq. of Terrick Hall, co. Salop,
who m. 5 Feb. IS'29, Elizabeth, Oau. of James Francklin, Esq.
of Gonalston, l\otts, and by her (.wlio d. 25 May, 18-18, aged
S8) had issue,

I. Domville Halsted, b. i Nov. 1832 ; d. March, 184J.

II. WilUam Halsted, h. 20 March, 1835, killed at the taking
of the Iledan 1S65.

III. John Halsted, b. 20 Oct. 1845 ; d. July, 184G.

IV. CrDwoRTH Halsted, now of Marbury Hail, s. his uncle,
Domville Halsted Ccdworth Poole, Esq.

I. Elizabeth Ekanora Halsted, d. July, 1878.

II. Sarah Halsted, m. Oct. 1856, Thomas Hugh Sandford,
Esq. of Sandford, co. Salop.

III. Judith Caroline Halsted. m. June, 1850. Col. Bryan
George Davies-Cooke, of Colomendy, Mold, N. Wales, and
has two sons and two daus.

IV. Mary Halsted, 7)!. Jan. 1804, Col. Charles Franee-
llayhurst, of Bostock Hall, Cheshire, and d. June, 1877,
leaving three sons and two daus.

Mr. Poole d.2S Jan. 1859, aged 66.

,SiaJ— Marbury Hall, Whitchurch, Salop,


Owen, Mart Elizabeth, of Gwynfa, co. Car-
narvon and Caenest, co. Merioneth, only dau. and
heiress of the late WiiLiAM Theabsbt Poole, Esq.,
D.L., of Gr«"ynfa and Caenest, in. 16 Feb. 1884, Kev.
Hugh W. Owen, who d. 1 J une, 1886, and has issue,
Margaret Mart Gwendolen, b. 8 July, 188G.

liineage.— PticHARD Poole, 6. 1769, m. 31 July, 1797,
Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. lUchard Atkinson, and d. 1807,
leaving by her (who d. 1853) a son,

Eichabd Anthony Poole, of Caenest, J.P. and D.L., who
7rt. 23 Nov. 1823, Elizabeth Yate, and by her (who d. 17 April,
1868; had issue,

I. Eichard Owen, d. g. p. 8 Aug. 1857.

II. William Theabsbt, late of Gwynfa

HI. Charles Marshall, m. Liila Elizabeth, dau. of E. G.
Powell, Esq., and d. 4 Jan. 1893, leaving issue,
Charles Edward Hamilton, b. 30 June, 1865, Lieut. 2nd
batt. the Welsh llegt.
Hugh Iteginald Anthony, 6. 26 Aug. 1868.
Alfred William Jeffery, b. 24 April', lb71, d. Jan. 1892.
Amy Margaret Elizabeth Ciceley, 6. 19 July, 1872.
IV. John Washington, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Owen Jones,

Esq.. and d. 15 Oct. 1893.
1. Elizabeth Anne, d. unm. 19 Feb. 1877.

Mr. R. A. Poole d. 17 Sept. 1863. His son,

William Thearsbt Poole, Esq. of Gwynfa, co. Carnairon,
and Caenest, co. Merioneth, J.P. and D.L. for co. Merioneth,
and J.P. CO. Carnarvon, b. 2 Oct. 1825; m. 13 Aug. 1861, Mar-
garet, eldest dau. of George Howarth, Esq. of Hawthorn House,
Lancashire, and d. 22 Nov. 1893, leaving issue.

Mart Elizabeth, now of Gwynfa and Caenest.

Seats— Gy;yaia, co. Carnarvon ; and Caendst, Llanbedr, co.


PooLEE, Rev. James Galbeaith, D.D., Eector
of Newtownards, co. Down, Rural Dean of Bangor,
Chaplain to the Marquess of Londonderry, Canon
of St. Patrick's Catliedral, Dublin, and some time
Scholar of Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 1826 ; m. 7 June,
1855, Angelica, 5th dau. of the late Rev. Edward
Leslie, B.D., Rector of Anahilt, co. Down, and grand-
dau. of Charles Powell Leslie, Esq. of Castle Leslie,
Glasslough, M.P. for co. Monaghan, and has issue,

I. Lewis Arthur Trevor (Rev.), M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin,
Minor Canon of Down Cathedral, 6. 29 Jan. 1858 ; m. Sept.
1885, Augusta, 2nd dau. of the Ven. John Charles Wolfe,
Archdeacon of Clogher, and has issue,

James Galbraith, b. 1887.
Isabella Mabel, b. 1893.

II. Charles Francis Knox (Rev.), 6. 7 Jan. 1860.

III. Edward Leslie, M.D.,6. 2 Aug. 1861 ; ni.l886, Emma, only
ilau. of the late Alexander Johns, Esq. of Sunnylands,
Carrickfergus, and has a dau. Angelica Leslie, 6. 1887.

IV. James Galbraith George, b. 19 Nov. 1869.

I. Ida Fi-anees Margaret.

II. Angelica Katharine.

Lineage.— The family of Pooler of Ti/rng.t, which claims
Norman extraction, is of antiquity in co. Armagh. In 1689,
Robert (eldest son oi Robert Pooler, Esq. of Tyross, and
grandson of Capt. Robert Pooler, who settled at Tyross, in
the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1585, and received a grant of
lands), led troops to the relief of Derry. " Pooler," says
Stcabt, in his Historical Memoirs of Annoc/h, " in almost
every sortie made by the famous Murray, was always in the
thickest of the battle, and yet escaped unhurt. When, how-
ever, the garrison had received information that the Irish
army had commenced its retreat. Pooler looked through an
embrasure in the battlements, in hope of witnessing its final
departure. At that moment, arandoni shot from one of those
who had lingered in the rear struck him on the head and killed
him on the spot, the last man slain at the siege of Derry." In
the Metrical Catalogue of the Besiegers aad Defenders of Derry ^ ^
1689, published in Grahim's Ireland Preservid, Pooler is
alluded to in the following line —

" Cust and Cross and Pooler of Tyross."

Rev. James Galbraith Pooler is only surviving son of
Robert Pooler, Esq. of Tyross, co. Armagh, by Frances hi.?
wife, dau. of Samuel Reid, Esq. of Newry, grandson of Robert
Puoler, Esq. of Tyross (6. 1734, d. 18231, by Katherinehis wife,
dau. of John Galbraith, Esq. of Rascavy, co. Tyrone, by his
wife Katharine, 2nd dau. of Samuel Perry, Esq. of Moylouch-
morc, by his wife Katharine Lowry, auntof Armar Lowry, 1st;
Earl of Belmore, great-grandson of John Pooler, Esq. of
Tyross (6. Sept. 1700, d. Sept. 1746), by his wife Martha, dau.
of William Scott, Esq. of Scottsborough, co. Fermanagh,,
great-great-grandson of Robert Pooler, Esq. of Tyross (6. 1626,
and d. 1742, aged 116), by his wife Susanna, sister of Johtt
Grindall, Esq. Governor of Antigua, great-great-great-grandson
of Robert Pooler, Esq. of Tyross (b. 1594), by his wife Eliza-
beth, 2nd dau. of Walter Bond, Esq., great-great-great-great-
grandson of Capt. Robert Pooler (6. 1541), by his wife Maud,
only dau. of George Armitage, Esq.

Arms — Per pale, or and arg., a fesse az., between two lions'
heads erased in chief gu. and a crescent in base of the third.
Crtst—A. falcon rising, ppr., belled or, and charged on the
breast with a lozenge gu. Motto — Vi et virtute.

Seats —The Rectory, Newtownards, co. Down ; and Tyross,


Letboene-Popham, Francis William, Esq. of
Littlecote, Wilts, and Hunstrete Park, Somerset,
J.P.Berks and Wilts, late Lieut. BerkshireYeomanry,
b. 8 March, 1862 ; s. his uncle 1881 ; m. 12 Nov.
1890, Maud Isabel, younger dau. of Harry Howard,
Esq. of Greystoke Castle, Cumberland (see Bueke's
Peerage, Norfolk, D.)

Lineagre. — The family of Popham were formerly seated
at a place of the same name in Hants. They were, it is stated,
in the favour of the Kmpress Maud, and held honourable
stations in the reign of HenrtIII. To Hants they gave several
Sheriffs from the reign of Edward III. to that of Henry VI.,
when they removed to Somersetshire.

Gilbert Popham de Popham, Esq., co. Southampton, living;
temp. King John, vi. Joan, dau. of Robert Clark, Esq. feoffee
in trust for the Manor of Popham, and d. 35 Henrt III.,,
leaving a son and heir,

Robert Popham de Popham, Esq. who left issue, two sons,.
I. John, whose great-great-great-grandson, Stephen Pophamt
DE Popham (nephew of Sir John Popham. K.G.), d. without
male issue, leaving four daus., Elizabeth, m. John Wadham;
Margery, in. Thomas Hampden, of Bucks ; Eleanor, m. Johi\
Barintine ; and Alice, m. John F'oster, Esq. ; ii. Hugh, of
whose line we treat. The 2nd son.

Sir Hugh de la Popham, Knt., one of King Edward I.'s
Commissioners for fixing the boundaries of royal forests in
Somerset, ni. Joan, dau. of Sir Stephen Kentishberry, Knt.
of Huntworth, Somerset, and widow of Sir John Trivet, and
had a son. Sir John Popham, Knt. who lived temp. Edward 1.
and Edward II., and m. Alexandria, dau. of John Horsey, of
Horsey, and had a son and heir.

Sir Hcgii Popham, Knt. m. Hawise, dau. of Robert Brent,
and had an eldest son.

Sir John de la Popham, Knt. m. Dionys Powell, or Paulctt,
and d. 48 Edward III. He left an eldest son,





Thomas Pofham, Esq. of Huntworth. r,i. Cecilia, dau. of
John Hugon, and d. (5 Henry V., leaTing a son and heir,

William Popham, Esq. of Huntworth, m. Agnes, dau. and
heir of William Edmondes, and d. 4 Edwabd IV., leaving an
■eldest son,

John Popham, Esq.. m. Isabella, dau. and heir of Thomas
Knoyle, or Knowles, and had an eldest son,

Aleiander Popham, of Huntworth. He m. Jane, dau. of
Sir Edward Stradling, Knt. of Saint Donafs Castle, co. Gla-
morgan, and had two sons,

I. Edwabd, of Huntworth, living 1573, m. Jane, dau. of
Eichard Norton, of Abbott's Lee, and had a son and suc-

Alesandgb Popham, Esq. of Huntworth, bur. in the
Temple, London, who m. Dulcibella, dau. of Jotn Barley,
and had three sons. The 3rd son,

Thomas Popham, Esq. of Huntworth, s. his brother
Edward 1623. He m. 1st, Grace, dau. of William Dale, Esq.
of Somerset, by whom he had a dau. Sarah, m. — Score.
He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Henry Darby, of Beamiaster.
and had a son and successor,

Thomas Popham, Esq. of Huntworth, who m. Eleanor
Wansford, and had two sons, Alexander, his heir, and
Thomas, who to. and had issue. The elder son,


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