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Museum, iv. Thomas, d. s. p. ; v. Meevyn ; and i. Margaret.
The youngest son,

Mervyn Pbatt, M.P. co. Cavan, rn. 1704, Elizabeth, dau. of





Thomas Coote, Esq. of Cootc Hill, co. Cavan, and sister of the
Karl of Bellamont, andd. 1751, having had (with three daus.,
Elizabeth, m. Dr. Burleigh ; Anne, m. John Pratt, Esq. of
Agher, co. Meath ; and Frances, m. Joseph Methee, Esq.)
a son and successor,

Kkv. Joseph Peatt, of Cabra, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Knight-
ley Chetwode, Esq. of Woodbrook, Queen'sco.,and had issue,
Meryyn, d. 179S. Joseph, of whom presently.

James Butler, of Drumsna, co. Leitrim, m. Margaret, dau .
of William Foster, Esq. of Dunleer, and d. 1829, lea^Jing
four sons and four daus. His eldest son, J. Dallas, M.D.,
F.R.C.S., m. 4 Jan. 1888, Eleanor Bruce, eldest dau. of
Andrew Palles, Esq., J. P. of Mount Palles.
Elizabeth, m. 1st, Dr. C. Morton, and 2ndly, — Bacon, Esq.
Ann, m. Henry Foster, Esq.
The 2nd son.

Key. Joseph Pbatt, of Cabra Castle, b. 173S ; m. 1770, Hon.
Sarah, dau. of Hervcy, Viscount Mountmorres, by Lady Letitia
Ponsonby his wife, dau. of Brabazon, Earl of Bessborough,
and had issue,

Joseph, his heir. Mervyn (Kev.), d. 1823.

Henrey, of Castle Morres, co. Kilkenny, who, upon the death
of his father, .s. his mother in the Kilkenny estates, which
she and her sister, the Marchioness of Antrim, had jointly
inherited as co-heirs of their brother, Hervey Redmond, 2nd
Viscount Mountmorres {see Db Montmobenct of Castle
Mary, m. Sir John Piers, Bart. Letitia, deceased.

Mr. Pratt d. 1831, and was s. by hia eldest son,

Joseph Pratt, Esq. of Cabra Castle, Col. of Militia, b. 1775 ;
111. 1st, 1800, Jemima Roberta, dau. and co-heir of Sir James
Stratford Tynte, Bart., of Tynte Park, and by her (who d.
1822), had issue,

I. Mebvyn, of Cabra Castle.

u. Joseph Tynte, J. P. and D.L., of Tynte Park, Dunlavin,
CO. Wicklow, who has assumed the surname and arms of
Tynte, b. 1815; m. 1840, Geraldine, 2nd dau. of the late
WiUiam Richard Hopkyns Northey, Esq. of Suffolk Lawn,
Cheltenham, and by her (who d. 12 Jan. 1888) has i.ssue, 1
Fortescue Joseph, Major 3rd batt. Royal Dublin Fusiliers,
*. 1841 ; m. 1S84, Mary, dau. of T. H. May-Somerville, Esq.
of Whitecroft, co. Dumfries, and widow of Charles Gustavus
Eochfort, Esq. of Rochfort Bridge, co.Westmeath; 2 Mervyn;
1 Hannah; 2 Madeline ; and 3 Alice.

III. Fitzherbert, d. 1849.

sv. Walter Caulfeild, J. P. and D.L., of Oving House, Bucks,
Col. Commanding Royal Bucks Militia, and formerly 67 ih
Kegt., b. 25 Dec. 1819 ; 7«. 11 March, 1852, Catherine Cecilia,
■6th dau. of George, 3rd Lord Boston, and has issue,

1 Douglas Walter Joseph Caulfeild, 6. 1853 (dceeased).

2 Gerald George Caulfeild, Major 3rd batt. Oxfordshire
L.I.,6. 1855.

.3 Cecil de Montmorency Caulfeild, b. 1857.
1 Constance.
•V. Fitzmaurice Caldwell Tynte, of Olen Heste Elcssington,
CO. Wicklow, b. .') Sept. 1822; m. 1850, Isabella Mary, dau.
of Charles Edmund Costello, Esq. of Edmondston, co. Mayo,
and d. 1884, leaving a dau. Josephine, who d. 1890.

I. Hannah, m. Charles Rochfort, Esq.

II. Sarah, m. 12 July, 1834, Robert Doyne, Esq. of Wells, co.

iir. Elizabeth Martha, in. 4 Feb. 1840, Robert Francis
Saunders, Esq. of Saunders Grove, co. Wicklow.

Col. Pratt m. 2ndly, 1826, Nichola Sophia, relict of the late
Claudius William Cole Hamilton, Esq. of Kingscourt, co.
Meath, and d. 27 Aug. 186:;. His eldest son,

SIebvtn Pbatt, Esq. of Cabra Ciistle, J. P. and D.L., High
.Sheriff, co. Cavan 1841, co. Mayo 1843, and co. Meath 1»7.'),
i. 2 Aug. 1807; TO. 27 Oct. 1834, Madeline Eglantine, only
tlaii. and heirof Col. William Jacksou, of Enniscoe, co. Mayo,
and had issue,

I. Joseph, now of Cabra Castle.

I. Louisa Catherine Hannah, m. 28 June, lS6i, Thomas
Bothwell, Esq. of Rocktield, co. Meath, and has i.<sue.

II. Madeline Caroline Mary.

III. Jemima Roberta Emily Tynte.

AiTM — Arg., on a chevron sa., between three ogreP.=es, each
charged with a martlet of the first, three mascles of the field.

Seats — Cabra Castle, Kingscourt, co. Cavan; Enniscoe,
Crosamolina, co. Mayo.


Peescott, Joux Eavexhill, Esq. of Diilton
Orange, co. Lancaster, Lieut. 1st Batt. Sherwood
Foresters, b. 7 Feb. 1863 ; m. 15 Jan. 1890,
Ulanche Mary, dau. of the late Major the Hon.
Leonard Allen Addiiigton, 2nd son of William
Leonard, 2ud Viscount .Sidmouth.

liineagre. — John Pbescott, Esq. of Dalton, M.A., .T.P.,
D. L. (son of William Budd Prescott, Esq., by Jane Ravenliill,
his wife), m. 1860, Frances, dau. of Robert Ledson, Esq. of
Liverpool, and had issue,

I. John Ravenhill, now of Dalton Grange.

II. Richard Courtenay, 6. 1879.

I. May M. F., jn. J886, J. H. Burton, Esq.
Six other daus., unm.
Mr. Prescott (i. in 1888.

Seat — Dalton Grange, near Southport.


Preston, Eet. John D'Aecy Waecop, M.A.,
of Askham Bryan Hall, co. York, late Eector of
Fremantle, Hants, b. 27 Jan. 1824; m. 11 May,
1858, Emily Anne Augusta, 3rd dau. of Rer. John
Brownlow, and has issue,

I. D'Aect Bbownlow, b. 19 July, 1860.

II. Walter Charles, R.N., 6. 18 Feb, 1864 ; d. 2 April, 1885.

III. Roland D'Arcy, 6. 1 July, 1867.

IV. Arthur John, 6. 4 Nov. 1871.

I. Alice Elizabeth. ii. Edith, d.. 31 Jan. 1382.

Lineagre. — This is a very ancient family, descended from
the Lords D'Arcy, of Aston. Admiral D'Abct Peeston, R.N.,
of Askham Bryan, co. York (son of Rev John Preston, of
A.skham Bryan, Rector of Marston and Fostonand Prebendary
of York, 6. 18 May, 1738, by his wife, Jane Consett, of Bra-
with Hall, Thirsk), m. Sophia, 4th dau. of Sir George Nares,
one of the Judges of the Common Pleas, and d. 1847, having
had issue,

I. Rev. John D'Abct Jeevis, of whom presently.
n. Edward, R.N., d. unm.

III. William, R.N., of Borde Hill, Sussex, m. Hamilla Mary,
dau. of James Mangles, Esq. of Woodbridge, Guildford,
Surrey, and d. Dec. 1851, leaving, with a dau., Ellen Jane,
wife of Thomas Stannard McAdam, Esq. of Blackwater, co.
Clare, a son.

Rev. D'Abct Haebinoton Peeston, of Westmill, Bunt-
ingford, b. 19 Nov. 1844; m. 22 Nov. 1866, Harriett,
dau. of Thomas and Harriett Vipan, of Sutton, Isle of
Ely, and has issue,

William D'Aect Vipan, 6. 7 Nov. 1869.

Emily Mary. Edith.

IV. Charles, m. 1847, Mary Sullivan, dau. of John Dalton,
Esq. of Slenningford Park, co. York, and d. 1 Jan. 1861.

V. D'Arcy Preston, R.N., ?«. Jessie Forrest, deceased.

I. Sophia Preston, deceased.

II. Anne, m. Edward Probyn Nares, Esq., deceased.

The eldest son,

Rev. John D'Aect Jervis Peeston, M.A., of Askham
Bryan, J.P., m. 1st, 3 April, 1821, Elizabeth, dau. of Peter
Spence, M.D., of Kensington, and by her (who d. Jan. 1833),
had issue,

John D'Abct W'abcop, now of Askham Bryan.

Charles Edward, Major in the army, m. 14 July, 1875,
Emmeline, 2nd dau. of P. Feake Martin, Esq.

D'Arcy Spence, Rear-Admiral R.N., b. 26 May, 1827.

William Warcop Peter, of Bra with Hall, J.P. and D.L., h. 6
Jan. 1833, a-ssumed the surname of Consett 18')0, m. 10
Nov. 1864, Harriet Georgiana Edith, eldest dau. of Lord
Charles Keir, and has, with six daus., two sons, D'Arcy
Preston and Montagu William.

Fanny, m. 1853, Sir Thomas lOardlcy 'WilmotBlomefield, Bart.

Sophia Elizabeth, to. Rev. John Blomeflekl, M.A. Jane.

Margaret Laura, to. Rev. C. B. Yeoman.

Emily Ann, m. Rev. F. W. K. Woodyeare, of Crookhill,
CO. York.

He TO. 2nd!y, 1835, Hannah Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John St.
Leger Gilman, Bart., and by her had a dau.,

Hannah Elizabeth, in. 12 Oct. 1870, Picv. Edward Barber,
Vicar of Carieton, Pontefract.

Arms — Arg., two bars gu., on a canton of the last a cinquc-
foil or. Crest — On a ruined tower, a falcon rising arg., beaked,
legged, and belled or. Motto — Si Dieu veult.

Seat — Askham Bryan Hall, York.

llesidence — Roxborough Park, Harrow-on-the-IIill.


Peeston, John Norcliffk, Esq. of Flashy
Hall, CO. York, J. P., late Capt. 3rd Light Dragoons,
b. 13 July, 1827; m. 15 Nov. 1871, Thermuthes
Fauquier, youngest dau. of Henry Thomas Cham-
berlayne, Esq. of Stoney Tliorpe, co. Warwick, and
has issue,





John nE>TiT, 6. 4 March, 1874.

J'hilip Chamberlayae, b. 19 Feb. 1879.

V'inifred Mary. Olivia Thermuthes.

Xiineag'e. — Christopher Preston, of Leeds, Merchant
{of the family of Preston of Holker co. Lancaster), m. Anne,
tiau. of William Ayloffe, and d. 12 April, 1639, leaving a son,
Joseph Presto.v, who d. 9 July 1655. His son,
Jou-N Preston, Mayor of Leeds 1692, to. 1st, Elizabeth, dau.
of George Bacon, of Furness, and 2ndly, Martha, dau. of .Sir
lienjamin Ayloffe, and d. 22 Jan. 1710, leaving, by the latter
tady, a dau. Susanna, to. Marmaduke Lawson, Esq. of Moreby,
andtZ. 1711, and two sons,
Croft, Merchant, of Leeds, Mayor 1715, m. Frances, dau. of
Benjamin Wade, of New Grange, near Leeds, and had issue,
a son and a dau., Wade, of Leacroft, d. s. p., and Anne, heir
of her brother, m. — Selby, of Cornwall.
William, of wiiose line we treat.

The latter,

William Preston, of Leeds, Merchant, 6. 2 April, 1691,
purchased F'lasby. He m. 1st, Olivia, dau. of Richard Smith-
son, M.D., of Stanwick, co. York, and by her had a son and a

John, of whom presently.

Elizabeth, m. William Topham, of Lisbon, Merchant, and
d. s. p.
Ee TO. 2ndly, 24 Oct. 1721, Ellen, dau. and heir of Rev.
ieremiah Farrer, of Nunburnholme, co. York, Vicar of Leeds,
snd by her (who d. 1771) had issue (see Preston of Moreby).
Mr. Preston d. 1771. His eldest son,

John Preston, Esq. of Flasby (who d. 7 Aug. 1757), m. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Henry Pawson, Esq. of Allerton,
Gledhow, and had issue, who d. young. He m. 2ndly, Olivia,
dau. and co-heir of John Wilberfoss, Esq. of Gainsborough, by
Alice his wife, dau. of Henry Pawsou, of Y'ork, and by her
had issue, two daus., Olivia, m. Gregory Williams, Esq. of
Kempstone, Notts, and was mother of Gregory Gregory, Esq.
of Harlaxton, and Sarah, bapt. 1 Feb. 17.37-38, and one son,

Rev. John Preston, of Flasby Hall, Rector of Linton, co.
York, 6. 1755; m. Sarah, only surviving dau. and heir of John
Cooper, Esq. of Leytonstone, Essex, by Dorothy his wife, dan.
of John Wilberfoss, of Gainsborough, and had issue.

Cooper, his heir. William Wilberfoss, d. 1838.

Elizabeth, m. Rev. E. Unwin, of Woottoa Park, co.

Harriet Dorothea, d. umn. 19 Oct. 1832.

Mary, m. Rev. John Bradney, of Leigh House, ^yilts.

Caroline, to. Rev. Joseph Bradney, of Sidmouth, Devon, and
d. s. p. 1851.

Sarah, m. Gen. Wil.iam Chamberlayne, of Orford House,

OUvia, d. s. p. 1859.
Mr. Preston d. 1821 The elder son,

Cooper Prestos, Esq. of Flasby Hall, J.P., 6. 20 Aug. 1786 ;
Jit. 7 Jan. 1811, Mary Jean, only surviving child of Col. Cath-
eart Taylor, Queen's Bays, uncle of Taylor Cathcart, of Pit-
cairly, Scotland, and by her had issue,

William Thomas, of Flasby IlaD, 6. 6 Sept. 1812 ; d. unm.
17 Nov. 1877.
Philip Charles Damer, llidshipman R.N., b. 6 Oct. 1814;
d. unm. 14 April, 1835.
John Norcliffe, now of Flasby Hall.
Caroline Louisa.

Emily Jane, m. 21 June, 1843, James Wheeler Unwin, Esq.
(eldest son of Rev. Edward Unwin, of Parkfield, Derby, and
Wootton Park, Staffordshire^ and has a dau., Mary.
Mr. Preston d. 12 April, 1860.

Arms — Arg., two bars and a canton gu., the last charged with
a cinquefoil or. Crest— On a ruined tower ppr., a falcon rising
arg., beaked, legged, and belled or. Motto— Si Dieu veulD.

Seo.t — Flasby Hall, Gargrave, via Leeds.

Club — Army and Navy.


Peeston, Thomas Henet, Esq. of Moreby
Hall, CO. York, J.P. and D.L. for the -East, and
J. P. for the West Hiding of Yorkshire, formerly
Capt. 7th Hussars, b. 1S17 ; m. 29 April, 184.7,
Georgiana Louisa G-enevieve, 3rd dau. of Major-
Gen. Sir Guy Campbell, Bart., by Pamela his wife,
dau. of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, and has issue,

1. Henry Epward, J.P. co. York, b. 13 July, 1857 ; ra. 1886,
Beatrice, 3rd dau. of Dr. Thomson, Archbishop of York.

I. Maria Emma Georgiana, m. 1 June, 1871, William Ulick
O'Connor, 4th Earl of Desart. The marriage has been
dissolved. - u. Pamela Mary.


Liineag°e. — S:e preceding Memoir.

William Preston, of Leeds, Merchant, and of Flasby, co.
York, had, by Ellen, his 2nd wife, dau. of Rev. Jeremiah
Farrer, of Robertown, five sons and three daus. The 4th son,
Henrt Preston, Esq., b. 15 Feb. 1737 ; m. Ann, dau. and
co-heir of Francis Fourness, of Lane Ends, co. York, and d.
28 Dec. 1808, leaving an only surviving son and heir,

Henrt Preston, Esq., who s. his uncle, Thomas Preston,
Esq. of Moreby. He )ii. 1814, Maria Ann, eldest dau. of the
late Joshua Crompton, Esq. of Esholt Hall, co. York, and had
Thomas Henrt, now of Moreby.

Anna Maria, vi. 1839, the Baron de Langen, eldest son of the
Baron de Langen of Parow, Pomerania, and Chamberlain
to His Majesty the King of Prussia, and had issue, a son,
Frederick Charles, b. 20 June, 1841, who was killed by a fall
from his pony 1850.
Mr. Preston d. 12 Aug. 1857.

Arms, dx. — As Preston of Flasby.
Seat — Moreby Hall, near York.
Ciubi—Carllvn and Arthur's.


Peesto->", John Wilby, Esq. of Dalby Park,
CO. Lincoln, M.A., J.P., Lieut.-Col. (Hon. Col.) Isfc
Vol. Batt. Lincclnshire Kegt. since 1886, b. 22
June, 1836 ; m. 12 Jan. 1859, Julia, 2nd dau. of
the late Eev. John B. Trarers, M.A., Vicar of
Mumby, co. Lincoln, J.P., and has issue,

I. Henrt Stephen, b. 29 Nov. 1860: m. 12 March, 1891,
Margaret Katherine, only dau. of W. D. Stockdale, Esq.
of Skendleby Lodge, near Spilsby.

II. Charles Travers, b. 5 Jan. 1862 ; deceased.

III. George Herbert, b. 10 Nov. 1868.

I. Julia Mabel, b. 11 March, 1863 ; deceased.

II. Harriet Mary, b. 10 May, 1877.

Lineage.— Rev. Stephen Preston, B.D., of Louth,
Lincolnshire, formerly Fellow of Lincoln Coll. Oxford, son of
William Preston, Esq., by Jane his wife, dau. of Richard
W'harfe, Esq., 7ii. 1 Jan. 1833, Harriet, youngest dau. of Thomas
Bennet Dobbs, Esq. of Scremby, co. Lincoln, and d. 5 Dec.
1840, leaving by her (who d. 24 May, 1877) an only son, the
present John Wilby Preston, Esq. of Dalby Park.

Arms — Or, on a chief sa. three crescents arg. Crest — On a
cap of maintenance a wolf ppr.
Seat — Dalby Park, Spilsby.
Club -St. Georges, W.


Campbell-Pheston, Egbert William Piqott
Claeke, Esq. of Valleyfield House, co. Perth, and
Ardchattan Priory, Argyllshire, J.P. for cos. Perth
and Fife, Capt. 3rd Batt. Eoyal Highlanders, edu-
cated at Eton and Christ Cliurch, Oxford, b. 17
June, 1865 ; assumed the prefix surname of Camp-
bell on succeeding to the estate of Ardchattan in

Lineag'e. — For earlier pedigree, see Burke's Peerage and
Baronetage, Preston.

George Preston, Esq. of Valleyfield, created a Baronet of
Nova Scotia, 31 March, 1637, m. 1634, Marion, only child of
Hugh, 5th Lord Sempill, and granddau. (maternally) of James,
Earl of Abercorn, and d. 26 Nov. 1679, having had

William, his heir.

George, a General in the army. Governor of Edinburgh
Castle, and subsequently Commandi-'r-in-Chief in Scotland.
The Jacobites sent a flag of truce to the Castle of Edinburgh,
and threatened to burn Valleyfield if the castle was not
instantly surrendered. The gallant veteran replied, that in
that case he should direct His Majesty's cmisers to burn
down Wemyss Castle, on the coast of Fife, then the pro-
perty of the Earl of Wemyss, whose son. Lord Elcho, was a
general officer in the service of Prince Charles Edward.
General Preston, by his protracted defence of Edinburgh
Castle, and President Forbes, of Culloden, by his influence
with the Highland clans that took no part in the rebellion,
saved the Crown for the House of Hanover. General Pres-
ton paid off encumbrances on the estates of Valleyfield, and
thus acquired the right to entail the property (which he
duly executed) in favour of the heirs male and female of his
brother, Sir William, and his nephew, Sir George.

6 a





Anne, m. 1st, Oliphant, of Gask, and 2ndl}-, James Hay, of
Pitfour, and had issue by both marriases.

Mary, m. 6 Xov. 1683, John, 5th Baron Colville, ancestor of
Lord Colville of Culross.
The elder son,

Sib AViLLiAM Preston, Bart, of Vallcyfield, m. Anne, dan.
of Sir James Lumsden, of Innergclly, and had an only son,
George, and an only dau. Marian, who was the third wife of
Sir Robert Anstruther, of Balcaskie. Sir William d. between
1702 and 1705, and was s. by his son,

Sir George Preston, Bart. m. 1701, Agnes, dau. of Patrick
JIuirhead, Esq. of Kashyhill, and dying 1741, was s. by his
only son,

Sir George Preston, Bart. m. Anne, dau. of William, Lord
Cochrane, of Ochiltree, and granddau. (maternally; of Alex-
ander, '2nd Earl of Kincardine, and had issue,

I. Patrick, d. v. p., leaving, by Catherine, his wife, dau. and
co-heir of Capt. John Menzies, of Fernton, two daus.,

1 Ann, Lady Baird Preston, of Vallcyfield and Ferntown,
widow of the late Gen. Sir David Baird, d. n. p. 28 May,

2 Catherine Campbell, «. at her sister's death to Vallcyfield
and Culross, and d. uiim. 6 April, 1855.

II. Alexander, also d. before his father, leaving no issue.

III. Charles, successor to his father.

IV. George, left at his death, 1797, a dau. Anne, 7)!. Sir John
Hay, Bart., and inherited Preston and Vallcyfield,

v. Kobert.

I. Mary, m. 16 Aug. 1744, Robert Welhvood, Esq. of Gar-
voch. Advocate, and had (with another son, Andrew, and
a dau. Elizabeth, m, the Hon. Allan Maconochie, of
Jleadowbank, Lord of Session),
Robert Welhvood, Esq. of Garvoch, 6. 1747, who had two
daus., of whom the younger, Mary, m. Laurence Johnson,
Esq. of Sands, and had a son, John Johnson, Esq. "of
Sands. Mr. Robert Well wood's elder dau. ,
Isabella, m. 1800, Robert Clarke, Esq. of Comne,
Castle, CO. Perth, J. P. and D.L. (son of Andrew Clarke,
Esq.of Comries, by Anne hiswife, eldest dau. and heir
of Kobert Campbell, Esq. of Ardchattan Priory, co.
Argyll), and by him (who d. 1843), she had, with several
sons, who d. s. p.,

1 W^iLLiAM Colin (Rev.), late of Vallcyfield House, of
whom presently.

1 Eliza, widow of the late William Kerr, Esq.

2 Susan, widow of the late Rev. — McGowan.

3 Preston.

Eev. William Colin Clarke Preston, of Vallcyfield House,
CO. Perth, J.P., 6. 10 July, 1810; m. 15 May, 1856, Anne
Charity, eldest dau. of William Dowdall Pigott, of Dysart,
Queen's co., and d. Dec. 1870, having had issue,

I. Robert W^illiam Pigott, now of Vallcyfield and Ard-

II. Arthur CoUey, 6. 6 Nov. 18C9.

I. Eliza Isabella Welhvood, in. 1877, Henry Edward Murray-
Anderdon, Esq. of Henlade House, Taunton.
" II. Isabella Mary Anne.

III. Mary Anne Fergusson, m. Arthur Hassal], M.A., Fellow
of Ch. Ch. Oxford.

IV. Jane, m. Capt. Norman Stuart Ogilvic, R.A., and has
issue, a dau.

V. Lilly Campbell, m. Philip H. Rawson, Esq., and has issue,
a dau.

Arms — Arg., three unicorns' heads erased sa. within a bor-
dure az. Crest- Out of a ducal coronet or, a unicorn's head
).pr. Motto — Praesto ut prsestem.

i;6ft(«— Vallcyfield House, Culross, N.B. ; and Ardchattan
Priory, Taymult, Argyllshire.


Peestox, Nathaniel FRAycis, Esq. of Swains-
ton, CO. Meath, J. P., b. 1843 ; m. 15 J ulj, 1865,
Augusta Florence, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Caulfeild,
of Bloomfield, co. Westmeath.

Liiueagre. — The Hon. Martin Preston, 2nd son of Jenico,
3rd Viscount Gormanston, m. Alison Herbert, and had by her a
son Hugh, who m. the dau. and heiress of Jocelyn, Baron
Xangle, of Navan, and left a son, .lohn Preston, of Ardsallagh,
CO. Meath, Lord Mayor of Dublin IG53. This John Preston
had four sons, Phineas of Ardsallagh, ancestor in female line
of Earls of Ludlow (extinct) ; Samuel, of Emo Park, whose dau.
and heiress intei"married with the ancestor of the present Earl
of Portarlinglon ; John, ancestor of the Castletown, Tara, or
Bellinter Prestons (now extinct), and Nathaniel, the ancestor
of Prestons of Swainston.

Nathaniel Peeston, Esq. of Swainston, M.P. for Navan, m.
Anne, dau. of Baron Dawson, and dying 1743, left four
children, i. Nathaniel (Rev.) u. Joshua, Major in the army,

d. unm. : in. Arthur, Major-Gen. 9th Lancers, m. Miss Anne
Noy, and d. s. p. 1788 ; i. Anne, to. 1738, the Earl of Milltown,
and left, one dau., who m. Hugh Henry, Esq. of Lodge Park.
The eldest son.

Rev. Nathaniel Preston, m. 1st, Alice, dau. of Sir Johr>
Dillon, Bart, of Lismullen, co. Meath, by whom he left four

Arthur John, Dean of Limerick, m. 1794, Araminta Anne„
dau. of Lord Decics, and had by her, Arthur John, Rector
of Kilmcague, co. Kildare, to. Harriet, dau. of J. F. Massy,
Esq. of Stoneville, co. Limerick, and has issue, 1 Arthur
John, Major 35th Regt., m. Gertrude, dau. of J. Knight,
Esq., and has issue; 2 William Massy; 3 Harriett, to.
R. Dunscombe, Esq., Mt. Desert, co. Cork.
William Richard, Gen. (Hon. Col. Royal Munster Fusiliers).,
TO. Jane, dau. of John Ingle, Esq.,and(<. 1893, leaving issue,
John Ingle, Major-Gen. late Lieut.-Col. 45th Regt.
Elizabeth, m. Charles Quin, Esq., and d. s. p.
Alice, TO. Richard Welsh, Esq., and left six children.
Rev. Nathaniel Preston m. 2ndly, 1763, Mary, dau. of Hon.
Henry Hamilton, by whom (he d. 1796) he left three

Henry, Rector of Laracor, d. imm.

Anne, to. 1797, Sir George Talbot, Bart., and left two daus.,
Mary Anne and Charlotte Georgiana.

Mary, in. 1794, Hon. William Brodrick, d. s. p.
The eldest son,

Nathaniel Preston, Esq. of Swainston, m. Anne, dau. of
John Bertridge, Esq. of Templemore, and dying 1812, left six


Arthur John, Capt. Royal Fusiliers, d. unm.
John Charles, Capt. 6Cth Regt., d. unm.
Henry, Capt. in the army, killed in the West Indies.
Frances, m. William Battersby, Esq. of Freffans, co. Meath,
and left three children, Arthur, m. Eliza, dau. of Major
Dillon; Anne, m. L. Disney, Esq. ; and Fanny, rn. Charles,
Battersby, Esq.
Alice, d. U1VU.
The eldest son,

The Rev. Nathaniel Preston, of Swainston, m. Elizabeth,
dau. of John Webb, Esq. of Hilltown, co. Westmeath, and
dying 1840, left five children,

Nathaniel, his heir.

Elizabeth Anne, m. Rev. St. George Caulfeild Irvine, Rector
of Kilmessan, and lett one dau., m. H. B. Reid, Esq.
Emily, m. H. D. Mills, Esq.
Alice, TO. Col. Walsh.
Georgiana, in. R. D. Massey, Esq.

The son and heir,

Nathaniel Preston, Esq. of Swainston, m. Margaret, 2n(l
dau. of Samuel Pratt Winter, Esq., and dying 1853, left issue,

Nathaniel Francis, now of Swainston.

Frances Elizabeth, m. Charles Yescombe, Esq., 3rd son of the-
Rev. Morris B. Yescombe, of Ti-uro, Cornwall.

Arms — Ermines, on a chief arg., three crescents gu. Crest — -
A crescent or, between two wings az. Motto — Virtus sui ipsius,

Seat — Swainston, near Navan.


Preston, William, Esq. of Burjthorpe House,
CO. York, J.P. for the East Riding, b. 2 Feb. 1813;
m. 29 May, 1845, Sophia Ann, dau. of William
Harrison, Esq. of Heigholme Hall, near Beverley,
CO. York, and lias issue,

I. William Harrison, of Heigholme Hall, co. York, J.P.
for the East Riding, late Capt. 73rd Regt., 6. 22 April,
1846 ; 771. 7 Feb. 1878, Isabel Macrae, dau. of the late John
MacDougall, of Lunga, co. Argyll

II. Thomas Preston, b. 26 Nov. 1852; to. 2 June, 1881,
Mary Maud, dau. of Rev. Arthur Hibbit, Rector of
Langtofi, CO. York, and has issue.

III. John Harrison, b. 16 July, 1857.

Liineage. — William Preston, Esq. of Burythorpe House
(son of Thomas Preston, who d. 1802, by Margaret, his wife, d.
1817) m. Mary, dau. of William Johnson, Esq. of Appleby, co.
Lincoln, and by her (who d. 1864) had issue,

I. William, now of Burythorpe House.

II. Thomas, (Burythorpe House, Yorks) co. York, J.P. and
D.L. for the North Riding, b. 23 Feb. 1814.

Mr. Preston d. in 1858.

Sfoi— Burythorpe House, York. ,






Prettman, Ernest George, Esq. of Orwell
Park, Suffolk, and Riby Grove, co. Lincoln, J. P.
and D.L. for the latter county, and J.P. Suffolk,
late Capt. E..A., b. 13 Not. 1859 ; *. his cousin,
Col. George Tomline, 1889.

Lineage.— The Right Eev. George Pkettman, Bishop
of "Winchester, 6. 9 Oct. 1750 (son of George Pretyman, Esq.,
and grandson of George Pretyman, Esq., Merchant of London,
who was 2nd son of George Pretyman, Esq. of Old New

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