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nah, daii. of William Tanner, Esq. of
Blacklands Park and Kennett, Wilts.

Xiineagre. — This family origiually came from Glaraorgan-

David Pkice, Esq. of Dunsbere House, Tamerton, Capt. in
the army, m. 1785, Mary Patience, dau. of C. Kadcliffe, Esq.
of AVarleigh, Devon, and d. on Foreign Service 1791. She d.
17S9, having had issue, a son,

David Molloy Price, educated at Kingsbridge Grammar
School, and Royal Military College, Marlow, where he received
his commission in the 36th (Herefordshire) Hegt. 1805, served
through the Peninsular War under Sir John Moore and the
Duke of Wellington, was severely wounded at the battle of
Salamanca, had the Peninsular medal with six clasps, retired
irom active service 1815. He m. 1817, Mary, dau. of J. Strong,
Ksq., and by her (who d. 1870) had issue,

I. liiCHABD Edmonds, now of Broomfield Hall.

II. Henry Strong, m. Ellen March, and has issue, one son
and throe daus.

I. Helen Loclihart, in. Francis Shath Cornish, Esq., and has
issue, one son and four daus.

II. Sarah Martha, m. Freeman Izod, Esq., and has issue,
two daus.

Capt. Price was appointed to the Atljutantcy of the Royal
■Wiltshire Militia 18i5, which he held for thirty years, and d.
1871, at Kingsbridge, Devon. — Broomfield Hall, near Bridgwater.


Price, Morgan Philips, Esq. of Tibberi;on
Court, CO. Gloucester, b. 1885; *. liis grandfather

Lineage. — William Philip Price, Esq. of Tibbcrton
Court (eldest son of William Price, Esq. of Gloucester, by
Frances, dau. of Philip George, Esq. of Bristol), J. P., D.L.,
High Sheriff 1849, M.P. for Gloucester 1852-9, and 1865-73, b.
1817 ; m. 1837, Frances Ann, dau. of the late John Chadborn,
Esq. of Gloucester, and had issue,

I. William Edwin, h. 1841, to. 1878, Margaret, 2nd dau. of
the late Robert Needham Philips, ICsq., M.P., of Welcombc,
CO. Wanvick, andci. 1886, leaving issue,
Morgan PHiLirs, now of 'libberton Court.
AVilliam Robert, 6. Ib86.
1. Gertrude. n. Kdith.

III. Alice Gwenllian.

Mr. W. P. Price d. 1891.

Arms — Erm., a lion pass gu., holding in the dexter forepaw
a caduceus ppr., a chief wavy sa. theieon a cock between two
.-^pears' heads arg. Crest — A dragon's he^.d erased vert, trans-
fixed by a broken .spear from the sinister in bend sinister ppr.,
in the mouth an eagle's leg erased arg. j)/o((o— Spe labor

iti'.i— Tibbcrton Court, near Gloucester.


Price, John Spencer, Esq. of Waterbead
House, CO. Westmorland, b. 1829 ; m. 4 May, 1881,
Sarah, 2nd dau. of James Swainson Cowper-Essex,
Esq. of Yewiield Castle, Hawkshead, co. Lancaster.

Lineage. — This family claims descent from Eignion
Yeth, of Cayer Einion, eldest son of Cunedda Vledig, Chief
of the Strathclyde Britons, by Gwenllian his wife, dau. of
Coel Godebog, King of Britain, and stated to be the first
Britisli Prince who granted lands and privileges to the Chris-
tian Church.

Edward Price, or ap Rhys, of Frynnogion, in the parish of
Llanvair, co. Denbigh, m. Mary, dau. of Edward Thelwall,
of Plas de la Ward, co. Denbigh, High Sheriff for that co. in
1590, and by her had issue,

I. HcGH, of whom presently.

II. Grace, m. Nicholas Lloyd, of Llanvair.
in. Gawen, bur. 4 Jan. 1691-2, at Llanvair.

IV. Blanche, living 1612.

V. Judith, bur. 27 Dec. 1691, at Llanvair.
Edward Price d. 1642. His son,

Hugh Price, of Frynnogion, who d. in his father's lifetime,
wa« father of

I. Edward, of Frynnogion, in. Margaret, dau. of Richa;pcl
Langford, of Alington, High Sherifi for co. Denbigh 1640;
and was bur. 11 May, 1692.

II. Rice, of Frynnogion, d. s. p. ; will dated 20 Aug. IG70.

III. Ellis David, of whom we treat.

Ellis David Price, of Skyborissa, in Llanvair, bur. 11
Oct. 1697, had issue by Grace his wife (who d. 3 Aug. 1702),

Edward Price, of Bryn, Llanvair, and sometime of Ruthin,
CO. Denbigh, Attorney-at-Law, b. 29 April, 1672; m. 6 March,
1691, Sarah, eldest dau. of John Roberts, of Llanbedr, oo.
Denbigh, and by her (who was 6. 1 Oct. 1675) had issue,

I. John, of Bryn, b. 3 Jan. 1698; bur. 1 April, 1763.

II. Ellis, bapt. 9 Feb. 1704-5 ; bur. 29 April following.

III. Edward, b. 20 May, 170S; bur. 12 .'\pril, 1718.

IV. Thomas, bur. 1 Nov. 1710.

v. Humphrey, bur. 12 April, 1718.
VI. llDGH, of whom presently.

I. Katherine, b. 14 June, 1693.

II. Mary, b. 20 Nov. 1694.

III. Anne, b. 16 Oct. 1696.
iv. Sarah, b. 1 March, 1700.
v. Grace, 6. 20 Feb. 1702.

VI. Susannah, b. 29 March, 1706 ; bur. 16 Jan. 1708.
The youngest son,

Hugh Price, of Highgate, in the parish of Gwyddelwern,
and of Llanvair, bapt. 10 Sept. 1711 ; bur. 28 Feb. 1783. By
Dorothy his wife, he had, with other issue, a son,

John Price, Esq. of Llandegla, co. Denbigh, bapt. 12 Feb.
1741, and was bur. 24 Nov. 1817, aged 76. He m. 1st, 23 Dee.
1775, Jane Hughes, who d. s. p., and was bur. 1778, aged 25 ;
2ndly, 23 Dec. 1789, Sarah, dau. of Robert Thomas, of Llan-
degla, and by her (who was bur. 29 Nov. 1836) had, with other

John Price, Esq. of Toxteth, near Liverpool, bapt. 1 Sept.
1793 ; m. 29 April, 1824, his cousin Elizabeth, dau. of Robert
Thomas, of Liverpool, and by her (who d. 30 Jan. 1862) had

I. John Spencer, now of Waterhead House.

II. Robert Thomas, of Bombay, b. 27 May, 1830; d. s. p. 10
Sept. ISfcO.

III. Hugh, b.. 1834; d. 31 Dec. 1835.

IV. Henry, b. 15 July, and d. 25 Aug. 1835.

1. Sarah Elizabeth, of Ambleside, co. Westmorland, b. 14
April, 1825.
Mr. Price d. 16 Feb. 1846.
SiaC — Waterhead House, Ambleside.


Price, Thomas Phillips, Esq. of Triley Court,
CO. Monmouth, J.P., High SherifP 1882, M.P.
for North Monmouthshire since 1885, b. 1844 ;
m. 1882, Frances Ann, dau. of Eev. J. C. Eowlatt.
Mr. Price is the only son of the late Eev. W. Price
(wlio was son of William Price, Esq. of Dolynyeith,
CO. Brecon, who d. 1854, by Anno his wife, dau. of
— Lloyd, Esq. of Peneowcae, co. Brecon), Vicar
of Llanarth, Canon of Llandaff, who d. 1878, by
Mary his wife, dau. of Thomas Phillips, Esq. of
Llanellan House, Abergavenny, and sister of the
late Sir Thomas Phillips, Q.C. (she d. 1877). Mr.
T. P. Price has one sister, Mary, m. 21 June, 1884,
Thomas, eldest son of Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard,
Bart., of Belhus, co. Essex.

Seat— Triley Court, Llantillio-Pertholey, Abergavenny, co.

Town Address— \Sb, Sloane Street, S.W.

Wu6s— Devonshire and Union.


Prichard, Mrs. Collins, of PwUywrach, co.
Glamorgan, Lady of the Manor of Colwinston
and patron of that living ; one of the co-heirs of the
dormant barony of Burgh or borough of Gains-
borough ; m. 1858, lier first cousin, Charles John
Collins Prichard, Esq. and has issue,

I. Herbert Charles Collins, t. 1861, d. s. p. 1893.

II. Hdbert Cecil, Lieut. East Yorkshire Eegt., 6. 1865.

III. Bertie Coppinger, b. 1868.

IV. Gordon Fairfax Raymond, b. 1872.

v. Hugh Trevor, 6. 1877, Midshipman H.M.S. "Hawke."
I. Edith Lilian, m. Rev. A. Edwards.





II. Mabel, )ii. Kiuhard Michael Jones, Esq.

III. Evelyn Mary, m. C. G. Carnegy, Esq., Lieut. 21st Bom-
bay Infantry, eldest surviving son of Lieut. -Gen.
Carnegy, C.B.

Lineage. — The ancient family of Prichard of Pwllywrach
is lineally descended from Caradoc Vb.\ich Vkas, Earl of
Hereford and Prince between Wye and Severn. He reigned
from A.D. 520-570, and m. Tcgau-Eurvron, dau. and sole heir of
Uelenaur, King of Monmouth. His eldest son,

Cawbdaf ap Cabadoc, Prince between Wye and Severn, left
a son,

Caw ap Cawbdaf, Prince between Wye and Severn, who
left issue, a son,

Glotw ap Caw, Prince between Wye and Severn, whoso

HoYW AP Glotw, Prince between Wye and Severn, governed
Fferregs about 640. His son,

Cynfabch ap Hoyw, Prince between Wye and Severn, lived
about 680, and left issue, a son,

Cy.ndeg ap Cynfabch, Prince between Wye and Severn,
•\\-hose son,

Teithwalch ap Ctndeg, Prince between Wye and Severn,
iissumed the Government of Fferregs and Brecknock. His
•country was invaded by King Offa who was repulsed by Prince
Teithwalch. Fferregs was also invaded by the Mercian Prince
Ethelbald. Teithwalch left issue, a son,

Tegid ap Teithwalch, Prince between Wye and Severn, who
Jived about 780 ; his son,

Tangwdd ap Tegid, Prince of Brecon, Regulus of Eadnor
and Builth. In his time Wales suffered greatly by the incur-
sions of Egbert, King of the West Saxons. He left issue, a

Anakawd ap Tangwydd, Prince of Brecon, Kegulus of Rad-
nor and Builth; liis son,

GwENDTDD ap Anabawd, Priuce of Brecon, Eegulus of Rad-
nor and Builth, was contemporary with Kodri Mawr and his
sons (a.d. 860). He left issue, a son,

Gwengy ap Gwendydd, Prince of Brecon, who reigned about
890 and 896, and left issue, an elder son,

Hydd Hwgan ap Gwengy (Sir Iluganus 'of John de Cast '),
Prince of Brecon. In 914 he was defeated by Ethelfieda, wife
<and afterwards widow) of Ethelfred, Earl of Mercia, and his
•castle of Brecenamere taken by storm. The Piince rallied at
Derby, but was finally slain by Ethelfieda. He left issue, a son,

Dbyffyn ap Hwgan, Prince of Brecon ; he was one of those
■" eight tributary princes," known in English history as
rowing King Edgar down the river Dee. He m. the Princess
Chrisly ap Meyric, ap Edwal, and left issue an eldest son,

Maenabch ap Dbyffyn, Prince of Brecon, who m. Elinor,
dau. of Eineon ap Seliffe, Lord of the Comnod, and had

I. Bleddyn, who was slain in 1090 by Bernard Newmarch,
one of King William's barons, at a place called " Battle '" on
the Usk, and was buried in the Abbey of Strata Florida.
He ?)i. Elinor, dau. of Tewdwr Mawr, and sister to Rhys ap
Tewdwr, Prince of South Wales, aunt to the Princess Xesta,
wife of Henry I.

II. PvHYS Goch.

The 2nd son,

Khys Gocn, Lord of Ystradwy (now the hundred of Crick-
howel), m. Joan, dau. of Cadwgan ap Elystan Glodrydd, and
left issue, a son,

Gyhyllen Voel ap Rhys, Lord of Ystradwy, living 1056,
whose son,

Rhys ap Cyhyllen Voel, Lord of Ystradwy, m. Anne, dau.
of Moreiddig Warwyn, by Elinor, dau. of Kees ap Tudor
Mawr, Prince of South Wales. His sou,

CynhYllin ap Rhys, Lord of Ystradwy, m. about 1180,
Janet, dau. of Howel, Prince of Caerleon. His son,

Cynfyn ap Cynhyllin, Lord of Ystradwy, m. Gladis, dau.
of Sitsillt ap Dyfnwal, Lord of Upper Gwcnt. His son,

Abtheb ap Cynfyn, Lord of Ystradwy, and Ynis Elian, m.
Elen, dau. of Meyric, ap Cradoc. His son,
• Howel ap Aether, m. Joanne, dau. of Gronow ap Llowarch,
Lord of Cybor, Glamorgan. His eldest son,

Gkiffith ap Howel, Lord of Penrhos Castle, near Caerleon,
called " Dew, a Theg, the fat and handsome " ; m. Jannett,
<Iau. and heir of Gronow Ychan, Lord of Penrhos Fwrdios
Castle. Penhros Castle continued to be the seat of the family
till late in Elizabeth's reign. Griffith was slain by Gilbert de
Clare, a.d. 1282. His eldest son,

David ap Gbiffith, of Penrhos Castle, m. Maud, dau. of
Llewelyn ap Cynfrig Ychan, of Llansamlet, by the co-heiress
bf Sir Ralph Maelog. His eldest son,

Howel Gam, ap DavH), of Penrhos Castle, was living in 1326,

and was engaged in levying troops for Edward II., m. Ist,
Joan, dau, of Adam, ap Rhys, ap Eineon Sais. He 2ndly,
Joyce Scudamore, and had issue, levan, who m. Alice, dau. of
Morgan Vawr. He is ancestor of "Williams of Llangibby
Castle. His eldest son, by his 1st marriage,

HowEL Ycuan, of Penrhos Castle, who d. before 1399, m.
Jane, dau. of Sir John Korris, of Penllyne Caslle, co. Glamor-
gan. His only son,

Medbic, ap Howel Ychan, of Penrhos Castle, who d.
before 1399, to. Gwenllian, dau. of Gwilym ap Jenkyn, alias
Herbert, Lord of Gwemddu. His eldest son,

Ievan ap Meubic, of Penrhos Castle, living 1433, m. Joan,
dau. of Llewelyn Ychan, ap Madog, ap Howel Ychan, and had
issue, r. Trahearne, Deputy Steward for Caerleon, 1454.
Penrhos Castle and estate descended from him to Sir Roger
Williai' f Penrhos Castle ; ii. Howel. The second son,

Howel ap Ievan, Lord of Llanover, of Curt y Porthir (i.e.
the court with the long porch), m. Jane, heir of Ievan, ap
Trahearne, ap Meiric, ap Gwilim Sais, ap Madoc, of Llanover.
Howel was buried in the Abbey of Strata Florida. His son,

Jenkyn ap Howel, of Llanover Court, 7u.the dau. of Gwilym,
ap David Gwarin, of Lanfoyst. His eldest son,

RiCHABD ap Jenkin, of Llanovcr Court, m. Anne, dau. of
William ap John, ap Roger, Lord of Gwernddu, High Sheriff
for Brecon in 1554, by Margaret, dau. of Lewis Philip, both of
which families were of lineal male descent from the house of
Herbert. His eldest son,

William ap Richard (or Pbichabd), of Llanover Court, was
buried at Llanover, where his memorial brass is still to be seen
over his tomb with this inscription: — "Here lyeth the bodies
of William Prichard, of Lanover, Esq., and of Mathew Prich-
ard of Lanover, Esq., his sonne and heire, lineally descended
from the bodye of Cradocke Vraich Vras, Earle of Hereford,
and Prince between Wye and Seaverne." He m. Elizabeth,
heiress of Watkin ap Hugh, Esq. of Killwch (by his 2nd wife,
Margaret, widow of John Griffiths, and dau. of Sir Richard
Herbert, of Ewyas, by Margaret, dau. and heir of Sir
Matthew Cradoc, of Swansea. Elizabeth was thus of the
house of Herbert by both father and mother;, and had issue,
I.Matthew; ii. Cliarles, Vicar of Llanover 1583; iii. Valen-
tine, High Sheriff of Monmouthshire 1609, J.P. 1620; and
Anne. The eldest son,

Matthew Pp.ichaed, of Llanover Court, High Sheriff, co.
Monmouth, 1596; rf. 16'22 ; 7)i. Sissylt, dau. of Edward Lewis,
Esq. of the Vann, co. Glamorgan (High Sheriff 1548, 1555, 1559,
by Anne, dau. of Sir Williaiu Morgan, of Pencoed Castle), and
had issue,

I. William, of Llanover Court, and Goytrey Manor, ruined
himself by paying the fines of the royalist prisoners, and
sold the estate of Llanover. His dau. Maud, was bapt. at
Goytrey, 22 Nov. 1617'. The address to Oliver Cromwell, in
1655, was signed by "William Prichard, of Monmouthshire."

II. Jenkin, or John, bapt. 2 April, 1599, was captain in the
army of Charles I. At the destruction of Raglan Castle in
164t>, he sent his infant son William to Chorley, in Lancar
shire, in the care of a collector of excise. His son Thomas
Prichard, 7?!.. Miss Dalryraple, niece of the Earl of Stair, and
resided at Hampton Court. Another son, William, was
Mayor of Preston 1743, and being ex-Mayor at the time of
the Pretender's arrival in Preston, it is said of him that he
was as faithful as his ancestors to the Stuart cause.

III. Benjamin.

The 3rd son,

Benjamin Pbichabd, was in Raglan Castle at the tiirte of
the siege (see " St. George and St. Michael, "by G. MacDonald),
and after its destruction, suffered voluntary exile during the
commonwealth ; but at the restoration returned aud obtained
the estate known as the Manor House of Goytrey, within the
Llanover Manor. His son,

William Prichard, of Goytrey Manor, resided at Goytrey,
and d. there 1722. His son,

■\Yii.LiAM Pbichabd, of Goytrey Manor, b. 1686, sold (about
1730) Goytrey Manor, the last and only remaining part of the
estates held by the Prichards at Llanover, to Charles Hanbury
Williams, Esq. and went to reside at " The Hill," Trostrcy
near Llanovcr; m. Blanch Thomas, of Goytrey, and d. 1755,
having by her (who d. 1726), had issue, Willlam; Maria, d. an
infant; Anna, b. 1707. His only son,

William Prichard, b. at Goytrey Manor 1718; m. Sarah,
dau. of J. Brabau, Esq. of Chepstow, and co-heiress of her
brother Henry Braban, and d. at Chepstow 20 March, 1795,
leaving issue (with daus. who were all educated by the cele-
brated Hannah More),

I. William, b..l'50, d. 1821.

II. Heniy, Merchant of Bristol, now represented by Captaia
Charles Prichard, of the Northamptonshire Regt.

III. Thomas.





The 3rcl son,

Thomas Pbichard, of Tancrcd House, Kingsdon, Bristol, b.
at Chepstow ITtin ; m. Susan, dau. of — Horler, Esq. of Bristol,
and d. 1834, having had issue,

I. Thomas, of whom presently. ii. William, d, 4.7).

I. Mary, m. W. P. Coley. Esq., Lieut. R.N.

II. Eliza, m. Pavid Thomas, Esq. of Pwllywrach, co.
Glamorgan. iii. Sarah.

The eldest son,

Thomas Prichard, b. 1791 ; m. .Tuditb, dau. of Rev. John
Collins, Rector of Oxwich, co. Glamoigan, and d. Islti, having
had issue,

1. Thomas Henry. 11. Edward, cL«. p.

ni. Charles Collins, ff.s. p.

rv. Charles John Collins, of whom presently.

I. Judith Julia, m. J. Flower Fussell, Esq.
The youngest sun,

Charles John Collins Prichard, b. 1830 ; m. his first
cousin, Mart Anna, dau. of David Thomas, Esq. of Pwlly-
■wrach, and sister of the late Hubert de Burgh Thomas, Esq.
of Pwllywrach, and has issue as above.

Arms — Arg., a wyvem's head erased vert, io its mouth a
hand sinister, couped at the wrist gu. with guttee de sang.
The quarterings are numerous. Crest — As arms. Motto —
Torav cyn Plygav.

Seat — Pwllywrach, Cowbridge, co Glamorijan.


Prickett, Maemaduke, Esq. of The Avenue,
Bridlington, co. York, M.A., b. 14 April, 1844; m.
Dec. 1879, Alice, dau. of Charles Mortlock, Esq.
of 9, Ladbroke Gardens, and has issue,

Marmaduke, 6. Aug. 1880.
Charles Henry, b. July, 1881.

liineagre. — Robert Prickett, of Everingham, co. York,
son of Marmaduke Prickett, sprung from Prickett o/JVaf^cinrf,
in Westmorland, to. Margaret, dau of Hugh Hindsley, of
Woodhouse, in the parish of Sunderland, and dying temp.
Elizabeth, left a son,

Marmadcee Prickett, of Allerthorpe, in co. York, m.
Barbara, dau. of John Eew, of the city of York, and by her
(who d. 1664, and was buried at Pooklington) had issue, three
sons, JosiAs; Robert of Wrestle Castle, co. York, m. Mary,
dau. of Marmaduke, 1st Lord Langdale; and George, of York,
Serjeant-at-Law and Recorder of York. Marmaduke Prickett
d. 1652, was buried at Pocklington, and was 5. by his son,

JosiAs Prickett, of Allerthorpe, aged 39, 7 Sept. 1665; m.
at Lund, 11 June, 1660, Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas Remington,
Knt. of Lund, co. York, and had issue. The 3rd son,

Rev. Thomas Prickett, Vicar of Kilham, bapt. at Aller-
thorpe 17 Aug. 1668 ; m. Lucy Baines, of Ripon, co. York, and
by her (who d. 1739) had issue,

I. Habmadckb.

II. Barnabas, of Aubrough, in Holdemess, bapt. July, 1701 :
m. 18 Feb. 1722, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Harrison, Esq.
of Hummanby, and left at his decease (with two daus.,
Mary, m. Thomas Whitfield, of Hull ; and Catherine) a
son, Paul Prickett, Esq. of London, m. Sarah, only child
of Robert Hunt, Esq. of Ewhurst, in Surrey, and d. 27
March, 1810, leaving by her (who d. 1»26), with other

Robert, his heir, of Octon Lodge, co. York, and of Harley

Street, Cavendish Square, m. 17 July, 179^, Anne, dau.

and heir of Samuel Salt, Esq. of Tottenham, and d. s. p-

17 March, 1844.
Sarah, m. Rowland Richardson, Esq. of Streatham, in

Surrey. Mr. Richardson i/. May, 1»06.
Elizabeth, m. her cou'-in, M;iniiaduke Prickett, Esq. of

Bridlington, and d. 17 Jan. Isl6.

III. Robert, b. 4 May, 1703. iv. George, d. in infancy.
I. Elizabeth, buned 1706. 11. Tabitha.

Eev. Thomas Prickett d. 17 March, 1741-42. His eldest son,

Marmadpke Prickett, of Kilham, bapt. there 12 March,
1699; m. Anne, dau. of Robert Simpson, of Kilham, and by
her (who d. 28 Jan. 1789) left at his decease, 1765,

I. Marmadcke, of Bridlington, bapt. 1733 ; m. 3 Dec.
17(j3, Frances, only child of Rev. William Buck, Vicar of
Church Fenton, co. York, and djing 21 Oct. 180a, left
1 -Marmaditke, of Bridlington, 6. 11 Feb. 1766; m. 14
June, 1803, his cousin, Elizabeth, dau. of Paul Prickett,
Esq. of London, and left issue,
Marmadcke (Rev.), M.A., F.S.A., b. 1 July, 1804 ; s.
his father in Bridlington, hut d. unm. 3 March, 183.H,
and was g. by his next survi^ing brother, Robert.

Paul, b. 12 July, 1806; d. unm. 1835.
Robert, of Bridlington, b. 1 1 Nov. 1808 ; d. unm. I
April, 1841, and was s. by his brother.
Thomas, of Bridlington, the late representative of the
Anne, m. 16 May, 1833, Adam Washington, Esq. of
Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, and d«5 Oct. 1851.
Sarah, m. July, 1839, Francis Hoare Spragge, Esq. of
2 Arthur, m. 10 Sept. 1810. Miss Jane Porter, of Driffield,
and d. 25 Nov. Is29, leaving an only son, Arthur, b.
1811, who d. 1866.

1 Dorothy Anne, m. William Reynolds, Esq. of Whitby,
CO. York, and d. s. p. 1844.

2 Diana, m. 27 April, 1812, Isaac Wilson, of Hull, and
d. s. p. 1854.

3 Sophia, d. unm. 1832.

II. Thomas, of York, Capt. in the 36th Foot, and sometime
Governor of Fort William, in Kingston, Jamaica, bapt. ac
Kilham, 4 March, 1740-4/; m. Sarah, only child of Hale
Wyviil, Esq. of the city of York, and d. s. p. Feb. 1832.

III. George, bapt. 17 June, 1744; d. unm.

IV. Josiah, of Hull, bapt. at Kilham, 18 Jan. 1746-47; hi. 25
Feb. 1772, Sarah, dau. of William Hudson, Esq. of Brigg,
CO. Lincoln, and d. 27 March, 1831, having had issue,

1 Marmaduke Thomas, of Kingston-upon-HuU, b. 23 Oct.
1774; TO. 7 Sept. 1812, Anastatia, dau. of Rev. John
Armitstead, of Cranage Hall, co. Chester, and by her(wh(>
d. 24 Sept. 1835) had 1 Josiah John, M.A., Incumbent o<
Markington, 6. 29 April, 181? ; m. 12 Aug. 1841, Eliza,
dau. of G. C. Parker, Esq. of Hull, and dying Feb.
1849, left three daus. : 2 George, of Boreas Hill, near
Hull, J. P., late Licut.-Col. 5th West iork Militia, b. *
March, 1820; 711. 1 Aug. 1854, Anna Maria, 5tli dau. of
Sir Charles Dodsworth, Bart. ; 3 Thomas William (Rev.),
M.A., F.S.A., b. 30 Nov. 1822, m. 4 Feb. 1863, Anne,
dau. of Humphrey Sandwilh, M.D., and has two sons,
Marmaduke Alan and Francis Fenton: 1 Catherine;
2 Anastatia, to. Aug, 1839, Rev. W. J. Newman, Rector
of Badsworth, co. York, and d. 1856 ; and 3 Fiances Har-
riet, m. Rev. J. W. Bluck.

2 George. S William.
1 Sarah Anne, d. young.

I. Mary, d. unm.

II. Anne, m. John Wallis, Esq. of York, and had issue.

III. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Swan, Esq. of York.

Thomas Prickett, Esq. (4th son of Marmaduke Prickett,
Esq. of Bridlington, co. York, by Elizabeth his wife), J. P. and
D.L., late Lieut.-Col. 2nd East York R.V., b. 24 Jan. 1814 ; m.
15 July, 1841, Elizabeth Ann, only dau. of Rev. John Rolleston,
of Burton-Joyce, Notts, and had issue,

I. Marmadcke, M.A., now of BridUngton.

II. Thomas, Lieut.-Col, 2nd Esse.x Regt., b. 12 Dec. 1845.

III. John Rolleston, Comm. R.N., b. 8 June, 184a ; vi. Caro-
line Burnaby, and has issue.

IV. William Robert, late Major R.A., b. 25 Aug. 1853 ; m.
Maria Tix'ffiy, and has issue.

v. I>ancclot George, 6. 15 Dec. 1856, Fellow of the RoyaJ
Indian Engineering College.

I. Elizabeth Anne, m. Caiit. George Heblethwaite Boynton,
Esq. of Haisthorpe Hall, Yorkshire, late 17th Lancers, and
d. 15 April, 1877, leaving a dau. Kva.

II. Louisa Dorothy, d. 9 April, 18.55.

^rms— Or, on a cross az., quarter-pierced of the field, four
mascles of the first. Crest — A hind trippant ppr. Motto —
Auxilium ab alto.

Seat — The Avenue, Bridlington, co. York. Residence — 12,
Devonport Street, Gloucester Square, London, W.


Pbideaux-Beune, Charles Glynn, Esq. of
Prideaux Place, Cornwall, J. P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1880, b. 2 April, 1821 ; *. his father 1875 ;
m. 21 July, 1846, Hon. Ellea Jane Carew, 2nd dau.
of Robert Shapland, 1st Lord Carew, and has

I. Charles Robert, late Lieut.-Col. Rifle Brigade, now
Commanding 4th Batt. West Y'orkshire Regt., b. 10 Oct.
1848; TO. 17 Oct. 1883, Hon. Katharine Cecilia, eldest
dau. of Edward Hugessen, 1st Lord Brabourne, and has
issue, Fulke Knatchbull, b. 20 May, 1887 ; Dennis Edward,
6. 18 June, 1891 ; Eva Katharine, and Winifred Annie.

II. Edward Shapland (Rev.), Rector of Rowner, Hants, b. H
June, 1853; m. 14 July, 1885, Sophia, eldest dau. of
William Grant, Esq. of Monckton House, Anglesey, near
Gosport, and has issue, Humphrey, b. 6 Nov. 1S85 ; Hugh,
b. 14 Aug. 1890 ; Cheston Isolda.

III. Francis Ernest, b. 5 Feb. 1863, accidentally drowned at
Walnut Springs, Texas, U.S.A., 27 May, ISdJ.





I. Ellen Fiances. n. Gertrude Rose.

III. Mary Katherine. iv. Beatrice May.

V. Isokia Blanche.

VI. MilclredMaria,)ii. 17 April, 1890, Capt.Hervey Alexander,
10th Royal Hussars, aid has issue.

Lineage.— This most ancient family, was, it is stated,
settled at Prideaux Castle, Cornwall, before the Conquest.

SiE John Pkideacs, 2nd son of Prideaux, of Orcharton, m.
.Joan, dau. and co-heir of Gilbert Adeston, of Adeslon, in that
county, and was ancestor of

HcMPHKY Pkideaux

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