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, of Adeston and Thuttorough, m. Joan,
dau. of Richard Fowel, of Fowlescomlic, and widow of Sir
Philip Courtenay, of Lough Torr, Devon, aad left (besides
daus.) four sons, Richard, his heir (ancestor of Jonathan
Prideaux, who d. without male issue, when Thuborough
passed to his dau., the wife of Charles Davie, Esq. of Bideford);
William, of Gurland, Cornwall; Roger, of Soldon ; Thomas,
who d. a monk in Flanders. The 3rd son,

Roger Pkideaux, of Soldon, Devon, High Sheriff 1578, m.
Philippa, dau. of Roger Torke, Serjeant at-Law, and left two
sons, Nicholas, his heir, and Edmund, created a Baronet in
1022. The elder son,

Sir Nicholas Prideaux, Knt., M.P. of Soldon, erected
Place 1592. He d. 1627, leaving issue by his wife, Thomasine,
dau. and heir of JohnHengscott, Esq. of Hengscott, in Devon,
a son, Humphry, his successor ; and by his 2nd wife, Cheston,
dau. and co-heir of William Viell, Esq. of St. Breock, co.
Cornwall, another son, John, who inherited Place. The elder

Humphry Prideaux, Esq. of Soldon, m. Honor, dau. of
Edmund Fortescue, Esq. of Fallapitt, Devon, and had issue,

Nicholas, of Soidon. His granddau., the eventual heir of
Soldon, m. her cousin, John, ard son of Sir Peter Piideaux,
Bart, of Netherton.

John, who </. s. p.

Edmund, of whom presently. Ilnmjihry.

Thomasine, m John Fortescue, Esq. of Buckland Killeigh.

Elizabeth, m. Sir William Morice, Secretary ot State to King
Charles 11.

The 3rd son,

Edmund Prideaux, «. at the decease of his uncle, John, to
Place and the other Cornish estates, and was High Sheriff 1664.
He m. Bridget, dau. ot John Moyle, Esq. of Bake and had
three sons, John, his successor; Edmund, d. s. 2?.; and
Humphry, b. 1648, Dean of Norfolk, author of numerous
works, distinguished alike for piety and learning. He vi.
Bridget, dau. of Anthony Bokenham, Esq. of Helmingham,
Suffolk, and </. 1724, leaving an only son, Edmund, of whom
presently, as representative of the family at the decease of bis
cousin. Edmund Prideaux d. 15 Oct. 1683, and was s. by his
eldest son,

John Prideaux, Esq. of Place, m. Anne, dau. of Roger
Mallock, Esq. of Cockington, Devon, and left a son,

Edmund Prideaux, Esq. of Place, at whose decease s. p.,
1728, the estates devolved on his cousin (the only son of the
Dean of Norwich),

Edmund Prideaux, who thus became "of Place." He m.
Hannah, dau. of Sir Benjamin Wrench, of Norwich, and had
issue, Humphry, his heir; Charles, li. s. p., 1783 ; and Rebecca,
m. Sir Horatio Pettus, Bart. The elder son,

Humphry Prideaux, Esq. of Prideaux Place, High Sheriff
1750, m. 1st, Mary, eldest dau. and co heir of Sir George
Chudleigb, Bart, of Haldon House, Devon, by whom he had an
only son, George, who d. unm. He m. 2ndly, Jenny, 2nd
dau. of Neville Morton Pleydell, Esq. of Beer, Dorset, by
Betty his wife, only dau. and heir of Charles Brune, Esq. of
Plumber, Dorset (the descendant of a very ancient family),
and left at his decease, May, 1793, six sons and a dau. Mary,
m. Thomas Ball, Esq. of Seapark, co. Wicklow. The eldest

Rev. Charles Prideaux, of Prideaux Place, 6. 1760,
assumed in conformity with the testamentary injunction of
his maternal grand-uncle, Charles Brune, Esq. of Plumber, the
additional surname of Brune. He m. 1 Aug. 1788, Frances,
4th dau. of Thomas Patten, Esq. of Bank Hall, co. Lancaster,
and by her (who d. 28 March, 1831) had issue,

Charles, of Prideaux Place and Plumber.

Dorothea, m. 7 Dec. 1815, the late Sir Joseph Sawle Graves

Sawle, Bart., and d. Nov. 1853, leaving issue.
Frances, m. 10 May, 1823, Capt. Charles Du Cane, R.N., of

Braxted Park, Essex, and d. 2 July, 1871, leaving issue.
Anna Maria, d. uvm. 9 Feb. 1831.
M»ry Jenny, d. unm. 10 May, 1872.
Caroline, m. i Aug. 184S, Rear-Admiral the Hon. George

John Cavendish, 3rd son of Richard, 2nd LurJ Wuteriiark,

and has issue.

Rev. Charles Prideaux-Brune, d. 28 April, 1833, and was s.
by his eldest son,

Charles Prideaux-Brune, Esq. of Prideaux Place and 0}
Plumber, Dorset, b. 7 Dec. 1798 ; m. 28 Feb. 1820, France.-*
Mary, 2nd dau. and co-heir of Edmund John Glynn, Esq. oi
Glynn, Cornwall, and by her (who d. 22 July, 1863) had issue,

I. Charles Glynn, now of Prideaux Place.

II. Ernest Augustus, late 29th Regt., b. 17 June, 1839 ; to.
21 Sept. 1864, Frances Josling, 2nd dau. of Rev. George
Sayle Prior, Rector of St. Breock, Cornwall, and (/. 22 Jan,
1868, leaving issue, George Ernest, late Lieut. 6th (Innis-
killing) Dragoons, b. 5 Feb. 1867 ; Frances Mary, m. 31 Aug.
1888, William Henry Myres, Esq., M.P., of Swanmore House,

I. Francis Mary, m. 20 Oct. 1853, Hon. George Augustus
Browne, 3rd son of James Caulfeild, 2nd Lord Kilmaine,
who d. 25 Dec. 1878, leaving issue.

II. Caroline Dorothea, m. 1st, 9 Dec. 1858, Rear-Admiral Sir
William Legge George Hoste, Bart., 11. N., who d. 10 Sept.
1868, leaving issue. She m. 2ndly, 8 Nov. 1870, Edward
Greene, Esq., M P., of Nether HaJl Suffolk, late M.P. for
the Stowmarket Div. of Suffolk, and has issue. He d. 15
April, 1891.

III. Beatrice Anne, m. 15 July, 1856, the Rev. Sir Hugbi
Henry, Molesworth, Bart., who d. 6 Jan. 1862.

Mr. Prideaux-Brune d. 7 Dec. 1875.

^njM— Quarterly : 1st and 4th az., a cross eercele, or, for
Brune; 2nd and 3id, arg., a chevron sa., in chief a label o5
three points gu., a mullet for difference, for Pkideaux. Crests
— 1st, Brune, a goat passant, per pale indented arg. and sa.,
armed and unguled or, pendant from a collar gu., a shield
thereon the arms of Brune : 2nd, Prideaux, an old man's head
in profile, couped at the shoulders ppr. hair and beard or, on
the head a chapeau gu.

SeaJ— Prideaux Place, Padstow, Cornwall. Town House —
10, Grosvenor Gardens, S. W.


Peime, (Jhaeles Edwaed, Esq. of Com-
brook House, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, J.P. for
cos. Herts and Beds, late tilst Foot b. 28 July,
1821 ; ill. 1st, 1843, Eleanor, dau. of George
Wynne, Esq. of Daltou, she d. 1844. He m.
2ndly, 1848, Elizabeth, dau. of James Donovan, Esq.
of Buckham Hill, Sussex, and by her, who d. May,
1892, has had issue,

I. Charles Digby, 6. 1859, d. 1861.

I. Eleanor Caroline, b. 1849, d. 1852.

II. Hannah Augusta, b. 1852, m. 1873, Rev. Arthur Ander-
son, Vicar of Studham.

III. Amy Eleanor, 6. 1855, m. 1878, Capt. Philip Savile Grey
Reid, R.E.

Liineagre. — Richard Prime, Esq. of Walverton, Sussex,
J.P. and D.L., M.P., 6. 1784, m. 1815, Anne, dau. of James
Shuttleworth, Esq. of Gawihorpe Hall, co. Lancaster, and by
her, who d. 1848, had issue,

I. Arthur, b. 1819; m. Mary Matilda, dau. of Rev. Robert
Machell, and had Issue, a son,


II. Charles Edwabd, of Ashridgewood.

I. Emily Ann, 6. 1817; m. George Filmer Sulivan, Col. 5tb
Lancers, and has issue, 1 Digby: 2 .Vnhur; 3 Adrian;
4 Walter ; 1 Rose ; 2 Blanche ; 3 Edith ; and 4 Sandys.

Mr. R. Prime d. 1866.
5ea(_Combrook House, Mariowcs, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
CVu6— Junior United Service.


Pbingle, Alexander, Esq. of Whytbank and
Yair, co. Selkirk, M.A., J.P. and D.L., Advocate,
b. 13 March, 1837; m. 22 March, 1870, Mary,
Arbuthnot, dau. of Kobert Keith Pringle, Esq. of
The Grove, Darleydale, co. Derby.

liineage.— There were two races of the name of Prsngle-
in the south of Scotland, probably sprung from a common
ancestor, but their connection has not been traced, the
Piingles of Torsonce, on Gala Water, were the head of one:
race, settled in Midlothian and the adjoining portions of
East Lothian and Berwickshire. To them belonged the families
of Burnhouse, Hawtree, and Glengelt, and those of Rowehestcr
and Lees, down in the Merse.





The other race were the descendants of the Peingles 0/
Whitsun, in co. Berwick, afterwards designed, sometimes of
Smailholm, and sometimes of GaUashiels. Their lands lay
chiefly in the lower parts of Gala 'SVater, and on Caddon
AVater,in co. Selkirk, and in various parts of co. Koxburgh,
especially near the Cheviot Border.

The earliest notice that has been traced of this family is in
the chartulary of the abbey of Soltray, wherein

EoBEKT Hop-Pbisgle, of WhitsuD, is mentioned in a dona-
tion to the monastery, confirmed by Alexander III. Another

KoBERT Hop-Pbingle, of Whitsun, was present as esquire
<scutiier) to James, Earl of Douglas, at the battle of Otterburne,
13S8, and got from Archibald, Earl of Douglas, a charter of
the lands of Smailholm, in co. Koxburgh, 1-lOS. This Eobert
Pringle built the tower of Smailholm, and having dropped the
designation of Whitsim, he assumed that of Smailholm, by
which his descendants were afterwards generally distinguished,
and occasionally by that of Galashiels, from their Ettrick
Forest lands. He afterwards accompanied his patron, Archi-
bald, the 4th Earl of Douglas, and Duke of Touraine, on his
famous expedition into France, where they both lost their lives
at the battle of Verneuil, 1424. From him descended

James Pbikgle, of Woodhouse and Whytbank, a great
loyalist, who attached himself to the cause of Queen Mabt,
for which he suffered many hardships and losses, including
his CO. Peebles estate. Kis grandson,

Geobge Pbixgle, of Balmungo, 2nd son of James Pringle,
heir-apparent of Whytbank, by Christian Lundie his wife,
entered the Swedish Army under Gustavcs Adolphcs, in wh ich
he rose to the rank of ^ajor, and served with considerable re-
putation during the Thirty Years' War. He in. Elizabeth, one
of the three daus. of Sir Patrick Buthven (an eminent General
of GusTAvrs Adolphus, created by King Chables I., for his
service in the civil war. Earl of Forth in Scotland, and Brent-
ford in England), and had three sons, James, William, and
John, and a dau. Christian ; but Jobs was served heir to him
as eldest suriiving son. George Pringle d. 1654. His sou,

Eev. Johx Pbisgle, Minister of Fogo, m. Jean, dau. of
Bev. Patrick Shaw, Minister, of co. Selkirk, whose father, John
Shaw, was brother of Shaw, of Sauchie. They had two sons
and three daus., none of whom were married. The elder

John Pbingle, of Whytbank, s. his father's cousin, Alexan-
der Pringle, of Whytbank, and was served heir to him 1695,
and shortly after he came of age, 1699, m. Christian, eldest dau.
of Sir Patrick Scott, of Ancrum, by Margaret Scott, of Harden,
by whom he had one son and two daus. He d. 1703, at the
early age of 25, sur\ived by his widow, who lived to a great
age. He was «. by his only son,

Alexasdeb Pbisgle. of Whytbank, m. 1740, Susanna, eldest
dau. of Sir John Kutherford. of Edgerston, by his 1st marriage
with EUzabeth Caincross, heir of Langlee. They had a family
of four sons and eight daus. He d. 1772, and was s. in his
lands of Whytbank by his eldest son,

John Pbisgle, of Whytbank, Lieut, in the army then
serving on the staff of his relative, the Hon. Gen. James
Murray, who, after the death of General Wolfe, commanded
the forces in Canada, where he d. 1774. He was s. by his next

Alexander Pbingle. of Whytbank. of the H.E.I.C.C.S.,
Madras establishment, from which he retired 1783, and some
years afterwards, repurchased from the Duke of Buccleuch the
family estate and residence of Tair, where he built a new
mansion house. He held the appointment of Vice-Lieut.
of CO. Selkirk, and in 1812 he obtained the patent office of
Chamberlain of Ettrick Forest. He m. 1789, Mary, dau. of Sir
Alexander Dick, Bart, of Prestonfield, by whom he had five sons
and six daus.,

I. Alexantjeb, late of Whytbank and Yair.

II. John Alexander. Bengal C.S., of Castledykes, co. Dumfries,
m. 1S28, hL> cousin, Christina Ann, dau. of Lieut. -Gen.
Alexander Dirom, by liis wife, Magdalen Pasley, eldest dau.
and heir of Eobert Pasley, of Mountannan (who rf. 1830).
He d. I. p. at his residence of Castledykes, near Dumfries,

ni. William Alexander, Bengal C.S., m. Ann Elizabeth, dau.
of John Dawnay, of Aylesbury, co. Bucks, and d. 12 Dee.
1855, having had issue,

1 Alexander, an Officer In the Madras Army, d. 1854.

2 WiLLLAM John, 6. 1831. 3 Eobert.
4 George, deceased. 5 David.

1 Mary Ann, to. Archibald Spiers, of the Bengal C.S.,
3rd son of the late Peter Spiers, of Culcreuch, and has

2 Frances, d. young.

3 Anna Charlotte, m. Edward Alexander Samuells, of the
Bengal C.S., and has issue.

4 Susanna, of FarmhUl {see thai article).

5 Elizabeth. 6 Jane Esther.

IV. Eobert Keith, of Thorncliffe, Cheltenham, formerly of
Broadmtadows, co. Selkirk, and The Grove, Darley Dale,
CO. Derby, J. P. and D.L. for cog. Selkirk and Derby, for-
merly of the Bombay C.S., Chief Secretary to the Govern-
ment of Bombay, and Commissioner for the CivU Adminis-
tration of the Province of Scinde, b. 12 March, 1802 . m.
15 April, 184S, Mary Jane, eldest dau. of Gen. George
Moore, H.M. Bombay Army, late Auditor-General, Bombay,
and has issue,

I. Alexandeb, Major Bombay Staff Corps and 2nd Bom-
bay Lancei-s, b. 27 Oct. 1850.

II. Eobert Keith, b. 22 April, 1854.

III. John, i). 5 Julv, 1861.

IV. Charies, b. 24 July, 1865; d. 1379.
v. William, b. 21 Oct. 1868.

I. Mary Arbuthnot, ;«. 22 March, 1870, Alexander Pringle,
Esq. of Whytbaiik, co. Selkirk.

II. Georgina. iii. Fanny.

IV. Charlotte. v. Margaret Joanna.

VI. Edith.

v. David, Bengal C.S., of Wilton Lodge, co. Eoxburgh, J.P.,
!?!. 1st, Fi-ances, dau. of Alexander Tod, of Alderston, and
2ndly, 1858, Mary, dau. and heir of James Anderson, Esq.,
which lady </. 1884. By his first wife (who d. 1856) he had
one sou and four daus.

I. Mary Agnes.

II. Susan, m. Eobert Scott-Moncrieff, of Fossaway, d. 1841.

III. Jane, d. 1844.

IV. Elizabeth, m. Charles M. Christie, of Dune, d. 1837.
v. Charlotte.

VI. Margaret Janet, widow of William Elmsley, Esq., Q.C.
Alexander Pringle d. 1827, and was s. by his son,

Alexander Pbisgle, Esq. of Whytbank and Yair, J. P. and
D.L., Vice-Lieut, co. Selkirk, M.P. for that shire, and a Lord
of the Treasury in Sir Eobert Peel's Ministry, Keeper of the
General Eegister of Seizin in Scotland, b. 30 Jan. 1791 ; to. 12
Jan. 1830, Agnes Joanna, 2nd dau. and heir-proportioner of
Sir William Dick, Bart, of Prestonfield, by Joanna his wife,
dau. of William Douglas, of Garyvaldfoot, and (dying 1857) left
an only son, Alexasdeb, now of Yair.

Arms — Arg., on a saltire engrailed sa. five escallops or.

Crest — A man's heart ppr. Motto — Sursum. Supporters —
Two pilgrims, habited ppr.

Seat — Yair, by Selkirk.


Peingle, Spsa>'KA, of Farnihill House, Killala,
CO. Mavo, 4th dau. of the late William Alexander
Pringle, Esq. of the Bengal Civil Service, son of
the late Alexander Pringle, Esq. of Whytbank and
Yair, co. Selkirk, N.B. {which see). Miss Pringle*.
under will to the estates of the late Miss Grardiner.

for Lineage and. Arms — See Pbisgle of Yair.
-Seai— Farmhill House, Killala, co. Mayo.


Peixgle, James Thomas, Esq. of Torwoodlee,
CO. Selkirk, J.P. cos. Eoxburgh and Selkirk, D.L.
for the latter, Comm. E.N. (retired), b. 1832; m.
1862, Ann Parminter, only clidd of the late Col.
Black, o3rd Eegt., and has had issue,

I. John Lewis, b. 1868 ; d. young.

II. James Lewis, 6. 1869.

III. George Macgregor, 6. 1871 ; d. 1874.

IV. Lionel Graham, b. 1880.

I. Elizabeth Ann. 11. Lillian Erskine.

III. Adelaide Jane. iv. Helena Florence.

V. Mary Simcoe Violet.

Lineag'e. — This family is a branch of the ancient stock
of the Pringles or Galashiels and Smailhoim. The first was

William Pbingle. of Torwoodlee, the younger son of James
Pringle, of Smailholm, by his wife, Isabella Murray, of Falahill.
He was slain at the battle of Flodden 1513, and left two sons,
the elder of whom,

Geobge Pbisgle, of Torwoodlee, b. 1605, was killed in a
lawless attack made on the house of Torwoodlee, 1568. By his
wife, Margaret Creighton, he had five sons and three daus.,
Agnes, d. unm.; Isabella, m. 1656, Thomas Hop Pringle:
and Margaret, m. 1564, Oliver Edgar, of Monkrig. He was s.
by his eldest son,

William Pbingle, of Torwoodlee, to. 1571, Alison, dau. of
James Heriot, cf Trabroun, by whom he had three sons. He





d. 1581, and his wife, Alison Heriot, who sumved him, had for
her 2nd husband, David Eenton, of Billie. ■\Villiam Tringle
was ,«. by his eldest son.

Geobge Pbingle, of Torwoodlee, who in the Parliaments of
1617 and 1621 was one of the representatives for co. Selkirk.
Hem. 1st, Margaret, dau. of James Pringle, Esq. of Whytbank,
by whom he had four sons, i. Jastes, his heir ; ii. George ; iii.
Alexander; and iv. John, Surgeon in Edinburgh, to whose son
and dau., George and Margaret, their uncle James, of Torwood-
lee, was served Tutor-at-Law 1644. 3Ir. Pringle d. 1 Jan.
1600. Mr. Pringle m. 2ndly. 1605, Margaret, widow of Stewart
of Cabertsown, by whom he had issue, i. David ; ii. Thomas.
He !ii. 3rdly, Elizabeth Kichardson, of Smieton, and had issue,
I. Elizabeth; ii. Margaret; la. Anne, d. 1620. He m. 4th!y,
Elizabeth Hop Pringle, of Torsonce, widow of William Borth-
ivlck, Esq. of Crookstown. He was «. about 1637 by his eldest

James Pbdtgle, of Torwoodlee, in. 1st, 1620, Joan, dau. of
Sir Richard Cockburn, of Clerkington, Lurd Privy Seal, by
wbom he had one dau. Margaret, m. 1649, George Pringle, of
Buckholm, and one son, James, 6. 1625, d. young. He vi.
2ndly, 1628, Janet, dau. of Sir Lewis Craig, of Eiccarton, by
whom he had issue, i. George, his heir, b. 1631 ; ii. James, of
Craigend, fc. 1633; lit. Thomas, 6.1035; rv. Alexander, b. 1642 ;
I. Ann, in. 1648, Alexander Pringle, of "Whytbank; ir. Janet,
in. 1649, Walter Pringle, of Greenknowe ; iii. Sophia, in. John
Klddell, of Haining ; iv. Uisone ; v. Elizabeth. He was t.
about 1657 by his eldest son,

Geobge Pbingle, of Tonvoodlee. During the civil war he
adhered steadily to the royal cause, and was in most of the
engagements fought at that time in Scotland. At length, on a
charge of being concerned in the Eye House Plot, wan-ants
were issued against him, along with his neighbours, the Earl
of Tarras, Murray of Philiphaugh, and Scott of Galashiels.
With much diflBculty he escaped, and took refuge in Holland.
In the first Parliament of King James Yll., his estates were
confiscated, but at the Eevolution he hastened back to his
cwn country, was a member of the Convention of Estates which
invited King William to assume the Government, when his
attainder was removed and his estates restored by a special
Act of Parliament. He m. 1654, Janet Brodie, of Lethen,
CO. 3Ioray, and d. 1670, having had one son and two daus.,

I. James, his heir; i. Anne, m. Alexander Don, of Eutherford ;

II. Sophia, m. James Pringle, of Greenknowe. George Pringle
d. 1689, and was s. by his only son,

James Pbingle, of Torwoodlee, m. 1690, Isabell Hall, dau. of
Sir John Hall, of Douglas, by whom he had three sons
and eight dans., i. Geobge, 6. 1700 : ii. John, b. 1702, lost at
eea; iii. James, 6. 1709, i. Katherine, m. 1723, Sir Eobert
Pringle, of Stitchel ; ii. Janet, d. 1694 ; in. Anne ; iv. Sophia,
»/!. 1729, Allan Fairholme, Esq. of Greenhill; v. Isabella, d.
1698; VI. Marion, in. 1746, John KeiT, Esq. of Littledeun;
■VII. Isabella; viii. Margaret. James Pringle was s. by his
eldest son,

George PBn.'GLE, of Torwoodlee, d. unm. 1780. His brother,

James Pringxe, of Bowland, one of the Principal Clerks of
Session, in. Elizabeth Ximmo, by whom he had one son, James,
and eight daus., i. Mary, m. Andrew Plummer, of Middlestead,
d. s. p. . II. Isabel, d. 1752 ; iii. Betty, ; iv. Isabel; v. Katherine,
VI. Janet, d. 1S26; vii. Anne, m. Major George Macmurdo, d.
1839; VIII. Sophia, d. 1827. James Pringle d. 1778, and was {.
by his only son,

James Pbisgle, who a. in 1780, to his uncle's estates of
Torwoodlee, and built a new mansion house there. From 1827
to 1830 he was Vice-Lieut, of the co. He m. 1782, Elizabeth,
dau. and co-heir of Lieut.-Col. Charles Tod, of Dryburgh, and
by her (who d. 1820) had issue,

James, his heir.

George, r,i. Miss Ann Stewart, by whom he had a dau. Mary,
d. young, and two sons, James and Charles.

Alexander, who was lost in the " William Pitt" East India-
man 1813.

Fi-ances, d. 1859.

James Pringle, of Torwoodlee, d. 1840. His eldest son,

Yice-Admiual James Pringle, of Torwoodlee. b. 1783 ; m.
Mary Fraser, who d. 30 March, 1869, leaving three sons and
four daus.,

James Thomas, now of Torwoodlee.

Charles, Capt. E.X., 6. 1S34 ; j)i. Katherine, dan. of Henry

Injilis, of Torsonce, and d. at Quitta, on board H.M.S.

"Sirius," 11 Sept. 1876, leaving issue.
George, b. 1839 ; d. unm. 1871.
Elizabeth, vi. John Borthwick, Esq. of Crookston.
Frances, m. 1857, Henry Clark Worthington, Capt. 67th

Eegt., and has issue.
Mary, m. 1860, Charles Pringle, 71st Eegt., and has issue.

Jane, m. 1865, George Stoddart Lawson, youngest son of
Charles Lawson, Esq. of Borthwick HaU, and has issue.
Vice-Admiral Pringle d. 30 Kov. 1859.

Amu — Arg., on a saltire engrailed az. five escallops arg.
Crest — A serpent nowed ppr. Motto — Nosce teipsum.

S«at— Torwoodlee, Galashiels, co. Selkirk. Hesidence—i,
First Avenue, Brighton.


I Levett-Psixsep, Thomas, Esq. of Croxall Hall,
] CO. Stafford, J.P. for cos. Derbv, Warwick, and
j Stafford, b. 9 Dec. 1844; m. 23 Jime, 1868, Qeor-
: gina, dau. of Arthur B. E. Holdsworth, Esq. of

Widdicombe House, Kingsbridge, Devon, aud has


Thomas Abthub, b. 11 Dec. 1379.
I Katuarine Mary.

! Edith Marion.

Lineag-e.— Thomas Levett-Pbinsep, Esq. of Croxall Ha!I
: (3rd son of Theophilus Levett, Esq., see Levett of Wychnnr
Park), m. 1st, 3Iargaret, dau. of David Monroe, Esq., by
whom he had one surviving dau.,

Margaret Catherine, who m. E. T. K. Levett, Esq. of
Packington Hall.

He m. 2ndly, Caroline Mary, dau. of Eev. John Templcr,
Eector of Teigngrace, Devon, and d. Dec. 1849, leaving by
her (who d. Nov. 1867) a son, the present Thomas Levett-
Pbinsep, Esq. of Croxall Hall.

Aiins—QnaTterly : 1st and 4th, paly of six arg. and gu.,
three piles issuing from the sinister base iiory at the points or
(PniNSEP): 2nd and 3rd, arg., a lion rampant between three
crosses-crosslet fitchee sa., a bordure engrailed az. charged
with four crosses-crosslet fitchee, and as many fleurs-de-lis
alternately or (Levett). Crests — 1st, Psinsep, an eagle's heart
erased gu., guttee d'or, in the beak a bird bolt erect (the bolt
downwards) ppr. ; 2nd Levett, a denii-Iion arg. ducally
crowned or, gorged with a collar az., in the dexter paw a
cross-crosslet fitchee sa., the sinister paw resting on an
escutcheon of the third, charged with a fleiu-de-lis or.

^fa(— Croxall HaU, Lichfield.

Ci«i>— United University.

Peitchabd, Jaxe, dau. of George Osborne
Gordon, Esq., m. 1845, John Pritchard, Esq. of
Broseley, Salop, M.P. for Bridgnorth 1863-68,
J.P. and D.L. co. Salop, and Barrister-at-Law of
Lincoln's Inn, who d. s. p. 1891.

Lineage.— This branch of the family of Pritchard, or
Prichard (it is spelt Ap Eichard in the parish register of
Alveley, Salop, for 1654), being of Welsh extraction, seems
to have been settled in Alveley, and in the adjoining parish
of Higley, till the beginning of the 18th centuiy, when they
migrated to Sutton Maddock, also in Salop, under the name of
Pritchard. There John Pritchard, and .\nn his wife, resided
prior to 1750, and were both bur. They hud six daus., all of
whom m. and left issue, and three sons,

John, of whom presently.

William, a contractor lor the making of the Kennet and
Avon Canal and other great works; rf. at IJaih 17 Kjv.
1846, leaving issue.

Thomas, a Merchant in London, d. 1S46, leaving issue.

The eldest son,

John Pbitchard, b. 1700, was a Banker and Solicitor at
Bridgnorth and Broseley, from 1799 to 1837 ; he m. Ann, dau.
of George Cranage, of Coalbrojkdale, who, with his brother
Thomas, in 1766, obtained a patent for a most important
invention, viz., that of converting pig into bar iron by means
of raw pit coal, instead of charcoal. Ann Pritchard was
descended on the female side from the Jandrells, who wery
settled at Church Pulverbatch in the 15th century, and Mr.
Pritchard had the farm there which formerly belonged to
that family. The last-named John and Ann Pritchard, his
wife, had issue,

Geobge, of Broseley and Ashley Abbots, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1861, m. Harriott, dau. of WUliam Ostler, Esii.
of Grantham, and d. without issue.

John, late of Broseley.

Thomas, who d. a bachelor.

Mary Ann, d. unm. March, 1882.

Emma, d. unm.


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