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f Maiden Hall,
Charleville, co. Cork.

III. George, of Kenmare, co. Keriy.

IV. Goodwin (Uev.), Vicar of Charlesworth, co. Dc7by, m.
1st, Miss Lea, of co. Chester, and had issue, two sons and
«ne dau.,

1 Joseph, who d. s. p.

2 James, of Carrigmore House, co. Kerry, m. and had one

1 Annie, m. H. Connor, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, son of
Daniel Connor, Esq. of Manch House, co. Cork.
Rev. Goodwin Purcell, m. 2ndly, Miss Elizabeth Latouclie.
He d. 1877.

I. Mary, m. 5 Aug. 1819, Eev. Joseph Rogerson Cotter,
Rector of Donoughmore, co. Cork, Senior Prebendary of
Cloyne, and Rural Dean, grandson of Sir James Cotter, of
Rockforest, near Mallow, co. Cork, and d. 15 April, 1851,
having had issue.

II. Jane, m. William Delany, Esq. of Conwaymore, co.
Cork, and had issue.

III. Anne, m. Rev. James White, Vicar of Inchegeela, co.
Cork, and had issue.

IV. Susan, m. Robert Bullen, Esq. of Ballythomas House,
Mallow, CO. Cork, and had issue.

V. Catherine, d. unm.
■ The eldest son,

Rev. James George Purcell, of Glannanore, Vicar of
Worminghall, co. Buckingham, m. 17 April, 1820, Letitia, dau.
of Francis Talbot, Esq. (of the Wexford Talbots) of Foxboro'
House, King's co., by Mary his wife, widow of Robert Norton,
Esq., K.C., and dau. of John Eiffe, Esq., and by her (who d. 12
I'eh. 1868) he had issue,

I. George, his heir, 6. 12 Jan. 1827; m. Eliza Hamilton,
and d. s.p. 17 Sept. 1871.
' II. Francis Talbot, now of Edstaston.

I. Bridget Frances, 6. 9 Feb. 1821, d. 19 March following.

II. Mary Georgina, 6. 11 April, 1822, d. May following.
in. Frances, b. 20 Oct. 1824; d. May, 1825.

IV. Mary .Vnne Bridget, b. 4 Aug. 1832; d. 9 Aug. 1850.

Rev. James George Purcell d. 7 Nov. 1843, and was s. by his
only surviving son, Rev. Francis Talbot Purcell.

A^-^ns — Or, a saltier, between four boars' heads, couped sa.
Crest — A hand couped above the wrist, erect, holding a sword
ppr., pommel and hilt or, pierced through the jaw of a boar's
head, couped sa., vulned and distilling drops of blood; the
sleeve az., turned up arg.

Seats — Foxboro' House, Roscrea, King's co., and Donough-
more House, Ashbourne, co. Aleath. lUsidenct — Edstaston
Vicarage, Wem, Salop.


PuEDOX, Annie Louisa (&. 1868) and Helen
(J. 3 March, 1874) of Tinerana, co. Clare, s. their
brother 1893.

Xiineage. — James Pprdon, Esq. of Kirklington, Cum-
berland, settled at Lurgan Race, co. Louth, temp. Henbt VIII.
He is called Adam in Lodge's Peerar/c of Ireland. Hem.
Jane, dau. of Thomas Little, Esq. of Thornhill, Cumberland,
and had issue, Simon, his heir; John; Jane, m. Adam Loftus,
D.D., Archbishop of Dublin, and Lord High Chancellor; and
Margaret, m. Thomas Jones, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin.
Mr. Purdon was s. by his eldest son,

Simon Pordon, Esq. of Tallaght, co. Dublin, and of Ballyna-
till, King's CO., iii. Miss Arthur, and had issue, John, hisheir,
liichard {see J^cuvoa of Lisnat/iri) ; Maiy, m. Robert Conway,

Esq., LL.D. ; and Isabella, m. William Conway, Esq. Mr.
Purdon's eldest son,

John PuRDON, Esq. of Tullagh, co. Clare, m. Eleanor, dan.
of Sir John Fleming, brother of the then Lord Slane, and had
issue, five sons, of whom the youngest, Sib Nicholas Purdon,
M.P. for Baltimore, was ancestor of the Pcrdons of Bally-
clogh, CO. Cork, now extinct in the male line. The eldest

Simon Purdon, Esq. of Tullagh, co. Clare, m. Ellis, only
dau. and heir of EdmondBourke, Esq. of Cloghadromond, co.
Limerick, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Purdon, Esq. of Tullagh, co. Clare, m. Grace, dau.
of John, son of Sir Maurice Hurley, Bart of Knocklong, co.
Limerick, and had no issue. His only brother,

George Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, co. Clare, High Sheriff
1663, VI. 1st Helena, dau. of Daniel Toler, Esq., ancestor of
the Earl of Norbury, by whom he had no issue, and 2ndly,
Mary, dau. of William Lewis, Esq. of co. York, and had issue,
Mr. Purdon was s. by his eldest son,

Simon Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, co. Clare, M.P., m. 1st,
Mary, dau. of Sir George Ingoldsby, which lady d. s. %■>., and
2ndly, Helena, dau. of the Right Rev. Edward Synge, D.D.,
Bishop of Cork, and d. 4 Nov. 1719, leaving with several

I. George, his heir. ii. Simon.

III. Edward (Rev.). iv. Charles.

V. William, of Claremont, co. Dublin. He m. the dau. of
Anthony Parker, Esq. of Castle Lough, and had an only son,

William John Purdon, who in. Jane, dau. of Chidley Coote,
Esq. of Ash Hill, co. Limerick, and had an only son,
Simon Purdon. He m. Anne, dau. of George Le Hunte,
Esq. of Artramont, co. Wexford, and had, inter alios,
a son.
Rev. William John Purdon, of De Vesci Terrace,
Kingstown, co. Dublin, M.A. Oxon. He m. 1st, 9
Sept. 1824, Charlotte Emily, dau. of Right Hon.
Denis Browne, M.P. {see Burke's Peerage, Sligo,
M.), by whom (who d. 23 April, 1838) he had two
daus., Emily Jane and Anna Maria. He m. 2ndly,
June, 1842, Katherine Geraldine, dau. of Sir Ross
Mahon, Bart, of Castle bar.

VI. John, d.s.p.

Mr. Purdon was s. by his eldest son,

George Purdon, Esq, of Tinerana, m. Jane, dau. of Edward
Eyre, Esq. and d. s. p. 1740, when he was s. by his next

Simon Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, bapt. 1691, 7?i. Elizabeth,
eldest dau. and eventual co-heir of Major George Purdon, of
Primrose Hill, co. Cork, and had issue, 1 George, his heir ;
2 Gilbert, of Ballykelly, m. Anne, dau. of Anthony Parker,
Esq. of Castle Lough.and had an only child Amy, m. Charles
O'Callaghan, Esq.; 1 Jane. m. the Ven. George Massy; and
2 Avarina, m. Richard Ringrose Bowerman, Esq. of Moynoe
House, CO. Clare. Tlie eldest son,

George Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, co. Clare, and of Wood-
fort, CO. Cork, M.P. for Clare 1725 and 1727. He m. 19 Oct.
1715, Arabella, 3rd dau. and co-heir of Col. William Casau-
bon, of Carrig, near Mallow, co. Cork, M.P. for Doneraile, by
his wife, a dau. of Gore, of Denymore, and was s. by his eldest

Simon Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, High Sheriflf co. Limerick
1772. He m. Mary Anne, dau. of James Nash, Esq. of Kil-
broney, co. Cork, and widow of Hugh Ingoldsby Massy, Esq.,
but dying s. p. Nov. 1791, was s. by his next brother,

William Casaueon Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, b. 26 Dec.
1752, Major 7th Dragoon Guards, m. 1793, Deborah, eldest
dau. of Michael Head, Esq. of Derry, co. Tipperary, by Mar-
garet his wife, sister of Henry Prittie, 1st Lord Dunalley, and
had issue,
Simon George, his heir.

William Casaubon, Vicar of Loxley, co. Warwick, 6. 1793;
TO. 17 July, 1838, Augusta Louisa, only child of Rev.
George F. Tavell, by Lady Augusta Fitzroy, his wife 6th
dau. of Augustus Henry, 3rd Duke of Grafton, and d. s. p.
Aug. 1850. His widow to. 2ndly, 1852, J. Murray Gai't-
shore, Esq. of Gartshore, co. Perth.
Arabella Mary Anne.
Margaret Elizabeth, m. 17 July, 1826, Rev. William Buckner

Deborah, to. 6 Feb. 1835, the Rev. Robert Maunsell Evans,
Archdeacon of Cloyne, 2nd son of Eyre Evans, Esq. of Ash
Hill Towers, co. Limerick.
Charlotte, m. 1st, 1829, Capt. Michael Stackpole, E.N., and
2ndly, George Harrison, Esq. of The Arke, co. Wieklow.

Mr. Purdon dying 1 Feb. 1836, was s. by his eldest son,

Simon George Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, J. P. and D.L.,
Major Clare Militia, High Sheriff 1829 b. 8 May, 1797 ; to. 11
Aug. 1836, Louisa Elizabeth Eleanor, 2nd dau. of the Hon.






and ri^lit Eev. EkViard Ponsonliy, Bishop of Deny and
Kaplioe, 3rd son of William Brabazon Ponsonby, 1st Lord
Ponsonby, of IinokiHy, and by her (who d. 10 Aug. 1873) had

William Casaubon, his heir.
GEoBfiE Frederick Robkkt, of wliom presently.
Eichard Ponsonby, R.N., b. 17 Oct. 1842 ; drowned in 11. M.S.
" Captain" Sept. 1870.
Simon Godfrey, b. 11 Sept. 1844.
John Moleswonh, b. 10 April, 1848.
Vrederick Ponsonby, b. 13 Sept. 1849.
Frances Harriett, M. 18 Aug. 18G4, Herbert Lloyd, Esq. of

Kilybebyll, co. Glamorgan.
Peborah Louisa Grace, m. 24 Oct. 1867, Robert Bruce Robert-
son Glasgow, Esq. of Mount Greenan,co. Ayr, Lieut. 74lh
Highlanders, and d. 9 Jan. IS87.
Emily Charlotte, J7i. 12 Sept. 1874, Charles W. Howard, late

79th Regl.
Augusta Harriet Arabella.
Georgina Margaret, m. June, 1883, Major F. E. Lloyd.

3Ir. Purdon d. 7 Aug. 1862, and was s. by his son,

William Casaubon Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, Lieut. Rifle

Brigade, b. 26 July, 1837 ; d. 10 Jan. 1864, and was s. by his


George Frederick Robert Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana,

J.P., Commander, R.N., 6. 11 May, 1840; m. A Dec. 1867,

Annie, only dau. of Gen. Caulfeild, C.B., of Copswood, co.

Limerick, and by her (who d. 22 June, 1882) had issue,

I. William Casaubon, late of Tinerana.

II. George Muirson, b. 10 Dec. 1875, d. unm. 1881.

I. Annie Louisa ) ^j Tinerana.

II. Helen )

Commander Purdon d. 15 June, 1882. His son,

William Casaubok Purdon, Esq. of Tinerana, 6. 24 Dec.
1869; s. his father 1882, and d. unm. 11 May, 1893, when he
•was s. by his two sisters.

Arms — Arg., a leopard's face between a chief and a chevron
sa., quartering Casaubon and Burke. Crest — A dexter arm
«mbowed ppr., holding a bannergu., fringed or, charged with a
leopard's face arg., tlie staff broken above the hand. Motto —
Pro aris et focis.

Seat — Tinerana, Killaloe, co. Clare.


Pttedox, Geoege Nugent, Esq. of Lisnabin, co.
■^Yestmeatll, J.P., High SherifE 1872, b. 2 Aug.
1819 ; m. Aug. 1852, Elizabeth Anne, eldest dau.
of Sajiuel Wiuter, Esq., D.L., of Agher, co. Meath,
and by her (-who d. 1864) has issue,

I. Edward Winter, Capt. 9th batt. Rifle Brigade, b. 1853,
VI. 1893, Cecilia Albuera Frances, younger dau. of Charles
Edward Radclyffe, Esq. of Little Park, Hants (see that

n. George Richard (Rev.), 6. 1854.

III. John James, Capt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 6. 1855.

IV. Charles Saunderson, M.D., b. 1867.

V. Samuel Pratt, 6. 1859.

I. Lucy Helen, m. 13 Sept. 1883, Lieut.-Col. James Smyth,
Lancashire Fusiliers, of Gay brook, co. Westmeath, and
has Robert, 6. 19 Feb. 1885, and James, 6. 24 Jan.

Xiineage. — Rev. Richard Purdon (see Purdon of Tine-
rana), 111. Miss Grififin, of GrifHnstowu, co. Westmeath, and
settled at Killucan. His son,

Peter Purdon, Esq. of Rathwire, co. Westmeath, m. 1700,
Wary, dau. of R. Adair, Esq. of co. Wicklow, and had, with
other issue,

Edward Purdon, Esq, b. 1709, who settled at Lisnabin, m.
1738, Miss Cooper, and had with other issue,

Charles Purdon, Esq. of Lisnabin, 6. 1746; m. 1773, Miss
Mary Nugent, of Castle Rickard, co. Meath, and d, 1790,
leaving issue,

Edward, his heir.

George Rodney, in. Mary Macminn, of Donaghadee.

Elizabeth, m. Charles Marshall.
The elder son,

Edward Purdon, Esq. of Lisnabin, 6. 1774; m. -Jiin. 1810,
Miss Margaret Eva Moore, of Dublin, and by her (who d. 1855)
bad issue,

I. George Nugent, now of Lisnabin.

II. Rodney William, b.l2 Sept. 1829; m. 1850, Angel, dau.
of Rev. Charles Rawlins, and has surviving issue, 1 Francis ;
2 Edward ; 1 Eva Mary ; 2 Constance ; and 3 another dau.

1. Dorothea Jane, in. Rev. George Gough Gubbins, and had
issue, six sons and six daus.

II. Maria Martha, in. Rev. Oliver J. Tibeaudo.

III. Elizabeth Caroline, m. Rev. Robert Irwin, and had issue,
si.K sons and six daus.

IV. Alicia F'anny.

He d. 1867.
Sea^— Lisnabin, Killucan.


Bagwell-Purefoy, Wilfeid, Esq. of Green-
fields, CO. Tipperary, J. P., late Lieut. 3rd King's
Own Ilussars, b. 13 June, 18t>2.

Lineage. — Lieut.-Col. Edward Baowell-Purefot, of
Greenfields, J. P., Vice-Lieut, of co. Tipperary, High Sheriff
for the CO. 1856, educated at Harrow, Capt. 3rd Dragoon
Guards, Hon. Col. co. Tipperary Artillery Militia, 6. 2 Aug.
1819; m. 1st, 10 July, 1854, Isabella Petronella, youngest dau.
of the late Major Langley, 2nd Life Guards, of Brittas Castle,
CO. Tipperary, but by her had no issue. He m. 2ndly, 20
July, 1861, Charlotte, 4th dau. of John Green Wilkinson,
Esq., D.L., and by her (who d. Nov. 1881) had issue,

I. Wilfrid, now of Greenfields.

II. Henry John, Capt. 5tli Dragoon Guards, b. 26 Aug. 1804.

III. Edward, Lieut 16th Lancers, b. 25 Nov. 1868.
I. Maude Isabel, ti. Jan. 1883.

This gentleman assumed the additional surname of Purefot,
by royal licence, on succeeding to the estate of the late Col.
Purefoy, who d. 1846. He was 2nd son of Very Eev. Richard
Bagwell, Dean of Clogher, by Margaret his wife, dau. of
Edward Croker, Esq. of Ballynagarde, co. Limerick (see Bag-
well o/Jl/arW-,'W). He rf. 2 July, 1883.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, sa., three pairs of hands con-
joined one and two or, ruffled arg., for Purefot ; 2nd and 3rd
paly of six arg. and az., on a chief gu. a lion passant of the first,
for Bagwell. Ci-est — A hand in armour graspmg a broken
lance, all ppr. Motto — En bonne foy.

Seat — Greenfields, Tipperaiy.


PuENELL, Feances Mary, of Stancoinbe Park,
CO. Gloucester, s. her brother 1S69.

Lineage. — The family of Cooper were formerly settled
at Kingbani, Norfolk.

Samuel Cooper, of Nonvich, Merchant, m. Henrietta Maria,
dau. of Thomas Newton, Esq. of Edgefield, Norfolk (by Cas-
sandra his wife, dau. of Sir Thomas Jerniyn, Bart.), and their
eldest son, Samuel Cooper, of Norwich, surgeon, m. Mary,
dau. of William Lovick, Merchant, Alderman of Norwich.
His eldest son, Samuel Cooper, Rector cf Yelverton and
Morley, and perpetual Curate of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,
D.D., 77!. Susaimah, dau. and ultimately heir of James Bransby,
Esq. of Shottisham, Norfolk, and had by her several children,
of whom his eldest son, Robert Bransby Cooper, Esq.,
became the head of the ancient family of Bransby. Dr.
Cooper's 5th and youngest son, Astley Paston Cooper, of
Gadesbridge, co. Herts, educated as a Surgeon, attained the
highest eminence in his profession, was made Serjeant-Surgeon
to George IV., and also to William IV., and was created a
Bart. 1821 (see Burke's Peerage and Baronetage).

Robert Bransby Cooper (before mentioned), of Ferney Hill,
Dursley, b. 21 Feb. 1762, became a F. C. of Trin. Coll. Camb.,
was D.L. and J. P. for Norfolk and co. Gloucester, and for
many years M. P. for the city of Gloucester. He ni. Anne, dau.
and sole heiress of William Purnell, Esq. of Ferney Hill, co.
Gloucester D.L. of that co. (eldest son of John Purnell, Esq.
J. P., of New House, by Anne his wife, dau. of Thomas Phelps,
Esq. of Dursley), and by her (who d. 1804) had issue, several
children. He d. May, 1845. His eldest son,

Purnell Bransby Cooper, b. 4 Nov. 1791, s. on the death of
his mother, 1804, to the Gloucestershire estates, assuming by
royal licence, 1805, the name of Purnell, and through her
became the head of the family of that name, settled since 1520
at Wick, North Nibley, Dursley, and Stancombe, co Gloucester.
He was of Stancombe Park, J. P. for cos. Gloucester and Wilts,
D.L., and Chairman Court of Quarter Sessions, co. Gloucester.
He m. 13 July, 1813, Charlotte Anne, 3rd dau. of Nathaniel
ClilTord. Esq. of Frampton Court, co. Gloucester, J. P. and
D.L. (of the ancient family of Clifford of Frampton Court),
and by her (who d. '22 Jan. 1862) had issue,

John Bransby, of Stancombe Park, 6.4 Jan. 1820, of Corpus
Christi Coll. Oxford, D.L. for Gloucester and Wilts, and
J. P. CO. Gloucester, d. unm. 21 Aug. 1869.

William Paston, of whom presently.

5 o 2





Charles Cooper, i1. joims:.

Charlotte Anne, d. 7 June, 1844.

Frances Mart, now of Stancombe Park.

Helen, d. 28 Feb. 1889, iuim. Eose, d. young.

Mr. Purnell Bransby Purnell d. 16 Nov. 18G6. His 2nd son,

William Paston Pi'bnell, Esq. of Stancombe Park, J. P.,
6. 12 June, 1821, Col. late 90th Rcpt. of Light Infantry, C.B.,
served in the Crimea and in India, late Ensign of the Yeoman
of the Guard; m. 1st, 29 Nov. 1843, Emily, dau. of John Agar,
Esq. of Ballyhar, co. Kerry, and by her (who rf. April, 1854)
had issue,

I. Emily Anne, m. 26 Aus.l8S4, Rev. P.avid Edwards, M.. A...
late Senior Student of Ch. Ch. Oxford, and Vicar of North
Niblev, near Dursley, and has issue. John Purnell, 6. 6 Jan.
1886, "Emily Frances, b. 28 May, 1888.

He m. 2ndly, 18(55, Elizabeth Susan, only dau. of Sir George
Young, Bart., li.N., of Formosa, Cookham, Berks, by whom
he h.^d issue.

II. Francos Susan.
IV. Charlotte.

m. Susan Hose.

He d. 14 May, 1869.

Anns — Arg., on a fesse fa., between three lozenges gu., as
many cinqueloils of the first, for Purnell; quartering Cooper,
Bbansby, and Paston. C/-«/s -Pcbnell, Out of a mural crown
arg. a demi-griffin segreant erminois, holding in its dexter
claw a thunderbolt ppr. ; Cooper, A mural coronet arg.,
issuant therefrom a demi-spear erect ppr., fringed or, and sur-
mounted by two palm branches in saltire vert. Motto — Fide
et virtute.

iScat— Stancombe Park, near Dursley, co. Gloucester.

PtTENELL, Eev. Thomas, of Staverton, co. Glou-
cester, late Vicarof StaTerton-eum-Bodlington, J.P.,
b. 1814; m. 5 Sept. 1844, Ann, only child of Major
Johnson Wilkinson, Madras Artillery, by Anne
his wife, da«. of Eev. M. Fenwick, formerly Vicar
of Kyloe and Lowick, Korthuniberland, and has
surviving issue,

I. Egbert Hcghes 'Wilkinson (Rev.), Vicar of Staverton,

CO. Gloucester, b. 29 May, 1848.
n. Otto Fenwick, b. 2 Sept. 1852.
III. Lewis Johnson, 6. 16 Feb. 1856.
I. Annie St. Clair. ii. Emily Nora.

III. Jessie Mary Maud. iv. Hester Adelaide.

Lineagre. — Robert Hooper, Esq. of Bradford, Wilts, m.
Mary, dau. of Robert Baily, Esq. of Quemerford, near Calne,
and had a son,

Robert John Pukkell, Esq. of Kingshill, co. Gloucester,
J.P. and D.L., 6. 1789; m. 1810, Mary Anne, only child of
Eev. Lewis Hughes, Vicar of Llanrhyddlad, co Anglesey, niece
and heir of Lieut. -Col. Purnell, of Kingshill, and by her (who
d. 12 Sept. 1842) had issue,

Thomas, now of Eoddington Manor.

Mary Anne, to. Eev. Henry Horsley (formerly Miniken),
Vicar of North Leach, co. Gloucester.

Hester Purnell, d. mini. 9 Aug. 1842.

Emily Hughes, d. icnni.

This gentleman assumed the surname of Pcrxell in 1826, in
compliance with the will of Lieut.-Col. Purnell.

Arms — Erminois, on a fesse between three lozenges gu., as
many cinquefoll* arg. Crest — Issuant from a mural crown
arg., charged with three lozenges fessways gu., a demi-falcon
ri-ing ppr., holding in the beak a cinquefoil slipped vert.

&:at — Staverton, Cheltenham.


PuETON, Frances Elizabeth, of Faintree Hall,
Salop, dau. of John Browne Twist, Esq. of Stoke
House, Coventry, m. 13 Aug. 1862, William Cecil
Paedoe Pceton, Esq. of Faintree Hall, J.P.,
Barrister-at-Law {b. 3 Nov. 1835), who d. s. jo.
24 July, 1889.

Llueag'e. — Henrt Peeton, settled at Oldington, in the
parish of Worfield, Salop, of the family of Pekton oj Pciton,
CO. Stafford, was ancestor of

John Perton, of Barnsley, afterwards of Hallon, Salop, 6.
1580, d. 1640 ; he to. 1607, Anne, widow of Eichard Palmer,
Esq., and dau. of Richard Eogers, Esq. of Farmcote, Claver-
ley, Salop, and left a son, John Perton, of Hallon, b. 1611;
M. 1635, Beuedicta, only child of William Coxon, of Barnsley,

Worfield, and d. April, 1662, leaving, later alios, a son, Johw,
who lived at The Day House, Oldbury, near Bridgenorth, m.
Jane, of William Greenowes, Esq. of Stottesden, Salop,
and d. at EudonBurnclI, 1715, leaving two sons, Henry, d. at
sea S.J)., and William.*

William Purton, of Eudon, the only surviving son, 6. 14
Jan. 1686 ; to. about 1718, Sarah, eldest dau. and co-heiress of
Matthias Astley, Esq. of Madeley Court, Salop, and of Tarn-
horn, near Lichfield, and d. 1740, having had three sons, Mat-
thias, d. s. p. 1740, John, and William, and three daus. The
2nd son,

John Pcrton, Esq. of Eudon, 6. at Eudon 1T22, m. 1756.
Mary, 3rd dau. and co-heiress of Edward Gibbons, Esq. of
Ettings Hall, co. Stafford, and left eight children, i. Mathias
Astley, rf. «>i»i. ; ii. John, d. imm.; iii. William; iv. Chris-
topher, d. ,s-. p. ; v. Thomas, m. Anne Bloxam, and left four
sons and three daus. ; i. Sarah, d. s. p. ; ii. Mary, d. s. p.;
III. Dorothy, m. C. Cooper, Esq. The 3rd son,

William Pcrton, Esq., 6. 22 Jan. 1762; m. 1799, Hester
Maria, only child of Thomas Pardee, Esq. of Faintree Hall,
Salop, High Sheriff 1791, and by her (who d. 1810) had issue,

I. Thomas Pardoe, of whom presently.

II. William, of The Woodhouse, near Cleobury Mortimer,
Salop, J.P. CO. Middlesex, m. 28 Dec. 1832, Sarah, youngest
dau. of Charles Cooper. Esq. of Hampstead, Middlesex, and
by her (who d. 21 April, 1877) left at his decease, 18 Aug.

1 William (Rev.), B.A., Vicar of St. Clement's, Bourne-
mouth, 6. 4 Feb. 1833; m. Mary Hamilton, dau. of
Duncan Mackenzie, Esq., H.E.I. C.S., of Merklands, co.
Perth, and d. s. p. 1891.

2 Charles Cooper, J.P., of The Woodhouse, b. 1834.

3 Arthur, deceased.

1 Idonea, deceased. 2 ?aiah Jane, deceased.

III. .Tohn, Ecctor of Oldbury, near Bridgenorth, Prebendary
of Hereford and Eural Dean, jh. 1st, Sophia, dau. of Lionel
Lampet, Esq. of The Highlands and Bridgenorth, by whom
he had an only dau. Sophia, d. 1854, and 2ndly, Julia
Hannah, dau. of Eev. Charles John Bird, Eector of Mordi-
ford, CO. Hereford, and d. July, 1883, havingby her (who d.
Jan. 1890) had a son, John Bird, d. s. p. circa 1862, and
seven daus., Hester Maria Julia, Susan Fanny, Elizabeth
Harriet, Edith Jane, Julia Margaret, Jlary Beatrice, and
Sarah Grace.

Mr. Purton d. 1835. His son,

Thomas Pardoe Porton, Esq. of Faintree Hall, J.P., b. 30
March, 1801 ; m. 5 May, 1831, Caroline Frances, dau. of Lionel
Lampet, Surgeon, of The Highlands, co. Oxford, and of Bridg-
north, and had issue,
I. William Cecil Pardoe, late of Faintree Hall.
I. Caroline Hester, b. 6 Dee. 1833 ; m. 1860, Rev. John Smyth
Purton, B.D., Eector of Chetton, Salop, and has issue, four
sons and four daus. He d. 1891.

Mr. Purton d. 1885.

Arms — Arg., on a chevron gu. three pears or. Crest — On a
mount vert, a pear-tree fructed ppr. Motto — Avi numerantur

Seat — Faintree Hall, near Bridgnorth.

P0RVIS, John, Esq. of Einaldy, co. Fife, J.P.,
b. 16 Oct. 1820; m. 7 July, 1852, Isabella Wilhel-
mina, eldest dati. of the late William Berry, Esq.
of Tayfield, co. Fife, and has had issue,

I. Alexander Bcrridge, Capt. R.A., b. 21 Sept. 1854.

II. William Herbert, 6. 27 Nov. 1858 ; m. 15 Oct. 1888,
Mabel Vida, 3rd dau. of Capt. F.Turner, late 79th High-
landers, and has issue.

III. Arthur Law, d. young.

IV. John Henry, Lieut. Highland Light Infantry, b. 4 April,

V. Robert Walter, Capt. Haddington Artillery, b. 21 April,

I. Ethel Isabella, m. 9 March, 18SG, Thomas Jeffrey, Esq.,
and has issue.

II. Alice Clara.

Lineagre. — The ancestors of this family appear to have
occupied land formerly on the banks of the Tweed. The
earliest family records tell of three brothers living in North-

I. Alexander, who left a son and a dau., both of whom d.
without issue.

* William Purton was the first who changed, 1735, the
orthography of his nams from Perton to Purton, for what
reason is unknown.





n. -TosepTi, who bought the estate of Luscareviot, co. Fife,
and d. unm.

in. John, s. to Luscareviot, 511. about 1754, Elizabeth
Thompson, and d. about 1770, leaving by her (who d. about
iSOOy, seven sons, of whom the sixth,
Alexander, h. 17G6; m. 1819, Isabella, eldest dau. of
James Campbell, Esq. of Finmont, co. Fife, and d. at
Kinaldy 28 April, 1844, leaving by her (who d. 29 Oct.
1820) one son, John, now of Kinaldy.
Seat — Kinaldy, St. Andrews, co. Fife.



Esq. of Pusey, co. Berks, J.P., B.A. Ch. Cli. Oxford,
b. 15 Sept. 1839 ; m. 1st, 29 April, 1871, Wilhelmina
Maria, dau. of Lord William Hervey (see Burke's
Peerage, Bristol, M.) -wliich lady d. 16 Nov. 1885.
He m. 2ndly, 5 July, 1890, Helen Henrietta, widow
of tlie Eight Hon. William Massey, M.P., and dau.
of the late Patrick Grant, Esq.

liineag'e. — The Hon. Philip Bodverie, only surviving
eon of Jacob, 1st Viscount Folkestone, by Elizabeth his 2nd
vife, eldest dau. of Robert, Lord Komney, assumed the sur-
name of Puset.* He 711. 1798, Lucy, eldest dau. of Robert, 4th
Earl of Harborough, and widow of Sir Thomas Cave, Cart.,
tnd by her (who d. 27 March, 1858) he had issue,

Philip, his heir.

Edward, D.D., Canon of Christ Church and Regius Professor
of Hebrew in the University nf Oxford, h. 22 Aug. 1800 ; m.
12 June, 1828, Maiia Catherine, dau. of

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