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Raymond Barker, Esq. of Fairford Park, Gloucester and d.
16 Sept. 1882, having by her (who d. 21! May, 1839), had
Philip Edwabd, 6. 14 June, 1830; d. 15 June, 1880.
Lucy. d. unm.

Mary Amelia, m. 13 July, 1845, Rev. James G. Brine, B.D.

iVilliam, M.A. (Rev.), Rector of Langley, co. Kent. b. 14

May, 1810; vi. 7 June, 1836. Catherine, dau. of Thomas

Freeman, Esq., and d. 1888, having by her (who d. Nov.

1873) had issue,

Henry, late 7Gth Foot, b. 12 June, 1837; d. 1869.
Xdward Bouverie, Capt. late K.N., b. 1839 ; m. 25 June,
1870, Esther Elliott, dau. of Rev. Richard Cox Hales, of
■\Voodmancote, Sussex, and has issue,

1 Edward Bouverie, Lieut. Yorks Regt., b. 1873.

1 Catherine Louisa, m. 4 Aug. 1892, John Bowyer
Nichols, Esq. of Lawford Hall, Essex.

2 Ethel Maiy 3 Lucy.
"William, deceased.

Frances Mary.

Elizabeth, m. 14 Oct. 1827, Rev. James H. Montagu Lux-
more, Prebendary of St. Asaph (who d. 1860) and d. 1883.

Charlotte, m. 27 June, 1839, Kev. Richard Lynch Cotton, DD.,
Provost of Worcester Coll. Oxford, and d. 2 July, 1883.

Mr. Pusey d. 14 April, 1828, and was s. by his son,

Philip Pdset, Esq. of Pusey, M.P. for Berks, 6. 25 June,
1799 ; }«. 4 Oct. 1822, Lady Emily Frances Tlieresa Herbert,
2nd dau. of Henry George, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon, by whom
<>vho d. 16 Nov. 1854) he had issue,

Sidney Edwabd Bouveeie, now of Pusey,

Ediih Lucy Bouverie.

Clara, m. 30 Oct. 1862, Capt. Francis Charteris Fletcher, late
60th Rifles, son of Andrew Fletcher, Esq. of Saltoun. He d.
25 Jan. 1891.
air. Pusey rf. 9 July, 1855.

Jrms~-Gn., three bars arg. Crest — A cat passant arg.

A'eai— Pusey House, near iaringdon, co. Berks.

Club — Athenaeum.


The late Charles Potland, Esq. of Bray Head,
CO. Wicklow, J.P., b. Oct. 1813 ; m. 1 June, 1835,

* The Puseys are said to have been settled at Pusey prior to
the Conquest, and to have held that estate by cornage, or the
service of a horn, under a grant of Canute. Camden and
Fuller both make mention of this circumstance.

The family became extinct in the male line in 1710, by the
<}eath of Chaeles Pdsey, Esq., who bequeathed the manor to his
nephew, John Allan, Esq., who thereupon assumed the ad-
ditional surname of f csey. This gentleman dying withoutissue,
the estate was further entailed upon Mr. Piisey's sisters, and his
nieces, the Aliens, which last ladies alternately inherited and
joined in settling the estate upon the Hon. Philip Bouverie,
nephew of Mr. Allen Pusey's wi.e, who was dau. ol Su- William
liouverie, Bart.

Cliarlotte, dau. of Capt. Christian, R.N., and by
her (who d. 15 March, 1883) had issue,
I. George, of Bray Head, b. 8 March, 1841 ; d. s. p. 1876.

I. Charlotte Mab, tii. 1879, Rev. John West Neligan, M.A.,
eldest son of Rev. Maurice Neligan, D.D., of Dublin, and
d. 10 Oct. 1887, leaving with other issue, Charles Walter,
6. 10 Nov. 1879.

He m. 2ndly, 19 April, 1849, Georgina, dau. of the
late Sir James C. Anderson, Bart., and by her left
two daus.,

II. Constance, in. 10 July, 1879, Rev. George Beresford
Power, 2nd son of the Ven. Ambrose Power, Archdeacon
of Lismore, and has issue.

III. Georgina, m. 30 Jan. 1879, Devaynes, eldest son of
William Monsell Smyth, Esq. of Oakwood House, King's
CO., and has issue.

Mr. Putland d. 1874.

Lineage.— Thomas Pctland, Esq. of Dublin, m. 1684,
Meriel, dau. of Thomas Sisson, Esq., and d. 1722, leaving
issue. The eldest son,

Thomas Pdtland, Esq. of Dublin, b. 3 May, 1686 ; m. 1708,
Jane, dau. of John Rotton, Esq. of Dublin, and d. in the life-
time of his father, 31 March, 1721, having had issue. The
eldest son,

John Rutland, Esq. of Dublin, b. 1709; m. 22 July, 1738,
Catherine, dau. and eventually co-heir of Sir Emanuel Moore.
Bart, of Ross Carberry, co. Cork, M.P., and by her (who
c^. July, 1764) had issue, i. George, of whom presently ;
II. John; III. Thomas; iv. William; i. Jane Emily, m.
William Graydon, Esq. of Killeshe; 11. Katherine ; iii. Emilia;
IV. Elizabeth; v. Meriel, in. 1778, Benjamin Newbury, Esq.;

VI. Martha, m. John Roberts, Esq. of Shankill, co. Dublin ;

VII. Anne. Mr. Putland d. Dec. 1773, and wass. by his eldest

George Putland, Esq., 6. Oct. 1745, who m. Jan. 1779,
Catherine, dau. of the Hon. John Evaus, of Bulgaden Hall,
CO. Limerick, brother of George, 2nd Lord Carbery, and had

George, his heir. Charles, heir to his brother.

Kitty, m. John Hall, Esq.

Emily, yn. William Graydon, Esq.
Mr. Putland d. June, 1811, and was s. by his eldest son,

George Putland, Esq. of Bray Head, who m. 1816, Anna
Dorothea, dau.of Hampden Evans, Esq. of Portrane, co. Dublin,
and dying s. p. Nov. 1841 (his widow survived until 1857), was
s. by his brother,

Charles Rutland, Esq. of Bray Head, co. Wicklow, J.P.,
i. Jan. 1785; m. March, 1812, Constance, eldest dau. of the
Hon. George Massy, and d. 25 Dec. 1859, having had issue,

Charles, late of Bray Head.

George, b. May, 1826 ; d. unm.

Emily Dorothea, m. James Butler, Esq., co. Kilkenny.

Georgina, m. Walter Gahan, Esq.

Caroline, vi. William Bernard Shaw, Esq.

Eliza, m. Major C. Studdert.

Seat — Bray Head, co. Wicklow. '

Puxley, Henry Lavallix, Esq. of Punboy
Castle, CO. Cork, M.A., J.P. co. Cork, High Sheriff
1865, and High Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 1864, b. 4
April, 1834 ; m. 1st, 4 June, 1857, Katherine Ellen,
dau. of Eev. W^illiam Waller, of Castletown, co.
Limerick, and by her (who d. 1872) has issue,

I. John Lavallin, 6.21 Dec. 1359.

II. Edward Lavallin, b. 10 June, 1861.

III. Henry Edmund Lavallin, b. 14 Feb. 18G5.

IV. William Waller Lavallin, b. 17 Feb. 1867.
v. Herbert Hardress Lavallin, b. 26 May, 1868.

I. Maria Frances, 711. 2 March, 1884, BobertO'Brien Studdert,
Esq., J.P.

II. Katherine Rosa. iii. Elizabeth Jane.

He tn. 2ndly, 9 Dec. 1875, Adeline, youngest dau.
of Gen. Charles W. Nepean, grand-niece of the late
Sir Evan Nepean, 1st Bart., Madras Army, and.
widow of Col. William Fergusson Hutchinson.

Lineage.— John Puxley, Esq. of Galway, J.P., settled
about 1730 at Dunboy, co. Cork, with Henry, his brother, who
m. a dau. of Capt. Richard Goodwin, and aunt of the Rev.





Thomas Goodwin, Rector of Berehaven. John ni. Mary, dau.
of James Hayes, Esq. of Kinsale, ami liad issue,

Henky, of whom presently.

Othwcll, Hi. the willow of Major Eyre.

John, commanded a native Indian Uegt.

Marv, rf. xtnm. Anne, il. -unm,

Elleii, m. J. M'Carthy, Esq.
The eldest son,

Henry Pixlet, Esq., m. Sarah, dau. and co-heir of Philip
Lavallin, Esq. Mr. Puxley was killed by a fall from his horse,
and was s. by his only son,

John Lavallin Prxi.EY. Esq. of Dunboy Castle, D.L. co.
Carmarthen, m. Sarali, dau. of S. Hobbs, Esq. of the Isle of
Wight, and had issue,

Henry, d. unm.

John Lavallin, of whom presently.

Sarah, d. unm. Elizabeth. Barb.ara. d. unm.

Fanny, m. Kev. Henry Herbert, of co. Montgomery.

Henrietta, to. Robert Thomas, Esq., 10th lUgt,

Jane, d. xnim.
The only surviving son,

John Lavallin Pcxley, Esq. of Dunboy Castle, m. 1830,
Fanny Rosa Maria, dau. of Simon White, Esq. of Glengariff
Castle, CO. Cork, and niece of Richard, 1st Earl of Bantry,
and had issue,

John Simon Lavallin, his heir.

Henry Lavallin.

Edward Lavallin (Rev.), late Lieut. 4th Dragoons, m. 1864,
Maria Winifred, only dau. of Henry Leader, Esq. of Clon-
moyle, and has three sons and three daus.

Herbert Boyne Lavallin (Rev.), •/;;. Kate Benson, of Cocker-
mouth, and has issue.

Fanny Sarah Eliza Lavallin, m. 1655, the Rev. John Thomas
Waller, of Castletown Manor, Pallas Kenry, co. Limerick,
eldest son of the Rev. William Waller, of Castletown, co.
Limerick, and has issue.
Mr. Puxley </. 1837, and was .?. by his eldest son,

John Simon Lavallin Poxley, Esq. of Dunboy Castle,
Capt. Cth Dragoons, 6. 13 July, 1831, d. at Cheltenham 18C0,
and was s. by his brother, the present Henry Lavallin
Puxley, Esq. of Dunboy Castle, J. P.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th gu.. on a bend cottised arg.
five lozenges conjoined of the first ; in the sinister chief point
an annulet or, for Puxley ; 2nd and 3rd arg., a fleur-de-lis sa.,
a chief engrailed az., for Lavallin. Crests — An arm in armour
embowed ppr., charged with a lozenge between two annulets
in pale gu., the hand grasping a dagger, also ppr. Motto —
Loyal en tout.

Seats — Dunboy Castle, Castletown, Berehaven, and Llangan,
St. Clears, co. Carmarthen. Town Residence— IS, Lancaster
Gate, W.


Pte, Henet John, Esq. of Clifton Hall, co.
StafEord, J.P., M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb.. Barrister-at-
Law (Inner Temple), b. 31 Jan. 1827; m. 21 Oct. |
1851, Emil_y Charlotte, oi:ly dau. of the late Bishop i
Wilberforce ; s. his father 18bi. ]

Lineag'e. — The family of Pye was originally Ap Hugh, I
the letter u in the Welsh language bearing tlie sound of y.

Hdgh Pye or Ap Hugh (said to have been a son of the Wil-
liam Ap HcGHwho accompanied William, Duke of Normandy,
in his conquest of England) was Lord of Kilpec Castle, in the
Mynde Parke, co. Hereford. He had two sons, viz., i. Thomas, |
whose only child, JIargaret, w. Stephen de la Beare ; ii. John, i
From the 2nd son, ,

John Pye, descended in the direct male line, the Pyes of \
The. Mynde and of Kilpec Castle, co. Hereford, wliose repre- ,
sentative in the senior line. Sir Walter Pye, of The Mynde, |
retired to the Continent with the Stuarts, and obtained the
title of Lord Kilpec. i

Sir Robert Pye, Knt. (2nd son of William Pye, Esq. of i
The Mynde and Kilpec Castle), Auditor of the Receipt of the 1
Exchequer of King James 1. and Charles I., purchased of the
Untons the manor and estate of Faringdon, co. Berks, and
during the civil war garrisoned his mansion there for the
Royalists, when it was stoutly besieged by his own son. Sir ;
Robert Pye. He ni. Mary, 2nd dau. and co-heir of John '
Croker, Esq. of Baltisford, co. Gloucester, and dying 1662,
left i/jsue,

Bobebt (Sir), his heir.

John (Sir), of Hoon Hay, in the Parish of Marston-upon-
Dove, on the borders of StatTord and Derby, was created a
Baronet by Charles II. I'.y liis wile, Rebecca Raynton, he
TaaA issue, a sou and tno dau£.,

1 Charles (Sir), who purchased the estates of Clifton and
Haunton in 1701. He m. and had issue,

I. Richard (Sir), b. 1688 ; d. 22 Nov. 1724, unm.

II. Robert (Sir), who had become a clergyman, s. his
brother, b. 1697, and d. unm. 17 March, 1738.

I. Rebecca, d. 29 Sept. 1748, unm.

II. Philippa, bur. 13 June, 1769, unm.

III. Mary, d. unm. in London, 24 Dec. 1774, and was
bur. at Clifton by torchlight on the night of the 29lhof
that month. Miss Mary Pye being the last heir of this-
line devi.sed her estates to Gen. Severne, her cousin, for
life, with remainder to her first cousin (once removed),
Richard Watkins, whose son, Charles, inheriting in tail
and having no issue, cutoff tlie entail, and after giving
his uncle, John, a life interest, left the remainder to
Henry James Pye, Esq., representative of the senior
branch of the Pyes.

1 Elizabeth, m, Thomas Severne, of Shrewsbury, and had

John, who.?, to the estate of Clifton, in 1774, on the-
death of Miss Mary Pye. He had another estate in
Shropshire. Gen. Severne (as he was commonly spoken
of) d. July, 1787, aged 89, and was bur. at Clifton oa
the 17th of that month.

2 Anne, to. Charles Watkins, of Aynhoe, co. Northampton,
and had issue, Richard (Rev.), appointed to the living o£'
Clifton by his cousins, tlie ladies of tlie manor, d. in 1776,
leaving two sons,

I. Ricliard (Rev.), who held a living in Rock, co. Wor-
cester, s. to the estate on the death of General Severne,
and d. 19 May, 1805, when he was s. by his son,
Charles Severne Watkins, b. 1783, m. in Cliftoni
Church, Sarah Bickerton (b. 1787; of Doveridge, near
Uttoxeter, and d. 7 July, 1813, leaving the estates as.
follows, to his widow for her life, then to his uncle John
Watkins, who had held the benefice since 1776, and
after his death to Henry James Pye, described in the
will as his majesty's poet laureate. After the death of
her husband Mrs. Watkins m. a Mr. Stokes, son of the
Vicar of Doveridge, and d. in Sept. 1823, and according^
to the will of lier first husband was s. by the Rev. John

II. John (Rev.), 6. 1750, appointed to the living of Cliftoa
on the death of his father 1776, resigned the living oq
succeeding to the estate of Clifton, and being patron,
presented his son-in-law, the Rev. Robert Taylor. He
d. 19 May, 1833, and was g. under the will of
Charles Severne Watkins, by his cousin Henry James
Pye (vide injra).

Sir Robert Pye was s. by his eldest son.

Sir Robert Pye, Knt. of Faringdon, Member for Woodstock
in the Long Parliament, and Colonel of Horse in Gen. Fair-
fax's Regiment. He engaged in an attempt to restore King
Charles II., and was committed to the Tower for a breach of
privilege, in presenting a petition from the co. of Berks com-
plaining of the want of a settled form of government. Upon
Gen. Monck's coming to London, the secluded members passed
a vote to relieve Pye from prison, who, upon the Restoration,
was nominated Equerry to the King. He m. Ann, eldest dau.
of John Hampden, the patriot, by whom lie had issuc-
Hampden, b. in 1647, went to sea, and was killed in an engage-
ment on the coast of Spanish America, and Edmund; he d.
1701, and was s. by ids son,

Edmund Pye, M.D., of Faringdon, 6. 1656, m. Anne, dau.
of Lord Crewe, of Stene, and widow of Sir Henry Wright,
Bart., and had two sons and three daus. The eldest son,

Henry Pye, Esq. of Faringdon, 6. 23 Aug. 1683; m. 1st,
1703, Jane, dau. of Sir Nathaniel Curzon, Bart, of Kedleston,
by whom lie had an only child, who d. in infancy. He m.
2ndly, Anne, only dau. of Sir Benjamin Bathurst, Knt., ami
sister of the 1st Earl Bathurst, and had surviving issue,

I. Henry, his succe.«sor.

II. Thomas (Sir;, Admiral of the White and Lieut. -Gen. of
Marines, d. s. p. 1785.

III. Robert, LL.D., Prebendary of Rochester, m. Anne, dau.
of Sir Rowland Alston, Bart., and had an only dau. Ann.

IV. Charles, of Wadley, High Sheriff of Berks 1767, b. 21
Feb. 1720 ; m. 17tiO, Anne, eldest dau. of the Rev. Henry
Mainwaiing, and had issue,

1 Charles, of Rosehall, co. Lanark, Gen. in the army, m.
let, Mary, dau. of Oliver Colt, Esq. of Auldhame, by
Helen his wife, dau. of the 7th Lord Blantyre, and 2ndly,
Katherine Douglas, ot the Mains family, in Dumbarton-
shire. Succeeding, through his 2nd wife, to a portion
of the properly of the Duchess of Douglas, Gen. Pye
assumed the additional surname of Douglas. He d. s. p.

1 Finetta, m. Hon. Baron Uotert Dimsdale, of Hertford.

2 Sarah Frances, d. unm.

3 Isabella, hi. 1795, Rev. George William Blathwayt.

4 Anne, m. Rev. John Phillipps, of Eaton Bishop.

5 .Selina, d. MdHi.

6 Tryphena, d. unm.

V. Anthony, m. Ann, dau. of John Blackstone, Esq., first.





cousin of the eminent lawyer of that name, and had issue,
Henry and Charlotte.

VI. Benjamin, LL.D., Ven. Archdeacon of Durham, a poet
of some note, to. Elizabetli, dau. of William Sleigh, Esq. of
Stockton, and relict of Kalph Whitby, Esq. of Aston Hall,
CO. Flint, by whom he had Bathui'st, in the army, and
Elizabeth, m. W. Watson, Esq.

VII. William, an Officer in the army, shot at the battle of
riassy, in the East Indies, while acting SlS Aidc-de-Camp to
Col. Clive. He to. Elizabeth, dau. of Governor Saunders,
by whom he left a dau. Elizabetli, m. Dr. Walker.

I. Frances, m. Thomas Mainwarinpr, Esq. of Whitmore.

II. Henrietta, m. Rev. J. Baker, D.D.

III. Anne, to. Jst, 1734, Lionel Rich, Esq., and 2ndly, James
Jlolloy, Esq.

IV. Elizabeth, to. Sir Willoughby .\ston, Bart.

V. Finctta, m. 1st. George Cruihshank, an eminent Dutch
Merchant, and 2ndly, — Mowbray, Esq.

VI. Arabella, to. — Southwell, Esq.

Mr. Pye m. 3rdly, Isabella Warren, but had no further
issue. He d. 1748-49, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henry Pte, Esq. of Faringdon, M.P. for co. Berks from
1740 to 1760, &. 1709 ; m. 1743, Mary, dau. of the Rev. David
James, Rectorof Woughton, Bucks, and only sister of Anthony
James, who assumed the surname of Keck in 1737, and by her
(who d. 17G6) left issue,
Henkt James, his heir.

Ktibcrt Hampden, an Officer of rank in the army, m. 1776,
Joel Henrietta, relict of — Campbell, Esq., and left an only
Allen Hampden, a Major-Gen. in the army, who m. his
cousin, Mary, dau. of Capt. Gordon, K.N., and sister to
Gen. Sir Willoughby Gordon, and d. ,?. p. 1830.
AValter, Barrister-at-Law, d. unm.
Anne, twin with Walter, d. unm.

Mr. Pye was s. by his eldest son,

IIenut James Pye, Esq. of Faringdon, M.P. co. Berks, and
Poet-Laureate, b. 10 Feb. 1745. He m. 1st, 1768, Mary,
dau. of Col. William Hook, and by her (who d. 1790) had

Mary Elizabeth, m. Capt. Jones, 35th Regt., who d. 1807.

She d. 1834.
Matilda Caroline, to. 1802, Samuel James Arnold, Esq., of

Stanmore. and rf. 1851, leaving issue.

Jlr. Pye to. 2ndly, Nov. 1801, Martha, dau. of W. Corbett, and
by her (who d. Oct. 1861, aged 91) had issue,

Henry John, of whom presently.

Jane Anne, m. Francis Willington, Esq. of Tamworth.
Mr. Pye d. 11 Aug. 1813. His son,

Henry John Pye, Esq. of Clifton Hall, co. Stafford, and
Pinner, co. Middlesex, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Stafford
1840. 6. 26 Sept. 1802; m. 26 .May, 1825, Mary Anne, 3rd dau.
of William Walker, Esq. of East Barnet, co. Herts, and by
her (wlio d. 24 Jan. 1877) had issue,

I. Hampden Watkins, b. 1826: d. 1827.

II. Henry John, now of Clifton Hall.

III. Charles Colquhoun, late Capt. 63rd Regt., and Major in
the New Bmnswick Militia, b. 11 Nov. 1834; m. 10 May,
1S62, Barbara Wilberforce (who d. 1 May, 1873), dau. of
Rev. John James, of Avington, Berks, and </. 17 Feb. 1872.

I. Anne Hampden, iii. 11 July, 1S65, James Elmhirst, Esq.
of Thorne, co. York, and has two sons.

II. Katherine Charlotte, to. 10 July, 1861, Rev. Eraser Raw-
lins, Rector of Clifton CampviUe, co. Stafford, and has

III. Elizabeth Marianne.
Mr. Pye d. 27 Jan. 1884.

drills — Erm., a bend fusilly gn. Crest — A cross-crosslet
fitchee gu., between two wings displayed arg. Motto — In cruce

iSeai— Clifton Hall, near Tamworth, co. Stafford.


PxEMONT, John, Esq. of The Grove, Surrey, I.
24 June, 1818 ; m. 19 Oct. 1843, Ann Isabella, dau.
of Thomas Lupton, Esq. of Leeds, by Isabella, his
wife, only dau. of William Bingley, of Leathley
Hall, CO. York ; and has had issue,

I. Vincent Conway, 6. 2 April 1845.

II. Oswald Conway, b. 6 May 1846, m. 20 April 1876, Emily
Agnes, dau. of Charles Hammond, Esq. of Newmarket,
Banker, and has issue, Edgar Charles Hammond, 6. 8
Feb. 1877.

III. Edgar Conway, M.A., Clerk in IIolv Orders, 5. 18 July
1848 ; d. 4 Oct. 1875.

IV. Gerald Wilfrid John, b. 15 June 1857.

,. Reginald Vavasour, 6. 1 Aug. 1859 ; d. 7 Feb. 1892.

I. Annette Isabelle Conway.

II. Amy Conway, d. 12 May 1861.

III. Rosamonde Ursula. iv. Pauline Alice Claude.
V. Gertrude Amelia Keeling, m. 7 Sept. 1889, Charles Henry

2ud son of the Rev. Edwin Crane.

Mr. Pyemonfc assumed, by royal licence dated 28
Jan. 1853, for himself and his issue, the surname
of Pye.mont, in lieu of his patronymic of Smith,
on the conveyance to him of certain lands by his
cousin, Samuel Pymont, Esq.

Lineage. — The family of Pyemont had been settled at
Wakefield at an early period. The pedigrees in the Harleian
MSS. record seven generations unintenaiptedly from father to
son at that place, commencing with Alexander Pyemont of
Wakefield, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Fleming, and was
father of Edmond Pyemont, whose son, Gregoric Pyemont, of
Wakefield, was father of Anthony Pyemont, who vi. Ursula,
dau. of John Vavasour, of Weston, and had a son,

Robert Pyemont, of Wakefield, who by Jane Maude, of
Bramham, his wife, had three sons, i. Robert, of Wakefield,
II. Richard, in. Edward, of whom we treat. The youngest

The Rev. Edward Pyemont, who was appointed Vicar of
Laughton-en-le-Morthen, 18 June, 1519, left by Margaret his
wife, a son,

The Rev. Edmund Pyemont, instituted Vicar of Batley, 17
July 1539, and to the Vicarage of South Kirkby, 1550. He
had two sons, Thomas, of Normanton, co. York, and Peter,
of whose line we treat. The younger son,

Peter Pyemont, of ShcfileUl, by his wife Agnes Jane,
(whom he m. 19 Jan. 1566) was father of

Thomas Pyemont, of Wakefield, who d. 23 April, 1646,
leaving two sons, John and Robert of Bolton-on-Dearne, wlio
d. 28 Aug. 1652, having had (with three daus. Frances, m.
15 May, 1632, John Gill, Margaret, to. 19 June, 1638, William
Wilson, and Mary, m. 8 Nov. 1655, William Frith), one son,
Richard of Bolton-on-Dearne, m. 1st, 3 Oct. 1654, Dorothy
Sykes, and 2ndly, 3 Dec. 1603, Margaret Hall. The elder son,

John Pyemont, of Wakefield, purchased Chester House at
Heath-cum-Wakefield, and d. Jan. 1659, having had issue, by
Elizabeth his wife, three sons and two daus. The eldest son,

John Pyejiiont, of Heath, m. 27 July, 1654, Annis, dau. of
Wilfrid Armitage, of Little Liversedge, son of R. Armitage,
of Gomersal, and d. 1700, having had issue,

I. Richard, of Leeds, bapt. 1 Jan. 1056, m. 25 April, 1689,
Anne, dau. of John Clifton, of Moor Green, and d. 1730,
having had, with other i.ssue who d. young, John, d. unm.,
and Mary, to. Michael Leah, of Leeds.

II. John, of whom presently.

III. Wilfrid, bapt. 7 June, 1668, secretary to Thomas, Bishop
of St. Davids, d. s. p.

I. Elizabeth, m. Joseph Pease, of Leeds.

II. Susannah, ra. William Clifton, of Hanghton.

III. Sarah, m. William Hodgson, of Chapel Allerton, near

The 2nd son,

John Pyemont, of Lofthouse, co. Y'ork, bapt. 1 Jan. 1658,
inherited the Lofthouse estate on the death of his relative,
William Lyley, 6 Nov. 1685, m. 13 May, 1686, Anne, dau. of —
Bowyer, Esq., and had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Wilfred, Chaplain to the Earl of Westmorland, and Rec-
tor of Kingscliffe, co. Northampton, 6.1689; rf.20 June, 1759.

HI. William, of Carlton, co. York, d. i.jim. 26 Jan. 1707.

IV. Joshua, of Thornby, (/. unm.

I. Susanna, to. George Bennet, of Thornby.
The eldest son,

John Pyemont, Esq. of Lofthouse, bapt. 30 March, 1687,
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Xaylor, of Wakefield, and d.
1748, having had issue. His eldest son,

John Pyemont, Esq. of Lofthouse, b. 1713, m. 22 Dec. 1737,
Anne, dau. of Richard Keeling, of Rothwell, by Elizabeth his
wife, dau. of Abraham Greenwood, of Dewsbury, and d. 17
June, 1783, having had, with other issue who d. young or

I. George, of whose line we treat.

II. Samuel, Rector of Linwood, co. Lincoln, b. 20 Oct. 1759,
m. 10 June, 1789, Susanna, dau. of Jeremiah Scholefield, of
Sturton Hall, co. York, by Susannah his wife, dau. of
Richard Keeling, of Rnthwell, and d. 1 Feb. 1827, having
had by her (whod. 30 July, 1b20),

I. Samuel, b. 16 April, 1797, who, by deed dated 6 Jan.
1853, conveyed to his cousin, John Smith, of Leeds,
certain lands, conditionally on his assnming the surname
of Pyemont.





2. Jorcmiah. b. 2 Julv, 1S03.

3. John, ti. 31 May, l^oe.

1. Annis Keelins.

2. tlizabeth, m. 1S26, Rev. Woodtliorpe Collet, of Henley
Hall, Ipswich.

3. Laetitia. »

I. Elizabeth, m. July, 1771, UioharJ Ambler, of Wakefield,
and </. ISOS.

The eldest son,

George Tyemont, Esq. of Taushelf, Pontcfract, b. 5 May,
175t), m. 25 March, 1790, Amelia, dan. of Selward Sandars. of
I'ontefract. and (/. S Oct. 1833, having by her (who d. 22 Oct.
ISo.i) had issue,

John, d. youns.

LKtitia, i)i. 31 Aug. 1S16, Thomas Smith Wilson, of Methley,
CO. York.

Amelia, of whom we treat.
The youngest dau.,

Amelia I'temont, b. 28 Xov. 170."i, r,t. £0 March, 1815,
Samuel Smith, Esq. of Leeds, Surgeon to the Leeds General
Infirmary (3id son of George Smith of Leeds, banker) and d.
27 Dec. 1866, leaving issue,

I. George Pyemont. of Leeds, M.D., b. 30 Oct. 1816 ; m. 19
July, 1842, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of llev. James Landon,
Vicar of Aberford, co. York, d. 5 May, 1882.

II. John, now of The Grove.

III. Samuel, D.D. in Holy Orders, Vicar of Whitwick, co.
Leicester, b. 12 May, 1820: m. 25 Sept. 1841. Frances Anne,
dau. of Thomas Oxley, Esq. M.U., of Pontefract, d. 14
March, 1875.

IT. Frederick, b. 12 Oct. 1824 ; d. 12 Oct. 1846.

I. Amelia, d. 10 Nov. 1857.

II. Emma Sophia, d. 19 March, 1839.
Mr. Smith d. 19 Nov. 1867.

&a£— The Grove, Epsom, Surrey.


(>bVc ]N'OTT.)


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