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14 June, 1853.

William Floyde Champernoune Wadham, b. 23 Jan.
Anne Grace Admonition, deceased.
Margaret Jane.

3 Copleston, Comm. E.N., b. 23 April, 1785: killed in
1814, in boarding an American schooner at Fort Erie, in
A'orth America.

1 Sarah Anne, deceased.

2 Admonition Peter, deceased.

3 Gertrude Joanna, deceased.

I. Jane, «i. 1761, Eev. John Foote, and d. 1770.

II. Joanna, ru. Eichard Stone, Esq., and d. 1792.

III. Mary, m. Aaron Eamsay, Esq, of Dunsborough, Devon,
andi^. 1804.

Eev. Walter Eadcliffe, of Warleigh, Devon, J. P., b. 13
April, 1779 (grandson of Walter and Admonition Eadcliffe),
Id. 1 Feb. 1812, Abby Emma, dau. of Abraham Franco, Esq. of
Clapham, Surrey (by Esther his wife, sister of SirM. M. Lopes,
3rd Bart, of Maristow), and had issue by her (who d. F'eb.

Walter Copleston, his heir.

Copleston Lopes, late of Derriford, near Plymouth, b. 26
April, 1818 ; m. 31 Oct. 1850t Elizabeth Charlotte, widow of
Capt. W. B. Knipe, and dau. of Frind Ciegoe Colinore, Esq.
of 3Ioor End, co. Gloucester, and d. 5 Dec. 1884, leaving
issue, 1 Pollexfen Colmore, b. 30 May, 1855, Karrister-
at-Law ; 2 Ernest Copk-ston, 0. 13 Dec. 1858; 1 Edith
Laiu-a, m. 7 July, 1881, Arthur Williamson Pollock, Esq.,
only son of the late Major W. P. Pollock, and has issue,
John Alsager, 0. 3 April, 1882, and Mary Katharine
Alsager; 2 Amy Cliarlotte.

William Pollexfen, C.B., Lieut.-Gen., late Col. 20th Eegt.,
served in the Crimea with 20th Foot, Knt. of Medjidie, in
Indian Mutiny, Inspector-General of Musketry at Hythe
1873-77. b. 2 Dec. 1822; m. 1 Sept. 1870, Isabella Eliza,
dau. of Hon. Peter Boyle de Blaquiere, and has a son, Percy
Pollexfen de Blaquiere, b. 9 Feb. 1874.
Sarah Lydia, m. 24 July, 1838, Edward Archer, Esq. of
Trelaske, Cornwall (see Archer of Trekake).
Charlotte Hester, m. 3 Oct. 1850, Eev. Samuel Harward
Archer, Eector of Trowleigh, Devon, and d. 1884, lea. ing
Emma Admonition, m. 6 May, 1845, Rev. John HaU Parlby,
of Manadon, Devon (see Parlbt of Manadon).
He d. 16 April, 18G7, and was s. by his son,

Walter Copleston Radcllffe, Esq. of Warleigh, J.P.,
b. 1 June, 1815; m. 28 Sept. 1848, Charlotte Hannah, dau. of
Ker. Eichard EUicombe, Eector of Alphington, Devon, and (/.
12 Aug. 1876, leasing issue,

I. Jasper Walter, 6. 1849; d. in France 1850.

II. Walter John, present representative.
in. Frank Carew, b. 1860.

IV. Charles Amyas, Lieut. R.N., 6. 1861, m. Goorgina. 3rd
dau. of George Gibson, Esq. of Edinburgh, and has issue.

V. Jasper Fitzgerald, 6. 1867, Lieut. Devon Eegt.
I- Annie Emma.

II. Mary Swete Admonition, m. Leyson Rees Mogg, Esq., and
lias issue.

III. Berlha Gertrude, m. 1877, Rev. William Hippisley, and
has issue.

IV. Ella Maud, in. Raymond B. Williams, Esq., 13th Somer-
set Light Infantry, and has issue.

V. Flora Jane, m. 1892, Capt. Edward Tawny, U.A.

His widow is the present occupier of Warleigh, which at he
death will devolve on her eldest son.

Anns — Arg., a bend engrailed sa., a canton of the second
charged with a horse's head of the first. C'rext—On a mural
crown or, a bull's head sa., horned or. Motto— C'MtnTis mujoi-
qui melior.

Seo.t — Warleigh, near Plymouth.


Eadcltffe, Charles James, Esq. of Foxdentoa
Hall, CO. Lancaster, and The Hyde, co. Dorset,
High Sheriff 1885, b. 21 Dec. 18:W; m. 4 April,
187-, Blanche, 2nd dau. of Col. .Sulivan, lute olh
Laucers, and has issue,

I. Charles Robert Eustace, b. 15 Jan. 1873.

II. Ea3'mond Augustus Edward, 6. 16 Jan. 1878,

III. Montague Frederick, 6. 9 Dec. IbbS.

IV. Ralph Arthur, b. 9 Nov. 1890.

I. Evelyn Blanche. ii. Violet.

III. Lilian Grace. iv. Margaret.

V. Rosamund Muriel.

Lineage.— The family of Eadclyffe, one of decidedly-
Saxon origin, took its name, circa 1279, from the village oi
Eadcliffe, near Bury, in co. Lancaster.

Richard de Eadclyffe, of Eadclyffe Tower, co. Lancaster,
Seneschal and Minister of tlie Forests of Blackburnsliiie,
accompanied King Edward I. in his wars in Scotland, anil
received from that Prince, 32nd year of his reign, a grant of
a charter of free warren and free chase in all bis demesne
lands of Eadclyffe, &e. He ni. a dau. of lioteler, of Bewsey,
Baron of Warrington, and had issue, i. Eobert of Eadclyffe
Tower, ancestor of the 'RABci.'iFrEs of Sinithills ; ii. William,
of Coleeth and Edgworth, and afterwards of Eadclyffe Tower,
usually styled the "Great William," ancestor of the Rad-
CLYFFEs of RadcUffe Tower, and of the Eadcliffes, Barons Fitz-
walter and Earls of Sussex ; in. John (Sir), of whom imme-
diately. The 3rd son.

Sir John Eadclyffe, Knt. of Ordshall, co. Lancaster, repre-
sented that CO. in Parliament 14 Edward 111., and served
under the same monarch in his French wars, partieijjating in
the sieges of Caen, Cressy, Calais. His great-gicat-great-

William Eadclyffe, Esq. of Ordshall (son of Alexander
Radclyffe, of Ordshall, by Agnes his wife, dau. of Sir Willianb
Harington, of Hornby Castle, and great grandson of Sir John
Radclyffe, Knt. of Ordshall, whose wife was Margaret, dau. of
Sir Henry Trafford, of Trafl'ord), r,i. Jane, dau. of Sir Edmund
Trafford, Knt. of Trafford, and by her (who m. 2ndly, James
Byron, of Clayton, and 3rdly, Talbot, of Salesbury) had issue.
William Eadclyffe d. 15 May, 13 Henry VII., and was s. by
the eldest son of his son, John (by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of
Sir William Brereton, of Brereton), his grandson,

SiK Alexander Eadclyffe, Knt. of Ordshall, High Sheriff"
of Lancashire, 1547, m. AUce, dau. of Sir John Booth, Knt. of
Barton, in co. Lancaster, and had four sons and three daus., i.
Anne, m. Sir Edmund Trafford, Knt. oi Trafford; ii. Elizabeth,
TO. John Atherton, Esq. of Atherton, in Lancashire; and in.
Eleanor, m. Sir Eichard Molincux, Knt. of Sefton. Sir
Alexander d. 1548, aged 72, and was s. by his son,

Sir Willlau Eadclyffe, Knt. of Ordshall, on whom and
the heirs male of his body, &c., were settled the FitzWalter
estates, on failure of divers remaimiers mentioned in the will
of Heni-y Eadclyffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex. He had issue by liis
1st wife, Margaret, dau. of Sir Edmund Trafford, three sons
and three daus., i. Alexander (Sir), Knt. of Ordshall, d. s. jj.
26 Sept. 1568 ; ii. John (Sir;, successor to his father ; iii.
Eichard of Newcroft, Lancashire ; i. Ahce, m. Francis Tunstal,
Esq. of Thurgoland Castle ; n. Ellen, 'la. Edward Standish,
Esq. of St;iudish. Sir William d. 12 Oct. 15G8, and was *. by
his sou.





SiK John Radclyffe, Knt. of Ordshall. He m. Anne, only
dau. and heir of Thomas Ashawe, Esq. of the Hall-on-the-Hill,
in High Charnock, co. Lancaster, and had issue, five sons,
Alexander, his heir; William, slain in the Irish wars; John,
successor to his eldest brother ; Edmund, slain in battle in
Flanders ; and Thomas, who was killed at the same time : and
four daus., Margaret, favourite Maid of Honour to Queen
Klizabeth, d. of grief for the loss of her brothers ; Jane, wife
©f Sir Ralph Constable, Knt. ; Anna, d. unm. ; and Alice, d.
ainm. Sir John d. 15S9. His eldest son,

Sia Alexander Radclyffe, Knt. of Ordshall, bapt. 20 Jan.
1573, unm., was slain in Ireland 1599, when he was s. by his

Sir John Radcltffe, Knt. of Ordshall, bapt. 24 Feb. 1581,
j)i. Alice, eldest dau. of Sir John Byron, Knt. of Xewstead,
CO. Notts, and had issue, Alexander (Sir), his heir; Mary, m.
1st, Sir John Stanhope, Knt. of Elvaston, co. Derby, and
■Jndly, Sir John Gell, Bart, of Hopton ; Alicia; and Anna,
i>. liJ65. Sir John was slain in the island of Rhe, 29 Oct. 1627,
and was s. by his son,

Sir Alexander Radclyffe, of Ordshall, K.B., 5. 27 April,
1608 ; m. Jane Radclyffe, dau. of Robert Radclyffe, 5th Earl of
Susses, K.G., and had, with tive daus., sis sons. The 6th
and youngest son,

RoDEKT Radclyffe, Esq. of Withenshaw, 5. at Attleborough
J 650, Capt. in the Duke of Monmouth's Regt. in the service of
the King of Spain, tn. 27 Feb. 1676, Anne, only surviving dau.
and heir of Rowland Eyre, Esq. of Bradway, co. Derby, and
widow of AVilliam Tatton. Esq. of Withenshaw, co. Chester,
hy whom he had issue, wilh two daus., who d. imm., two sons,
I. Alexander, his heir; ii. Edward, Fellow of All Souls' Coll.
Oxford, bapt. I Dec. 1685, )7i. Mary, dau. of Edward Warren,
Esq. of Poynton, co. Chester, but d. s. j). His widow m. Rev.
Thomas Uakin. Mr. Radclyffe was killed in a duel 20 Feb.
1685. His eldest son,

Alexander Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton, bapt. 17 Jan.
J677, became seised of the Foxdenton estates by virtue of the
wills of his cousins, Jlrs. Mary Byron and Mrs. Susan Potter,
the daus. of William Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton, the son of
Jiichard of Kewcroft. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Bag-
j-hawe, Esq. ol Litton and Hicklow, co. Derby, and by her,
"ho d. 1735, left a dau. Mary, m. Rev. Samuel Sidebottom,
M.A., Rector of Middleton, co. Lancaster, and an elder son,

Robert Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton, bapt. 31 March,
8708; m. 20 May, 1731, Margaret, only dau. and heir of Adam
Bagshawe, Esq. of Wormhill, co. Derby, and by her, who d. 16
^'ov. 1786, left at his decease, 12 April, 1749 (with four daus.,
who all d. unm. except the eldest, Eleanor, wife of Bazerial
Eurges, Esq. of Liverpool), a son,

Robert Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton, bapt. 25 May, 1737,
m. 11 Aug. 1772, his cousin, Frances, 3rd dau. of Rev. Samuel
.■Sidebottom, M.A., Rector of Middleton, aud had by her (who
<ji. 1819) one son and three daus.,

Robert, his heir.

Frances, d. young.

Margaret, m. 3 Uec. 1S05, Rev. Peter Richard Eideout, of

Hookswood, Dorset.
Mary, m. Capt. Tremlett, R.N.

Sir. Radclyffe d. at Bath, 18 Dec. 1783, and was s. by his son,

Uobert Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton Hall, co. Lancaster,
lUiih Sheriff of Dorset lsl2, b. 14 April, 1773; m. 14 April,
i796, Mary, 5th dau. of Thomas Patten, Esq. of Bank, near
UVarrington, and had issue by her (who d. 22 Sept. 1845),

Robert, 6. 23 Oct. 1798; m. 1827, Agnes, dau. of Rev. J.

Sill, and d. 1838, leaving a dau. Agnes Mary.
Charles James, his heir.
AVilliam Frederick (Rev.), Rector of Tarrant Rushton and

Tarrant Rawston, Dorset, b. 8 Nov. Is06, and d,. 8 June,

Mary (deceased), m. 1827, William Ilallett, Esq. of Candys,

Hants, and by him (who is deceased) had i.ssue, two sons,

William (Rev.), George KeiT, and one dau. Mrs. Stough-

Dorothea, m. 1849, Rev. William Atthill, M.A. of Brandiston

Hall, Norfolk.
Frances, m. 1844, Sir William M. Smith-Marriott, Bart.
Emma Elizabeth, -hi. Rev. William HeffiU, Vicar of Ashton,

CO. Lancaster, and d. 8 Dec. 1880.
Amelia, m. Rev. W. K. Bateson, of Godley, near Manchester,

and d. 8 Nov. 1880.
Julia, rn. 1841, Rev. L. C. Davies, and d. 1842, leaving one

dau., m. Herbert Vaughan, Esq., and has issue, three sons

and a dau.

Wr. Radclyffe d. 2S March, 1854, and was s. by his 2nd son,

Charles James Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton Hall, co.
?,anca.<ter, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Dorset, 1856, b. 8
Aov. 1804, m. 1 July, 1835, Anne Maria, only dau. and heir of

Robert Lillington, Esq. of Stockley, co. Dorset, andby her(who
d. 22 July, 1854) had issue,

I. Charles James, now of Foxdenton.

II. William Frederick, b. 1 April, 1841 ; m. 17 Sept. 1863,
Edith, 3rd dau. of Col. Sulivan, late 5th Lancers, and has
issue, Charles Percy Frederick, b. 25 Oct. 1870 ; Maurice
William, b. 2 Oct. 1880; and Emily Florence.

I. Anna Maria Jane. m. 6 April, 1869, Alexander Walde-
grave Park, Esq., who d. IS July. 1878. She d. 9 Aug. 1890,
leaving issue, two sons and one dau.

II. Julia Frances, m. 1861, John Bosworth Smith-Marriot,
Esq., and has Issue.

III. Mary, ?«. 1884, Rev. Pereival B. Talbot, and d. 1887,
leaving issue, one son.

Mr. Radclyffe d. 12 June, 1882, and was s. by his eldest son,
the present Charles James Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton

A7-ms — Arg., two bends engrailed sa,, a label of three points
gu. Crest — A bull's head erased sa., ducally gorged and chained
or. Motto — Caen, Cressy, Calais.

Seats — Hyde Manor, Wareham, Dorset, and Foxdenton Hall,


Eadclyffe, Charles Edward, Esq. of Little
Park, Hants, J. P. educated at Eton and Christ-
churcli, Oxford, b. Feb. 1834, m. July, 1860, Con-
stance A]buera,dau. of Lient -Col. Hardress Eoberts
Saunderson, late Grenadier Guards, of Nortbbrook
House, Hants (see Sauxderson of Cattle Saunder-
son), and Lady Maria Anne Luttrcll-Olmius bis
wife, dau. and co-lieir, of Jobu Luttrell, 3rd and
last Earl of Carliampton {see Bueke's Extinct
Peerage), and has issue,

I. Charles Edward, Lieut. Rifle Brigade, 6. 24 Dec. 1864.

I. Constance Laura Maria.

II. Cecilia Albuera Frances, m. 1893, Edward Winter Purdon,
Esq., eldest son of G. N. Purdon, Esq. of Lisnabin.

Lineage.— Col. Radclyffe, 1st Royal Dragoons, Inspector
of Cavalry, m. Mary Crockett, and had a son.

Rev. Charles Radclyffe, m. 1832, Laura Margaret, dau.
of Rev. William Garnicr, M.A., Prebendary of AVorcester, and
Lady Harriet his wife, dau. of the Hon. and Right Rev. Brown-
low North, Bishop of W'inchester, and sister of 6th Earl of
Guilford (see Burke's Peerage), and d. 1862, leaving a son,

Charles Edward Radclyffe, Esq. of Little Park.

Seat — Little Park, Wickham, Hants.


Eadford, Arthue, Esq. of Smalley Hall, co.
Derby, B.A. Pembroke Coll. Oxon, J. P. for co.
Derby, late Cajjt. Derbyshire Yeomanry Cavalry, b.
9 May, 1848 ; s. his father 1866 ; m. 27 Aug. 1874,
Henrietta Maria, youngest dau. of Francis Hurt,
Esq. of Alderwasley, co. Derby, by Cecilia Emily
Norman his -nife, granddau. of Charles, 4th Duke
of Eutland, and has issue,

I. John, b. 20 Aug. 1877.

II. Evelyne Vaughan, 6.1875.

Lineagre. — This branch of the family of Radford has
been seated in the co. of Derby for a very considerable period,
and is supposed to have been a younger branch of Radford of
Radford, Notts.

Thomas Radford, Esq. of Stanley, co. Derby, was twice
married. By his 1st wife, Elizabeth, he had issue, a son, John,
his successor, and a dau. Elizabeth, who d. young, 12 Feb.
1732. Mr. Radford d. 15 June, 1755, and was s. by his only

John Radford, Esq. of Stanley, vi. Rachel, dau. and co-heir
of John Hieron, Esq. of Little Eaton, and great-granddau. of
Rev. John Hieron, of Christ's Coll. Camb., Rector of Breadsall,
near Derby, a Nonconformist divine of celebrity, and author
of divers theological works, and had issue, i. John, his heir ;
I. Elizabeth ; ii. Martha, m. Rev. Goddard, M.A., of Catht-
rine Hall, Camb. ; iii. Rachel. Mr. Radford d. 18 April, 17SS.
His only son,

John Radford, Esq. of Smalley Hall, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 17S4, m. 1776, Theophila, dau. and heir of Alexander
Vaughan, Esq. of Kington, co. Hereford, descended from tho





Tery ancient family, of Vacghan of Hcngwrt Court,"* and by
licr (who d. 1822) had issue,

I. John, his heir, of Smalley Hall.

II. Alexander, ni. Augusta, only dan. of William Church
Xorcop, Esq. of Betton Hall, Salop, and had issue,

1 Alexander William Eaiifokd Korcop, Esq., of
Betton Hall, co. Salop, h. 1800 ; m. 1832, Miss Mary
Beresford. and by her (who d. 1875) had issue, Alexander
William, formerly of Pembroke Coll. Oxford, late Capt.
Stafford Militia, b. 1835.

1 Louisa Ann, ra. Henry Justice, Esq. of Hinstock, Salop.
He d. 10 Dec. 1852, aged 73.

III. William, Lieut. R.N., m. Ann Weaver, of Hereford,
who is deceased.

IV. Samuel Eichardson.

V. Thomas, of Carnfield Hall, co. Derby, J.P., &. 16 Aug.
1783; m. 16 Sept. 1829, Isabella, dau. and heir of Joseph
Wilson, Esq. of Carntield Hall, and by her (.who d. 1854)
has issue,

1 Vaughan Hobbs, 6. 2 Dec. 1831.

2 Raymond Wilson, 6. 15 Nov. 1836.

3 Thomas Lawrence, h. 25 April, 1838.

I Elizabeth Isabella. 2 Maria Sarah, deceased.

3 Lucy Eichardson.

VI. Edward, of Tansley Wood, co. Derby, J.P. andD L., h.
26 July, 1788 ; m. 14 Dec. 1S20, Eliza Diana, youngest dau.
of Childers Walbanke Childers, Esq. of Cantley Hall, co.
York, and d. 1872, having had issue,

1 Childers Charles (Tansley Wood, Matlock), J.P. for
CO. Derby, late Capt. Derby Veomanry, b. 1828; ?«. 1855,
Mary Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Major James Hurt, of
Wirksworth, by his wife, Mary Margaret, dau. of Thomas
AVebb Edge, of Strelley, Notts.

1 Selina, m. John Walbanke Childers, Esq. of Cantley Hall,

2 Harriett Theophila, d. 1849.

3 Anna Eliza, m. 1849, Edward Thompson, Esq., late
Capt. 95th Eegt., 2nd son of Eev. Eobert Thompson,
Vicar of Askham Bryan and Myton.

VII. Henry, m. Miss Freer, of Atherstone, co. Warwick, and
has issue,

1 Henry, Vicar of Broughton Astley, co. Leicester

2 Vaughan (deceased).

3 Frederick, Capt. 1st Dragoons.

1 Augusta. 2 Cnarlotte.

I. Frances Theophila. ii. Martha, rf. 1825.

III. Anne, m. Eev. John Blanchard, of Middleton Rectory,
near Beverley, co. York.

IV. Elizabeth.

Mr. Eadford d. April, 1834. His eldest son,

John Eadford, Esq. of Smalley Hall, J.P. and D.L.. m.
April, 1836, Mary Buttle, dau. and co-heir of James Dowker,
Esq. of North Dalton, co. York, and had issue,

John, Lieut. 1st Derby Militia, d. 1855, aged 18.

Artucr, now of Smalley Hall.

Constance Mary, 711. April, 18G8, Eev. Robert William
Burnaby, Rector of East Cowes, Isle of Wight, and has
issue, Eobert Beaumont, Lucy Dyott, and Mary Cecilia.

Alice Marion, m. Sept. 1876, James N. Hurt, late Lieut.
E.N., and has issue, Walter James, and Constance Cecilia.
Mr. Radford d. 29 March, 1866.

Arms — Gu., a fesse vaire between two chevrons of the second.
Crest — A partridge, holding a wheat-ear in its beak ppr. Motto
— Possunt quia posse videntur.

*'<:a(s— SmaUey Hall, Derby ; and Meadfoot Rock, Torquay,

Eapfies, Eev. Thomas Stamford, heir male
and representative of Sir Thomas Stamford Eaffles,
Lieut.-Goveriior of Java, M.A. Cantab., Eector of
Langham, co. Essex, formerly Eector of Owmby,
CO. Lincoln, h. 11 July, 1853 ; m. 6 Nov. 1884,
Cecil Helen, 2nd dau. of Col. Lovett, of Eelmont,
CO. Salop, and has issue,

Stamford Cecil, 6. 2 Aug. 1885.
Reginald Lovett Stamford, h. 7 Dec. I8S8.

liineag'e. — The name of Raffles frequently occurs in
the oldest registers of Beverley, in co. York, both in those of

* The Vaughans of Hengwrt Court are one of the oldest
families in Wales, and have royal descents, by the marriage of
Watkin Vaughan, of Hengwrt, with Sibilla, dau. of Sir James
Baskerville, of Erdesley, and also by the m-irriage of James
Vaughan, eldest son of the above-mentioned Watkin Vaughan,
Mith the dau. of Sir Edward Croft, of Croft Castle.

the Minster and St. Mary's Church, from -which it appeal!^
that three centuries ago the ancestors of this family resided
there. One of them John Eaffles, it is recorded d. during
his mayoralty in that borough, a.d. 1583. From Beverley the
family removed early in the 17th century to Bcrwick-on-
Twced, and thence to London. In that city, a descendant of
the Beverley line,

Thomas Eaffles, held an office in the Prerogative OfBce,
Doctor's Commons. He d. 1784, having m. twice. By his 1st
w ife he had (with other children who d. unm. or «. p.) a son,

Benjamin, of whom presently.
By his 2nd wife, he had two sons and a dau., viz.,
John, m. Elizabeth Hare, and d. at Stourport, leaving an
only dau. Caroline Matilda, in. 1st, William Mills, Esq. of
Frocester House, near Stroud, and 2iidly, James Harmar,
Esq. of Bewdley ; she d. IH Sept. 1852.
William, d. 9 Nov. 1825, having m. Eachcl, dau. of EicharcJ
Dunsby, Esq. of Wells, and had by her (who d. 16 July,
1832) one son and one dau.,

Thomas, D.D., LL.D., late representative of the family.
Mary Jane, r,i. James Baldwin Brown, Esq., LL.D., Bar-
rister-at-Law, d. 23 Nov. 1843, leaving issue. She d.
8 Feb. 1858.
Elizabeth, ?/i. William Carter, Esq. of Jamaica, deceased.
The eldest son,

Benjamin Eaffles, Esq., Capt. of a West Indiaman, 711.
Anne Lyde, sister of the Rev. John Lindeman, Eector of Eatoii
Bishop, and had one son and three daus.,
Thomas Stamford, his heir.
Harriet, m. Thomas Hrown, Esq. of Hampstead.
Leonora, in. 1st, Billington Loftie, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., and
2ndly, Thomas C. Brown, M.D., H.E.I.C.S.
Mary Anne, in. 1st, 1805, Quintin Dick Thompson, Esq.,
and had by him,
Acheson Quintin Dick Thompson, of Annavema, co.
Louth, b. 1806 ; r,i. 1837, Isabella, dau. of Kev. Dodgson
Madden, and had issue.

Charlotta Eaffles Drury, m. 24 March, 1835, Charles
Knox, 4th Earl Castlestuart, whod. 12 Sept. 1874, leaving
Mrs. Thompson in. 2ndly, William Flint, Esq., Capt.
E.N., deceased, brother of Sir Charles Flint, and by him
left at her decease, 1837, one son and one dau.,
William Charles Eaffles Flint (Rev.), b. 1819; m. 1845,
Jane (deceased), dau. of the late Major-Gen. Mudge,
andd. 29 Aug. 1884.
Mary Anne Sophia Flint, deceased.
The only son.

Sir Thomas Stamford Baffles, Knt. of High Wood,
Middlesex, F.E.S., F.A.S., &c., was b. at sea, off Jamaica, 5
July, 1781. This very eminent man was appointed, 1810, Lieut. -
Governor of the Island of Java, and in 1817, the year after his
return, he published his History of Java, received the honour
of knighthood, and was appointed Eesident at Bencoolen, in
Sumatra, and Lieut.-Governor of Fort Marlborough. During
his residency at Bencoolen, Sir Stamford was authorized by the
Marquess of Hastings, then Governor-Gen. of India, to found a
new colony for the protection of British commerce in the Asiatic
seas. The spot he selected for this purpose was Singapore, at
the mouth of the Straits of Malacca, and the subsequent pros-
perity of the settlement attests the judgment and ability dis-
played in its estaWishment. He finally returned to England,
and retiring to an estate he had purchased at High Wood, near
Hendon, d. there 4 July, 1826. Sir Stamford rn. 1st, Olivia
Mariamne, widow of W. Fancourt, Esq., and 2ndly, Sophia,
dau. of J. Watson Hull, Esq., by the latter of whom (who
d. 1859) he left an only child to survive him, Ella Sophia,
who d. unm. 5 May, 1841. At Sir Stamford's decease, his

Eev. Thomas Eaffles, D.D., LL.D., F.Z.S., Hon. Member
of the Literary and Philosophical Society of New York, &c.,
became the male representative of the family. He was b. 17
May, 1788; rn. 18 April, 1815, Mary Catherine, dau. and
eventual heir of James Hargreaves, Esq. of Liverpool, and by
her (who d. 17 May, 1843) had issue,
Thomas Stamford, his heir.
James Hargreaves, b. 2 Feb. 1826; m. and d.s.p. 14 Jan.

AVjUiam Winter, b. 20 July, 1830; m. 15 Feb. J8.'=5, Jaire,
only child of the late Eobert Blanchard, Esq., and has issue,
Robert Blanchard, M.A. Cantab, 6. 24 Nov. 1857; Winter
Hargreaves, b. 4 Sept. 1862 ; Ellen Maud Mary ; Frances
Jane; Beatrice Helena, m. 17 Deo. 1885, John Henry, 2nd
son of Emil Springmann, Esq. of Drachanfels, Liverpool ;
Alice Gertrude; Adeline Jenny Lind ; Ernestine Hilda,
d. 17 Sept. 1873.
Mary Eachel, m. 19 Aug. 1838, Samuel Marshall Bulley,
Esq. of New Brighton, co. Chester, who d. 17 March,
1880. She d. Dec. 1887. <■ - . •





Dr. Baffles, a very eloquent and. distingiusheil (3uinc,(i. 18
Aug. 1863. His eldest son,

Thomas Stamford IvArpLES, Esq. of Liverpool, Barrister-at-
1-.1W, Police M.-»cistratc for the City of Liverpool, i. 18 Sept.
1818 ; m. 20 Sept. 1843, Maria, elder surviving dau. of Edward
Cearns Esq., jun., of Liverpool, and had issue,

I. Thomas Stamford, present representative.

I. JIarie Annie, a. 21> May, 18."i3.

II. Ada Mary, m. 5 June, 1873, Edward Ilesketh Formby,

in. Evelyn. iv. Constance Maria.

Mr. Eatflescf. 'J 3 Jan. 1801.

Arms — Erm., an eagle wiih two heads displayed gu., charged
on the breast with an Eastern crown or, a chief vert, thereon a
cro?scrosslet fitehee of the third. Ci-est — Out of an Eastern
crown or, a grifSn's head purpuic, beaked and gorged with a
collar genielle or, a cross- crosslet in the mouth. Motto — In
cnice triuniphans.

Kesidcnce — LangUam Eectory, Colchester.


Eaikes, Eobeet Napiek, Esq. of Bennington,
Slevcnuge, Herts, Lieut. -Gen. Eengal Staff Corps,
■i. 13 Oct. 1813 ; m. 25 Scjit. 1854, Harriettc, dau.
of Major Beckett, of the Bengal Army, and has

I. KoBERT Haig Xapier, b. 2 April, 18C1.
u. Herbert William Napier, 6. 1 June, I8i).").
in. Reginald Durie Napier, 6. 28 Jan. 1871.
IV. Cyril Probyn Napier, b. 12 Nov. 1875.

I. Mabel, b. 25 Sept. 18(33.

II. Ethel Florence, 6. 5 Aug. 1872.

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