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he had two sons, William and Alexander. The elder,

William Leslie, who got from his father the Kemmels of
Durno, &c., m. 1st, a d.^u. of William Rowan, burgess of Aber-
c^een, by whom he had an only son, John, slain at the battle
cf Pinkie, 1547. He m. 2ndly, 1518, Janet Cruickshank,
heiress of Warthill, she being only surviving child of John,
son of Andrew Cruickshank, of Tillymorgan. By this lady
he is reported to have had tw^enty-one children. The youngest
dau., Elizabeth, was m. to Andrew Lyall of Middlehill, and
at her wedding all the children danced together in the " Ha'
of Warthill," along with both parents, who were then hale
and strong. This 1st Laird of Warthill d. 1561, and was s. by
his son,

Stephen Leslie. 2nd Laird of Warthill, m. 1st, Margaret,
Leith, of Lickleyhead ; and 2ndly, Bessie Spens, dau. of the
Laird of Boddam. By his 1st wife he had two sons, William,
hisheir; and Alexander, m. Isabel Eunciman, dau. to Sir John
Priest, of Oyne ; al.=;o two daus., Julia, m. John Anderson, son
to William, of Bonnyton ; and Margaret, m. Andrew Edward,
son of William, in Old Eayne. This Stephen, dying in his
DOth year, was s. by his son,

William Leslie, 3rd Laird of Warthill, m. Margaret, dau.
of Gilbert Gray, of Tullo, by whom he had two sons, James,
liis heir, and William, of Folia, of whose line hereafter ; also
two daus., Margaret, the eldest, m. her cousin-genuan, John
Gray, and Beatrix, ru. Gordon, Laird of Tillichoudie. He d.
in his 80th year. The elder son,

James Leslie, 4th Laird of Warthill, to. Beatrix Aber-
crombie. dau. of Walter, Archdeacon of Aberdeen, son of Bir-

kenbog, by whom he had many children— some say twenty,
one. James Leslie d. 1679, after attaining the great age of 105
His eldest son,

William Leslie, 5th Laird of Warthill, ra. Ann Elphin-
stone, dau. of the Laird of Glack, and grand-niece to the cele-
brated Bishop Elphinstone, of Aberdeen, and had by her four
sons, I. Alexander, his heir ; ii. William, Professor of Theo-
logy in the University of Padua, Bishop of Laybach, Metro-
politan of Carniola, and a Prince of the Empire, and Privy
Councillor to His Imperial Majesty; iii. James, Merchant in
Aberdeen, who d. s. p. ; and iv. John, a writer in Edinburgh.
The elder son,

Alexander Leslie, 6th Laird of Warthill, m. 1st, Elizabeth
Gordon, dau. of the Laird of Badenscoth, by whom he had
three sons, George, who d. a youth at College ; John, his
successor; and William, d. unm. He m. 2ndly, Janet Gordon,
dau. of the Laird of Cocklarachie, and sister of Gordon of
Auchintoul, made General in the Muscovite Army by the Czar
Peter the Great ; but she predeceased her husband without
leaving issue. Dying 1721, aged 66, he was s. by his only
surviving son,

John Leslie, 7th Laird of Warthill, m. 1st, Mary Gordon,
dau. of George, Laird of Rothney, who d. «. p. ; and 2ndly,
Margaret, dau. of Patrick Dun, Laird of Tarty, by whom he
had an only son, Alexander, his successor. He d. 15 May,
1747, aged 64. His son and heir,

Alexander Leslie, 8tli Laird of Warthill, vi. 1730, at the
age of 19, Helen, only dau. of George Seton, of Mounic, by his
1st wife, Anne Gibson, dau. of Sir Alexander Gibson, of AdOi-
ston, Mid-Lothian, and had by her six sons and five daus. This
Alexander d. 1764, and his two eldest sons having predeceased
him, he was s. by his 3rd son,

Alexander Leslie, 9th Laird of Warthill, m. Isabel Milne,
dau. of Milne, in Fraserburgh. He d. s. p. 16 Jan. 1799, when
the succession devolved on his nephew,

William Leslie, eldest surviving son of George Leslie, of
Folia (see the Pedigree which follows), and, in right of his
mother, Mary (eldest married dau. of Alexander, 8tli of Wart-
hill), 10th Laird of Warthill.

(^fumilg of ICtsUt of J^olk.

William Leslie, of Folia, 2nd son of William, 3rd of Wart-
hill, was father, by his 1st wife, Marjory, dau. of William
Crichton, brother of the Viscount of Frendraught, of an on]>

James Leslie, 2nd of Folia, whose eldest son, by his l.«t
wife, Isabel, dau. of William Milne, of Monkshill,

Eev. William Leslie, 3rd of Folia, .«. his father 1693,
and having been provided in church living in the co. Ferm.a-
nagh, Ireland, resided there till 1714. He d. unui. Sept. 1722,
aged 71, and was s. by his next brother,

George Leslie, 4th of Folia. He m. Isabel, dau. of William
Cheyne, of Kaitben ; and d. 21 June, 1738, aged 75, leaving a
son and successor,

Eev. William Leslie, 5th of Folia, who d. rtnm. 31 July,
1743, in his 04th year, and was s. by his only brother,

John Leslie, 6tli of Folia. He m. Elizabeth Gordon, dau. of
Hugh, Laird of Cults, by whom he had ten children. George,
the eldest son, alone left any descendants, and he s. to the
property on his father's death, 25 April, 1783, aged 86.

George Leslie, 7th of Folia, having had the lands made
over to him in his f.ather's lifetime, m. 12 June, 1768, Mary,
3rd dau. of Alexander Leslie, 8th of Warthill (/-e/er to previous
Pedigree), by whom he had two sons and one dau.,

William, his heir, b. 1770; d. 1857.
George, who d. unm. 1798, aged 26.

Helen, ni. 1818, Kev. James Innes, Episcopal Minister of
Jleicklefolla, by whom she had one son, James, who d- in
The elder son,

William Leslie, Esq., J.P. and D.L., 10th Laird of Wart-
hill, b. 29 June, 1770; ra. 16 Jan. 1813, Jane, 3rd and youngest
dau. of Eev. Patrick Davidson, D.D. of Eayne, and niece of
Sir Walter Farquhar, Bart., and by this lady had issue,
William, 11th of Warthill, and late possessor.
Patrick, in New South Wales, 6. 25lh Sept. 1815; m. 1840,
Katharine, 3rd dau. of Hannibal H. Macarthur, Esq. uf
Vineyard, and had issue, a son,
William Norman, Capt. 92nd Highlanders, b. 11 June,
1841 ; M. Dec. 1864, Emma, 3rd dau. of Eoger Kerrison
Harvey, of Thorpe, Norfolk, and d. at Dartle, Waikato,
New Zealand, 3 May, 1876, having had issue,
Wflliam Leonard, b. Oct. 1865.
Ethel M.uul. Mabel Marsaili.

Aliue Ella. Leila Isabel.






Valter Stevenson Davidson, 6. H Dec. 1818: m. 1860, Caro-
line Anna, dau. of William Kose KoLinson, Esq.

George Farquhar, a Member of tlie Legislative Council of
New South Wales, b. 19 Aug. 1S'20; m. 1848, Emmeline,
5th dau. of Hannibal H. Macarthur, Esq. ; and d 1860.

James, b. 5 Dec. 1824 ; d. 8 Oct. 1829.

"Thomas Coats, 6. 23 Sept. 1826, in China; m. 29 April, 18.57,
Henrietta Marion, 5th and youngest dau. of Sir Robert
Dahymple Elphinstone, 1st Bart, of Logic, Elphinstone ;
and d. 18 April, 1862.

Mary Anne, m. 1836, Patrick Davidson, Esq., LL.D., of
Inchniarlo, and had issue, Duncan, b. 1843, and three
younger sons and five daus.

Catherine, m. 1854, Christopher Rolleston, Esq., son of Eev.
John Rolleston, of Burton Joyce and Shelford, Notts, and
had issue, three soiis and two daus.
The eldest son,

William Leslie, Esq., J. P. and D.L., 11th Laird of Wart-
hill, M.P. CO. Aberdeen, 1861 to 1866, M.A. Aberdeftn Univer-
sity, m. 16 Nov. 184S, Matilda Rose, 2nd dau. of William Rose
Robinson, Esq. of Clermiston, Midlothian, and had issue,

I. WiLLiAM Douglas, b. 12 Aug. 1849; d. 8 Feb. 1872.

II. George Farquhar, b. 19 Aug. 1859; d. 9 April. 1860.

I. Mary Rose, now of Warthill, m. 1875, George Arbuthnot,
Esq., eldest son of George Arbuthnot, Esq. of Elderslie,
Dorking, and has issue, asabove.

II. Jane Amy Matilda, m. 1876, Edmund Smith Hanbury,
eldest son of Robert Culling Hanbury, Esq., M.P. for Middle-
sex, and has issue, a dau.

m. Matilda Florence.

IV. Katherine Evelyn, m. 1878, John Murray, M. A., eldest
son of John Murray, Esq. of Newstead, Wimbledon.

V. Caroline Alice.

Arms (of Leslie) — Arg., on a bpnd az. three buckles or ; and
<in consequence of descent from Wardes) two holly leaves vert.
Crest^A griffin's head erased ppr. Motto^Gnp fast.
Seat — Warthill, Pitcaple, co. Aberdeen.


Leslie, Archibald Youkg, Esq. of Kininvie
and Lesmurdie, co. BanfP, J. P. and D.L., 14th
Laird, Lieut -Col. Commanding tlie Queen's Own
Cameron Iliglilanders, b. 1S4.3 ; m. 1868, Alice
Louisa, 3rd dau. of Lieut.-Col. Eicbard Cautiey,
and has issue,

George Stewart, b. 1872.

Lineag'e. — Alexander Leslie, 1st Laird of Kininvie
(ancestor of the Earls of Leven, see Burke's Peerage), was the
2nd son of George Leslie, of New Leslie, by his wife, Com-
licy Ramsay, of Dalhousie, and grandson of William Leslie,
4th Baron of Balquhain. He m. Margaret Calder, of Nappher-
son, and got the lands of Kininvie by charter from John Stuart,
Earl of Athol, 1520. He left a son,

Walter Leslie, 2nd Laird of Kininvie, m. Catherine Grant,
of Ballindalloch. He was a Capt. in the Scotch Guard of
Francis I. of France, and at his death, 1562, was s. by his

Robert Leslie, 3rd Laird, m. Elizabeth Gordon, of Eel-
dornie, and d. 1609, having a son,

John Leslie, 4th Laird, m. 1st, Maria Gordon, of Haddo, by
whom he had two sons and a dau. The sons d. in infancy, and
the dau. vii. Gordon, of Buckie. He }». 2ndly, Margaret Ogilvie,
of Milntoun, by whom he had three daus. and six sons, John,
who d. before his father without issue ; Alexander; George;
Norman; David; and Robert. His eldest dau. Isabella, vi.
James Sharpe, Laird of Banff Castle, whose son James be-
came the celebrated Arclibishop of St. Andrews and Primate
of Scotland, and was murdered by the Covenanters. John
Leslie d. in 1625, and was s. by his son,

Alexander Leslie, 5th Laird, vi. Anne Innes, of Tombre-
chach,and d. 1652, leaving a son,

John Leslie, 6th Laird, m. Helen Grant, of Ballintomb, and
d. 11 May, 1712, leaving a son,

Alexander Leslie, 7th Laird, who sold the estate to his
brother James, 19 May, 1718 (an inscription on a stone built
into the wall of the mansion house records this transaction).
Next in succession was John Leslie's brother,

James Leslie, 8th Laird, who in the year 1730 entailed
the estates of Kininvie and TuUoch. He m. lat, Helen Car-
michael, of Clappertown Hall, Midlothian, but by her (who d.
1717) he left no issue. He m. 2ndly, Margaret Birnie, and left
a son,

James Leslie, 9th Laird, m. Helen Stewart, of Lesmurdie,
6 May, 1730. This Laird renounced his life rent interest in
tiie estates in favour of his eldest son 1767, and d. 1791, having |

survived his wife 29 years. lie left a numerous family, and
was s. by his eldest son,

James Leslie, 10th Laird, who dying imm. 1802, was s. by
his brother,

Alexander Leslie, 11th Laird. He served throughout the
American War in the old 82nd Highland Regt., and d. 1839.
At his death the estates devolved upon his nephew,

Archibald Young Leslie, 12th Laird, son of Robert
Young, Esq. of Johnstown Lodge, by Jean his wife (ju. 3
March, 1767), dau. of James Leslie, 9th Laird of Kininvie. He
7/(. 2 July, 1797, Jane, dau. of James Donaldson, Esq. of
Kinnairdy, and grand-dau. of Sir James Innes, of Coxtoun. j
Archibald Leslie d. 31 Oct. 1841, and was s. by his eldest son,

George Abercrombt Young Leslie, 13th Laird of Kininvie,
CO. Banff, J.P. and D.L., b. 1803 ; ?!i. 1841, Barbara King. dau.
of General William Stewart, C.B., of Lasmurdie, and by her
(who d. 1853) had issue,

Archibald Young, now of Kininvie.

Mr. Leslie d. 22 March, 1885.

Arms — Arg., on a bend az. three buckles or. Crest — A
griffin's head erased ppr. Motto — Grip fast.
Sent — Kininvie, Dufftown, N.B.
Clubs — United Service, Pali Mall ; and New Club, Edinburgh.


Leslie, Egbert Charles, Esq. of Ballibav, co.
Monaghan, and Kilclief, co. Down, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sherijf for the former county in 1857, b. 30
Nov. 1828 ; m. at Paris, 5 Jan. 1867, Charlotte
Piiilippa Mary, dau. of Capt. Edward Kelso, of
Kelsoland and Horkesley Park, Essex, by his wife,
Frances Letitia Philippa, heiress of Barrington
Purvis, Esq. of Purvis Hall, Essex (see JIelso of
Horkeslei/) , and has issue,

I. Theodore Barrington Norman, 6, at Florence, 2 Feb.

II. Henry Edward John, b. at Charlton, Kent, 11 Aug.

I. Mabel Edith, b. at Naples.

He assumed by royal licence, 1885, the surname
and arms of Leslie, in compHance with his ma-
ternal grandfather's will.

Lineag'e. — Andrew, 4th Earl of Rothes (see BuRKE'.^
Peerage) m. 3rdly, Agnes, dau. of Sir John Somerville, and
widow of John, 2nd Lord Fleming, and had issue, Andrew,
.'itli Earl (ancestor of the Earls of Rothes), and James Leslie,
b. 1530; m. Jane, dau. of Sir James Hamilton, of Evandale.
His eldest son.

The Most Rev. Henry Leslie (or Lesley), D.D., h. 1580,

educated at Aberdeen, settled in Ireland, 1614, where he was

ordained 8 April, 1617. He was Chaplain to King Charles I,

with whom he shared his great adversities (.see Harris' IFare,

ed. 1737). He had a younger brother, George, a Prebendaiy

of Lismore, and Rector of Ahoghill, co. Down. In 1619 the

Crown presented him to the Prebend of Connor, which, 1627,

he resigned for the Deanery of Down. He was also made

Treasurer of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and, 1635, was advanced to

the Bishopric of Down and Connor, whence at the Restoration

he was translated to Meath. He d. 7 April, 1661, having m.

Margaret Swinton, and left issue,

Robert (Right Rev.), D.D., Bishop of Raphoe and of Clogher;

■m. Nicola Hamilton, by whom he had two daus., Jane, m.

Sir Albert Conyngham, ancestor of Marquis Conyngham.

He d. 10 Aug. 1672.

James, of whose line we treat.

William, of Prospect, co. Antrim, m. Mary Echlin, and d.

1698, leaving, with three other daus., .Sarah, whom. John

Corry, M.P. of Castle Coole, ancestor of the Earl of Belmore.

Mary, m. 1st, Robert Echlin, of Ardquin, co. Down, and

2ndly, Robert Ward, of Bangor.

The 2nd son,

James Leslie, of Leslie House, co. Antrim, 5. 24 Nov. 1624;
m. 8 Nov. 1650, Jane, dau. of John Echlin, Esq. of Ardquin,
CO. Down, and Mary Stafford his wife, and d. 1704, and was s.
by his eldest son.

The Yen. Henry Leslie, D.D., Archdeacon of Down, b.
4 Nov. 1651, Chaplain to the Duke of Ormond, Lord-Lieut, of
Ireland. In 1680 he obtained a Prebend in the Cathedral of
Down, which he resigned, 1695, for the Archdeaconry. He m.
.Margaret Beachan, dau. and heiress of Peter Beachan, of
Ballybay, and d. 1733, leaving issue,

Peter, his successor.





Edmiuid, M.P. for Antrim, m. his cousin, Martha Corry, and
rf. s.p. 1764.
Penelope, m. 1714, Edmund Francis Stafford, Esq. of Browns-
town, CO. Meath. and had an only dan., Anne, b. 25 IK-c.
1715, m. Arthur, 1st Viscount Dunirannon, and was grand-
mother of Arthur, 1st Duke of WcHingtcn.
Archdeacon Leslie d. 1733, and was s. hy his son,

Rev. Peter Leslie, b. 16S6, Kector of Ahoghill, co. Antrim,
'III. Jane. dau. of Anthony Popping, D.D., Bishop of Meath,
and had issue,

Henry, LL.D., liis heir.

James, of Leslie Hill, co. Antrim, b. 1728; m. 1st, Mrs.

Hamilton, and 2ndly, Sarah Fleming; but d. s. p. 1796.
Samuel, Major 14th Kegt., d. unin.
EojroND, Yen. Archdeacon of Down (sie Leslie of Leslie

Margaret, m. Very Eev. Hill Benson, Dean of Connor, 1753,

who d. 1775. Jane, m. Kev. Mr. Stewart.

The eldest son,

Rev. Henby Leslie, of Ballyhay, co. Monaghan, LL.D., b.
Oct. 1719, Prebendary of Tullycorbet, Clogher, and afterwards
Prebendary of Tandragee, in the Cathedral of Armagh ; m.
1753, Catherine, dau. of Very Kev. Charles Meredyth, Dean of
Ardfert, and d. 1S03, leaving issue,

Peter Henry, b. 1755 ; killed in action in America.

Chakles Albert, his heir.

Catherine Letitia, m. William Foster, Bishop of Clogher,
brother of Eight Hon. John Foster, Speaker of the Irish
House of Commons, who was created Lord Oriel.
The only surviving son,

Charles Albert Leslie, Esq. of Ballibay, co. Monaghan,
6. 23 May, 1765 ; m. July, 1799, Ellen, youngest dau. of Richard
Magenis, Esq. of Iveagh, co. Down, and left at his decease,
1838, an only surviving child,

Emily Eleanor Wilhelmina, of Ballibay, s. 1838; m. 1st,
1 Feb. 1828, Arthiir French, Esq. of Dublin, son of Robert
Henry French, by Charlotte (-». 1798), dau. of William Reynell,
of Castle Keynell, Westmeath, and grandson of Arthur
French, Esq. of French Park, co. Roscommon (see Burkes
Ptemge, De Freyne), and by him (who d. 6 March, 1843) had

I. Robert Charles (now Leslie) of Ballybay.

II. Charles Albert Leslie Attila French, late Col. 2nd Dragoon
Guards, h. 5 Oct. 1842 ; m. 19 June, 1873, Agnes, dau. of
Samuel I^ing, Esq., M.P., and has issue, Charles Albert, b.
1877; Cecil, 6. 1879.

I. Helena Charlotte, m. 1851, James Blake, Esq. of Cregg

Castle, CO. Galway.
n. Albertine Caroline, m. James Ryan, Esq., deceased,
ni. Henrietta Victoria Alexandrina, m. Is63, Col. Charles
Kendal Bushe, late 59th Regt., of Bramhope, Old Charlton,
and has issue, Charles, Lieut. 2nd Dragoon Guards,
6. 1866; Amvas Robert Leslie, Lieut. R.N., t. 1866, rf. at
Alexandria, 24 Feb. 1893; Charles Albert; and Olivia
The heiress of Ballibay m. 2ndly, 1844, the Rev. John Chas.
Wilham LesUe, 4th son of James Leslie, Esq. of Leslie Hill,
CO. Antrim (see Leslie of Leslie Hill), and by him (who d. 29
Xov. 1877) had issue,
I. Ferdinand Seymour, b. at Naples, Oct. 1845, B.A. ^^''■
Coll. Oxford, Lieut. 1st King's Dragoon Guards, d. 29
I. Marion Adelaide, m. Walter Ealeigh Trevelyan, Esq. of
Emsworth House, Hants, and has issue.
Mrs. Leslie d. 26 Aug. 1884.

Arms — Quarterly; 1st and 4th, arg., on abend az. three
buckles or, for Leslie ; 2nd and 3rd, arg. a lion rampant gu.,
debmised by a bend sa., for Abebnethy. Crest — An angel ppr.
Motto — Grip fast.

S^at — Ballibay House, Ballibay, co. Monaghan. Toion Resi-
dence — 1, Granville Place, Portman Square, W.


Leslie, Edmund DoroLAS, Esq. of Leslie Hill,
Eallymoney, co. Antrim, and Seaport Lodge, Cole-
raine, J.P. and D.L., late Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col.
4tli batt. Royal L-ish Eifles, b. 22 Sept. 1828.

Lineagre. — The Ven. Edmcnd Leslie, D.C.L., appointed
Archdeacon of Down, 1782, and also a prebendary of Connor,
b. Nov. 1735, 4th son of Rev. Peter Leslie (see Leslie oj
Ballibay) ; rn. 1st, Jane, dau. of John Macnaghten, Esq. of
Benvarden, co. Antrim, and had by her four sons and a dau.,

Peter, d. in London. Bartholomew, d. in India.

Jahes, of whom presently. Edmund, d. in India.

Mary, m. Eev. Mr. Boraston.

Archdeacon Leslie to. 2ndly, Eleanor, dau. of George Portis,
Esq. of London, and had by her,

I. George, to. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Rev. Francis Hut-
cheson, D.D., of Donaghadee, co. Down, by whom he left
at his decease, 1831,

1 Edmund Francis, of Dohagliadee, co. Down, J.P., B.A.
of Trin. Coll. Dublin, and formerly Capt. North Down
Eifles, b. 1817; «. 1853; ru. 185:), Florinda, dau. of R. B.
Bagley, Esq., and widow of Nathaniel Alexander,. Esq. of
Portglenone, formerly M.P. for co. Antrim, by wlmm (who-
d. 24 Mav, 1861) he had a dau., Elizabeth Florinda, who
d. 19 April, 1862. Mr. E. F. Leslie, d. 7 Feb. 1862.

2 George, of Donaghadee, Lieut.- Gen. Royal Artillery, b.
1825; TO. 1855, Albina Jane, dau. of James Shaw, Esq.,
a Judge of the Supreme Court of Calcutta, and has, with
other issue, George Francis, Capt. Kifle Brigade, m. 24
Sept. 1884, Amy, dau. of John Graham Berry, Esq. of
Broomfield, co. York.

1 Mary EUinor, m. William Thomas Poe, Esq. of Sols-
borough, CO. Tipperary, and d. leaving issue.

2 Elizabeth, d. young.

3 EUen, m. Daniel de la Cherois, Esq. D.L., of the Manor
House, Donaghadee, co. Down, and has issue {see that

II. Henry (Very Eev.), Dean of Connor from 1823 to 1838,
when he resigned for preferment in England. He m. Mrs.
Harriette Inglis, and d. s. p. 1848.

m. Samuel, Rear-Admiral E.N., m. Martha, dau. of George

Vaughan, and d. s.p. Sept. 1851.
I. Ellen, ?>(. Rev. Stephen Dickson, youngest son of William
Dickson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor; and d.
in giving birth to her dau. Ellen, who m. Dr. Christian, and
d. 23 Aug. 1868, ICHving a dau., Selina.
Archdeacon Leslie's eldest surviving son,

James Leslie, Esq. J.P. and D.L., s. to the estates of Leslie
Hill upon the demise of his uncle, James Leslie, Esq., 1796.
In 1799 he was High Sheriff for co. Antrim. He was b. 17 July,.
1768; and(Z. 17 April, 1847; having m. 28 Feb. 1795, Mary,
dau. of Adam Cuppage, Esq. of Donicloney, co. Down, by
whom (who d. 1 Feb. 1847) he had issue,
James Edmdnd, of Leslie Hill.

Henry, M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, J.P. for co. Antrim ; m. 30
Aug. 1849, Harriet Ann, eldest dau. of Capt. Thomas Job
Seyer Hanmer, K.N., of Holbrook Hall, Sutfolk, and by her
(who d. 7 Feb. 1887) had issue, Henry Hanmer, b. 1 Dec.
1853; Mary Emily; Helen Maria; Constance Harriet
Augustus, 7)1. Dudley Jeffery, Esq., and d. s. p. 21 May,
1S85 ; and Edith. Mr. H. Leslie, d. 5 July, 1864.
Faucis Seymour, of the Home Office, d. 17 July, 1881.
John Charles William (Rev.), m. Emily Eleanor Wilhelmina,
widow of A. French, Esq., and dau. and heiress of Charles
Albert Leslie, Esq. of Ballibay, and d. 29 Nov. 1877 {sec
Leslie of Baliibay).
The eldest son,

James Edmund Leslie, Esq. of Leslie Hill and Seaport
Lodge, CO. Antrim, J.P. andD.L., High Sheriff 1854, i. 3 April,
1800; TO. 14 April, 1823, Sarah, youngest dau. of the Right
Rev. Daniel Sandford, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh, and by her,
who d. 20 Dec. 1864) had issue,

I. James Sandford, b. 10 Aug. 1824; d. 26 Jan. 1829.

II. Henry Erskine, 6. 15 Nov. 1825 : d. 10 Feb. 1829.

III. Edmund Douglas, now of Leslie Hill.

IV. Daniel Sandford, 6. 5 March, 1830; d. 28 Dec. 1830.

v. Seymour Montague, late of the Probate Office, London, h.
14 Nov. 1835 ; m. 1st, 30 Oct. 1866, Louisa, youngest dau.
of WiUiam Graham, Esq. of Fitzharris, Berks, by whom
(who d. 7 June, 1869) he has issue, James Graham, b. 14
Nov. 1868 ; and Sarah Harriett Penelope, b. 13 Sept. 1867.
He TO. 2ndly, 22 Oct. 1878, Sarah Alice, youngest dau. of
George Vincent, Esq. of Westminster, by whom he had
issue, Edmund Vincent, b. 6 Dec. 1879, and Alice Emma,
and d. 17 Nov. 1891.

VI. Francis Macnaghten, b. 7 Feb. 1838, late Capt. and Hon.
Major 4th batt. R. 1. Rifles, late Lieut, in the H.E.I.C.S.,
and in H.M.'s I05th, 103rd, and 63rd Eegts.

VII. Erskine Douglas, b. and d. June, 1839.

I. Frances Mary, 711. 10 Feb. 1864, Eev. Andrew George Gil-
more, Rector of Selworthy, Somerset, who d. 24 Nov. 1883.

II. Mary Wilhelmina.

III. Sarah Agnes, m. 23 Sept. 1862, Col. Sir Herbert Bruce
Sandford, B.A., K.C.M.G., who d. 1 Feb. 1802 (see Sanb-
fobd of Samliord).

ly. Jane Elizabeth.

Mr. Leslie d. 17 Jan. 1881.

Arms, ttc. — See Leslie nf Ballibay.

SeaJs— Leslie Hill, Baliymoney, co. Antrim; and Seaport
Lodge, Portballintrae, Coleraine.


Le Strange, Hamon, Esq. of Hunstanton Hall,
Norfolk, I. 25 Nov. 1840, M.A., J.P. and D.L. for





that CO., High Sheriff 1880, for some years a Sec-
retary in H.M. Diplomatic Service ; dropped the
siirname of Styleman, 1 May, 1874; m. 20 Dec.
1866, at Boston, Emmeline, dau. of William Aus-
tin, Esq. of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., and has

I. EoLAND, J. P. and D.L. co. Norfolt, late Lieut. P.W.O.
Norfolk Artillery, 6. in Paris, 5 March, 1869 ; m. 22 Oct.
1891, the Hon. Agneta Frances Dclaval, only dau. of
Delaval Loftus, 10th Baron Hastings, and has issue.
Charles Alfred, 6. 9 Dec. 1892, (to whom H.E.H. Duke
Alfred of Saxe Coburg stood sponsor).

II. Austin, b. 22 May, 1874.

III. Eric, b. 20 Jan. 1878.

I. Emmeline, h. 7 Feb. 1872.

II. Maud, and in. Sibyl, twins, 6. 7 Sept. 1879.

Lineagre.— Sir Hamon le Strange. Knt., who was en-
feoffed at Hunstanton, 3 Edward II., by his brother John,
6th Lord Strange, of Knockyn, was 3rd son of John le Strange,
Lord Strange, of Knockyn, by Maud his wife, dau. and
heir of Roger Deivill, of co. Warwick, and grandson, by Joan
de Somery, co-heiress of her mother, Nicha, eldest dau. of
William de Albini, Earl of Arundel, of John, Lord Strange,
of Knockyn, 5th in descent from Koland le Strange, the patri-
arch of the house (witness to a deed, A. D. 1112), whose wife,
Matilda le Brun, was dau. and heiress of Ralph Fitz-Herlewin,
•who held lands in Hunstanton under Roger Bigot, Earl of
Norfolk. Sir Hamon m. Margaret, dau. of Ralph Vernon, and
heiress of Richard Vernon, descended from the Lords Vernon
of Shipbrook, co. Chester, and left a son and successor,

Hamon le Strange, Esq. of Hunstanton, m. Katharine, dau.
and heiress of Lord Camoys, and dying temi). Richard II. 1399,
was s. by his son,

Sir John le Strange, Knt. of Hunstanton, 1381, ni. Eleanor,
dau. and heiress of Sir Richard Walkfare, Knt., M.P. for Nor-
folk 1388 and 1389, and d. 6 Henry V. 1418, leav

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