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e Reed family,
having held their lands "for the incredible space of nine
hundred years," and refers to an epitaph on a mural slab in
Elsdon Church, erected in the year 1758, to the memory of
Ellington Reed, which describes the family as having at that
time been seated in Redesdale 900 years. In the Muster Roll
for Northiunberland temp. Henrt VIII., are found the names-
of many of the Reeds in Redesdale. The deeds of The Cragg
property deduce the title long before that period down to the
present day.

Thomas Reed, of the Cragg, and (jure uxoris) of AydoD
House, Northumberland (son of Anthony Reed, of The Cragg,
who d. 1685), b. 1674 ; m. 20 June, 1706, Mary, dau. and co-
heir of John Cook, Esq. of Aydon White House, and d. 8 Nov.
1754, leaving a son,

Thomas Reed, Esq. of the Cragg and Aydon House, b. 28
July, 1715; m. 1748, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Atkinson, of
Brampton, Cumberland, Merchant, and d. 29 Oct. 1774. Of
his marriage there was issue,

I. John, of whom hereafter.

II. Joseph, iii. and left two sons and two daus., whose issue

I. Margaret, m. Nicholas Leadbitter, Esq, of Warden,,
Northumberland (see that J'amihj).

II. Mary, d. s. p. iii. Dorothy.

The eldest son,

John Reed, Esq. of The Cragg and Aydon House, and Ack-
lington Park, Northumberland, m. 4 Nov. 1870, Diana,* dau.
and heir of William Watson, Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
(brother of Stephen Watson, Esq. of North Seaton, Northum-
berland, J. P.), by Isabella, his wife, dau. of P^alph Bates, Esq.,
J.P., of Halliwell, Northumberland, by his 1st wife, Mary, dau.

* This lady, through the families of Bates, Chaytor, Tempest,
Lambton, Eure, Bowes, Clifford, Percy, and Mortimer, was
17th in direct lineal descent from King Edwabd III.

3 094




t'f Jolin lln'.-cia, Ksq. of S::i\v;uu Tee!, Iligli tJlieiilT of Xorth-
jimberlaml, and by her liail issue,

I. ThoniMS, h. 'J S.-pt- I"; : <'. (i May, 1775.

II. W'illwiii, I.ioui. ISnX Fusiliers, l>. 31 Marcti, 1774: -,;:.
Anno, il;i«. of William ilay. Ksq. of Lesbuiy, Xoitluun-
bcrianrt, 'out a. s. p. IS l\'l).'lS2r).

III. John, 6. 14 Doi'. 1770; m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir
(With her sister, Charlotte, who m. Hon. and Rev. Thomas
Krskine. 4tl". son of John Krancis, restored Earl of Mar) of
JIajor Watson, or WarUworth, Korthuuibcrland, and d. 4
July, lS5a, having had issue,

i John, (j. ISOji : m. IS4C, Louisa Caroline Ryder, ajid d.
JjCo, having liad issue,

licnry George, of Chatham, Canada, 6. IS44 : hi. 1S67,
Harriet, dau. of William Baxter, Ksq. of Ontario, and
lias had issue, I'ercy John, 6. 1S6S; William Henry,
i>. 1S69 : Francis George, b. 1S71 : Richard I'.rskine, 0.
1874; Thomas Sherwood, d. young; Frederick Att-
wood, d. young ; Mary Ann, d. young.

Francis William, of Illinois, U.S.A., who had issue, by
Louisa Catheiiae his wile.

Tercy, d. young. John, d. young.

Louisa. Mary Elizabeth.

Frances Ellen. Anna, d. young.

2 William, (/. nnm.

3 Edward. 711. and had issue. 4 Thomas, to.

1 Elizabeth (.Mrs. Elioti. 2 Mary, U. 5 Nov. 1379.

IV. Edward, h. 14 Feb. 1778; d. ?, Mav, 1780.

V. K.alph Thomas, b. 9 July, 1779; d.'lC Feb. 1784.
vj. Stepbex, heir to his father.

MI. Joseph, b. 2 Sept. 1786; d. 15 Feb. 1788.
2. Isabella, d. 8 Feb. 1774.

ii. Elizabeth, m. her cous'n, William Watson, Esq. of North
Seaton, and d. 22 July, 1823, leaving issue,

1 William Watson, who s. his father at North Seaton, ji;.
Hon. Georgiana Catherine Beresford, eldest dau. of
John, 2nd Lord Decies, and sister of Louisa Elizabeth,
Marchioness of Ailesbury, and of Caroline Agnes, Duchess
of Montrose.

2 John Thomas Watson, m. Emma Maria, dau. of James
Can-, Esq. of Newcastle.

1 Diana, m. Robert Ilderton, Esq., eldest son of Sanderson
Ilderton, Esq. of Ilderton, Northumberland.

2 Dorothy, ?h. Capt. Henrj- Beresford, 71st Regt., grand-
son of Lord Decies, Archbishop of Tuam.

III. Diana, m. Charles Charteris, Esq. of Cullivait, co. Dum-
Iries, Capt. 28lh Light Dragoons, 2nd son of Cliarles Char-
teris, Esq. of Amislield, co. Dumfries, and had issue.
j^Ir. Reed d. 29 March, 1829, aged 81, devising his estates to
his younger surviving son,

Stephen Reed, Esq. of The Cragg, &c., Coroner for North-
umberland, b. I March, 1784 : vi. 1st, 14 Nov. 1819, Is.ibella,
younger dau. of John Barras, Esq. of Field House, co. Dur-
ham, and by her (who d. 20 April, 1887) had issue,

I. Chakles John, his heir.

Ji. George Barras, b. 10 Dec. 1821; m. 27 Oct. 1853, Louisa
Catherine, youngest dau. of Aubone Surtecs, Esq. of Pig-
don. Northumberland, J.F. (nephew of Elizabeth, Countess
of John, 1st Earl of Eldon), by his wife, Frances Elizabeth,
•eldest dau. of Sir John Honywood, 4th Bart, of Evington,
by Hon. P'rances Courtenay his wife, sister of William, lOrh
Earl of Devon, and d. 8 July, 1801, leaving issue,

1 Aubone. b. 21 April, 185.5; m. Georgina Charlotte, fifth
dau. of Major Lewis G. Jones, of Woodhall, Dromorc, co.
Siigo, and has issue, George, b. 1890: Barras Francis, b.

2 Stephen VlUiers Stephenson, b. 9 March, 18.59; d. young.
1 Camilla Louisa, d. 'J June, 137-5.

t. Anna Mary Isabella, m. 18 June, 1850, John Peter Mul-
caster, E.-q., J. P. and D.L., of Benwell Park, Northumber-
land, and has issue.

II. Isabella Margaret, d. unm. 29 Sept. 1879.

3Ir. Eeed m. 2ndly, 29 April, 1843, Margaret dau. of John
■Cram, Esq. of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and widow of George James
Best Dove, Esq., R.N., but had no further issue. He d. 2
May, ls65, and was s. by his elder son, the present Colonel

Arms — Gu., a chevron between three garbs or; quartering,
arg., on a chevron engrailed az., between three martlets sa.,
as many crescents or, for Watson of North Utaton. Crest — A
^Tiffin or. Motto — Memor et fidelis.

Seal — The Cragg, Reedsdale, Northumberland.

itesi'/ence— Springwell Hall, Durham.

! Sheriff 1S71, b. 1 June, 1822; w. ]st,18Aug. 1857,

I Frances Wilhelmina, eldest dau. oi" Sir GlyiMia
Enrle Wclbv, Bart., and Imd bv lier (who d. 20~Oct.

I 1858) a dau., b. 1S5S and d. 1864. Col. Eeeve m.

} 2ndly, 3 Feb. 18(33. the Hon. Edith Anne, eldesl.

' dau. of Hon. and Rev. Charles Dundas, Eector of

I Epworth, and sister of Henrj, 5th Viscount Mel-
ville (see Burke's Peerage), and has a son,

I John Siiebard, b. S April, 1872.

Lineag-e. — William Keeve, one of the family living at
Melton Mowbray, co. Leicester {temp, the Communwealth),
became possessed of an estate at Leadenham, co. Lincoln, by
his marriage with Jane, one of the children, and eventually
heir of Ellis Key, of that place (6. IBS'?), by his wife, Anna,
dau. of Edward Storer, M.D., of Buckminster, co. Lincoln (she
was b. IGSG; d. 1765). The said William Reeve dying 1791,
hft by his wife Jane (6. 1716; d. 1808) several children, of
whom survived,
I. William, of Leadenham.

I. Jane, b. 1739 ; m. 17C7, Robert, 4th Earl of Harborough,
eth Baron Sherard, leaving issue (see Bueke's Extinct

II. Mary, 6. 1744; m. 1774, Thomas Lee Thornton, Esq. of
Prockhall, co. Northampton, having issue (see Thornton
Of Brockhall).

The son and heir,

William Reeve, Esq. of Leadenham, J.F., High Sheriff
1808, b. 20 Aug. 1751 ; m. 14 Aug. 1782, Millicent Mary, dau.
of John King, Esq., J. P., of Ashby-de-la-Launde, co. Lincoln,
Capt. Greaadier Guards, and by her (who d. 1836) had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. William Key (Rev.), Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, 6.
1784; d. 18.53.

III. Henry, b. 1786; d. 1808. iv. Philip, 6. 1782; d. 1862.
V.Ellis, 6. 1792; m. Charlotte Frances, dau. of William

AVainwright, Esq., and d. 2 June, 1878, leaving issue,
1 Ellis Philip Fox, b. Nov. 1838, Lieut.-Col. late Cold-
stieam Guards; vi. 20 July, 1864, Fanny Emma, 2nd dau.
of Hon. and Rev. Charles Dundas, and by her (who d.
July, 1892) has issue, Violet Edith Millicent, m. June,
1393, H. R. Fetherstonhaugh Frampton, Esq.; Lilian
Constance; Rosaline Emma; and Iris Esmay Charlotte.

2 Nevill Henry, of Ashby Hall, co. Lincoln, M.A., J. P.,
late Capt. 45th Regt., 6. Dec. 1839.

1 Millicent Charlotte.

2 Lucy Jane, m. Col. Arthur Bainbrigge, late 13th Light

I. Jane, d. 1802.

II. .Millicent Mary, m. 1828, Col. Thomas Chaplain, Gold-
stream Guards, and d. s. p. 1857.

Mr. Reeve d. 1821, and was .■!. by his son,

John Eeeve, Esq. of Leadenham House, J. P. and D.L., a
Gen. in the army, and Col. 61st Regt., High Sheriff, 1827 ; m.
11 July, 1821, Lady Susan Sherard, dau. of Philip, 6th Earl of
Harborough, and by her (who d. 2 Sept. 1864) had issue,

I. John, his heir, now of Leadenham.

II. William Henry, Lieut.-Col. Coldstream Guards, 6. 1827 ;
d. 1868.

I. Susan Millicent, m. 7 Aug. 1861, William Dashwood Fane,
Esq., and d. 12 Deo. 1877, having iiad issue, 1 William
Vere Reeve, b. 1868 ; 1 Grace Susan, m. Feb. 1887, J. A.
Lambert, Capt. Queen's Bays ; 2 Millicent Emma Rachel.

II. Emma, ra. May, 1865, Hon. and Rev. Annesley Gore (who
d. s. }}. 1377), and d. 21 May, lb84.

Gen. Reeve d. 3 Oct. 1864.

^r)(is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th gu., a chevron vaire, or and
az., cotised arg., between three roses of the last, barbed and
seeded ppr., for Reeve ; 2nd and 3rd per bend or and arg., two
bendlets erm., for Key. Crest — A horse's head erased pi-r
nebulee arg. and gu., charged on the neck with two mullets in
pale, also arg. JMotto — Revera pro regina.

Seat — Leadenham House, Lincoln.

Clubs — Carlton, United Service, and Guards.


(/See De Ferry.)

Beete, Jony, Esq. of Leadenham, Lincoln, late
Lieut.-Col. Grenadier Gruards, J. P. and D.L., High


Eeete, James Hills, Esq. of Colne Park, Essex,
b. 1845.

Iiineag'e. — Thomas Astle, Keeper of the Records in the
Tower of London, son of Daniel Astley, Esq. (who changed
his name to Astle), and grandson of Thomas Astley, Esq. of
Faude, near Tutbury, in. Anna Maria, dau. and heir of the
Rev. Philip Morant, of Colchester, and had issue,

Thomas, of Gosfield Hall, Essex, b. 20 Jan. 1767 ; m. and had
issue, a son, George, b. 10 Feb. 1»06, //. 12 July, 1821 ; and
a dau. Louisa, m. Charles Robert Sperling, Esq. of Etching-
ham Lodge, Sussex.





■ rmup, of whom presently.

Edwaid, b. 4 Nov. 1770; m. 1800, Harriet, dau. of Nathaniel
Batenian, of Gloucester ; and d. s. p. 2 June, 1816.

George, 6. 27 Nov. 1773, Eear-Admiral ; d. 1813.

AVilliam, b. 15 Jan. 1776, Lieut. K.I.C.S. ; d. 15 July, 1797.

JIaria, m. the Rev. Mattliew Bloxham, of Ide Hill, Kent ; d.
14 March, 1851. Charlotte, d. unm. 1826.

The 2nd son,

Philip Astle, Ksq. of C Ine Park, Essex, b. 26 Jan. 1708,
assumed the surname and arms, of HiLLS, by royal licence,
fl Jan. 1790, in compliance with the will of Michael Kobert
Hills, Esq. of Colne Park. He m. 15 May, 1794, Frances, dau.
of tlie Rev. Thomas Bankes, of Wimbledon, Surrey, and by
tier (who was b. 10 Jan. 1770, and d. 12 Jan. 1849) had issue,

EoEEKT, his heir.
Frances, d. 22 Sept. 1846.

Anna Maria, m. Henry Downes, Esq. of Colchester, Capt.
R.N. She d. ?. p. 18-.'3.

Harriet, m. Charles Haselfoot, Esq. of Boreham Manor,
Essex. Eleanor. Charlotte.

Emma, 7)i. 3 June, 1862, the Rev. Henry Tuffnell Younff, of
Mallard's Court, Stokenchurch, Oxon.
Caroline, v/i. 22 July, 1842, Charles Meredith, Ksq. of Lin-
roln's Inn. She d. 25 July, l)-57, leaving issue, Henry
Kobert, b. June, 1854, d. Jan. 1857.
Mr. Hills d. 8 April, 1830, and was s. by his only son,

UoBEBT Hills, Esq. of Colne Park, Essex, J. P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1856, b. 15 Aug. 1796 ; m. 8 July, 1819, Mary,
<lau. of James Cole, Esq. of Great Holland, Essex, and had

I. Robert Astle, 6. 2 Oct. 1821 ; m. 22 Oct. 184P, Mary, dau.
of — Cox, Esq., and (/. 25 Aug. 1855, leaving issue one son,
Robert, of Colne Park, 6. 1849, and twodaus.
I. Mary Fhances, of Colne Park, m. 14 May, 1844, the Rev.
James Farr Reeve, Rector of Great and Little Thcrnhani,
Suffolk, J. P., and d. 1884. leaving, with other issue, a son,
James Hills, now of Colne Park.
Hr. Hills d. 1876, and was s. by his grandson, Robebt Hills,
Esq., now of Colne Park.
Seat — Colne Park, near Halstead, Essex.


Eeetes, Robeet William Caey, Esq. of Bes-
fcorough Burrane, co. Clare, LL.B., of Trin. Coll.
Camb. 1859, called to the Bar at the Inner Temple
1862, J.P. and D.L. for co. Clare, High Sheriff
1869, b. 14 March, 1837; m. 19 July, 1866, Grace
.Dorothea, youngest dau. of Col. Crofton Moore
Yandeleur and Lady Grace Vandeleur, of Xilrush,
CO. Clare, and has issue,

I. AViLLiAM Vandeleub, &. July, 1874.
I. Grace Wilhelmina. ii. Rose Frances.

III. Elizabeth Mary. iv. Shela Alice.

V. Eileen Rosetta.

Liineag'e. — Major Robert Reve or 1 eeves, son of a
very r. speetable family in Sussex, settled in Ireland ferajj.
Charles 1., and m. Elinoi, dau. of Col. Owny O'Dempsey,
fUlest son of Sir Terence O'Dempsey, Viscount Clanmalier,
l)y Margaret Nugent liis wife, dau. of Lord Delvin, by wliom
he had (with one dau., who m. Mr. Lodge, ancestor, in the
female line, of the Lords Frankfort de Montmorency) a son,

William Reeves, Esq. )/i. Bridget Malone, widow, dau. of
Uichard Neville, of Furnace, co. Kildare, and had issue, a son
and heir,

Robert Reeves, Esq. m. Mary Boclley, of Kilkenny, of kin
to Sir Thomas Bodley, who founded the library at Oxford.
The}' had a son and successor,

Robert Reeves, Esq. m. Grace, dau. of Thomas Spaighl,
Esq. of Bunratty Lodge and Burrane, co. Clare, and had

I. Robert, of whom presently.

II. Joseph, m. 1st, Anna, dau. of Thomas Somerville, Esq.,
and had by her a son and twodaus.,

1 Thomas Somerville, of Tramore House, co. Cork, J. P.,
High Sheriff; vi. 1814, Rebecca, dau. of Isaac Morgan,
Euq. of Buckingham House, Cork, and d. 21 Aug. ]»63,
in his 83rd year, leaving issue. His eldest son, Very
Rev. Isaac Morgan Rec^es, M.A., resident at Glandore
House, Leap, co. Cork, Rector of Myross, and Dean of
Ross, b. IS\>2: 7)1. 1st, 3 Sept. 1857, Anna Maria Toke,
dau. of Rev. Sir Henry Bourchier Wrey, Bart., Rector of
Tawstock, and by her (who d. 7 March, 18S7), has one
dau. Helen Wrey. He in. 2ndly, May, 1870, Adelaide,
dau. of Arthur Ussher, Esq. of Ballysoggartmore, co.
Waterford, and has, with other issue, Thomas Somerville,
b. 1873,

1 Maria, m. Samuel Bennett," Esq. of Clonakilty, co.

2 Anne, m. Paul Maylor, Esq. of Chipley.

He m. 2ndly, Eliza, dau. of Major Ancram, of the 34th
Regt., and had by her,

William Ancram, deceased. Robert Neville.

Catherine Spaight, wife of William Parker, Esq. of Cork.

III. Thomas, rn. Ellen, dau. of Lewis Buckle, Esq. of Borden.
East Meon, Hants, and had one son,

Lewis Buckle.

IV. Edwaid Hoare, m. 1st, Mary, widow of Arthur Devon-
.•^hire, Esq. of Kilshonnick, co. Cork, but by laer had no issue
He. m. 2ndly, Dorothea, dau. of John Carleton, E?q. of
Cork, and niece of Lord Carleton, and had by her two sons
and four daus.,

1 Francis, of Ballyglisane, co. Cork, Major H.E.I.C.S.,
d. K. p.

2 Edward Hoare. of Castle Kevin, co. Cork, J.P., m.
23 Oct. 1838, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Lifut.-Gen. Burke,
of Prospect Villa, Cork, and d. 24 April, 1»C7, having
had, with other issue,

Edward Hoare, J. P., of Castle Kevin, h.e Dec. 1840;
1/1. 20 July, 1873, Kate, eldest dau. of William Wrixon
Leycester, Esq. of Ennismore, co. Cork, and has issue,
Edward, 6. 1875.

1 Rebecca, m. Bernard Shawe, Esq. of Cork.

2 Slary, hi. Sandford Palmer, Esq. of King's co.

3 Dorothea, ia. Abraham Morris, Esq. of Dunkettle, co.

4 Elizabeth, m. George Beresford Poer, Esq. of Water-

I. Grace, ra. William Collins, Esq. of Dublin.

II. Mary.

III. Catherine, m. Henry Madder, Esq. of Limerick.

IV. Jane, m. the Rev. Edwin Thomas, of Ballinacourty, co.

V. Eliza, m. Francis Hewitt, Esq. of Cork.
The eldest son,

Robert Reeves, Esq. of Flatten, co. Meath, of Burrane, co.
Clare, and of Men'ion Square, Dublin, m. 1782, Mary, dau. of
William Maunsell, Esq. of Limerick, and had issue,

I. Robert, of Merrion Square, Dublin, d. 13 July, I860.

II. William Maunsell, of Burrane.

III. Samuel Spaight, of Flatten, co. Meath, and Upper Mount
Street, Dublin, m. Maria (who d. 25 March, 1833), 2nd dau.
of Major Randal Stafford, Esq. of Tully, co. Cavan, and
d. 30 Jan. 1875, leaving an only ch'ld, Robert, of 5, Fitz-
william Place, Dublin, who m. Jan. 1861, Emily, eldest dau.
of Edward John Smith, Esq. of Rutland Square, Dublin,
and has an only child, Frances Angel, m. 13 April, 18S2,
Philip Krancis Trench, Esq., nephew of the late Archbishop
of Dublin.

IV. Edward, of Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, and of
Flatten Hall, co. Meath, b. 1795; m. May, 1828 Juliet
Matilda, youngest dau. of Rev. Richard Studdert, of Mount
Rivers, co. Clare (sc. Stcddebt of Banrattu), and d. 28 Oct.
1877, leaving issue,

1 Robert Edward, of Capard, Rosenalis, Queen'sco., M.A.,
Barrister-at-Law, J. P., High Sheriff 1832, 6. 28 March,
1829; TO. 26 April, 1853, Sophia Louisa, dau. of Rev.
James Blacker, Rector of Keady, co. Armagh, and has
issue, Paget Edward Stuart, Lisut. 2nd batt. Prince of
Wales's Leinster Regt., Robert Blacker, William James,
Henry Pigott, and Juliet Eliza.

2 Richard Studdert.

1 Maria MMahon, 77). Capt. Arthur Oswald Richards, 3rd
son of the Right Hon. John Richards, Baron of the
Exchequer, and has an only child. John William Richards,
Barrister-at-Law, b. 9 April, 1857, 7)i. 26 Dec. 1885, Ade-
laide Pruden;ia, dau. of William Roper, Esq. of Hazle-
brooke. co. Roscommon, and has issue.

2 Juliet Matilda.

3 Mary Victoria Wintiirop, in. Jan. 1866, Conolly Marcus
Gage, Esq., J. P., of Drummond, co. Londonderry, ana
Carrickmore, co. Tyrone, and has issue, William Charles,
6. 30 May, 1877, Juliet Mary, and Armande Edith Marie.

4 Edith Meta, m. Dec. 1875, John ,\dam Alexander, Esq.,
J. P., of Caw House, co. Londonderry.

V. Richard, of Magoola, co. Cork, m. 1st, Miss Arthur, m
CO. Clare, who d. s. p., and 2ndly, Mary, youngest dau. of
Rev. Robert Conway Dobbs, by whom he has Robert, Bar-
rister-at-Law ; Conway, Lieut. R.A. ; William ; Wilhelmina
Frances, 7ji. Capt. Charles Orde Brown, R.A. ; Mary Win-
throp ; and Rose Charity.

VI. Joseph Robert, of Athgarvon, co. Kildare, and of Fitz-
william Place, Dublin, in. Georgiana, 3rd dau. of Geoffrey
Browning, Esq. of Carass, and had issue, 1 Robert, deceased;
2 Jeffrey, d. 4 Dec. 1861 ; 3 Joseph; 4 Thomas Browning,
now of Athgarvon, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, J.P., m. 21
June, 1883, Elizaleth, eldest of James Edward Medli-
cott, Esq. of Dunnjurry, en. Kildare ; 5 William Maunsel! ;
6 Francis ; 1 Frances ; 2 Mary Winthrop ; 3 Georgina ; and
4 Caroline.

I. Bridget.

II. Grace, 7)i. Christopher Tuthill, Esq., Lieut. E.N.

III. Mary, d. unm.





Mr. Reeves d. 11 July, 1S35. His 2nd son,

William MxrxsELL Kee\-es, Esq. of Burr.ine, co. Clare,
J. I'., Barrister-at-L.iw, 6. Sept. Hi's; m. 20 .^cpt. 1S28, Hose,
t Idest dau. of the Rev. Robert Conway Dobbs, 2nd son of Con-
way Richard Dobbs, Esq. of Castle Pobbs, co. Antrim, and had
Robert William Cart, now of Burraneand rcsboroufrh.
Ci'Hway Richard, Ensign 5Sth Foot, 6. 20 Dec. 1S40 ; d. 31
Jan. i860.
William Maunsell, of Ebbisham House, Epsom, Surrey, 6. 6
Oct. 1841 : 7)1. 20 Jan. IbTil, Leiitia, 2nd dan. of Gen.
Thomas Armstrong Uronght, of Hill House, Winchester,
und bas issue, Robert William Drought, b.lh Oct. 1876:
John Maunsell, 0. 1-1 Oct. IbTS ; Letitia Alice ; Rose Mary;
and Shela.

Wilhelmina Josepha. Mary Winihrop.

Rose Emily, m. 4 Feb. 1862, Herbert G. Bainbridge, 2nd son
of A. E. iiainbridge, Esq. of Putney, Surrey.

Mr. Reeves d. 16 July, IS.'ii.

-■li-ms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, on a chevron engrailed
t etween three escallops az. as many eaglets displayed of the
lirsr. for Reeves; 2iu1 and 3rd are., on a fesse sa. tliree pheons
ol the first, for Spaight. Cmst — A drapon"s head erased or,
ci'l'.arcd az. ; over it an escrol, therein the words " Animum
ri j;e.'' Motto — Virtute et fidelitate.

H'.at — Besborough, Killimer, co. Clare.

Eeeves, James Bowles, Esq. of Dancmore Park,
Speldhurst, Kent, s. his father 1 April, 18G8.

Lineag'e. — John Bowles (son of Thomas Bowles, 6. 1657,
by Mary his wife) m. Mary, dau. of Henry Carrington, Esq.
ol" Charles Square, Hoxton, and </. 1799, leaving a son,

Carrixgtos Bowles, Esq. b. 1724 ; m. Anne, youngest dau.
of .Icscph Field, Esq. of Hitchin, and left, at his decease, 1793,
a son,

Henrt CARRrN'GTON' BowLEs, Esq., F.S.A., of Myddleton
House. Enfield, Middlesex, m. Anne, dau. and heir of Daniel
Garnault, Esq. of Bull's Cross, Enticld, by Sarah his wife, dau.
of Andrew Paul, Esq., and d. 1830, leaving his daus. his co-
heirs. Of these ladies the 2nd,

Jase Mart Bowles, m. James Reeves, Esq. of Danemore
Park, Speldhurst, Kent, J. P. and D.L. for Essex (son of
William John Reeves, by .\nne his wife, dau. of John Pughe,
Esq. of Goitry, co. Montgomery), and d. 1 April, 1663, having
had issue,

James Bowles, now of Danemore Park.

Jane Fanny, 7?!. Henry Eoultbee Langmore, Esq., and has
.surviving issue, Lilian Emily Caroline and Grace Reeves.

Eliza .\nne Cars'er, </. 1878. Anna Maria Emily.

Caroline Harriett, d. 1865.

.•(■/■;ni — 1st and 4th, arg., on a bend cotised sa. three lozenges
erm., for Reeves; 2nd per pale indented gu. and az., three
cups, two and one, arg., in each a boars head erect or, for
Bowles ; 3rd per pale or and az., barry of six, and its cantons
divided per band, dexter and sinister respectively, all counter-
changed, surtout an escutLheon arg., for Gaenaclt. Crest —
A greyhound sejant sa. bezantee, collared and ringed or.
Motto — Priug quam factum considera.

&a<— Danemore Park, Speldhurst, near Tunbridge Wells.


Eeichel, Eet. Oswaed Joseph, B.C.L , M.A^,
F.S.A., of Newton House, Drewsteignton, and A
la Konde, Withvcombe, Ealeigh, co. Devon, b.
2 Feb. 1840 ; m. 25 May, 1887, Julia Maria Harriet
Louisa, eldest dau. of Frederick Ashenden, Esq.
late of Brighton.

Lineage. — The family of Reichel has branches settled in
England, Ireland, and America,bcsides collaterals in Germany,
Russia, and Switzerland, all descended from a common
ancestor. At the beginning of the 14th century, Breslau in
Silesia was its home. Thither it is believed to have come,
together with other South German families, on the occasion
of the marriage in 1186 of Duke Henby I., of Silesia, with
Hedwig, dau of the Duke of Merania (see Klose, S.B. Von
Jirenlo.u docununtirte Geschichle, vol. i. pp. 353, 356). One
Johannes or John Reicbel, established at Breslau about
1340, and is stated in a manuscript in the city library there
(JJ. 928; to have arrived therefrom Poland, where he had held
estates, and lost them.

Several early manuscript pedigrees of the descendants of
the above John Reichel exist, and a critical dissertation on
their sources appeared in F"eh. 1879, in Sck/esiens Voizeitin
B'dd und Scf<)ift, 41 Bcrkht, pp. 363, from the pen of Dr.
Markgraf, City Librarian at Breslau. This pedigree has been
lately reprinted in Latin, with additions down to the present
time. It .appears therefrom that the above-named John
Reichel, of Breslau, had four sons; the eldest, John, being a
City Councillor of Breslau in 1383, who is not known to have
left issue; the 2nd, Nicolas, having a son, John, also City
Councillor in 1417, a grandson, John, Clerk of the Market in
1458, and a great-grandson, John, Canon of St. Matthias and
Chaplain of St. Elizabeth's Church, pursuant to a papal bull
of Alexander VI., dated 7 March, 1496; the 3rd, Wenceslas,
of whom anon ; and the 4th, Leonard, who is also not known
to have left issue,

Wenceslas Reichel, the elder, 3rd son of the aliove, was
a City Councillor of Breslau in 1386, and Provincial Governo'-
of Silesia in 1387. Hy his 2nd wife, DorotheaMulheim, widow
of Councillor John Beyer, whom he ra. 1402, he left issue, two
sons, I. John, of Stabelwitz, who had issue, two sons and twt>
daus. (both the sons and one of the daus. d. unm in 1464 ; the
other dau. ra. into the family of Storsch), and ii. Wenceslas.
This 2nd son,

Wenceslas Reichel (2nd of that name) was President of the
City Council at Breslau 1444, and d. at Prague 1460. He wa»
twice j/i., but only left issue by his first wife, Anna Auer, two
sons, 1 Wenceslas, h. 1432, and 2 Christopher, who d. 1498,
without issue. The elder,

Wenceslas Reichel (3rd

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