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of that name), 6. 1432 ; m. 1460,
Hedwig HOrnig, was Provincial Governor of Silesia 1475.
He d. by poison at Ofen, in Hungary, 20 Aug. 1489 («ee
Cunradi Silciia Togata, Ligniiz, 1706, p. 233), leaving issue, five
sons and one dau. Of these, the eldest, John, was a Doctor of
Medicine at Breslau; the 2nd went to India, and was never
heard of afterwards; the 5th and youngest settled at Bandiss, in
Poland ; the 3rd, Nicolas the elder, was City Councillor and[
Chamberlain (see Canradi Silesia Togata p. S22, and Hankii de
Sdesiis alienigenis eruditis XIV.,\b, p. 374), andd. 9 Sept. 1532,
leaving four sons, besides daus., by his wife, Anna Ereyberg;
and the 4th, Stanislas the elder, was Imperial Commis-
sioner of Mines, and together with his wife, ApoUonia Rind-
fieisch, d. 17 May, 1542, of the Great Plague, leaving likewise
issue, four sons,

On 9 Sept. 1554, the Emperor Ferdinand issued an " In-
digenatsbrief " to Servatics, Wenceslas, Lazarus, and
Israel, being the four sons of Nicholas Reichel, the elder,
above mentioned, and likewise to Nicolas, Stanislas, John,
and Paul, being the four sons of Stanislas Reichel, the elder,
above mentioned, all of them grandsons of Wenceslas Reichel
(the 3rd of that name), who distinguished himself in Hungary
against the Turks, and great-grandsons of W^enceslas Reichel
(the 2nd of that name), who rf. at Prague in 1460. By the "In-
digenatsbrief ■' (a condition precedent of which was that
ownership of land of knightly tenure should be proved for the
last 200 years), the following coat-armour was conferred in
place of that which the family had hitherto been using,
viz.. Per fesse sa. and or, a lion rampant, langued gu., double-
queued, holding in his pates ei sickle, all countercheingcd .

The descent of the elder branch, sons of Nicolas Reichel, the
elder, is soon traced. Servatius, b. 1515; d. 1569 as Capt. of
the Duchy of Breslau (.see Cunradi Silesia, p. 233, and Crusii
Miscellanea. P. V., p. 280), leaving one son, who d. s. p., and
six daus. Wenceslas, d. s. p., as Commander of the fortress
of Biebersburg, in Hungary. Lazarus, d. unm. Israel had
three sons, of whom the eldest, Israel, left only one dau. ; the
2nd, Daniel, rf. xinm. at Venice; the youngest, Jacob, was
killed by a blow on the head 18 April, 1613, when Provincial
Governor of Silesia {see Cunradi Silesia, p. 232), leaving an
only son, Sigismund, and a grandson, Charles, who rf. aged 5.

F'ollowing the younger branch, sons of Stanislas Reichel, the
elder; the eldest son, Nicolas, the younger, had three sons
by his wife, Elizabeth Reussner, 1 Stanislas, rf. s. ji. ; 2
Nicolas, Councillor of Morice, Duke of Saxony ; 3 Valentin,
of whom anon. The 2nd son, Stanislas, the younger, rf. unm. ;
and the 41h,PACL, had an only son, Servatius, b. 1575,whorf.s.j5.
1624 (see Cunradi Silesia, p. 233). The 3rd son, John, who had
issue by each of his two wives, was father to Henry von
Reichel, who entered the service of the Duke of Holstein and
settled at Kaltenhofen in Holstein, where he rf. 1690. His
great-granddau. and heir ni. Baron von Tschirschky in 1798,
and their son afterwards assumed the name Tschirscliky-

Valentin Reichel, the elder, 3rd son of the above Nicolas
Reichel, the younger, b. 1552, settled at Geising, in the





Erzsebirge of Saxony ; m. 1587, Ursula (who survived him till
a Sept. 1624, and d. at Moldau), leaving issue,

Michael Eeichel, son of the above, sometime of Moldau, in
the Boliemian Erzgebirge, 6. 1588, driven from Bohemia, 1624,
in the religious troubles at the beginning of the Thirty Years'
War, undertook, 1629, the parochial cure of Beckwitz, and, 1636,
that of the town of Belgern (ate Chronik der Stadt Belgern,
pp. 37, 73. 174). He was killed by the Swedes under the castle
bridge at Meissen, and buried in the church of St. Afra there
27 April, 1637, leaving by his wife, Anna Maria (who survived
him, and d. at Zehren, 21 Feb. 1682), besides two daus., a

Valentin Reichel, the younger, 6. 15 Feb. 1629, held the
parochial cure of Zehren, in Saxony {see A'ova literaria Ger-
■tuankte., Hanover, 1704), where he d. 22 Sept. 1704. By his 3rd
wife, Sophia Elisabeth, dau. of Isaac Starlie, Head Master of
the Grammar-school at Dresden, who survived him till 27
June, 1740, he left, besides six daus., three sons, i. Gottlieb
Benjamin, who held the parochial cure of Wendisch-leube,
and was father of Samuel Benjamin, Rector of the Graminar-
echool of Altenberg, a distinguished scholar, who followed
his only son to the grave 9 Sept. 1792 ; ii. Jacob Daniel, of
whom anon; and iii. Johan Ludwig, settled at Meissen.

Jacob Daniel Reichel, 2nd son of the above, b. 10 Nov.
1680, held in succession to his brother the parochial cure of
AVendisch-leube, in the Duchy of Altenberg {see KirchengaUerie
lies Herz-igthums Altenhuri;, pp. 264, 290), where he d. 14
May, 1746. He m. Sophia Elizabeth, dau. of the Incumbent of
M'eltewitz, Johann Rudolph Graefe, and great-granddau. of
the German poet, Martin Riukart. She survived him till 26
Dec. 1755, and by her he left issue, besides four surviving
daus., I. Carl Rudolph, of whom anon; ii. Jacob Daniel;
lii. Samuel Benjamin ; iv. Johann Fkiederich.

Carl Rudolph Reichel, eldest son of the above, of
Keukirch, in Saxony, a distinguished Orientalist and biblical
scholar, and friend alike of prince and peasant, not only in his
own country, but also in Sweden and Denmark (i/cZs G. F. Otto's
Lexicon der Oberlausilzischtn GeUhrtm, vol. iii. p. 19, iv.
p. 350; and KirchengaUerie des Herzogthums Altenburg, p.
264), b. 29 April, 1718, at Oberloedla ; m. Eleonore Sophia,
youngest dau. of John Bartholomew Mueller, Court Goldsmith,
of Altenberg, who survived him, and d. 4 April, 1807. For
many years, he held the parochial cure of Neukirch, where he
d. 25 Oct. 1794, leaving issue, two sons, i. Charles Gotthold,
of whom anon; andii. Fkiederich Benjamin, a Bishop of the
" Unitas Fratrum " at Sarepta, in Siberia, and one dau.

Eight Rev. Charles Gottuold Reichel, eldest son of the
above, b. 14 July, 1751, at Hermsdorf; went to America 1784
as a Bishop of the "Unitas Fratrum," at Salem, North Carolina
(see G. F. Otto's Lexicon, vol. iii. p. 18, iv. p. 350), having m.
1785, Arma Dorothea, youngest dau. of Benjamin Maass,
Merchant of Konigsberg, who d. 15 Aug. 1806, and by whom
he had issue, three sons, i. Charles Frederick, b. 7 November,
1783, d. 15 June, 1846 {see Medicinisches Schri/lsteller Lexicon,
p. 633, and Philosophical Transactions, 1817), leaving an only
son, the Most Rev. Charles Parsons Reichel, D.D., Bishop
of Meath, b. 20 Nov. 1810. The Bishop )«. 17 Sept. 1863, Mary
Brown, dau. of Henry Joy McCracken, Esq. of Oaklands,
Ballymena, co. Antrim, and by her (who d. 9 July, 1885) has
issue, a son, Henrv Rudolph, b. 11 Oct. 1856, sometime Fellow
of All Souls' Coll. Oxford, and Principal of the North Wales
University College, and a dau. Margaret Theodore ; ii. Gott-
hold Benjamin, 6. 4 Oct. 1785, d. at Salem, in America, 20
Dec. 1833, leaving issue settled in America ; in. Samuel
IluDOLPH, of whom anon; and one dau., d. 1867, m. in America,
Rev. Charles Frederick Seidel, whose granddau. m. Stafford
Reeves, Esq. of Hull, co. York, and has issue. Charles Gott-
hold Reichel, afterwards '/u. an American lady. Miss Catharine
Fetter, with whom he returned to Europe, and d. 18 Aug.

Rev. Samuel Rudolph Reichel, 3rd son of the above, some
time of Ockbrook, co. Derby, and formerly Tutor to Henrt,
reigning Prince of Reuss-Lobenstein, 6. 8 Dec. 1787, m. 1st,
Sophia, dau. of Rev. John Hartley, and sister to Rev. John
Hartley, British Chaplain at Nice. After her decease, 16 Feb.
1834, he ni. 2ndly, 1836, Matilda, youngest dau. of Joseph
Hurlock, Esq. of Oxted, co. Sun-ey, who survived him till 3
April, 1871, and d. at Sparsholt, Berks. He d. whilst travelling
abroad, 28 June, 1857, leaving issue,

I. Oswald Joseph Reichel, now of A la Ronde.

H. Lucius Hurlock, of Beara Court, Black Torrington, co.
Devon, b. 23 July, 1842.

I. Stella Matilda Parminter, m. 1881, Rev. John Lechmere
Tudor, M.A., Vicar of Turkdean, co. Gloucester, and has
issue, two daus., Stella and Margaret.

Aniii — Per fesse sa, and or, a lion rampant, langued gu.,

double-queued, holding between the paws a sickle, all counter-
changed. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, a demi-lion rampant,
double-queued, holding between the paws a sickle, all or.
Motto — Vitam^impendere vero.
Residence — A la Ronde House, Lympstone, Devon.


Reid, William Thomas, Esq. of Ardmeallie
House, CO. Banff, ,T.P. and D.L., Capfc. 3rd Batt.
Gordon Highlanders, h. 17 March, 1859, m. May,
1879, Margaret, eldest dau. of James Grey, Esq. of
Edinboro', and lias issue,

I. Alexander Daniell, 6. 2 Feb. 1882.

II. William Stuart, b. 13 Sept. 1883.

III. Henry Francis, b. 13 April, 1886.
I. Rachael DufT.

liineage. — This is an old Orkney family, descended it is
believed from Reid of Buniess, a cadet of the Aberdeenshire
family of Reid of Pitfoddles.

Reid, Esq. of Gorn, co. Orkney, m. Jane (niece of George
Balfour of Trenalby), dau. of William Balfour, Esq. of Newark,
by Mary his wife, dau. of Sir Henry Montieth, of Eylesay, and
had issue,

I. Peter, his heir. ii. Thomas.

The elder son,

Peter Reid, Esq. of Tirlet, m. his cousin, Margaret Niel,
0' Lands, and had issue, i. Daniel, his heir ; and i. Barbara,
'«. Thomas Foulis, Esq. of Englessay. The only son,

Daniel Reid, Esq. of Tirlet, m. Marjory, dau. of William
Rcndall, of Vel, and had issue, i. Peter ; ii. William, his heir ;
and I. Barbara, d. young. The 2nd son,

William Reid, Esq. of Westbrough, in Sanday, m. Marga-
ret, dau. of Thomas Meil, Esq. of Gorn, and by her (who d.
1850), had issue, a son,

Daniel Reid, Esq. of Sanday, M.D., P.R.C.S., 6. 14 Feb.
1804 ; m. 11 May, 1868, Rachael DulT, 2nd dau. of Col. Thomas
Gordon, of Park, co. Banff, by Maria, his wife, dau. of Wil-
liam Macdowall-Grant, Esq. of Ardilly, co. Banff {see Gordon-
Duff of Park and Druminan), and had issue,

I. William Thomas, now of Ardmeallie.

II. Alexander Daniell, b. 22 Nov. 1800 ; d. 1869.
Dr. Reid d. 1882, and was s. by his eldest son.

Seat — Ardmeallie House, Mannock, Huntley, co. Banff.
7'oion Residence — 5, West Cromwell Road, W.
Club — Scottish, Dover Street, W.


Eeilly, John Temple, Esq. of Scarvagli House,
CO. Dovrn, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1853, and
J.P. CO. Armagh, h. 19 Jan. 1812 ; m. 30 Oct. 1865,
Elizabeth, dau. of James O'Hara, Esq. of Lenaboy,
CO. Galway, by his wife Anne, dau. of the Hon.
Power le Poer Trench, Archbishop of Tuam, and
has had issue,

I. John Temple Miles, h. 21 March, 1867 ; d. 13 Jan. 1868.

II. GusTAvns Miles O'Hara, b. 22 June, 1SG9.

III. John Temple James, b. 18 May, 1871 ; d. 25 Dec. 1871.
I. Anne Ehzabeth.

Lineag'e. — This branch of the ancient Milesian House of
O'Reilly, Princes of East Brefny, has, for some generations,
discontinued the prefix 0'.

TuRLOGH O'Reilly, youngest son of Edmund O'Reilly, of
Kilnacroft, Prince of East Brefny {see O'Reilly of East B, efny),
had two children, Brian and John. The elder, Brian O'Reilly,
had two sons, John O'Reilly, Esq. of Belfast, and Miles, a
Capt. in the army. The former was father of

Miles Reilly, Esq. of Lurgan, co. Armagh, b. 1660; m. 19
Aug. 1680, Jane Akius, and by her (who d. at Lurgan 10
Dec. 1715) had issue, James, d. s. p., Charles, Marlow, and
John. Miles Reilly d. 13 May, 1735. and was s. by his youngest

John Reilly, Esq. of Scarvagh, m. 1738, Lucy, dau. of
Francis Savage, Esq. of Ardkeen, co. Down, and was father of

John Reilly, Esq. of Scarvagh, Chief Commissioner of
Public Accounts, M.P. for Blessington, High Sheriff of co.
Down 1776, and of co. Armagh 1786, 6. 1745; m. 1773, Jane,

5 (J





dau. and co-heir of Col. William L-ashington.of ^iittintrbourne,
Kent, and had issue,

I. John Lcshingtos, his heir.

II. William Kd'iiond, of Tamnagfh.irrie, co. Pown, JI.P. for
Hillsboroush. Sheriff of i-o. Down JSir>. ,ii. Harriett,
dau. of lU'bcrt Uamilton, Esq. of Strabane, co. Tyrone, and
liad issue,

] Jonx, b. ISOS : ni. Julia, dati. of AVilliam Brahazon, Esq. ;
J. lJ-47, and luid issue, William (in. lt>70, Kosalind, dau.
of Hamilton Smythe, Esq., and J. ISTl), John, Hamilton,
and Loiitia,
1 Anne, d. toim.

■2 Jano, m. Hcv. James Ford: d. 1S42.
3 Ihirriett. m. Ib47, Charles Hamilton. E.^^q. ; d. 1869.
in. Janus Miles, of Cloon Eavin, co. Down, Barrister-at-
Law, m. Eeb. IjlT, Emilia Geor,sina Susanna (who d. ISbT),
■2nd dau. of Kev. Huch Montgomery, of Grey Abbey, co.
Down, by his wife, the Hon. Emilia Ward, youngest dau.
of Bernard, 1st Viscoimt Bangor, and d. 4 Jan. 1848, having
had issue,

1 John, Earrister-!»t-Law, Deputy-Keeper of the Rolls in
Ireland, 6. 16 Nov. 1817: m. 14 Aug. 1845, the Hon.
Augustus .'iugden, youngest dau. of Edward, 1st Lord
St. Leonards, and d. 1 July, 1875, having had Emily;
Kathleen Matilda, i)i. 7 Juiv, 1870, Matthew John Bell,
Esq. ; and Winifred Ellen, i'ii. 1st, 6 May, ISSl, Hon. J.
M. Stopford, son of James. '4lh Earl of Courtown, who d.
Ib8.'>: L'ndly, 2lt July, 18S9, Arthur Saunders William
Charles Kox, Sth Earfof Arran.

2 James Mylts, in the Indian army, b. Feb. 1823; d. II
April, 1844.

3 Francis Savage (Sir), K.C.M.G., Barristerat-Law, Q.C.,
Counsel to the Speaker, b. Feb. 18i5; d. unm. 27 Aug.

4 William Edmund Moyses, Major-Gen., Inspector-Gen.
of Il.A,, C.B., Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, b. Jan.
1827 : d. Julv, ISbti.

5 Hu-h Arthur, Capt. K.N., h. May, 1S28 ; d. unm. II
July, Ib'VZ.

1 Eur.lia Maria Catherine, d. 18(18.

2 Jane Hester. 3 Theodosia Harriett.

I. Jane Hester, d. 1813.

II. Amelia, m. Lieut. -Col. Stacpoole, 45th I'egt. : ci. 1S65.

III. Elizabeth, m. Francis Hamilton, Esq., and d. 1836.
Mr. Eeilly d. 26 July, 1804, and was s. by his son,

John Lushington Reillt, Esq. of Scarvagh, High Sheriff of
CO. Down, 1810, m. 9 June, 1807, Louisa, 2nd dau. of Gustavus
Handcock Temple, Esq. of Waterstown, co. Westmeath, and
by her (who d. Aug. 1852) had issue,

John Temple, his heir.

Gustavus Handcock, an OfScer in the army, b. Feb. 1813 ; d.

29 July, li'41.
Eobert Lushington, Capt. H.E.I.CS., b. 1818; ,«. 1 Jan.

1847, Clementina Janet, dau. of Thomas Andrews, Esq, of

Edinburgh; d. Dec. 1854, leaving issue, 1 John Temple

Charles, 23rd F'oot, b. 30 June, 1849 ; 1 Louisa Elizabeth ;

2 Flora Christian, m. Dec. 1890, Capt. Kuck Keene, R.X.

Capt. Keilly's widow m. 2ndly, 1862, Itobert, 3rd Earl of

Itoden, K.P.

William Charle.s, h. May, 1819; d. 19 Dec. 1845.
James Myles Townsend, Capt. 45th Madras Infantry; m.

Feb. 1846, Eliza, dau. of Gen. James Mandeville Hacket,

and d. Feb. 1856, having had a son, Arlhur Cecil, b.

Isabella Elizabeth, m. May, 1834, Rev. John D'Arcy, of

Galway, who d. Is75, leaving issue.
Jane Lushington, r,i. 13 Aug. 1830, Rev. J. Hill, and d. 21

Deo. 1839, leaving issue.
Louisa Mary.
Gertrude Harriett, m. 17 Feb. 1840, Robert Quin Alexander,

E.sq. of Acton House, co. Armagh, who d. 1:J Aug. Iss7.
Mary Amelia. Frances Lucy.

Charlotte Moore, m. 1855, Gen. George F. Moore, late Staff

Officer of Pensioners, who d. 8 Sept. 1884, leaving issue.

Mr. Reilly d. Z Dec. 1842, and was s. by. his son, the present
Joh.s' Temple Reillt, Esq. of S':arvagh.

Am%, Ciestt, <i:c. — See O'Reilly of Must Brcfnij.

Seat — Scarvagh House, Scarvagh, co. Down.


Remi>"gto'x, Ret. Reginald, of The Crow Trees,
Melling, co. Lancaster, and of Fritwcll Manor, co.
Oxford, M.A. Pembroke Coll. Oxford, k 3 July,
1827 ; m. 21 June, 18G0, Frances, eldest dau. of
Alfred Binyon, Esq. of Mcrlewood, co. Lancaster,
and by lier (who d. 13 June, 1890,) has had issue,

I. Henrt (Rev.), Curate of St. Thomas' Church, Douglas, b.
30 May, 18G3 ; ',n. 14 July, 1892, Mary Frances, dau. of
Rev. John Fernie, Vicar of Welliugore, co. Lincoln, and
has issue, a dau.

I. Lucy Agnes, m. 1884, Rev. John Compton Buttervrorth,
Vicar of Witlierslack, co. Wesimoiiand.

II. Mary Frances. in. Emily Isabel, deceased.
IV. Katharine Is.ibel Maud, deceased.

v. Gertrude Dorothea. vi. Constance Gathornc.

liineagre.— Henry Remington, Esq. of The Crow Trees,
and of Aynsome, co. Lancaster (eldest son of Reginald Reming-
ton, J. P. (who d. Aug. 1854), by his wife Catherine (m. Oct..
1796, d. March, 1857), youngest dau. of Thomas Machell,
Esq. of Aynsome, and grandson of Henry Remington, Esq.
of Jlelling, by his wife Isabel Bainbridgc, of Kirkby Lons-
dale, Westmorland, and great grandson, by Elizabeth Wilson
his wife, of Reginald Remington, Esq., who was son of Henry
Remington, Esij.), 6. 1797 ; m. 7 Sept. 1826, Mary, only child of
George Ashburner, Esq. of Holm Bank, Ulvcrston, and by her
(who d. Oct. 1883) had issue,

Reginald, now of The Crow Trees.

George, of Ulverston, m. Mary, dau. of J. Stewart, Esq.

Henry, of Trinkelt, Ulverston,

Thomas Machell (Rev,), M,A., of Aynsome, m. Alice Maud
(deceased), youngest dau. of Alfred Bmyon aforesaid, and
has had issue,

Agnes, m. Rev, Thomas Edmund Petty, of Bardsei, deceased.

Catherine, in. Rev. J. Allen Wilson, Rector of Bolton-by-
Bolland, co. York, and has issue.

Mr. Remington d. at Aynsome, 17 F'eb. 1866.

-■<n»«— Barry of twelve arg. and az., over all a bend gu.
Crest — A hand erect, holding a broken tilting-spear, all ppr.

Seat — The Crow Trees, Melling, near Lancaster. Residence
— Barlings Vicarage, Wragby, co. Lincoln.


Rennie, John Eeitu, Esq. of Frensham Vale, co..
Surrey, J, P. for Surrey and London, h. 19 May,
1829, in. 5 June, 1855, Frances Maria, dau. of John
Camjibell Dick, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, and by
her (who d. 29 Aug. 1892), had issue,

I. John George Mackwokth, Indian Civil Service, 6. 23'
Oct. 1860.

II. Keith Temple. iii. William, Barristcr-at-Law.
IV. Francis Pepys. v. Coverley James.
I. Louisa Kathcrine. ii. Helen Julia,

III. Janet.

Liineag'e. — John Rennie, Esq. (son of James Rennie of
Phantassie, East Lothian), the well-known civil engineer, m. i>
Xov. 1790, Martha Ann, dau. of Lachlan Mackintosh, Esq., and
by her (who d. ISOG) had issue,

George, of whom we treat,

John (Sir), «, bis father as Engineer to New London Bridge.
Mr. Rennie d. 4 Oct. 1821. His eldest son,

George Rennie, Esq., C.E., of 21, Whitehall Place, m. 24
April, 1828, Margaret Anne, dau. of Sir John Jackson, Bart.^
M.P., and by her (who d. 13 Aug. 1881) had issue,

John Keith, now of Frensham Vale,
Mr. Rennie d. 30 March, 1866.

Scat — FYensham Vale, Farnham, Surrey.
Town Residence ~i9, Queen's Gate, S.W.
CLubs — Athenaium and United University.


dau. and co-heircss of the late lluGU John REVELEVy
Esq. of Bryn-y-gwyn, m. 1874, Ebward Petit
Jele, Esq., eldest son of Rev. W. Jelf, B,D.
They have assumed the name of Reveley in
addition to Jelf, and have issue,

I. Algernon Edward Reveley, b. 23 June, 1879.

II. Hugh William, b. 21 June, 1880.

III. Claude Henry, b. 6 March, 1893.

I. Sybil Claudia Jane, b. 26 May, 1881.

II. Gwendoline Mabel, b. 10 Aug. 1882.

III. Mary Myfanwy, b. 31 July, 1884.

IV. Ethel Louisa, b. 23 July, 1888.
v, Gladys Rosamond, 6. I Oct. 1890.

Liineag'e. — The Reveleys, who trace their descent to the-
reign of Edward II., were originally seated in the manor
house of Reveley, on the northern bank of the river Beamish,
at the south-eastern foot of the Cheviots, and subsequently at
Ancroft, Northumberland. In the reign of James L, George
Reveley, of Ancroft, purchased from the last Lord Eure the





manors of Newton, trnderwood, and Throphill, which Sir
Simon Eure had acquired, tem-p. Henry III., from Lord Ber-
tram of Mitford. During the civil war, William Revelet,
of Ancroft (who had in. Rosamund Wentworth, niece of the
Earl of Strafford), with a body of troopers raised by himself,
fought for King Charles on the fatal field of Marston Moor,
and was slain, having attained the rank of Major, at the
decisive battle of >faseby. On the marriage of

William Keveley, Esq. of Newton Underwood (who was 6.
1662), with Margery, dau. and heir of Robert Willey, Esq.
of Newby Wiske, the seat of the family was removed from
Northumberland to Yorkshire, and the Hall House of Newby
Wiske erected. By the heir of Willey, Mr. Reyeley had (with
other issue),
Willey, of Newton Underwood and Newbye Wiske, m. 1717,
Rachel, dau. of Henry Neale, Esq. of London, and was
father of Elizabeth, who m. John Mitford, Esq. of Exbury.
George, of whom presently.

Philadelphia, b. 1688 ; ru. Langdale Smithson, Esq. 2nd son
of Sir Hugh Smithson, Bart., and had an only son. Sir Hugh
Smithson, 3rd Bart., 6. at Newby Wiske, created Duke of
Northumberland 1766.

Mr. Reveley d. 24 Feb. 1725. His 2nd son,

George Eevelet, Esq., b. 1699; to. Elizabeth Tucker, and
by her (who d. July, 1747) had two sons, Henry, his heir,
and Hugh, who d. unm. 2 May, 1762. Mr. Reveley d. at Ali-
cante, Spain, 1766, and wass. by his son,

Henry Reveley, Esq., for many years a Commissioner of
the Excise, 6. at Alicante 1737; m. 1771, Jane, sister of Sir
Claude Champion de Cresplgny, Bart., and dau. of Philip
Champion de Crespigny, Esq. of Camberwell, and by her (who
d. 4 Feb. 1829, aged 86) had issue,

HrcH, his heir.

Algernon, Bengal C.S., b. 27 Dec. 1786 ; m. and had issue.

Elizabeth Ann, m. 1796, Cadwallader Blayney Trevor Roper,

Esq. of Plas Teg, co. Flint.
Henrietta, m. Matthew Buckle, Esq., Admiral E.N., son of

Admiral Buckle, of Nork, Surrey.

Mr. Reveley d. 1798, and was s. by his eldest son,

HcGH Reveley, Esq. of Bryn-y-gwyn, J. P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1811, Secretary to Sir John Mitford while Speaker of
the House of Commons, and afterwards purse-bearer to
him when Lord Chancellor of Ireland as Lord Eedesdale, b.
15 July, 1772; in. 11 Jan. 1803, Jane, only dau. and heir of
Robert Hartley Owen, Esq. of Bryn-y-gwyn, of ancient Cam-
brian descent, and by her (who d. 9 Dec. 1846) had a dau.
Frances, who d. unm. 1830, and one son,

Hugh John Reveley, Esq. of Bryn-y-gwyn, co. Merioneth,
J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1859, b. 15 March, 1812; in. 13
July, 1850, Jane, dau. of Algernon Reveley, Esq., of Gros-
venor Place, Cheltenham, late of the Bengal C.S., and d.
1889, having had issue,

I. Fanny Jane, now of Bryn-y-gwyn.

II. Annie Clara, m. 1879, H. Lloyd-Williams, Esq. J. P.

III. Mai-y Rosamond, in. 1878, Claude H. Shute, only son of
Admiral Sir Claude Buckle, K.C.B., of 59, Rutland Gate,
London, and d. s. p. 1884.

IV. Bertha Gwendolene. v. Mabel.

iSeat — Ei7n-y-gwyn, near Dolgelly.

Maude Frances, 2nd dau. of the late Marmaduke Whitaker,
Esq. of Brecamore, co. York, and has issue.

I. Catherine Ursula, ni. 1S74, Charles Compton Rising, Capt.
R.N., and d. leaving issue.

II. Eleanor Blanche, m. 1873, Major Arthur Cecil Tempest, of
Coleby Hall, co. Lincoln, and has issue.

III. Charlotte Eliza, m. 1892, Gervase, sonof thelate WiUiam
SlarUham, Esq. of Becca Hall.

Mr. Reynard d. 23 Jan. 1883.

&ats— Sunderlandwiek, Driffield, and Hobgrcen, Ripley.


Eetxaed, Feedeeick, Esq. of Sunderlauclwick
and Hobgreen, co. York, J. P. for East and West
Eidings, and D.L. for the East Eiding, h. 4 Dec.
1848 ; m. 22 April, 1879, Editli Maria, 2nd dau. of
Edward Lloyd, Esq. of Lingcroft, York, and has
had issue,

I. Claude Edward, b. 9 Feb. 1880.

II. Algernon Horner, b. 8 Aug. 1884 ; d. 5 March, 1890.

III. Charles Frederick, b. 14 Jan. 1889.

Liineag'e.—HoRN-ER Reynard, Esq., in. 1804, Ursula, dau.
cf Edward Elwick, of Ainderby, co. York, and d. 2 April,
1834, leaving a son,

Edward Horner Reynard, Esq. of Sunderlandwick and
Hobgreen, 6. 1808, m.24 Feb. 1846, Eliza, dau. of Thomas Mason,
Esq. of Copt Hewick, near Ripon, co. York, and had issue,

I. Frederick, now of Sunderlandwick.

II. Charles Edward, Lieut. R.N., d. 1879.

III. Martin Mason, in. 1892, Eleanor Mary, youngest dau.
of the late Thomas Chapman, Esq. of Liverpool.

IV. Francis Horner, Capt. 9th Lancers, m. 5 June, 1S88, i


Biech-Eeynaedsox, Col. Chaeles, of Holy-
well Hall, CO. Lincoln, J.P., late Grenadier Guards,
b. 10 Dec 1845 ; m. 8 April, 1875, Emma Maria,
eldest dau. of the Eev. William Stracey, of Buxton
Vicarage, near Norwich, and has issue,

I. Miriam Anne, b.

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