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27 Feb. 1876.

II. Alice Mary, 6. 10 Oct. 1877.

Lineage. —SiE Abraham Reynardson, Knt. of Totten-
nam High Cross, 6. 1590 (son of Thomas Reynardson, Esq. of
Plymouth, an eminent Turkey Merchant, by Julian Brace his-
wife), became Lord Mayor of London 1649, and was committed
to the Tower by Parliament and fined £2,000 for refusing to-
read the proclamation against the King's Government and
the House of Lords. He was re-elected as 1st Lord Mayor
after the Restoration but was unable to undertake the duties,
on account of declining health. He d. 1661, leaving, by-
Abigail his wife, dau. of Sir Nicholas Crispe, Knt., inttralios^
a son,

Jacob Reynardson, Esq., h. 1652 ; m. 1680, Frances, dau. of
Joseph Farnaby, Esq. of Kippington, Kent, and d. 1719, leav-
ing a son,

Samuel Reynardson, Esq., F.R.S., of Holywell Hall, b. 1704;
m. 1732, Sarah, dau. and heir of Sir Randolph Knipe, and d.
1797, having had issue,

Samuel Charles, d. unm. 1776, at Lisbon.

Jacob, of whom presently.

Frances Elizabeth, in. Edward Reeve, Esq.

Katharine, m. Henry Partridge, Esq. of Norfolk.
The 2nd son,

Jacob Reynardson, Esq. of Holywell Hall, co. Lincoln, 6.
1743 ; in. 1777, Anne, eldest dau. of Sir John Cast, 3rd Bart..
Speaker of the House of Commons, of Belton House, co. Lin-
coln, and sister to the first Lord Brownlow, and d. 1812,.
having had issue, four daus.,

Ethelbed Anne, of whom presently.

Elizabeth Frances, d. 1837.

Katharine Sarah, to. Wyrley Birch, Esq. of Wretham Hall,
CO. Norfolk. Jemima.

The eldest dau.,

Ethelred Anntb Reynabd.son, of Holywell Hall, co. Lin-
coln, b. June^ 1778; m. 3 June, 1806, Gen. Thomas Birch
(eldest son of George Birch, Esq., by his wife Mary, who d.
1837, aged 99 years and 4 months, dau. of Thomas Newall,
Esq.), and by him, who assumed, on the decease of his father-
in-law, 1812, the additional surname and arms of Reynardson,,
and d. 31 Jan. 1847, had issue,

Charles Tuomas Samuel, of Holywell Hall.

George (Rev.), M. A., Rector of Eastling, co. Kent, ?«. Ist,
1846, Julia, youngest dau. of Sir John Trollope, 6th Bart,
of Casewick, by whom he had two daus., Edith and Beatrice,
and 2ndly, Frances Vere, dau. of Fiennes Wykeham Martin,
Esq. of Leeds Castle, co. Kent, and d. Nov. 1892. She d.
30 Oct. 1876.

Edward, of Rushington Manor, Totton, Southampton, C.B.,

J. P., Col. late Grenadier Guards, served in the Crimea,
and commanded the Grenadier Guards at the Battle of
Inkerman, b. 4 May, 1812; to. 5 Sept. 1849, Emily, dau. of

Vere Fane, Esq., and by her (who d. March, 1893) has had

issue, 1 Sydney Louis, 6. 12 Jan. 1861, deceased; 2 Vere

Henry, 6. 26 March, 1864; 1 Rose Catherine; 2 Lilias

Henry, of Adwell House, Tetsworth, co. Oxford, J. P., High

Sheriff 1861, b. 5 Sept. 1804; ?n. 9 Sept. 1847, Eleanor

Dorothea, youngest dau. of Henry S. Partridge, Esq. of

Hoekham Hall, co. Norfolk, and d. 1884, leaving issue,

William John, now of Ardwell, B.A., J. P., b. April, 1849;

Edwin Thomas (Rev.), M.A., Curate of Leeds, co. York, b.

Dec. 1851 ; Aubry Henry, b. Sept. 1853 ; Herbert Frederick,

b. Jan. 1856; and Marion Louisa.
John (Rev.), M.A., Rector of HoIywell-cum-Aunby, co. Lin-
coln, )rt. 6 Nov. 1862, Sophia (who d. May, 1890), 2nd dau.

of Lieut. -Gen. Wynyard, C B.
William, d. young, killed by the kick of a horse.
Ethelred Frances, m. 1834, Henry Champion Partridge, Esq.,

eldest son of Henry Samuel Partridge, Esq. of Hoekham

Hall, Norfolk ; both deceased.

5 Q 2







Matilda Caroline, vi. lSo3, Kobort Ptopford, Esq., son of the
Hon. and Kev. llichard Bruce Stopiord. He d. 25 May,
Enmia Lucy, d. 10 May, 1S67.
Mrs. Biicli-Roynardson d. 22 March, 1S54. The eldest son,

Charles Thomas Samuel I3irch-1{e\nakdsos, Esq. of Holy-
well Hall. D.L., High Sheriff ISSa, 6. 10 Nov. ISIO ; m. 1st, 2
Sipt. IsStj, .\nne, eldest dan. of Simon Yorke, of Erddig, co.
Di-nliirh, and by her ^who d. 16 Oct. 1S53) had issue,

1. Charles, now of Holywell Hall.

I. Kthelred Anne, m. 3 Jan. 18C0, John Alexander, Cth Earl
of Hopetoun, and d. 15 Oct. 1884.

II. Marv Karoline.

III. Constance Louisa Matilda, m. \i Sept. 1S74, Frederick
Toung, Esq., late 2nd Life Guards.

He VI. 2ndly, i Sept. 1S(.!7, Victoria (who d. Aug. 1S71), 3rd
tlau. of George Dodwell, Esq. of Keviusfort, co. Sligo, and d. 25
April, 18S9.

J i-/,ii— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, two chcvronels engrailed
fru.. on a canton of the last a niascle arg., for Keynardson;
•Jnd and 3rd, az., three fleurs-de-lis arg., a canton of the last,
for Birch. C/t^-^o:— 1st, A lion's head erm., murally crowned
fhequy arg. and gu., for Eeyxardson ; 2nd, A fleur-de-lis arg.
and a trefoil vert entwined by a serpent ppr., for Birch.
.Vo».<,.<— Virtus est vitium fugere, for Keynardson ; Pi-udentia
simplicitate, for Birch.

.Sm((— Holvwell Hall, Stamford, co. Lincoln. Town Residence
— 10, West liaton Place, S.W.


Eeyxell, Eichakd, Ksq. of Kilknon, co. Wcst-
iiieath, J. P.. b. 1 Jau. 1S31 ; m. 22 July, 1875, Louu-a
Auna, Toungest dau. of Kev. Thomas Smyth, of
Cook\ CO. Westmcath, and sister of Thomas James
Smyth, Esq. of Ballynegall, co. Westmeath, and by
her" (who d. 17 Dec. 18bl) has issue,

Kichard, 6. 14 Aug. 1S79.

Louisa Anna.

Lineage. — The families of Eeykell of Castle ReyncU, and
TiEYXELL 0/ Jio/neila and A' (7;j/»o», derive from a younger son
of the old Devonshire House of Keynell of JSJaUton.

Edmund Eeynell, 2nd son of Edmund lleynell, Esq. of
^lalston, by Anne, dau. of Lewis Hatch, Esq. of Allar, Devon,
and 14th in direct descent from Sir Eichard Eeynell, temp.
Henry II., settled in Ireland in the ITth century. He )/i.
Mary, dau. of Hugh Eortescue, Esq., and left issue, besides
other children,

Edw.^rd Eeynell, of Maloue, co. Antrim, soveraigne of
Belfast 1665. By Ivatherine Dobbin his wife, he left (with
three daus., i. Mary, m. Eichard Nugent ; n. Margaret, in.
.Samuel Moore ; iii. Alice, -la. James Brownlow) a son and

Edmcnd Eeynell, Esq. of Dublin, a Six Clerk in Chancery,
■who purchased estates in Westmeath, Longford, Leitrim, Eos-
common, and Galway, and d. 3 Feb. 1698 (bur. in the vaults
of St. Michan'.", Dublin), leaving issue by Hannah his wife
<who d. May, 1723), dau. of — Dobbin, Esq. of Carrickfergus,
CO. Antrim,

I. A r.THiR, of Castle Eeynell, CO. Westmeath, Hii;h Sheriff
1715 and 1727, (i. 19 Oct. 1735; m. 1720, Elizabeth, dau.
of Eobert Cooke, Esq. of Cookecborough, co. AVestmeath,
and was grandfather of Col. William Eeynell, of Castle
Eeynell, h. Jan. 1762, who la. 1791, Jane, dau. of Sir William
^Montgomery, Bart, of Macbie Hill, and d. 5 May, 1829,
leaving issue,

1 Anne, in. Admiral de Vecknell, of Holland, and 2nd
Baron de Metitra, of Saxony.

2 Harriet, unm.

3 Barbara, in. 5 Sept. 1827, John, 3rd Earl of Donough-
more, and d. at Chiavari, near Genoa, 11 Jan. 1^57.

II. Eichard. hi. Edmund.
1. Mary, rii. Hector Payne, Esq.

The 2nd son,

Eichard Eeynell, Esq. of Killough, co. Westmeath, Capt.

5th Dragoon Guards, m. circa. 1720, Dorcas (who d. Jan. 1776),

dau. of Eobert Cooke, Esq. of Cookesborough, co. Westmeath,

by whom be had fourteen children (he d. 8 April, 1767, will

proved 8 Nov. 1768), among whom were

J. .\rthur, Eecior of Churchtown, Killagh, and Clonarny,

Diocese of Meath, disinherited, la. Catherine, dau. of James

Nugent, of Clonlost, and had a dau. Dorcas, w. liev. Mr.

Madden, and dying 1784, lelt two sons,

1 Cooke Eeynell, of Woodfort, co. W'estmeath, b. 1761 ; m.

Catherine Webb, of Webbsboro, co. Kilkenny, she d. 4

Jan. 1838, aged 82, and left an only child, Catherine, m.

W.alter Nugent, of Dublin, and had issue. He d. 27 Jan.
1841, aged 81.
2 liichard, d. xinm.
II. Nicholas, of Eeynella, co. Westmeath, 6. 1722; m. 1st
July, 1758, Miss Fiances Brush, and 2ndly, Mary, dau. of
Francis Winter, Esq. of Agher, co. Meath. He d. in March
or April, 17C8, leaving issue by his first marriage,

1 Eichakd, his successor, of Eeynella, 6. 1759 ; m. Feb-.
1789, Elizabeth, only child of Arthur Molesworth, of
Fairlawn, co. Armagh (eldest son of the Hon. Bysse Moles-
worth), by Catherine Fletcher Vane, of Cumberland. He
d. 28 Jan. 1807, leaving issue,

1 Arthur Molesworth, 6. 1790; d. unm. 31 May, 1812.

2 Eichard Molesworth, b. Dec. 1791; d. 18 Sept.

1 Frances, m. 14 Feb. 1S14, Gen. John Nugent, C.B.,

and d. 3 April, 18-7.
The 2nd son,

Eichard Molesworth Eeynell, Esq., of Eeynella,
m. May, 1819, Catherine, only dau. of the Hon. Ponsonby
Moore, brother of the 1st Marquess of Drogheda. He d.
13 Sept. 1824, she cL at Bath, 17 Dec. 1859, leaving an
only child and heir,
Elizabeth Catharine, in. 12 Jan. 1843, at Leamington,

Blancy Townley Balfour, Esq. of Townley Hall, co.

Loath, who d. 2 Sept. 1882, aged 83, leaving issue.

2 Edmund, d. unm.

1 Elizabeth Frances, m. 26 June, 1779, Sir Charles Levinge,
5th Bart, of KnocUdrin, and d. 19 May, 1828.
in. Edward (Eev.), of Killynon, 7)?. 1st, his cousin, Lettice
(who d. s. p. 19 June, 1760), dau. of John Eeynell, Esq. of
Castle Eeynell, and 2ndly, 24 Jan. 1767, Jane, eldest dau.
of Francis Winter, Esq. of Agher, by whom (who d. 22 Jan.
1777) he left at his decease, 28 Jan. 1788 (with three daus.,
Margaret, m. Thomas Barnes, Esq. of Donover, co. Meath ;
Jane, m. Eev. Willi-tm Kellet, Eector of Moynalty; and
Elizabeth, d. unm.}, two sons,

1 Eichard, of Killynon, co. Westmeath, b. 20 March, 1768 ;
111. 23 May, 1795, his cousin. Harriett, dau. and co-heir of
Eobert Eev nell, Esq. of Edmonton, and d. 1 Nov. 1834
(she d. 21 May, 1828), having had issue,

Eichard Winter, of Killynon.
Edward, d. unm. 25 Nov. 1828.
Samuel Arthur, of Areherstown, co. Westmeath, b. 15

Dec. 1814; in. 13 June, 1836, his cousin, Frances

Elizabeth, dau. of Major-Gen. John Nugent, C.B., and

by her (who d. 30 July, 1856; he d. 11 Jan. 1877) left

issue, four daus.
William Knox, d. uwn. 8 May. 1856.
Martha, m. 12 Dec. 1833, Sir Arthur Percy Aylmer, 13th

Bart, of Donadea.
Anna Maria, m. 15 Sept. 1837, Eev. John Fairbrot.her

Drought, of Glencarrig, co. Wicklow, and d. 28 May,

Elizabeth Dorcas, m. 3 Sept. 1S46, Eev. Thomas Acton

Drought, and d. 14 March, 1852.

2 Benjamin Pratt, d. unm. 23 Feb. 1789.

IV. Eobert, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Eanfurlie Knox, of
H.E.I.C.S., and d. Dec. 1794, having had issue, Harriet, m.
23 May, 1795, her cousin. Eichard Eeynell, Esq. of Killynon,
and Clarissa, m. 1798, Eev. George Leslie Gresson.

V. John, of Ballinaleck, Westmeath, m. Miss Siamiish, and
had issue, 1 John; 1 Matilda,!?). Eichard English, Esq. ;
2 Fiances Elizabeth, in. 8 Feb. 1806, Eev. William Anncsley,
son of the Hon. and Very Eev. William Annesley, Dean of

VI. Cooke, killed in a duel in Germany.

The late representative,

Eichard Winter Eeynell, Esq. of Killynon, J. P., High
Sheriff 1839, b. 5 Nov. 1804; m. 10 Feb. 1830, Frances
Alexandrina, youngest dau. of James Sanderson, Esq., D.L.,
of Clover Hill, co. Cavan, and by her (who d. 31 Oct. 1874)

I. Eichard, now of Killynon, present male representative of
the Eeynell family.

II. James Sanderson, b. 30 May, 1832 ; d. unm. 20 March,

III. William Alexander (Eev.), b. 10 March, 1836.

I. llarriette i;iiza. ii. Frances Charlotte.

III. Eliza Thomasina. iv. Cecilia Jemima.

Mr. Eeynell d. 5 Feb. 1887.

Aiins—Arg., masonry sa., a chief indented of the second.
C)Y.s{ — A fox passant or. AluUoes — Murus anews esto ; In-
dubitata fides.

^'eut— Killynon, Killucan, co. Westmeath.


{See Helyae of Pound isford Lodge, and Canons-
grove, CO. Somerset, sub. Hklyab of Coher.)






Rhodes, Johx William, Esq. of Hennerton,
Perks, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff 1889 ; late Lieut.
fiOth Royal Rifles, b. 3 Oct. 1840 ; m. 9 Feb. 1869,
^larie Ada, eldest dau. of the late Edward Mac -
lienzie, Esq. of Fawlej Court, Bucks, and has issue,

I. John Edward, Lieut. King's Eoyal Rifles, h. 13 Feb. 1870.

II. Hubert Victor, b. 50 Aug. 1873.

III. William "Wilfred, 6. 27 Sept. 1874.

I. Mary Brenda.

II. Violet Maud.

Liineag'e. — John William Rhodes, E?q., J. P., of Henner-
ton, in. 16 Sept. 1824, Sarah, dau. of John Edward Brooke,
Esq. of Chaple AUerton, co. York, and by her (who d. 1878)
had issue,

I. John William, now of Hennerton.

II. Henry Brooke, late Capt. 68th Light Infantry, in. Helen,
dau. of Henry Garnett, Esq. of Wyreside, Lancashire.

HI. Herbert Edward, d. s. p.

I. Mary Anne (deceased), m. John Gittens Maycock, Esq.

II. Sarah, m. Frederic Peel, Esq. (deceased), of Highlands,

III. Eliza, in. Robert John Tilncy, Esq. of Liverpool. Both

IV. Caroline.

V. Charlotte Anne, m. Rev. John Monkhouse (deceased).
Mr. Rhodes d. 10 Feb. 1863.

<S'«a(— Hennerton, Henley-on-Thames.


RiALL, William Aethuk, Esq. of Annerville,
CO. Tipperary, J.P. and D.L., b. 20 April, 1850.

Lineage. — Phineas Eiall, Esq. of Clonmel, co. Tip-
perary, b. 1 Jan. 1659, m. 1692, Elizabeth, dau. of William
Vaughan, Esq. of Clonmel, and had a son,

William Vacghan Riall, Esq. of Clonmel, m. 1727, Mary,
dau. of John Bagwell, Esq., and by her (who d. 1774) had

Phineab, of whom presently.

Samuel (Rev.), to. Elizabeth Miles, sister and heir of Col.
Lawford Miles, of Eochestown, and had issue, John Bag-
well, who d. s. p., and Elizabeth, wife of Dunbar Barton,
Esq. of Eochestown, co. Tipperary.


Elizabeth, m. Sir John Xewport.

The elder son,

Phineas Eiall, Esq. of Heywood, co. Tipperary. b. 16
April, 1729; m. 19 Nov. 1768, Catherine, dau. of Charles
Caldwell, Esq. of Dublin, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of
I'.enjamin Heywood, Esq. of Liverpool, great-grandfather of
Sir Benjamin Heywood, 1st Bart, of Claiemont, co. Lancaster,
and dying 15 May, 1797, left issue,

William, of whom presently.

Charles (see Riall of Old Connd Hill).

Phineas (Sir), Gen. in the army, to. Scarlett, and d. s.p.

Arthur, m. twice.

Eliza, wife of Gen. Sir George Cockburn.

Mary, d. unm.

The eldest son,

William Eiall, Esq. of Annerville, b. 17 Nov. 1769; m.
4 Jan. 1798, Dorothea, eldest dau. of Col. Henry Bellingham,
of Castle Bellingham, co. Louth, and by her (who d. March,
1S48) had issue,
Phinea-s, b. 1799; d. unm. 1827.

William Henry, Comm. R.N., 6. 1803; m. 1831, in South
.\merioa. Miss E. F. Parkinson, and d. s. p. 9 Jan. 1866.
His widow d. 1870.
Samdel, of .4nnerville.
Elizabeth, d.inim. 182.T.

Catherine, m. 1834, James Ramsay Smith, Esq.
Dorothea, m. 1830, Richard Moore. Esq. of Clonmel, and d.
1862, leaving issue, Richard Koxboro Moore, Capt. 15th
Regt., and Lucy Ellen, m. Capt. M. V. S. Morton.
Jlr. Riall d. 2 Nov. 1843, and was s. by his eldest surviving

Samuel Riall, Esq. of Annerville, J. P., 6. 6 Sept. 1807;
hi. 29 April, 1840, Maria, widow of Thomas Quin, Esq. of Red-
iiiondstown, and only dau. of George Baker, Esq. of Cahir,
and by her (who d. 5 Nov. 1888) had issue,
William Arthcr, now of Annerville.

Dorothea Maria, m. 20 Oct. 1874, Thomas Bedford Mont-
gomery, Esq. of Government House, Londonderry, and has
issue, Arthur Samuel, 6. April, 1877 ; and Amy Maria, d. 9
Feb. 1879.

Mr. Eiull d. 3 Feb. 1872, and was s. by his only son.

Arms — Arg., on a bend engrailed az., between an eagle dis-
played in chief and an escallop in base gu. a pile issuing from
the dexter of the first. Ccest— A lion's head erased gu. iloUo
— Re alta modestas.

Seat — Annerville, Clonmel.


Riall, Lewis John Roberts, Esq. of OldConna
Hill, CO. Dublin, D.L., High Sheriff 1889, J.P, cos.
Dublin and Wicklow, late Capt. 15th Regt., b. IS
Jan. 1838 ; m. 16 Feb. 1871, Elizabeth Sophia,
eldest dau, of Capt. Dayid Beattj, of Healtbfield,
CO. Wexford, and has issue,

I. Olive Mary.

II. Violet Maud.

III. Elizabeth Rose.

Lineage — Charles Eiall, Esq. of Heywood, Clonmel'
(2nd son of Phineas Riall, Esq. of Heywood, see preceding
Article), m. 6 April, 1801, Anne, 3rd dau. and co-heir of Johoi
Roberts, Esq. of Old Conna Hill, co. Dublin, descended front
ancient Welsh ancestry, and by her (who d. 1837) had issue,

I. Phineas, of Old Conna Hall.

II. John, b. 15 Sept. 1805.

III. George Charles, d. 7 Aug. 1835.

IV. Arthur, d. 17 Sept. 1829.

I. Martha, d. nvm. 26 June, 1887, a;;ed 85.

II. Kate, m. Col. George Robert Kennedy, R.A., and has-
issue, two sons and two daus.

III. Anne, ?/;. 1st, John Mumiy, Esq., who d. leaving issue,
four sons and two daus., and 2ndly, Richard Roe, Esq., and
has issue, two daus.

IV. Jane Charlotte, m. 1839, George John Beresford, Esq ,
Lieut.-Col. R.A., great-grandson of Marcus, 1st Earl of
Tyrone, and d. 27 March, 1842.

Mr. Eiall d. April, 1855, and was «. by his eldest son,

Phineas Riall, Esq. of Old Conna Hill, J.P. and D.L. for
Dublin, and J.P. for Wicklow, High Sheriff for co. Dublin,
1S63, b. 11 May, 1803 ; m. 15 July, 1834, Mary Anne, dau. of
John Roe, Esq. of Rockwell, co. Tipperary, and by her(whod..
1861) had issue,

I. Lewis John Roberts, now of Old Conna Hill.

II. Charles Phineas Roberts, b. 17 Jan. 1840.

III. Arthur George Roberts, Comm. R.N. (retired), 6. 9
Feb. 1842; m. 2 Nov. 1874, Selina Florinda, eldest dau. of
William Truelock Bookey, Esq. of Derrybawn, co. Wicklow,
and has issue.

IV. WiUiam Augustus, of Heywood, co. Tipperary, late Col.,
R.A., 6. 25 Aug. 1»44: m. 27 Jidy, 1880, Eleanor Mary,,
only dau. of Sackville Deane Hamilton, Esq. of Beechmount,
CO. Cork, and has issue.

V. Richard Villiers Sankey, late Major loth Regt., 6. 30 Aug.
1846; m. 4 Jan. 1887, Lily, 3rd dau. of Jonathan S. Harri-
son, of Brandesburton Hall, East Yorks.

I. Elizabeth Jane, 7n. 1873, Rev. Kalph A. A. Meredith,.
M.A., who d. Dec. 1878, leaving issue, two sons and one

II. Edith May Marion, m. 1872, Col. Delves Broughton, ISth
Regt., and had issue.

Mr. Eiall d. 15 Aug. 1884, and was s. by his eldest son, the
present Lewis John Roberts Riall, Esq. of Old Conna Hill.

^nns— Arg., on a bend engrailed az., between an eagle dis-
played in chief and an escallop in base gu., a pile issuing from
the dexter of the first, quartering, erm., a mullet gu., between
three crows close sa., each holding in its beak an ear of wheat
ppr, for Roberts. Crest — A lion's head erased or, charged
with an escallop gu., in the mouth a trefoil vert. Motto — Duw
au fendith yw fy ngwenwth.

iSecU— Old Conna Hill, Bray.


RiCAEDO, Frank, Esq. of Bromesberrow Place,
CO. Worcester, and of Bnre Homage, co. Hants, J.P.
cos. Worcester, Hants, Hereford and Gloucester, b.
5 June, 1850; m. 27 Sept. 1877, Ahce Henrietta,
2nd dau. of Col. the Hon. Edmund Gambler
Monckton, of South'well Manor, co. ]S"ottingham»
and has had issue,

I. David Alan, b. April, 1880

II. Frank, b. 18 Apiil, 1887.
I. Katherine Alice.

III. Sybil Mary.
v. Olive Hope.

II. Mabel Violet.

IV. Margaret Florence.

VI. Muriel.





Xiineage. — David Ricardo,* M.P. for rortarlington, the
celebrated writer on Political Economy, the son of a Dutch
Merchant, was 6. 1-2 April, 1772. and m. 20 Dec. 1793, Priscilla
Anne, dau. of Edward 'Wilkinson, Esq., by whom he had
OsMAN, of Broniesberrow Place.

David Ricakpo, of Gatcombe Park, J. P., h. 18 May, 1S03;
7?i. 1 June, 1S24, Catherine, 4lh dau. of William Thomas
St. Quintin, Esq. of Scampstou Hall, co. York, and d. 17
May, 1S64, leaving issue,
George, d. 1S31.

Henry David, of Gatcombe, J. P., h. 8 March, 1833; m.
24 June. 185S, Ellen, 2nd dau. of the Von. William Craw-
ley, Archdeacon of Monmouth, and Kcctor of Bryrgwyn,
and J. IS Feb. 1873, leaving issue,

I. IIenbt George, now of Gatcombe, co. Gloucester,
Capt. K.H.A., (). 23 June, 1860; m. 188.5, Adela, 2nd
dau. of John Patteson Ci'bbold, E.*q., M.P.,of Ipswich,
and has issue, a dau. 6. IS Jau 1887.

II. Arthur David, Lieut. li.N., t> 14 Sept. 1861.
HI. William Crawley, b. 6 April, 18G4.

IV. AnitiroseSt. Quintin. h. 21 Nov. 18G6.

V. Charles Ilarrv, b. ID and d. IS Oct. 15G9.

I. Ellen Geitrudc.

II. Katherine Cecil.

III. Arabel Mary.

IV. Rachel Bertha.

V. Magdalen Harriet.

VI. Ellen Amy.

MoRTi.MER, of Kiddington, D.L. co. Oxford, Capt. 2nd Life
Guards, m. IS July, 183G, Catherine, 4th dau. of Gen. the
Hon. Robert Meade, 2nd son of John, 1st Earl of Clan-
william, and d. 21 April, 1876, leaving issue,
David, late Capt. loth Hussars, b. 16 Aug. 1841; m. 5
July, 1872, Annette Campbell, dau. of Col. Walter Camp-
bell, of Skipness, co. Argyll, d. April, 1876.
Frank, now of Bromesbenow Place.
Mary Bertha. Mabel Ada.

Henrietta, m. Thomas Clutterbuck, Esq.
Priscilla, m. Anthony Austen, Esq.
Eanny, m. Edward Austen, Esq. Mary, d. unra.

Mr. Ricardo d. U Sept. 182:;. His eldest son,

OsMAN Ricardo, Esq. of Broniesberrow Place, co. Worcester,
J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Worcester, b. 25 May, 1795; m.
22 May, 1817, Harriett, youngest dau. of Robert Harvey
Mallory, Esq. of Woodcote, co. Warwick, and d. s. p. 1881.
His nephew,

Frank Ricardo, Esq., is now of Bromesberrow Place.

Arms — Gu., a bend vaire, arg., and vert, between three
garbs or, on a chief erm. a chess rook sa. between two bezants.

Seats — Bromesberrow Place, Ledbury, Worcester, and Buro
Homage, Christchurch, Hants.


EiCAEDO, HoEACE, Esq. of Eramley Park, co.
Surrey, J. P., Col. Grenadier Guards, b. 28 Sept.
1850; tn. 7 Aug. 1877, Henrietta, dau. of Col.
Edward Goulburn, of Uetchworth House, Surrey,
and by her lias issue,

Amy Cccile, 6. 1879.
Winifred Maud, 6. 1830.
Dorothy Mary, 6. 1887.

Liineagre. — Ralph Ricardo, Esq. of Park Square, London,
(son of Abraham Ricardo, who d. 1812, by his wife, Rebecca
Delvalle, m. 1758), m. 29 JIarch, 1819, Charlotte, dau. of
Joseph Lobb, Esq., and by her (who d. 1862) had issue,

Percy, of Bramley Park.

Harry, m. July, 1851, Anna, dau. of H. W. Halsey, Esq.,

and </. 1861, baving had issue, four sons and one dau.
Francis, of the Friary, Berks, J. P., b. 13 June, 1833; m. 28

Nov. 1863, Louisa Jane, dau. of the late Right Hon. Sir

Thomas Erskine Perry, P.C, member of the Council of

India, and has issue,

I. Wilfrid Francis, Lieut. Royal Horse Guards, 6. 23
March, 1868.

II. Clement Stuart, h. 11 Dec. 1870.
I. Selina Florence Charlotte.

* David Ricardo's younger brother Jacob, was father of
John Lewis Ricardo, i. 1812, M.P. Stoke-upon-Trent, D.L.
to. Moray, author of The llinlory and Anatomy of Vie Naviga-
tion Laxcs, who d. 20 Aug. 1802, aged 50. He m. 11 Aug. 1841,
Lady Katherine Duff, sister of James, 5th Earl of Fife, and d.
Dec. 1869, leiving a son,

AuGCsTCs Lewis Ricabdo, Esq., Capt. Grenadier Guards, m.
18G5, Florence, dau. of Robert Campbell, Esq. of Buscot Park,
Berks, and d. s. p. 1871.

II. Beatrice Eleanor.

III. Sybil Agnes.

IV. Constance Evelina.

V. Lilian Stephanie.

Mr. Ricardo d. 4 Nov. 1875. His eldest son,

Percy Ricardo, Esq. of Bramley Park, co. Surrey, J.P,
and D.L., 6. 24 May, 1820 ; m. 10 April, 1846, Matilda, dau. of
John Isaac Hensley, Esq., and by her (who d. 14 Dec. 1S80)
had issue,

I. Horace, now of Bramley Park.

II. Francis Cecil, Major Grenadier Guards, 6. 3 July, 1852.

I. Amy Mary, m. 10 Nov. ISiiS, Charies Henry, Earl of
Mrvrch and Darnley, eldest son of the Duke of Richmond,
L.ennox, and Gordon, K.G., and d. 23 Aug. 1879, leaving

II. Ellen Maud. TO. 15 Jan. 1872, Col. Her\'ey Juckes Lloyd
Bruce, late Coldstream Guards, eldest son of Sir Henry
Hervey Bruce, Bart., and has issue, four sons.

Mr. Ricardo d. 1892.

Seat — Bramley Park, Guildford, Surrey. Town Address —
50, Eaton Place, S.W.

EiCE, Sib Edwaed Bridges, K.C.B., of Dane
Court, CO. Kent, J.P. for cos. Kent and Hants,
Admiral E.N. (retired 1884), formerly Commander-
in-Chief at Sheerness, b. 30 Oct. 1819 ; m. 18 Feb.
1861, Cecilia Caroline, 2nd dau. of Rev. William
Vernon Harcourt, of Nuueham Park, co. Oxford,
and has issue, a sou and heir,

Henry Edward Harcodrt, 6. 15 Dec. 1804.

Liineagre. — Edward Royd Rice, Esq. of Dane Court, co.
Kent, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1830, .and M.P. for co. Dover
from 1837-1857, b. 1790, was 3rd son of Henry Rice, Esq. of
Brambling House, co. Kent, by Sarah his wife, dau. of J.
Samson, Esq., and grandson of Walter Rice, Esq. of Llwyn-y-
Brain Hall, co. Carmarthen. He to. 6 Oct. 1818, Elizabeth,
dau. of Edward Knight, Esq. of Godmersham Park, co. Kent,
and had issue,

I. Edward Bridges, now of Dane Cour

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