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5 John, (Z. an infant; 6 Thomas, 6. 1773, d. 1812 ; and 1
Dorothy, d. an infant.

III. Samuel, b. 1717; to. 1753, Leah Leake, and had two
children, who d. in infancy.

IV. William, 6. 1719 ; d. 1753 (will proved at York 1785).

v. Thomas, 6. 1720; d. 1787; his wife Sarah d. at Cotting-
ham 1859, aged 71.

I. Mary, b. 1715; ra. Thomas Brooks.
Mr. Samuel Eingrose d. 1739. His eldest son,

John Ringrose, of Cottingham, b. 1712, and d. 1"G7 (wiD
proved at York) leaving by Ann his wife,

John, of whom presently.

Elizabeth, b. 1747 ; to. 1773, James Marr.

Ann, b. 1749.
His only son,

John Eingrose, of Cottingham, sometime of Swan-
land, a minor at his father's death, bapt. 1 Oct. 1751, m. 1
Dec. 1774, Eebecca, dau. of William Hall, a landowner at
Cottingham, Kirkella, Swanland, and Ferriby, and by her,,
who d. 1822, aged 68, had issue,

I. John, of Swanland, 6. 1777, and d. unm. 1848, at Cotting-

II. William, of whom presently.

III. Ea.spin. a merchant at Hull, b. 6 March, 1782; ra. Ann.
Tod, of Swanland, and d. 1809, leaving issue, Jane C'arlile-
(who m. her cousin, John Todd, J. P., of Swanland Hall).

IV. Christopher Leake, a merchant at Hull and in Holland,
Consul for the Netherlands at Hull, and Sheriff of Hull,
1845, bapt 24 Dec. 1791 ; m. 1818, Mary Ann, eld. dau. of
Thomas Boyes, of Driffield, a merchant ,at Hull, and
Hanoverian Consul, and d. at Trauby Hessle, Dec. 1864,
having by her had issue,

1 Christopher Leake, 6. 9 April, 1821 ; to. 12 Nov. 1845,
Euphcmia Chalmers Pitcairn Knowles, of Kirkville,
Aberdeenshire, and d. 18 Nov. 1873, leaving issue,
I. Charles Edward Leake, Barristcr-at-Law, B.A. Ch. Ch.
Oxford, Eegistrarof Deeds for N.E. Yorks, b. 1849; m.
19 Nov. 18S9, Blanche, eld. dau. of John Eichard V/cst-
garth Hildyard, of Hutton Bonville Hall, and Blanche
his wife, dau. of Sir Eichard Digby Neave, Bart., and.
has issue, Christopher Hildyard, b. 13 Nov. 1890, and
Euphemia Blanche ; ii. Arthur Leake, of Northallerton ;
and III. Henry, d. v. p.

2 John Easpin, a merchant at Hull, and Consul for the
Netherlands, sometime Chairman of the Dock Company at
Hull, b. 24 Nov. 1822 ; «i. his cousin, Amelia Jackson, of
Kiston Grange, and has issue, i. William Easpin, m.
Gertrude Eobinson ; ii. Nevill ; in. Herbert, ?«. ; iv-
Bernard, m. and is a solicitor in London ; i. Mary, m. her
cousin C.J. Eingrose, of Cottingham; ii. Alice ; in. Maude.





5 Faulkenor Phillipps, b. 1826; m. and left issue.

4 James Henry, Lieut. R.N., h. 28 June, 1»28; m. 1866,
his cousin Susanna Anne Jackson, and d. 1882.

2 Kobert Boyes, b. 29 April, 1832; to. 1854, Emily Jane,
only dau. of George P'rancis Davenport, of Wigston, co.
Leicester, and of South Australia (sea Burke's Colonial
Gentry) and had issue, i. Robert Colin, of Herberton,
North Queensland, M.A. B.L. m. June, 1887, Isabel
Emery, and has surviving issue, Majorie, 6. 31 Dec.
1889 ; II. George Davenport, J.]>. N.R.W., b. 11 Jan. 1859 ;
m. 1887, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of E. L. Rowling, Police
JIag. of Balranald, N.S.W. ; iii. Charles James, b. 1S90,
d. an infant; iv. Christopher Hall, 6. 26 Dec. 1861,
m. 10 June, 1885, Eliza Bassingthwaite, and has issue,
Colin Boyes, i. 18 B>b. 1889, a son b. 1892, and Elsie
Davenport, b. 3 April, 1886 ; v. Francis Davies, in lioly
orders, M.A. Merton Coll. Oxford, b. 1-1 April, 186.3 ; vi.
Ronald Dugdale (Rev.), Curate of Wantage, Berks, B.A.
Merton Coll. Oxford, 6. 3 May, 186s ; i. Eliza Frances,
h. 1855 ; II. Catherine Liddon, b. 1866, rf. in infancy.

6 George Hall, 4th Dragoon Guards, J.P., b. 9 Oct 1835 ;
m. Dec 1867, Emma Mildred, 3rd dau. of Capt. Childers
Thompson, 4th Dragoon Guards, of the Mount, York,
J. P., and has issue, a dau. Mildred.

1 Amelia, the friend of Charlotte Bronte, b. 28 Dec. 1818,
ra. John Taylor, of Bradford, and d. s. x>-

2 Mary Anne, b. 1820, d. in infancy.

3 Anne Elizabeth, b. 14 Feb. Is25, d. unm. March, 1847.

4 Margaret Rosetta, b. 19 Jan. 1830 ; m. John Dugdale, of
Llvvyn, Llanfyllin, co. Montgomery, and has issue.

5 Clara Valentine, in. John Scholtield, of Liverpool, and
d. July, 1860, leaving two daus. who d. young.

6 Laura Schiblo, m. Bryan Boyes Jackson, and has

7 Mary Anne Boyes, b. and d. 1839.

V. Thomas, b. 15 July, 1797; d. U Feb. 1828.

I. Dorothy, b. 1775; m. John Bailey.

II. Rebecca, m. 22 Nov. 1805, Daniel Field of Anlaby.
in. Ann, bapt. 4 April, 1787 ; m. Mauchlin Holland.

IV. Elizabeth, bapt. 29 March, 1789; d. unm. 30 Nov. 1SG8.
Mr. John Ringrose d. 9 Aug. 1831. His 2nd son,

William Ringrose, of Cottingham Grange, co. York, b.
1780; wi. Jane, dau. of William Wilkinson, Esq. of Cotting-
ham, and tL 1841, leaving by her (who rf. 1840),

I. William Wilkinson, b. 1814, rf. v.nm. at Kilham, East
Yorks, 1873. ii. Thomas, of whom presently.

III. John, of Cottingham Grange, E.R. Yorks, 6. 1818, m. 1st,
1851, Augusta Ann Knapp, grand-dau. of 8ir Jeffrey Wyat-
ville,and had issue, 1 Charles John, of Cottingham Grange,
J. P., b. 1852; m. 1881, Mary Ann Amelia, eldest dau. of
John Ringrose, Esq. of Sutton Grange, Yorks, and has issue,
George Howard John, b. 8 June, 1886, and Marie Augusta
Amelia; and 2 Jeffrey Wyatville, bapt. 29 Oct. 1853. He
m. 2ndly, 1863, Anne Elizabeth, only dau. of Richard
Marshall. Esq. of Hornsea, co. York, and d. 1876, leaving
by her (who m. 2ndly, — Ion, of Bury St. Edmunds) ; 3
Marshall Hotnam, b. 1864; 1 Annie Emma, m. 1886, Henry
Kelloch McKay, eldest son of Gen. McKay ; 2 Matilda
Fanny ; and 3 Edith Jane.

The 2nd son,

Thomas Ringrose, Esq. of Anlaby, Yorks, J. P. (who
assumed in 18C0 by royal licence the name of Voase, in con-
sequence of the will of William Voase, Esq., mentioned below),
b. 1816 ; TO. 1847, Fanny Voase Elizabeth, dau. of Lord Henry
Smith, Esq. of Greenwich and Cottingliam, and niece of Wil-
liam Voase, of Anlaby House, and rf. 1884, leaving issue,

I. Jolin William, 6. 1850; rf. in infancy.

II. William Ringkose, now of Anlaby.

III. Reginald Thomas Ringrose, Major E. Y'orks Mil., b. 17
.June, 1856 ; m. 19 July, 1893, Margaret Ann, dau. of W.
II. Wilson-Todd, Esq., M.P., of Halnaby Hall, East Yorks.

I. Jane Elizabeth, to. 1867, J. H. F. Peppercorn, Esq,

II. Fanny Maria, m. 1875, Edward Curtis Twiss, Esq., J.P.

III. Ellinor Mary Greenfell, to. 1885, Walter EUershaw, Esq.

IV. Margaretta Emma, b. 1859 ; rf. muto. 1870.

Seats — Chilworth Tower, near Romsey, Hants ; and Anlaby
House, near Hull.
Club — Conservative.


!Fox-Pitt-Eitees,Attgustits Henry Lane, Esq.,
F.E.S., of Eushniore, co. Wilts, Liout.-Geu. in the
army, High Sheriff co. Dorset, 1884, b. 14 April,
1827, assumed by royal licence, dated 25 May, 1880,
in compliance with the testamentary injunction of
his great-uncle, George, 2nd Lord Rivers, the
additional surnames of Pitt-Eitees and the arms
of Pitt for himself, and the additional surname of

Pitt in addition and after Fox for his issue. He
m. 3 Feb. 1853, Hon. Alice Margaret Stanley, dau.
of Edward John, 2nd Lord Stanley of Aldcrley,
and has issue,

I. Alexander Edward Lane, J.P., F.S.A., late Lieut. Dor-
setshire Yeomanry, 6. 2 Nov. 1855.

II. St. George William Lane, b. 14 Sept. 1856.

III. William Augustus Lane, Capt. Grenadier Guards, &. 9
Jan. 1858.

IV. Lionel Charles Lane, b. 5 Nov. 1860.
v. Douglas Henry Lane, 6. 17 Dec. 1864.

VI. Arthur Algernon Lane, b. 12 April, 1866.

I. Ursula Katherine, to. 14 Jan. 1880, William Charlca Scott,
Esq. of Thorpe Chertsey, J.P.

II. Alice Augusta Laurentia, m. 17 May, 1884, Et. Hon. Sir
John Lubbock. Bart., M.P., and has issue.

HI. Agnes Geraldine, m. 20 July, 1882, Walter John Grove,
Esq., eldest son of Sir Thomas Fraser Grove, 1st Bart, of

Liineag-e (see Lane Fox of Bramham Park). — Jasies Lane
Fox, Esq. of Bramham Park, co. York, M.P. for Horsham, m.
23 July, 1789, Hon. Marcia Lucy Pitt, 3rd dau., and in her
issue co-litir of George, 1st Lord Rivers, and by her (who rf.
5 Aug. 1822) had issue,

I. George, his lieir, father of George Lane Fox, Esq., of
Bramham Park (sec that faintly).

II. William Acgostcs, of whom hereafter.

III. Sackville Walter, to. Lady Charlotte Maiy Anne
Georgiana Osborne, dau. of the 6tli Duke of Leeds, and had
issue. His son Sackville George Lane Fox s. in right
of his mother as 12th Bakon Conyers (see Burke's

Mr. Lane Fox rf. 7 April, 1821. His 2nd son,

William AnonsTcs Pitt Lane Fox, Esq., Grenadier Guards,
6. 1796 ; m. 31 Dec. 1817, Lady Caroline Douglas, dau. of Hon.
John Douglas, and sister of George Sholto, 18th Earl of Morton,
and by her (who rf. 7 Nov. 1873) had issue,

I. William Edward Lane, b. 1818 : rf. unm. 1852.

II. Augustus Henry Lane, now Gen. Fox-Pitt-Rivees.
Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, sa., a fesse chequy arg. and'

az. between three bezants, for Pitt ; 2nd and 3rd, arif., a
chevron between three foxes' heads erased gu. for Fox. Crests.
— 1st, Pitt, A stork ppr. ; 2nd, Fox, On a five-leaved ducal
coronet or, a fox passant ppr. ikfoito— jEquam servare-

Scat— Eushniore, Salisbury, co. Wilts. Town Residence— 'i,
Grosvenor Gardens, S.W.


EiTis, Tiiom:as William Preston, Esq. of i^ew-
stead House, co. York, J.P. for the East Eiding, b.
1 Oct. 1866.

liineage. — Thomas Edward Eivis, Esq. of Newstead
House, J.P. and D.L. (eldest son of Matthew Eivis, by Mary
his wife, dau. of John Hall, of Wykeham,, b. 8 Feb. 1813 ; s.
his uncle, John Eivis, Esq., Alderman of Hull 1844; 7yi. 26.
July, 1842, Mary, dau. of William Preston, Esq. of Bury-
thorpe, and had issue,

I. John William, late 13th Hussars, b. 1843 ; r,i. 18C5, Emma;
Leaper, and rf. 9 Nov. 1869, leaving issue, Thomas William,
Preston, now of Newstead House ; John Charles, b. 1868 ;.
Mary Edith, b. 1870.

II. Thomas Edwai'd, late 13th Hussars, 6. 1846 ; m. lS77i,
GertruJe, dau. of Charles Lockhart, Esq.

III. Charles Francis, rf. 1855.
Mr. Rivis d. 1878.

Seat — Newstead House, Malton.


EoBAETS, Abraham John, Esq. of Tile [Icu^o,
Lillingstone Dayrell, Eucks, B.A. O.^ford, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1869, Capt. late Eucks
Yeomanry, b. 15 Dec. 1838; m-. 17 Aug. 1869,
Edith, youngest dau. of the Hon. i'ercy Earrington,
and has issue,

John, b. 10 Jime, 1872.
Mary Edith, b. 17 June, 1870.

Mr. Eobarts is eldest son of Abraham George
Eobarts, Esq. of London, banker (who d. Sept.
1860), by Elizabeth Sarah Ids wife, dau. of John
Henry Smyth, Esq., and Lady Ehzabeth Smyth, of

5 E 2

Gerald, b. 15 April, 1878.
Elsie, b. 25 May, 1874.





Ileatli Ilall, WakofieUl, co. York, and prandson of
Abraham Wikley Kobaris, Esq., M.P. t,\vlio d.
April, 1S5S), by Cliarloitc Ann his wife, dan. of
Edmund Wilkinson, Esq. of Potterton Lodge,
Tadcaster, co. York.

.■ii-7(i.«— Qu.irterly : 1st and -Ith, ?a., three cross-bows arg. :
2nd and 3rd, sa., a clievron enii. botwiin three martlets lU'r.
(Vf,<f — A stag lodged reguardaut ppr. Mo'.lo—i\cc temere nvc

S-.«f— Tile House, T.ilUn£rstone Payrell, Bucks. Tonn
Resideiict—-^, IlUl Street, W.


EoBEKTS, EiCUAED WiLLiAii, Esq. of Ardmore,
00. Cork, J. P., b. 27 July, 1827; m. 2-4 April, 1856,
lleuriotta Sarah Dorman, eldest dan. of Kobcrt
Hedi:es Eyre White, Esq. of Glengariffe Castle, co.
Cork (by Charlotte Mary his wife, dan. and lieir of
Thomas Dorman, Esq. of Kaffeen House, co. Cork),
great-niece of the 1st Earl of Bantry, and has issue,

I. John, b. 1857. ,

II. Kichard Hed;;es Eyre, in Iloly Orders.

III. Byam Martin. iv. Norcott D'Estcrre.

I. Charlotte Francis, d. unm. July, 1891.

II. Anna Maud, d. unvi. Feb. 1SS2.

III. Henrietta .Sarah Vcrekor, d. an infant.

IV. Henrietta Sarah Vereker.

Xiineagre. — Roberts of Ardmore claims de.=;cent from
KoBARTEs of Cornwall.

RoBEBTS, of Ardmore, co. Cork, first emiccrated to America,
and then settled in Ireland. He m. and had issue,

John', his heir.

Jane, (/. uiim.

Sarah, »)i. Henry Cheney, M.D., of America.

JIary, m. — Bentley, Ksq., and had Kobevts and Mary, who
both d. unm.

The son,

John- Roberts, Esq. of Ardmore, m. Sarah, 2nd dau. of John
Lake, of co. Durham, and by her (who d. 8 April, 1810, a^'ed
It-; had issue,

John, d. unm. Richard, hi=: heir.

Mary. m. 1782, William Atkins, Esq. of Fouiitaiuville, co.
Cork, and had issue.

Mr. Roberts d. 1795, and was s. by his son,

Richard lioBERTs, Esq. of Ardmore, J. P., b. 1751 ; m. 1st,
Bridget, dau. and co-heir of William Norris, Esq. of Old
Court, CO. Cork, and by her (who d. 1794-C)5) had no issue. He
T.(. 2ndly, Mary Anne Neville, dau. of Norcott D'Estcrre, Esq.
of Killura, and Ca.stle Henry, co. Clare, by his wife, a dau. of
Harding Parker, Esq. of Hilbrook, and had issue by her,

I. JcHN, his heir.

II. Norcott DEsterre, of FitzWilliam Place, Dublin, m. 1841,
Cherry, 2nd dau. of Col. Robert Torrens, M.P. for Uoltou
by Charity his wife, dau. of Richard Chute, Esq. of Kox-
liorough, CO. Kerry, and had issue,

1 Norcott D'Estcrre, Major Loyal North Lancashire Regt.

2 Richard Torrens, d. unm. April, ls68

1 Cherubina Herbert DEsterre, in. 6 Feb. 1869, Francis
B. Chute, Esq. of Chute Hall. co. Kerry.

2 Jane, la. 4 Jan. 1866, Pearson Uiil, Esq., only son of
Sir Rowland Hill, K.C.B.

3 Mary Anne.

Ilr. N. D. Rolxirts, d. 1865, and his widow m. 2ndly, 18GC,
Gen. R. J. Stotherd, R.E.

III. Richard, Lieut. U.N. , who commanded the "President,"
in which he was lost in l!jil. He m. Jane. dau. of William
Johnson, Esq. of co. Cork, and had issue, one child, Richard,
C-ipt. Kerry Militia, m. 23 Feb. 1867, Lucia Parker, 2nd dau.
of Rev. W. Coitir Williamson.

IV. William D'Estcrre. m. 1846, Christina M'Call, dau. of
M'Cail Browne, Esq. of Langtine, co. Ayr, and has issue,

1 William D'Estcrre. 2 Norcott D'Esterre.

. 3 Richard.

1 Christina M'Call.
• 2 Minnie D'Esterre, m. Norman M'Leod, Esq.

3 Jane. 4 Sarah Green.

5 Anne Amelia Shersoa. 6 WilhelmLna.

V. Abraham, d. unm.

I. Anne Eliza, m. 1816, 'William FitzWilliam Wentworth,
Esq., Ijeut. U.K.

II. Sarah, n. Sydenham Green, Esq. of Bristol, and d. 1869.

III. Marianne, m. William Maitland, Esq. (son of John Mait-
land, Esq. of Eccles, co. Dumfries, M.P., brother of Lady
Roberts, of Eritfieldstown).

OiS. Roberta was s. by his son,

John Roberts, Esq. of Ardmore, 6. 1801 ; m. 1826, Anne,
dau. of William Johnson, Esq., and sister of Noble Johnson,
Esq. of Rockcnham, co. Cork, and dying 18S0, left issue,

Richard, now of Ardmore.

\Villi:im D'Estcrre, in. 21 Dec. 1865, Emily G. Villiers, d.-iu.
of Kcv. Arthur Leman.

Norcott D'Esterre, I'ayniastcr R.X, John, d.

Sarah, d. unm.

Mary Anne D'Esterre, m. R. Hedges Eyre White, Esq., jun.
of Glengariffe Castle, co. Cork.

Eliza, d. unin.

Arms — Az., three csloiles or, a chief wavy of the second.
Crest — A hon rampant or, holding in the dexter paw a sword,
the blade wavy arg., hilt and pommel gold. Motto — Patria
cara, carior libcrtas.

Seat — Ardmore, Passage West, co. Cork.


Egberts, Aethus Phillips, E.sq. of "oeddu, co.
Flint, J. P., late Capt. Eoyal Flintshire Militia, b. ■'•
July, 1851 ; 771. 12 jS^ov. 1892, Hon. Maria Theres'^,,
2iKl surviving dau. of Lord North, of Kirtling.

Liineage. — IltroH Roberts, Esq. (son of Hugh Rob s,
Esq., by his wife, Alice Beaver), m. 7 Nov. 1814, Anne, &i>\. of
John Hughes, Esq. of Chester, and d. 12 Sept. 1857, having
had by her (who d. 23 Jan. 1847),
Arthur Trooghton, of Coeddil.

Hugh Beaver, of Plas Llandogct, co. Denbiuh, J. P. and D L ,
d. 1820 ; ))i. 1848, Harriet, eldest dau. of James Wyatt, Esq.,
and has, with a son, Hugh Stuart, b. 1851, two sons and two
da us.
Llcwelj-n Lloyd, d. unm. 1864.

Emily, m. William Milne, Esq., Barrisfer-at-Law, and has
Francis Susannah, m. Richard Reynolds Bathbone, Esq., and
has issue.
Mariana, m. Rev. H. T. Harris.
The eldest son,

Arthur Trocghtov Roberts, Esq. of Coeddu, D.L. and
Clerk of the Peace for co. Flint, >j. 28 Nov. 1815; m. 10 April,
1849, Grace Rebecca, eldest dau. of William Phillips, Esq. of
Witstou Court, co. Monmouth, and had issue,

I. Arthur Phillips, now of Coeddu.

II. Hugh Williams, b. 25 Oct. 1&&B.

III. Llewelyn Rodie Hughes, b. 12 Jan. 1859, late Lieut. East
Surrey Regt.

IV. John Troughton, b. 7 Nov. 1865.

v. William Howell, Lieut. R.N., b. 18G8 ; d. 26 Sept. 1887.

I. Grace Elizabeth Alice.

II. Anne Maud.

III. Ethel Frances.

IV. Margaret Mary, m. 23 Aug. 1883. George Edward March,
Esq., C.M.G.

V. Jane Gwendoline.

VI. Phyllis Emma.

Mr. Roberts d. 3 April, 1893.

Anns — Gu., three lions rampant arg. Crest — A lion rampant
or. Motto — Dum spiro spero.

Seat — Coeddil, Mold, co. Flint.

C'Liibs — Carlton and Pratt's.


Roberts, John Richards, Esq. of Dormstown
Castle, CO. Meath, J.P., b. 1838; m. 2 July, 1864,
Matilda Barbara Eliza, eldest dau. of Capt.
Ricliard Nugent Everard, of Randalstown House,
CO. Meath, and has issue,

I. Thomas Herbert Everabd.

II. John Nugent.

I. Grace.
III. Alice.

II. Maude.
IV. Amy.

Liineag'e. — Henry Roberts, of Hafodywern, in Clynnog,
m. 1728, Mary, 2nd dau. and co-heir of John Parry, Esq., son
of Robert Parry, of Penrallt, in Clynnog, who m. Margaret,
2nd dau. and co-heir of Thomas Williams, of Glangwna, who
was descended from Owen Gwynedd, Prince of North Wales,
who d. A.D. 1169. Henry Roberts, by Mary Parry his wife,
had a son.

The Ven. John Robehts, Rector of Llanbedrog, co. Car-
narvon, Archdeacon of Merioneth, who m. 1761, Katlierine,
dau. and heir of John Jones, Esq. of Tanrallt and Hendre,
and had issue,

Thomas (Rev.), Rector of Llarmorc, m, Aima Diana, dau. of
Eev. E. Owen.



no I


Henry, a Col. in the army.

William (Kev.), Rector of Llanbulan, m. Margaret, d:iu. of
Capt. Goddard, of Holyhead and Falmouth.
John, of whom presently.
Eichard Worthington, Surgeon-Gen. R.A., Woolwich, m.

Sophia Mary, dau. of Sir George Bolton.
Mary, m. iiev. P. Williams.
Catherine, m. Rev. C. Chester.
Margaret. Ann. Ellen.

The 4th eon,

Rev. John Roberts, Rector of Rathcore, in. Ann.i Marin,
dau. of David Thompson, Esq. of Oatlands, co. Meath, and had
Thomas Lewis, of Dormstown Castle.
John. David, m. Miss Nightingale.

Anna, m. Dugall Campbell, Esq.
His eldest son,

Thomas I;ewis Roberts, Esq. of Dormstown Castle, co.
Meath, J.PJ 6. 1808; m. 1836, Matilda, dau. of Robert Hewtt-
jison Richarfl?, Esq., Assistant -Barrister co. Wexford (sec
'ticHAKD of Monk sg range), and had issue,
I. John Richards, now of Dormstown Castle.
•I. William Edward, Eieut.-Col. commanding 2nd Batt. Duke
oi Cornwall's Light Infantry.

I. Thomas Herbert, m. 1871, Sarah, dau. of T. M. Daly,
Esq., Member in the Dominion Parliument of Canada for
CO. Perth, and has issue, 1 Thomas Lewis; 2 William;
3 Howard; 1 Helen Maude.
1. Anna.
Mr. Roberts d. 1880, and was s. by his eldest son, the present
John Richard Roberts, Esq. of Dormstown Ca.stle.

Arvis—ytvi., on a chevron, between three eagles displayed
with two heads or, an estoile sa. Crest — An eagle's head
couped or, charged with an estoile sa. i[otto—Y.\x nfii- a

Seat — Dormstown Castle, near Kavan. iJcsidcnce— Ilendre,
liilliney, co. Dublin.


Crompton-Roberts, Henry Roger, Esq. of
Drybridge, co. Monmoutli, and Field House, co.
Worcester, Lieiif.. Grrenadier Guards, i. 18 May,
18(J3, s. his father 1891.

Liineage. — William Roberts, of Monmouth, the imme-
diate ancestor of this family, d. 16'29, leaving a son,

John Roberts, of Monmouth, ju. Anne Griffith in 1608, and
d. 1(336, leaving, with other issue, a son,

William Roberts, 6. 1608 ; m. Mary, dau. of John Arram,
and d. 1CG7, leaving two sons, William (of Drybridge, co.
Monmouth, and Gray's Inn, London, whose male issue is
extinct) and

Richard Roberts, 6. 1648, the second son, who was father

Rev. John Roberts, Vicar of Framsdcn, SuiTollt, in. 1710,
Jane, dau. of Nehemiah Osland, and d. 1756, leaving, with
other issue, an elder surviving son.

Rev. William Roberts, President of JIagdalen College,
Cambridge, m. Anne, dau. of Rev. John Gee, and had three
sons, I. William, of Gloucester, M. D., father of Major-Gen.
Sir Henry Gee Roberts, K.C.B., 6. 1800, d. I860: ii. Henry,
of whom presently ; in. Charles, who had an only dau., d.
young. Mr. Roberts d. 1814. His 2nd son,

Henry Roberts, of Drybridge, Monmouth, and Stourbridge,
CO. Worcester, b. 1769 ; to. 1793, Henzey, dau. of John Pidcock,
o-f The Platts, and d. 1845, leaving (with daus., all of whom
d. unm.) an only surviving son,

Charles Roberts, Esq. of Eield House, co. Worcester, 6.
1801 ; m. Marianne, dau. of Edward Noble, of Birmingham,
and d. 1808, leaving issue,

I. Charles Henry, his heir.

II. William, of Pedmore, near Stourbridge, b. 12 April, 1S33 ;
7;i. Maria .lane, dau. of Rev. John Spurgton, D.D., and has
issue, William Lionel, Mabel Vera, and Evelina Mai ia.

III. Alfred, b. 7 March, 1H35.

IV. Edward, Staff Paymaster, late Capt. 4lh Foot, h. 8 J.nn.
1841; m. 1865, Maria, dau. of William Bacchus, and has

V. Frcdeiick, 6. 1847; m. Alberta Harriet Jennings, and
d. s. p. 1872.

VI. Oscar Wilson, h. 5 Feb. 1849.

I. Julia Marianne, m. Rev. C. E. Playter.
u. Adelina Josephine, m. J. F. Clarke, Esq.

III. Emma, in. William Trow, Esq. of Ismere House, co.

IV. Emily Angela.

V. Augusta Vera, m. Archibald Hamilton Dutliie.

The eldest sen,

Charles Henry Crompton-Roberts, Esq. of Drybridge, co.
Jlonmouth, and Field House, co. Worcester, J. P. co. Mon-
mouth, High Sheriff 1877, M.P. for Sandwich 1879-80, b. 7
March, 1832; jji. 25 July, 1861, Mary, only dau. and heir of
Roger Crompton, Esq. of Breightmet, co. Lancaster, when ha
assumed by royal licence, dated 3 Aug. 1861, the prefix
surname and arms of Crompton, and <?. 1891, leaving issue,

I. Henry Roger, now of Drybiidge.

II. Chalks Montague, 6. IHOi, J. P., co. Monmouth, Capt.
R. Monmouthshire Eng. Militia.

III. Leicester Neville.

I. Violet Mary.

II. Mildred Theodora.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th per bend dovetail gn. and or,
a lion rampant betsveen, ill the sinister chief and de.xter base,
two pheons, all counierchanged, for Roberts; 2nd and 3rd per
pale arg. and az., on a fesse wavy, between three lions ram-
pant two lozenges, all counterchangcd, a canton of the second,
for Crompton. Cresis — l&t, Roberts, A demi-lion guardant
per bend dovetail or and gu., holding in the dexter paw a sword
erect also gu., and resting the sinister upon a pheon or ;
2nd, Cko.vipton, A talbot sejant or pellettiSe, resting the dexter
paw on an escutcheon az. cliarged with a lozenge arg. Motto
— God and my conscience.

Seats — Drybridge, Monmouth, and Field House, Clcnt, near
Stourbridge, co. Worcester. Town liesidence — 16, Belgrave.
Square, London, S.W.

Ciuti— Guards.


Atkin-Roberts, Major John Roberts, of'
Glassenbury Park, Xent, J. P., Major in the-
Reserve of Officers, formerly Major in tlie Prince
of Wales' Leinster Regt., b. 1843 ; m. 1875, Ger-

, trude, youngest dau. of Doiighis Fox, Esq. of'
Derby, by Marianne his wife, dau. of Jedcdiah Strutt, .

I Esq. {see Bukke's Peerage, Belpeb, B.), and haa.

Malcolm Roberts, b. 1876.
I Jane Walton.

I liineag'e. —The first of the ancient family of Rookhurst or

Roberts left his native shire of Annandale, in Scotland, in the

3rd year of Henry I., and settled in the parish of Gondhurst, co.

Kent, having purchased lands at Winchelt Hill, in that co.,

■ where the family continued to reside for 274 years, till Stephen

I Rookhurst or Roberts to. temp. Richard II., Joane, dau. and

' heiress of William Tilley, of Glassenbury, and removed to

this manor, and built a mansion on the Hill of Glassenbury

(see Hasted's Ktnt). This mansion was inherited by the

lineal descendant, Walter Roberts, temp. Edward IV., who

pulled down the ancient seat and built another lower down

the valley, being the present seat of Glassenbury, which he

i moated round and enclosed a park. Sir Thomas Roberts,

i Knt. of Glassenbury, was created a baronet 1620. Jane, who

inherited Gla.ssenbury as the dau. and co-heir of Sir Walter

[ Roberts, 6th Bart, of Glassenbury, m. 1732, George, 3rd Duke

I of St. Alban's, but he d. s. p. 1 Feb. 1786. In 1776 the

I Duchess had become acquainted witli the family

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