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of Roberts of

I Britfieldstown, co. Cork, who bore tlie same arms as her own

; family, and who were found to he lineally descended from

: the 2nd son of the 1st Baronet of Glassenbury. She devised

j the old family property of Glassenbury to the 2nd son of

Thomas Roberts of Brittieldstown, if he should have one, or in

default to his eldest dau., and d. 1778. This,

Thomas Roberts, Esq. of Britfieldstown, was created a

baronet, 20 Sept. 1809 ; he m. 1st, 24 Sept. 17C5, Amy, dau.

and co-heir of William Johnson, Esq. of Lizard, co. Limerick,

and left, with other issue, who d. s. p. and v. p.,

I. Walter (.'^ir), 2nd Bart., who s. his father and

j ancestor of Sir Randal Roberts, Bart, of Briltiildstown {sri

I Burke's Feeraae).

' I. Martha, the eldest dau. who s. 1778 to Glassenbuiy under
I the Duchess of St. Albans' will, until the estate vested iii
i Thomas Walton Roberts, of whom presently, her half-
1 brother, the 2nd son of Sir Thoma.s Roberts, Bart. She
I m. Rev. John Cramer, of Sallyiiiount, co. Kildare, who
I assumed by royal licence the additional name of Roberts

{see Cramer Roberts of Salli/inouiil}.
I I. Elizabeth, ))i. William Baker of Lismaeue.
I Sir Thomas m. 2ndly, 23 Dec. ISOG, Ann, dau. and co-heircss
i of Thomas Walton, Esq. of Walton Court, co. Cork, and d.
! 1817, leaving by her,
j 11. Thomas Walton, of whom presently.
1 in. Geobgiana, to. !b26, John Drew .\tkin, Esq. son ot
I Walter Atkin, Esq. (0. 1766) by Caiheiiue, his wite, dau. of





.Tohn Drew, Esq. of Bishopstown, co. Cork (see Bubke's
Jioffal Families ISIS, Vol. 1. Pcd. XIII) and had issue,

1 Walter Roberts.

2 .Tohn Koeerts, now of Glassonlmry.

3 Walton Thomas Koherts.

1 Kate Koberts, i,!. 1S51, Michael Koberts, Esq. of Kil-
money Abbey, K.T.C.D., who d. 3 Oct. ISS-', and has

2 Georgina Eoberls, ;?!. 14 Dec. lS.i4, Rev. Benjamin W.
Adams, D.D., Hector of SanLi-y, co. Dublin, and rf. IS63,
leaving issue.

3 Susan Louisa Florence, ;)i. .\pril, 1ST3, Francis George
Hodder, Esq . J. P. of Fountainstown, co. Cork.

4 Annie Koberts, tl. 1S5G.

f> Tomasina Koberts, d. IS57.

TucMAS Walton Kobekts, Esq., the "Jud son of Sir Thomas
Roberts, Bart , but only son by his second marriage, s. to
Ola.'^senbury under the will of the Duchess of St. Alban's ,
but d. s. j>. 4 Oct. 1SS2, devising his estates to his nephew,
John Kor.EKTS Atkix, Esq., who, on succeeding to the property,
.Hssunied by licence the additional name and arms of
KoBEKTs, 23 Dec. ISS2, in accordance with his uncle's will.

.<<n)is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, for Kobekts: Az. on a chev-
ron arg. cotised or, three mullets of six points pierced sa. ;
■Jr.d and o'.d, for Atkin ; Arg. gutte de san:;, a cross cotised
tiory, in the 1st and 4th quarters a trefoil slipped sa., and in the
2nd and 3rd, a mullet of six pcints of the last pierced of the
field. Crest — I. On a mount vert an eagle displayed erm, wings
arg. gorged with achaplet of ivy ppr. (for Kobekts); 2. Two
g'eyhoimds' heads addorsed and erased arg. gutte de sang
gorged with a collar vair, and each holding in the mouth a tre-
ioil slipped sa. (lor .\tkin).

iS<at— Glasseubury i'ark, Cranbrook, co. Kent.


Ceamee-Eobeets, ]\rAiatADUKE William Cog-
hill, Esq. of SallTinount, co. Kildare, Belmore, co.
Wcstincath, and Dorarille, co. Tyrone, J. P. and
D.L., High Slieriff co. Kildare 1889-90, b. 19 May,
1S62 ; 7)1. 22 Sept. 18S5, Anna Graves Fetherston-
liaugli, only child of thelate Jolm I'etherstonhaugh
Lowry, lisq. of Belmore House, co. Westmeath, and
of Lime Hill and Doraville, co. Tyrone (steLowRY
of Fomerot/).

liineag-e.— Tobias Ckamek (or Kramer), of Suabia, in
Germany, came over to Ireland in the reign of James I., and
was made a free citizen of Ireland 28 May, 1G39. Balthazab
Ceamee, Col. of an Irish Regt. ; will dated I6.j0.

Tobias Ckameb, of Ballyfoyle, co. Kilkenny, High Sheriff
thereof I6CU; bur. in St. James' Church, Dublin (will proved
1684). He left issue, by Mary his wife,

I. Balthazar, of whom hereafter. ii. Tobias.

I. Hester, m. Sir John Coghiil, of Coghill Hall, co. Dublin,
knighted June, 1686. He d. 1699, leaving two sons and a

1 Marmaduke (Right Hon.), P.C., LL.D., M.P. Dublin
Univeisity, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ireland, 1736-9;
d. unm. 17 — .

2 James, LL.D., to. Mary Pearson, of Rathmore, co.
Meath, and d. 1734, leaving an only child, Hester, whoci.
s. p., leaving her property to Sir John Cramer, Bart.,
having m. 1st, 1787, Charles, Earl of Charleville, who
d. s. p. ; 2ndly, Major J. Maync, of Richings, Bucks, M.P.
Newport, who by Koyal Licence assumed the surname
of Coghill, 1779, and was created a baronet of Great
Britain, 1781, and ti. s. p. 1785, when the title became
extinct (see Bcbke s lixlinct Baronelayt).

1 Hester, ?/;. her cousin, Oliver Cramer.

II. Deborah, m. Capt. Arthur Webb, of Webbsboro', co. Kil-

The elder son,

Balthazau Cbameb, of Ballyfoyle, co. Kilkenny, High
•Sheriff J 68:J, in. 1st, Elizabeth Drysdale, who rf. s. p.; 2rdly,
Sarah, dau. of Lieut. -Col. Oliver Jones, and had issue, ^wo
sons and a dau., Oliveb, of whom presently ; Ambrose, High
Sheriff of Cork 1723, Mayor 1725; to. Susanna Browne, of
Cork, and from tliis younger son descend the Cramebs of
Ji'iAhmoie, which see.
Tlie elder son,

Oliver Ckameb, of Ballyfoyle, co. Kilkenny, High Sheriff
of that CO. 1714, TO. 1700, his cousin, Hester, mentioned above,
and had issue,

I., rf. 18 June, 1741, having m. 23 April, 1724, Hon.
Judith Builcr, only dau. of Brinsley, 1st Viscount Lanes-
borough, and by her (who d. 13 May, 1749), had issue, three
sons and a dau.,

1 John (Sir), created a baronet 1778, assumed the name
of Coghill, pursuant to the will of his great uncle, Riiiht
Hon. Marmaduke Coghill; m. Maria, dau. of Right Rev.
Josiah Ilort, Archbishop of Tuam, and had issue {see
E0rke's Baronetage, Coghill, Bart.).

2 Oliver Cogliill, of Cogliill Hall, m. 1st, 1758, Elizabeth
Humpheys, who d. 7 Sept. 17.'i8; 2ndly, March, 1764, Jliss
Waring of Dublin ; aud 3rdly, Jane Holland, of Shews-
luny. by whom he had a dau. Jane, sole heir, who m.
George Mowbray, of Ford, co. Durham, and left issue.

3 Marm.aduke lin Holy Orders), of Sallymount, co. Kildare.

b. 1739; m. 24 Aug. 1763, , eldest dau. of Thomas

Taylor, Alderman of Dublin. His son,

John (in Holy Orders), of Sallymount, co. Kildare,
assumed by royal licence the additional surname and
arms of Roberts, having m. Martha (b. 29 Sept. 1767;,
eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Roberts, Bart, of Glassenbury,
Kent (see Bubke's Baronetage), and had five sons and a

Marmaduke Coghill Cramer-Rober:s, of Sallymount,
CO. Kildare, D.L., d. 22 Sept. 1852, having m. 28 Oct.
1834, Georgina, dau. of Benjamin Torin, of Egham,
Surrey. She d. 12 March, 1848. He had issue,
Cliarlcs Torin, of Sallymount, J.P., Lieut. H.L.I., b.
11 Feb. 1837; d. 16 Oct. 1877; to. 4 July, 1861,
Lizzie, dau. of James Alexander Hamilton, of Kil-
donan, co. Dublin, and had issue, Marmadcke
William Coghill, now of Sallymount; Cecil John,
b. 6 Jan. 1865 ; Charles Evelyn, b. 21 March, 1866;
Claud, b. 13 April, 1868.
Marmaduke Coghill, Lieut. K.N., 6. 19 Aug. 1841 ;
TO. Eliza, duu. of Robert Tooth, of Swift's Park,
Cranbrook, Kent, and d. s.p. 13 April, 1877.
Henry Thomas, late Capt. 36th Regt., 6. I Feb. 1845 ;
111. 30 July, IS73, Louisa, only dau. of the late Henry
Justice, of Hinstock Hall, Shropshire, D.L., and
has issue, Francis William Henry, b. 7 April, 1875;
Henry Justice, b. 22 Feb. 1879; Marmaduke Torin,
6. 14 Dec. 1880; Constance Caroline ; Army Isabel;
and Gladys.
John Walter, 6. 23 Feb. 1848 ; m. 23 Dec. 1871, Kate
Mayer, dau. of John Watson Harris, of New York,
and by her (who d. 25 March, 1887) has issue, John
Henry; Evelyn Kate; Kathleen Amy; Ethel;
Nora Cavendish ; Muriel Patricia ; Sybil Hort.
Georgina Hester Mary Anne, m. 1st, 6 Nov. 1860,
her cousin, Frederick Ponsonby Cramer-Roberts,
Capt. 2nd Grenadiers, Bombay Infantry, who d. 29
Jvtne, 1865, leaving an only child, Marian Edith,
see below. She ni. 2ndly, Col. William Dundas
Couchman, of ISengal L.I.
Amy Harriet, m. 30 Nov.ISJO, WUliam Robert Aylmer
llaly, Lieut. 3id Buffs, son of late Gen Sir Widiam
OCrady llaly, K.C.B. He rf. s.p. 12 Feb. 1876.
Marian Martha, m. 16 Oct. 1873, Edmond Burdoe,
2nd son of Col. Burdoe Wilkinson, and has issue,
Dermot, and Claire May, m. June, 1893, Sir W.
John, Lieut.-Col., D.I.R.I.C, A.D.C. to Governor of
Malta, b. 1796; m. 12 Nov. 1828, Marian, dau. of
David Ross (by Marian, his wife, dau. of CoL Gall),
and d. 4 March, 1864, having had issue,
John David, b. Nov. 1832 ; n. Aug. 1858, Elizabeth,
dau. of John Beaseley, of Chapel Crampton, and
had a son, who </. in infancy.
Frederick Ponsonby, b. 25 May, 1835, to. his cousin
(as above), and has a dau., Marian Edith, m. 1889,
Capt. Cecil Hornby, of Cheshire, and has issue.
Herbert William, b. May, 1837 ; d. unm.. 185-.
Francis Alexander, Bishop of Nassau, 1878, Suffragan
Bisliop of Manchester, 1887 ; 6. 3 Dec. 1810 ; m.
1st, 29 July, 1867, Anna Maria Charlotte, dau. of
Baron Alexander de Steiger, and by her (who d. 17
April, 1880) had issue, two sons, Herbert Alexander,
b. 18 May, 1870, to. Aug. 18y3, Bluriel, only child of
Fielder Kirig, Esq. ; Eric Charles, b. 17 June, 1871,
d. 1879 ; and Evelyn Emily. He in. 2ndly,
Isabel, dau. of Rev. — Faithful.
Thomas, m. Mary, dau. of — Gowan, Esq., and d. 3
Fel). 1847 having had issue, two sons, Francis, and
Marmaduke, who both d. s. p.
■Walter Randal, 'Vicar of Edwardstone, Suffolk, 6. 16
Oct. Is02 ; m. 8 Aug. 1831, Martha Hewitt, dau. of
David Mitchell, of Doon, and (/. 21 Jan. 1867, leaving
issue, two sons and a dau., 1 Charles John, of Bicester
House, Oxon, Licut.-Col. 9th Kegt., b. 28 Aug. 1834,
in. 3 Feb. 1869, Frances Templer, dau. of Richard
Duckworth Dunn, late Queen's Bays, and had issue,
Walter Evelyn, b. II Oct. 1872, Frank William, b. 26
.June, 1882, and Isabella Catherine ; 2 Clayton, b. 20
March, 1836 ; I Amy Catheiine.
William Butler, of Thornton, co. Kildare, Col. Bengal
Cavalry, 6. 12 May. 1808 ; d. s. p. 28 July, 1870,
having m. 8 July, 1844, Elizabeth, dau. of Robert
Borrowes, of Gilltown, co. Kildai'e.
Amy, m 1838, Roger Cliambers Walker, Esq. Q.C., of
Kathcarrick, co. Sligo, who d. 1864, leaving issue.
She d. May, 1874.





i 1 Cntherine, m. 4 April, 1748, Ealph Smyth, Esq. of
Fiflrttown, CO. Westmealh.
II. tiliver (will proved 1754), m. Deborah, dau. of — Eudkln,
of lunicgarney, co. Carlow, and had a son and iwo daus.,
1 Coghill ; 1 Hester, m. 1st, 19 leb 17.54, George Tisdall,of
Mount Tisdall ; 2ndly, 1767, as his 2nd wile, Nicholas
Forster; 2 Mary.
.^/■iHS— Quarterly : 1st and 4tli, Cbameb, 2nd and 3rd
IloBLTtTs, over all on a shield of pretence, quarterly : 1st and
4tli, LowBT, 2nd and .3rd, FETHEBsTONHAncH. Crests — A fleur-
de-lis between two wings conjoined, erect, sa. (Cbameb) ; An
eagle displayed arg., gorged with a chiiplet vert (Robebts).
Mottoes — Post funera virtus ; Non dormit qui custodit.

Seats — Sallytnount, Brannockstown, co. Kildare : and Dora-
wille, Bioughdorg, co. Tyrone.


Egberts, TnoiiAS William, Esq. of Plas yn
E.lii\v, Pwllheli, co. Carnarvon, b. 24 Nor. 1842.

Lineag'e. — Williasi Robebts, of Hafodywern, an officer
in the army of Chakles I. and II. (son of John Roberts, of
Hafodywern in Clynnog, co. Carnarvon, who was slain at
Whitchurch, in Shropshire, in a skirmish against the
Oliverian Forces, 1G46), m. Helen, dau. of John Griffith,
and granddau. of Evan J. Meredith, heir of Brynkir; by
■whom he had a son,

John Robebts, of Hafodywern, who m. 1627 Margaret, 2nd
■dau. of Henry Williams, of St. Davids, and d. in Bengal 1700,
leaving a son,

HENRr Roberts, of Hafodywern, who in 1728 to. Mary, 2nd
duu. and co-heir of John Parry, of Glangwna, Carnarvon
(son of Robert Parry, of Penrallt, in Clynnog, by his wife,
Margaret, 2nd dau. and co-heir of Thomas Williams, of
Glangwna, who was descended from Owen Gwynedd, Prince
of North Wales, who rf. 1169). Henry Roberts was s. by his

The Ven. John Robebts, Rector of Llanbedrog, co. Car-
narvon, and Archdeacon of Merioneth, 6. 1729; m. 1761,
Katherino, dau. and heir of John Jones, of Tanrallt and
Hendre, co. Carnarvon, who d. Is02, having had issue,

F'rancis, d. 1768. John, d. 1771.

Thomas, of whom presently.

Henry, a Col. in the army.

William (Rev.), Rector of Llanbeulan, iv. Margaret, dau. of

Capt. Goddard, of Holyhead and Falmouth.
John (Rev.), Rector of Rathcore, see Robebts of Donnstun

Eicliard Worthington, Surgeon-Gen. R.A., Woolwich, m.

Sophia Mary, dau. of Sir George Bolton.
Katherine, ni. Rev. C. Chester.

Mary, -in. 1790, Rev. Peter Williams, Vicar of Bangor.
Margaret. Anne.

Ellen. Jane.

The eldest surviving son.

Rev. Thomas Roberts, of Hafodywern and Hendre, Rector
of Llangybi and Llanarmon, b. 1765 ; m. 1809, Anna Diana,
eldest dau. of Rev. Edward Owen, Rector of Llanfwrog, and d.
1849, leaving by her an only son,

Thomas Edwakd Robebts, Esq. of Hendre and Plas yn
Hhiw, b. 1813 ; m. 1840, Anne Lucy, dau. of William Poole, Esq.
of Pencraig, Anglesey, and by her (who rf.23 July, 1873) had

Thomas William, now of Plas yn Ehiw.

Richard Edward, d. 1880. William Wynne.

James George, m. Myfanwy Jane, 2nd dau. of Llewellyn
Lodge, Esq. of St. Asaph.

Anna Diana.

Lucy Emily, m. Edward G. Pearson, Esq., and d. 1888.

Maria Constance, m. J. Jenkings, Esq., and d. IbSo.

Louisa Anne.

3Ir. Roberts d. 23 Nov. 1890.
-Settf— Pias yn Rhiw, Pwllheli.


EoBEETSON, Alasdaie Stewart, Esq. of Struan,
CO. Perth, styled " Stettan Eobeetson," CajDt.
Arn;vlland Bute Art., b. 6 jS'ov. 1863, s. his father


Xiineag-e.— The Robertsons of Struan are unquestionably
one of the oldest and most eminent families in Scotland. They
derive descent from the ancient Earls of Athol.

From their ancestor Doncan de Athoha, Earl of Athol,
ithey are known among the highlanders of Scotland as

" Clandonachy," or descendants of Duncan. He m. 1st, a dau.
of Malcolm, Earl of Lennox, and had a son, Robeet de
Atholia, ancestor of the Struan family. Duncan, by his
2nd wife (presumed to have been a dau. of Angus Moer, Lord
of the Isles), had a son, Patrick de Atholia, who received
from his father the Barony of Lude, ancestor of the great
Scottish family of Robertson of Lude, represented by Col.
James Alexander Robertson, of the 82nd Regt., son and
heir of Lieut.-Gen. William Robertson, of Lude, by Margaret
his wife, eldest dau. of George Haldane, Esq. of Gleneagles,
CO. Perth. A younger branch of the Lude family were the
Robertsons of Talliebelton, co. Perth,

Koiii;RT de Atholia (the eldest son of Duncan de Atholia)
had, by his 1st wife, dau. and co-heir of Sir John Stilling, of
Glenesk, a dau. Jean, to. Alexander Menzies, of Fothergill.
By his 2nd wife he had a son,

Duncan de Atholia, mentioned in the Rotuli Scotiae under
the name of "Duncanus de Atholia, dominus de Ranagh."
He was s. by his son,

Robert de Atholia (Reodi), one of the most noted chiefs of
his day. He arrested the murderers of James I., and for this
good service received a Crown charter, erecting his whole lands
into a free barony, dated 1451, and also an honourable aug-
mentation to his arms. He m. the Lady Margaret Stewart,
by whom he iiad three sons,
Alexander, his heir.

Robert, of Dalcabon, ancestor of SiR Alexander Robert-
son, who assumed the surname of Colyear, and was
created a baronet, 1677. His son and successor, Sir
David Coltear, Bart., a military officer of ivputation, was
elevated to the Scotiisli Peerage as Earl op Pobtmore, a
dignity wldch remained with his descendants until the
death s. jj. of the late Earl of Portmore.
He d. temp. James II., and was s. by his son,

Alexander Robertson, or son of Robert, which from this
date, became the designation of the family. He m. 1st, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Patrick, Lord Glammis, by whom he had
Duncan, who d. v. p.

Robert, 'ni. Isabell, dau. of John, Earl of Athol, and d. v. ^J.,
leaving a son,

William, s. his grandfather.
Andrew, ancestor to the Robertsons of Ladyhirk, Edra-

d)/net, <tc.
James, ancestor of the Robertsons of Kindrechit, Achlichs,

Mary, m. Andrew- Moray, of Ogilvie and Abercairney.
He VI. 2ndly, Ehzabeth, dau. of John, Earl of Athol, by whom
he had
Alexander, ancestor of the Robebtsons of FasTcally.
John, of Muirton, ancestor of Robertson- Williamson, of

Margaret, m. George, 7th Earl of Errol, and had issue.
He d. about 1506 or 1507, and was s. by his grandson,

William Roeebtson, of Struan, who was kiUed in a feud
with the Earl of Athol. He was s. by his son,

Robert Robertson, of Struan, who, by his wife Marion,
dau. and heir of John M'lan, of Ardnamurcham, had two
Bons, William, of Struan, d. s. p., and Donald. The 2nd

Donald Robertson, of Struan, m. Janet, dau. of Kiel
Stewart, of Foss, and had one son,

Robert Robertson, of Struan, irho got a charter of the
lands of Ranuach, Kinloch, &c., dated 14 Jan. 1600. He m.
Agnes, dau. of Macdonald, of Keppoch, and had, with a dau.
Mary, m. M'Intosh, of Strone, four sons,

I. Alexander, his heir.

II. Donald, called the Tutor of Struan.

III. Duncan Mor, of Drumachine, to. Dorothy, dan. of IseU
Stewart, of F'oss, and had four sons,

1 John, his heir, of Drumachine, to. 1677, Cecilia, eldest
dau. of Robert Stewart, of F'incastle, and was ». by his

Alexander Robertson, of Drumachine, m. 1703, Mar-
garet, eldest dau. of Patrick Robertson, of Fascalzie,
and had two sons and a dau.,
DoNCAN, of whom hereafter, an inheritor of Struan.
Alexander, Lieut. -Col. in the service of the States-
Emilia, m. Capt. Donald Robertson.

2 Donald, whose son, Robert Bane, was father (with a dau.
Margaret, ??j. John Robertson, Esq.) of two sons,

Donald, Capt. in the French service, m. Emilia, dau. of

Alexander Robertson, of Drumachine.
Duncan, w ho was father of Alexander Robebtson, who

s. to Struan, of whom hereafter.

3 Duncan. 4 Patrick.

IV. James.





The eldest son,

Alexander Kobertsox, of Struan, m. Maigaiet, dau. of
Georso Grjeiiit', of InclilivaUio, and was s. b) his son,

Alexanpek Kohkrtson, of Struan, who lioinj; a minor
■during the wars ot Monirose, thoohui was K'd out by liis uncle,
Donald, the Tutor of Struan, who took a very distinguished
part in these wars, .■\le\ander, m. 1st, Catherine, dau. of Sir
James Krununond, of Machatiy, and by her had a son, Robert,
who predeceased him, and a dau, .Vnne, m. Hugh, '2nd son
of Sir .Macdonald, of Slate, He Hi. -ndly, Marion, dau,
of Gen, liaillie, of 'Ihorwoodhead, and by her had two sons,
Alexandek, his heir, and Duncan, who c/, 1718, leaving an
ouly dau, Margaret, who d. uiini. Alexander d. lCh7, and
was s. by his son,

Alkx.\M)Eb Itor-EiiTsoN, of Struan, celebrated as a Poet, and
for the i^iart lie took in the insurrections of ItiOO, 171f>, and
174'<. He (/. s. p. .-Vpril, 1745, and the representation devolved
on his kinsman,

Du.NCAX KoBERTsox, of Drumachine (elder son of Alexander,
of Drumachine, as before) who thereupon obtained possession
of Struan. By not having been included by name in the List
Act of Indemnity, he was dispossessed, and the estate annexed
to the Crown, 17ii-, He m. May, dau, of William, 2nd Lord
Kairn, and had (with a dau, Margaret, m. 17S5, Lawrence
Oliphant, of Gask, and had issue, Caroline, afterwards Baroness
Kairn, the Poetess, and a younger son, Walter Philip Colyear,
who d. unm. Ibl8), an elder son and heir,

CoL. .Alexander Robebtsox, to whom the estate was
restortd 17s4, but who d. unm. 1822, when the succession
devolved upon Alexander Robertson (son of Duncan, son of
Eobert Bane, as before). This gentleman was infcft, by Crown
charter, in the barony of Struan, 23 June, 1824. He ?n. 1st,
Wary, dau. of William Best, Esq. of Mansfield, co. York, by
whom he bad two sous, George Ddncax, his heir, and
Francis, lost at sea, unm. He m. 2ndly, Jean, dau, of Gilbert
Stewart, of Kineastle, and by her had two sons, Alexander
Gilbert, s. his nephew at Struan 1842, and Robert Joseph,
d, in Jamaica. He d. 20 March, 1»30, and was s. by his eldest

George Ddxcan Robertson, of Struan, Major-Gcn. in the
army, C.B., K.L., 6. 29 April, 11G6; m. 31 May, 17L'9, Anne,
dau. of James Outhwaite, Esq. of Richmond, co. York, and by
her (who d. 2 Dec. 186i) had issue,

George Du.ncan, his heir.

Mary .\nne, m. William Jenkins, Esq, of Strowan Grove, and
d. 1849, leaving three dans., Anne Phoebe, m. I><ry2, Alex-
ander Couper, Esq.; Georgiana; and Augusta Jauet, m.
1857, James C, M'Coan, Esq.

Frances, d. unm. 1851.
Gen. Robertson, who passed upwards of thirty years in active
service, and who received the Cross of the Imperial Austrian
Order of Leopold, d. 1 July, 1842, and was s. by his son,

George Duncan Robertson (styled Strdan Robertson),
of Struan, J.P,, Chief of the clan Donnachie, Lieut, 42nd
Highlanders, 6. 26 July, 1816; m. 3 April, 1839, Mary Stuart,
dau. of Major Ardiibald Mensies, of Avondale, co. Stirling,
42nd Highlaudui-s. He d. 3 April, 18G4, and was e. by his

Alexander Gilbert Robertson (Struan Robertson),
of Struan, b. 6 March, 1806 ; Hi. Jan. 1863, Miss Charlotte
Vr'ilhelmina Hoffman, and had issue,

Alasdair Stewart, now of Sriuan.

Duncan, 6. 11 Sept. lbC7 ; (/. IsuJ.

Jean Rosine, 6. 7 Sept. 1865.
Mr. Robertson d. 16 Oct. 1834.

Arms— Gn., three wolfs heads erased arg., armed and
langued az. ; lying on a compartment under the arms, a wild
man chained. Crat — A dexter arm and hand erect, hokiii'^,' a
regal crown, all ppr. Hupportfrrs — Dexter, a serpent ; sinister,
a dove ; the heads of each encircled with rays. Motto — Virtutis
gloria nierces.

Men'ieuc'S — BaiTacks, Rannoch, N.B., and 40, Charleville
Eoad, Kensington, S.W.


KoBKkTSON-LrxFOKD, JoH.v .Stewakt,
Esq. of llif^ham, co. Sussex, and Croiscrag, Perth-
sliire, J.P. CO. Pertli, Parrister-at-Law, b. 13 Feb.
1851 ; m. IB'iO, Cecilia Helen, eldest dau, and co-heir
of James Walker, Esq. of Dairy (see that family/),
and has issue,

1. James Odiarne, b. 1832.

I. Ermenirude Anne.

II. Audrey ilariun.

Mr. J. S. O. Luxford assumed by royal licence, in
]8(j-i, the additional name and arms of RobKKTSON,
pursii;tnt to the will of the late George Duncuu
Eobert son, Esq, of Struan.

Xiineagre.— The family of Luxford is of old standing in
Sussex. In an account given of the nobility and gentry who
contributed to the defence of the country at the time of the
Spanish invasion, 1588, two Luxfords are mentioned in con-
nection with Sussex, viz. Luxford of Westmeston, and Lux-
ford of Hurstpierpoint, .and from the former the Highauj
family is descended. The estates are in the parishes of Hails-
ham, Salehurst, Beckley, Ikelsham, Guldeford, and Playden,
Sussex, and in Stowe and Witersham, Kent. The family lyoM
the lay rectury of Hailsham, in which church is their buryins'-
place, as well as the royalty of the island of Oxney, Kent.
The late

John Luxford, Esq. of Highain, J.P. and D.L., 6. 1756;.
m. 1SU2, Catherine Sarah, dau. of Jeremiah Curteis, Esq^. of
Rye, and left issue,

I. John Odiarne, of whom presently.

II. George Curteis, M.A., of Hicham, Sussex, J. P., b-.
1810; m. 1839, Ann Matilda Pauline, youngest dau. of Pir
Ji>t,i:is Henry Stracey, 4th Bart., and iZ. 10 Nov. 1893, leavnu,
with other issue,

George Bentinck, Major late R. W. Fusiliers, CllieJ
Constable of Sussex, 6. 1842.
I. Lydia Mary.
The elder son,

John Odiarne Luxford, Esq. of Higham, Sussex, J.P.,
sometime an officer Royal Dragoons, m. 1843, Marion, dau. oE
Robert Wallas, Esq. of Madeira, and d. 1880, leaving issue,
I. John .Stewart Odiarne, now of Higham and Croiscrag,

I, Harriott Mary.

II. Marion Frances.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th gu., three wolfs heads erasccJ
arg., armed and langued az. : 2nd and 3rd, or, on a pile a/.,
between two arrows, points downwards, in base of tlie la.>t-,
three boars' heads couped of the tiebl. Cixsi — Upon a rock
ppr. a wolf rampant or collared with line reflexed over the-
back az, supporting an arrow as in the arms also ppr

Seats — Higham House, Robertsbiidge, Sussex, and Croiscrag,.
Rannoch, Perthshire.


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