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EoBERTSON, Charles, Esq. of Kiudeace, Green-
yards, and Glencalvie, co. Eoss, J.P. and D.L.,.
6. 20 April, 1831 ; m. 10 Dec. 18G8, Helena Emma,
youngest dau. of Sir John Maryon Wilson, Bart, of
Charlton, co. Kent, and by her (who d. 28 April,
1891) has issue,

I. Charles, 6. and d. 1870.

II. Gilbert, Lieut. 3rd Batt. Seaforth Highlanders, b. iO-
March, 1873.

III. Dudley Maryon, 6. 1874.

IV. Arthur William Gerard, b. 1875.

V. Spencer Duncan Charles, 6. 1 *76.

VI. C'-ilin John Trevelyan, b. loi ;.

VII. Ronald Hugh Wilson, b. l8i'y.

VIII. Lionel Jlontague, b. 1879.

I. Helena Kindeace Perceval Charlton Cruikshank, b. lSG9i.

II. Amy Orkney Stracathro, b. 1872.

Liiueag'e. - The Robertsons of Kindeace branched o!ti
about the year 1544 from the Robertsons of luslas, who were-
an offshoot of Struan.

William Robertson, younger so"i ot John RobertsoR-
(ancestor of the Robertsons nf insltM), by his wife, a dau. oc
Fearn of Pitcullen, obtained from his father in patrimony
several lands about Inverness. This gentleman having,
acquired great riches by commerce, purch.ised extensive-
estates, viz. in 1015, the lands of Orkney, in the co. of Nuiin ;
and in 1639, the lauds of Kindeace, &c., in eo. Ross, wliiclii
last became the chief title of the family. He m. Elspeih,
dau. of the Rev. Thomas Howison, .Minister of Inverness, andi
had six sons and three daus. The eldest surviving son anil

Gilbert Robertson, Esq. of Kindeace, ni. Margaret, dau.
of Colin Mackenzie, Esq. of Kincraig, co, Ross, and had
(with two daus., Frances and Janet, who both m. and left
a numerous issue) three sons, William who d. unm. ; Coun,
his father's heir ; and George. Gilbert Robertson was .v. by
his son,

Colin Robertson, Esq. of Kindeace, who j», Rebecca, cau.





of Sir Robert Monro, Bart, of Foulis, who d. 1GG8, and had

I. William, his heir.

II. George, Sheriff-Depute and Commispary of Koss, m.
Agnes, dau. of John Barber, Esq. of jUdowrie, cu. Inver-
ness, and had two sons,

1 Andrew, Sheriff-Sutstitute of Boss, m. and left George,
d.unm.; Colin, m. and had issue; Dixie, 7n. and had
issue; ftlary, d. unm. ; Anne, m. 29 April, 1800, Sir John
Gladstone, 1st Hart, of Fasque and Balfour, and d. lii'ii>;
Elizabeth, d. unm.; and Johanna.

2 David, a Merchant in London, who d. s. p.

III. Robert, Minister of Eddisod, in Easter Iloss.

IV. James, bred to the sea.

Colin Robertson was s. by his eldest son,

William IIobehtson, Esq. of Kindeace, a Cavalry Officer,
who i». 1st, Calherine, dau. of Ilobevt Robertson, Esq. of
Shipland, and had, with a dau., two sons, Charles and Archi-
bald. He m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Sir John Monro, Bart, of
Foulis, but had no further issue. His elder son,

Cbakles Koeektson, Esq. of Kindeace, who 7?i. Janet, only
dau. of Hugh Rose, Esq. Clava, co. Nairn, by Frances his
wife, only dau. of Eueas Macleod, Esq. of Cudboll, co. Ross,
and had issue,

I. William, his he'r.

II. HuKh, a Planter in Jamaica, where he died.
HI. Charles, a Merchant in London.

IV. Roderick, an Officer in the army.

V. Archibald, a Planter in Demerara, where he died.

VI. Robert, H E I.C. Medical Service.

VII. Duncan, a Merchant in New Orleans, who d. there.
viii. Harry, of the Trinity House, London, m. 1804, Julia,

relict of Charles Pennick, Esq. of IregeniUo, J. P. for to.
Cornwall, and had issue, two sons and live daus ,

1 Charles, b. 26 Aug. 1805, in the Trinity House.

2 Jane Court, H.E.I.C.S., 6. 27 Sept. 1811.

1 Janet, m. 1825, William Pit Buine, Esq.

2 Mary Isabella. 3 Julia, d. 1823.
4 Catherine Susanna. 6 Ljdia.

IX. John, Capt. H.E.I.C.S., killed in storminfc a fort in India.

I. Catherine, m. Alexander Guthrie, and d. 1827.
Mr. Robertson was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

William Robertson, Esq. of Kindeace, J. P. and D.L.,
Major of Militia, b. 2 Feb. 1765 ; m. 20 Dec. 1789, Mary, dau.
of Alexander Chisholm, of Chisholm, and had two sons,

I. Charles, his heir.

II. Alexander Chisholm, b. 1794, an Officer in the 24lh Regt.
and 42nd Royal Highlanders ; d.unm. 1821.

Major Robertson d. 7 April, 18i4. His eldest son,

Charles Robertson, Esq. of Kindeace, J. P. and D.L.,
Major in the army, 9rith Regt., served with the 78th Ross-shire
Highlanders at the taking of Java, 6. 26 July, 1790 ; m. 12
Aug. 1816, Helen, 4th dau. and co-heir of Patrick
Cruikshank, Esq. of Stracathro, co. Forfar, by Marjory his
wife, dau. of Rev. Alexander Gerard, D.D., of King's Coll.
Aberdeen, and d. 17 Oct. 1868, having had issue,
1. William Cruikshank, b. 17 May, 1817 ; m. 5 Sept. 1860,
Eupheuiia Garden, youngest dau. of Major Duna d Mackay,
70th Regt., and d. 20 .\ug. 1867, leaving two daus.
n. Patrick Gerard, 6. 3 Feb. 1819; d. unm. 17 April, 1854.

III. Charies Henry, b. 14 June, 1821 ; d. 16 Feb. 1822.

IV. Charles, now of Kindeace.

I. Mary Chisholm, m. 15 July, 1845, Alexander Hamilton,
Esq. of Edinburgh, and has issue.

II. Margaret Amy, Mi. 27 July, 1852, James Falconer Gil-
landers, Efq. of Hitjhfield, co. Ross, and has issue.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th gu., three wolf's heads
erased, arg., armed andlangued az., a border engrailed of riie
second, for Robertson ; 2nd and 3rd arg., three boar's heads
couped sa., armed and langued gu., within a border gu., for
Cbuikshank; Lying on a compartment under the arms, a wild
man in chains. CYest — A dexter arm, holding up an imperial
crown ppr., also a swan ppr. Mottoes — Virtutis gloria merces :
Recte faeiendo neminem timeas.

Seai— Kindeace, Delny Station, co. Ross.


Stewaet-Kobeetson, James, Esq. of Edrady-
nate, co. Perth, J. P. imd D.L., Member of the
Koyal Company of Archers (the Queen's Body
Guard for .Scotland), a Fellow of the Society of
Antiquaries of Scotland, 5. 15 IMay, 1823; >«. 27
April, 1852, Mary Jane, dau. of Robert Cuning-
hame, Esq. of Ballanorris, and Lorn House, Tsle of
Man, formerly of Eandalloch, and Drumquhasscl,

CO. Stirling, by -whom (who was b. 6 Jan. 1832, an3
d. 20 April, 1866) he has issue,

I. James, of Ballanorris, b. 14 Nov. 1856; m. 1880, JanelJ
Beatrice, youngest dau. of Thomas William Murray-Allan,
Esq., D.L., of Glenfeochan, co. Argyll, and has issue,
Dorothy Campbell, b. 24 Aug. 1891. ike Stewarx-
Robebtson of Bailanorris-)

I. Margaret Cuninghame. n. Dorothea.

III. Mary. iv. Helen.

Liineag'e. — The pedigree of tliis family is fully recorded ini
the Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Scotland. The
ancestors of this branch of the Stewarts have been landowners-
in the district of Athole, co. Perth, from the loth century.

Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, "The Wolf of Bade-
noch," Alasdair MOr, Mac-an-Righ, 4th son of Robert II.,.
King of Scotland, obtained from his father on 18 Oct. 1380, a.
charter of the lands of Garth, &c., in the district of Athole, co.
Perth, where still exists the picturesque ruin of his strong-
hold, known as Garth Castle, or Caisteal-i-Ch-uilein-ChCirta,
" the Castle of the fierce wolf."

James Stewart, one of his four illegitimate sons, and whO'
is witness to a charter by the Earl of Mar, his brother, dated
24 Dec. 1409, where he is styled "Jacobo Stewart, fratrc
nostro," VI. Janet, dau. and heir of Alexander Menzies,. ofi
Fothergill, and granddau. of Thomas Menzies ^youngest son
of Alexander Menzies, of Darisdeer) who acquired those land*
by charter from Robert I., King of Scotland. The son of this

John Stewart, of Fothergill, had a Crown Charter of his
lands 30 Oct. 1455, and acquired the lands of Ldradynate froni.
John, 1st Earl of Athole, by charter dated 24 July, 1465. By
his wife, Marion, he left,

I. Niel, his heir.

II. Alexander, of Bonskeid, &c., who received a charter o£
the lands of Bonskeid on 31 Dec. 1474, from his father,
John. He d in 1501, leaving one sun,

Robert, who carried on the line as hereafter.
John Stewart, of Fotheigill, d. at Garth Custle, 10 Dec. 1475,
and was bur. inDunkeld Cathedral. He was «. by his eldest;

NiEL Stewart, of Fothergill, Garth, <fcc , m. Elizabetli
Stewart (who appears in Charter of Great Sea! by King James-
lY., 22 Aug. 1495), and d. at Garth Castle 3 Jan. 1499, leaving,
one son,

Kiel Stewart, of Fothergill and Garth, m. Christian Stewart,,
dau. of John, 1st Earl of Atliol, and d. 1554. They had one
son John, who d. s. p. 1577, when the family representation,
devolved on his kinsman, the son of Alexander, of Bonskeid,

Robert Stewart, of Bonskeid, i'c, who s. by precept as-
heir to his father 19 May, 1501. He assisted his cousin, >.i,;k
2nd of Garth, in the burning of Weem Castle in 1502, and li. in.
1546, leaving,

James Stewart, of Bonskeid, who g. as heir to his father
by precept of 7 July, 1546, m. Janet, dau. of James Stewart,
of Fineastle, and d. 16 Oct. 1565. He had one son,

John Stewart, of Bonskeid, <fcc., in. Margaret, only child
and heir of Alexander Stewart, of Carse, 2nd sou of Thomas
Stewart, 8th Laird of Grantully. John received a charter o£
the lands of Bonskeid from his father on 12 June, 15C3, auU
dying 1006, was s. by his son,

Alexander Stewart, 5th of Bonskeid, .fee, received sasine
on precept from Patrick, Master of Gray, as heir to his father,
on 1 June, 1607. He m. Margaret Robertson, of Lude, and
two sons,

I. John, 6th Laird of Bonskeid, whose male line is now

II. James, of Wester Clunie.

His 2nd son,

James Stewart, received a charter from his father of the
lands of Wester Clunie on 29 May, 1625, m. 15 Aug. lb"3!4
Barbara, dau. af Duncan Menzies, of Comrie, brother of Sir
Alexander Menzies, of Menzies Castle (1588 to 1624). They
had two sons,

I. Alexander Stewart, of Wester Clunie, from whom aro
descended the Poyntz Stewarts, who settled in Ireland.

II. Robert, of whom weJreat.

The 2nd son.

Rev. Robert Stewart, of Killiechassie, &c., was Minister
of Killin, 1679-1729. He m. Jan. 1683, Anna, dau. of Duncaii
Campbell, ofEdramuckie (wlio d. 1730). At his death, in
1729, he left, with other sons, whose descendants are now all
extinct in the male line.





liOBERT STEn-AET, of Doroulicli, A'c, 6. 1704 : i/i. l7'-9, Jean
Campbell, dau. of Kobert Campboll, of Auchlyne (cousin-
(renium of John, 1st Earl of Bieaiialbanc), and left at his
do.ith in 1767, by her (who <?. 17SS), one son,

James Stewakt, of Derculich, &c., 6. 1730; to. 1778, Mar-
garet, dau. of Duncan Itobertson, of Edradynate, a direct
t.eseeudant of Alexander Kobertson, 5th Laird of Struan in
i.'ot;, through bis 'Jnd surviving son, Andrew (see Kobebtson
.', ^'/ ucirK He d. in ISOli, leaving one son,

James Stewart KObebtson, of Edradynate, Ac, D.L. and
J.l'. for CO. Perth, h. 17S3 ; »i. 1S17, his cousin, Dorothea, dau.
and heirof Adam Stewart of Blackhill, Cluny, &o., and assumed
t)y direction the additional surname of Eouertso.n. They had
one son,

Ja mes Stewart Eocertson, now of Edradynate.

.•!r»js— Quarterly : 1st and 4th grand quarters counter-quar-
tered ; quarterly, istand 4th or, a fesse ehequy az. aud arg.,
.tn chief a label of three points gu. ; 2nd and 3rd az., three
carlis or, for Stewart; 2nd and 3rd grand quartere gu., three
wolfs beads erased arg., armed and langued az., in chief a
crescent arg., for Kobertson. Crcils — 1st, Stewart, A griffin
passant ppr. ; 2nd, Kobertson, a dexter hand holding a
crown, all ppr. Mottoes — Never unprepared; Virtutts gloria

^eat — Edradynate. Tullypowrie, co. Perth.

Clubs — Junior Carlton, S.W. : and New, and University



let'ks, CO. Perth, J.l'. for co. Bcdt'ord, formerly
Capt. Bedford Militia, and late Lieut. IGtli Eegtl,
i. 1853; w. 1878, Henrietta Matilda, youngest dau.
of Henry Lees, Esq. of Aucliengray.

liineage. — The Auchlecks branch of the clan Donnachie,
settled in Auchleeks for more than four hundred years, derives
in a direct line from

James Robertson, of Calvinc, 4th son of the 5th Baron of
Struan, whose 2nd son,

Donald Robertson, first of Auchleeks, was father of

Charles Robertson, of Auchleeks, who m. Beatrix, dau. of
Alexander Robertson, of Lude, d. 1615. Their son,

Duncan Robertson, of Auchleeks, m. Beatrice, dau. of
Walter Robertson, of Downie, Strathardle, and had a son,

Donald Robertson, of Auchleeks, m. Helen, dau. of Bruce,
of Cultmalundie, and had two sons,

I. Charles, his heir.

II. John, whose eldest son, John, m. his cousin Amelia, eldest
dau. of Duncan Robertson, of Auchleeks.

Charles Robertson, of Auchleeks, «i. a dau. of Robertson,
of laskally, and was .<;. by his son,

Duncan Robertson, of Auchleeks, m. 1st, Janet, dau. of
.Stewart, of Killichassie, Strath'.ay, and had by her two daus.,
Amelia, m. her cousin, John Robertson, of Glentilt.
Helen, m. George Robertson, of Auchnagie.
Duncan Robertson r/i. 2ndly, a dau. of — Campbell of Kinloch,
and had by her,
Robert, of Auchleeks, whose son, Duncan Robertson, Esq.
of Aiichleeks, sold that estate 1821, to his cousin, Robert
Robertson, Esq., 9th Laird.
Alexander, ?/i. and liad i=sue.
The eldest dau.,

Amelia Robertson, j,i. 17G3, her cousin, .John Robertson,
Esq., and had issue,

Robert, 9th Laird of Auchleeks.

Christian, m. \Villi;im McNeisii Porter. Esq., and left issue,
John; Robert; Isabella, 7/;. Alexander Morrison, Esq. of
Hilton Mye, near Kelso, Chesnut; Amelia; Anne; and
The son and heir,

Robert Robertson, Esq. of Auchleeks, co. Perth, and
Menibland Hall, Devon, J.P.andD.L., High Sheriff of Devon,
18.3f;, b. 7 Feb. 1777 ; m. 12 I'eb. 1816, Bridget, dau. of George
Atkinson, Esq. of Temple Sowerby, co. Westmorland, and
tiad issue,

Robert, late of Auchleeks.

George, 6. 22 June, 1823 ; d. in India 13 April, 1848.
John, 6. 20 Sept. 1824.

William, 6. 29 Jan. 1835. Frank, b. 9 Feb. 1838.


Amelia, m. 19 Feb. 1844, Edgar Walter Garland, Esq. of
Miehaelstowe Hall, Essex, and of Woodcote Grove, Epsom,
JIary, v;i. 23 July, 1846, Lieut. -Col. Maxwell Ilyslop, Bengal


Louisa, m. 5 July, 1855, her cousin, Lieut. Alexander Turn-
bull, Bengal army.

3Ir. Robertson d. 23 March, 1859, and was s. by his eldest son

liocERT Robertson, Esq. of Auchleeks, J.P., b. 27 Dec
IslG; m. 4 Oct. 1848, Emily, eldest dau. of John Cay, Esq. of
Edinburgh, and had, with other issue,

Edgar William, now of Auchleeks.

Anns, Crest, and Motto— Same as Robertson of Straan.

&(U— Auehleeks House, Blair Atliol.


Stewaet-Eobeetson, James, Esq. of Balla-
imrris, Isle of Man, and Colquhalzie, co. Perth, J. P.,
t'upt. 3rd Batt. Eoyal Highlanders (Black Watch),
i. 14 Nov. ISoG ; s. to Ballanorris on thft death of
his aunt. Miss M. C. J. Cuninghame, in 1885 ; m.
II Sept. 1880, Janet Beatrice, youngest dau. of.
Thomas William Murray Allan, Esq. of Glenfeo-
ehan, co. Argyll, by his wife, the dau. of T. Camp-
bell, Esq. of Achallader, and has issue,
Dorothy Campbell, b. 24 Aug. 1891.

Lineage, — The early history of the Cuninghames of
Diumquhassil and Bandalloch, co. Stirling, is fully given in the
Appendix to Nisbtt's Heraldry (1742).

The Cuninghames of Drumquhassil had an active share in
tlie early historical events of Scotland, and the name of John
Cuninghame, styled " The Laird ofDruiuquUassil," appears in
tlie roll of Landlordis, &o., appended to a long and important
Scntcli Act of Parliament regarding the poliee of the country,
commonly called "The General Band," 1587.

CoL. William Cuninghame, of Ballanorris, was eldest son
of George Cuninghame, of Bandalloch, and Esther his wife,
dau. of Alexander Jolly, of the High Court of Admiralty,
Edinburgh, and who were m. 6 Nov. 1752. He sold Bandal-
loch in 1791, on acquiring property in the Isle of Man. His
grandfather, William Cuninghame, of Bandalloch (who in.
Maltha, dau. of Sir George Suttie, 1st bart. of Balgone, co.
Haddington), was 10th in order of succession from Sir Andrew
Cuninghame, of Polmaiso and Drunquhassil {temp. King
David II.), who was 2nd son of Sir Robert de Cuninghame,
Lord of Kilmaurs, ancestor of the Cuninghames, Earls of Glen-

Col. Wm. Cuninghame. of Ballanorris, Lieut.-Col. of the 58th
Regt., from which lie retired in 1795, was b. 1753, and a. 1825.
He m. 1791, Christian (<i. 1832), dau. of John Taubman, Esq. of
The Bowling Green, Castletown, and The Nunnery, Douglas,
Isle of Man, and had a son and successor,

Robert Cuninghame, Esq. of Ballanorris, b. 1793; m. Feb.
Ib22, Margaret, 2nd dau. of Patrick McDougall, Esq. of Caila-
naeh, Argyllshire, and by her (who d. 10 July, 1834) he left
at his decease, 13 June, 1832,

I. William John, of Ballanorris, Lieut, and Adjutant of the
42nd Royal Highlanders, b. 14 Aug. 1826 ; d. at Halifax,
Nova Scotia, 21 Juno, 1850.

II. Patrick Taubman, of Ballanorris, 6. 29 Sept. 1827; to.
1853, Margaret, dau. of J. Quayle, Esq. of Castletown, Isle
of Man, and d. without issue, 30 April, 1872.

III. Robert Campbell, Capt. 42nd Royal Highlanders (with
which regiment he served throughout the Crimean cam-
paign), b. May, 1829; d. at Malta of Crimean fever on his
w:iy home, 5 Sept. 1856.

I. Margaret Christian Johanna, late of Ballanorris : d.
Ibbi, and was s. by her nephew.

II. Mary Jane, 6. 6 Jan. 1832; m. 27 April, 1852, James
Stewart Robertson, Esq. of Edradynate, J. P. and D.L. for
CO. Perth, and d. 29 April, 1866, leaving issue (with several
daus.) a son, James, now of Ballanorris.

A riiis— Arg., a shakefork sa. between three roses gu. Crest —
A trunk of an oak tree with a sprig vert. Motto— Tsxadtm.
Heat — Colqiihalzie, Perthshire.


EoBEETSOX, Geokge Cokb, Esq. of Widmerpool
Hall, CO. Nottingham, J. P., High Shcrilf 1881,
Capt. Notts Yeomanry Cavalry, and formerly Major
17th Laucers and Eobin Hood E.V., 6. 31 Jan.
1839; m. 1873, Harriet Anne, dau. of Andrew Low,
Esq. of Savannah, State of Georgia, North America.
She d. s. f. 1891.





Liineag'e. — James Robebtson, of Inverbervie, co. Kin-
cardine, 6. 1668 ; m. 1705, Elizabeth Burness, of Caterline,
and had issue. His 4th son,

George Kobertson, settled in co. Nottingham, m. Mary,
■dau. of Joseph Holland, Esq. of The Ford, co. Derby, and
had, with otlier issue, a son,

James Kobertson, Esq. of Widmerpool, b. 1747; i". 1782,
Anne, only dau. of Heneage Parker, Esq. of iVIansfield Wuud-
house, by whom, who d. Iti08, lie had issue,

I. Frederick, of Widmerpool, s. his faiher, 6. 1783, High
Sheriff co. Nottingham 1827 ; d. s. p. 1863.

II. James, of Widmerpool, s. his brother, 6. 1784 ; d. s.p. 187C.

III. John (Kev.>, b. 1790; m. 15 May, 1823, Arabella Saville,
dau. of Francis Ferrand Foljambe, Esq. of Osberton and
Aldwarke, co. Nottingham, and d. s. p. 1869.

«v. George, Comm. li.N., b. 1793; m. 1827, Sarah Sophia,
dau. of JJ'Kwes Coke, Esq. of BrookhiU ilaJl, co. Derby,
and d. 1867, leaving issue,

1 George Coke, now of Widmerpool.

2 Charles James Dymock, of Washing'.ey Hall, Hunts, b.

.3 Wdliam Henry, 6. 1848.

1 Ann Sophia, ni. N. E. li. Kindersley, Esq., and has issue.

2 Henrietta Colce. 3 Catherine Coke.

4 Ellen Mary, in. Eev. C. C. Wood, and d. 1874, leaving
I. Kathcrino.
Mr. Kobertson adopted the surname of Robinson instead of
his patronymic ItoEEBTSON, which latter surname has been
resumed by his grandson. He d. 1817.
Seat — Widmerpool Hall, Nottingham.
Cluis — Army and Kavy, and Aaval and Military.


EoBEETSON, Herbekt, Esq. of Huntington
Castle, CO. Carlow ; Thornleigb, Clapham Common :
and The Cedars, South Hackney, Barrister-at-Law
of Lincohi's Inn, M.A. Magdalen Coll. Oxford, J.P.
COS. London and Carlow, b. 2G April, 1849; m. 1
Jan. 1880, Helen Alcxandrina Melian, eld. dau. and
co-heiressof the late Alexander Uurdin, Esq., J. P.,
of Huntington Castle, co. Carlow, by Melian Jones
liis wife, 2nd dau. of the late Matthew Haymau,
Esq., J. P., of South Abbey, and has issue,

I. Manning Dcrdin, b. 29 May, 1SS6.

II. NeviilWarham, b. 27 May, 1S89.
JII. Magnus Storm, b. 11 Oct. 1893.

I. Helen Manning.

II. iJrenda Mehan Manning, d. young.

liineagre. — Alexander Held, younger son of John Eeid,
styled 4th Baron of Strathloch, assumed the name of
Kobertson, at the same time as his elder brother John
Kcid, styled 5th Baron Itua of Strathloch, who in 1567, m. his
cousin Marjory, dau. of John Kobertson of Lude and there
upon assumed the name of Kobertson and was ancestor of the
succeeding barons Rua (a title which continued to be borne
until this, the elder line became extinct in 1807) and also of
the Robertsons of Cray and of West and East Bleaton. Alex-
ander Eeid was of Dounie in Strathardle, Perthshire, and iii.
Mary, dau. of Thomas Scott of Dounie, and had issue, besides
a younger son, Walter, who was of Middle Dounie, an elder

John Keid or Robertson, of East Dounie, who was s. by
Jiis son,

Alexander Robertson, of Dounie, b. 1585, who had, with
other issue,

I. Alexander, 6. 1607, whose descendants remained at
Dounie until the end of the last century.

II. James, of whom we treat.

The younger son,

James Robertson, b. 1608, migrated to Kirkwall in the
Orkney Islands, in 1630, and settled at Orpliir. He had nine
sons, who left numerous descendants. His eldest son,

Thomas Robertson, b. at Orpliir, 1642, m. a dau. of Magnus
Halcro, and Iiad issue,

r. James, of Groundwater.

II. NicoL, of whom presently.

III. John, TO. Marjory Velzian and had issue.
The 2nd son,

NicoL Robertson, b. 1 Feb. 1670, settled in Groundwater
and left by Catherine his wife, with other issue, a son,
George Robert^son, of Upper Groundwater, 6. 1706, to.

Helen, dau. of Magnus Wilson of Uphouse, and had, with four

I. James, his heir.

II. Thomas, bapt. 8 July, 1739.

III. George, bapt. 2 Oct. 1741, m. Elspet Garvcy.

IV. Magnus, bapt. 17 April, 1743.

V. John, bapt. 2 Nov. 1746.

VI. Andrew, bapt. 1 Aug. 1748, m. Jean Sinclair and left

Mr. George Robertson d. 1780. His eldest son,

James Robertson, of Upper Groundwater, bapt. IS Auj;.
1734, m. 12 Oct. 1763, Catherine Heddle, and had issue,

I. Thomas, of whom hereafter.

II. Robert, bapt. 8 Nov. 1772, d. s.p. 1794.

III. James, bapt. 2 March, 1775, 7n. 1806, Barbara Cumniina',
and lett issue, some of whom are still living iu the Orkneys.

IV. William, bapt. 18 Nov. 1779, d. young.

I. llelline.

II. Catherine, m. James Gumming.
The eldest son,

Thomas Robertson, b. 14 Aug. 1765, was the first of the
family to leave Scotland. After having spent his life at sea
he settled in London. He m. 8 Dec. 1807, Maria, dau. of
Joseph Howell of Cheltenham, and widow of James Wilson,
li.N., and d. 14 Feb. 1847, having by her who d. 28 Dec. 1850,
had issue, an only son,

Thomas Storm Robertson, M.D., F.R.C.S., 6. 5 Feb. 1809,
ni. 1st, 22 Jan. 1843, Annabella, dau. of George Bland; she
d. s. p. 30 March following ; he vi. 2ndly, 15 Oct. 1846, Maria
Louisa, only dau. of the late Robert Manning of Clapham
(and sister and heiress in her issue, of Robert Henry Manning,
who d. 23 May, 1891) and by her who a. 9 Feb. 1887, had

Herbert, now of Huntingdon Castle.

Maria Louisa, m. 20 Sept 1864, Colonel Thomas William
Haines, of Hasketon Manor, Suffolk, and rf. 11 July, 1879.1eav-
ing issue, Arthur Manning, 6. 15 April, 1866, Lieut. York and
Lancaster Regt., and Eveline Constance.

Dr. Robertson d. 6 Aug. 1867.

J^amilg of gurbin.

It is stated that this family is a branch of a very ancient
Essex family and that John Durdin, Esq., a Magistrate for
that co.,d. in the early part of the 17th century and was buried
in Westminister Abbey, where there was until lately a tablet
to his memory. His son,

John Dordin, migrated to co. Cork, circa 1639. When the
great rebellion broke out 1641, he was constrained to flee
b.ack to England, and in a list of fugitives vi'c find his name
recorded as Jolin Durdin of Glanmire. He resided for a
time in Norwich ; and in the registry of St. George's Church in
that city, is the baptism, 1649, of his youngest child
" Mary, dau. of John Durdin and Mary his wife." On the
restoration of tranquillity in Ireland, Mr. Durdin returned to
Cork, where he d. at the great age of 108, and was bur. at
Carrigluohill. His son,

Michael Durdin, of Bailymagooley, co. Cork, 1663. He m.
Anne, dau. of Edmund Cotter, of Innismore, co. Cork, and
sister of Sir James Cotter, Knt., and dying aged 97, was bur.
at Carrigluohill, being s. by his son,

John Dd

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