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Eoche claims to he a cadet of
the noble House of Eoche of Fermoy.

JouN Eoche, of Castletown Roche, ■was a member of the
Catholic Parliament or Council held at Kilkenny during the
civil war, and his name appears as such to the declaration of
the Irish Eoman Catholics 1641. His eldest son,

Egbert Eoche,, m. Juliana O'JIoore, dau. of Alexander
O'Moore, of Ballina, co. Kildare, and was s. by his eldest son,

Stephen Eoche, known by the designation of Doc or Black,
from his complexion, whose cstiite, already injured by com-
position in the time of Cromwell, was entirely forfeited
under William III. Compelled in consequence to leave co.
Cork, he retired to Kilrush, co. Clare, and aftei-wards took
\ip his abode at Pallas, co. Limerick, in the vicinity of his
brother-in-law, William Apjohn, Esq. He ra. Anastasia,
elder dau. and co-heir of Thomas Lysaght, Esq. (the otlR-r
co-heir, Catherine, was the wife of Mr. Apjohn), and was s. by
his son,

John Eoche, Esq., h. 1688 ; m. Anne, youngest dau. of
PhihpStackpole, Esq. of Mount Cashel, Kilneen, andKilcoman,
CO. Clare, and had, with other issue,

I. Stei'HEn, his heir.

II. John, m. Miss Harold, cousin of Gen. Harold, of the
Saxon service, and had a dau.,

Mary Anne, m. John Meade, Esq. of Limerick.

III. Philip, m. Margaret, dau. of John Kelly, Esq. of Lime-
rick, and had issue,

1 John, m. Miss Whyte, dau. of Charles Whyte, Esq. of
Leixlip, and had a son,

Philip, of Donore, co. Kildare, to. the Hon. Anna Maria
Plunket, dau. of Randall, 13th Lord Dunsany, and by
her (who to. 2ndly, 22 July, 1822, Admiral Eyder
Burton, E.N., K.H.) had one son, John, Lieut. -Gen.,
late 2nd Life Guards, m. 3 April, 1869, Agnes Jaiiu,
dau. of James Muglord, Esq., and two daus., Margaret
Eandaliana, to. 3 Nov. 1836, Thomas, 16th Lord Tiim-
leston, and d. 4 Sept. 1872, and Anna Maria, to. 20 Nov.
1830, Thomas Oliver, 12th Lord Louth, and d. 18 Jan.

2 Cliarles, to. his cousin, Miss Whyte, and had, with other
issue, a son, Charles Whyte Eoche, of liallygran, to.

i Limerick, father of Capt. Charles Eoche; Letitia Maria.

TO. 18 Oct. 1842, Sir John Nugent, 2rd Bart, of Ballin-
lough; and Helena Maria, m. 1845, Eichard Barnewull ,
Esq., D.L., of Bloomsbury.

1 Ellen, m. Peter Daly. Esq. of Cloncagh, co. Galway.

2 Mary, m. George Eyan, Esq. of Inch, co. Tipperary.

3 Margaret, to. Standish Barry, Esq. of Lcmlara.

I. Jane, to. John Sheehy, Esq. of Cork, and had a dau., m.
Biyan Keating, Esq., by whom she was mother of Geu.

II. Christiana, m. James Lombard, Esq. of co. Cork.
The eldest son,

Stephen Eoche, Esq., 6. 5 Dec. 1724, g. his father 17G0.
He ra. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Eichard Meade, Esq., and had

I. John, his successor, one of the most eminent Merchants
in Dublin, who to. Mary, dau. of Thady Grehan, Esq. of
that lity, but d. s.p. Sept. 1825.

II. Eichard (Eev.), who d. lt^0o.

III. George, of Granagh Castle, co. Kilkenny, d. s. p.

I. Anne, to. Peter Long, Esq. of Waterford.

II. Mary, m. Peter Grehan, Esq. of Dublin.

Stephen Eoche to. 2ndly, Sarah, dau. and co-heir of John
O'Brien, Esq. of Moyvanine and Clounties, co. Limerick, and
had issue,

IV. Stephen, of Moyvanine and Clounties, m. Maria, dau. of
John Moylan, Esq. of Cork, and had issue,

1 Stephen, of Eye Hill. 2 John.

1 Mary, a nun.

2 Saiah. to. John (afterwards Sir John) Howley, Seijeant-
at-Law, and d. 1856.

3 Anne. 4 Helena,
5 Harriet, to. Daniel Cronin, Esq.

V. Thomas, of Limerick, m. Helen, dan. of John Ankettle,
Esq., and has issue.

1 Stephen, m. Catherine, dau. and co heir of — Knight,

2 John.

3 William, of Dublin, to. Eliza, dau. and co-heir of

Knight, Esq.

1 Helen, m. Daniel Kane, Esq.. :M.A,, Q.C. Chair-
man of Quarter Sessions, E. E. co. Cork, and had issue.

2 Sarah.

VI. James, of Cork, author of The Mrmoirs of an Octoge-
narian, in. Anne, dau. of John Sloylan, Esq., by whom he
left at his decease, two daus., Marianne and Sarah, m. —
Collins, Esq.

VII. William, M.P. for Limerick, d. unm.

III. Sarah, m. Francis French, Esq. of Portcarran, co. Gal-
way, who d. s. p.

IV. Helen, to. Denis O'Mcaglicr, Esq. of Kilmoyler, co.
Tipperary, who is deceased.

V. Anastasia. relict of Edward O'Meagher, Esq. of Marl
Hill, CO. Tipperary.

Stephen Eoche (his 2nd wife having d. 8 Nov. I786)to. Srdly,
Mary Anne, dau. and co-heir of Eichard Ankettle, M.D., but
by her (who d. Dec. 1821) he had no issue. He d. 12 Feb.
1804, and was s. by his son,

Stephen Eoche, Esq. of Granagh Ca,stle, co. Kilkenny, and
Eye Hill, co. Galway, ra. 1832, Eleanor, eldest dau. and co-heir
of Thomas Eedington, Esq. of Eye Hill, co. Galway, and by
her (who d. 1891) had issue,

Thomas Eedington, now of Eye Hill.
Stephen, d. unm. 1853.
Eleanor, d. unm. 1855.

Mr. Eoche d. 4 Sept. 1864, and was«. by his son, the present
Thomas Eedington Eoche, Esq. of Eye Hill,

Arms — Gu., three roaches naiant in pale arg. CreU — A rock
ppr., thereon an osprey, or sea eagle, with its wings displayed
arg., membered or, in the claw a roach, as in the arms. Motto
— Mon Dieu est ma Eoche. — Eye Hill, Athenry, co. Galway.


EocHFOET, Constance Emily, Mueibl, and
EosE MiNDEN, of Eochfort Bi-idge, co. Westmeath,
s. their father 1882.

Lineagre — The ancient family of Eochfort, in old deed*
and writings styled De Hape forte, is stated to liave been
established in Ireland since the first invasion of the English.

Prime Iron Eochfort, Esq., Lieut.-Col. in the army of
Cromwell, son of James Eochfort, Esq. of Agherry,
CO. Wicli-low, and 9th in descent from Sir '^"illiam Eochford,
Lord of the Manor of Kill at the commencement of the 14th.
century, was executed, under a court-m.artial, for killing in a.
duel Major Turner, 14 May, 1652. By Thomasina his wife,
dau. of Col. Pigott, he left two sons and three daus. The
younger son,

EoBERT Eochfort, Esq., chosen Speaker of the Irish House
of Commons 27 Aug. 1095, and constituted Chief Baron of the
Exchequer 30 June, 1707, 0. 9 Dec. 1052; to. Hannah, dau.
of William Hancock, Esq. of Twyford, co. Westmeath, and
dying 10 Oct. 1727, lefttwosons,

George (Eight Hon.), his heir.

John, of Clogrenane (see that name).
The eldest son.

The Eight Hon. George Eochfort, M.P., Chief Cham-
berlain of the Court of Exchequer, ra. 24 Jan. 1704, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Henry, 3rd Earl cf Droghcda, and had issue,

I. Eobert, created Baron Belfield 16 March, 1737, Viscount
Belfield 5 Oct. 1751, and Earl of Belvedere 29 Nov. 1756.
His Lordship m. 1736, Marj-, eldest dau. of Eichard, 3rd.
Viscount Molesworth, and d. 1772, leaving (with a dau.
Jane, m. 1st, to Brinsley, 2nd Earl of Lanesborough {.fee
Marlay of Belvederi), and 2ndly, John King, Esq.j three
sons ; the two youngest, Eichard, Col. in the army, and
Eobert, High Sheriff 1777, both d. s. p. : the eldest, Geurge,.
2nd Earl of Belvedere, to. 1st, Dorothea, dau. of John
Bloomfield, Esq. of Eedwood, and 2ndly, Jane, dau. ot the
Eev. James Mackay, but (/. s. p. 1814, when the title
became extinct. His lordship's widow to. 2ndly, lsl5,
Abraham Boyd, Esq., Kings Counsel, and had by him an
only son, the late George AncusTCs Eochfort Boyd,,
Esq. of Middleton Park, co. Westmeath.

II. Arthur, LL.D,, M.P. for Westmeath, 6. 7 Nov. 1711 ; to.
Sara, dau. of the Eev. Eowland >ingleton, of Droghcda, and
had issue (with two daus.) live sons,

1 George, Gen. of Artillery, whose dau. and heir, Eliza,
m. George Clarke, Esq. of Hyde Hall, co. Chester.

2 Singleton, an Officer in the army.

3 Phihp, Capt. in the army, m. 1770, his cousin, Deborah,
widow of George Bishop, Esq. of Bishop Hall, and
younger dau. of John Eochfort, of Clogrenane, and d.





Auj:. 1771, leaving by her (who d. ISOi), an only child,
llolicrt, b. 1771, d. lti'23, liavinc m. 1st, ?ilrs. Sarah
I't-acon, of Cowes, by whom he had an only child, Sarah,
who ni. her cousir.. Rev. Henry Kochiort ; he ju. -ndly,
Mary. dau. ot Hu>;h Carey, of Kilbeccan, and had ciylit
oliildren, of whom Smuleton, lianister-at-Law, was
Public FiX)seeutoi' and Government I'leader at Kiirraehi,
Biitish Inilia, and a District .Iiulyc oi Najier, N.Z. This
Singleton lii^clitort, m. 30 Jan. IS;")^, Isabella Jlary, eldest
dau. of Alexander Shepherd, Colonial Treasurer ot New
Zealand, and by her has had issue, Robert, who d. young ;
Anne Louisa, m. 11 June. 1879, Cecil Grcvilie Home,
Commander R.N'.; Isabella Marie, m. 1- June, 1,^8;!,
Oswald Robert Vounfjhusband, Ksq. of AuekUaul, N.Z ,
li.\ whom she lias issue, Cuthbert Oswald, b. a May, 1^'M.
4 Rowland, an t)ttieer in the army.

C> Henry, an Otlieer in the 'Jjtli Regt., Assist. -Comm. -Gen.
on the Irish Establishment, in. Henrietta, dau. of John
Hill, Esq. of Rarnliill, co. Cdrlow, and dyini,' -1 Oct. Isltj,
left issue,
John, Major ISth Regt , d. unni.

Gustavus Robert, Comm. R.N., b. 1789, a distinguished
Isaval Officer; ii(. 12 Sept. 1814, Maria, dau. of George
Leonard, Ksq. of Dover Castle, Sussex Vale, New
lirunswick, North America, and had issue, two daus.,
1 Henrietta Caroline, and 2 Sarah Napier, d. unm. 25
Sept. lS3y.
Caiheiine, m. John Rae, Capt. 72nd Regt.
Elizabeth, d. unm. 10 Feb. 1*30.
HI. George, of whom we treat.
IV. Uilliam, 6. 1713; m. 1742, Henrietta, dau. of Col. John

Rams;iy, and left issue.
». Mary, m. Sir Henry Tuite, Bart, of Sonna.

II. Alice, m. 'I'lioaias Loftus, Esq. of Killyan.

III. Thomasine, m. Gustavus Lambart, Esj. of Beau Tare.

IV. Anne, m. Henry Lyons, Esq. of River Lyons.

The 3rd son of the Right Hon. George Rochfort,

Geobck liociiFOKT, Esq. of Rochfort, 6. 1713 ; m. 174.'i,

Alice, dau. of Sir Gustavus Hume, Bart, of Castle Hulme, co.

i'ermanagh. and had jui only son,

GcsTAVus HcME-liocuFORT, Esq., M.P. for Westmeath, who

6old Rochfort. He m. 1779, Frances, dau. of JohnBloomflcld,

i^sq. of Redwood, and had issue,

1. George, d. unm. 1809. ii. John, d unm. ISII.

Jli. Gustavus, M.P., Col. In the army, m. 1806, his cousin,

Dora Nixon, and dying 1848, left issue, a son, Gustavus

Rochfort, Capt. 4lh Dragoon Guards, d. unm. ISoa. His

:'ud dau. Harriet Bloomtield, b. 12 Aug. 1807, m. 2.T Sept.

1»26, Edmund Wakefield Meade, Esq., and d. 28 Sept.

183?, leaving, with other issue, Edmund Waldo Meade-

AValdo, of Stone Wall and Hever, Kent.
5V. Richard, late Comptroller of the Customs of Cork, m.

lSo3, his cousin, Augusta, dau. of Col. Nixon, and </.

1842, leaving issue, George, Capt. 49th Regt., killed at the


V. Henry (Kev.), Rector of Castletown, co. Westmeath, to.
1829, his cousin, Sarah Rochfort, and d. 1854, leaving a
dau. Frances, m. Juland Danvers, Esq., and has issue.

VI. William, Capt. R.N., m. 1833, Arabella, dau. of John
Calcraft, E.sq., W.P., and d. 1847, leaving issue, three daus.

VII. Charles, of Rochfort Lodge, co. Donegal, late Ritic
RiigaJe, with which he served at Waterloo, jit. 1832, Hannah,
eldest dau. ot Col. Fratt, of Cabra Ca.stle (she d. 1843), and
.d. 1844, leaving issue, a son, Chakles Gustavus, the late
male representative of the Rochforts, and a dau. Emily

I. Jane. m. Mervyn Arclidale, Esq. of Castle Archdalc, Gen.
in the army.

II. Alice.

III. Eli;£abeth, m. Thomas F'ane Uniacke, Esq.

tv. Frances Jocelyn, vi. William Dutton Pollard, Esq. of

Kinturk, and J. Isl2.
V. Dora, m. Thomas Wade, Esq. of F"aii-fii Id House, oo.


Tlie son of the above-mentioned Charles, of Rochfort Lodge,
Chables Gustavus Rochfort, Esq. of Rochfort Prid;;e,
<'apt. 20th Regt., b. 15 March, 1837 ; m. 12 Feb. 1872, Mary,
vuungest dau. of S. H. May Somerville, Esq., D.L. , of White-
troit, CO. Dumfries, and had issue.

Constance Emilt,"

IHuiuEL, ^nowof Rochfort Bridge.



:>ir. Rochfort d. 1882. His widovr m. 2ndly, 1884, Fortescue
Jo.^iph Tynte, Esq. of Tyute Park.

Armn — Az., a lion rampant arg. Crest — A robin ppr. Motto
— I'e rupe forte.
^,i'jJ — Rochlort Bridge, co. Westmeath.

Ilall, Esq. of Barton Abbey, co. Oxford, and liaa

I. Horace Cosby, h. 16 May, 1877.

II. Oswald John, 6. 25 Jan. 1883.

I. Catherine F'ranccs, b. 2 June, 1867.

II. Eva Blanclie, b. 10 June, 1871.

III. Hilare Gertrude, b. 12 Aug. 1873.

IV. Grace, b. 20 Aug. 1879.

Lineage. — John Rociifout, E.sq. of Clogrenauc, co.
Carlow, and New Park, co. Dublin, 2nd son of Robert Roch-
fort, M.P. , Speaker of the House of Commons {see 2>rec^dinr/
Memoir), b. lOi'O ; «;. 1709, Deborah, only dau. of Thomas
Staunton, Esij., M.P., and was father of

John Rociiiort, Esq. of Clogrenane, b. 1710; m. 1733,
Emilia, dau. of John Eyre, Esq. of Eyre Court, co. Gaiway,
and (with two daus., Mary, m. 1767, Thomas Maunsell, Esq.,
and Deborah, m. 1st, George Bishop, Ksq. of Bishop's Hall, co.
Kildare, and 2ndly, 1770, her cousin, Capt Philip Rochfort),
had one son,

John Rochfort, Esq. of Clogrenane, 6. 1735 ; m. 1760,
Dorothea, dau. of Thomas Burgh, of Bert House, co. Kildare,
and sister of the late Viscountess Ferrard in her own right,
and by her had two sons, John Staunton and Robert (Rev.),
d. V7im., and two daus., Anne, m. 1782, SirMathew Blakiston,
Bart., and d. in her 102nd year, 27 Nov. 1862, and Dorothea,
m. John Turnly, Esq. of Richmond Lodge, co. Down, and
Cushendall, co. Antrim. The elder son.

Col. John Staunton Rochfort, ot Clogrenane, vi. 1st,
1802, Harriette, 3ad dau. of Sir Horace Blann, Bart, (since
extinct), by Lady Lucy Noel his wife, dau. of John, Earl
of Gainsborough, and by her (who d. April, 1810) had one

Horace William Noel, of Clogrenane.
He m. 2ndly, 1814, Mary, youngest dau. of Thomas Burgh,
Esq. of Bert House, co. Kildare, and sister of Gen. Lord
Downes, IC.C.B., and by her (who d. 1866) had a sou and two

John Downes, of Eaton Place, London, Bawnboy, co. Cavan,
and Lisnagree, co. Westmeath, b. 7 July, 1825 ; deceased.

Dorothea Anne, m. 24 May, 1^39, tlie Hon. Henry Spencer
Law, son of Edward, 1st Lord EUenborough, and d. 25
Nov. 1871.

Anne Margaret, to. 3 May, 1842, T. B. Thornton Hildyard,
Esq. of Flintham Hall, Notts, BI. P., who d. 19 March,

Col. Rochfort d. 6 May, 1844. His elder son,

Horace William Noel Rochfort, Esq. of Clogrenane,
B.A., J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff for co. Carlow 1839, and for
Queen's co. 1845, b. 1809 ; m. 1st, 6 Aug. 1837, Frances Eliza-
beth, eld st dau. of Thomas Phillips Cosby, Esq. of Stradbally
Hall, Queen's co., and by lier (who d. 25 March, 1841) had

I. John Burgh, now of Clogrenane.

II. Horace William, Capt. R.N. (retired), b. 20 Aug. 1839; TO.
1882, Elizabeth, only dau. of Marriott R. Dalwa}-, Esq. of
Bella Hill, co. Antrim, and has issue.

III. Thomas Francis Cosby, Col. 4th European Light Cavalry
(retired), b. 8 Feb. 1841, in. 1889, Alice, widow of the late
Col. Daunt, Bengal Army.

Mr. Rochfort m. 2ndly, 4 Sept. 1845, Hon. Charlotte Hood,
dau. of Samuel, 2nd Baron Bridport, and luis issue,

ly. William, m. 1875, Blanclie Helen, dau. of — Palmer,

Ksq. of Dromquinna, co. Iverry.
v. Alexander Nelson, Major R.A., b 3 June, 1850.
VI. Henry, decea.sed.
I. Amelia Catharine, m. 14 Dec. 1871, Thomas Pakenharo

Law, Esq., Q.C., of 48, StephcDS Green, Dublin.

Mr. Rochfort d. 16 May, 1891.

Arms — Az., alion rampant arg. Crest — A robin ppr. Motto
— Vi vel suavitate.
/Seat— Clogrenane, co. Carlow.


TvOCHFOET, John Buegh, Esq. of Clogrenane, co.
Carlow, late Lieut. K.H.A., b. 28 June, 1838 ; m.
2'J Dec. 1863, Hilare Charlotte, eldest dau. of Henry


EocKE, John Charles Leveson, Esq. of Clun-
gunford House, co. Salop, J. P. b. 24 Sept. 1855.

Lineage. — This family is of great antiquity. The first
mention of tiie name occurs in the 13th century, when John
UocK, of Shrewsbury, is mentioned as a landowner in a deed
dated 1230. " Rock of Shrewsbury " is recorded in Harl. MSS.
From the marriage of James Rocke (4th son of Richard Roeke,
of Shrewsbury and Trefnany, Sheriff of co. Montgomery 1020)
with his 1st wife, Eleanor Prowde, of Shrewsbwy, lineally





John Eocke, Esq. of Trefnany and Shrewsbury, 6. 1727;
m. 1st, Mary, dan. and heiress of Owen Vaughan, of Glascoed,
and 2ndly, 1753, Mary, dau. of Borlase Wingfield, of Preston
Brockhurst, and by her (who d. 28 Dec. 1813) left at his decease
11 May, 1782, a son,

PiEv. John Eocke, Vicar of Wellington, and Eector of
Clungunford, b. 1755 ; m. 1782, Harriet, dau. of Eev. Pryce
Owen, M.D., of Shrewsbury ; and d. 4 June, 1824, and was s. by
his son,

Eev. John Eocke, Eector of Clungunford, m. 18 Feb. 1812,
Anne, youngest dau. of Thomas Beale, Ksq. of Heath House,
Salop, and by her (who d. 23 Jan. 1857} had issue,

I. John, his heir.

ii. Thomas Owen (Rev.) Eector of Clungunford, to. 1st,

Edith, 3rd dau. of Eev. T. T. Lewis, of Yatton Court, co.

Hereford, by Elizabeth Jane Woodhouse, his wife, dau. of

Admiral Ferguson, of Pitfour, and by her (who d. 24 Oct.

1888; had issue,

1 Thomas Owen.

2 William Chailes (Eev.), Eector of Clungunfoid, s. his

1 Alice Anne. 2 Elizabeth Jane Frances.

He m. 2ndly, 1890, Josephine Emily, dau. of the late Eev.
A. Stonhouse, Vicar of Walford, co. Hereford, aud d. 11
Way, 1892.

III. Kichard, late Lieut.-Col. 72nd Highlanders.
:v. Herbert, late Major 49th Eegt., m. Frances Jane, dau. of
Eev. Mr. Dayrell ; and d. 3 March, 1873.
V. Alfred Beale (deceased), m. Jemima Margaret, dau. of
Eev. Philip B. Adams, Eector of llopesay, Salop, and had

Eichard Acton, deceased.
Florence Evelyn, deceased.

I. Mary Anne, to. Eev. Charles Walcot, Eector of Bitterley,
Salop, and had issue ; d. 5 Feb. 1878.

II. Harriet, m. Eev. Edward Christopher Swainson, Eector
of Wistanstow, Salop, and had issue : d. 23 Kov. 1871.

III. Emily F'rances, d. unra. 30 Nov. 1893.

IV. Louisa Octavia, m. 1st, Edward Cannon, Capt. H.E.I.C.S.,
by whom she had a son, and 2ndly, George Evatt Ackloui,

, loth Eegt., and d. 12 Jan, 1879.
Mr. Eocke d. 14 June, 1849, and was g. by his eldest son,

John Eocke, Esq. of Clungunford, J. P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1869, late Lieut. South Salop Yeomanry Cavalry, h.
10 June, 1817 ; m. 2 Feb. 1853, Constance Anne, 2nd dau. of
Sir Charles Cuyler, 2nd Bart, of St. John's Lodge, Herts, by
Catherine F'rances his wife, eldest dau. of Eev. E. FitzwiUiam
Hallifax, Eector of Eichards Castle, and had issue,

I. John Chahles Leveson, now of Clungunford House.

II. Hugh Owen, b. 27 April, 1859; d. 25 Nov. i860.

I. Constance Ida, ni. 21 Dec. 1882, Lieut.-Col. Evan Aubrey
Thomas, 7th Dragoon Guards, and d. 4 April, 1884, leaving
a son,
Evan Meredith, 6. 31 March, 1884.
Mr. Eocke d. 3 April, 1881, and was s. by his son, the present
John Chaeles Leveson Eocke, Esq. of Clungunford.

Arms (as entered by William Camden. Clarenceux) — Or.,
three chess rooks, a chief embattled sa. Crest — On a rock ppr.
a martlet or. Mutlo— In Deo nostra spes est.

Seal — Clungunford House, Aston-on-Clun.


EoDD, Feaxcis Eashleigh, Esq. of Trebartha
Hall, CO. Cornwall, J.P., b. 10 March 1839 ; m. 7 Feb.
1882, Julia Eleanor Dorothea, eldest dau. of Thomas
Graves Sawle, Esq. of Manor House, Heavitree, and
granddau. of Sir Joseph Sawle Graves-Sawle, 1st
iiart. of Penrice, and of the Eev. Sir Erasmus
Giiffies "Williams, Bart, of Llnnywormwood, co.

Lineage.— The family of Eodd was originally settled in
Herefordshire, having been in possession of the demesnes of
The Eodil and F'oxley, in that co. (See Caub'Es's Britannica,
aud TiMMiN's Nooks and Corners of Herefordshire.) A branch
also possessed Oakehay and Wear, Devon.

F'ra.ncis Eodd, Esq., Capt. Coldstream Guards, 6. 1683; s.
to the estate of Trebanha, Cornwall, 1727, by the will of his
cousin, Mary, dau. and heiress of Edmund Spoore, Esq. of
Trebartha ; m. Alicia, dau. of William Sandf ord, Esq. of Exeter,
and dying 25 Aug. 1736, left issue, F"b.\ncis, his heir, William,
Elizalieth, Bridget, and Alicia. The elder son,

Francis Eodd, Esq. of Trebartha Hall, J. P., Col. of the
Eoyal Cornwall Militia, b. 12 July, 1732; m. 1st, Jane, 2nd
dau. and co-heir of John Hearle, Esq. of Penryn, some time
Warden of the Cornish Stannaries, and by her (who d. 1780)
left issue,

I. Francis Heari.e, his heir.

II. Edward, heir to his brother.

III. John Tremayne (Sir), K.C.B., Vice-Admiral E.N., in.
Jane, only dau. of the late Major James Eennell, F.E.8.,
Surveyor-General of Bengal, and d. 4 Oct. 1838, leaving

1 James Eennell, 6. Feb. 1812, Major Eoyal Cornwall
Eangers, )U. Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Dr. A. 'i'odd Thomson,
and d. at Eome, March, 1892, leaving issue, Janus Een-
nell, b. 9 Nov. 1858, H.M. Diplomatic service, and Frances
Emily Jane.

2 Alicia Mary, m. Stephen Gaselee, Sergeant-at-law, and d.
his widow, Nov. 18(56.

3 Wilhelinina Mary, la. her cousin, the late Admiral John
Eashleigh Eodd, E.N.

I. Jane.

II. Harriet, m. G. S. Fursdon, Esq. of Fursdon, Devon.

He ra. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of John Sanford, Esq. of Nynehead,
Somerset, which lady d. s. p. 1807. Col. Eudd was s. at his
decease, 23 Jan. 1812, by his eldest son,

Francis Hearle Eodd, Esq. of Trebartha, High Sheriff 1813,
6.29 Oct. 1766; m. 29 June, 1795, Mary Anne, eldest dau.
of the late John Coryton, Esq. of Crocadon ; but d. s. i>. 2'i
April, 1836, and was s. by his brother,

Eev. Edward Eodd, D.D., of Trebartha, Eector of St. Just,
in Eoseiand, co. Cornwall, and Vicar of Lamerton, Devon. He
m. 25 April, 1805, Harriet, eldest dau. of Charles Raslileigh,
Esq. of Duporth, Cornwall, and by her (who d. 17 May, 1855)
had issue,

I. Francis, his heir.

II. Charles (Eev.), Eector of North Hill, Cornwall, b. Oct.
1807; m. 20 May, 1834, Emma, dau. of Thomas Harvey,
F'.sq. of Over Eoss, co. Hereford, and d. 16 Jan. 1885, having
had issue, one son, Charles Edward, d. unm. Dec. 1865, and
twodaus., Elizabeth Anne, d. unm. 25 Nov. 1891, and Emma,
d. unm. 26 Jan. 1873.

III. Edward Hearle, d. unm. 25 Jan. 1880, aged 70.

IV. Henry Tremayne (Rev.), Vicar of St. Gwinear, Cornwall,
in. Marianne, dau. of Capt. Sutton, E.N., of F'iusbing, Corn-
wall, and d. 19 Sept. 1893, leaving issue, Harriet Eashleigh,
Susan Sophia, Gertrude, and Marianne Jane.

V. John Eashleigh, Admiral E.N., m. Wilhelmina Mary,,
d;iu. of Admiral Sir John Tremayne Eodd, and d. Jan. 18y.;.

I. Harriett Grace, m. 23 leb. Ia38, Eev. Edwaid Fursdon,
Vicar of Dawlish, Devon.

II. Sophia Jane. m. Eev. John Martin, Vicar of Great St. An-
drew's, Cambridge, and had issue a dau. Mary Eodd Martin.

Dr. Eodd i/. 23 July, 1842, and was s. by his eldest son,

F'RANCis Eodd, Esq. of Trebartha, J. P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1845-46, h. 17 March, 1806; m. 17 Marcli, 1837, Mary,
dau. of Eev. Jonathan Stackhouse Eashleigh, Eector of Wick-
ham, Hants, and by her (who d. 11 May, 18f6)liad issue,

I. F'RANCis Eashleigh, now of Trebartha.

II. Edwaid Stanhope, of Chardstock House, Dorset, 6. 30
June, 1848; m. 1st, 22 Sept. 1875, Dora Madeleine, dau. of
Eev. J. B. Clarke, Eector of Bagborough, Somerset (she d.
22 Nov. 1875), and 2ndly, 1879, Annie Stuart, eldest dau. of
Eev. Walker King, Eector of Leigh, Essex, and has issue,
Edward Francis Stanhope, b. Oct. 1887.

I. Caroline Mary.

II. Harriet Jane, rn. 4 June, 1878, Arthur Pryse Maurice,
eldest surviving son of Eev. T. Maurice, of HarnhiU Eectory , .
CO. Gloucester.

Mr. Eodd d. 2 March, 1880.

Arvis — Arg., two trefoils slipped sa., a chief of the lasti..
Crest — The Pharos or Colossus of Rhodes, over his shoulders a,.
bow, the right hand holding an arrow, the left raised above the-
head holding a ball of fire, rays suiTounding the head, all ppE»
Motto — Recte omnia duce Deo.

Seat — Trebartha Hall, Launceston.


EoDDAM, EouDAM JoHN, Esq. of Eoddatu, co.
Northumberland, J.P., B.A. Camb., Capt. 3rd Batt.
Nort^mmberland Infantry Militia, b. 6 March, 1857;
m. 1 July, 1879, Helen Fredericka, youngest dau.
of Capt. Alexandra Taubman Goldie, E.N., of The
Hermitage, Isle of Man, and has issue,

Eobert Collingwood, 6. 10 Jan. 1890.
Helen Mary Goldie, b. 6 May, 1880.
Olive Margaret Rickman, b. 8 June, 1384.

liineag^e. — Eoddam John Eoddam, Esq. of Eoddam
(eldest son of Joseph Falder, Esq. of Alnwick, co. Northum-
heiiand, who assumed the name and arms of Eoddam under
tlie will of his kinsman Admiral Eobert Eoddam, 6 Nov. 1864,
by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Eobert Laing, Esq. of Birdhope-
graig, CO. Northumberland), J. P., High Sheriff 1872, b. 2S
Dec. 1800; m. 24 July, ls21, Hannah Eced, dau. of

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