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1 Susanna, m. Richard Cochrane, d. s. p. 1C75.

IV. John, d. S.J?. 1630.

\ . Arthur, of whom hereafter.

I. Grace, m. R. Ainswortn.

II. Jane, 7«. J. Pershall.

III. Elizabeth, m. R. Rolleston.

The above Rev. Eii.'Iiard, John, and Arthur Rolleston went,
to Ireland a.d. 1010, having received from James 1., by
patent dated at Westminster, 10 May, 1610, alaigo giant of
land in co. Armagh, in the Barony of Onelan, the manor of
Teemore, containing eight and a half townlands, with a proviso
that Richard Rolleston should not sell or let any portion of the
grant to any Irishman, or other person who did not take the
Oath of Supremacy before the Lord Chancellor. Richard and
hid brotheis, in the new year 101«, let all these premises to •
Sir Francis Annesley, afterwards Lord Baron of Mountnorris,.





and to Sir John BoufL-hcr and others who had not taken the
Oath of Supremacy according to the proviso. Upon an Inqui-
sition beins lield, Lord Mountnorris toolc possession of the
property. In the year leST, Thomas, Earl of Strafford, Loril-
Peputy of Ireland, attempted to reinstate tlie heirs of Richard
KoUcston, and this matter was made sixth article of impeach-
ment against him. The yovuigest son,
Artuur Kollestok, had i.ssue by Kle.inor his wife,

I. Francis, of whom hereafter.

II. Arthur.

III. Kiehai-d, who had a dau. Mary, vi,. John Kolleston.
The eldest son,

Franxis lioLLESTON, Esq. of Tomlough, co. Tippcrary, Col.
in the army of James II., and Governur of Kiusale, co. Cork,
«i. Eleanor, sister of Sir Stephen Fox, and had issue,

I. Arthur, his su' cessor.

II. Francis, Capt. in the army.

I. Kathdine, m. Henry IluuUrcy, Esq. of Cavanacor.

II. Susannah. in. Msry.

Col. KoUeston made his will 13 June, 1691, and was «. by his

Arthur Eolleston, Esq. of Tomloush, Capt. Coldstream
Guards, 12 July, I6i)l, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Gen. JMichucI
ilerritt, of F'innoe, co. Tipperary, and had issue,

I. Francis, his heir.

II. Michael, d. s. p.

III. Stephen (liev.), of Bridcpark, co. Cork, Rector of Knock-
morne, m. Eleanor Parr; d. 17S0, having had issue,

1 Stephen, 2 James

1 Eleanor, m. her cousin, James Rollcston, Esq. of ffrank-
fort. 2 Frances, m. Mr. Kilviugton.

3 Hariiet. 4 Elizabeth.

5 Dorothea. 6 Kaiharine.

I. Elizabeth, m. — \Valsh, of Walsh Park, King's co.

II. Susan, U. s.p. in. Christian, d. s. p.

IV. Margaret, m. D. Rogers, Esq. of Li:>kiuiland, co. Tip-

V. Eleanor, m. Capt. James ffranck, of ffrankfort Castle.
Mr. Rollcston d. 1720, and was s. by his eldest son,

Francis Rolleston, Esq. of ffranekfort, aliaa Coologue,
Town Majorof Galway and Capt. of Militia Dragoons, b. 1700;
m. 1740, Frances Everingham, the adopted dau. and heir of
Capt. ,Iamcs ffranekfort, of Coologue or ffranekfort, and tliuii
acquired that estate. By her he had issue,

I. James ffranck, his heir.

II. ArtliLT, d. s. p.
I. F'rances, d. unm.

Mr. Rolleston d. 1779, and was s. by his eldest son,

James ffranck Rolleston, Esq. of ffranckfuit Castle, Col.
of Volunteer Yeomen 1782, b. 1742; m. his first cousin, Ellen,
<lau. of Piev. Stephen Rolleston, of Bridepark, and by her had
a dau. Frances, who d. an infant. He m. 2ndly, 1766, Jane,
dau. of Cliaries Bagge, Esq. of Lismore, co. W'aterford, and
has issue,

I. James ffranck, his heir.

II. Cliaiics, ot Silver Hills, King's co., b. 6 March, I7C8;
m. la Jan. Ib06, Helena Maria, dau. of Richard Maunsell,
F.sq. of Quiiisboro', co. Limerick, 2nd son of Richard Maun-
sell, Esq, of Ballywilliain, in said co., and d. 23 Oct. 1820,
lia\ing by her (who d. 1860) had issue.

1 Ja.mes ifranck, heir to his uncle.

2 Charles Rolleston-Spunner, of Glasshouse, King's Co.,
Q.C., Chairman Quarter Sessions co. Mayo, assumed the
name of Spunner under the will of Thomas Spunner,
Esq., in 1807, 6. 2 Nov. 1807; m. 22 Oct. 1836, Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of Right Hon. John Richards, Baron of H.M.'s
Court of Exchequer in Ireland, and has issue, Charles
John, late Capt. 74th Regt.,/j. 1837 ; Henry Hugh Barry,
AVilham Thomas; and Katherine Elizabeth, m. Henry
Truell, Esq. of Clonmannon, eo. Wicklow.

3 .\rtbur William, formerly Comptroller of H.M.'s Customs,
Sydney, 6. 5 June, 1814; lu. lBo2, Elizabeth, dau. of Joliu
O'Connor, Esq.

4 .Stcplien Robert, b. 29 July, 1815.

5 l.ieiiard, b. 1811 ; d. s. p. 1826.

1 liebecca Elizabeth.

2 Helen Jane, m. Thomas Woods, M.D. of Parsonstown,
Queen's CO., and d. 1860, leaving issue.

III. Arthur (Rev.), 6. 21 May, 1769; m. Feb. 1803, Lucy,
dau. of Col. Wemyss, of Danesfort, co. Kilkenny, and
d.s.p. 1850.

I. Su>an, m. 1793, William Curtis, Esq. of Annaghmore,
King s CO., and d. IslO.

II. Jane, d. unm. 1847.

Col. Rolleston d. 20 Oct. 1800, and was «. by his eldest son,
James ffranck Rolleston, F>q. of ffranekfort Castle,
Major King's co. Militia, 6. 16 April, 1767; m. 22 May, 1806,
Dorothea, eldest dau. of William .Mincbin, Esq. of Greenhills,
bmd. s. i>. 6 Apiil IbiU, when he was«. by his nephew,

James ffranck Rolleston, Esq. of ffranekfort Castle, J. P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1831, b. 11 Oct. 1806; m. 28 May, 1828,
Gcorgiana Elizabeth, dau. of John Bland, Esq. of Blandsfon,
Queen's co. andrf. Dec. 1875, having had issue,

I. Charles ffranck, his heir.

II. James ffranck, formerly 50th Queen's Own Rcgt., d.
Nov. 1882.

III. Loftus John, C.M.G., formerly Royal Sherwood Fores-
ters, m. 18i5, Isabella, of S. Stonestrect, of Kiaiberley
Giiqualand \V.

I. El izaheth Sarah, m. Rev. Knox Homan, Rector of Balteagh.

II. Gcorgiana Katherine, m. 1864, Edmund Whitney Kether-
stonhaugh Whitney, Esq. of New Pass, co. Westmeath,
2nd son of Uev. Sir Thomas Fetherstonhaugh, 4th Bait, of
Ardagh, and has issue.

Ill Caroline Rebecca, m. Theobald Richard Wolfe, Esq. of
Rockford, co. Tipperary, and has issue.

Anns — Arg., a cinquefoil az.. on a chief gu. a lion passant
guardant or. Crest — An eagle's head erased ppr. Mutto —
Ainsi et meilleur peute estre.

Seat — ffranekfort Castle, Roserea, King's co. ; and Rathgo-
iian House, Ardagh, eo. Limerick.


RoMiLLY, Samuel Henry, Esq. of Harrj Kou?o,
Glamorgnn, b. 4 Sept. 1849 ; m. 7 Feb. 1878, Lndj
Arabella Cliarlotte Carnegie, eldest dau. of James,
i'th Earl of Soiithesk, K.T., and has issue,

I. Bertram Henrt Samuel, b. 6 Nov. 1878.

II. Frederic Carnegie, 6. 10 Sept. I8S6.

I. Cicely Elizabeth, 6. 13 March, 1880.

II. Dorothea Katharine, 6. 2 Jan. 1882.

III. Constance F'elicity, 6. 25 Feb. 1884.

Lineag-e.— CoL, Frederick Romilly, M.P. for Canterbury,
6th son of Sir Samuel Romilly, Knt. (see Burke's Petvuge,
Romilly, B.), 6. 1810; m. 29 Nov. 1848, Lady Elizabeth
Amelia Jane, 3rd dau. of Gilbert, 2nd Earl of Minto, and had

Samuel Henry, now of Barry House.

Frederick William, D.S.O., Major Scots Guards, Deputy-
Assistant Adjutant-General, Malta ; 6. 1854; 1/1. 27 Oct. 1891,
Gwendoline Powys, widow of Charles Russell Hole, Esq.,
and dau. of Arthur Piatt Barlow, Esq.
Hugh Hastings, C.M.G., Consul for the New Hebrides, b.

Is56, d. unm. 26 July, 1892.
Elizabeth Mary, m. 17 Fell. 1880, Horace Alfred Darner Sey-
mour, Esq. (see Peerar/e, Hertford, M.), and has issue.
Gertrude limily,7B.21 Nov. 18.^7, Capt. Henry King Stewart,
Gordon Highlanders, and has issue.
Col. Romilly d. 6 March, 1887.

Arms — Arg., in base a rock, with nine points, issuant from
each a lily all pjir. : on a chief az., a crescent, between two
mullets of the first. Cresl — Upon a rock ppr., a crescent arg.
iUo/(o— Persevere.

■Seat — Barry House, Barry, Cardiff; and Huntington Park,
Kington, co. Hereford.

'lown Resideace—n , Tcdworth Square, S. W.


RooKE, Alexander Beaumont, Esq. of Tho
Ivy, CO. Wilts, J. P. for cos. Wilts and Gloucester,
late of 77tk Regt., b. 25 May, 1821, m. 3 Sept. 184i,
Ellen, dau. of Thomas Clutterbuek, Esq. of Harden-
huish Park, Wilts, and has issue,

I. Ernest Wallace, b. 6 Sept. 1849 ; m. 3 Sept. 1874, Emily,
dau. of Gen. Eden.

II. Alexander F'rederick, 6. 31 Aug. 1852, m. 14 June, 18C2,
Edith, dau. of Robert Thompson, Esq.

III. Mortimer, 6. 19 Jan. 1854; m. 3 Oct. 1883, F. 0. L.
Thellusson, and has issue three sons and two daus.

I. Mary.

II. Alice, TO. W. Maedonald, Esq., and d. leaving issue.

III. Emily, m. Rev. Robert Cory.

IV. Florence. v. Frances.

Liineag-e.— This family is descended from Thomas Rookc,
Gent, of Kelsick, co. Cumberland, living 1600, m. Anne, dau.
uf John IIender,son, of Down Hall, and sister of John Hender-
son, of Drumlining, in the same co.

Col. George Rooke, in. 21 Feb. 1774, Mary Marriott, and
by her (wlio d. 20 Dec. 1821) left at his decease 27 March,
1807, a son,

Capt. Fbedebick William Rooke, R.N. , of Lackham House,





"Wilts, m. 6 Feb. 1813, Anne, dau. of Robert Wallace, Esq. of
Edinburgh, and by her (who d. May, 18.8) had issue,

I. William Wallace, of whom presently.

II. Frederick John (Kev.), M.A., Prebendary of Salisbury,
Kural Deau, and Rector ot Eampishom, co. Dorset, vi. 1st,
Jane, dau. of John Marcon, Esq. of Swaffhanj, which lady
<l. 28 Nov. 1857, leaving issue, E. J. llooke. He m. 2ndly,
Ellen Trelawny Jago, of Plymouth, by whom also he has

an. Alexander Beaumont, now of Ivy House.

jv. Seton Paterson.

■%'. Octavius Cobb, late of the 3rd Foot, m. 1 Sept. 18"i2,

Augusta, dau. of Dunccmbe Pyrke, Esq. of Dean Hall.

CO. Gloucester.

I. Emily Anne, m. Eev. John Paley, and has issue.

II. Eliza Sophia, in. 1«44, Thomas Abdy Fcllowes, Esq. of
Donnington Priory, co. Berks, and d. 1874, leaving issue.

III. Maria Georgiana.

Capt. Rooke d. 28 Dec. 1855. His eldest .■son,

William Wallace Rooke, Esq. of Iford Manor, J.P. and
D.L., late Capt. 47th b'oot, b. 181G; m. 15 Sept. 1842, Julia,
eldest dau. of Charles Rooke, Esq. of Westwood House,
Essex, and widow of Henry James Humphreys, Esq. Barrister-
at-Law. He d. s. p. 1864.

Ariiis — Arg., on a chevron engrailed az .between three rooks
ppr., as many suns or. Crest — A garb, thereon arookiu a feed-
ing posture, all ppr. il/o/(o— Nos pasiit Deus.

^eat— The Ivy, Chippenham, Wilts.

EoOME, Heney, Esq. late of Lota, co. Cort, and
11, Palace Gate, Kensington, M.D., b, 21 Dec. 182'J ;
m. 12 May, 1854, Marion Charlotte, eldest dau. of
Henry Hebbert, Esq. Bombay Civil Service, and
iias had issue,

I. Frederick Henry, 6. 1856; d. 1871.

II. Henry Abeecbombie, b. 1857 ; m. 1881, Flora, dau. of
the late Lieut.-Col. James McCrea, and has issue, Henry
De la Combe, b. 1882 ; Gerald McCrea, 6. 1884 ; Horace
Eckford, b. 1887; Constance; Mary Julia De Saumarez;
Violet Potenger; and Kihel.

III. William Eardly, b. 1858; m. 1887, Mabel, dau. of the
late John Mitchell. Esq., and has issue, William Lionel,
6.1889; Frederick, 6. 1891; Charlotte Faith Letitia.

IV. Stanley Molesworth, J.P., 6. 1861; d. 1892.

V. Charles Perrier, b. 1879; d. 1882.

1. Evander, d. 1864 ii. Florence Emily Mclvcr.

.III. Marion Constance. iv. Agnes Mary Evander.

L V. Beatrice Winifred. vi. Ethel Beauchamp.

p liineagre. — This family traces descent from William

Uoome, Esq., who during the reign of George 11. possessed
Sanded property in Yorkshire, and m. Margaretta Holcroft
•<((. 1782;, dau. of Margaret, the Comtesse de Marsac, of
•Caversham Park, Oxon, whose family, left France during the
Huguenot dispersion, and became attached to the Court of
Hanover, and who, with her father, the Count de Marsac,
came over with the Court to England. William Rooms had
issue by his wife, Margaretta,

I. William, Lieut.-Gen. Bombay Army, m. Sarah, dau. of
John Shakespeare, Esq. of Jamaica, West Indies, and d. s. p.
XI. Henry, Major-Gen. Bombay Army, left an only dau.,
Charlotte, wno m. 1st, Capt. Poole Ilickman, of Chelsea
College, 2ndly, Antliony Periier, Esq., J. P., co. Cork, son
of Sir Anthony Perrier, d. s.p.
III. Frederick.

TThe 3rd son,

Maj.-Gen. Frederick Eoome, Bombay Army, m. 24 Feb.
,1824, Evander, dau. of Capt. William Morison, of Kilmun,
.'JO. Argyll, by Mary, his wife, dau. of John Mclver, Esq.
■of Dunoon; and by her (who d. 1875) had issue,

Frederick, C.B , Lieut.-Gen. Indian Armv, to. Henrietta,
dau. of the late Capt. Eckford, of the Indian Army, and
has had issue,
Frederick Mclver. Henry Xapicr.

Reginald Eckford. Leslie Stuait.

Daisy, d. May.

ilENRy, of Lota, co. Cork.

Mary, m. Capt. Jolin Alexander Armstrong Eckford,
H. E. I. C.S., deceased; and has had issue, John, d. ; Rose;
Evander Sophia, m. Capt. Henry Babington Rose, H.E.I.C.S.,
and has had issue, Frederick; Louisa; Mary, d. ; Emily,
d.; Ethel.
Eliza Maria, d. uiuii. Sarah Jane, d. 11111)1.

3Iajor-Gen. Eoome, d. 1845.

Town IlMieUiii-e—\ 1 Palace Gate, Kccsiagton, W.


EooPEE, Eev. John Geoege, of Abbott's Eipton,
CO. Huntingdon, B.A. Oxford, Patron and Eector
of Abbott's Eipton, b. 1852.

Lineage.— Richard Fcrnecx, of Deighton, descended
from Robert de Fourneux, of the time of King Henky 1.,
assumed the surname of Ropeb, a d. 1428, on his marriage
with Isolda, only dau. and heir of John Roper, of Turnditch,
Tlieir son,

Hccn Roper, Esq. of Turnditch, co. Derby, temp. Henry VI.,
m. a dau. of Gell, of Hopton, and had three sons, 1. Henry,
his heir ; 11. George, of Turnditch ; iii. Richard, pensioner to
Kings Henry VII. and Hknry VIII., great-grandfather of
Sir Thomas Rooper, created ViscodntBaltinglass, in Ireland
(see Bukke's Extinct Peerage). The eldest son,

Henry Roper, Esq. of Ileanor, co. Derby, was father of
Thomas Roper, Esq. of Heanor, father of Thomas Roper, of
Ileanor, who, by Anne his wife, dau. of Aimed Gresbroke, had
a son,

Samuel Rooper, Esq. of Heanor, co. Derby, m. Elizabeth,
dau. and co-heir of Sir Henry Goodere, Knt., of Polesworth, co.
Warwick, and d. 1 Sept. 1658, leaving, with other issue,
Samuel, of Heanor, Barrister-at-Law, who d. unm.., and

Thomas Rooper, Esq., ra. 4 April, 1674, Constance, dau. of
John Bathurst, M.D., who was s. by his son,

John Rooper, Esq. of Berkhanipstead Castle, Herts, and
of Southampton Row, parish of St. George, Bloomsbury,
Middlesex, Deputy-ColTerer cf the Household to Queen .\nne.
His will is dated 31 Jan. 1739, and proved 6 Nov. 1740. He m.
24 April, 1705, Philipj,a, dau. of Edward Allen, of Finchley,
Middlesex, and had, with other issue, of whom a dau. Eliza-
beth, jn. Sir John Dryden, Bart., a son and heir,

GoDOLPHiN Rooper, Esq. of Berkhanipstead Castle, 6. 27
JIarch, 17U9; m. 9 June, 1743, Mary Anne, dau. of Timothy
Harris, of Blackley, co. Northampton, andby her(who d. 1793,
and was bur. at Bath) had, with several daus. (of whom,
Philippa Elizabeth Dorothy in. Richard Malone, Lord Sua-
derlin), a son and heir,

John Rooper, Esq. of Berkhampstead Castle, and of Abbott's
Ripton, CO. Huntingdon, b. 5 June, 1744; in. Elizabeth, only
child of Thomas Bonfoy, Esq., and niece to Nicholas Bonfoy,
Esq. of Abbott's Ripton, Serjeant-at-Arms of the House of
Commons, and had issue,

I. John Bonfoy, his heir.

II. Henry, Major 72nd Kegt.

III. Thomas (itev.), of Wick Hill, Brighton, and Hockliffe,
CO. Beds, m. Persis, dau. of Henry Poimer Stamlly, Esq. of
Paxton Place, co. Huntingdon, and d, 1»65, leaving issue,

1 William Henry (Rev.), B.A., Oxon, of Ouselcy Lodge, Old
Windsor, and of llocklill'e Pastures, co. Bedford, b. iaOS ;
Til. 1st, 1(>34, Caroline, dau. of William Buck, Esq., Bar-
1 ister-at-Law, whiib lady d. s. p. : 2ndly, 1836, Caroline,
dau. of William Anstell, Esq., BI.P., by whom who d.
1M38) he had one son, William Trevor, of the Ritlo
Brigade; and 3rdly, 1840, Catheiinei'rances, dau of -lohn
Ileathcote, Esq. of Connington Castle, co. Huritingdon,
by whom he had one son, Thomas Godolphm, M.A.,
Inspector of Schools, b. 1852, and five dauii., Agnes Cathe-
rine, Emily Frances, Editii Maiy, Henrietta Persis, and
Wilhelmina Lydia.

2 John, Capt. Rifle Brigade, to. 1842, Charlotte Mary,
dau, of John Nethercoat, Esq. of Moulion Grange, co.
Northampton, and has issue, Francis John ; Maximilian ;
Herbert; Heniy Edward, Lieut. R.N., d. U"in. A Nov •
1S86; Edward; Mary Charlotte; Constance Jane;
Blanche, and Lucy.

3 George, of Nascutt House, Watford, and Lincoln s-lnn-
F'ields, 6. 1812; ?». 8 Jan. ISU, Mary Frances, dau. of
William Peere Williams-Freeman, Esq. of Fawley Court,
CO. Oxford, and by her (v,ho </. 15 April, 1856) has issue,
George Fiederick, 6. 1847; Eustace Peere; Hugh iJen-
cowe ; Henry Napier; Francis Edward; Mary Frances,
m. Arthur Pepys Whately, Esq. ; Dora Harriet; Alice;
and Georgiana Persis, m. John Walter Brand Duthy,

4 Edward, Major Rifle Brigade, killed at Inkermau.
1 Mary Anne, d. unm.

The eldest son,

John Bonfoy Rooper, Esq. of Abbott's Eipton, 6. 8 Aug.
1778; m. 15 June, 1810, Harriet, only child of William PoU,
Esq, of Gloucester Place, Portman Square, and had issue,

Bonfoy, of Abbott's Ripton.

Plummeb Pott, of Abbott's Ripton.

Henry Godolphin, of Heminglord Abbots, St. Ives, Hunts,
late Major in the army. Chief Constable of Uunta.

Fredenc James, an Officer in the army.

Harriet Emily, m. Eev. G. Chceie.

Elizabeth. Frances.

Caroline, to. James Currie, Esq. iluJii-pa.





Selina, m. AV. Moubray, Esq. of Ottcrstone, X.B.

Louisa, HI. Ktv. T. Levcnthorpe.

Constance, m. Rev. S. King.

Oeorgina, m. Hon. William Stuart Knox.

Jlr. Hooper <?. ISoo, and was s. Ly his eldest son,
EoXFoy KooPEB, Esq. of Abbott's Kipton, who d. s.p.and was

.1. by his next brother,
Rev. PLrMMEB Tott Rooper, of Abbott's Ripton, Rector of

Abbott's Ripton, J.r., m. ISol, Goorfciana, dau. of George

Thornhill, Esq. M.P. of Diddiiigton, co. Huntingdon, and had,

with other issue,

John George, now of .\hbott'? Ripton.

Millicent, v>. 1 Feb. 18t>3, Lieut. -Gen. .Sir Roger Palmer,

5th Ban , of Keuure Park, co. Dublin, and Cein Park, co.


Sir. Rooper d. ISSl, and was s. by his eldest son, the present
Rev. John George Rooper, of Abbott's Ripton.

Arms—SvL., an eagle close or. fi-txt— On a chapeau gu.,
turned up eria., a blazing star or. MuUo — Lux Auglis crux

iS«a£— Ripton Hall, co. Huntingdon.


Trftor- Kopkk, Charles James, Esq. of Plas-
Teg Park, co. Flint, M.A., J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1878, Hon. CoL 6th Batt. King's Koyal
Eille Corps, 6. 29 Oct. 1823 ; m. 1st, 30 Nov. is's-l,
Lucy Ahuc, youngest dau. of Samuel Aldcrsey,
Esq. of ^Udersey Hall, co. Chester (she d. 1 March,
1871), and 2ndiy, 8 July, 1873, Julia Maria, eldest
dau. of Sir Cornelius H. Kortright, K.C.M.G-.,
Governor of British Guiana.

Lineage.— Capwallader Blanet Roper (2nd son of
Hon. and Rev. Richard Henry Roper, Rector of Clownes,
CO. Monaghan, by Mary his wife, dau. of Thomas Tenison,
Esq. and grandson of Henry Roper, 8th Lord Teynham, by
Anne, Baroness Dacre, his wife) s. to the estates of Plas-Teg,
CO. flint, and Lee, Kent, under the will of his cousin, the
Dowager Lady Dacre, in 1808, and assumed by sign-manual
14 Jan. 1809, the addiitional surname and arms of Trevor.
He was 0. 6 April, 1765, and m. 1st. 1796, Elizabeth Anne,
dau. of Henry Reveley, Esq., by whom (who d. June, 1816) he

I. Charles Blatnet, his successor, of Plas-Tcg.

u. Richaid, 6. 7 Dec. 1810 ; m. 17 Aug. 1841, Marian, only
dau. of John Rigby, Esq., and had issue, 1 Henry Pellew,
6. 1843, 7(1. 27 Oct. 1875, Amy Juliet, youngest dau. of Kev.
George Preston, and d. 5 Sept. 1877, leaving a son, Cyiil
Henry, 6. 13 May, 1877; 2 Hugh William, b. 1858; 1 llar-
riette, m. 1867, the late George Edward Trevor-Roper,
Esq. ; 2 Marian Blanche, m. 16 June, 1874, Oswald P.Tudor.
Esq., Capt. R.N.; 3 Florence, m. 16 Sept. 1890, Brian
Melland, Esq., M.D. ; 4 Eleanor, m. 26 Sept. 1893, Frederick,
youngest son of Henry Overton Wills, Esq. of Kelston
Knoll, Bath.

I. Mary Jane, m. Honoratus Leigh Rigby, Esq., and had

II. Anna. Maria, /,i. James Boydell, Esq., who 'i. 1SG2, and
had issue.

Jlr. Trevor-Roper m. 2ndly, 24 Sept. 1817, Eliza Agnes, dau.

of Rev. Clerk Gayton, and by her (who d. 1820) had issue,
I. George, of Fern Bank, Cheshire, M.D., b. 14 May, 1820 ;
m. 24 April, 1850, Amelia, dau. of Capt. Archibald M-Dou-
ald, R.N., and d. 14 Nov. 1870, leaving issue, 1 Cadwalla-
der Blayney, b. 10 Nov. 1856, d. itvm. 1877; 2 George
Dacre, Surg. R.N., 6. 1862: 1 Amelia F;iizabeth, m. 1 Oct.
1877, P. A. iScott, Esq.; 2 Harriet Agnes, m. 7 April, lb7.'i,
J. W. Langlands, Esq.; 3 Clementina Hadow, to. 19 Aus.
1876, G. W. Cook, Esq.; 4 Flora, to. 8 June, 1887, Major
George M'Donald, R.E., and has issue, Cedric Yeats, b. 2:3
March, 18110 ; 5 Caroline F" ranees, to. 1877, Edward Matthew
Price, Esq. of Philberds, Maidenhead.

I. Agnes, m. Henry Boydell, Esq., and has issue.

II. Caroline (deceased).

He d. 20 Oct. 1832, and was s. by his son,

Charles Blanet Trevor-Roper, Esq. of Plas-Teg, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1835, 6. 22 Sept. 1799 ; m. 5 Den. 1S2I,
Mary, only dau. of Samuel Knight, Esq. of Manchester, and
by her (who d. 19 Oct. 1878, aged 81) had issue,

I. Charles Jaues, now of Plis-Teg.

II. William, 6. 30 Dec. 1827; /;i. 1st, 21 July, 18G1,
Myra, dau. of Rev. John R. N. Kinchant (she d. 15 Nov.
1874); and 2ndly, 1877, Elizabeth Cunningham Luxmoore,
of Oakampton Park, Devon, 2nd dau. and co-heiress of
Kev. J. Luxmoore (s-e Lcxmoore of Okeho.mpton), and had,
by his first wife, a dau. Ethel Maude, 6. 1865, m. 28 June,

1888, George Henry Philott, Esq., C.E., of Cheltenham, ana
has issue.

III. George Edward (Rhual Isa Jlold), b. 16 April, 18.31 ; m.
21 Nov. 1868, Harriette, dau. of Richard Trevor-Reper, Esq.,
and d. 30 Sept. 1893, leaving issue, 1 Charles Cauwallader,
;>. 9 Feb. 1884; 2 Geoffrey, 6. 1885 ; 1 Alice Marian, 6. 12
Nov. 1868 ; 2 Mabel, b. 14 Sept. 1871 ; 3 Helen, 6. 30 May,
1873; 4 Norah. b. 28 July, 1874; 5 Winifred, b. 21 July,
1876; 6 Violet, b. '25 Feb. 1878; 7 Eveleen, b. 1880; 8>
Florence, b. 1881 : 9 Gwendoline, 6. 1882.

IV. Richard Henry, b. '28 Sept. 1834 ; ra. 16 Sept. 1864,,
Grace Carr, dau. of Henry Messeena, Esq. M.D., and rf. Di
March, 1889, leaving issue, 1 Claude Henry, 6. 26 July, 18t)9;.
2 Charles Harold, (). 17 March, 1872; 3 Richard Harry,
b. 1 Sept. 1873 ; 4 Ernest Messeena, b. 28 March, 1875 ; 5.
Arthur Messeena, b. 4 July, 1870 ; 1 F^dith Grace ; 2 Liliaii.
Blanche (deceased); 3 Maud Mary; 4 Giace Messeena.

v. Dacre, b. 12 Jan. 1839; ra. 25 Aug. 1875, Louisa, dau. ofi
William Wanklyn, Esq., and has issue, 1 Lennard Carew,
i. '22 July, 1876; 2 Hubert, 6. 5 Dec. 1877; 3 Henry Blayney,
b. Sept. 1881, d. 1 April, 1882; Ranulph Dacre. 6. 13 April,
1893; 1 Mary; 2 Margaret Roper.

I. Elizabeth Mary, m. Aug. 1846, Capt. Peilew Matson-
Briggs, eldest son of Admiral Sir Thomas Briggs, K.C.M.G.,
and d. 2 June, 1857, leaving three sons.

II. Anne, in. June, 1847, Rev. John W'at^on, who d. 1867,.
leaving issue.

III. Gertrude, m. 8 Nov. 1860, Lieut. -Col. Edmund G. May-
nnrd, and ha.s issue.

IV. Charlotte, m. 26 Sept. 1861, Right Hon. Henry Cecil
Raikes, who d. Sept. 1891, and has issue.

V. iMnily Constance, m. 15 March, 1865, Holland T. Birket,.
F:sq., and d. '24 Nov. 1865.

Mr. Trevor-Roper d. 9 Feb. 1871, and was «, by his eldest son,
the present Charles James Trevor-Roper, Esq. of Plas-Teg.

Arm/i — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, per fesse az. and or, a pale-
and three roebucks' heads erased counterehanged, for Roper;
2nd and 3rd, per bend .'■inister erm. and ermines, a lion rampant
or, and for distinction a canton sa., thereon an escallop arg.
charged with a cross floiy of the fourth, for Trevor. Crests —
I St, Roper, A lion rampant sa. , holding in his right paw a ducal
coronet or ; 2nd, Trevor, On a chapeau gu.. turned up erm.,
a wyvern, wings elevated, sa., and for distinction, on the-
breasts an escallop, cliarged as in the arms. Muilo — Spes meas
in Deo.

&a«— Plas-Teg Park, Mold, co. Flint.


EoPER, George, Esq. of The Grove, Eichmond,
CO. York, J.P. for North Eiding Yorks, Aldermani
of County Council, b. 31 Jan. ISil, m. 7 April,.
1869, Elizabeth, only dau. of Samuel Swire, Esq^^
of Littlethorpe, Eipon, and has issue,

I. George Arthur, b. 22 May, 1870.

II. Charles Donnison, 6. 12 Jan. 187G.

III. John Bryan, 6. 14 Jan. 1883.

IV. Geoffrey Stapyltnn Rowe, 6. 22 JIarch, 1890.
. I. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 8 March, 1872.

II. Rachael Kendle, b. 14 Aug. 1881.

III. Phyllis Anne, b. 19 Oct. 1886.

IV. Ruth Gilpin, 6. 27 May, 1838.

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 198 of 392)