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effeild, Esq., J.P. (grand-
son and heir of Sir Ealph Creffeild, of Ardleigh and Mersea
Island, Knt., temp. Queen Anne), and eventually heir to Col-
chester Castle, The Holly Trees, &c., and by her (who d. 2»
Aug. 1799) had, with other issue,

I. James, his heir.

II. Charles, successor to his brother.

III. George, of Lexden House and St. Peters, Colchester,
J.P. for Essex, s. liis mother in tiie Jlersea estates ; b. 13
Aug. 1772 : m. 1st. Ann, dau. and co-heir of the Ven. Arch-
deacon Waller, and 2ndl) , his cousin, Mary, dau. and heir of
John Keeling, E.sq., and widow of Charles Searle, Esq. of St.
George's, co. Somerset. By his 1st wife, Mr. Round, who
d. 14 Kov. 18'23, left two sons and one dau.,

1 George, of East Hill House, Colchester, Lord of Hm
Manor of East and West Mer-ca, J.P. and D.L. for Essex,
High Sheriff 1845, M.A., l;aUi>>l Coll., b. ■22Mai-oh, 1803,

5 T 2





rf. *. p. 7 July, 18ri7. havind m. ft Oct. 1S21, Margaret,
dau. and co-heir of Major-Gen. Borthwk-k, 14. A., who d.
7 Oct. 18S6.

2 Edward John, of Ea.^t Thorpe, 6. 13 Jan. 1S06; in. 3
May, 1S24, Mary Amelia (who rf. 9 Feb. 1875), dau. of
James Josselyn, Esq. of Mount Hall, Horkcsley, and</. 20
Oct. 1889, having had hvith a dau. Mary) a son, Edward
Augustus, of Lexdeu House, J. P., ft. 27 Dec. 1823; m.
M rian Anne, dau. of Rev. C. Sterky, and d. s. p. 7
Jlarch, 1877 (She remarried 5 Jan. ls8U, Major-Gen. H.

1 Eliza .Vi.n. m. 20 April, 182."!, John Kingler Thomson,
Esq., whoi/. 28 Feb. ISGt', leaving issue.
1. Susannah, »i. Horatio Cock, Esq. of Colchester, d. s. p. 22
Aug. K-.U.

u. Henrietta Christina, d. tinm. 5 April, 1822.
Mr. Round if. 17 June, 1806, and was s. by his eldest son,

Kev. James Kocnd, of Birch Hall, J.P. for Essex, 6. 8 April,
1764, who »!. 7 Feb. 1792, F'rances, dau. of Joseph Green, Esq.
of Stratford, near London, and d. s. p. 7 Jan. 1809, when he
was «. by his brother,

Chakles ItorNi), Esq. of The Holly Trees, Colchester, and
afterwards of Birch Hall, b. 31 July, 1770, whom. 5 Jan. 179C,
Charlotte, dau. of Joseph Green, who was the great grandson
of Jane Dcsborough, sister of Oliver Cromwell, and by her
Ovho d. 6 .\pril, 1831) liad issue,

I. Charles Grat, his heir.

It. James Thomas (Kev.), B.D.. of The Holly Trees. Lord of
the Manor and Patron of the living of Woodhaui Mortimer,
Rector of All Saints, Colchester, &e., Hon. Prebendary of
St. Paul's, and Hunil Dean, b. 14 July, 1798; m. 19 Jan.
1836, Louisa, dau. of Kev. George Barlow, of Burgh,
Suffolk, and d. 27 Aug. 18G0, leaviug issue by her (who d.
21 May, 1877),

1 James, now of Birch Hall.

2 Francis Richard, C.M.G., of the Colonial OfHce and 24,
Elm Park Gardens, S.W., and of East Hill House, Colches-
ter, M.A. Baliiol College, Oxford, b. 22 Jan. 1845; m. 21
April, 1881, Emily Frances, dau. of J. JohtTeTufnell, Esq.
of Langleys, Essex, and Jias, with other issue, a son,
Douglass Gray, b. 23 April, 1882.

3 Douglass, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, M.A. Trin.
Coll. Camb., b. 29 March, 1846; m. 18 Nov. 1875, Cecilia
K. Barlow, only d;iu. of Edmund Barlow, Esq. of 36, Rut-
land Gate, S.W., and Hasketon, Sufifolk. She d. 31 Jan.

1 Harriet, b. 29 Jan. 1837; m. 26 April, 1871, Rev.
Richard Hichens, Rector of Woodham Mortimer. He
d. 8 March, 1877, leaving by her one sun and two

2 Mary, J. 16 Feb. 1838.

3 Adelaide, 6. 13 Aug. 1840; m. 28 Sept. 1870, Robert F.
Symmons, d. s. p. 18 March, 1891.

4 Louisa, b. 6 April, 1842.

5 Elizabeth, b. 6 Aug. 1843; d. 17 March, 1841.

6 Juliana Frances, b. 24 Feb. 1848.

III. Joseph Green (Rev.), Rector of Woodham Mortimer.
M.A. baliiol Coll. Oxford, b. 14 Juno, 1803 ; m. 2 Oct. 1828'
Ehzabeth Martha (who d. 17 Sept. 1870), dau. and co-heir of
Rev. John Lewes, of Gillingham, Norfolk, and d. 12 Sept.
1835, leaving issue,

1 William Ralph, d. 17 May, 18C7.

2 Henry Lewes, of Grundisburgh, near Burgh, Suffolk,
J. P., Lord of the Manor of Woodhall, Capt. R.N., 6. 31
Dec. IbSO; assumed additional surname and arms of
ToENER on succeeding to the estates of his cousin. Rev.
G. Turner, in 1871 ; m. IGApril, 1874, Clara, dau. of Capt.
Samuel Strong, R.N. Capt. Round-Turner, d. 9 July,
1881, ledving two sons and one dau., George Henry, b.
11 Feb. 1S77 ; Charles Wolfran, 6. 6 April, 1879 ; Emily

3 George Creffeild, d. unm. 9 May, 1879.

1 Emily, ra. A. \V. Freeland, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and
d. 2 Dec. 1877. He d. 15 April, 1880, leaving two sons
and one dau.

IV. William Creffeild, 6. 1 Feb. 1802; d. 25 Apiil, 1810.

V. Henry, 6. 8 June, 1805 ; d. unm. 5 July, 18.i7.

I. Charlotte Douglas, m. 1839, George Hanson, Esq., and
d. «. p. 18 Aug. ISSl.

II. Georgina Frances, to. 14 May, 1829, Rev. Ilcnry Free-
land, Kector of Hasketon, Suffolk. She d. 5 Aug. Is83,
leaving issue.

III. Eleanor, d. unm. 2 Aug. 1838.

Mr. Round d. 18 April, 1834, and was.«. by his son,

Charles Gbat Round, Esq. of Birch Hall, Essex, J.P.
and D.L., M.A. Baliiol Coll. Oxford, M.P. for the Northern
division of that county (1837-47), contested Oxford University
(against Mr. Gladstone) 1847, Chairman Essex Quarter
Sessions for twenty-seven years (1837-64), b. 28 Jan. 1797 ; m.
4 July, 1838, Emma Sarah, dau. of Major Brock, of St. Mary's,
Colchester, and d. s. p. 1 Dec. 1867. Mrs. Round d. 5 March,

Arms — .\rg., en a chevron sa. three annulets of the field.
Ctft— A lion coucUant arg. Motto — Esse quam videri.

Scats— Birch Hall, Essex; The Holly Trees, Colchester;
Woodham Mortimer Place, Maldon ; and The Elms, Acton,
Middlesex. Toicn Kesidciue — 31, De Vere Gardens, W.

Round, John Uoeace, Esq. of West Berglioll,
Essex, D.L., M.A. Ealliol Coll. Oxford, b. 22 Feb.
1S54, .Mr. Round (through his grandmother) is
senior representative of the Wilmots, Earls of
Rochester (see Burke's ISxtinct Feerage) and
several other historic families.

Iiineagre.— John Round, Esq. of Colchester and St. Clerc's
Hall, Barrister-at-Law, younger son of William Roond, Esq.
of Birch Hal:, by Susannah Warner his wife, ra. 28 Aug. 178'2,
Catherine, dau. of Edward Green, Esq. of Lawford Hall,
Essex, and widow of Hev. Richard D.aniel, and by her (who di.
14 Jan. 1802) left at his decease, 9 Nov. 1813, a son and heir,

John Round, Esq. of Danbury Park and AVest Bergholt,
Essex, J. P., D.L., M.A., and D.C.L,, formerly M.P. for
Maldon and Ipswich, b. 8 March, 1783; m. 18 March, 1815v
Susan Constantia, eldest dau. of George Caswall, Esq. ol
Sacombe Park, Herts, and co-heir of her brother, George
Newman Caswall, Esq., and by her (who d. 1845) had issue,
John, his heir.

Frederic Peel, B.A. Baliiol Coll. Oxon, Gentleman
Usher of the Green Rod, b. 22 May, 1818 ; d. unm. 18
May, 18S4.

Edmund, M.A. Baliiol Coll. Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, J.P.
for Essex, b. 31 March, 1820; to. 7 Oct. 1847, Louisa Caro-
line, dau. of Charles G. Parker, Esq. of Springfield Place,
Essex, and d. .<<. p. 24 Dec. 1891.

Constantia Catherine Anne, m. 9 May, 1848, Henry Alex-
ander Story, Esq., Capt. R.N., who d. 22 July, 1879. She
d. a. p. 10 Sept. 1892.
Eliza Mary, d. 12 Nov. 1837.
Mr. Round, who was High Steward of Colchester 1818-1860,
and High Sheriff for the county 1835, d. 28 April, 1860, ami
was s. by his eldest son,

John Round, Esq. of West Bergholt, M.A. Baliiol Coll.
Oxon, Capt. Essex Yeomanry, b. 19 April, 1816; to. 26 April,
1853, Laura, youngest dau. and co-heir of Horace Smith, Esq.,
and by her (who d. 1864) had issue,
1. John Horace, now of West Bergholt.
I. Laura Constance, d. 18G4.

H. Violet Grace, »i. 5 Jan. 1889, F'rederick David, youngesS
son of John Shaw Kennedy, Esq. of Kirkraichacl, N.B.

Mr. Round d. 18 May, 1887.
Arms and Crest— Same as Round of Birch Hcdl.
Residence — 15, Brunswick Terrace, Brii^hton.


Round, Joseph, Esq. of The Hange, Tividale,
Tipton, CO. Stafford, Lindenhurst, Edgbaston, and
The Grove, Knowle, co. Warwick, b. 28 Dec. 1833 -
m. 20 Oct. 1875, Emma "Caroline, dau. of Edwin
Alldridge, Esq. of Westwood, Edgbaston, and has
issue, one dau.,
Violet Caroline Phcebe.

Lineage.— Tliis family was settled in Tipton at the time
of Charles I., and was for many years engaged in the iron
trade of Staffordshire.

Daniel Round, Esq., 6. 1754 ; d. 20 Aug. 1814, by Mary, his
wife (who d. 19 Jan. 1814) he had issue, a son,

John Round, Esq. of Daisy Bank, co. Stafford, m. Phoebe,
elder dau. of Isaac Chaddick, Esq. of AVednesbury Oak, co.
Stafford, and by her (wlio d. 1846) had issue,

I. Daniel George, late of The Hange.

II. Joseph, now of The Hange.

III. Benjamin, m. Jane, widow of Rev. W. Godfrey, Vicaroi
Studley, co. Warwick, and has issue,

I. John Lawrence. ii. Joseph.

I. Ethel Janie. ii. Margaret Phoebe.

III. Edith Constance, of Court Oak, Harboruc, co. War-

IV. Edwin, unm.

I. Mary, m. John Round Tillcy, Esq., and has issue.

II. Phoebe. III. Sarah Ann, d. 1 Jan. 1891.
IV. Elizabeth, relict of Frederick Elliott, Esq.

Mr. Round d. 12 Dec. 1845. His eldest son,

Daniel George Round, Esq. of The llange, Tividalc, co.





.^tiifTord, I'oitlaud House, Edgbaston, and the Grove, Knowie,
vo. AVavwick, J. P. cos. Stafford and Worcester, 6. 16 July,
1820, d. vMYH. 20 May, 1874, and was s. by his brother, Joseph,
flow of The Hange.

Arms — Or, a garb between three fers-de-mouline. Crest — A
liawk sa., wings displayed, standing on a plough ppr. Motto —
i)eo favente.

Seats — The Hange, Tividale, Tipton, co. Stafford; Linden-
hursr, Kichmond Hill, Edgbaston ; and The Grove, Knowlc.
CO. Warwick. Residence — Lindenhurst, Eichmond Hill, Edg-
Itaston, CO. Warwick.

EouNUELL, Richard Foulis, Esq. of Gledstone,
CO. York, b. Not. 3872, s. his father, 2i Oct.

liiueagre. — JonN Roundell, of Screven, near Knares-
Vorough, living temp. Henki VI., m. Jane, duu. of Thomas
Coke, of CO. Yoi-k. His great-grandson,

HicHAKD RonNDELi., of Screven, living in the reigns of
Henry VII. and Henet VIII., m. and had issue, i. John, his
heir, and ii. Christopher, great-grandfather of William
liocNDELL, of Marston and Hutton Wansley, co. York, now
represented by the Earl of Harewood and Lord Wenlock. The
elder son,

John RonNDELL, Esq. of Screven, m. Margaret, dau. of
WilHam Sill, Esq., and was s. by his eldest son,

Marmaddke Rod.ndell, Esq. of Screven, living Itm-p. Queen
Elizabeth, lii. 1558, Jane, dau. of Thomas Lowe, Esq., but
<Iying s. jj. was s. by his eldest brother,

William Roundell, Esq. of Screven, d. 1582, and was «. by
iiis eldest son,

William RonNDELL, Esq. This gentleman appears to have
Ijcen a juror at the presentment at the Castle of Knares-
liorough, 6 Aug. 1611, and to have been sworn before Sir
Oliver Cromwell, Master of His Highnesss Game, Sir William
J'leetwood, Knt., His Majesty's Surveyor-General, Sir Henry
Slingsby, Sir William Ingleby, Deputy-Stewards, and Richard
Hutton, Serjeant-at-Law, Steward of the House and Manor of
Knaresborough. Mr. Roundell m. 1531, Elizabeth Lightfoot,
and had witli two daus., four sons, i. William, d. s. p. 1684 ;
H. Peter, of Screven, whose male issue, became extinct ; iii. i
John, of whom presently, iv. Thomas. The 3rd son,

John Rocndell, Esq., b. 1607 ; to. 1635, Maria Wade, and
iiad issue. Mr. Roundell d. Aug. 1657, and was s. by his son,

William Roondell, Esq. of Screven, b. 1636 ; m. Anne, dau.
<iV Thomas Brown, Esq. of Polespring, co. York, and dying i
J "67, was s. by his only surviving son,

William Rodndei.l, Esq. of Screven, h. 1666. He ra. 1st,
r.llen Oddy, of Kirby Malzeard, but had no issue and 2ndly,
•fane, dau. and co-heir of Laurence Danson, Esq. of Spring
House, by whom he had (with two daus.) four sons,

I. Peter, d. in infancy. it. Mark, </. s. p. 1753.

. III. William, of Screven and York, M.IJ., m. Margaret, dau.
of John Tomlinson, Esq. of i ork, and dying 1762, left an
only dau. and heir.

Margaret Eleanor, m. John Toke, Esq. of Godington, in
Kent, High Slieiiff of that co. i;70.
IV. Danson, of whom presently.
Tlie 4th and youngest son,

Danson Roundell, Esq. of Screven, J.P. and D.L.. m. 19
-*^ept. 1739, Ellen, dau. and heir of Christopher Hartley, of
31arton-in-Craven, by whom he acquired that estate, and had
two surviving sons. He d. 30 May, 1770 and was s. by the

Richard Roundell, Esq. of Marton and Screven, who com-
• ucnced the erection of the mansion of Gledstone, but d. before j
its completion. Kot having m. he was s. by his brother, |

Rev. William Roundell, of Gledstone and Screven, M.A., [
-I. P. and D.L. He m. 1775, Mary, youngest dau. of Rev. ;
Henry Richardson, M.A., Rector of Thornton, and gianddau. !
<,f Richard Richardson, Esq. of Bierley, co. York, and had

I. Richard Henry, his heir.

II. William Hartley, b. 1780, who assumed, 1786, the surname
of CuRRER, but d. s. p. 12 Feb. 1801.

J II. Danson Richardson, M.A., heir to his brother.

IV. Henry Danson (Rev.), 6. 1785, M.A., lellow of Magdalen
College, Oxford, Rector of Fringford, co. Oxford; to. 2 Nov.
Isl8, Elizabeth, dau. of Peter ~Garforth, Esq. of Coniston,
and had a son, Henry.

V. Saville Richardson^ &. 1789.
■vi. Septimus ^^ aid, b. 1796.

J. Eleanor. ii. Mary .\nne.

III. Dorothea Richardson, m. 10 Sept. I8I0, Rev. William
Jocelyn Palmer, M.A., Rector of Mixbury, co. Oxford.
Mr. Roundell was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Richard Henry Roundell, Esq. of Gledstone and Screven,
J.P. and D.L. , High Sheriff of co. York 1835, 6. 14 Dec. 1776 ;
d. unm. 26 Aug. 1851, and was s. by his brother,

Rev. Danson Richardson Roundell, of Gledstone, J.P. and
D.L., M.A., 6. 3 April, 1784 ; m. 28 Nov. 1815, Hannah, eldest
dau. of Sir William Foulis, 7th Bart, of Ingleby Manor, co.
York, and had issue,

I. William, now of Gledstone.

II. Richard Roundell, Lieut.-Col. in the army, late Major
28th Foot, 6. 3 Aug. 1818; d. Oct. 1871, whilst travelling ou
the Caucasus.

III. John Richardson, 6. 7 Feb. 1820; d. unin. 6 Feb. 1840.

IV. Henry George, b. 11 July, 1825; d. 25 Sept. 1837.

V. Charles Savile, of Doifield Hall, Nantwich, and 16,
Curzon Street, Mayfair, J.P. and D.L. co. Surrey. J.P. co.
Cheshire, M.P. for Grantham 1880-85, M.A., Barrister-at
Law, and a Governor of Harrow School, for some time
Private Secretary to H. E. Earl Spencer, Lord- Lieutenant
of Ireland, 6. 19 July, 1827 ; m. 10 May, 1873, Julia Anne
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the late Wilbraham Tollemache,
Esq. of Dorfold Hall, co. Chester, and has issue, Chris-
topher Foulis, 6. 11 July, 1876.

I. Mary Anne, 511. 11 Jan. 1755, John Hotham, Esq. of
Sciaftwood, Notts.

II. Eleanor Hannah Richardson, d. unm. 7 Sept. 1854.
Kev. Mr. Roundell d. 10 March, 1873, and was s. by his son,

William Roundell, Esq. of Gledstone, co. York, M.A., 6.
17 July, 1817 ; High Sheriff, co. York 1881, m. 20 April, 1864,
Harriet Jane, dau. of Francis Beynon Hacket, Esq. of Moor
Hall, and had issue,

I. Richard Foulis, now of Gedstone.

II. Charles Selbourne. twin with his brother Richard, b. Nov.

Mr. William Roundel], educated at Harrow and Ch. Ch. Oxford,
was representative of the families of Cukber 0/ Kildwick and
Riohabdson of Bierley. He d. 21 Oct. 1881.

Arms — Or, a fesse gu. between three olive branches vert.
Crest — A sword in pale arg., hilt and jommel or, gripe gu.

Seat — Gledstone, near Skipton, co. York.


EoirsE, Eev. Eolla Chaeles Meadows, of
Woodbridge, Suffolk, M.A. Cambridge and Oxford,
Lord of the Manor of Woodbridge-Haskerton, J.P.
for Suffolk, b. 2 Dee. 1832; m. 16 July, 1856,
Mary, only dau. of J. Kirkman, Esq. M.D., and
has issue,

1. RoLLA Edward, M.D. London, 6. 5 Jan. 1860; m. the

relict of James Doulton, Esq.
n. Percy Fitzroy, Solicitor, b. 10 May, 1865; m. Gertrude,

dau. of the late Holland Taylor, Esq. of Manchester,
in. William Sydney, b. 15 March, 1873.
IV. Fred P. Pierrepont, b. 4 March, 1876.

I. Edith Mary, m. Dr. Edwardes-Ker.

II. Ada Francis. iii. Mary Elizabeth.

IV. Ellen Maud.

V. Evelyn Augusta, m. H. Melvill Richards, Esq.

VI. Kathleen Charibel.

I.ineag'e.— RoLLA Rouse, Esq. of Fern Hill, Suffolk, J.P.
and D.L. (son of William Rouse, Esq. of Haskerton, Suffolk (if.
1830), by his wife, M.A., dau. of W. Miller, Esq.), b. 19 Sept.
1805 ; TO. Elizabeth Jane, eldest dau. of Rev. Philip Meadowa,
Rector of Great Healings, and by her (who was 6. 1 May, 1807,
and d, 29 April, 1882) had issue,

RoLLA Charles MeadoViS. John William, m.

Fred Sydney, 1,1. George H., m.

E. Broughton, m.

Mr. Rouse d. 2 June, 1887.
iJesitience— Rayleigh Rectory, near Rochford, Essex.

EowAN, John Joshua, Esq. of Mount Davys, co.
Antrim, J. P., Lieut.-Col. 4th Batt. Eoyal Irish
Eilles, and served in the 62nd Eegt., b. 12 Dec.
1838; m. 1st, 1866, May Amelia, eldest dau. of
Greorge Wright, Esq., sometime Colonial Treasurer
of Prince Edward Island, wliich lady c^. s. ^. 1879.
He m. 2ndly, 1881, Ellen Augusta, dau. of Eer.





Edward W. Viuigliaii, Rector ot Llantwit ilajor, co.

liineage.— The family of Eowan is of Scotch descent, and
derives from

JoBN KowAS, of Greenhead, in the parish of Govan, co.
Lanark, X.B., 6. 1548, wlio acquired these lands with his 1st
■wife, the dan. and lieir of John Gibson, of Greenhead. His
only son by this lady,

John Rowan, of Greenhead, d. 1C14, leaving, by Agnes
Shanks his wife, an elder son and heir,

John Kowax, of Grotnhead, m. Janet Anderson, of Govan,
CO. Lanark, and d. li)>o, having had, with issue, an
eldest son.

Rev. .Vsdhew Rowan, who went to Irel.and, and was in-
ducted to the Rectory of Punaghy, Piocese of Connor, co.
.\ntrini, 13 Sept. 16C1, and resided at Old Stone, alias Clough,
CO. Antrim. He m. 1st, about 1660, a dau. of Capt. William
Hacl'hediis, of Camglass, in the same co., and by her had,
ifith two daus., two sons,

I. William (Capt.), of Derry, attainted, with his father, by
the Parliament held by King James II. at Dublin in 1689;
J)!. Mildred Thompson, and left an elder son,

William, of Richmond, Surrey, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Edward Eyre, Esq. of co. Galway, and left at his decease
an only dau. and heir, Jane, who nt. 1st, Tichborne Aston,
Esq., and 'Jndly, Gawen Hamilton, Esq. of Killyleagh
(set; Rowan-Hamilton' oj KMyleaglt).

II. John, of whose line we treat.

He in. 2ndly, Alice Dunlop, and by her had, with two daus.,
three sons, Robcit, .Archibald, and George, of Maghera, co.
Down, ancestor of the Kerry family of Rowan. Rev. Andrew
Rowan d. 1717. His 2nd son.

Rev. John Rowan, of Ballinagapog, co. Down, in. Margaret
Stewart, of co. Down, and had issue. The 7th son.

Rev. Robert Rowan, of Mullans, co. Antrim, Chancellor
of the Diocese of Connor, m. Letiti.a, dau. and sole heir of
.Tohn Stewart, Esq. of Garry (by his wife, a dau. and co-heir
of Redmond, of Blaris, co. Down), and had an eldest son and

John Rowan, Esq. of Mullans and Garry, &. 18 Feb. 1733,
High Sheriff co. Antrim 1755; ra. 3 Feb. 1753, Rose, dau. of
C.ipt. Charles Stewart, of Lisburn, co. Antrim, and of Clunie,
X.B., by Rose his wife, dau. of Roger Hall, Esq. of Narrov/
Water, co. Down, and by her (who ra. 2ndly, Capt. Phillips)
had issue. The eldest son and heir,

Rodert Rowan, Esq. of Mullans, Garry, and Bellei.sle, co.
Antrim, b. 9 Aug. 1754; ra. 6 April, 1777, Eliza, dau. of Hill
Willson, Esq. of Purdysburn, co. Down, and by her (who d.
1S17; had issue,

John, his heir.

Hill Willson, ra. Eliza Jackson, sister to Mr. Justice

Robert, la. 1st, Martha Rainey, relict of George Stewart, and

by her had issue, 1 Charles, deceased; 2 John, deceased ;

3 Arthur, deceased ; 4 Henry, Lieut. -Gen. , C.B., deceased ;

5 Frederick, deceased; and 1 Harriet, deceased. He vi.

"indly, Harriet Fulton, deceased, and 3rdly, Henrietta

Murphy, deceased.
James, ra. Rose Bristow; both deceased.
Charles (Sir), K.C.B., Commissioner of Metropolitan Police,

Assistant-Adjutant-Gen. Light Division, in tlie Peninsular

war, d. s. p.
Frederick, la. Sarah Prom, of Norway, and had two daus..

Eliza and Frederick, all deceased.
Edward, Capt. R.N., ra. Eliza'oeth Legge, flcceased.
William (Sir), G.C.B., Field-Marshal and Col. 62nd Foot,

a distinguished officer, who served in Sicily, Portugal,

France, and Belgium (at Waterloo), and commanded the

Forces in Canada from 1849 to lb55, 6. 1789; m. 1811,

Martha, dau. of John Spong, Esq, of Mill Hull, Kent, and

d. s. p.

Eliza, d. unra.
Elinor, m. John J. Heywood, Dempster of the I.sle of 3Ian,

and is deceased.

Mr. Rowan served as High Sheriff co. Antrim 1779, and d. 12
Sept. 1832. His eldest son,

John Rowan, Esq. of Garry and Ahogliill, J. P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1814, Major Antrim Militia, 6. 30 March, 1778;
m. 1st, 25 May, 1809, Eliza Honoria, eldest dau. of Lieut. -Col.
Alexander Macmanus, of Mount Davys, co. Antrim, High
Sheriff 1782, by Hester Henrietta his wife, 2nd dau. of Mark
Kerr O'Xeill, Esq. of Flowertield, co. Londonderry, cadet of
O'Xeill, of Shanes CnstU, and by her (who d. 18 May, 1810,

RoDERT AViLLEON (Rcv.), of Mount Davys.

He ra. 2ndly, 2S Oct. 1823, Dorothea Shaw Ogilvie, relict of

James Blair, Esq. of Merville, co. Antrim. Mr. Rowan d. 19
Dec. 1855, and was s. by his son.

Rev. Robert AVillson Rowan, of Mount Davys, co. Antrim,
J. P., b. 9 March, 1810; m. 30 Sept. 1834, Anna, 2nd nau. ot
Joshua Minnitt, Esq. of Anaghbcg, co.Tipperary, andci. 01 Jan.
1886, leaving issue,

I. John Joshua, now of Mount Davys.

II. Alexander Macmanus, Lieut. 13th Foot, 6. 24 April, 1841,

III. Robert Kerr O'Neill, 6. 17 Jan. 1849.

I. Eliza Hester, b. 24 Feb. 1843 ; 7h. Capt. T. L. Stack, and
has issue, Charles Robert Stack.

II. Mary .'jtuart, 6. 14 Dec. 1844 ^deceased).

III. Anna Villiers, b. 7 March, 1847.

J^amiln of ||tacmantis.

The Macmanus Sept. an ancient Irish family, formerly
possessed of extensive property in cos. Antrim, Fermanagh,
Londonderry, and the co. of the town of Caniekfcrgus, de-
scended from Magnus O'Conor, 3rd son of Tirleigh Mor O'Conor,
48th King of Connaught, and 181 elected monarch of Ireland.
A branch of this Sept. settled in co. Antrim, of which

Hryan Macmanus, of Ballybeg, m. 1662, Esme McNaghten.
of Bcardiville, and had issue,

Alexander Macmanus, of Carndonaghay, m. 1708, Honoria,
dau. of McGuinness, of Cabra, co. Down, and had

Brtan Macmani's, High Sheriff co. Antrim 1769, '/?;.
.Micia, dau. of Adam Stodhard, of Drumbam, co. Down, and

Alexander Macmanus, High Sheriff co. Antrim 1780, in.
Hester Henrietta, dau. of Mark Kerr O'Neill, of Flowcrfield, and
had a dau. Eliza Honoria, ra. 25 May, 1809, John Rowan, Esq.
of Garry and Ahoghill {see aboce').

Arms — Vert., a fesse chcquy or and gu. between a trefoil
slipped in chief and three crosses-crosslet titchee issuant from as
many crescents in base of the second. Crest — A naked arm
eouped at the elbow, grasping a dagger ppr. Motto — Cresco
per erucem,

Stat — Mount Eavys, Cullybackey, co. Antrim.



CULES, Esq. of Bodrhydrlan, co. Flint, J.P. and
D.L., High ShorifE 1876, late (Japt. 2nd Lif&
Guards, h. 6 Jan. 1841 ; m. 20 May, 18f)9, Marion,
2nd dau. of the P. P. Harford, Esq. of Down Place,
Ecrks, and has issue,

I. Maurice William Gltn, 6. 27 March, 1874.

II. Rafe Grenville, 6. 11 Sept. 1875, Midshipman R.N.

III. Geoffrey Seymour, 6. 13 Sept. 1877.

IV. Ivor Harford, 6. 26 Jan. 1884.

I. Gwladys Freda, m. 25 Feb. 1892, Hugh Peel, Esq. of
Brynypys, co. Flint, and has i.ssue, a son, b. 13 July,

Mr. EoAvley-Con-R-y, assumed by royal licence the-
name of Conwy 1869.

Liineage. — The Hon, Richard Tho.mas Rowley, 2nd sors
of Thomas, 1st Baron Langford {see Burke's Peerage), late
Capt. Scots Guards, Hon. Col. 6th Batt., The King's Royal
Rifle Corps, M,P, for Harwich, 6. 1812 ; m. 1st, 24 June, 1835,
Charlotte, dau. of Col. Shipley, and niece of Sir Watkiit
Williams Wynn, Bart, and by her (who d. 29 June, 1871) had

I. Conwy Grenville Hercules, now of Bodrhyddan.

I. Gwcnwydd Frances, m. 1st, 15 Sept. 1864, Capt. Hamilton-.
Pakenham, who d. 20 Oct. I»64, and 2ndly, 2 Jan. 1866,
Hugh Henry, 3id son of Sir D. Erskine, 1st Bart, of

II. Eva, TO. 18 Jan. 1872, Capt. Lcvcson E. H. Somerset,
R.N., son of Lord Granville Somerset.

Col. R. T. Rowley in. 2ndly, 9 July, 1872, Alice Henrietta,
2nd dau. of Capt. Hugh Berners, R.N., J.P. and D.

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