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L. co,
FUnt, and d. 11 Nov. 1887, leaving by her (who d.l Aug. 188-!>
no issue.
Sett£— Bodrhyddan, Rhuddlan, N. AVales.


Rowley, Geohge Eydell, Esq. of Priory Park,
St. Neots, CO. Huntingdon, and ot Morcott Hall,
Rutland, J. P., I).L., b. 21 July, 1851 ; m. 30 Sei-)t.
1884, Alice, eldest dau. of 8ir Vincent Corbet of
Morcton Corbet, Salop, iJart. and bus issue.





I. OwsLEt ViVCENT FtDEI-L, 6. 10 Scpt. 18S5.

II. George Richard Francis, b. 1 Feb. 1889.

Mr. Rowley, who s. to the family estates on the
death of his grandmother, 31 Jan. 1886, is a Justice
of the Peane for Huntingdonshire and Lincolnshire,
and is a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for

Liineag'e. — The family of Rowley of Rowley recorcled in
the Herald's Visitations of Salop, has a common origin with
the Rowleys of • endring Hall, Suffolk, deriving its surname
(in the old spelling Rouloice or Rowlaw) from Rowley in the
parish of Worfield, Salop — which was for many centuries its
ancient seat. Few familesevcn in a county so rich in geneal-
ogies as Shropshire, have been so fully illustrated as that of
Rowley of Rowley, in all its branches. Mr. Hardwick, the
Shropshire genealogist, having bestowed upon the elucidation
of its pedigree, even more than his usual critical research.
The origin of the name is discussed in Notes and Queries III.,
S., Vol. 34, where it is shown that Rowlowe does not mean the
"King's Mount " as surmised by Mr. Hardwick, but that '•'■Raw
is a Saxon word meaning ' rest ' (the modern German ruhe and
the Danish ro), and /ow meaning a mount; Rowlow is there-
fore the ' rest mount' — the Cemetery, and a beautiful and poetic
word it is" — a definition which the physical aspect of this
immemorial dwelling place of an ancient line seems to confirm.
Mr. James in his history of Worfield says " the original name
of this ancient family was Roulowe, and it dates probably from
Saxon times retaining for 500 years the lands of Rowley. . . ."
Roger de Roulowe, with his companion Guido di Baliol carry-
ing the standard of Simon di Montford's army, was slain at the
battle of Evesham (seeCronaca di Melrose, andBLAW's Sarons'
)i'ars}, and another Rowley fought at Agincourt.

William de Rodlowe, who, in 1252, was on the roll of Guild
Merchants of Salop — which conferred certain pi-ivileges in
Shrewsbury upon the owners of estates in the county — was
father of

William de Roclowe (living 4 Edwabd III., 1330) who m.
Rose, widow of Robert deAsterhuU— a township near Rowley —
and had a son,

John de Rodlowe or Rowley, who was living 24 Edward
III., m. Matilda who was living as his widow 50 Edward III.
Her eldestson Nicholas de Rowley, who rf. before Michaelmas
3 Heni > VI., 1424, m. Margery, dau. of Robert de Hounde-
slowe (Onslow)— and from this marriage descended the m;iin
line of Rowley of Rowley, until the estate was carried to the
family of Shallcross of Shallcross, in the High Peak — by the
marriage in 1656 of Anne, dau. and heir of Roger Rowley,
Esq. of Rowley and Shrewsbury, Bariister-at-Law of Gray's
Inn, with Ricliard, eldest son of John Shallcross of Shallcross —
from whose descendants Rowley passed into the hands of
Richard Hill of Hawkstone, from whom it was purchased in
1723 by Henry Davenport, Esq., in which family it still re-
mains. Tlie 2nd son of John de Rowlowe, and Matilda his
wife, was

John Rowley of Stapulford in Worfield who d. before St.
George's day 9 Henry VI., having had issue by Joan his wife,
dau. and heir of Robert Hugge of Stapulford, a son and

William Rowley of Newton in Worfield and Stapulford,
who d. before St. JIark's day 27 Henry VI., 1449, having hud
issue by Alice his wife, dau. of Robert Newton of Newton and
sister of Wi.lidm Newton, priest of the Chantry there, a son
and heir,

William Rowley of Newton, who with Isabel his wife, was
living in 1455. He d. before 6 April, 1479, and his widow
survived him nine years. They had issue, a son,

John Rowley, of Newton, who joined his wife Agnes in
settling the property (2 Henry VIII.), on their three children,
Humphrey, Joan, and

William Rowley of Newton in Worfield, who d. 1555 6,
leaving a son,

John Rowley, of Newton in Worfield. who d. 1592, when
his effects were administered to by his widow Agnes. They
had issue, a son,

Peter Rowley, of Newton, m. 1586, Mary, dau. of Eichard
and Ann Barrttt of Worfield, and d. 1617, leaving issue,

I. John, his successor.

II. William, of Newton, bapt. 5 July, 1590; to. 1 Nov. 1621,
MargaieC, dau. of Ricliard Barrett, of Oldington, in Woi- |

III. George, bapt. 24 June, 1593, living 1617.

IV. Isaac, ot Newton, who d. before 1639, and was erand-
father of Williaiu Rowley, of Whitehall, who was attached
to the Court of William and Mary, and afterwards of yueen
Anne, aod whose son Sir William Rowley, K.B., Admiral of

the Fleet, was ancestor of the Rowleys of Tendring Hall
Suffolk, upon whom three baronetcies were conferred for
their distinguished naval services.

The eldest son,
John Rowley, sen. of Newton, b. 15S7, rf. 1665, leaving by

Eleanor his wife (who d. 1660) with other issue,

I. John, of Newton, living in 1640 and in 1674.

II. Daniel, of whom wc treat.

Daniel Rowley, sen., 6. 1620; sold his Worfield property
to William Bridgen, Esq. of Bridgnorth in 1687 ; rf. at Kinfare
1694, leaving, by Anne his wife,

I. Daniel, of whom presently.

II. William, of Underton, near Bridgnorth, living m. in

I. Joyce, m. Thomas Bcnnet, Esq., living 1693.

II. Anne, 6. 1652 ; m. Eichard Astley, Esq. ol Underton, near
Bridgnorth (who d. 4 Nov. 1741, at. 87), rf. 7 Jan. 1724,
leaving issue.

III. Rachel d. before 1693.

IV. Elizabeth, living 1693.
The eldest son,

Daniel Rowley, of Kinfare, m. 1682, AnnReignolds of Sid-
bury (who rf. same year), and rf. 1724. By Mary his second
wife, he had a son,

Daniel Rowley, of Kinfare, b. 1686 ; m. 18 Jan. 1712, Mary,
eldest dau. of John Owsley, Esq. of Bridgnorth (af the family
of Ouseley of Alscote in Worfield, represented by the late Sir
Frederick Arthur Gore Guseley, Bart.), and had, with other

I. Thomas, 6. 1719; d. 24 June, 1781, and by Mary his wife
(who rf. 4 June, 17:?8), became great-grandfather of the
present Major Gen. Robert Horselev Ricketts Rowley, late
of the Royal Artillery, who ha- an only son, Capt. Robert
Abercromby Dick Rowley, 2nd batt. Ro>al Irish Rifits.

II. Geokge, of whom presently.

George Rowiey, Esq. leaving Salop, settled in Huntingdon-
shire, where he filled the office of His Majesty's Recci. er-General
for that county ; m. 15 Aug. 1753, Maitiia, only dau. and heir
of Thomas Maylam, of Woodchurch, in the county of Kent,
and had, with other issue,

I. Owsley, of whom presently.

II. George, 6. 21 Oct. 1759; m. Anne, dau. of Thomas
Simpson, of Uavensworth, lo. York (who rf. 1811 (, and rf.
24 July, 1795, leaving with other issue, a Sun, the Rev.
George Rowley, D.D., Master of University College, and
elected three times in suc(es?i>n Vice-Chancellor of
Oxford, 6. 4 April, 1782; m. 17 July, )H22, Ju i "a Fliza-
beth, youngest dau. of Rev. Thomas Ripley, M.A., Vicar
of Wo tton Bassett, co. Wilis, and d}ing S Oct. 1836, left
no surviving male issue.

Mr. Rowley rf. 18 Sept. 1798, and was interred, with his wife,
(who rf. 21 Nov. 1765, aged 29), in the chancel of Goduian-
chester Church, Hunts. He was s. by his eldest son,

Owsley Rowley, Esq. of Priory Park, St. Neots, His
Majesty's Receiver-General for the county. He was for five
and twenty years Chairman of the Quarter Scs-ions, and was
for some time sole Vice-Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire; b.
9 Dec. 1754; m. 14 Dee. 1786, Anne, only child and heir of
William King, Esq. (who rf. 28 Aug. 1835, aged 78;, and had

I. David, J.P. and D.L.. for Hunts, M.A. Camb., His
Majesty's Receiver-General lor Hunts until the abolition
ol that office, 6. 9 May, 1791 ; rf. unm. 11 D( c. IS55. Mr.
Rowley was an utter Barrister of Lincoln's Inn.

II. Geouge William, of whom presently.

I. Anne, m. 28 Sept. 1819, Charles Lind.say, Archdeacon of
Kililare (eldest son of the Hon. Charles Dalryuiple Lindsay,
Lord Bishop of Kildare, son of Janus, 5th Earl of Bal-
caircs (see hcuK^'B Peerage, Ckawidrd a)irfHALCARBi;s, E.),
who rf. 26 April, 1^55, <et. 64. bhe rf. 1« ^ept. 1»,6, (el. 84,
leaving an only child Caroline Frances, who i«. her first
ousin, George Dawson Rowley. Ksq.

II. Eleanor, m. 31 July, 1819, Sir George William Leeds,
Bart, of Croxton Park, Cambridges-hire (who rf. 19 July,
1^38). She rf. 25 Dec. 18ri5.

III. Mary, m. Benjamin Welstead, Esq. of Kimholton, co.
Hunts, D. L., and has issue.

IV. Catherine, m. 24 July, 1826, George Albert Lycke,
Esq. of Sussex Place, Regent's Park, and rf. s. p. 12 Nov.

V. Chariotte, rf. unm. 23 Oct. 1885.

Mr. Rowley rf. 19 Oct. 1824, and his 2nd son,

George William Rowley. Esq. ol Priory Park, St. Neots.
J.P. and D.L. for Hunts, in 1854-5, served the oHiceof High
Sheriff for that county, Cambridireshiie and the Isle of Ely, 0.
23 April, 1797; m. 11 Oct. 1820, Jane Catherine, only dau. of
Thomas Mein, Esq. of Melrose, Roxburghshire, (of an ancient
family seated fur many centuries in .Melrose andl'eviotdale who
represented the eldest male line of ihe Kcrsof Cessfoid, Earls
of Roxburgh) by whom he had issue,





I. Georoe Pawson, of whom presently.

II. Owslcv Jolin isickerton, d. unm. on Christmas Eve 1S43,
cet. 18.

HI. Ch.irles Perceval, J. P., M..\. of St. Maiy JUgdaUnc
Colleee, Cambridce, 0. 20 May. 1827.

1. Eleanor, cr. an infant 9 Oct. 1S24.
Mr. Kowlcy cf. at Priory Park, '21 Nov. 1S78, at 4.30 am.,
and upon the death of his widow, 1 Feb. 188G, his grand-wn,
Mr. Gcorjre Fydell Rowley ,*. to the estates. The eldest son,

Georce Dawson Rowley, Esq of Moroott Hall, Rutland,
and of Cliiehester House, Brifthton, M.A. of Trinity College,
Canili., u. 3 May, 1S22, di. 30 Oct. 1S49. Caroline Frances,
only child of Archdeacon Lindsay (I'ide ante), and heir to
her uncle Samuel R. Fydell, Esq. of Uoston. and of Morcott
Hall, by whom he had an only child, George Fydell, now of
Priory Park and Morcott Hall. Mr. Rowley who was a
magistrate for the counties of Huntingdon, Lincoln, and Rut-
land, a Deputy-Lieutenant, and (in 1870) High SlierifT for the
latter county, (/. at Chichester House, 21 Nov. 1878, at 9.40
p.m.. having survived his father but a few hours.

Annx nf Rowley of Rozcle;/ — Arg., on a bend sable between
two Cornish choughs proper three escallops of the field.

CrcM—A mulUt pierced argent.

Seats—yy'iory Park, St. Neots ; Morcott Hall, Rutland.

Edwin Rowley, Esq. of Gawthorpe Hall, co. York, and of
Glassonby, co. Cumberland, mi. 5 April, 1851, Julia, dau. of
the late Capt. John Harrison, of Wakefield, and by her had

I. Joseph, m. 1st, Georgina Amelia, dau. of the Rev. Thomas
Rees, Vicar of Llanishen, near CarditT; 2ndly, Emily, dau.
of Josei h Gartside, Esq. of Bradlord.

II. VVii-LiAM Edwin, now of GUassonby.

III. John Arthur, m. Katherine, dau. of Joseph Waldy, Esq.
of Stockton-on-Tees.

I. Katherine Ann Isabel, m. George Algernon, son of Lieut.-
Col. i\ illiam Pitt Draffen, and d, Jan. 1885.
Mr. Rowley d. 31 Jan. 1888.
Seat — Glassonby, Kirkoswald, Cumberland.

HowLET, Thomas, Esq. of De Beauvoir, Guern-
fiey, b. 5 Aug. 1831 ; m. 23 July, 1857, Emily Eliza
Marianne, eldest dau. of Yen. Archdoufon Mathias
(of Huguenot descent), of Stauhoe Hall, ]Xorfolk,
jvnd has issue,

I. Richard Cotton, b. 9 July, 1S58; m. June, 1883, Mar-
garet Annie, widow of Henry Dent Hiniich Dent, Esq.
«i Hallaton Manor, co. Leicester, and dau. of Rev. U.
'W. Hodgson, Rector of Ashwell, Herts, and h;is issue,
Dalbiac Thomas Cotton.

1. Tliomas William, 6. 24 Sept. 1859.

III. Herbert Seddon, b. 16 March, 18t5I; m. Fanny Louisa,
dau. of the late Major Dalgairns Travers, and has issue,
Dorothy Noel.

IV. James Farmer, 6. 23 June, 1864.

V. Frank George Mathias, 6. 4 Jan. 1SG6.

VI. Cecil Alured, b. 31 Oct. 1867.

VII. Vincent Selwyn, b. 1 Oct. 1869.
\ut. Gerald Octavius, b. 4 July, 1871.

IX. Hugh Edward, b. 20 March, 1873.

X. Charles Percy, 6. 11 July, 1876.

XI. Algernon Henry Acton, b. 14 Oct. 1S80.

I. Catliarine Marianne Emma.

II. Adine Forester.

III. Isabel Gertrude.

IV. Emily Frances Mary.

Lineage.— Rev. Thomas Rowley, D.D., Rector of Middle-
ton ."^criven, co. Salop, and Lord of the Manor, and afterwards
Rector of Willey (son of the Rev. Richard Rowley, by his wife,
Mary Falkner), lii. Mary Anne, only dau. of James Farmer,
Esq., and by her had issue,

I. Thomas, now of De Beauvoir.

II. Richard, d. ■until.

III. James Farmer, d. unm.

jv. John Cotton, m. Mary Rose, 3rd dau. of Vcn. Archdeacon
Mathias, of Stanhoe Hall, and has issue, four sons and seven

I. Mary Ann. m. Rev. F. S. Bolton, and has issue.

II. Catharine PrisciUa, m. Rev. U. Seddou.

III. Jane.

Dr. Rowley d. 1877.

licsidence — De Beauvoir, Guern.wy.


Roy, Fredehick; Lewis, Esq. of Nonthorn, co.
Berwick, J. P. cos. Berwick and Roxburgh, late
Capt. Haddington Militia Artillery, b. 1836; m.
1868, Francis Georgiana, dau. of John Dudley
Oliver, Esq. of Tygroney, co. Wick low.

Lineage.— Wiliiam Roy, Esq. of Xenthorn, J. P., m.
1794, Isabella, dau. of Capt. the Hon. Frederick Lewis Mait-
land, R.X., son of Charles, Cth Earl of Lauderdale. He d.
1825, and was s. by his son,

James Roy, Esq. of Nenthorn, J. P. and D.L., Lieut. R.N.,
6. 1795; d. 1836, and was 5. by his brother,

FnEDERicii Lewis Roy, Esq. of Nenthorn, J. P., 6. 1799 ; m.
1st,, 1827, Margaret Louisa, dau. of Charles Maitland, Esq. of
Rankeilour-Makgill, co Fife, son of the Hon. F. L. Maitland
(she d. 1848). He))!.2ndly, Mary Catherine, dau. of J. Boswell,
Esq., Sheriff Substitute of co. Berwick. He d. 15 Feb. 1868,
and had issue, by his 1st maniage,

I. William, b. 18.32; d. 1859.

II. Charles Maitland, b. I.s34; d. 1859.

HI. Fkedebick Lewis, J P., now of Nenthorn.

IV. James, b. 1838; »». 18ii6, Annie, dau, of J. Hemming,

Esq. (she d. 1874), and has issue.
v. David iMaitland MakgMl Crichton, 6. 1843; m. 1833.

Martha, 3ra dau. of Rev. li. Creswell, of Ravenstone, and

has issue.

I. Mary Charlotte Maitland.

II. Emma Maitland, d. 1873, having iii. 1871, Charles Mel-
dnim, Esq., 3rd son of Alexander Meldrum, Esq of Kincaple,
Fife, and had issue.

^)'m.<— Ai'g., an oak-tree eradicated in bend sinister vert,
surmounted by a claymore in bend az., hilted or, cn.-igned on
tlie point with a royal crown of the last. <>'reiil — A lymphad,
her sails hirled, oars in action, in the sea ppr.

Seat — Nenthorn, Kelso, N.B.


Rowley, William Edwix, Esq. of Glassonby,
CO. Cumberland, b. 14 Aug. 1855 ; m. 10 July,
1888, Frances, dau. of the Hon. Albert Norton
Richards, Q.C., late Lieut. -Governor of Bridsh
Columbia, and has issue,

I. GcY Shafto, b. 10 May, 19S9.

II. Esme Norton, b. 29 June, 1890.
I. Frances Eva, b. 7 Nov. Is93.

Lineage.- Jo-sEPH Rowley, Esq., m. Hl'J: d. 1871;
leaving by his wife Sarah (who d. 1834), a .^on.


Beswicke-Royds, Clement Robert Nuttall,
Esq. of Ealinge and Pyke House, co. Lancaster,
Capt. 3rd Batt. East Lancashire Regt., late Lieut.
4th Dragoon Guards, educated at Eton, b. 3 Jan.
1840; m. 9 May, 1867, Mary Alice Gibson, only child
and heir of John Halliwell Beswicke, Esq. of Pyke
House, CO. Lancaster (whose name and arms he
assumed by royal licence 1867), and has issue,

Clement Halliwell, b. 5 Feb. 18G8.

Lineage. — The family of Royds was originally settled
near Halifax, co. York, and claims to be descended from the
ancient family of Rhodes of Skercot (the local pronunciation of
that name being Roides or Royds), and whose arms they used
until Li2S, when the representative of the family had them
i contirmed to him, with a dilTertiice. The family was first re-
I presented in the neighlumrliuud of Rochdale by

Robert Rdydes, of Littlcrt.ardle, Rocliilale, whose will,

dated 9 Dec. 1674, was proved II Sept. 1675. He vi. 14 Oct.

1645, Anne Meddcrafr, and had I. Rolierr, of Littlewardle,

I m. 12 Aug. 16(2, Mary Hordsworth, and d. 1716, leaving one

I dau.; n. John, of whom hereafter; iii. Thomas; iv. James,

I of Crook, Rochdale, d. 1733, leaving issue; v. William;

I. Mary. The 2nd son,

John Rovds, of Littlewardle, whose will, dated 12 April,

I 1722, was proved 2 Nov. 1724, m. 27 Aug. 1678, Alice W'ol-

I fenden, and had i.ssue, i. Robert, m. 16 April, 1722, Deborah

Shore, and d. before 1757, leaving one dau.; ii. James, of

' whom hereafler; in. Thomas; iv. John,d. Nov. 1731, leavinj;

, issue. The 2nd son,





James Eoyds, o£ Deeplish Hill and Falinge, near Rochdale,
CO. Lancaster, h. 1689 ; m. 28 Dec. 1725, Mary, dau. of William
Hyroni, Esq. of Middle Hill, Wardle, and had issue, i. John,
liis htir; ii. Jame."!, d. s. p.; m. William, m. 1761, Anne, dau.
of John Leech, Esq. of Spotland, and had a son, James, b.
1762, d. s. p. ; iv. Mary, d. s.p. Mr. Royds d. 1757, and was
». by his eldest son,

John Royds, of Falinge, b. 1729; m. 1754, Anne, dau. of
Thomas Gilbert, Esq. of Cotton, co. Stafford, by Elizabeth his
wife, dau. of Nathaniel Philips, Esq. of Heath House, same
CO., and had issue,

I. John, of Brotherod, h. 1756; m. 1778, Anne, dau. of
Charles Smith, Esq. of Summer C.xsile, co. Lancaster, and
had a son, Charles, b. 1778 ; d. 1788.

II. James, his heif.
jii. Thomas, of Greenhill, b. 21 Oct. 1764 ; m. 1783, Betsy,

dau. of Charles Smith, Esq. of Summer Castle, and had,
■with other issue, who d. young, four daus. (\\z., 1 Caro-
line, 0. 8 Sept. 1785, m. Robert Holt, Esq.. and had issue.
She d. 1857 ; 2 Jane, b. 18 July, 17«7, d. .3 Sept. 1793;
;j Ellin, b. 25 Aug. 1788, m. 1807, Jonathan Haworth
Teel, Esq. of Cottsraoor, co. Fembruke, and had issue ; 4
Klizabeth, b. 23 Sept. 1792, m. William Ingledew, Esq.,
and d. 23 Sept. 1863) and tour sons,
1 John Gilbert, 6. 30 July, 1784; m. 1st, 22 Sept. 1804,
Ellen, dau. of John Entwisle, Esq. of Foxholes, co.
Lancaster, and had a dau.,

Ellen, b. 6 Xov. 1805 ; m. 19 July. 1824, Rev. George
Traherne, of St. Hilary, co. Glamorgan, and had
He m. 2ndly, 14 Feb. 1843, his cousin, Frances, dau. of
James Royds, Esq. cf Falinge. She d. s. p. Sept. 1879.
■2 « illiam. Col. in the army, served in the Peninsular
war, b. 8 Oct. 1/89: Hi. Geor^iana, dau. of Lawrence
I'eel, Esq. of Ardwick, and d. 1858. having had by her
<who-i. 1864;,
Frederick Charles Alten, m. 6 Oct. 1857, Miss Wood,

andd. 10 Jan. 1863.
Alice "Victoria, m. 26 March, 1863, 'William Oldhaia,

Adelaide, m. 4 Aug. 1859, John Oldham, Esq.

3 Thomas, M.A., b. 23 March, 1794; m. 1817, the dau. of
Samuel Astiton, of The Hebers, near Manchester, and
liad issue.

4 Francis, b. 20 Feb. 1800 ; d. s. p.

Mr. Royds d. 1799, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

James Itoyos, of Falinge, J. P. and D.L., b. 30 Dec. 1758 ; m.
23 Dec. 1784, Mary, dau. of Charles Smith, Esq. of Summer
■Castle, near Rochdale, by Theodosia Anne Eyre, of Lisbon, his
-wife, and by her (who d. 21 July, ISIO) had seven daus. (viz.
I. Susanna, b. 10 Dec. 1786, d. 22 Feb. 1801 ; il. Mary Anne,
J), i Aug. J 793, m 11 Oct. 1824, Hugh Robert Entwistle,
Comm. R.N., 2nd son of John Entwistle, Esq. of Fo.xholes,
and d. s. p. 1878; iii. Frances, 6. 17 Aug. 1794; m. 14 Feb.
1843, her cousin, John Gilbert Royds, P^sq., and d. s. p. Sept.
1879; IV. Emily, b. 17 Oct. 1795, d. 13 March, 1807; V.Lucy
Anne, 6. 11 Sept. 1797, m. 11 Nov. 1833, Rev. Joseph Inch-
laid, and d. 27 May, 1855 ; vi. Jane, b. 21 Jan. 1803, d. 31
July, 1807; vii. Harriet, 6. 30 Oct. 1804, m. 16 June, 1827,
Admiral Colin Campbell, R.N., of Ardpatrick, 4th sou of Wal-
ter Campbell, of Schawfield and Islay) and five sons,

I. Clement, his heir.

II. Jauics, b. 12 Aug. 1789; to. 7 Dec. 1815, Klizabeth, dau.
of John Ratcliffe, Esq. of Oak Hill, near Manchester, and
had two daus. (viz. 1 Clara, b. 24 Nov. 1816, vi. 31 Aug.

1835, George Pollard, Esq., son of Col. Pollard, of The
Stannery, and has issue; 2 Frances Elizabeth, b. 19
March, 1830,™. 3 Sept. 1851, Henry Anthony Grey, Esq.
«if Herworth Hall, co. Durham, and had issue) and three

1 James (Rev.), of Woodlands, co. Chester, h. 7 Nov.
18il ; TO. 20 May, 1873, Isabella Eleanor, dau. of Blajor
Colin Campbell, of Jura, and widow of Smith Hill Child,
Esq., eldest son of Sir Smith Child, 1st Bart, of Newfield,
and d. 14 May, 1886.

2 Arthur, Lieut. 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, b. 14 Sept.
I8J8; m. 24 April, 1851, Anne, dau. of Capt. Geoi-^o

Thompson, and has, 1 Arthur, 6. 23 April, 18-35 ;
2 James, b. 2 March, 1860; 3 George, b. 28 Nov. 1^62 ;
1 Annette, b. 8 March, 1852 ; m. 8 Sept. 1875, Richard
Haldane, K.sq.

3 Hugh Mortimer, 6. 7 Sept. 1842; d. 23 Feb. 1876.

ni. Edward (Rev.), Rector of Brereton, co. Chester, b. 23
Aug. 1790; m. 1819, Mary, dau. of Thomas Molyncux,
Esq of Newsham House, near Liverpool, and d. 11 April,

1836, haWng had two daus. (viz. 1 Anne Mary, b. 16 May,
1829, )n. ]8r.2. Rev. Herbert Jones, and had issue ; 2 Emily,
b. 6 July, 1834, m. 1858, Rev. Grenville Smyth, Vicar of
South Elkington, co. Lincoln, and had issue) and tight

1 Edward (Rev.), Rector of Brereton, b. 1820; 7)i. 1S45, |

Anne Mary, dau. of Thomas Llttledafe, Esq. of High-
field House, and had 1 Edward, b. 1847, d. 1870 ; 2
Alfred Littledale (Kev.), b. IsoO, m. 19 Aug. 1885, Elinor
Georgina, youngest dau. of John George Dixon, Esq. of
Astle Hall, co. Chester; 3 Amy; 4 Mary Emily, in. H
May, 1883, Willoughby BrudencU Rooke, Esq.; 5 Ellen
Wordsworth; 6 Annette Julia, m. 8 June, 1882, Johr»
Loring, Esq. of LonstiU, co. Chester; 7 Ethel; 8 Kathe-
line Fanny.

2 Clement, b. 8 April, 1822; d. 1842.

3 Henry, twin with Clement, m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of
Peter Bourne, Esq., and by her had 1 Clement Bourne,
b. 14 March, 1853, d. 21 June, ls54; 2 Henry Bourne,
6. 18 March, 1855; 3 Charles Bourne, b. 3 Nov. 1861 ;
1 Mary Petreena, m. Thomas Brocklebank, Esq. ; 2 Mar-
garet Bourne, m. Rev. Sydney Henry Armitstead, Vicar
of Sandbach ; 3 Dora Bourne, m. Charles Assheton
Whately Pownall, Esq. ; 4 Eleanor Bourne, ni. John
Isaac Cole Hamilton, Esq.; 5 Annie Bourne; and 6
Kmily Margaret Bourne, m. Killingworth Richard
Hedges, Esq. He 711. 2ndly, Ella, dau. of Edmund ftloly-
neux, Esq., and d. 16 Dec. 1878, leaving by her a dau.,
Harriett Winifred Molyneux.

4 Thomas Molyneux, b. 12 March, 1824; m. in Australia,
Elizabeth Jane Roberts, and d. 13 Jan. 1852, leaving

1 Edmund ; 2 William.

5 Francis Coulman (Itev.), Rector of Coddlngton, co.
Chester, 6. 24 Oct. 1325 ; m. Cornelia, dau. of Rev. Canon
George Blomfield, and had 1 Franck jiassie, Lieut. R.N.,
b. 14 Nov. 1856, killed at the battle of El Teb, Egypt,
1884 ; 2 Edmund, b. 6 July, 1860; 1 Alice Mary, m. 2 May,
18H3, Rev. John Anewnn Howell, Vicar of Dwygyfylchi,
CO. Carnarvon; 2 Francis ; 3 Ellen Hester: 4 Edith, m.

June, 1880, Archibald Peyton Skipwith, Esq., who d.
1883; 5 Norah, )ii. 1881, George James Gribble, Esq., of
37, Hans Place, S.W. ; 6 Mary, ni. 1882, Charles Stewart
Carlisle, Esq. of The Grange, North Rode, co. Chester;
7 Evelyn, m. 3 April, 188S, Hugh Aldersey, Esq. of
Aldersey Hall, co. Chester ; 8 Agatha.

6 Charles James, b. 26 Aug. 1827.

7 Edward Molyneux, b. 26 Dec. 1830.

8 Nathaniel (Uev.), Rector of Barford, co. Bedford, b. 23
March, 1836 ; 111. Ist, Emily, dau. of Rev, J. Alington.
and liad by her 1 Edward Alington, 6. 10 Dec. 1863, d.
1865; 1 Emily Mabel, d. 1866. He m. 2ndly, Hester
Frances, dau. of Rev. W. Ahngton, and had by her

2 Edward Alington, b. 18 Oct. 1875; 2 Margaret Aling-
ton ; 3 Hester Mary Alington ; 4 Katheiine Natalie
Alington; 5 Constance Alington; 6 Mabel AUngiun ;
7 Dorothy Alington ; 8 Bridget Alington.

IV. Charles Smyth, ancestor of Royds of Hei/sham and

V. Diiuntessy, 6. 19 Aug. 1801; d. 13 March, 1807.

Mr. Royds d. 2 Feb. 1843, and was ». by his eldest son,

Clement Royds, Esq. of Falinge, J. P. and D.L. for cos.
Lancaster and York, High SheritTco. Lancaster 1850, b. 8 Oct.
1785; m. 10 Dec. 1810, Jane, only dau. of Charles Hudson,
Esq. of Shaw Hill, co. York, J. P. and D.L., and by her (who
d. 1853) had issue,
Albert H0D*on, his heir.

Edmund, Capt. 14th Light Dragoons, 6. 25 Sept. 1814; d. 27
March, 1838.

W Uliam Edward, of Greenhill, 6. 10

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