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, near Braintree, Essex.


Ei'MSEY, Edward AVaugh, Esq. of Trellick, co.
Moimioutli, J.P. and D.L. co. Monmouth, Lieut. -
Col. late 2nd Batt. Gloucester Eegt., b. 21 May,
1839 ; m. 12 April, 1871, Mary Emma, dau. o^'
James Dui^dale, Esq., D.L., of Ivy Bank, co. Lan-
caster, and Crajthorne, Yorks, and has issue,

I. Fannie. ii. Nina. iii. Amy.

Lineagre. — John Rumset, Esq. of Wolvesnewton, and
for sometime of Ridinayne, co. Monmouth, who by an inden-
ture of 11 May, 1663 got a conveyance of the estate of Wolves-
newton, from Rowland Morgan, cent. He made his will 8
June, 1683, in which he mentions his son, Henrt, and his
sister Sisley, this will was proved in London, by Dorothy
his widow, 26 Feb. 1686-7, administration having been
previously granted to his son, at Llandaff, 8 March, 1683-4.
His issue were a dau. Margaret, of the town of Usk (who made
her will 3 March, 1st James II., which was proved 3 April
same year, 16s5) and a son .and heir,

Henry Rumset, Esq. of Wolvesnewton, who was admini-
strator to his father, and was party to three several indentures
dated 21 Jan. 1705, 1 Feb. 1721, and '20 Feb. 1721, he was dead
before April, 1741. He m. (settlements dated 13 Nov. 1685)
Anne, dau. of — Lewis, and Susan his wife, and sister of
Henry Lewis, Esq. of Hygay, parish of Trellick, co. Monmouth,
by whom he had a son and heir,

John Rumset, Esq. of Trellick Court in the parish of Trellick,





CO. Monmouth, m. (settlement dated 16 April, 1731, to which
his mother was a party) Elizabeth, sister of Thomas Evans,
Ksq. of Llangattock-sibon-aval, co. Monmouth, and Kingsmill
Evans, Esq. of the town of Monmouth. He made his will 7
Oct. 1758, which was proved 31 May, 1760, and left an only
dau., Elizabeth (living unm. 19 May, 1762) and an only son
and successor,

John Rdmset, Esq. of Trellick Co^irt (legatee of a silver
cup, bequeathed to him by his Aunt Hesther Evans, of Llan-
gattock, will dated 12 Feb. 1781, and proved 26 June, 1787,
bur. at Trellick), m. at Newland, co. Gloucester (settlements
dated 2 Aug. 1770), Frances, sister of Edmund Ppobyn, Esq.
of Newland, by whom (who d. 1818-19) he had issue,

John (Eev.), his successor.

Frances, d.unm. 1847, bur. at Clifton, co. Gloucester.

Harriet, d. unm. 1860, bur. at Clifton.

The Eev. John Rumset, of Trellick Court, the only son and
heir, for sometime perpetual curate of Chapel Hill, co. Mon-
mouth, chaplain to Lord Kingston, and Vicar of Llangun-
neda, co. Carmarthen, to. at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 1802,
Charlotte, dau. of Thomas Eagles, Esq. of the city of Bristol,
by whom (who d. 1816, and was bur. at the Temple Church,
Bristol) he had issue,

I. John William, of whom presently.

II. Herbert, 6. 1809, Lieut. E.I.C. Horse Artillery, c?. «nTO.
at Madras, 1831.

HI. Arthur, of Trellick, h. 25 April, 1813, m. Harriet Holt,
and had issue, John; Herbert; Harriet; Fanny; Charlotte;
and Clara.

I. Charlotte, m. Heni-y Tuson, Esq. of Ilchester, co. Somer

II. Fanny, m. Eichard Gapper, Esq., Toronto, Canada, AVest.

III. Harriet, in. Edward Miirkham, Esq. of Welbeck Street,
St. Marylebone, Middlesex, son of the Very Eev. George
Markham, CD., Dean of York, and grandson of Most Eev.
William Markham, Archbishop of York (see Makkham of

Eev. John Eumsey d. 1821, and was bur. at Trellick, and was
s. by his eldest son,

John William Eumset, Esq. of Trellick Court, Capt. 44th
Regt. H.E.I. C.S., Madras, b. 1808; m. 12 Aug. 1830, Louisa,
dau. of Col. Edward Winterton Snow, H.E.I.C.S. Madras, d.
of cholera on march from Trichinopoly to Madras 1847, leaving

I. Edwakd Waugh, now of Trellick and Eocklands.

I. Louisa Eliza, m. 5 Aug. 1850, Major Worsopp, and has
issue, Mainwaring George Arthur; John Arthui-; Emma
Louise : Mary Anna ; and Augusta Leman.

II. Charlotte Harriett, m. 22 Sept. 1863, Col. Cooke, and has
issue, Arthur Henry; Augustus Hodgson, Lieut. Indian
Staff Corps, and Louisa Henrietta.

III. Emma French, to, 25 June, 1855, Major-Gen. Way, and
has issue, Henry George, Lieut, (retired) Indian Staff Corps ;
Lewis, Surg.-Capt. Army Medical Staff; Alfred Edward;
Harold Arthur Leonard ; Mary; and Catherine Susan.

IV. Adria Fanny^ m. 23 April, 1860, Col. Macdonald, and d.
28 June, 1876, leaving issue, Clarence Herbert, Capt.
Indian Staff Corps; Percy Edward; Hu^h, Lieut. Royal
Inniskilling Fusiliers ; Annie Flora ; and Adria Louisa.

f^eat — Trellick Court, in the Parish of Trellick, co. Monmouth.
liesidence — Eocklands, Eoss, co. Hereford.
Town Residence — 45, Welbeck Street, W.
Club — Naval and Military.


Etjsh, George Acland G-ordon, Esq. of Far-
tliinglioe, CO. Northampton, and of Elsenliam Hall,
Essex, b. 12 July, 1852 ; m. 3 Feb. 1880, Juliet,
eldest dau. of D. Lloyd-Jones, Esq. of Victoria.

Ijineag-e.— William Rush, Esq. of St. Botolph, near
Colchester, Essex, was b. 1611. He was possessed of lands in
COS. Essex and Suffolk. His will, dated 3 March, 1668, was
proved 14 May, 1669. He to. Anne, dau. of Alderman Stuart,
of Colchester, and had issue,

I. William, of Walthamstow, Essex, and St. Saviour's, South,
■wark, Surrey, bapt. 21 Nov. 1641 ; d. s. p. 1667; his will
dated 23 Aug. that year, was proved by Bridget, his widow,
8 Sept. following.

II. Samuel, who carried on the line.

HI. George, of Lambeth, Surrey, in. Ann, dau. of Dr.
CoUard, of Braintree, Essex, and had issue by her (who
took out administration to him 1 Sept. 1712),
1 George, 6. Jan. 1681 ; d. 31 April following.

1 Anne, d. young, 1685.

2 Bridget, in. Elias Browne.
IV. John, bapt. 22 Aug. 1647.

I. Anna, m, John Dearsley, Esq. of Norwich.

Mr. Rush d. 10 March, 1668, and was buried at St. Botolph.
His 2nd son,

Samuel Rush, Esq. of Clapham, Surrey, was bapt. at St,
Botolph, 22 Jan. 1613. He purchased messuages and land*
in the City of London, and in. Hannah, dau. of Ralph Creffield,
Esq. of Colchester, Essex, by whom (who d. 23 May, 1733, aged
80 years) he had issue,

I. Samuel, or Benhall, Suffolk, and Teldhdm Hall, 6. 1669 ;
TO. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of William Browne, of London, by-
whom he had a son, Samuel, d. 1713, .aged 14, and a dau.
Hannah, m. Michael Mertiiis, Esq. He m. 2ndly, MarUw,
dau. of William Clarke, of London, by whom rwho d. 23.
Aug. 1759, aged 84) he had further issue, William, d. 1713,
aged 3 ; Charies, d. young 1713 ; George, d. 18 July, 1716,
aged 16; John, d.unm. ; Samuel, of Benhall, 6. 1715, d.unm.
24 June, 1783, having bequeathed his estates to his kins-
man. Sir William Beauuiuurice Rush, Knt. of Wiinbleiun
House; Martha, d. 1713; Martha, m. 15 April, 1745, John
Damar, Esq. of Came, Dorset, and d. May, 1799; and Mary,
d. unm. May, 1 784.

II. William, who carried on the line.

I. Elizabeth, b. 1678; d. unm. 18 April, 1703.

II. Hannah, to. John Meade, Esq.

Samuel Rush, of Clapham, d. 9 Jan. 1710. His 2nd son,

William Rush, Esq. of Maryland Point, Essex, 6. 1071 ; m,
1st, Margaret, dau. of William Lorken, and by her (who d.
intestate, and administration was granted to her husband, a
Nov. 1708) had an only son,
Samuel, heir to his father.
He TO. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of William Boys, Alderman of Col-
chester, who rf. without surviving issue, 19 July, 1742, aged 68.
He d. 27 Oct. 1738, and was bur. at St. James's, Colchester.
His only son,

Samuel Rush, Esq. of Bishop's Stortford, Herts, s. to the-
lands and messuages purchased by his grand-uncle, Samuel
Rush, in the City of London. By Henrietta Maria his wife, he-
had issue,

I. William, his successor.

II. George, of Farthinglioe, co. Northampton, Capt. in thc-
Middle.'^ex Militia, vi. Kitty, dau. of William Heath, Esi).
of Stansted, Mount Fedget, Essex, who d. 27 Sept. 1803.
He (/. July same year, having had issue,

1 George, of whom hereafter.

1 Henrietta, d. unm. 2 Kitty, d. unm.

3 Bridget, Mrs. Ogilvy, d. 18 Sept. 1821.

III. John, d. unm. on his passage to America.

I. Jane, m. 1st, Mr. Ingram, of London, Attorney, by whom
she had no issue, and 2ndly, Thomas Coulson, of Fleur-de-
lis Court, London, by whom she had a dau.,

Henrietta Maria Coulson, wife of her cousin, Samuel Rush,
of Kensington.

II. Mary, Mrs. Roberts.

III. Elizabeth, m. Capt. John Corner, R.N., and d. March,

The eldest son,

William Rush, Esq. of Bishop's Stortford, Herts, 6. 18 Feb.
1722 ; TO. 8 Nov. 1748, Mary, dau. of George Smith, of London,
Merchant, by whom (who d. Dec. 1813, aged 85) he had


I. William Beaumaubice (Sir), his successor.

II. Samuel, of Kensington, Middlesex, b. 17 March, 1752;
TO. his cousin, Henrietta Maria, dau. of Thomas Coulson, Oi!
Fleur-de-lis Court, London, and d. March, 18'20, having had
by her (who d. 9 Aug. 1826; a son and a dau.,

Samuel, b. 23 Nov. 1784; d. unm. 9 April, 1799.
Maria, to. 2u July, 1809, Henry Urraston Thompson, of
Hanover Square, London, M.D.

Mr. Rush d. 16 Jidy, 1779, and was s. by his eldest son,

SiK William Beaumaurice Rush, Knt. of Wimbledon House,
Surrey, Lieut. R.N., b. at sea off Beaumaris, North Wales,
21 Aug. 1750; inherited, 1780, the estates of his kinsman,
Samuel Rush, Esq. of Benhall, and received the honour of
knighthood, 1800. He m. 10 April, 1782, Laura, dau. of
Cremer Carter, Esq. of Southwark, Surrey, by whom (who d.
14 Nov. 1822) he had issue,

I. Laura, to. Sept. 1801, Basil Montagu, Esq. of Gray's Inn,
London,, andd. 16 June, 1806.

II. Julia, TO. April, 1803, John Leach, Esq. of Cadogan Place,
Sloane Street, Chelsea.

III. Charlotte, in. 1 Jan. 1806, John M. Cripps, Esq. of Stan-
ton, Sussex.

IV. Clarissa, to. 22 May, 1810, her cousin, George Rush,
Esq. of Farthinghoe, of whom hereafter.

V. Angelica, m. 26 March, 1806, Rev. Edward Daniel Clarke,
LL.D., Rector of Hailton, co. Cambridge, and Yeldham,

VI. Louisa, m. 14 Oct. 1812, John Augustus Knipe, Esq. of
Belturbet, co. Cavan.





Sir 'Winiara Beaumaurice Rush dyins without male issue, was
ji. in the representatiou of the family by his kinsman snd son-

George RrsH, Esq. of Elsenham Hall, Essex, and Karthing-
^Oe, CO. Northampton. J. P. and U.L., Hisli ShentT eo. North-
-■'mp:on 1S13, 6. ".'9 April, 1785; 77!. 22 M.^y, ISIO, bis cousin,
Clarissa, dau. of Sir Wiliijin iJcaumaui'ice liush, Kut.of Wim-
i>U"don, ami had issue,

I. Geokiu: William, his heir.

II. Arihur Hiath, b. 23 Aug. 1813.
HI. Alfred, heir to his brm her.

I. Clarissa, »j. Kighl Hon. Henry James Baillie.

II. Angelica.

III. Maria Theresa, in. James Arthur Taylor, Ksq.

IV. Ellen Charlotte, m. ls4G, Hon. E. 15. Wmttesley.

V. Emily, »i. 1st, G. Wcodroire. Esq., and kindly. Walker
Skirrow, Esq.

Mr. Rush d. 1843, and was ,'. by his eldest son,

GtoRGE William Rush, Esq. of Karthinghoe and Elsenham

llall, 0. 6 March, ISU ; and d. Sept. 1854, when he was s. by

Jiis brother,

Alfred Kcsh, Esq. of Earthinghoe, co. Northampton, J. P.,

High Sheiiff lSb4, Capt. TTtli Regt., 6. 17 Oct. 1818 ; d. March,

1873; ),i. 9 July, ls46, Maiy Workman, eldest dau. of Col.

.Toseiih Anderson, C.B. and K.H , Commanding 50th Regt., by

*vhom (who d. June, 1876) he had issue,

I. Alfred George Andekson, his successor.

II. George Acland Gordon, now of I artluughoe.

III. William ileaumai li^e, b. 9 Oct. 1854.

IV. Joseph Arthur, 6. Is58.

V. John Campbell, 6. 1860.

I. Mary Clarissa, b. 1855 ; m. Sept. 1875, Capt. James

1\1t. Rush d. March, 1873, and was .>!. by his eldest son,

Alfred George Anderson Kcsh, Esq. of Farthinghoe and

Elsenham Hall, b. 18 Jan. 1851 ; and d. umn. 3 May, 1879,

when he wass. by his brother, the present

George Acland Gordon Rush, Esq. of Farthinghoe and

Elsenham Hall.

Jrms — Quarterly, gu. and arg., on a fesse per pole vert and
<ir, between three horses courant, as many roundels counter-
•changed. Crest — A wolf's head erased vert, langued gu. gui.tec
*l'or, Rorged with a collar or, charged with three toiteaux.
Jlotto—Vn Dieu, un roi, une foi.

&a(«— Farthinghoe, Rrackley ; and Elsenham Hall, Essex.


EusnBEOOKE,KoBKRT Wtnduam Jeemvn, Esq.
of Euslibrooke Park, Suffolk, b. 14 Feb. 1858 ; m.
ISSo, Constance Julia, eldest dau. of Eev. John
Eeridge Sparrow, of Algarkirk Hall, co. Lincoln,
and has issue,

I. Robert Basil Wtndham, 6. ISStJ.

II. Jermyn, 6. 1890.

HI. Bartle Davers, b. 1892.
I. Christabel Henrietta.

liineag-e.— This family claims descent from the family of
■Scotland, of .Scotland Hall, co. Suffolk, and assumed the name
■of RcsHBRooKE. In 1180, Scotland de Uusubrooke, held
lands in Rysebroc, of Sampson, Abbot of St. Edmund's. In '28
Henri III., Thomas, son of Micliael and Beatrice, and grand-
son of Scotland, held half a knight's fee in Little Saxham.
Agnes and Isabella, co-heiresses, sistersof Thomas Rushbro(jke,
m. Thomas Jermyn, and William le Large, and conveyed to
them the lands in Rushbrooke and Little Saxham. Michael
DE Rushbrooke, by a 2nd marriage, had Alice, William
.and Hesrt. Henry had Thomas and John, living 8 Edwaud
I. John had Hugo, living 2G Edward I. HuGo,?n. Maud, and
had Sir William de Rlshbrooke, living 34 Edward III.
Sir William, m. Joan, dau. of Walter Weller, of liayne Parva,
Es?cx, and had a son, Thomas, and several daus., his co-heirs.
By his vfill dated 8 ItirnABD II., Sir William de Rushbiooke
leaves the Manor of Rushbrooke to his son Thomas, but if he
■dies before inheriting it, or without issue, then the Manor,
■&C., of Rushbrooke, Welnetham, Rougham, Mo".ks Bradfield,
.and elsewhere to be sold, and the money to be distributed for
the good of the souls of testator, and of his parents and all
benefactors. Probate granted 17 Dec. I3S3.

JoHK Bcshbrooke, of Rattlesden, co. Suffolk, will
bears date 10 Oct. 1496, directed that a priest should go to Rome
in pilgrimage for the benefit of his soul. By Joan, his wife,
he had, with other issue, a son,

Andrew Rushbrooke, who was the father oJ Rushbrooke, of Great Barter, co. Suffolk, whose wilt
bears date 8 June, 1646; by Joan, his wife, he had witl» other
issue, a son,

William Rushbrooke, of Great Barton, who d. 159S, leaving
by Margery, his wife, a son,

William Rushbrooke, of Great Barton, and of Bardwc'.l,
whose will was proved in 1623. By Mary, his wife, he had,
with other issue,

Thomas Rushbrooke, of Great Fakenham, who d. 1655. By
his wife. Prudence, dau. of John Frost, he had, with other

Robert Rushbrooke, of Ilonington, b. 1629; d. 1674. By
his wife, Mary, dau. of William Thurston, he had a son,

Bariiam Rushbrooke, Esq. m. Elizabeth Edwards, of
Westowe ll.all, Sullolk, and was father of

RoBhKT Rushbrooke, Esq. of Rushbrooke Park, m. 1779,
Mary Giubb, of the ancient family of Grubb of Horsendon, co.
Bucks, and dying 1829, left an only son and heir.

Col. Robert Rushbrooke, of Rushbrooke Park, J. P., D.L.,
and M.P. for the western division of Suffolk, 6. 2 July, 1779;
m. 23 May, 1808, Frances, illegitimate dau. of Sir Charles
Davers, Bart., and by her (who d. 1851) had issue,

I. Robert Frederic Bhownlow, his heir.

II. Henry, Cumm. R.N , b. 1814; m. 1849, Anne,
dau. of Uiliani Mathias, Surgeon B.N., and d. 23 July,
1883, leaving i.^sue,

1 William Henry, Capt. 15th Regt., 6. 1849; to. 1887,
Margaret Mary, dau. of Henry F. Whyte (of the family of
Whvie of J.cixliii), by whom he has, William Phihp
Henry, 6. 1888; and iMary Anita Margaret.

2 Charles Robert, b. and d. 1857.

3 Geiard Robert, 6. 1858.

4 Charles George Davers, 6. 18C2: d. 1883.

1 Mary Anne Frances.

2 Anne Mary Geronima, m. 1882, Major H. F. Tumbull,
R.I. Rifles, who was drowned on aciive service in Egypt
in 18S9, leaving issue, a son, Edward.

3 Fanny Charlotte Marj , a Sister of Charity.

4 Augusra Mary, 6. and d. 1805.
6 Victoria Mary Louisa.

III. Charles Davers, an Officer 32nd Regt., drowned acci-
dentally 1841, in the Dockyard at Portsmouth.

I. Louisa Klizabeth, m. 1836, Lieut.-Col. Eyres, late of the
Grenaiher Guards, and has i-^sue.

II. .'Vugusia Elizabeth, in. 1838, Thomas Dufiield, Esq. of
Marcham Park, Berks, M.P. for Abingdon, and has issue.

III. Fanny Georgiana, m. Lieut.-Gen. William Eden, late
.')6th Regt., and has is ue.

IV. Mary Caroline, m. 18)3, Henry Leheup Cocksedge, Esq.
of Rattlesden, Suffolk, late 6th I)ragoon Guards, and has

V. Frederica Harriet, h. 10 Aug. 1819; d. unm. U Oct. 1882.
Col. Rushbrooke d. 1845, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Frederick Brownlow Rushbrooke, Esq. of Rush-
brooke P.ark, Major Scots Fusilier Guards, b. 1814; Ui. 1st,
1844, Albinia Maria, 2nd dau. of Thomas Evans, Esq. of
Lyminster, Sussex, which marriage was dissolved 1853. He
la. 2ndly, 1854, Violette Emily, dau. of John Alfred Trimmer,
of Haslemere, Surrey, and by her (who d. 1858) had issue,

Robert Wyndham Jermyn, now of Rushbrooke.
He m. Srdly, 1859, Eliza, Catherine, dau. of W. W. Ray, Esq.
of Boxford. She m. 2ndly, 18 Sept. 1874, Warwick Falkland
Tryon, Esq., 2nd son of Major-Gen. Tryon. Major Rushbrooke
d. 14 Aug. 1870, aged 57.

yirms — Sa., a fesse between three roses or; quarterings,
Edwards and Hebbkrt. Cratt A lion sejant holding in the
mouth a rose or. MoUo — Fluuiinis ritu feriinur.

Stat — Rushbrooke Park, Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk.


EussEi,, James, Esq. of Uuudas Castle, co. Lin
lithgow, and of Blackbraes, co. Stirlinn;, J. P. for
the former co., late Lieut. Highland Boriler.-*
Militia, b. C Sept. 1858 ; educated at Harrow, and
Jesus College, Cambridge.

Iiineagre. — John Russel, Esq. of Broadstonc, J. 1070;
m. and issue,

John, of Grayrig. James, of Blackbraes.

Thomas, of Langcroft. William, of Green Hill.

A dau., who m. Orr, of Forrestburn.

He purchased the estate of Blackbraes, which he left to his-
2nd son,

James Russel, Esq. of Blackbraes, 6. 1694; m. Margaret,
dau. of Carrie of Curriehill, and had issue,





James, his heir.

Margaret, jii. Grifiley, of Leaniore.

Janet, m. James Walker, of Luck.

Wary, m. Kobert Walker, of Weedings.
The son,

James Rossel, of Blackhraes, 6. 1722 : m. 1746, Helen, dau.
«f James Young, of Shieldbill, and had issue,

James, his heir.

John. William.

Janet, 77t. Walt of Candy.

Mary, m. — Nimnio.

Margaret, 7n. David Gillcrs, of Gorneyre.
Mr. Russel d. Aug. 1784, and was s. by his eldest son,

James Russel, P'sq. of Blackhraes, b. 1748; m. Margaret,
dau. of John Russell, of Bentilaulds, and had issue,

James, his heir.

John, a merchant in East Indies.

Alexander, in the American Navy.

Jlenry, a merchant in East Indies.

Elizabeth, Mrs. Pollis.

Helen, Mrs. Fairley. Mary, Mrs. Callender.

The eldest son,

James Rdssel, Esq. of Blackhraes and Arnotdale, 6. 1787 ;
r/i. 8 June, 1813, Catheiine, dau. of John Crawford, of Falkirk,
and had issue,

James, his heir. John.

Slargaret, m. Henry Aitken, Esq. of Darroclc.


Elizabetli, m. Graham Hardie, Esq.

Mary, m. John Wilson, Esq. of Bantaskine.

Jean, d, unm

Helen, m. Alexander Nimmo, Esq.
The eldest son,

James Russel, Esq. of Blackhraes and Arnotdale, ft. 1S16;
',n. 19 Oct. 1855, Eliza, dau. of James Curie, Esq. of Evelaw,
CO. Berwick, and had issue.

I. James, now of Blackhraes and Dundas Castle.

I. Isabella Romanes, m. Charles Maitland Pelham Burn,
late Lieut. 78th Highlanders, son ot Gen. Henry Pelham
Burn, and has issue.

II. Catherine James Crawford.

Mr. Russel d. 31 Oct. 1860.

Se'ils — Dundas Castle, South Quecnsferry, N.B.; and Black-
braes, CO. Stirling.


EussELi/, Col. Fuancis Suthley, C.M.G-., of
Aden, co. Aberdeen, J. P. and D.L., Col. late
CoiTun. 1st Eoyal Dragoons, Mil. Attache, Berlin,
i. ]3 Dec. 1840; m. 1 Sept. 1888, Philippa, dau.
of the late Eight Hon. Henry Baillie, of Ecdcastle,
by his « ite, Hon. Philippa, dau. of the 6th Viscount
Strangford, and has issue,

I. Alexander Duncan Cumine, 6. 30 Nov. 1889.

II. DidStan Arthur Cumine, b. 29 Aug. 1891.

I. Philippa Caroline Cumine.

II. Helen Winifred Cumine.

Xiineag'e. — This family is one of antiquity, and was at
an early period settled in England, where it was possessed of
very considerable estates. It is supposed to be a branch of the
ducal family of Bedford. Later, the family became estab-
lished in Scotland, the head of it being denominated Russell,
■of that ilk. He had an only child, a dau., who m. a cadet of
the family of Ramsay, who, in consequence, assumed the
additional surname and arms of Russell. The descendants
during several generations held estates in cos. Roxburgh,
"Galloway, <fec.

Alexander Rdssell purchased considerable property in co.
Moray in 1600, and resided in Elgin, where he d. 1645. He
had three sons ; the second,

Patrick Russell, b. 1630 ; m. 1st, Catherine Sharpe, sister
of James Sharpe, Archbishop of St. Andrews (murdered 3 May,
1679), and 2ndly, 1696, Catharine, eldest dau. and co-heir of
Sir Colin Campbell, of Lundie, by his wife Helen, dau. of
John Abercrombie, Esq. of Gtassaugh. By the latter, he had

Alexander, his heir.

John, m. 1st, Margery, dau. of Mackintosh, of Blernie,
and 2ndly, Margaret, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Calder,
Bart, of wuirton ; by the latter he had a son, Thomas, who
bought the lands of Itathen and Blairmormond, in co.

Mr. Russell purchased in 1680 the lands of Catholm and part
•of Moncoffer, and dying 1713 was s. by his eldest son,

Alexander Rdssell, Esq. of Moncoffer, 6. 1697 ; m. 171S,
Catharine, eldest dau. of Alexander Skene, Esq. of that ilk
and Rubieslaw, and by her had a son, Alexandku, of whom
presently, and three daus.,Jane, Catheiine, and Mary. Hed.
1733, and was s. by his son,

Alexander Russell, Esq. of Moncoffer, m. 1st, 1748, Mar-
garet, youngest dau. of Charles Hay, Esq. of Rannes, and by
her (who d. 1760) had a dau. Helen, m. Sir Alexander Gordon.
Bart, of Letterfourie. Mr. Russell m. 2ndly, Eliza, 2nd dau.
of Alexander Innes, Esq. of Rosieburn, sou of Sir John Innes,
Bart, of Edengight, and by her had

Alexander, his heir.

George, m. Catharine, dau. of Thonras Russell, of Rathen.

Anna, jii. her cousin, John Russell, Esq., CipL. R.N.
In 1755, Mr. Russell sold the estates of Moncoffer, &c., in co.
Banff, to his cousin, the Earl of Fife, and purchased those of
Aden, &c., in co. Aberdeen. He d. 1798, and was s. by his son,

Alexander Russell, Esq. of Aden. m. 1792, Margaret, dau.
and heir of James Cumine, Esq. of Ivinininonth, by May, dau.
of James Ferguson, Esq. of Kinmundy. This family of Cumine
claimed to be of the same stock as Sir John, the Red Comyn,
who was killed by King Robert Bri?ce in the Church of the
Minorites, in Dumfries, 1305, because he contested the Crown
with him. The Russells of Aden are cow representatives of
this ancient family and own a portion of the vast estates
which it formerly possessed in co. Aberdeen, of these upwards
of three-fourths were forfeited to the Crown in 1745, on account
of the Chief having joined the standard of Prince Charles
Edward with a body of horse raised among his tenantry, but
a portion was retained by the Cumines of the day through the
intervention of his wife Sophia, dau. of 15th Lord Forbes, who
had taken a leading part on the Hanoveiian side. By Mar-
garet his wife (who d. Feb. 1841), Alexander Russell had

Alexander, of Aden, d. unm. July, 1831. James.

George, d. 184a.

Charles, d. MO.

William, m. Miss Scott; she d. 1872 ; he d. 1877.

Peter, 6. 1811 ; d. 1891.

Margaret, d. 1826.

Mary, m. Col. irwin, and d. 1834.
Mr. Russell d. Jan. 1829, and was s. by his son,

James Russell, Esq. of Aden, co. Aberdeen, J. P. and D.L.,
6. Oct. 1797 ; m. 11 Oct. 1832, Jliss Caroline Lambton, and by
her (who d. 2 Oct. 1864) had issue,

Alexander Cumming, 6. 17 Aug. 1833, Ensign 74th High-
lander, lost in the troopship "Birkenhead," off the coast of
Alrica, Feb. 1852.

James George Ferguson, late representative.

Francis Shirley, now of ."Vden.

Katharine Georgiana, d. 7 Sept. 1843.
Mr. Russell d. Jan. 1875. The second son,

James George Ferguson Russell, Esq. of Aden, co. Aber-
deen, J. P. andD.L., Secretary in the Diplomatic Service, b.
11 F-eb. 1836 ; m. 29 April, 1858, Elizabeth Sophia, eldest dau.
of Sir William Laurence Young, 4th Bart, of Marlow Park,
M.P. for CO. Buckingham. He d. s. p. 1887, and was s. by
his brother Francis Shirley, now of Aden.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st arg., a lion gu., and in chief two
crescents sa., for Rdssell; 2nd gu., three dirks paleways
ppr., hilted and pommelled or, surmounted with as ma

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