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Mary Bermingham, m. 6 Nov. 1827, Charles Stuart Trotter,

Esq., who d. March, 1857.
Isabella Louisa, in. Rev. Gerald Wen.sley Tyrrell, and d.

Elizabeth, m. John Nixon, Esq., and d. 1855.
Mr. Trotter m. 2ndly, 7 March, 1838, Catherine Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of Major William Stirling St. Clair, of Emma Vale,
CO. Wieklow, and by lier (who d. 9 Sept. 1853; had
Clifford Stirling, 6. 16 M.irch, 183 ■; d. 1 July, 1859.
Jlervyn Henry, b. 23 Apiil, 1840 ; d. unm. 23 June, 1876.
Frederick St. Clair, /;. 15 .^lareh, 1843; m. Dec. 18s7, Emmie,
eldest dau. of Major-Gen. A. LolLUs Steele, of Lordello, co.
Alfred Edward, 6. 27 Sept. 1845; m. 20 March, 1880, Jane
Alice, dau. of William .Stewart Hellingham Esq. of Ravens-
dale, CO. Kildare (.s-ec Bukke's Peerage and Haronctage).
Jocclyn Fitzgerald, b. 6 March, 1849.

Adelaide Elizabeih. m. April, 1877, Edward F'alconer Litton,
Esq. of Ardavilliiig, co, Cork, Q.C.. M.P. co. Tyrone, 18sU-
81, and a Commissioner under the Land Act ot 1881.
Catherine Isabella.
Mr. Trotter d. 24 Oct. 1859, and was s. by his grandson,





J^iimiln of ©tfn.itr.

The family of Otwat, of wliicli the Otways of Castle Otway
are a branuli, is of great antifjuity, and was for several
centuries seated at Middleton and Ingmire Hall, in VVesti-

John Otwat, Esq. of Clohonan Castle, or Castle Otway, co.
Tipperary, got a grant of that place by patent 10 Oct. 1665,
was High Sheriff, 1680, m. 1650, Phoebe, dau. of Nicholas
Loftus, Esq. of Fethard, co. Wexford, ancestor of the MarquciS
of Kly, and had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Nicholas, M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, 1683, h. 1660; d. s. p.

III. Thomas, of Lissenhall, nt. Christian, ciau. and co-heir of
Kichard Locke, Esq. of TuUagory, near Athy, co. Kildare,
M.P. for Athy 1692-95, and had issue,

1 Henbt, who s. to Castle Otway.

2 John. 3 James.

1 Catherine, m. Lambert Pepper, Esq. of Mota, co. Tip-

2 Jane.

3 Letliue, m. Daniel Toler, Esq. of Grange, co. Tipperary,
father of Daniel Toler, Esq., and of John, 1st Earl of

4, m. Kev. Robert Craven, by whom she had one dau.
Elizabeth, wife of John Carden, Esq. of Templemore, and
mother of Sir John Craven Carden, 1st Bart.

IV. Caesar, of Kilduff, d. s.p. 1725.

V. Adam, of Claren, co. Ti] perary, m. Julia, dau of Robert
Carew, Esq. of Castle Boro, co. Wexford, and had a dau.
Amy, b. 16 July, 1699.

v:. James, of Killnacarr, co. Tipperary, m. 1 April, 1703,
Elizabeth, dau. of James Wickhani, and had i.ssue, I James,
iif Kapla, Major in the army, was present at Dettingen and
Eontenoy, d. 1763, m. 1749, Sarah, dau. of William Wood-
ward Esq. of Cloughprior, co. Tipperary, and hud i.'-sue,
.lames, of Prior Park, d. unm. 1839, William, d. young,
and Phoebe (Mrs. Freeman) ; 2 John, d. s. p. 17'. 0, shot Ijy
a robber; 3 Loftus, of Lisson Hall, m. Anne I.loyd, of Lloyils-
boro', CO. Tipperary, and d. s. p. 1777 ; 4 C^^ar, of whom
hereafter ; 5 Thomas, 6. April, 1715, d. s. p., fell at Funte
iioy 1745 ; 6 George, d. x. ]}., fell at Fnntenoy 174.T ; 7
Edward, of Cork, m. Miss Wallis, and left issue ; 8 Henry,
'/. .s. p. ; 9 Piichard, d. s. p. ; 1 Mary to. Capt Cuppicge ;
2 Phoebe, m. 1717, Daniel Freeman, Esq. of Kapla, who d.
1807. James Otway, d. 1733. His 4th son,

Cesar Otway, of Nenagh, m. Grace, dau. of William
Short, Esq. of Cashelrone, King's co., and had, with
twelve other children, all of whom d. young, an only sur-
viving son,

Loftus Otwat, of Nenagh, who m. Sarah, dau. of
William Woodward, Esq. of Cloughpiiur, and had issue,

1 C/ESAB (Rev.), of whom hereafter.

2 William, Capt. 12th Lancers, b 1792; m. 1815, Sibella,
dau. of Sir Jonah Barrington, Knt., Judge of the High
Court of Admiralty, and d. 1»69, leaving issue,

Francis, b. 1839, settled in the Fiji Islands.
Catherine, m. Peter Burrowes, Esq., and has issue.
Arabella Joanna, m. 16 del. 1860, John Norwood,

Esq., J. P., LL.D., Barrister-at-Law, who d. 10 Sept.

1884, and has issue.

3 James, of Ballinware, m. Mary, dau. of Studdert, of
liunratty, co. Clare, and d. s.p.

1 Phoebe, b. 28 Aug. 1782; d. unm. 28 March, 1869.

2 Sarah, b. 1784 ; in. Francis Freeman, Esq.
Loftus Otway, d. 1879. His eldest son,

Kev. C^sar Otway, M.A, b. 1768; m. 1st, 1803,
Frances, dau. of Very Rev. James Hastings, Dean of
Achonry, and had issue,

1 John Hastings, of whom hereafter.

2 Cassar George, M.A., h. 30 Oct. 1809 ; m. 9 June, 1846,
Elizabeth Hannah, only dau. of Thomas Batt, Esq. of
IlathmuUen, co. Donegal, and d. 21 Sept. 1867, leaving

James Loftus, Lieut. 1st Batt. Cheshire Regt., b. 30
Dec. 1848 ; d. unm. at Rome 15 April, 1883.

Frances, m. 7 Sept. 1872, trancis Alfred Waller, Esq.,
and has issue.

Charlotte Elizabeth, m. 6 Sept. 1872, William Edwards
George, Esq., and has issue.

3 Loftus, d. umn.

1 Jane, to. Rev. William Digby Sadlier, D.D., Senior
Fellow Trin. Coll. Dublin, and rf. s p. 1854.

2 Fiances, m. 1st, l8-)0, George Digges LaTouche, Esq.,
Banister-at-Law, and 2iidly, 1»52, Rev. \\ illiam Mc-
Neete, D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity at Trin. Coll.
Dublin, who d. 28 Sept. 1869.

Rev. Ca?sar Otway, m. 2ndly, 17 Jan. 1837, Elizabeth,
dau. ot William Digges La Touche, Esq. of .St. Stephen's
Green, Dublin, by whom he had no issue. He d. March,
1842. His eldest son,

John Hastings Otwat, of Green View, Dunmurry,
CO. Antrim, Q.C., M.A., Recorder of Belfast, and Judge
of the County Court for Antrim, 6. 25 July, 180a ; nt,. I

1833, Mary, dau. of James Hill, Esq. of Graig, co. Cork,
and d. 28 May, 1884, having had issue,

1 Cesar Ha-tings, b. 5 Nov. 1833 ; to. 4 Dec. 1858,
Julia, dau. of Miles Charles Seton, Esq. of Hiilingdoa,'
Middlesex, and has issue,

Loftus, b. 4 June, 1861.
Charles Csesar, b. Aug. 1862.
tassar, b. i5 Dec. 18(14.
Hugh Hill, 6. May, 1S66.
George Ueatson, 6. li)68.

2 John Hastings, Lieut. 24th Regt, J. 1843 ; d.s.'p. 1875.

3 James, m. Frances, dau. of Rev. Alexander Pollock,
and has had issue.

Ernest, b. April, 1876 ; d. ) July, 1878.

John Hastings, 6. May, 1877 ; d. 15 June, 1878.

1 Mary.

2 Elizabeth Jane, to. 25 July, 1865, Samuel Prittia
Perry, Esq., and has i-^sue.

3 Frances Hastings, ((. unm. 1871.

I. Elizabeth, m. John Lloyd, Esq. of Lloydsboro', co. Tip-

II. Phoebe, to. John Reading, Esq. of Rabins.

Mr. Otway, whose lands were erected into the manor of Castle
Otway, by patent 5 Dec. 1684, was s. by his eldest son,

John Otway, Esq. of Castle Otway, in. Mary, dau. and heir
of John Whiterowe, Esq. co. Limerick, by whom (whose will,
made 1718, was proved 173S) he had issue,

I. John', his successor. ii. Henry, d. young.

I. Katheiine. ii. Phoebe. iii. Mary.

Mr. Otway d. intestate before 16 Dec. 1704, and was s. by his

John Otway, Esq. of Castle Otway, 6. 17 Aug. 1701 ; who,
d. s. p. 1722, when he was s. by his cousin,

Henry Otway, Esq. of Castle Otway, High Sheriff 1703, m.
Mary, dau. of Phanuel Cooke, Esq. of CloUiimeUiu, co. Tip-
perary, by whom (who d. 20 Nov. 1750; he had issue,

I. Thomas, his successor.

II. Cooke, hi ir to his brother.

III. \\ illiam, who was administrator to his brother 1753.

I. Fr^.nces, ;u. S. Judge, Esq.

II. Harriett, m. 0. Latham, Esq.

Mr. Otway (whose will, dated 16 Oct. 1736, was proved the
next year) was s. by his eldest son,

Tuo.MAs Otway, Esq. of Castle Otway, High Sheriff 1760,
m. 1 Miirch, 1757, Martha, dau. of Henry Prittie, Esq. of
Kilboy, CO. Tipperary, and sister of Henry, 1st Lord Dunalley,
by whom (who m. 2ndly, Rev. Thomas Parker, D.D., of Hally-
valley, co. Clare) he had no issue. He d. 1?86, and was s. by
his brother,

Cooke Otway, Esq. of Castle Otway, Capt. Life Guards,
TO. Aug. 1766, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Waller, Esq. of
Newport, co. Tipperary, by Anne his wife, dau. of Thomas
Jocelyn, Esq., and sister of Sir Robert Waller, 1st Bart, of
Newport, by whom (who d. 1807) he had issue,

I. Thomas, d.. young. ii. Henry, his heir.

III. Robert Waller (Sir), created a Bart. 16 Sept. 1831 {see
Bdrke's Peerage and Baronetage).

IV. Cooke John, d. unm.

V. Samuel Jocelyn (lie v.), to. Sept. 1800, Margaret, dau. of
Gen. Hart, H.E.I.C.S., who d. 22 Jan. Is63. He d. 5 Sept.
1855, leaving issue,

Cooke (Itev.), i. 1802; to. 1841, Caroline Elizabeth, dau.
of Rev. John Backhouse, Rector of Deal, Kent, and d. 9
March, lo82, having by her (who d. 18 0«t. 1884) had

John Jocelyn, 6. 16 Jan. 1844 ; d. 18^6.
Kohert Cooke, Major,late Capt. Piince Albert's Somerset-
shire Light Infantry, b. 24 Oct. 18:;6.
Robert Jocelyn, s. to Castle Otway under the will of Hon.
Robert Otway Cave.
Margaret Sarah, TO. Sept. 1835, Rev. Henry George Johnson,
youngest son of Sir John Allen Johnson ivalsti, 1st Bart,
of Ballykillcavan, Queen's co., who d. Aug. Is56.
Martha Elizabeth Anne, d. 1856.

VI. Luftus William (Sir), a Lieut.-Gen. in the army. Col. of
the 84th Regt., C H., a Knight Commander of Charles III.
of Spain, m. Frances, only dau. of Sir Charles Blicke, Knt.
of Caroon Park, Surrey, and ci!. 7 June, ls54, leaving issue,
one son and one dau.,

1 Loftus Charles, H.M. Jlinister Plenipotentiary in Mexico
and Consul-(jen. in Jlilan, D.L. co Radnor, CB. 21 Sept.
1854, lor his service as H.M. Charg6 d'Atlaires in Spain,
m. Gertrude Marceliana, dau. of His Excellency Don
Francisco de Paula Eiiriquez, Iniendente de Manilla,
Gland Cross of ''Isabel la Catolica," and Knt. of various
Orders, and sister of Count de la Puebla de Portugal ;
he d. at Madrid 26 Sept. 1861.

1 Georgina Frances, who became heir of her brother,
TO. '20 (let. 1837, Capt. William John Majoiibanks Hughes,
4th Light Dragoons, D.L., who by royal licence, dated 14

5 u 2





Dec. 1873, assumed the surname of Loftps-Otwat, in
lieu ot his patronymic, and d. 19 Mav, 1885, having had
issue, Loltus Wiliiam Honry, J. 14 Aug. 1S83; Cecil Tuf-
ton -Alfred, of Nowcastlo Court, co. Kadnor, D.L., High
Sheriff 1881, Capt. Hereford, K.V., late Capt. 2nd Life
Guards, 6. 1845, m. Margaret, only childand heir of Aber-
nethie Gonlon, Esq., and iZ. 17 Aug. 18S4, leaving issue,
Walter I'hilip, late Lieut. -Col. Coldstream Guards:
Joeelyn Tufton Farrant, Capt. Srd Batt. Koyal BerUs
Regt., m. 25 J^ept. lSs4, Eva May, dau. of John Lane
CUiirmonte, Esq. ; Harold Ernest Caerlyon ; Cordelia
Kranee.s, »i. Lieut. -Col. Keminis Betty, of the Carbineers ;
and 151anche, m. Capt. Hamilton Beamish, K.N., Com-
manding H.JI.S. '-rallas."
\ii. George, Major in the 85th Foot, (/. in Jamaica 1804.
I. JIartha, »i. 1st, George Hartpole. Esq. of Shrule Castle,
and 2ndly, Hon. Francis Alduorougli I'rittie (see Bukke's
fea-wje, Dcnallt, B.), and d. Maieh, 1802.
Mr. Otway d. 1800. and was s. by his eldest son,

Hexbt Otwat, Esq. of Castle Otway, bapt. 2 Aug. 1768; m.
17'.tO, Sarah, dau. of Sir Thomas Cave, 5th Bart, of Stanford,
and sister and heir of Sir Thomas, the 6th Bart., afterwards
Baroness Brate in her own right, who, after her husband's
decease, assumed the additional surname of Cave in 1818. By
her, who d. 21 Feb. 1862 (when her barony fell into abeyance
between her daus.) he had issue,

I. Robert, his heir.

II. Thomas, Major in the army, d. icnm. 19 Jan. 1831 .

I. Maria, d. «7iiii. 13 3Iay, 1879, when the abeyaaee of the

barony of Braye terminated.
ji. Anne, m. 1st, 1S28, J. A. Arnold, Esq. of Lutterworth,

who d. s. p. 1844, and 2ndly, 2 Dec. 1847, Rev. Henry Kemp

Richardson, Rector of Leire, co. Leicester, and d. s. p. 22

May, 1871.

III. Catherine, m. 1st, 1826, Henry Murray, Esq. Cyoungest
son of Lord George Murray), who d. s. p. 20 Nov. 1830,
and 2ndly, 11 Feb. 1850, John Reginald, 3rd Earl Beau-
ihamp, who d.s. p. 1853.

IV. IIkxriltta, Baroness Brate, s. 1879 : m. 24 Sept.
1844, Rev. Edgell Wyatt-Edgell, and had issue,

1 Edmund Verney, 6. 16 Aug. 1S45, Capt. 17th Lancers,
killed at Ulundi 4 July, 1879.

2 ,\Ifred Thomas Townsend, now Lord Bhate {so:
Btrke's Pierage and Baronttnfi,).

1 Frances Catherine Sarah, a nun.
Itlr. Otway d. 13 Sept. 1815, and was s. by his eldest son,

Hon. Robert Otway Cave, M.P., co. Tippeiary, m. 23 Oct.
1833, Sjphia, dau. of Sir Francis Burdett, 6th Bart, of F'ore-
mark, and d. s. p. 30 Nov. 1844, when Castle Otway devolved
■on his widow for life, and at her death, 30 Dec. 1849, it went
by will to his cousin,

Robert Joceltn Otway, Esq. of Castle Otway, co. Tip-
jerary, J.P. and D.L., Vice-Admiral, h. 29 Sept. 1808; m. 17
Aug. 1836, Anne Digby, youngest dau. of Sir Hugh Crofton,
2nd Bart, of Mohill House, co. Leitrim, and by her had an
only child and heir,

Francis Margaret, 711. 12 Oct. 1865, Wili-iam Clifford
Bermingham Ruthven, Esq. (now Otway-Ruthven; and
has issue.
Admiral Otway d. 16 Oct. 1884.

Arms — Paly of six arg. and gu., a canton errainois. Crest —
A goat's head erased arg., attired or, charged with a mullet
gu. Mntio — Over the crest. Deed Shaw.

iitat% — Invernisk, co. Galway: Castle Otway, Templemore,
<:o. lipperary; Lisgillock, co. Leitrim; Charleville Cottage,
Euuiikerry, co. Wicklow ; and Mount Campbell, co. Leitrim.



ErxsON, JoUN, Esq. of Newby Wiske and jS'iin-
ninyton Hall, co. York, J.P. North Riding, U.A.
liiu. Coll. Camb. 1S52, b. 28 Oct. 1829.

Lineagre. — The family of Rutson was resident during the
17th century in Westmorland.

William Rutson, of Kendal, ni. 22 Oct. 1700, .\gnes, eldest
dau. of Mr. Thomas Oslille, left one dau. (who lu. Mr. Cook-
son), and one son,

Robert Rctson, 6. 1701, served as Mayor of Kendal 1752;
m. 1123, Margaret, dau. of Mr. Shaw, and d. 20 Sept. 1760,
leaving (with se\eral daus.) one son,

William RnTsoN, E.sq. of Liverpool, b. 5 Dec. 1738, served
as Mayor of Kendal 1773; ni. 23 April, 1761, Elizabeth, dau.
of George Calion, Esq. ; d. 1793, and left issue,

William Calton, his heir.

Margaret, b. 15 June, 1764 ; m. James Maury, Esq.
Mary, 6. 8 May, 1768 ; m. Rev. Thomas Bold.
"The only son,

■WiniAM Calton Rutson, Esq. of Liverpool and Allerton

Priory, Lancashire, an eminent Merchant of Liverpool, 6.
7 July, 1760 ; m. 16 Dec. 1790, Frances, only child of Simon
Wrallier, Esq., and Margaret Beckwith his wife ; d. 26 March,
1817, leaving issue by her (who d. 25 March, 1830),
William, his licir.

Fanny, b. 10 Dec. 1797; to. 26 Feb. 1816, William James
Es(i.ot Barrock Park, CO. Cumberland, M.P. Cumberland,
and High Sheriff 182u.

The son and heir,

William Rutson, Esq. of Xewby Wiske and Nunnington.
M.A. Trin. Coll., Camb. 1814, J.P. and D.L. for the North
Riding, co. York, and High Sheriff of the county 1850, 6. 17
Oct. 1791 ; m. 17 Feb. 1825, Charlotte Mary, dau. of William
Ewart, Esq., and d. 11 May, 1867, having by her (who d. 8 Jan
1881) had issue,

William, Lieut. 70th Regt., d. 26 May, 1846, in his 21st year.
•John, present representative.

Henry, B.A. Tiin. Coll. Camb. 1852, J.P. for the North
Riding, co. York, b. 25 July, 1831.
Albert Osliff M.A. of University Coll. Oxford, and Fellow of
Slagdalen Coll. Oxford, called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn
1865, Private Secretary to Lord Aberdare when Secretary of
State for the Home Dopartnient, 1868 to 1873, b. 2 Dec.
1836; m. 27 Oct. 1887, Mary Emma, dau. of Charles Bux-
ton, Esq. of Foxwarren, Cobhain, Surrey, M.P., 3rd son of
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, 1st Bart, of BcUtield and Run-
ton, and (/. 21 April, 1890, at Fox Holm, Surrey, and was
bur. at Nunnington. His dau. Margaret Albert, was 6. 13
Dec. 1890 (posthumous).
Charlotte Fanny, b. 28 Feb. 1827; d. unm. 15 Dec. 18S4.
Jane Margaret, 6. 30 March, 1828 ; d. 19 Jan. 1854, v.nm.
Arms — Per fesse indented or and sa., three bulls' heads
couped counterchanged, the two in chief charged with a bezant
and that in base with a pellet. Crtst — A griffin's head couped
per bend sa. and or, entwined by a serpent ppr. Motto — Spec-
temur agendo.

5e«^s -Newby Wiske, Northallerton; and Nunnington Hall,
CO. York.


EuTTLEDGE, EoBEHT, Esq. of Bloomfield, co.
Mayo, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1864, late Lieut.-
Col. Commanding South Majo Militia, b. 1823 ; m.
Feb. 1850, Katharine, dau. of Peter Low, Esq. (by
Louisa hi8 wife, dau. of Sir Richard Butler, 7th
Bart, of Ballintemple), and by her (who d. June,
1856) had issue,

I. Thomas Henry Bruen, b. 7 Sept. 1852; in. 1883, Florence

Rose, dau. of JohnTrant, Esq. of Dovea, co. Tipperary,

and by her (who d. Jan. 1892) has issue.
I. Margaret Harriet, m. 21 Sept. 1877, W. H. Field, Capt. 8th

Hussars, eldest son of Lieut.-Col. W. Field, of Shelton

Oak, Shrewsbury.
It. Louisa Katherine.

Liueag e. — Rev. F'rancis Lambert, Rector and Prebendary

of Kilmaine, b. 1788 (2nd son of Joseph Lambert, Esq. of
Brookhill, by his 1st wife, Barbara, dau. of Thomas Ruttledge,
Esq. of Bloointield) ; m. 9 June, 1819, Margaret, 2nd dau. of
Col. Henry Bruen, of Oak Park, M.P., and had issue,

Robert, now of Bloomfield.

Thomas, of Cornfield, co. Mayo, J.P. and D.L. for co.
Mayo, High Sheriff 1865, 6. 5 April, 18-.:6; m. Jane, only
dau. and heir of Robert Fair, Esq. of Bushfield, co. Mayo,
and il. 1877, leaving issue, five sons and one dau. Mrs.
Ruttledge assumed, by royal licence, 28 Aug. 1857, for
herselt and her issue, the additional surname and arms of

Francis, late Mayo Militia, h. 20 Aug. 1828 ; m. 30 Nov. 1864,
Hester Elizabeth Frances, Srd dau. of Thomas Spencer
Lindsey, Esq. of Hollymount House, co. Mayo, and has

John, H.M. 34th Regt., d. in India, 1809.

Harriet, <(. v.nm. 1880.

Elizabeth, m. James A. Lyle, Esq. of The Oaks, London-

;\Iargaret Maria Anne Harriet, d. unm. 1871.

Helena Margaret Hariiet.

Mr. Lambert assumed, by sign-manual, April, 1819, his
maternal name and arms of llnTTLEuoE, instead of Lambert,
and s. his uncle, Robert Ruttledge, Esq. of Bloomfield, High
Sheriff ot Mayo, 1788, who m. 1787, Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of
Francis Knox, Esq. of Rappa Castle, and represented the
borough of Duleek for many years in the Irish Parliament.

Arms — Arg., a stag trippant ppr., on a chief engrailed az.
three estoiles or. Vresl — An oak-tree ppr., pendant froo". a
dexter branch thereof by a riband az. an escutcheon or. Motto
— Verax atque probus.

/Sea!— Bloomfield, Hollymount, co. Mayo.






RuTTLEDQE, Daviu Knox, Esq.of Barbcrsfort, co.
Galwaj, J.P., b. 29 June, 186B ; m,. 30 June, 1891,
lion. Meta Ilandcock, 4th dau. of Lord Castle-

Liineage.— David Kcttledge, Esq. (formerly Watson) of
Barbersfort, co. Galway, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, J. P. for cos.
Mayo and Galway, High Sheriff 1851, Capt. South Mayo Rifles,
b Nov. 1811; m. 1836, Eleanor, youngest dau. of John Knox,
Esq. formerly of Moyne Abbey, and by her (who d. 18S9;, had

I. David, J.P. for Galway, Hon. Major Connaught Rangers,
h. 1839; m. 18G2, Sarah Knox, 2nildau. ot tlie Uev. Edward
I.eet, of Otranto, Kingstown, and d. 5 Oct. 1886, leaving
i;isue, David Knox, now of Barbersfort; Percy Edward;
i;ieanor F. M. ; Anne Bell; Eveline Amy.

II. John Knox, late Capt. 2nd Dragoon Guards, m. 1878,
the only dau. of Col. De Longueville, of Sangby Broom,

III. Alfred, Major 14th Regt., m. 1338, May, dau. of Ormsby
Fulton, Esq.

I. Eleanor, m. 1862, Arthur Rudge, Esq., E.A.

II. Elizabeth.

III. Olivia, TO. 1874, Christopher Ussher, Esq. of Eastwell, co.
Galway, J.P., who d. 1884.

This gentleman s. 1833, to the unsettled estates of his step-
lather, Robert Ruttledge, Esq. of Blooinfield, and by his will
assumed, by royal licence, the name and arms of Ruttledge
only. He d. 16 Dec. 1890, and was s. by his grandson.

Arms — Arg., a stag trippant ppr., on a chief engrailed az.
three estoiles or. Crest — An oak-tree ppr., pendent from a
i!exier branch by a riband az. an escutcheon or. Motto —
Verax atque probus.

Stat— Barbersfort, Tuam, co. Galway. Town Residence — 3,
Htzwilliam Place, Dublin.


Rttxtox, William, Esq. of Ardee House, co.
Louth, J.P. and D.L., Vice-Lieut, co. Louth, and
J P. CO. Cavan, High Sheriff 1847, b. 2(5 April,
1S23; in. 15 July, 1854, Caroliue Diana, younger
ilau. and co-heii-ess of Charles Vernon, Esq. of
lloyal York Crescent, Clifton, and had issue,

I. John FitzHerbert Vernon, 6. 12 Nov. 1863; m. Sept.

1887, Mary, dau. of George Harvey Chickering, of Bos-
ton, U.S.A., and d. at Brooklyn, U.S.A., 1 June, 1892,
leaving is«ue, William Vernon Chickering, b. May,
1891 ; and Dorothy Vernon.

II. Charles Harcourt Vernon, 6. 6 June, 1870.

I. Georgina Anna, m. Jan. 1880, (ieorge Ramsay .\lured
Uenne, Lieut.-Col. late 4th Dragoon Guards, and has
issue, Florence Alice Vernon.

II. Florence Elizabeth, m. 5 Oct. 1887, Sir Erasmus Dixon
Bcrrowes, Bart, of Barretstown Castle, co. Kildare, and
has issue, {see Bdrke's Baronetage).

III. Caroline Lydia.

IV. Helen Vernon, m. Feb. 1881, Walter Clare Savile, Major
R.A., and has issue, a son, Clare Ruxton, 6. 1881 ; and a
dau. Lilith Edith.

v. Beatrice Geraldine, m. 15 July, 1891; Arthur 0mm aney
Hill-Lowe, of Court of Hill, Commander R.N., and has
issue, Vernon Noel, 6. 1 June, 1892.

Through the female line, the present Mr. Ruxton,
of Ardee, represents a branch of the great and
ancient family of Fitzueebert of Norbury, co.
Derby, and Sv^innerton, co. Stafford.

Ijiueag'e. — John Ruxton, Esq. of Shanhoe, co. Mcath, h.
1556, whose will was dated 27 April, 1634, to. and left issue
(with two daus., Mary, wife of George Proctor, and Elizabeth,
Mrs. Manning) three sons, Henry, of Bective, co. Meath ; John,
of whom we treat; and William. The 2nd son,

Capt. John Ruxton, of Ardee, co. Louth, was patentee of
considerable estates in co. Louth under the Act of Settlement
temp. Charles 11., and High Sheriff 1659. He m. twice; his
2nd wife, Priscilla, d. his widow 29 Nov. 1743, aged 87. By
his 1st, Capt. John Ruxton had issue, John, 6. 1642, M.P.
for Ardee 1771, High Sheriff co. Louth 1673, d. s. p.;
William, eventual heir to his father; Charles (Rev.), b. 1661,
attainted 1688 ; Matthew, father of John Ruxton, of Bally-
bonny {see RnsTON of Broad Oik) ; Jane ; and Sarah. The 2nd

WiLUAM RnsTON, Esq. of Ardee House, was attainted by

King James IL 1688. By Anne his wife, he left a dau. Mar-
garet, and a son and heir,

William Rdxton, Esq. of Ardee House, M.P. for Ardee
1747. He m. 1718, Mary, dau. of Samuel Gibbons, Esq. of
Mountainstown, co. Meath, and d. 15 Feb. 1751, aged 54,
leaving issue, John, his heir; William, Surg. -Gen.; Sanuiel
d. unm. ; Charles, M.P. for Ardee, m. Elizabeth, dau. and
heir of Robert Parkinson, Esq. of Red House, co. Louth, and
d. 1806, aged 80, leaving a son and heir, William Parkinson
Ruxton, Esq. of Red House, Barrister-at-Law, and M.P. for
Ardee, m. 18 Jan. 1802, Auna Maria, dau. of Thomas For-
tescue, Esq. ofDromisken, M.P., but i/.«. ;j.; Gilbert Gibbons;
Anne, 7ti. 1769, Arthur Wolfe, Lord Kilwarden, Lord Chief
Justice of Ireland (she was created 30 Sept. 1795, Baroness
Kilwarden, of Kilteel, in her own right); Mary. The eldest
son and heir,

John Rcxton, Esq. of Ardee House, M.P., 6. 1721 ; m.
Letitia, dau. and eventual co-heir of William Fitzherbert,
Esq. of Shercock, co. Cavan, by Anne his wife, dau. of Ven.
Andrew Carleton, Archdeacon of Kilmore, and granddau.
of William Fitzherbert, Esq., by his wife, the dau. and heir
of Sir Henry Piers, Knt. of Piers Court, or Shercock, which
last William Fitzherbert was 2nd son of William Fitz-
herbert, Esq. of Swinnerton, co. Stafford, and Noibury,
CO. Derby (see i/iat family), by Anne his wife, dau. of Sir
Basil Brooke, Knt. of Madeley, and dying 7 March, 1783, left;

I. William, his heir.

II. John, of Black Castle, co. Meath, m. 1770, Margaret, dau.
of Richard Eilgeworth, Esq. of Edgeworthstown, co. Long-
ford, and had issue,

1 Fitzherbert, Capt. 63rd Regt., d. 179.9.

2 Richard, of Black Castle, co. Meath, b. 3 Aug. 1775; vi.
10 Jan. 1807, Elizabeth Selina, 3rd dau. of Sir Robert
Staples, ."ith Bart, of Dunmoie, Queen's co., by the Hon.
Jane Vesey, sister of Thomas, 1st Viscount de Vesci.

1 Sophia.

2 Margaret.

Mr. Ruxton, d. July, 1825, aged 80.

III. Samuel, ol Swinnerton, co. Meath, who assumed the sur-
name of Fitzherbert, and d. s. p. 1826.

I. Mary, m. James Corry, Esq. ii. Anne.

The eldest son,

William Ruxton, Esq. of Ardee House, co. Louth, and
Shercock, co. Cavan, M.P., m. Anne, dau. of Christopher
Henry Upton, Esq., by Isabella his wife, dau. of Col. Clarges,
Royal Irish Dragoons, son of Sir Thomas Clarges

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