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, Bart., and
had issue,

John Fitzherbert, his heir.

Henry, m. Isabella, dau. of James Carlyle, Esq. of Cradox-
town, CO. Kildare, and has issue.

William, m. Elizabeth Anne Young, of Rogerstown, co.
Louth, and had issue.

Robert, d. young.

Clarges, m. Mary, dau. of Sir Robert Barnewall, 7th Bart.^
of Crickstown, and d. s. p.

Charles, m. Mary Fraser, dau. of William Eraser Tytler, Esq.
of Belnain, co. Inverness.

George, of Rthaniia. co. Louth, J. P., High Sheriff 1851, Major
in the array, b. 1804 ; m. Mary, dau. of Hon. William Frank-
land Odell, t.oloiiial Secretary to New Brunswick; and d.
18 May, 18"9, leaving issue, (ieorge William, now of
Rahanna, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, J. P., 6. 1837 ; m. 1863,
Arabella Anna, 2nd dau. of George Romford, Esq. of Oakley,
CO. Meath, and has issue.

Arthur, m. 1st, Christina, dau. of William FraserTytler, Esq.
of Belnain, and 2ndly, Emily (deceased), dau. of James-
F'orbes, Esq. of Kiiigerloch, co. Argyll, and had issue by

Isabella, m. Rev. Townley Filgate, Rector of Charlestown,
CO. Louth.

Anne, m. 1812, Right Hon. Edward Lucas, of Castle Shane„
CO. Monaghan.

Helena, d. young. Letitia, d. young.

The eldest son,

John Fitzherbert Ruxton, Esq. of Ardee House and Sher-
cock, High Sheriff for co. Louth 1823, and for co. Cavan 1824,
),(. .Vnna Elizabeth dau. of Nicholas Coddington, Esq. of Old
Bridge, CO Mcath, by Letitia bis wife, dau. of Gaynor Barry,.
Esq. of Beau, co. Dublin, and had issue,

William, his heir.

John Fitzherbert, d. unm. 12 May, 1879.
Anna Frances.

Elizabeth Henrietta, m. Richard Olpherts, Esq. of Dungiven,
CO. Deiry, who d. 1892. She d. in Jan. Ib92.

Mr. Ruxton J. 1826, and was «. by his son, the present William
Ruxton, Esq. of Ardee House.

.^r?ns— Quarterly : Ist and 4th arg., three bulls' heads
erased sa., armed or, for Roxton ; 2nd and 3rd arg., Nairc, or,





and gu., over all a bend sa., a crescent for difference, for Fitz-
iiERBtiiT. CitU—A bull's head sii., armed or. J/ciiiu— dam,

Heat — .^rdee House, Ardee, co. Louth.

ErxTOX, Jonx Henry llAijt^sq. of iJroad Oak,
Kent, D.L., b. 15 Mav, ISIS; m. 2 May, 1843,
Isabel .Sai-ali, eldest dau. of William Hooper, Esq.
of Meiton House, eo. Hereford, by Sarali, his wife,
sister of Kev. Thomas Powell Syinonds, of Pen-
gethley, eo. Hereford (see Powkli., liart., and
Williams. Bart., Burke's Extinct Jiaronclaje), and
has liad issue,

I. Jl-lian Henry Hat, b. 19 Feb. 1814, late Capt. 15thliegt.,
i)i. "JS Aug. Ib80, Selina Mabelle, dau. of Kev. Kobert
Martin, of Anstey P.istures, co. Leicester.

II. George Fitzherbert Sjmonds, 0. 31 May, 1848; d. 2 Jan.

I. Isibel Sarah Da.sliwood, m. lOMarch, 1SG6, Thomas Slaney
Kyton, Esq. of Walford Hall, now also of Eyton, and
Walford Manor, Salop ; High Sheriff 1890, and has

II. Adela Eliz.ibeth Symonds, m. 26 Sept. 1865, Francis
Matthew Hauipden Turner, Esq. of Hook's Nest Park,
Godsione, Surrey. She d. -0 May, 1870, leaving issue,

Charles Ham[iden, Lieut. Suffolk llegt., b. Z9 Oct.

Henry Francis Valentine Hampden, b. 14 Feb. ISOS.
Henrietta Isabel.

Mr. Hay-K'uxton, who served nine years in the
King's Own Kegt., is Chief Constable of Kent and
late Cupt. Kent Artillery.

Liiueaee. — John IUxto.n, Esq. of Ballybonny, Tally,
ic, the eldest son and heir-apparent of Mattliew iiuxton, who
was 4fh son of Capt. John Kiixton, of Ardee {see preceding
/uu'HjrOi ''"•'-'- Sept. 17-1, Mary, dau. of William Eccleston,
Esq. 01 Urumskellon, co. Loutli, and by her had issue. The
4th and youngest son,

He.nry TiioMAs Bellingham RcxTON, Esq.Di. 17G9, Susanna,
dau. 01 Jsaiali Willis, Esq. of Dundrum, co. Monaghan, and
had issue,
John, of whom presently.
Henry, m. viuiout issue.

Martha, m. Kev. John Alexander, "Vicar of Drumsang, eo.
Wesinieatli, ai.d had, with other issue. Col. William Alex-
ander, C.B., who ra. twiee, and had issue by both uives; by
his 1st, Anne, dau. of Lieut. -Gen. Kennedj, C ii , he had
(with two daus., Anna Maria, m. Capt. Amyard I'owney
Elliot, 3rd son of ihe Hnn. John Elliot, and nepiieiv to the
FCail of Miuto, and Ellen Henrietta, m. Col. Henry Lane, .")tli
Bengal Light Cavalry), two sons, L William iiuxton Eneas,
Major-lien. Uonimaniiing 1st liengal Cavalry, ?». his cousin,
Charlotte, dau. of Capt. Blair, 5th Bengal Ligiit Cavalry:
2 Augustus Hay, Li.-ut. in the 38th Bengal N.I., second
in command ot the Oude Irregular Cavalry, killed in the
Indian Mutiny. Col. Alexander j;t. 'indly, ImH, Penelope,
youiiu'cst dau. of William Hooper, Es(i. of Merton House,
CO. Hereford, and had issue, one dau. Peuelope, d. -b Jan.
Eleanor, to. William Pooler, E,-;q.
Mary, m. W. Buchanan, Esq. ot co. Tyrone.
Susan, i/i. Kev. J. Smith. Anne, unm.

Frances, m. Willoughby Giffney, Esq. co. Moiiuyhau.

His eldest son,

John Kcxton, Esq., who purchased, 1828, the estate of IJroad

<.)ak, Kent, m. 28 July, 1817, Anna Maiia, youngest dau.

■ ■f Col. Patiick Hay, H.E.l.C.S. (4th son of Thomas ilay, Lord

Huntingdon, of the Court of Session; sec Hay, Bart, of Aldtr-

ttoi' - , BuiiKE's Ptertiye and Baroiictagt), hi Sarah his wife,

4thdau.ofRobertDashwood, Esq.of Vallow Wood,.Stoguinbev,

Somerset, and sister of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Dashwood,

K.C B., K.T.S.(.sc£ Dashwood, Bart, nf West Wycombe, Bueke's

Pec aye and Baronetage), and by her (who </,. 12 June, 1889)

had issue,

I. John Henry Hay, present represontativ e.

n. Wi'liam James Mylne (Itev.), ;-. 9 Sept. 1819; m. 8 May,

ln73, Maig.uet Emma, 4th dau. of Lev. Evan Nepc^n,

Canon ot Westminster, and d. lU July, 1886, leaving issue,

1 Margaret Edna. 2 Constance Kachel Mary.

3 Julia Ethel. 4 Catherine Eva.

III. Ocrge Augustus Frederick, Knt. St. F., M G.S., <feo., b.

24 July, 1»21; t^. and was bur. at St. Louis, US., Sept.

1848; iorinerlyof iJon L>iego Leon's Lancers, in the service

of the Queen of Spain, afterwards of H.M.'s 89th Regt.,
author of Adcentares ia Mexico, Lii'e in the Far West,

IV. Charles Dashwood, 6. 17 Jan. 1823; d. May, IS.'il.

V. Augustus Alexander, late Lieut. Koyal Fusiliers, ana
alterwaiils Capt. and Adjutant .'ith Kent Volunteer Batta-
lion, b. 24 Sept. 1S24; m. Mary Eliza Minto, duu. of Walter
Miiito, Esq. of Jamaica, and d. 30 Dec. 1889, leaving issue,

1 Mary Augusta. 2 Katherine Hume.

3 Mabel Hay.

VI. Frederick Wardell (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Willington,
formerly Lieut. IClh Regt., b. 17 Jan. 18'28 : m. Isabel, dau.
of Lieut. Col. Moore, and d. 27 Jan. 1890, having had

1 Frederick Augustus Dashwood (Rev.), Vicar of Well,
CO. York, b. 1862; m. Alice, dau. of Rev. C Carr, B.A.,
Vicar of Whitworth, Durliain, and has had issue, Charles
Frederick, 6. 1884, and Elizabeth Isabel, ((. 20 May,

2 George, b. 1862.

1 Amy isabtl. 2 Florence Mary.

3 Agnes Mildred, deceased. 4 Kathleen Mora.
Mr. Ruxton d. 1 Nov. 1828.

A nns—Arg., acresceiit between three bulls' heads erased sa.,
armed or. Crest— A bull's head sa., armed or, charged with a
crescent as in the arms.

ISeeU — Broad Oak, Brenchley, Kent.


Eyan-Leniqax, John Viv'ian, Esq. of Castle
irogerty, co. Tipperary, J. P. and D.L., Lieut. -Col.
CommandingTipperary Artillery Militia, assumed by
royal licence, Dec. 187S, the additional surname of
Lexioan, in compliance witli the testamentary in-
junction of his cousin, Penelope Elizabeth Marie
Leuigan, of Castle ft'ogerty.

Xiiueagre. — The ancient family of ffogerty was of impor-
tance in Ireland antecedent to the descent of the English
in the reign of Henry 11. The chief of the sept in 1583,

CoNOHER NA ScRY O'lFOGHERTY, of Muuroc, CO. Tippcraiy,
was father of

DoNouGH O'ffooerty, who was slain in battle at Latcragh
(his father then living) 26 Nov. 1.^183, and was the Donough who
III. Ellen Purcell of the ancient baronial family of Logsmoe,
and lies bur. in the Abbey of Holy Cross, to which he was a
considerable benefactor. He was s. by his son,

Donald O'efogerty, of Munroe, surnamed Grany (or the
Ill-favoured), whose son and heir,

DoNocGH O'ffooerty, of Inchy O'ffogerty, Fishmoyne, and
Bally ffogerty (now Castle ffogerty), left two sons,
Roger, his sucecsjor.

William, of Fishmoyne, Physician to His Majesty King
Charles II., who, under the charge of being concerned in
the Meal- 1 lib Plot, was imprisoned in the Tower, and d.
there s p. in 16u5. This i> the gentleman described in the
Act of Settlement as Ensign William ffogerty, and who
under tliat Act is included amongst those exempted from
confiscation. His will bears date in 1606.

The elder son and heir,

Roger O'ffogerty, of Incliy O'ffogerty, m. a dau. of
Cashuy, and wass. by his son,

Teige, or Timothy, O'ffogerty, of Bally ffogerty, &c., m.
Margaret, dau. of Buike, of Barrycurry (of the family of
Lord Brittas), and had issue,

Cornelius, his heir.

Thomas, m. Anne, dau. of James Magrath, Esq. of Derry-
moie, and had a son, Magr.ith ffogerty, who was father of
Thomas ffogerty and grandfather of Magrath ffogerty,
Esq. of Ballinlonty, and oi Philip ffogerty, Ksq , Bariister-
at-Law. John. Dionysius, a priest.

Jlalaehy, Doctor of the Sorbonne and Prefect of the College
of Lombard, Pans, anno 1705.
The eldest son and heir,

Cobnelics ffogerty, Esq. of Castle ffogerty, b. 14 May,
1661, Capt. in the army of King James IL, hi. in 1696, Mary,
dau. of Michael Kearney, Esq. of Milestown, co. Tipperary,
and dying in 1730, was s. by liis son,

Teige, or Timothy, ffogerty, Esq. of Castle ffogerty, who
(/. s. I), at the age ot 50, in 1747, and was a, by his brother,

Tho.mas FFOGiiRTY, Esq. of Castle ffogerty, vi. Christian,
dau. and eventual heir of James Meyler, Esq. of Sallyuiount,
CO. Kildare, and had issue,
James, his heir.

Thomas, Capt. in the Regt. of Ultonia, in the Spanish service,
d. v.nm. iu 1781.





Elizabeth, m. William Lenigan, Esq. of Zoar, co. Kilkennj-,
and b}- him (who d. 23 Nov. 176S) left an only son, Thomas

3Ir. ffogcrty d. 1758, and wass. by his elder son,

Ja.mes ffogebtt, Esq. of Castle ffogeity, who, having
conformed to the Established Church, served the office of Hi^h
Sheriff for co. Tipperary 1783. He d. uni.i. 1788, when his
sister, Elizabeth Lenigan, became his heir, and the estates
passed through her to her only son,

Tho.mas (Jean Baptiste) Lenigan, Esq., who thus be-
«ame " of Castle ffogerty." This gentleman vi. 1st, in
-April, 1794, Peniel, dau. of Edmund Armstrong, Esq. of
Buncraggy, co. Clare (by his wife Hannah, sister of Robert
Henry Westropp, Esq.), and by her (who d. April, 1804> had

I. James, of Castle ffogerty.

II. Edmund, b. 8 Aug. 1798 ; d. unm. 6 June, 1836.

t. Anna Elizabeth, tu. 18/4, John Dennis liyan, Esq., Lieut.
13th Drajioons, 2nd surviving son of George Ryan, Esq. of
Inch, CO. Tipperary (see that jamily), and left issue,

1 George, Lieut.-Col. late Commanding 70th Regt.

2 John Vivian, now of Castle ffogerty.

3 Valentine, Major-Gen.

1 renelope. 2 *Jina. 3 Emma.

4 Marian. 5 Elizabeth.

II. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1SS3. iii. Henrietta.

Sir. Lenigan m. 2ndly, Clarinda, dau. of John O'Reilly, Esq.
«f Mount Street, Dublin, and had by her two other daus.,

IV. Mary, a nun. v. Eosetta.

He d. 2 Aug. 182.'), and was s. by his son,

James Lenigan, Esq. of Castle ffogerty, J.P. and D.L.,
M.R.I. A., M.A. of Trin. Coll. Dublin, 6. 23 June, 1797; m.
30 April, 1825, Eleanor Fiances, dau. of John Evans, Esq.,
and sister of William Evans, Esq., M.P. for Leominster, by
whom he had two daus.,

I. Sarah Ellen Henrietta, d. at Munich, in Bavaria, 30 March,

II. Penelope Elizabeth Marie, of Castle ffogerty, who c?.
at Badgastein, Austria, 3 Aug. 1878, having devised her
estates to her cousin, the piesent Lieut. -Col. J. Vivian
Ryan-Lenigan, of Castle ffogerty.

Arms — Gu., three griffins' heads erased or.
Ores'. — A grifiSn segreant az., holding in the dexter claw a
sword erect ppr.

Motto — ^lalo mori quam faedari.
6'<.at— Castle ffogerty, Thuiles.

Etax, Charles Akthue, Esq. of Ballyiuackeogh,
eo. Tipperary, J.F., b. 7 Nov. 1853.

Xiineagre. — William Ryan, Esq. of Ballymaekeogh, was
-». in that estate by his son, Danikl Ryan, and the estate was
.afterwards confirmed to him by grant from ChablesII., 1667.
He III. Honor, dau. of Col. John Ewer, and had issue, three
sons and three daus., William, his heir; Anthony; George;
IClizabeth, m. Edward Lee, Esq. of liarna ; Anne, ?)t. Edmund
<;nffin, Esq.; and Mary. Mr. Ryan d. 1731, and was s. by
his eldest son,

AViLLiAM Ryan, Esq. of Ballymaekeogh, m. 1725, Eliza-
l)eth, dau. of Richard New.^tead, Esq. of Ballyloughane, co.
Tipperary, and d. 1765, having had issue,

EwEE, his heir, of whom presently.

Richard. William, m. Miss Bradshaw.

George, m. Miss Lysaght. Anthony.

Anne, m. John Ewer, Esq.

Elizabeth, m. Solomon Cambie, Esq. of Castletown.
The eldest son and heir.

Ewer Ryan, Esq. of Ballymaekeogh, m.. 1754, Elizabeth.
<1au. of Richard Margrath, Esq. of Lisduff, co. Tipperary, and
*y her (who d. 1791) had issue, six sons and three daus.,

William, his heir. George.

John. Richard, Capt. in the army.

Anthony. Rickard, Major 93rd Regt.

Eleanor, m. Bever Smith, Esq.

Bridgeu Elizabeth.

Mr. Ewer Ryan d. 1802, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Ryan, Esq. of Ballymaekeogh, m. Sept. 1814,
Anne, dau. of the Eev. John Pennefather, D.D., Rector of St.
Johns, Newport, co. Tipperary, and sister to Lieut.-Gen. Sir
John Lysaght Pennefather, K.C.B., and by her (who d. Dec.
18d3;, had issue,

AViLLiAM, late representative.

John, m. 1843, Louisa Ricarda, dau. of Major Kinpsmill \
Pennefather, of Knockinglass, co. Tipperary, and d. Sept. ;

1873, having had issue, William Ewer (Rev.). M.A. ; John
Pennefather, M.D.; Frances Elizabeth, rteceased ; Louisa
Mary, m. 1885, Townsend Hall, Esq. of Pilion, co. Devon,
and is deceased.
George Henry, M.D.. Surgeon R.N., deceaspd.
Robert Percival. deceased. Edward, deceased.

Elizabeth, deceased. Clarr-, deceased.

Mary Anne. Laura.

Mr. Ryan d. 27 Nov. 1835. His eldest son,

William Ryan, Esq. of Ballymaekeogh, J.P., 6. 1 Dec.
1815; m. 29 Nov. 1842, Jane, dau. of John Grogan, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law, and sister of Sir Edward Grogan, Bart., late
BI.P. for the city of Dublin, and had issue,

I. William Edward, B.N., b. 24 March, 1851, d. 16 March,

u. Charles .^bthuk, now of Ballymaekeogh.

I. Anne Alicia Susanna, m. 8 Jan. 1881, Kingroge Drew, Esq.
broiherof Col. Francis Drew, 7th Hussars, of Drewscourt,
CO. Limerick, and has issue, 1 Francis William Massy;
2 Ringrose Charles Wellington; 1 Alicia Jeanette ; and
2 Anna Everina Margaret.

II. Elizabeth, deceased.

III. Antoinette Jane.

IV. Jeanette, m. 10 Aug. 1886, Edward Herbert Maunsell, of
Macleod, Alberta, Canada, son of the late Frederick Maun-
sell, of Finnttherstown House, co. Limerick, and has issue,
Jiederick William Edward; Jeanette Clare; and Antoinette.

Mr. Eyan d. 13 Feb. 1890.

^))H.s— Gu., throe griffins' heads erased or. Crest— A griffin
segreant az., holding in the dexter claw a sword erect ppr.
Motto — Malo niori quam ta'dai'i.

Scat — Ballymaekeogh, Newport, co. Tipperary.


Rte, Eichaed Ton.son, Esq. of Eyecoiirfc, co.
Cork, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1854, formerly
Capt. in the army, m. 1845, Mary, dau. of Henry
Baldwin, Esq. of Mount Pleasant, co. Cork, anil
has had issue,

I. John Bailie Tonson, J.P. for Cork, 6. 1840; m. 10 Aug.
1876, Madeline Charlotte, 3rd dau. of Sir Thomas Dan-
cer, 6th Bart, of Modreeny, and has issue,

Richard Bailie, b. 1877. John Reginald, 6. 1878.

Hubert Bernard, b. 1882.
ri. Richard, d. 31 Jan. 1809.

1. Elizabeth Tonson, m. Arthur Fawkes, Major 8th Regt.,
6th son of Rev. Ayseough Fawkes, of Farnley Hall and
Hawksworth Hall, co. York.

Lineage. — Christopher Rye, Esq. one of the Aldermen
of the city of Cork, was Sheriff 1661, and Mayor 1667 and
1668. He m. Anne, dau. of George Evans, Esq., ancestor of
Lord Carbery, and had issue, an only son,

George Rye, Esq. of Ryecourt, J.P., 6. 1686 ; ai. Anne, dau.
and co-heir of John Bailie, Esq. of Castlemore, co. Cork, J. P.,
by Anne his wife, dau. of Timothy Tucker, Esq. of Cork, and
rf. 1735, having had by her a son,

John Rye, Esq. of Ryecourt, J. P., r,i. 6 Sept. 1758, Elizabeth,
Peniel, dau. and sole heir of the Rev. Percy Meade (by Eliza-
beth his wife, dau. of Henry Tonson, Esq. of Spanish Island,
CO. Cork), son of the Rev. Dominick Meade, Archdeacon of
Cloyne, and nephew of Sir John Meade, Bart., ancestor of
the Earls of ClanwiUiam, and by her left issue at his decease,

Richard Tonson, of whom presently.

George, j/j. July, 1784, Catherine, dau. of Sir Robert Warren,
Bart., and d. s. i>.

The elder son,

Richard Tonson Rye, Esq. of Ryecourt, to. Anne, dau. of
James Badham Thornhill, Esq., and had a son,

John To.vsoN Rye, Esq. of Ryecourt, m. his cousin, Mary,
dau. of Samuel GodscII, Esq., by Sophia his wife, dau. of
James Badham Thurnhill, Esq., and had issue, Richard Ton-
son, now of Ryecourt, and four daus., Eliza, )/). 1844, T. B.
Herrick, Esq. of Shippool Castle ; Kate, m. J. Jleade, Esq.;
Penelope, m. the Rev. Edward Jones; and Georgina, m.
T. Lewis, Esq.

Scat — Ryecourt, Crookstown, cc. Cork.

Etnd, James Fleetwood, Esq. orRyndville,co.
Meatli, B.A., called to the Bar 1853, late Col.
8tli batt. Eifle Brigade, b. 1833; s. his father 1875.





Liineag'e. — David Ktnd, of Knni^lu^cn, patentee under i
the Act of Settlement of Lands in Fermanagh, m. Margaret, i
dau. of Christopher Irvine, Esq. (and sister of Sir Gerard |
Irvine, Bart., and William Irvine, E.'^q., ancestor of the Castle
Irving family), and widow of Col. Kichard Bell and of Capt.
Thomas Maxwell. Mr. Eynd, whose will hears date 2 Oct.
1677, and was proved at Clogher, left issue (with a dau.
Elizabeth, ..i. lOOi', Capt. Arlliur Auchniuty, of Brianstown), a
son and heir.

David Rysd. Esq. of Derryvolan, co. Fermanagh, J.P.,
High SherilT lOSl. attainted hy James II. 1689. He m.
Margaret, dau. of William McCullagh, Esq., by Janehiswife,
dau. of Capt. Thomas Maxwell, and had issue, i. John, of
whom liercaiter; ii. Thoiiuvs, &. 1679, d. s. p. circa 1709;
HI. Christopher, of Kena'jh, co. Leitrim ; i. Jane, m. Mr.
Graham; ii. Hebccca, m. Mr. Lowther; iii. Elizabeth, -m.
"William Riciiardson, Esq. Mr. David Kynd d. about 1723,
and was ,«. by his eldest son,

John Htnd, Esq., of Derryvolan, J.P., High SheritT co.
Fermanagh 1708, and co. Leitrim 1722, in. Elizabeth liieliard-
Eon. and had, with other issue,

David, of Derryvolan, High Sheriff 174.'), m. 1746, Mary, dau.
of Oliver Moore, Esq. ot" Saulstown, co. Meath, and left at
his decease an only child and heir,
Mary, wife of Edward Denny, Esq.

Thomas, of whom presently.
Tlie 2nd son,

Thomas Rtnd, Esq. of the city of Dublin, m. 2 Sept. 1745,
Mary Marshall Irvine, and by her (who d. 18 Oct. U59) had
issue. Mr. Thomas Rynd d. circa 1783. His only son,

James Rtnd, Esq. of Dublin, 6. 15 Oct. 1748; «r. 1st Dec.
1776, Mabella, dau. of Thomas Goodlatte, Esq., by Mal.ella
his wife, eldest dau. of Rev. Richard Crump, and by her had

I. Thomas, of Ballywilliam, co. Fermanagh, a JIajor in the
army, b. 13 Dec. 1777; m. IG June, 1816, Jane, dau. of
\\ illiam McKay, Esq. of Merrion, and d. 1848, having had

1 John Goodlatte, Barrisler-at-Law, b. 10 March, 1817 :
d. unni. 8 Feb. 1853.

2 WiUiam Richardson, 6. 12 July, 1819; m. 5 Feb. 18.56,
Mary Anne, dau. of Henry Blennerhassett Thompson,
Esq., by Meliora his wife, dau. of John Young, Esq. of
Philpottstown, co. Meath, and had issue, two daus.,
Meliora Laura and Era Ethel.

3 Henry Nassau (Rev.), m. Elizabeth, youngest dau. of
Col. Thomas Kennedy, and has issue, Frederick Augustus,
Anne, Beatrice, Clara, Constance, Ada, and Bredak.

4 Frederick Augustus, d. unm. 22 July, 1857.

6 McKay, Lieut -Col., laie Major 62nil Foot, m. Eliza
Sarah, dau. of C. Twining and relict of James Claud N.
Taylor, Esq., Lieut. R..N., and has h.'id issue, Arthur
Hampden, d. young ; Frederick Cecil, Lieut. WeUh
Regt., b. 24 Sept. 1861 ; Laura Evelyn.
1 Eliza Laura.
IT. Goodlatte, killed at the battle of Salamanca.
m. James, m. Miss Buchanan, and had issue.
Mr. James Rynd ru. 2ndly, Sarah, dau. of — Dunn, Esq., who
d. .«. p. He m. Srdly, Hester, dau. of Robert Fleetwood, Esq.
of Parkstown, co. Meath (by Catherine Margaret Hopkins his
wife), and by her (who d. Dec. 184y) he '.eft issue at his de-
cease, 16 Oct. 1814,

IV. Robert Fleetwood, late of Ryndville.

V. Frances, of Dublin, M.D., w. Elizabeth, dau. of Alderman
AUey, Lord Mayor of Dublin, and d. 18j1, having had

1 Philip Crampton, Col. Bengal Staff Corps, m. Phoebe,
dau. or the late John Rynd, Escj. of Reynella, Killucan.

2 John Xuttall, M.A.C.E. (T.C.D ).

3 Francis Edward, late Capt. 4th (King's Own) Regt.

4 Scrope Christopher, m. Olivia, dau. 01 Frederick Pilking-
ton, Esq. of Newberry Hall. co. Kildare.

1 Hester Matilda, m. Lieut.-Geu. Robertson.

2 Nannie Louisa.

3 Elizabeth, i/t. Major Drew, late 75th Regt.

VI. John, J. P. CO. Westmeath /deceased), ru. Harriet Town-
-hend, dau. of Robert McKerlie, Esq., representative of the
ancient family of McKerlie, of Craggleton Castle, co. Wig-
ton, Scotland, and left issue.

VII. James (Rev.) (deceased), r,i. Eliza, dan. of Robert Crow
Heming, Esq. of Nutfield, co. Clare, and left issue.

vr.i. Christopher, of Mount Armstrong, co. Kildare, J. P. and
D.L., m. 8 P'eb. 1842, Helena Maria, o;ily surviving dau.
and heir of Peter Wolfe, Esq. of Blackball, co. Kildare, d.
1832, leaving issue,

1 Robert Fleetwood, of Blackhall, co. Kildare, J. P., Hon.
Major Kildare Rifles, late Capt. 22nd Regt., b. 1842.

2 WiHium Wolfe, Capt. 7th Foot, d. 18 May. 1886, ag-ed
42. having la. 1884, .Miss Iteid dau. of — Reid, Esq., The
Barn, Carrickfergus.

."5 Fleetwood, of Mount Armstrong, cc. Kildare, m. 18S5,
Julia, dau. of L. N. Izod, Esq. of Chapel Izod, co. Kil-

4 Theobald Christopher.

I. Maria Elizabeth (deceased), in. William Thomas Briscoe,
K-q. of Luggan, King's co.. and Riversdale, co. Westmeath,
and left issue.

II. Hester (deceased), m. 1828, the late Edward Briscoe, Esq.
of Grangemore, co. Westmeath, High Sheriff 1833 for that


III. Catherine (deceased), m. 1816, the late Alexander
Andrews, Esq., Capt. in the army, eldest son of Thomaa
Andrews, Esq. of Merrion Square, Dublin.

Mr. Rynd d. 16 Oct. 1814, and was s. by his son,

Robert Fleetwood Rynd, Esq. of Ryndville, J.P., vi. Nov.
1S.32, Maria, dau. of Thomas Longworth Dames, Esq. of Green-
hills, King's CO., and had issue,
I. James Fleetwood, now of Ryndville.

I. Maiia Jane, m. Lieut.-Col. Elton, V.C.

II. Elizabeth, m. Arthur Hume, Esq. (see Macaktnet), and
has issue, Arthur Robert, Capt. West Ridint; Regt.,?ii. 1887,
Vi'ilet, only dau. of Major-Gen. Rowlands, V.C; Mary;
and Florence.

Mr. Rynd d. 1875. and was .'!. by his eldest son, James Fleet-
AvoodRynd, now of Ryndville,

Arras — Erm., on a cross gu., a cross-crosslet fitchee or, the
sinister quarter arg., charged with two mullets in fesse az., in
the centre chief point a crescent of the third. Crest~A demi-
lion rampant gu., holding in the paws a eross-crosslet fitchee
or, and charged on the shoulder with a crescent as in the arms.
Motto — lide et fortitudine.

Scut — Ryndville, near Enfield, Meath.


Stopfoed Saceville, Caroline Harriet Sack-
TILLE, of Drayton House, co. Northampton, dau.
of Hon. George Germain, and niece and heir of
Charles Sackville, 5th and last Duke of Dorset, m.
20 June, 1837, the late William Bruce Stop-
FORD, Esq., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1850, and
by him (who was b. 1 April, 1806, and d. 29 May,
1872) had issue,

I. Sackville Geoeoe, M. A. Ch. Ch. Oxford, J.P. and D.L.,
Chairman of Quarter Sessions and Chairman of County
Council, late M.P. for North Northamptonshire, Lieut.-
Col. and Hon. Col. 4th batt. Northampton Regt., 6. 1!>
March, 1840; m. 4 Feb. 1875, Edith Frances, only child
of William Rashleigh Esq. of Menabilly, Cornwall, by
Caroline, his wife, dau. of the 11th Lord Blantyre.

II. Lionel Richard, Lieut.-Col. 4th batt. Rifle Brigade, 6. 4
Jan. 1845; m. 6 Jan. 1887, Constance Evelyn, dau. oi
Major George Gosling, and has issue,

1 Lionel Charles, b. 30 April, 1891.

2 Geoffrey William, b. 20 May, 1S

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 208 of 392)