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nt from the ancient
Welsh line of the same name long resident in co. Carmarthen.
David Lewis settled in Ireland about the middle of the 17th
century, at Waterford, of which city he became Alderman.
He was Sheriff in 1695, and filled the office of Mayor five times.
He d. 1718, leaving issue by his wife Sarah (who d. 1730),

I. William (Ven.), Archdeacon of Kilferona, b. I(;i92; riu
Elizabeth, dau. of Kichard Buckner, Esq. of Waterford, and
d. i July, 1767, leaving by her (who d. Jan. 1788) issue,

1 William (Rev.), 6. 1725; m. 29 May, 1765, Mary, dau. of
Col. Clarke, of Surrey, and had issue, William (Rev.), h.
1767, m. 25 May, 1795, Anne, dau. of Francis Ryves, Esq.
of Kyves Castle, co. Limerick, and d. 5 Feb. 1859, leaving
issue, William Buckner (Rev.), British Chaplain at
Smyrna, b. 1798; d. 3 Jan. 1870 (he m. 17 July, 1820,
Margaret, dau. of W. C. Purdon, Esq. of Tinnerana, co.
Clare, and had issue, William ; Mary ; Arabella, ra. 2
May, 1854, WalterM. Pengelley, Esq., Lieut. Indian Navy:
and Adelaide, ra. July, 1858, Rev. Rowland Cousins);
Richai-d, Capt. 94th Eegt. {m. 1844, Margaret, dau. of A.
Campbell, Esq. : d. 30 Sept. 1844) ; Dora, d. unm. 7 Dec.
1887 ; and Mary.

2 David (Rev.), b. 1730; d. 1759.

1 Aime, m. 8 March, I7C0, Col. Gore, of Derrymore, co.

2 Dorothea, m. 1st, Feb. 1758, Gen. Crumpe ; and 2ndly,
14 Oct. 1792, Lord Glentworth, Bishop of Limerick.

3 Elizabeth, m. 30 Dec. 1762, Rev. William Maunsell,
D.D., of Limerick.

II. David, of Waterford, High Sheriff 1740, m. 20 Sept. 1740,
Mary Shiel, of Dublin, and d. 1754, leaving issue, David ;

III. Thomas, of whom presently.

IV. James (Rev.), d. unm.
The third son,

Thomas Lewis, Esq. of Oldcastle, co. Cork, m. 21 Nov. 1728,
Joan, dau. of Francis Radley, Esq. of Knockraur, co. Cork ;
and had issue,

I. Henet, of whom presently.

II. Thomas ;ij. 1762, Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Edward Hull,
Esq., J. P., of Leamcon Manor, co. Cork, andd. 1808, having
by her (who d. 1773) haa issue,

1 Richard Hull, of Seaforth House, co. Cork, Lieut. 6Sth
Regt., b. 1764; m. 1790, Christiana, dau. of JohnSweeteii-
ham, Esq. of Mardyke House, CO. Cork; and <?. 23 Oct.
1835, leaving by her (who d. 26 Dec. 1849) issue,
William, Lieut. 19th Regt., b. 10 Oct. 1793; m. 1st, 1 July,
1824, Christiana {d. 30 Jan. 1826), dau. of Robert Bird,
Esq. of Bimtry (by whom he had issue, a dau. Marv, ya.
5 Feb. 1853, Dr. Abraham Tuckey, of Bantry, d. 20
May, 1876); he m. 2ndly, 24 April, 1827, Sarah (d. 10
Dec. 1874), dau. of Robert Boyle Warren, Esq. of Kin-
sale, andd. 17 Oct. 1883, leaving issue, Richard Hull,
b. 7 March, 1828, Col. in the Army, late 20th Regt. {in.
10 Aug. 1858, Georgina, dau. of John Tonson Rye, Esq.
of Hyecourt, co. Cork, and d. 3 April, 1888, leaving
issue, 1 Percy John Tonson, b. 5 April, 1861, Major
A.S.C. late Lieut. Royal Artillery, m. 14 July, 1892,
Maud, dau. of Richard GriflBth, Esq. of Glenmore, Chel-
tenham ; 2 luchard Hull, 6. 14 March, 1870, Lieut. Royal
Engineers : 1 May, m. 3 Sept. 1889, Capt. Charles R.

Browne; 2 Claire, m. 18 Oct. 11890, Henry C. Jen-
kins, Esq. Fleet Paymaster, R.N. , and 3 Georgina);
Sarah, m. 25 June, 1850 {d. 1855), Richard C. Pratt,
Esq. of Kinsale ; Christiana, m. 6 May, 1852 {d. 1856),
Capt. Johnstone Napier, 74th Regt.
John, Lieut. 1st Ceylon Kegt., b. 1794; m. Miss Long,
d. s.p. 1823.
Thomas, Lieut. 48th Regt., 6. 1796: m. Alicia, dau. of
Capt. Dalion, of Ross Castle, co. Clare ; d. s. p. 4 June,
Stephen, Lieut. 73rd Regt., b. 1797 ; m. Eliza (d. March,
1831), dau. of Dr. Millar, of Six Mile Bridge, co. Clare,
and d. 26 July, 1880, leaving issue, 1. John Riggs Millar,
Peputy-Surgeon-General A. M.S. (6. 1821, m. Mary,
dau. of Judge Jervis, of Canada, and has issue, Joliii
George Stephen, Surgeon-Major A. M.S., b. .'iOct. 1857);
2. Stephen (hi. lst,lsabel]a, dau. of Thomas Crumpe, Esq.
of Chorley, Salop (who d. 29 May, 1880), and had issue,
Henry Stephen, b. 1857, m. 15 Oct. 18s9, Frances, dau.
of Charles H. Minchin, Esq., and has issue, Stephen
Henry, b. 29 July, 1890; Richard Crumpe, 6. 15 April,
1865, Surgeon A. M.S.; Marian, m. 8 April, 1880, John
Dorman, Esq. He m. 2ndly, 21 Aug. 1883, his first
cousin, Catherine, dau. of Henry Lewis, Esq.) ; and 3.
James Henry, Surgeon A. M.S., d. unm. 1 July, 1867.
Henry, b. 1801 ; ju. Mary (<l. 16 Jan. 1882), dau. of Ralph
Bracken, Esq., and d. 25 May, 1849, leaving issue.
Richard Hull, m. 9 Aug. 1877, Ellen, dau. of Thomas
Babbington, Esq. ; Henry Ralph, late Lieut. 11th Kegt.
(ra. 9 Nov. 1859, Eliza, dau. of Robert Dunne, Esq., of
Kinsale, and has i.ssue) ; and two daus., 1 Mary, m. 27
July, 1820, Major Crooke, 25th Regt., and d. 25 June,
1891; 2 Catherine, m. 1st, 9 Sept. 1824, Capt. Sandys,
24th Light Dragoons, and 2ndly, 12 Aug. 1841, Col.
Lowth, C.B., 38th Regt., A.D.C. to the Queen.
2 Tonson, b. 1766 ; vi. 28 July, 1791, Mary, dau. of Richard
Blair, of Blair's Cove, Bantry ; and d. 1841 , leaving issue,
Richard ; Thomas.
I Elizabeth, m. 19 Jan. 1790, Richard Blair, Esq. of Blair's-
Cove, CO. Cork.
III. Frank, m. Miss Gardner, and by her (who d. 21 Jan. 1836-)
had issue, Frank, b. 1800, who m. 3 Sept. 1831, Maria, dau.
of Dr. Potter, and d. Feb. 1843, having by her, who d. :.
Feb. 1852, had issue, James Potter, M.D., of Glou-
cester Crescent, London, b. 19 Jan. 1834, m. 16 June, 1864,
Halgena. dau. of Mathias Hare, Esq., LL.D., and d. 30 May,
1890, leaving issue, three daus.
I. Catherine, m. 10 Feb. 1766, John Hopkins, Esq. of
Macroom, co. Cork.

The eldest son,

Henkt Lewis, Esq., b. 1732; m. 8 April, 1771, Margaret (d^
26 April, 1787), dau. of Richard Edward Hull, Esq. of Lemcon
Manor, co. Cork, and d. July, 1810, leaving issue (with a dau.,
Mary, who d. unm. 18 May, 1866) an only son,

Richard Lewis, Esq., m. 26 Oct. 1797, Catherine dau. and',
ultimately solo heiress of John Travers, Esq. of Garrycloyne
Castle, CO. Cork, and d. 27 July, 1812, leaving by her (who d..
15 Sept. 1847),

I. John (Rev.), b. 1798; m. 15 Nov. 1823, Rebecca, dau. of
John Lawless, Esq. of Cork ; and d. 29 Oct. 1833, leaving
by her (who d. 14 Feb. 1891) the Right Rev. John Travers
Lewis, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Ontario, Metropolitan of
Canada, b. 1825 (m. 1st, 22 July, 1851, Anne, dau. of Henry
Sharwood, Attorney-General of Upper Canada, and had.
issue, Travers, b. 1857, and three daus. He m. 2ndly, 20-
Feb. 1889, Ada, dau. of Evan Leigh, Esq. of Manchester) ;.
Richard Pyne, M.D., 6. 24 Jan. 1827,™. 17 March, 1857,
Millicent, dau. of Alexander O'Dell, Esq. ; Roland, 6. I*
Sept. 1828 : Zachery ; and three dau.';.

II. Richard Tonson, of whom presently.

III. Henry, deceased.

IV. Robert Travers, M.D., b. 1805; m. 15 Sept. 1831, Mary,,
dau. of Henry Longworth, Esq. of Castletoivn, Queen's co. ;
and d. 3 Jan. Is52 (she tL 10 Oct. 1844). leaving i.ssue,
Robert; Richard, m. Ellen, dau. of J. E. Gameau, E^q. ;
John; and Jane, m. 16 Jan. 1857, Henry D. Murray, Esq.,
son of Sir Patrick Murray, Bart, (see Burke's Peerage add

V. William Hull, M.D., J.P., h. 1807 : m. 25 May, 1837, Anne,
dau. of William Roe, Esq.; and rf. 2 June, 1875, leaving
i.-sue, William Hoe, b. 1841, m. 1869, Anna (d. 29 May,
1875), dau. of W. H. Jones, Esq. S.I.K.I.C, and has issue,
Robert ; Richard ; Frederick, m. Frances Smythe, and
three daus.

I. Jane, ra. 10 May, 1827, Thomas Alleyn Browne, Esq. of
Rockborough, Muskcrry, and d. 13 June, 1827.

II. Margaret, m. 15 Feb. 1844, Rev. W. Meade, Vicar of
Kinsale, and d. 11 Dec. 1892.

III. Catherine, d. unm. 9 Aug. 1861.

The 2nd son,

Richard Tonson Lewis, Esq., m. 17 June, 1824, Cicelt
CoNNOLLT (d. 4 Feb. 1844), only dau. and eventual sole heiress
of Capt. J. M. Aylward, of Ballinagar, co. Galway, and <(.
1854, leaving issue (with a dau. Olivia Barbara) an only son,

John Michael Atlward Lewis, Esq. of Ballinagar, J. P.,





CO. Galway. b. 1- March, 1S27 ; !». 7 April, 1S53, Hannah, dau.
of THomas Roberts White, Esq., and d. 26 May, 1S73, leaving

I. John Michael Atlward, now of BallinaRar.

II. Thomas White, M.D. Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 8 Jan. 18.55.

III. Richard George. Lieut. Galway Militia, b. 19 Feb. 1357 ;
accidentally drowned in Lousch Derg 31 Jan. 1881.

IV. Robert Travers, 3I.B., Trin. Coll. Dublin, 6. 19 March,
1859; m. 3 Sept. 1890, Emily, dau. of Thomas Twamley,
Esq., and has issue,

Iva Gwendoline, b. 7 June, 1891.

Cicely Travers, b. 19 June, 1892 i d. 19 May, 1893.

Margery, b. 23 July, 1893.

V. HarrvHuU. B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 15 Dec. 1860.

VI. George White, b. 29 May, 18ti3, Capt. 36th Eegt.

J. Annie. ii. Hannah Blanche.

J^amilu of giBlfourir.

The lands of Faithlegg, co. Waterford, with other lands In
the same county, granted to the Aylwards at the Anglo-
2sorman invasion of Ireland, remained with the Aylward
iamily for nearly five centuries. John Aylward, Mayor of
Waterford 1650, the last possessor, was transplanted to Con-
naught by Chomwell, and settled at Ballinagar. -He d. 1602,
leaving issue,

Petee Aylward, Esq. of Ballinagar, &. 1653, who obtained
(29 Charles II.) a grant from the Crown of the Ballinagar
•estate, co. Galway. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Christopher
Erench, Esq. (now of St. George), of Tyrone, co. Galway, and
Jiad issue,

JoHx, his heir. James.

Jane, 7)i. Walter Joyce, Esq. of Galway.

Honora, m. Gerald Dillon, Esq. of Dillon Grove, co. Roscom-
mon, and d. 1743.

Margaret, m. 1st, John Leonard, Esq. of Carha, co. Galway;
2ndly, Patrick Fitzgerald, Esq. of Kilnecorren, co. Mayo.
The eldest son,

JohnAtlward, Esq. of Ballinagar, m. Barbara, dau. of Garrett
K^ugent, Esq. of Dysert, Westmeath, andd. July, 1731, leaving
ly her (who d. Feb. 1765) issue,

I. John French, his heir.
. II. NcGENT Sylvester, who s. his brother.
III. Michael Widman, who. s. his brother.

I. Elizabeth, 5H. Patrick Byrne, Esq., Ballyteskin, Queen's co.

II. Mary, m. 9 Feb. 1755, Francis French, Esq. of Dublin.

III. Barbara, m. Edward O'Biien, Esq. of BalJysoblona, co.

IV. Bridget, m. 2 Nov. 1752, John Blake, Esq. of Ross, co.

The eldest son,

John French Aylward, Esq. of Ballinagar, d. unm. 30
Sept. 1755, and was s. by his brother,

KcGENT Sylvester Aylward, Esq.|of Ballinagar, 5. 1723 ;
.r,i. 5 Feb. 1757, Catherine, dau. of Patrick French, Esq. (now
■St. George) of Tyrone, co. Galway, and by her (who d. 27 Dec.
J786) had issue, Mary, m. 1st. 23 Feb. 1780, Edmund Blake,
Esq. of Ballyglunin Park, co. Galway; and 2ndly, 19 July,
J788, Col. John Blake, of Furbo, co. Galway (she d. 1789).
Mr. Aylward d. 10 Aug. 1783, and was s. by his brother,

Michael Widjian Aylward, Esq. of Ballinagar, who had
served for some time in the Spanish army, for which he was
■outlawed, but received (38 George II.) the royal pardon. He
m. 1st, Sarah, dim of Patrick French, Esq. (now St. George)
■of Tyrone, co. Galwa}-; and2ndly, 16 Dec. 1784. Jane, dau. of
Hyacinth Daly, Esq. of Killimore Castle, co. Galway, and by
.her (who d. 13 Jan. 1835) had issue, Michael, b. 1785, d. v.nm.
27 April, 1824. Mr. Aylward (whose widow re-married Capt.
Averell Lecky, 14th Light Dragoon Guards, of Castle Lecky,
■CO. Londonderry), d. 10 June, 1785, leaving issue by his first

I. .John Michael Xcgent, his heir.

I. Barbara, i:l. 24 Dec. 1822) m. 9 Jan. 1802, William Ma-
liony, Esq. of Rockvale, co. Cork.

31. Mary, m. 1st, 9 .Jan. 1802, William Burke, Esq. of Moy-
glass, CO. Galway ; and 2ndly, 17 Jan. 1808, Thomas L.
Whistler, Esq., Surgeon A. M.S.

The son and heir,

.John Mich.ael Npgent Aylward, Esq. of Ballinagar, Capt.
5th Dragoon Guards, 6. 15 Xov. 1780 ; m. 29 Nov. 1803, Jane
(d. 7 May, 1864), dau. of Anthony Lambert, Esq. of Alnwick,
Northumberland, and d. 28 Sept. 1861, leaving issue (with a
dau., Cicely Connolly, who m. 17 June, 1824, Richard Tonson
Lewis, Esq., stefami'jj of Lewis), an only son and heir,

John Mjchael Aylward, Esq. of Ballinagar, b. 13 March,
1809; TO. 12 Dec. 1831, Mary (d.25 Dec. 1804), dau. of Thomas
Biggins, Esq. of Caropadin, co. Galway; and d. 14 April,
18'j7, s.p. when the Aylward property passed under settlement

to his nephew, the late John Michael Ayiwaud Lewis, Esq.
of Ballinagar.

yi?-))!S— Quarterly, 1st and 4th arg., a chevron gu. between
three fleurs-de-lis, for Lewis ; 2nd sa., a chevron arg., between
in chief two escallops, and in base a boar's head couped, of the
last, for Travers ; 3rd arg., a fleur-de-lis az. in the dexter chief
and sinister base a sun in its glory or, in the sinister chief and
dexter base an increscent of the last, for Aylward. Crest — A
lion rampant ppr. Motto — Amicus omnibus.

SeaJ— Ballinagar, Loughrea, co. Galway.


Lewis, James, Esq. of Plas-draw, co. Glamorgan,
and Pwll-Ivor, co. Brecon, J. P. for both cos., on
the Eoll for Sheriffs for 1878, High Sheriff co.
Brecon 1882-3, b. 1826 ; educated at Cowbridge ;
m. 1867, Louisa Catherine, youngest dau. of
Kev. William Edwards, Vicar of Llangollen, co.
Denbigh, and has, with other issue, a son,

James Windsor, b. 1877.

Xiineag'e. — Mr. James Lewis is of a junior branch of one
of the ancient families of the Principality, being descended in
a direct line from Madoc, 2nd son of Jestyn ap owkgan, who
was a tributary prince of Glamorgan, and Founder of the
Fifth Royal Tribe of Powys. Fourth in descent from Madoc
was Sir David, parson of St. Fagan's, who m. Catherine, dau.
and sole heiress of Jevan Goch of Rhydlavar, by whom he
acquired that estate, which remained in the family until Joan,
the only child of Lewis ap Llewelyn ap Lewis ap Llewelyn, of
Rhydlavar, in. William, son of John Thomas of Llanbradach.
Their descendants held it for several generations, and still
quarter the arms. From the last-named Llewelyn of Rhyd-
lavar the descent is thus continued :

Morgan ap Llewelyn, 2nd son, settled at Michaelstone
Court, St. Fagan's, m. the dau. of Thomas Bach, and had a

Lewis Llewelyn, whe )n. the dau. of William Lewis ap Philip,
and left a son,

Edward Lewis, of The Court, the first who assumed the
surname. He m, the dau of Thomas Pilchard, Registrar of
Llandaff, and had a son,

Henry Lewis, of The Court, who in. Mary Edwards of Maes-
y-Chrochan, by a dau. of Lambrook Stradling of St. Donats.
His son,

William Lewis, of The Court, m. Rebecca Sparrow of Llwyn-
yr-eos, and had a son,

Edward Lewis, of The Court, m. Catherine Thomas of Park-
Coed, Marchan, His 2nd son,

Edward Lewis, of the Great House, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
James Evans, Esq. of Fairwater. His 2nd son,

Edward Lewis, m. Elizabeth, dau, of Evan David, of Fair-
water, and had with other issue, a 3rd son James Lewis, now
of Plas-draw.

Arms — Per pale arg. and gu. a pale and over all 3 chevronels
flory counterflory, all counter-changed. Crest— a, lamb pass,
ppr. semee of crescents arg., holding in the mouth three
cinquefoils slipped vert, and resting the dexter forepaw on a
staff in bend sinister ppr. : ttierefrom a flag flying to the sinister
arg. : charged with a cross couped gu.

Motto— Uuw f o ; fy rhan.

Seat — Plas-draw, Aberdare, R.S.O. co. Glamorgan.

Club — National.


Lewis, Charles Bassett, Esq. of Gwiufg, co.
Carmarthen, J. P. Carmarthen and Cardigan, and
D.L. for latter co., late 44th and 25th Regts.,
formerly Adit. Koyal Cai-digan Rifle Militia,
afterwards Major Royal South Wales Borderers,
b. 13 Dec. 1831 ; m. 29 Jan. 1863, Sarah Amelia,
2nd dau. of Samuel Brown, Esq. of Clifton, Bristol,
and has issue,

I. Ilbert Cornish Bassett, b. 28 April, 186S, d. unm. 29

July, 1890.
I. Eleanora Constance. ii. Clara Gwendoline Amelia.

Lineage. — Rev. Thomas Lewis, J. P. for co. Brecon, and
D.L. for Carmarthen, Rector of Penboyr, co. Brecon, .son of
Lewis Lewis, Esq., a D.L. for co. Carmarthen, and his wife
Barbara Lloyd, of Llancarvan, co. Glamorgan, m. 11 Aug.
1702, Elizabeth Studlcy, of Shropshire, and had (besides two
daus., Elizabeth and Susanna) a son,





Eev. Lewis Lewis, of Gwinf^, co. Carmarthen, J.P. and
D.L., Rector of Clovelly, Devon, m. 22 Sept. 1802, Eleanora,
eldest dau. of John Davie, Esq. of Orleigh, Devon, and had

I. Lewis, his heir.

II. Thomas, 7n. 19 April, 18-36, Victoire Marie, 4th dau. of
Andrew Houston, Esq. of the Island of Grenada, and has

1 Andrew Courtenay, 6. 31 Jan. 1837.

2 George May, b. 23 Aug., and d. Oct. 1840.

3 Charles Houston, b. 17 Feb, 1844.
1 Eleanora Haniette.

I. Eleanora Elizabeth, m. Oct. 1827, Charles Bishop, Esq.,
eldest son of John Rees Bishop, Esq. of Dolgarreg, go. Car-
Mr. Lewis d. 1826, and was s. by his son,

Lewis Lewis, Esq. of Gwinfe, J.P. and D.L., 6. 23 Dec.
1805 ; m. 9 March, 1830, Miss Sarah Simmons Barnes Colborne,
dau. of William Colborne, Esq. of Clifton, co. Gloucester, and
niece of William Barnes, Esq. of Redland Court, co. Gloucester,
iind d. 9 Jan. 1859, leaving issue,

JohnBangley, 6. 19 Dec. 1830; d. 24 April, 1835.

Charles Bassett, now of Gwinf6.

Lewis Gwyn, Lieut. Indian Navy, b. 21 Sept. 1834.

Edward Studley, late 5th Fusiliers, .served in India during
the Mutiny (mentioned in despatches), b. 21 Nov. 1836.

Frank Davie, b. 31 May, 1838.

Albert Thomas, b. 31 Dec. 1839 ; d. 20 Jan. 1840.

George Septimus, b. 21 Sept. 1848.

Eleanora Jane. Eustatia Harriette.

Augusta Blanche, d. unm. 31 Oct. 1890.

/Inns— Quarterly, 1st and 4th gu., a grifiSn segreant or, for
Lewis ; 2nd and 3rd sa., three nags' heads erased or, forLLOTD.
Crest— A demi-griffln segreant couped or. Motto — Facta non

Seai— Gwinf6 House, near Llangadock, co. Carmarthen.


L^'is, The Right Eet. Richard, D.D.,
Bishop of Llandaff, of Henllan, co. Pembroke, h.
1821, M.A. 1846, late Scholar of Worcester Coll.
Oxford, Rector of Lampeter Yelfrey, co. Pembroke,
1852, and Archdeacon of St. David's ; m. 1847, Geor-
giana, dau. of Capt. Lewis, H.E.I.C.S., and has one

Arthur Griffith Poter, J.P. cos. Pembroke, Carmarthen,
and Glamorgan, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, Recorder of
Carmarthen, Registrar of St. David's, Sec. to the Bishop,
b. 29 Feb. 1848; m. 1877, .Annie Wilhelmine, dau. of
James Ellison, Esq., M.D., of Windsor, and has issue,

I. Wilfrid Hubert Poier, b. 9 Feb. 1881.

II. Ronald Edwin, b. 21 July, 1883.

III. Eric John Poyer, b. 21 Dec. 1887.
I. Helena Margaret Poyer.

Lineag-e.— The early pedigree of the family of Lewis is
given in the Book of Golden Grove, 'penes the Earl of Cawdor.

Richard Lewis, Esq. of Henllan (son of Roger Lewis, who
ivas son of Lodwioh, and grandson of Roger Lewis, the last
named in the Golden Grove MS.), m. 1744, Mary, dau. of John
Griffith, Esq. of Glan-y-Rhydd, and had issue, John ; David ;
Catherine ; Margaret ; and Mary. The 2nd, but only surviv-
. ing son,

- David Lewis, Esq., m. 1785, Elizabeth, dau. of Morgan
Lewis, of Carmarthen, and had, John : Owen Evan ; Mary ;
Margaret; Elizabeth; Catherine; and Elinor. The eldest son,

John Lewis, Esq. of Henllan, m. 1st, 1818, EUza, dau. of
Charles P. CaUen, Esq. of Grove, co. Pembroke, and by her

John Lennox Griffith Poter, of Henllan.
Richard (Right Rev.), now of Henllan.

.He m. 2ndly, 1824, Elizabeth, dau. of William Humphreys, of
Pembroke, and by her had,

Frederick, deceased. Charles, deceased.

Hubert, deceased.

Elizabeth, m. the Rev. Mr. Garbett.
Mr. Lewis d. 13 March, 1834, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Lennox Griffith Poyer Lewis, Esq. of Henllan, J.P.
and D.L. for cos. Carmarthen and Pembroke, High Sheriff for
the latter co. 1867, of St. John's Coll., Barrister-at-
Law, b. 22 Oct. 1819; m. 3 Feb. 1S57, Katherine Callen (who
</. 1881), youngest dau. of Daniel Poyer Callen, Esq. of Molles-
ton; andrf. 11 Feb. 1886.

Motto— B& wise as serpents.

Scat — Henllan, near Narbertli, co. Pembroke.

Residence — The Palace, Llandaff.


Lewis, Chaeles William Mansel, Esq. of
Stradey Castle, co. Carmarthen, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1881, B.A. Balliol CoU. Oxford, b. 2
Dec. 1845 ; m. 1875, Edith Clara, 2nd dau. of the
late Sir Philip J. Miles, Bart., and by her has issue,

Hubert Edward Mansel, 6. 1876.

Charles Ronald Mansel, 6. 1880.

Eric David Mansel, b. 1886. Archie Mansel, b. 1890.

Gwladys Irene Rose. Elspie Violet.

Mr. Lewis is son of David Lewis, Esq. of Stradey,
CO. Carmarthen, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1833,
of Brasejiose Coll. Oxford, B.A., Barrister-at-Law,
M.P. for the Carmarthen Boroughs 1835-37, only
son and heir, by Catherine his wife, 2nd dau. of
Daniel Lloyd, Esq. of Laques, co. Carmarthen (see
that name), of Thomas Lewis, Esq. of Stradey,
who s. to that estate 1807, under the will of Mrs.
Mansel, dau. and eventual sole heir of Sir Edward
Vaughan Mansel, Bart. The late Mr. David Lewis
m. 9 June, 1836, Lsetitia, youngest dau. of Benjamin
Way, Esq. of Denham Place, Bucks, and d. 1872,
having had issue,

I. Charles William Mansel, now of Stradey.

I. Fanny Louisa.

II. Rowena Harriet Mansel, d. 2 Oct. 1844.

Seat — Stradey Castle, near Llanelly, Carmarthenshire.


Lewis, Henry Owen, Esq. of Inniskeen, co.
Monaghan, and Seatown, co. Dublin, J.P. and
D.L., M.P. for Carlow 1874-80, High Sheriff co.
Monaghan 1885, B.A. Trin. CoU. Dublin, b. 26
Sept. 1842 ; m. 8 Aug. 1866, Frances Sophia, only
child and heiress of Francis Charles Elsegood, Esq.
of Upper Brook Street, Grrosvenor Square, and has
had issue,

I. Henry Owen, 5. 12 Sept. 1S67 ; d. an infant.

II. Arthur Francis Owen, 2nd Lieut. P. W. 0. Yorkshire
Regt., b. 6 Aug. 1868.

III. Francis Owen, 2nd Lieut. Durham Light Infantry, b. 17
Aug. 1869 ; m. Joanna Somerset, dau. of Sir Charles
Farquhar Shand, LL.D., Cliief Justice of the Mauritius.

IV. Cyril Alexander Owen, 6. 28 Jan. 1871.

I. Frances Isabella Sophia Mary Owen.

II. Frederica Sophia EUzabeth Mary Owen, for whom His
Majesty the King of Hanover stood sponsor.

Lineage.— Francis Lewis (a scion of an ancient Welsh
family) settled in Ireland about the middle of the 17th century,
and acquired property in the cos. of Kildare, Meath, and Queen's
Co. He m. EUzabetii Budurda, and was father of

William Lewis, Esq. of Tullygory,co. Kildare, ?«. Margaret,
dau. of Francis Roberts, Esq., by Jean O'Kelly his wife, and
was s. by his son,

Michael Lewis, Esq. of Tullygory, m. Susanna, dau. of
Edmund Jones, Esq., M.P. for Duleek 1696, by Rebecca his
•wife, dau. of William Cmtchley, Esq. of Crutchley Hall, co.
Stafford, and had a son and successor,

Robert Lewis, Esq. of Dublin and of Queen's Co., m. Anne,
dau. of Arthur Gambell, Esq. of Washbrook, co. Westmeath,
M.P. for Ballyshannon, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Major
John D' Alton, of Dunnel Castle, co. Westmeath. By Anne
Gambell his wife, Robert Lewis had a son and heir,

Michael Lewis, Esq. of Spring Hill, co. Dublin, to. 1786,
Anne, only dau. of Richard Frizell, Esq. of Beaufort House, co.
Dublin, and had issue by her (who d. 1825),
William, of Harlech, co. Dublin, and of Kilcullen, co. Kil-
dare, m. Dora, dau. of John Cassidy, Esq. of Monasterevan,
and d. 1850, leaving issue,
John Har^'et, of Kilcullen, co. Kildare, J.P. and D.L. for
Middlesex, High Sheriff co. Kildare 1857, M.P. for Mary-
lebone 1861-74, M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin. 1838,6. 1814:
ra. 1st, 27 Aug. 1840, Emily Owen, only child of George





Ball, Esq. of Richmond, Surrey, which lady d. s. p. 11
Nov. 1850. He m. 2ndty, ISfil, Jane Isabella, dau. ol
Uilliam Bro\vn, Esq., and <l. 1SS9.
Villiani, Clerk of the Crown, co. Kildare, b. 1818; m.
1845, Jane, dau. of Michael Hackett, Esq. of Elm Grove,
King's CO., and d. 1878, leaving issue, William, of
Haddington House, Kingstown, co. Dublin, 6. 1849, and
Edward Valentine.

Mary .A.nne, nt. 1839, Robert Morellct AUoway, Esq., J. P.,
of the Berries, Queen's co.
Arthur Gamuell, of whom presently.

Richard, ;». 1st, Emily, dau. of — Osborne, Esq.; 2ndly, a dau.
of Thomas Taylor, Esq. of Polygon House, Southampton ;
and 3rdly, Frances Tyler, niece of Admiral Sir Charles
Tyler, and left issue.

Robert, R.N., vi. Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Sir Richard Onslow,
1st Bart., K.B., Vice-Admiral of England and Gen. of
Marines, and d. 1846, leaving issue. She d. at Brighton, -5
Nov. 1861.

Edward, m. his cousin, Henrietta, dau. and co-heir cf H.
Loftus Frizell, Esq., and has i>sue.
Edmond Jones (.Rev.), vi. Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev.
William Lyster, and niece of James, Bishop of Dromore,
and had issue.
Anne, m. Major J. Fielding Sweeny, and-

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