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en. of Taxes
for COS. Berks, Oxford, Gloucester, Warwick, and Worcester,
Capt. Royal Cumberland Militia.

IV. Francis, Capt. H.E.I.C.S. and Master-Attendant Fort
Marlbro', Sumatra, 6. 28 Nov. 1770; d. 23 Nov. 1823; m. 21
]>tc. 18U5, Anne, dau. of Charles Salmond, Esq., and by
her (6. 13 April, 1791 ; d. 22 Aug. 1b12) had four children.

1 James William, b. 16 Aug. 1807, educated at Charter-
house ; d. 12 March, 1818; Resident, Councillor at Penang-
!ii;d Jlalacca; m.S Oct. 1839, Henella Cullen, 2nd dau. of
Wi liam Alexander Mackenzie, of ScatsveU and Strath-
gurve, Ross-shire, and had issue,

Francis Mackenzie, 6. II March, 1841; Royal Scots
Fusiliers, Adjutant Auxiliary Forces 1878, Captain-
Instructor llytlie Schoul of iMusketry 1878, Deputy-
Assistant- .Vdjutant and Quartermaster-General Norili
British and Northern Districts 1880, Deputy-Assistant-
Adjutant-General Hythe School of Musketry 1 Feb.
I8s4, Lieut.-Colonel 11 March, 1889, retired 11 March,
1891 ; m. 22 July, 1868, Label Clara, youngest dau. of
Lieut. -Gen. Henry George Hart, of Netherbury, Dorset-
shire (s(« Hart of Netherbury), and has issue,

Francis Mackenzie, b. 15 Oct. 1872.

Hubert Mackenzie, 6. 18 Dec. 1874,

Henry Bertram,*. 8 Jan. 1878.

I.^abel Frank Fenella.

Julia Maria, m. 27 Aug. 1879, Rev. T. C. Dupnis,
Prebendary of Wells Cathedral, and Vicar of Burn-

2 Francis Charles, 6. 19 Sept. 1809, educated at Charter-
house; d. 28 May, 1827, unui.





1 Louisa Jane, m. 1843, Andrew Grieve, Esq. of Edin-

burcU, .I.P., and has is"ue.
"i Emily Paiker, b. i> June, 1812; m. 1850, Rev. Charles

Adam John Smith, Vicar of Macclesfield, anci d. 9 May ,

1863, leaving issue.

I. Julia, b. 15 May, 1772; d. 26 May, 1860, unm.

II. Lydia, b. 31 Aug. 1774; d. 12 Sept. 1774.

ui. Maria, 6. I July, 1776; d. 14 April, 1858, unm.
IV. Frances, b. 4 Jluy, 1778 ; d. Nov. 1778.

Mr. Salmond d. 4 Aug. 1779, and was s. by his son,

James Hakson Salmond, of Waterfoot, 6. 17 Aug. 1766;
entered the H.E.I.C.S. 1782, as cadet of Infantry on the
Bengal establishment, Lieut. 1790 ; Capt. 1796. He served in
the Mysore war of 1792, and subsequently became Military
Secretary to the Governor-General (the Marquess Wellesley).
He accompanied the Governor-General to Madras in that
capacity on the occasion of the Mysore war of 1799, which
ended in the capture of Seringapatam and the death of Tippoo
Sultaiui. In 1800 he was appointed Military Auditor-General,
and in 1802 was directed by the Governor-General to visit the
Presidencies of Madras and Bombay for the purpose of
examining the militaiy reguhttions and the existing system
for the management of the army in all its branches at those
Presidencies, and reporting on the best means of introducing
every practicable improvement in the regulations of the army
throughout India. He retired from the army March, 1805;
but in 1808, at the recommendation of the Governor-General,
he was made Military Secretary to the Court of Directors,
which office he held until 1837. In 1816 he was restored to
the military service, and was promoted by successive brevets
to the rank of Major-General. On his retirement in 1837, a
resolution of the Court, dated 15 March, 1837, recorded that
' 'During a very long career of v.aluable service in India and Eng-
land, this distinguished officer has uniformly manifested great
ability, unwearied zeal, and inflexible integrity ; " and further
directed that a pension of £1,500 per annum be granted him,
and that he be presented with a piece of plate of the value of
£500, "in testimony of the Court's warm approbation of his
services and of their cordial wish that he might long enjoy in
honourable retirement the reputation he has so justly
acquired." He was offered a baronetcy, which however he
did not accept. He was author of The Mysore War. He m.
1st, 2 July, 1798, Louisa, eldest dau. of David Scott, Esq. of
Dunninald, M.P., and sister of Sir David Scott, Bart., and by
her {b. 1780; d. 20 June, 1805) had one child,
James, his heir.

Gen. Salmond m. 2nd!y, 17 Aug. 1808, Rachel Mary Ann, eldest
dau. of the Yen. Thomas Constable, of Beverley, Archdeacon
of the East Riding, co. York (ste Constable of Wa^sand), and
by her (6. 1770, d. Feb. 1847) had one child,
Edward, b. 3 April, 1809; d. 14 May, 1821.

Gen. Salmond d. 1 Nov. 1837, and was s. by his eldest son,

James Salmond, Esq. of Waterfoot, 6. 15 June, 1805, educated
at Rugby and Oriel Coll. Oxford, B. A. 1826, entered the army as
Cornet 15th Hussars, exchanged to 2nd Dragoon Guards, Capt.
Xotts Volunteers, Lieut. -Col. Westmorland and Cumberland
Yeomanry Cavalry, J.P. for Cumberland, Westmorland, Notts,
and Derbyshire, ra. 16 Aug. 1832, Emma Isabella, youngest
dau. of D'Ewes Coke, Esq. of Brookhill Hall, Derbyshire, J. P.,
D.L. {see Coke of Brookhill), and by her (6. 3 Sept. 1810, d. 8
March, 1886; had issue,

I. Charles James, b. 11 Nov. 1833, educated at Rugby and
Pembroke Coll. Oxford, entered the H.E.I.C.S. as Cornet
7th Light Cavalry 1853, Lieut. 1854, ai pointed Adjutant
2nd Gwalior Contingent 1857, and Capt. 26th July, 1857.
He served through the Indian Mutiny, and took part iu the
Relief of Lucknow, and so distinguished himself that he
was specially mentioned in Sir Colin Campbell's despatches
in the following terms, " I would specially draw attention
to the services of Lieut. Salmond, 7th Light Cavalry,
Acting A.D.C. to Brigailier-General Grant." He was five
times wounded; was Aide-de-Camp to Sir Hope Grant up
to his death, being killed near Ca«npore 6 Dec. 1857 (India
medal, with clasp for Belief of Lucknow).

II. Francis, />. 20 Sept. 1837 ; d. 4 Feb. 1838.
lu. Heney, now of Waterfoot.

IV. William, 6. 25 Aug. 1840: passed first into Royal Military
Academy, Woolwich 1855, Lieut. K.E. 1857, Capt. 1868,
Major 1877, Instructor of Musketry to R.E. 30 Nov. 1872,
to 30 April, 1878, Brevet Lieut.-Col. 18 Nov. 1882,
Assistant-Director of Works 1 April, 1883, Lieut.-Col.
7 Oct. 1884; Col. 18 Nov. 18s6; Assistant-.\djutant-General
at Head-yuarters of Army 1 Oct. 1884, Assi.stant-Quaner-
master-Geiieral at Head-Quaiters of Army 9 Feb. 1890,
Colonel on Staff (Commanding Royal Engineer) Home
District 2 July, 1^90, Deputy-Inspector-General of Fortifica-
tions Head-Quarters of Army 18 May, 1891, served in
Egyptian Cainjiaiga of 1882, being employed as Com-

manding R.E. at base of operations, and was mentioned it»
despatches (Egyptian war medal, Khedive's Cross, and 4tli
class Osnianieh) ; ra. 4 Aug. 1»74, Emma M.ary, youngi-.'^t.
dau. of William Fretwell Hoyle, Esq. of HootonLevett Hall,
CO. York (see Hoyle of Ilootcn Levett), and has issue,

1 William Geoffiy Hanson, 6. 19 Aug. 1878.

2 John Maitland, b. 17 July, 1881.

1 Emma Margaret,

2 Gwendolen.

3 (iladys Muriel.

V. David, b. 16 Oct. 1843; d. 11 April, 1856.

VI. George Edward, 6. 24 Jan. 1845; educated at Rugby ana
Queen's Coll. Oxford, M.A. 1872, appointed to Civil Service
1868, Capt. 5th Derby Regt. 7 Dec. 1881 ; ni. 3 Nov. 1887,
Cecily Mary, dau. of the Kev. J. D.W. Dickson, Vicar of St.
James the Less, Westminster, and has issue,

1 Hubert George, b. 3 Jan. 1889.
1 Marjorie.

VII. Richard Arthur, b. 16 June, 1847 ; educated at Chelten-
ham Coll., Lieut. R.A.; d. 11 Aug. 1891.

vni. Walter, Major 12 April, 1887, nth Derby Regt., J.P. for
Nottinghamshire, h. 7 Feb. 1861; ra. 25 Jan. 1877, Mary
Augusta, second dau. of William Compton Smith, Esq. of
Ivy Lodge, Wandsworth, and has issue,

1 Hugh Austen Bentinck, b. 26 May, 1881.

2 William Archibald Compton, 6. 5 Sept. 1890.

1 Airaee Montagu. 2 Esther Mary IsabcJ,

3 Dorothy Howard.

IX. Albert Louis, Major 51 h Derby Regt. 14 May, 1890, Major
Commanding 1st Cadet battalion The Queen's 15 Nov. 1890,
h. 9 Sept. 1852; m. 3 Sept. 1881, Henrietta Margaret, dp,u.
of William Saeheverell Coke, Esq. of Brookhill Hal!, Derby-
shire, and has issue,

1 James Saeheverell Constable, b. 1 June, 1882.

1 Beryl Cecily Emma Deane.

I. Marianne Emma, b. 4 Feb. 1836 ; in. 10 Jan. 1863, ReginalcS
Curtis, Major-General R.A. {see Bdrke's Peerage, Curtis,
B). She d. 26 Dec. 1874, leaving issue.

II. Jidin, m. 6 June, 1867, William Hebden, Esq. of Scar-
borough, and has issue.

III. Louisa Isabella, ra. 13 Sept. 1879, William Oliver Fitz-
liardinge Campbell, now Vicar of Bubwith, Yorkshire.

Col. Salmond d. 24 Nov. 1880, and was g. by his son Henry.

Arms — Az., three salmon haurient or. Crest — A naked
arm ppr., holding a spear or. Motto — Optima sapientia pro-

Seats — Waterfoot, Cumberland, and Langton Hall, near
Alfi'cton, CO. Nottingham.


Saltmaeshe, Philip, Esq. of Saltmarshe, co.
York, J.P. and D.L., late Lieut. 8th Hussars,
Lieut.-Col. East Yorkshire R. Y., b. 9 March, 1825;
in. 1st, 12 May, 1852, Blanche, youngest dau. of
Robert Denison, Esq. of Waplington Manor, by
Charlotte his wife, dau. of Col. Hotham, of Bishop
Burton, and by her (who d. 21 April, 1880) had

I. Philip, J.P. for East Riding, Yorks, Major R.A. (medal for
Afghan war 1879-80), h. 9 June, 1853 ; ;/i. 5 Sept. 1883,
Ethel MuiTay, dau. of C. Murray Adamson, Esq. of
North .Jesmond, Newcastle - on- Tyne, and ha.*! i^sue,
Blanche Violet, b. 2 July, 1884; Ivy Oswald, 6. 15 June,
1S85; Mj-rtle Elnard, 6. 22 Jan. 1891.

II. Arthur Harry, 90th Regt., b. 21 March, 1855, killed ia
action by the Zulus in 1878.

III. Cecil, 6. 12 May, 1856 ; d. 23 Aug. 1856.

IV. Robert Edwyn, b. 10 Nov. 1857.

V. Ernest, b. 22 Nov. 1859.

VI. Hugh, b. 31 July, 1861 ; d. 2 Feb. 1894.

VII. Lionel, &. 19 April, 186.J.

VIII. Harold, 6. 28 Sept. 18G6.

IX. Humphrey Arthur, b. 16 Sept. 1868.
I. Blanche Violet, 6. 4 Sept. 1864; d. 1880.

Mr. Saltmarshe m. 2ndly, Harriet, dau. of Capt-
George Hotham, R.E. by Caroline his wife, dnu. of
Richard Watt, Esq. of Bishop Burton, E. York-

liineag'e. — The following descents of this ancient house
are derived from an old pedigree still in the possession of the
family, as well as from entries in the Heralds' Visitations, MSS.
in the British Museum, Hutchinson's Darhani, wills, court
rolls. Post Mortem Inquisitions, and other public records.
The family name was derived from the lordship of Salt-





niarshe in Fast Torkshiro, nnd in ancient days was spelt
in several diftVrent ways, of which the most usual were Salt-
inerse (Dcmiesday Book), Sautmareis, Saute JIarays, and de
t>also Marisco, the latter form being most common during the
12th and 13tli centuries.

Sib Lionkl de Saltmersf. owned land at Saltmarshe in the
time of Kins II AROLP.was knighted by William xnE CoNQrERon
14 Xov. 10(37, wlieu he gave him, under royal letters patent,
the lordship of Saltnierse in the presence of Thurkill, Earl of
AVarnick ; I'everiU, Karl of Nottingham and Derby ; Simon
Silvester, Earl of Leicester; William Fitz Osborne, Earl of
Tlie Isle of Wight; the said Lionel yielding himself, and giving
-:i pair of n.ail gloves, at the monastery of Battle Abbey, in
Sussex, as appears from Doomsday Book in the Exchequer.
His son.

Sib Lamhebt de Saltmerse was knighted by William
Kufus, at the Forest of Dean, 20 March, 10S5. Near descen-
dants of one or other of the above, all bearing the same arms,

I. Eobert, ancestor of the Saltmarsho or senior branch, of
whom presently.

II. William de Sautmareis, or de Salso Marisco, of Upton on
Severn, witness to a deed temp. Kichabd 1. (Royal Cnmm.
on Hist. MSi>.), was deprived of his lands by King John,
but had them restored after the signing of Magna Charta:
ra. Anice de Steinhebe, by which marriage he acquired
property at Upton (Feet of Fine.':, terap. Richard I. at
Ricoid office), and had a son, William de Salso Marisco of
Upton, mentioned in Hundred Rolls, Henry IlL and
Edward I., and witness to a deed 33 Henry IIL, who m. a
■ilau. of Adam de Ardennes (Fed. in Lichfield Cathedral
Lib.) His son, Sir Walter de Salso Marisco (Arms — Arg.,
seuiee of eross-crosslets, three cinquefoils gu.), (Conk's

Visit, of U'orcestersliire) was Lord of Upton about 12^0.
and had two sons, 1 Peter, his successor; 2 William, who
received land from his brother Peter in Derhampstcad.
Sir Prter de Salso Marisco, M.P. for Worcester in 1306, also
iin unsuccessful claimant for land in Upton against the
Bishop (AniHin, Sacra), m. Lady Alice, dau. of Gilbert de
Beauchamp, Lord of Crombe, (Cook's Visit.) and had a son.
Sir William, who m. Julian, lady of Bracye, and had an
only dau. Catherine, to. 1st, to Paul de Cardiff; 2ndly, to
Richard Bushel, of Brodmerston, whose descendants for
many generations were the representatives of this branch
of the family (TooA-'s Visit.).

III. Robert de Salso Marisco, of Hanham Castle, co. Glouces-
ter, m. the dau. and heir of the de Hanhams, shortly after
the Conquest, and thus brought Hanham Castle into the
family (Nicholl's /^tra(c?/-!/); he is mentioned in the Pipe
Rolls as owning land in Gloucestershire in 31 Henry 1.
1131). His son, Peter de Salsomarisco of Hanham Castle
was witness to a deed in the excheque of William, Earl of
Gloucester. This branch of the family, many members of
•which are mentioned in old deeds of the period, owned
Hanham for several generations until Sir Robert de Salso
Marisco, sold it in 1329, to Sir William de la Greve (Fine 3
Edward III. Nicholl's Heraldry). This Sir Robert's aims
appear in an old collection of Knights' arms, temp. Edward
11.. in the Ashmolean Library, Oxford, and are the same
as those borne by the family at the present day.

Eetuming now to the senior branch, the above-mentioned,

Robert de Salsomarisco, was living at Saltmarshe, towards
the close of the 12th century. His dau., Mabel, in. Geoffry
<le Cave, ancestor of the present baronet, Sir Mylles Cave,
whose pedigree with this ancestry was authenticated by Sir
W. Segar, King of Arms in 1632 (Kimbeb's JSaronttar/e).
His successor,

SiB Abthuk de Salsomarisco, accompanied Eiciiabd I. to
the Holy Land and was knighted at .Acres. (Beckwitu's ^]SS.)
A tine crusader monument, the shield bearing the pre.-ent family
arms, still exists in the Saltmarshe chauntry in Howdcn
church. Sons or nephews of the above were, Elnard, his
successor; and Gaufridus, mentioned in the Itutulua de
f restitio of 1210, as a tenant of D'Arcy"s.

Elnabd de Salsomaeisco, living at Saltmarshe about 1200,
was witness to a deed of Eustace de Vesci, as to land at Spald-
ington near Saltmarshe, hefore 1216, a copy of this deed is in
the possession of the Vavasor family. He was also witness to
surrenders in Archbishop Grey's Register, one in 1230, and one
earlier; he also appears in the same, as owning land in
Beverley, and was administrator of the goods of Sir Lace dc
Sutton, Holderness, who </. 1216. His son,

Sib Piebs de Salsomarisco, whose name and arms appear
in Grove's Antiquarian repository, in a list of Yorkshire
knights temp. Henby III., had two sons,

Elnard, his suci-essor, of whom presently.

Piers ibir;, lord of the manors of Ekynton and Morton
Eolyot in co. Lincoln, d seized of these manors and other
property in ttiat co. (Inrj.p. m. 8 Edward II), leaving a son
John, aged two at the death of his father in 1314. Sir Piers
accompanied Edwaed I. in his Frcncli and Scotch wars,

and was knighted by him at Westminstpr (Harl. MSS.).
His son. Sir John, m. a dau. of Sir Thomas Metham.

The elder son.

Sir Elnard de Salsomarisco or de Saltmebshe, owned
property at Beverley as well as at Saltmarshe, and in 1299-
1300 was M.P. for that town, "Writ de expensis Elenardus'de
Salso Marisco and Stephanus de Redenesse directed to the
bailif of Beverley, tested at Westminster, 20 March, 28 Edward
I." (PonLsoN's Bevcrlac). He was witness to a deed in
Bishop Killawcs Registry, in 1313, and to another of Robert de
la Woodhall in 1300. He appears as a knight fur the first time
in 1314, when Elenardus de Salsomarisco, viilcs, was witness to
a charier ; he probably obtained his knighthood for services in
the Scotch wars, which terminated in the battle of Bannock-
burn. There is an old deed still in the family possession,
dated 1320, in which Elnard de Saltmersh gives to his son.
Sir Peter de Saltmershe, miles, his manors and lands at Salt-
marshe, with certain reservations for his wife Johanna. His

Sir Peter de Salsomaeisco or Saltmebshe, probably
accompanied his father to Scotland, as he was knight before
1320. He also fought at Boroughbridge in 1322, "ex parte
regis," and his name and arms " crusile 3 cinquefoils gu,"
are recorded on the role of knights present at that battle.
(BcREoUGiiBEiDOE Roll). He was M.P. for Huntingdon in
13-22, and for York in 1330, High Sheriff for Yorkshire in 133i
and 1337, and commissioner of sewers in 1325 and 1330.
(Dugdale on embanking). He to. Margaret, dau. and heiress
of Sir John de Lungeville, of Overton Lungeville, co. Hunt-
ingdon (she m. 2ndly, Sir Gerald Braybroc). An old tomb in
Howden church, which has the arms of de Lungeville (afesse
dancettee between six cross-crosslets) carved on it with the
arms of Saltmarshe, is believed to be his. He left two sons,

Thomas, his heir.

Edward (Sir), who according to Beckwith, was at Poitiers ;
he was buried at the church of The Friars at Beverley.

The elder son,

Sir Thomas Saltmaeshe, to whom his father gave lands in
frank marriage (Coke on, Littleton Vol. I. Lib. I.) was the
first to adopt the present form of spelling the name. He was
witness to deeds 41 and 45 Edwaed III., in which he appears
as a knight; both these deeds have the family arms affixed.
He was a Commissioner of ■'ewers for Howdenshire in 1383 and
1384 ; i». Margaret, dau. of Thomas Dawnay, of Escrick (Glover's
Visit, of Yorks) ; in an old MSS. book of Yorkshire arms about
1590, Dawnay is one of the quarterings of Saltmarshe. His
successor (and probably his son) was

Richard Saltmarshe, of Saltmarshe, who m. Emma, dau.
of Sir William Babthorpc, of Babthorpe, by his wife Eliza-
beth, dau. of Sir John F'enwick. His son,

Thomas Saltmarshe, of Saltmarshe, appears in a list ot
Y'orkshire gentlemen taken in 1434, and was a Commissioner
of Wallingfen in 1425, 1430, and 1467. He to. Margaret, dau.
of William Newland, Esq. of Newland, by his wife Joaii
Gaunt. (Her will dated 1433, is in the Y'ork Registry, by it
she left plate and jewellery to her dau. Margaret, wife of
Thomas Saltmarshe, and to their children). By this lady he
had the following children, all of whom are mentioned in
their grandmother's will, viz . —

I. Edward, his heir, of whom presently.

II. Robert, of West Collingwiih, executor of his brother
Edward's will, d. 1487, will proved 15 June, 1487. He left
a son Edward, of West Cottingwith, who m. Julian, dau. of
Henry Pole, of Radbourne, Derby. He was buried at
Thorganby in 1531 (will dated 9 Aug. and proved 16 Sept.
1531). His son, Thomas, executor of his father's will, was
a merchant of Hull, and m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Dalton,
of Hull (Harl. MUS.). His will was proved 22 Dec. 1578.
His eldest son and heir, Edward, of Hull, m. Anne, dau.
of George Rotherford, of Rotherford, and left a son and
heir, Edward, who m. Elizabeth March, of Hansworth, in
1637 (Farers MSS.). His will is dated 1657, he left no
male heir, and his only dau. Susanna, to. John Copledike,
of Hull, in 1UG2.

I. Agnes, m. to John Langton, Esq. of Ferneley, whose will
was proved in 1466. A monumental inscription to him and
his wife Agnes, was in Leedes church.

II. Margaret, mentioned in her brother Edward's will in
1481, d. s. p.

The eldest son,

Edward Saltmarshe, ot Saltmarshe and Thorganb}-, lord
also of the manors of Maunby on Swale, Newton Morrel, and
Colborne, in the North Riding, was Commissioner of Sewers
for Howdenshire in 1459, 1461, 14G6, 1474, and 1480 (Dugdale) ;
m. Elena, dau. and co-heiress of John Porlington, who was
son of Sir John Portington, Chief Justice of the Court of
Common Pleas, temp. Henry VI, by his wife, the dau. and





heiress of Armine of Armine (Glover's Visit, and. Close Rolls,
Edward IV). His will dated 1480, was proved 1481. He left

Edward, m. Apnes, dau.of Girlington of Sandhall (marriage
lipence dated 6 Sept. 1471), and d. in his father's lifetime,

JoHx, of whom presently.

Edward, of Mawnby on Swale.

Thomas, of Newton Morrell.
The second son,

John Saltmarshe, of Saltmarshe and Thorganhy, aged 26
in 1482, Inq. p.m. 22 Edward IV., m. 1483 (marriage articles
dated 1 Sept. 1483), Margaret, dau. of William Borough, of
Borough, by his wife Maude, dau. of Lassells of Sowerby
{Glover's Visit.), and d. 16 Aug. 1513 (his tombstone is in Howden
church). lie left issue,

I. Edward, her heir, of whom presently.

II. Ajithony, of Hornby, settled at Stroby, co. Lincoln, and
was founder of the Lincolnshire branch, whose ))edigree is

I given in Cookes' Visitation of that county in 1562. He

m. 1st, Lady Anne, dau. of Ralph Neville, Earl of West-
morland, and widow of William, 1st Lord Conyers, she d.
s. p. ; 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Barkworth of Laugliton,
and by her had a son John, who m. Cassandra, dau. of
James Parke, of Braytoft, and left a son, Edward, of Stroby,
m. Elizabeth, dau. of William Smythe, of Honington, and
had a son, William, of Stroby, who to. 1st, Barbara, dau.
of Sir Peter Eyre, of Washingbroke, and 2ndly, Martha,
dau. of Anthony Eyre, of liampton. He d. in 1G57 (his
monument and that of his two wives exists in Langton
Church), leaving a son, Anthony, of Stroby, who m. 1st,
Jane, dau. of William Blythe, of Stroxton, 2ndly, Elizabeth,
dau. of Michael Anne, of Burghwallis, but d. s. p. in 1G75,
aged 33, and left his property to his cousin llobert Salt-
mar.she, who also dying s. p. in 1677, left it to his kinsman,
Philip Saltmarshe, of Newly Wiske.

I. Audry, to. WiUiam Hungate, of Barnhy.

II. Margery, to. John Catherick, Esq. of Stannick, whose
great-grand-dau. m. Hugh Smithson, ancestor of the
present Duke of Northumberland.

HI. Ann, a nun.
The elder son,

Edward Saltmarshe, of Saltmarshe andThorganby, m. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Bryan Stapleton, Knt. of Wighill, by
Jane his wife, dau. of Sir Lancelot Thirkeld (dispensation for
the marriage issued by Louis, Cardinal of St. Marcellus, 23
Jan. 1509). He andhiswife Elizabeth, and children, Margaret
and Joanna, were admitted to the guild of Corpus Christi in
1525. He had issue,

Thomas, 6. 1510; m. about 1532, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir
Thomas Metham, of Metham, by Maude, his wile, dau. of
Sir John Hotham (this lady was descended through the
Methams, Stapletons, de Lancaster, de Brus, and de
AVarrenne, from William the Conqueror. See Burke's
Extinct Peerage, and Glover's Visitation). He d. v. p.,
and was buried at Howden, 24 Oct. 1545, leaving issue (see
Glover's Visit.),

Thomas, heir to his grandfather, of whom presently.
John, had issise by his wife Isable (who d. 1578), two sons,
Tuc'iias, b. 1576, John, d. 1576 ; and two daus., Joan,
and Francesca.

Edward, of Throganby, d. in 1612, leaving a son John,
who m. Isabel Conyers, and was father of John Salt-
marshe, the celebrated Puritan divine, and Chaplain to
the Parliamentary forces.
George and Christopher, d. young.
Grace, m. Ralph Crake, of Patrington.
Anne, m. George Wcncelaugh, Esq. of Brandesburton.
Isabel, TO. William Harding, of Forsay, Lincoln.
Catherine, d. unm.

Elizabeth, to. Bartholomew Abbot, Esq. of Bellasize.
Ann, ra. 1st, Thomas Stillington, of Kelfleld; 2ndly Marma-
duke Vavasor.

Edward Saltmarshe m. 2ndly, the dau. and co-heiress of John
Pollington of Pollington, by whom he left one dau. Mary, ra.
to John Hammerton, Esq. of Monkrode, sub-controller to the
household of Henbt VIII. He d. in 1548, and was bur. at
Thorganby. His will, dated 24 Dec. 1547, was proved 5 May,
1548. He was s. by his grandson,

Thomas Saltmarshe, of Saltmarshe and Thorganby, sole
executor to his grandfather's will, and was aged 15 at his
death. He vi. about 1560, Margaret, dau. of Sir Robert Con-
stable, Knt. of Everingham, by his wife Catherine, dau. of
George Manners, Lord de Ros, whose wife Ann, was a dau. of
Sir Thomas St. Leger, by his wife Ann Plantagenet, sister of
Edward IV. He had issue (Glover's Visit.),

I. Robert, his heir, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, inherited the Thorganby property, lord also of
the manors of Plomptonand Kirby upon Wharfe, which with
otiier property he sold In l.'iOG ( i'or/.slurc Feet of Fines).
He HI. Elena Gorrell, at Thorganby, and had a son Philip,


of Thorganby, whose son Philip, had a son C

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