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De Vere Gardens, Kensington, J. P. co. Bucks,
M.A. Camb., Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple), 1863 : b.
April, 1837; ra. 16 July, 1863, Elizabeth Maria, eldest
'':<'i. nf the late Francis \V. Eussell, Esq., M.P., and has

i ....11., HI. Oct. 1858, Capt. William Dods, of the 14th
Regt., and has issue.

2 Elizabeth, m. March, 1862, Charles W. Harrison, Esq.
of Westbourne Terrace, co. Middlesex, and has issue.

3 Mary Arabella.

I. Jane, d. s. p.

II. Eliza, m. Bev. W. King, of Nuneaton, co. Warwick, and
had four sons and two daus.

in. Anne, m. 1860, Eev. llobert Joseph Buddicom, M.A. Ox-
ford, Ecctor of Southcote, co. Salop.

IV. Mary, d. s. 'p. v. Charlotte, d. s.p.

The eldest son,

Edward Sandars, Esq. of Gainsborough and of Ireton
House, Cheltenham, CO. Gloucester, b. 17'J4; ra. 1 June,
1824, Anne, dau. of George Gray, Esq. of Calceby and
Ormsby, co. Lincoln, and d. 1852, having had issue,

I. John Edward, of whom presently.

II. George Stephen, d. an infant.
1. Charlotte Maria, d. s. p.

The only surviving son,

John Edward Sandars, Esq. of North Sandsfield, Gains-
borough, J. P. and D.L. co. Lincoln, 6. 5 July, 1826; m.G
May, 1S57, Eliza Anna, dau. of Major Drysdale, of Jerriston,

Lanarkshire, X.B., and widow of the late Capt. W. Dunn, of
the 80th Eegt., and d. 8 Feb. 1890, leaving issue,

I. John Drysdale, of North Sandsfield.

II. Georee Edward, 6. 15 March, 1862; m. 4 March, 1886,
Gertrude Wingatc, and has one son and one dau.

Scat — North Sandsfield, Gainsborough, co. Lincoln.
Club — Boodle's, WelHngton and Hurlingham.


Sandbach, Hexey Eobeetsox, Esq. of Hafo-
dunos, CO. Denbigh, J.P. and D.L., Higli Sheriff
1854, and J.P. for co. Carnarvon, b. 25 Sept. 1807 ;
m. 1st, 4 Maj, 1832, Margaret Eoscoe, granddau.
of the celebrated William Eoscoe, of Liverpool
(she d. 1852), and 2ndlj, 13 Nov. 1855, Elizabeth
Charlotte, dau. of Martin Williams, Esq. of
Bi'jngwjn, CO. Montgomery, by whona he has

I. Samcel, J.P. for cos. Carnarvon and Denbigh, M.A., 6.

16 Sept. 1856; m. 25 Feb. 1892, Katherine Frances, 2nd
dau. of the late James E. Pease, Esq. of Westwood,

II. Henry Martin, Major R.A., b. 2 June, 1858.

III. Arthur Edmund, Capt. E.E., b. 30 July, 1859.

I. Margaret Elizabeth Sara Eobertson.

II. Sophy Katherine Mary.

liineag'e. — The name of Sandbach belongs to a town in co.
Chester, which was founded in Saxon times. The late

Samuel Sandbach, Esq. of Woodlands, co. Lancaster, J.P.,
b. 19 Aug. 1769, realized a considerable fortune as a West India
Merchant at Liverpool, and served the ofBces of Bailiff,Coroner,
and Mayor for the borough. He served as High Sheriff of co.
Denbigh 1839. He m. 15 Dec. 1802, Elizabeth, dau. of Eev.
Harry Eobertson, D.D., Minister of the parish of Kiltearn, co.
Eoss, descended from the Eobertsons of Inshes, co. Inverness,
and by her (who (/. 1859) had issue,

I. Samuel, b. 1805; d. 1817.

II. Henry Eobertson, now of Hafodunos.

III. William Eobertson, of Prince's Gate, London, J.P. for
CO. Lancaster, ra. Sara, Baroness Van Capellan ; d. 25 Sept.

IV. Gilbert (Eev.), M.A., late Rector of Upper Sapey, co.
Hereford, J.P., m. 1846, Margaret, dau. of Archibald Max-
well, Esq., and d. 1882, leaving issue.

V. Samuel, m. Nov. 1844, Anne, dau. of Archibald Maxwell,
Esq. of Kelton, co. Kirkcudbright, and d. 1849, leaving issue,
.Samuel Henry, M.A., of Handley, co. Chester, J.P. cos.
Chester and S.alop, b. 1846.

I. Anne, m. 26 May, 1825, Charles Stuart Parker, Esq. of
Liverpool, Merchant ; rf. 1 June, 1890.

II. Margaret, m. 16 April, 1833, John Abraham Tinne, Esq.
of Liverpool, and d. 1868.

III. Mary Eosina, ra. 7 July, 1835, Henry Harrison, Esq. of
Liverpool, Merchant, and d. 1882.

IV. Elizabeth, d. 1881.

V. Martha, ra. Gen. Eobert McLeod Eraser; d. 29 April,

VI. Julia, rn. Harold Barkworth, Esq. ; d. 9 April, 1890.

Mr. Sandbach d. 1851.

Anns — Az.,onafesse between three garbs or, a wreath of
oak vert, between two estoiles gu. Crest— A reindeer's head
erased per fesse arg. and or, attired or, gorged with a wreath
of oak, and in the mouth an ear of wheat vert. Motto — V irtutis
gloria merces.

Seat — Hafodunos, near Abergele, co. Denbigh.


Sanders, Eobeht Massy Dawson, Esq. of
Sanders Park, co. Cork, J.P., M.E., Trin. CoU.
Dublin, b. 19 May, 1862.

Lineage.— This family is stated to have been a branch
of that formerly seated at Sanderstead, England. It became
established in Ireland in the time of the Commonwealth. Its
ancestor was attached to Lord Broghill, aftenvards Earl of
Orrery, and settled in the borough of Charleville, founded by
his lordship. At a subsequent period, tbe seat of the Earls
of Cork and Orrery havioft; been burnt by King James's army,
under Berwick, the Boyles, by deed of 20 Sept. 1097, conveyed
to William Sanders, on a lease for ever. The Park, at Charle-
ville, which has since been the abode of the Sanders family.

William Sanders, Esq. of Charleville, m. Tamsine Knight,
and had (with two daus., Catherine andTamsine, both d. unai.)
a son,





Christopher Sanders, Esq. of Sunders Park, m. 28 Feb. 1771,
Sarah Stevelly, and J. L'sSfpt. ISIO, having had issue, William,
of whom pri'sontly; Kobert, d. unm. 1S33; Sarah, m. Joseph
Hardinjr. Esq. ; and Tanisine, m. James Kiiher, Capt. 81st
Eefft. The eUIer son,

William Sanders. Esq. of Sanders Park, 6. 2 .Vug. 1773 :
Jii. 7 .March. ISOG, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas .Andrews, Esq. of
Dublin, .\Ulerman, and d. 1SU\ having had issue,

Christopher, of Doer Park, h. 25 June, 180S: m. Elizabeth
Broonihead, and d. 22 Nov. 1S39, leaving one dau., m. Francis
Kennedy, Esq., 3rd son of Sir John Kenncdv, 1st Burt, of
Jolinstown, and subsequently to Sir George I'libton, Bart.

AVilliam Kobert, of Sanders Park, 6. 16 Feb. 1810; d. unm.
3.A.Uff. 1S,M.

IJoBERT, of Sanders Park.

Thomas, late of Sanders Park.

Francis .\lexander (Rev.), b. 23 Aug. 1818: m. Margaret
Cooper, and has had issue, Frederick, WiUiani, Francis,
Alexander, Capt. Euniskilliug Fusiliers, Robert, Margaret,
and Penelope.

Penelope, m. Thomas Wilson, Esq. ; d. s. p. 1829.

Maria (deceased), m. William F. IJarley, LL.B.

Eliza Sarah (.deceased), m. Joseph Stock, Esq., LL.D.
The 3rd son,

Robert San-ders, Esq., C.B., of Sanders Park, co. Cork,
Col. in the army and Lieiit.-Col. 19th Kegt., J.P. for the co.,
b. Dec. 1814; s. his elder brother in 1830, and d. s. p. 1 Nov.
1860, and was .<. by his brother,

Thomas Sanders, Esq. of Sanders Park, co. Cork, LL.D.,
Barrister-at-Law, J.P. cos. Cork and Limerick, b. 10 .May,
1816 ; »i. 14 Aug. 1861, Mary Charlotte, dau. of Richard Duck-
worth Dunn, Esq., Capt. Queen's Bays, of Surbiton, Surrey,
by Isabella Pallmer his wife, dau. of James Hewitt Massy-
Dawson, Esq. of Ballinacourte, co. Tipperary, and d. 1892,
leaving issue,

Robert Massy Dawson, now of Sanders Park.

■WiUiam Arthur, b. 12 May, 1863.

Evelyn Francis, B.E. Dublin University, h. 12 July, 1864

Charles Stuart, 6. 15 March, 1866.

Edmund Duckworth, b. 20 Sept. 1868.

Alvin Augustus, b. 31 March, 1870.

Aubrey Thomas, b. 26 March, 1873.

Isabella Maria, ra. 27 Oct. 1890. Charles .\nhur Webb, Esq.
of Quartertown House, co. Cork.

Eliza Benita. Mary Ethel.

^n/is—Arg., a chevron gu. between three elephants' heads
erased sa., on acliief az.asword erect ppr., pommel and hilt or,
within two bezants. Vrest—Ont of a mural crown, an elephant's
head ppr. charged with a bezant. Motlo~'i\i\ conscire sibi
nulla pallescere culpa.

Seat— Sanders Park, Charleville, co. Cork.


SAyDEES, Benjamin Laweenck, Esq. of Street
Court, CO. Hereford, J.P. and D.L., cos. Worcester
and Hereford, High Sheriff co. Hereford 1S80-81,
I. 27 Jan. 1830 ; m. 19 Jtily, 18CiO, Annie Sarah,
only dau. of late Francis Watt, Esq., J.P. and
P.L. of Penallv, co. Pembroke, and Ottringham
Grange, co. York, and has issue,

1. Benjamin Watt, h. 8 Dec. 1862.

n. James Francis Shenstone, 6. 27 April, 1873.

I. Annie Charlotte Dora. ii. Flora Gertrude.

Mr. B. L. Sanders is tlie only surviving son of the
late James Wilkinson Sanders, Esq. (who d. 10
May, 1882), by Cliarlotte Lawrence his wife,
whom he tn. in 1826. They had one other son,
James, who d. in infancy. She d. in 1830. Mr.
J. W. Sanders was tlie son of Benjamin Sanders,
Er-q. (who d. 1851), by Phoebe George his wife.
Mr. Benjamin Sanders' uncle, Thomas Sanders,
was Lieutenant of H.M.S. "Berwick" in 1759,
and afterwards, acting as Commander, in the
absence of his superior ofTicers who were invalided,
he took Guadaloupe, where he was assassinated
the next day. Various other members of the
family were distinguished naval officers.
Sca(— Street Court, Kingsland R.S.O., Herefordshire.



of Otterburn Dene, co. Northumberland, J. P.,

High Slicriff 1893, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, b. 1
Dec. 1851 ; m. 18 Jan. 18D3, Katharine Emily, dau.
of Robert Henry Mitford, Esq. of Weston Lodge,

Lineage. — George Bukdon, of Stockton-on-Tees (see
Bdrdon of Castle Eden), b. 1648 ; in. Elizabeth, dau. of William
Hutchinson, of Trlmdon, co. Durham, and (i. 1681, having had,
with other issue,

Richard Burdon, of Thornley, co. Durham, b. 1682; and d.
1778, having, with other issue, had a son,

Richard Burdon, of Shieldfield, Newcastle and Brunton,
b. 6 Feb. 1721 ; m. Christian, dau. of J. Young, Esq., and d.
21 Xov. IS 10, leaving a son.

Sir Thomas Bobdon, Knt. of West Jesmond, 6. 1758 ; m. Jane,
youngest dau. of William Scott, Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
and sister of the Lords Stowell and Eldon, and d. 20 July, 1826.
He was s. by his son,

Richard Bdrdon-Sanderson, Esq. of West Jesmond, J. P.,
6. 31 March, 1791 ; w. 7 Feb. 1815, Elizabeth, only child of Sir
James Sanderson, Bart., and assumed, in consequence of his
marriage, the surname and arms of Sanderson, and by her
(who d. 6 June, 1864) had issue,

Richard Burdon, of West Jesmond.

John Scott, M.D., b. 21 Dec. 182s ; m. 9 Aug. 1853, Ghetal,
eldest dau. of Rev. R. H. Herschell, of Gloucester Terrace,
Hyde Park Gardens.

Elizabeth Burdon.

Mary Elizabeth, m. 27 July, 1853, Robert Haldane, Esq. of
Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, and Cloanden, co. Perth, who
d. June, 1877.

Jane Charlotte.

Mr. Sanderson d. 10 Feb. 1865, and was s. by his eldest son,

Richard Bubdon-Sanderson, Esq. of West Jesmond, J. P.,
b. 27 June, 1821 ; m. 13 Jan. 1848, Isabella Mitchelson, dau. of
James Alexander Haldane, Esq. of Drumraond Place, Edin-
burgh, and had issue,

I. Richard Burdon, now of Otterburn Dene.

II. James Alexander Haldane Burdon, b. 14 Dec. 1853 ; m.
10 Feb. 1880, Esther Ann, eldest dau. of John Marshall,
Esq., M.D., of Chatton Park, Belford, Northumberland.

I Elizabeth Haldane Burdon, > killed by a railway accident
II. Jlargaret Isabella Burdon, i at Abbot's Ripton 1876.
Mr. Burdon-Sanderson d. April, 1876.

Anns — Paly of six or and az., on a bend sa. three annulets
of the first, a canton gu., charged with a sword erect arg.,
pommel and hilt or, surrounded with the collar of the Lord
Mayor of the city of London, and for distinction in the chief
point a saltire humette counterchanged of the field. ror Sander-
son ; quartering ./or Burdon, az., three pilgrims staves or, the
field crusilly of the 2nd. Crests— A wolfs head arg., erased
gu., collared and a chain reflexcd behind the neck or, between
a branch of palm and another of laurel ppr.. and for distinction
on the neck a saltire humette gu. ; and 2nd, A lion rampant
standing on sinister hind foot, supporting himself by a pilgrim's
statT. J/o/to— Clarior ex obsruro.

Hi-at — Uttcrburu Dene, Northumberland.


Sandebson, SamueI/, Esq. of C'loverhil

loverhilL co.
76, b. 2 May,

Cavan, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 187tj, 0. Z May,
1834; m. 1 March, 1860, Anne, dau. of John
Armytage Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath, co. Meath.
Mr. Sanderson, who is 2nd surviving son of the
late Samuel Winter, Esq. of Agher, assumed the
name of Sanderson and the arms of Sanderson
quarterly with those of Winter, under royal licence,
2 Oct. 1873.

Lineage. —James Sanderson, Esq. of Cloverliill, aliaa
Drumcassidy, co. Cavan, son of Alexander Sanderson, and
nephew of Col. Kobert Sandenson, of Castle Sanderson, was
M.P. for Ennifskillen for thirty years, tem^^. George II. He
in. Maria, dau. of Brockhill Newburgh, Esq. of Ballyhaise, co.
Cavan and had issue,

Ale.xander, his heir.

Francis (Rev.;, of Uromcarn, co. Cavan. Robert.

Mary, m. Mr. Atkinson.
Mr. Sanderson made his will 15 April, 1707, which was proved
15 March following, and was s. by his eldest son,

Alexander Sander.son, Esq. of Cloverhill, lu. Lucy, dau. of
Rev. Samuel Madden, D.D., of Manor Waterhouse, co. Fer-
managh, " Premium Madden," and had issue,

James, his successor.

Lucy. Mary. Charlotte.





Mr. Sanderson made his will 4 June, 1785, which was proved
14 March, 1787, and he was s. by his only son,

James Sanderson, Esq. of Cloverhill, D.L., m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Isaac Walker, Esq. of Newry, and had four daus.,

I. Mary Anne, d. unm. 1873.

II. Lucy, lit. 18 Nov. 1826, Samuel Winter, Esq, of Agher, co.
Meath, and </. 11 Kov. 18C4, leaving, wilh other issue (see
WiNTEK of Agher), a third son,

Samuel Sandebson, now of Cloverhill.

III. Elizabeth.

IV. Frances Alexandrina, m. 10 Feb. 1830, Richard Winter
lieynell, Esq. of Killyon, co. Westmeath.

yir7/is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., three bends az., the
centre one charged with a crescent between two estoilesor, fur
Sanderson ; 2nd and 3rd, chequy or and az., on a fesse arg. a
crescent gu., for Winter. Cnstg — 1st, Sanderson, On a mount
-vert, an estoile or ; 2nd, Winter, A martlet or, charged with a
crescent gu. ilntto — Toujours propice.

(Sea£— Cloverliill, Belturbet, co. Cavan.

Club — Arthur's.


Sandfoed, Mes. Saeah, of Sandford, Salop,
widow of Thomas Hugh Sandfoed, Esq. of
Saudford, Salop, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1866,
J. P. CO. Chester, Capt. Salop Yeomanry, h. 9 April,
1820 ; m. 1st, 29 April, 1849, Alexina Nisbet, dau.
of the Hon. Charles Lindsay, brother of James,
7th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, which lady d.
30 Aug. 1851, and 2ndly, 2 Oct. ISiG, Sasah, 2nd
dau. of William Halsted Poole, Esq. of Terrick
Hall, Salop, late Capt. R.H.A., and d. s. p. 26 Nov.

Xiineag'e. — The ancient family of Sontfobd, Sonforde, or
Sandford, of Saaford, came into England with the Con-
QrEROR, and the name of its founder occurs in every known
coiiy of the Battle Abbey Roll.

Thomas " de SAnNDF0RD,"a Norman, held the manor under
Gerard de Tournay, a powerful Baion, whose name is in
Doomsday Book. His son,

Sir Thomas de Sadndford, was living In the reign of
Henry I. He held both Sandford and Rothal manors as a
tenant-in-cliief of the king, and was father of

Radulfus de Sontford, Dominus de Sontford et Rothale
{ttmp. King Stephen}, whose son.

Sir Richard de Sanford, occurs in the Pipe Roll of 1169,
and his son,

Sir Thomas de Sanfort, m. (8 Richard I.) Amabil, dau.
and co-heir of Sir Richard de Cardiff, Seneschal to William,
Earl of Gloucester. There is a bull from Pope Innocent III.
concerning him and " his ancestors at Sandford." His suc-

Sir Ralph de Sanford, held Sandford, in ca.pite, by the
service of half a knight's fee (Testa de Neiill). He joined the
barons against King John, and his estates were given to
David de Malpas, but restored by Henry III. There is a bull
from HoNORius 111. concerning his chapel at Sandford.

Sir Richard de Sandford, his son, hi. Eleanor, probably
co-heir of Elkin Cadugan. She m. 2ndly, Richard Burnell,
Lord of Langley, 1251. A deed (probably in 1240) has a seal
of his arms appended, viz., quarter!}', per fesse indented (the
points very long) erm. and az.

Sir Ralph de Santjford, son and heir, was in ward to Odo
de Hodnet, 39 Henry III. He m. Alice, dau. of Wolfric de
Whixhall, and sister of Sir Adam Fitz Wolfric. Of his sons,
I. Richard, his heir.

n. William (Sir), distinguished in Edward II. 's reign. He
joined the Earl of Lancaster in the conspiracy against Piers
Gaveston, and was pardoned for this 7 Edwakd II. He was
Knight of the Shire in 1320, and Commissioner of Array in
Saliip for the King 1321. His name and arms occur on the
roll of knights who fouglitat Boroughbridge,
lu. Nicholas, returned as " man-at-arms " to attend the Great
Council at Westminster, 1324.

The eldest son.

Sir Richard de Sandford, di. Agnes, dau. of Hugh, and
sister of Robert de Say, Lords of Moreton Say, Salop. He is
styled " Lord of Sontford," Pari. Writ., 9 Edward II. He d.
1327, and his son,

Richard de Sandford, fought at Cressy, and his "gocd
service " is acknowledged in letters patent, under the Great
Seal of I-.dward III., still preserved at Sandford. He d. at
Calais 1347. His 2nd son. Sir Richard, one of Henry I'V.'s

body-guard at the battle of Shrewsbury, was knighted on the
morning of the fight, and fell before night.

Nicholas de Sandford, son and heir of Richard, held his
estates by serjeantry, to find a man and horse armed for forty
years, every year, for the defence of the king's castle of Mont-
gomery. He was Sheriff of Salop 9 Richard II., but became
a Lancastrian, and his whole estate was laid waste during the
civil war, in the reign of Henry IV. He m. Alice, dau. of
William, Lord Botiler of Wemme, by whom he left, 3 Henry 'V.,

I. Richard, his heir.

II. Griffin, father of William.

III. Nicholas, of The Lee, Salop, ancestor of Sandford of
the Isle of liossall, Salop (see tiiat Memoir).

The eldest son,

Richard de San-dford, the last who was styled " Lord of
Sandford," was the King's Escheator for Salop 6 Henry V. ;
he m. Maude, dau. and heir of William Le Banaster, Lord of
Hadnal, Salop. His name appears in The List of the Geatry of
ShrojJshire, 12 Henry VI. He d. 1452, and his son,

John San-dford, Esq. of Sandford, m. 1st, Eleanor, dau. and
co-heir of William Styche, of Styche, co. Salop, who d. without
issue. He r?i. 2ndly, Julian, sister of Sir Roger, and dau. of
Robert Corbet, of Moreton Corbet, Sheriff of Salop 1419, by
Margaret, dau. of Sir \V. Mallory. She )/i. 2ndly, Sir Hugh
Peshall, Knight Banneret, who was of Horseley, co. StatTord,
Sheriff 1488. Mr. Sandford was s., SO Henry VI, by his only

Richard Sandford, Esq. of Sandford, who swore fealty to
Edward IV. in 14G9, on coming of age, and had his estates
confirmed to him. He d. 1520, having m. Jane, dau. and co-
heir of Humphrey Peshall, of Knightley, co. Stafford, and
had five sons and eight daus., of whom were, Margaret, ra.
Richard Broughton, of Broughton ; Elizabeth, m. George
Bromley, Esq.

Hugh Sandford, Esq. of Sandford, son and heir, m. Jane,
dau. of John Dod, Esq. of Cleverly, Salop, by Elizabeth his
2nd wife, dau. of Sir Ralph Egerton, of Ridley, Standard-
bearer of England, and d. 1530, leaving, with others,

I. Richard, his heir.

II. Robert, heir to his nephew George.

I. Jane, vi. James Moreton, Esq., ancestor of the Earl of

II. Alice, m. Robert Eoughey, Esq. of Whitmore, co. Staf-

The elder son,

Richard San-dford, Esq. of .Sandford, m. Maud, dau. of Sir
John Mainwaring, of Ightfield, and d. 1532, leaving

George San-dford, Esq. of Sandford, whod. s. p., having w.
Jane, dau. of Richard Grosvenor, Esq. of Eaton, who m.
2ndly, Sir William Hollis. Leland says, " Sandford dwellith
at Sanforde, wher is onely his place and a parke." His
estates were in Sandford, Acheley, Stele, Whichesall, Lyn-
ford, Weston, Longford, and Mytley. He was s. by his uncle,

KoiiERT Sandford, Esq. of S.tndford, who held his estate
of the Queen per serritam rnilitare. He m. Isabella Egerton,
half-sister of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord High Chancellor,
being dau. of V>'. Egerton, of Betlcy, by Anna, dau. of Sir
Thomas Lacon, of Willey. By her he leit, 1597,

I. Arthur, his heir.

II. Thomas, the celebrated Capt. of the Firelocks, a Royalist.
He besieged and took Hawarden Castle, co. Flint, 164-3,
and stormed Bceston Castle, co. Chester, being killed at
the taking of Nantwich 1643. Tijis event is specially
mentioned in a letter to Cromwell, by Sir Thomas

The elder son,

Arthur Sanbford, Esq. of Sandford, a zealous Royalist, was
made prisoner 1645, when Shrewsbury was taken. He in.
Anne, dau. of Francis Kinaston, Esq. of Oteley, Salop, by a
dau. of Francis Charlton, Esq. of Aplcy Castle, and by her left,
1645, with others,

I. Francis, his heir.

II. Robert, Capt. in the Royalist army, wounded at Os-
westry, taken prisoner at Shrewsbuiy, when his father was

The elder son,

Francis Sandford, Esq. of Sandford, a celebrated Royalist,
said by Fuller to be "very well skilled in making warlike
fortifications.'' He compounded for liis estates by fine of
£459, and, in 1645, paid £40 for his ransom out of prison.
In 1643 he was c9nstituted by Prince Rupert one of the com-
mission to act in his absence in Salop. He resided much
in Ireland, and was (as letters prove) a most intimate friend
of the Lord-Deputy of Ireland, Lucius, 2nd Viscount Falk-
land. He ra. Elizabeth, dau. of Challcott Chambre, Esq. of
Williamscote. co. Oxford, and Carnew Castle, co. Wicklow





(sister of Mary, Coiintess of KJward, Cnd Earl of ilcatli), and
by her left

1. EoBEET, his heir. ii. Arthur, d. unni. 1C59.

m. yrancis, b. liiSO, the eminent genealogist, civateil House
Dragon I'ursuivant of Arms. 16 June. Ui61, and Lancaster
Hei-ald IB >;ov. 1675. lie was author of GenMlor/icul His-
tori/ of the Kinpf of Eitiilmnl, published in 1077, and otlier
great works. In 16S9 he surrendered his patent of the utlice
of Lancaster rather than proclaim \VilUam of Orange Kin'i-.
He d. 16J3.

The son and heir,

KoBERT Sandford, Esq. of Sandford, m. Anne, dau. of Peter
Daniell, Esq. of Tabley, oo. Chester, M.P. (by Christian, sister
of Sir liichard Grosvenor, 1st Hart, of Eaton), and left, 1672,
several children, of whom was Anne, wife of the Hon. Henry
Paget, of Beaudcscrt, ancestor of He.nry, Marquess of Anglesey,

Thomas Sandford, Esq. of Sandford, eventual heir, who
took the oath to the House of Hanover 1723. He m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Admiral Sir Iticbard JIunden, and niece of Sir John
Munden, Hear-Admiral of the Fleet, and dying 1726, was s.
by his son,

Thomas Saxdford, Esq. of Sandford, High Sheriff 1752. He
7/!. Alice, dau. and co-heir of Charles Ward, of Bradwell, co.
Chester, who was brother of Michael, Bishop of Derry, and
grand-uncle of Bernard, 1st Viscount Bangor. He d. 1709,
and left a son and heir,

Kev. Daniel Sandford, of S.indford. D.C.L. of Oriel Coll.
Oxford. He resided much at Delville, in Ireland, the home of
Dean Delany, -m. Sarah, dau. of Rev. John Chapone (sister-in-
law of the literary Mrs. Chapone), and d. 1770, leaving

I. Thomas, his bcir.

II. Daniel (Bight Rev.), D.D. Ch. Ch. Oxon., Bishop of Edin-
burgh, b. 1 July, 1766; m. 11 Oct. 1790, Helen Frances
Catherine, eldest dau. and co-heir of Erskine Douglas, Esq.,
3rd surviving son of William Douglas, Bart, of Kelhead,
granduncle of Charles, 4th Marquess of Queensberry, K.T.,
who d. llJan. 1837. The Bishop d. 14 Jan. 1830. leaving

1 Erskine Douglas, Sheriff of Galloway, h. 31 July, 1793,
and d. 4 Sept. Is61, having jn. 2 April, 1829, Joanna
Grace, 3rd and youngest dau. of William Graham, Esq.
of Mossknow, co. Dumfries, by Grace Margaret his wife,
dau. of Lieut.-Col. the Hon. John Gordon, and heir of her
brother, Gen. Gordon, by whom he had issue,

Daniel Sidney, 2nd Lieut. Eitle Brigade, b. 2 Aug. 1831 ;
VI. 2.5 May, lb52, Ehzabeth, eldest dau. of Col. Laurence
Palmer, R.A. He <;. s. p. 5 Jan. 1853.

William Graham, b. 30 Nov. 1834, some time Capt.
Royal Peeblesshire Rifles, unpaid Attache at Paris from
April, 1859, to May, 1860, specially employed at Frank-
fort till Sept. 1860, transferred to Turin, Sept. i860.
Member of the Royal Body Guard of Scotland, Second
Secretary of Legation at the Court of Stockholm.

Erskine IJouglas, b. 30 Dec. 1836 ; d. 5 July, 1845.

Frances Grace Margaret.

Joanna Elizabeth, d. 17 Kov. 1833.

2 Daniel Keyte (.Sir), D.C.L. Oxon, sometime M.P. for
Paisley, and Professor of Greek in the University of
Glasgow, b. 3 Feb. 1798; m. 2 July, 1&23, Cecilia Cathe-
rine, only dau. of John Charnock, Esq. (she d. 12 Fob.
Ib7s). Sir Daniel d. 4 Feb. 1838, leavmg issue,


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