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I. Jemima Sarah, 6. 1845; d. 1847.

Mr. Saunders d. March, 187 i, and was s. by his eldest son,





EoBEBT Joseph Pbatt Saunders, noiv of Saunders Grove.

Arms of Pendbed — Sa., on a chevron arg. three fleurs-de-lis
of the first. Crest — A helmet, visor up, ppr. Motto — ><osce

SeaJ— Saunders Grove, co. Wicklow.


Satndeesok, Cot. Edward James, of Castle
Saunderson, co. Cavan, J.P. and D.L., Higli Sheriff
1859, M.P. CO. Cavan 1865-1874, and for North
Armagh since 18S5, Col. Commanding 4th Batt.
Eojal Irish Fus., b. 1 Oct. 1837 ; m. 22 June, 1865,
Hon. Helena Emilj De Moleyns, youngest dau. of
Thomas, 3rd Lord Ventry, and has issue,

I. Somerset Francis, Lieut. Eifle Brigade, b. 7 Aug. 1S67.

II. Edward. in. Arniar.
IV. John Vernon.

I. Kosa, tji. Oct. 1392, Henry Kugent Head, Esq., Lieut. The
Canieronians (Scottish Rifles).

Lineage. — Robert Saunderson, the first of the family
■who settled at Castle Saunderson, co. Cavan, Ireland, was a
scion of the family of Saunderson o/Sa.rfci/, and is supposed
to have heen Robert, the '1th son of Iv'ieholas, 1st Viscount
Castleton. He served in the army with great distinction under
Gustavus Adolphus, and was sent with his regiment to Russia.
He d. 1676, leaving three sous,

I. Robert.

II. Alexander, of Drumkeen, co. Cavan, who served in the
wars of Spain, and was wounded at the battle of .Mmanza.
He m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Whjte, Esq. of Redhills, and
had issue, three sons,

1 Alexander, successor to his uncle.

2 James. 3 Robert,

III. William, of co. Westmeath.
The eldest son,

Robert Saunderson, of Castle Saunderson, M.P. for
Cavan, and Col. of a regt. under King William IIL, vi. Miss
Leslie, of Glasslough, and d. 1723, leaving his property to his

Alexander Saunderson, Esq. of Castle Saunderson, m.
Mabella, dau. of AVilliam Saunderson, Esq. of 'iVestmcath, son
of the 1st Col. Robert Saunderson, of Castle Saunderson, and
had issue, a son and successor,

Francis Saunderson, Esq. of Castle Saunderson, to. Anne,
dau. of Anthony Atkinson, Esq. of Cangort Park, King's co.,
and (/. 1750, leaving a son and successor,

Alexander Saunderson, Esq. of Castle Saunderson, who
claimed the Viscounty of Castleton, in the Irish House of
Lords. He j/i. Rose, dau. of Trevor Lloyd, Esq. of Gloster,
King's CO., and d. 1776, leaving, with other issue,

Francis, his heir.

Alexander, Col. in the army and Lieut.-Col. 69th Regt.,
d. utiid.

John, m. Miss Hamilton, and had a son and a dau., both

Robert (Rev.), Rector of Borritokane, co. Tipperary, to.
Miss Johnston, of Magheramena, and d. 1847, having had
one surviving son, James, of Villa Nova, co. Monaghan.

The eldest son,

Francis Saunderson, Esq. of Castle Saunderson, M.P. co.
Cavan, 6. 15 Sept. 1754; m. £8 Aug. 1779, Anne Bassett, dau.
of Stephen White, Esq. of Miskin, Glamorgan, and heir of
the Bassett estates in that co., and by her (who d. 1845) had

I. Alexander, his successor.

II. Francis (Rev.), M.A., Rural Dean, Rector of Kildallon,
CO. Cavan, to. 18'.i5, Lady Catherine Crichton, sister of John,
3rd Earl Erne, K.P., and d. 22 Dec. 1873. She d. 14 Oct.

III. Hardress Robert, Lieut.-Col., late of the Grenadier
Guards, of Northbrook House, Hants, m. Lady Maria Anne
Luttrell Olmius, dau. and co-heir of John, 3rd and last
Earl of Carhampton, and Baron Irnham, and had issue,

1 Hardress Luttrell, Col. Cavan Militia and late Capt.
60th Rcgc, m. 23 Dec. 1847, Lady Eliza Dawson Damer,
sisterof Henry John, 3rd Earl of Portarlington, K.P., and
d. 21 June, 1881.

2 John Luttrell, Capt. R.A., d. 18 Feb. 1867.

3 Francis Luttrell, 6bth Light Infantry.

1 Maria Anne, m. 1st, 1852, William Stevenson, Esq., Scots
Fusilier Guards, and m. 2ndly, 1860, Charles Edward
RadclyfTe, Esq. of Little Park, Hants, and has issue {see
that fumitij).

2 Cecilia Selina.

3 Rose Frances. 4 Constance .A.lbueia,

5 Florence Vittoria, m. July, 185G, Marmaduke Grimston,
Esq., eldest son of Col. Grimston, of Grimston Garth co'

IV. James, Lieut. B.N., m. Selina, dau. of Col. and Lady
Anne Kox, of Fox Hall, co. Longford, and grand-dau. of
Barry, 2nd Earl of Farnham, and had issue.

V. William Bassett, Lieut.-Col. in the army.

I. Lydia Waller, ni. Very Rev. Gilbert Holmes, Deau of

II. Cecilia, m. James Henry Sclater, Esq. of Newick Park,

Mr. Saunderson d. 1827. His eldest son,

Alexander Saunderson, Esq. of Castle Saunder.'on, J.P
and D.L., Col. of the Militia, High Sheriff 1818, and late
M.P. CO. Cavan, 6. 22 July, 1783; to. 18 March, 1SJ8, lion.
Sarah Juliana JIaxwell, eldest sister of James Pierce, 9th and
present Lord Farnham, and by her (who d. 17 Dec. 1870) had

I. Alexander de Bedick, b. 18 Feb. 1832 ; d. 26 Dec. 1«60.

II. Somerset Bassett, 11th Hussars, A.D.C., 6. 16 Nov. 1S34;
TO. 16 April, 1864, EmilvMary, dau. of Edward Henry Cole,
Esq. of Stoke Lyne, Oxon, and Lady Henry Moore, and d.
1892, leaving issue.

1 Henry.
1 Maud.

: Richard.

3 Charles.

III. Edward James, present proprietor of Castle Saunderson.

IV. Llewellyn Traherne Bassett, of Bromkeen House, co.
Cavan, and of St. Hilarj-, co. Glamorgan, late Lieut. 11th
Hussars, J.P. co. Cavan, High Sheriff 1868, late Major Cavan
Militia, b. 1 Sept. 1841 : Vfi. 3 May, 1866, Lady Rachel Mary
Scott, 3rd dau. of John Henry, 3rd Earl of Clonmell, and has
had issue, Alexander Traherne, c/. 8 Jan. 1869; Llewellyn
Traherne, Lieut. Rifle Brigade, b. 5 June, 1870 ; Reginald
Traherne, b. 23 Nov. 1873; ilaurice Traherne, b. 5 July,
1875; Robert, b. 30 June, and d. 3 July, 1879; Mabel
Charlotte, b. 9 July, 1867 ; Ethel Rose, b. 9 March, 1872;
Rachel Cecilia, 6. 5 Jan. 1877 ; Esther Eliza, 6. 15 Sept.

I. Juliana Harriet, m. Eev. Lewis Hogg. n. Rose Ann.

Col. Saunderson d. Dec. 1857.

^?-i:iS— Paly of six arg. and az., over all a bend sa. Crest —
A talbot passant arg., spotted sa. Jlotto—Je suis veillont ^

Seat— Castle Saunderson, Belturbet, co. Cavan.


Satjeix, Mokga]S' James, Esq. of Orielton, co.
Pembroke, J.P., Higli Sheriff 1883, Lieut.-Col.
Commanding Pembroke Yeomanry Cavalry, late
Capt. 6th Dragoon G-uards, b. 18 April, 1S45; m.
4 Dec. 1873, Fanny Margaret, only child of
the late "William Tyrwhitt Walker, Esq. of Twyford
House, Winchester, and has issue,

I. William Mark, b. 20 June, 1877.

II. Gerald Louis, b. 13 Oct. 1880.
I. Margaretta Kathleen, b. 1875.

Lineage. — This family is of Huguenot descent, and
came originally from Languedoc. On the revocation of the
Edict of Nantes, Jean Saurin, b. 1632, left Nismes, and settled
at Geneva. After his death, his three sons, Jacques, Louis,
and Marc Antoine, migrated to England. Jacques, the eldest,
entered the ministry, and was eventually appointed preacher
at the Hague, and was a celebrated Divine ; Marc Antoine,
entered the English service, and became a Capt. of Cavalry.
The 2nd son.

Very Rev. Louis Saurin, D.D., was appointed Precentor of
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, 22 March, 1727, and Dean of
Ardagh same day ; m. Maidemoiselle Cornet La Bretonier, who
d. at Belfast, 15 April, 1753. The Dean d. 19 Sept. 1749, and
was buried at St. Anne's, Dublin, leaving, with three daus.,
Helena, Mariana, and Cornelia, one son.

Rev. James Saurin, Rector of Belfast, b. 1729; ra. 24 July,
1757, Jane, widow of James Duff, of Belfast, and dau. of
WiUiam Johnston, Esq. of New Forge, co. Antrim, and had

I. Louis.

II. William (Right Hon.), Attorney-General for Ireland, and
a Privy Councillor, m. Mary, dau. of Edward O'Brien, Esq.,
grandson of William, 3rd Earl of Inchiquin, sister of
William and James. 2nd ar.d 3rd Marquesses of Ihomond,
and widow of Sir Richard Cox, 4th Bart., by whom (who d.
28 Jan. 1840) he had issue,

1 Edward, Admiral R.N., vi. 15 July, 1358, Lady Mary
Ryder, 2iid dau. of Dudley, 1st Earl of Harrowby, and
had issue. Their eldest son, William Granville (wlio d.
1893;, 7)1. 2 Aug. 1865, Nadine-Nicolaievna, youngest

5 Y 2





dau. of M. de Smirnoff, Privy Councillor and Senator
of the Emperor ol Russia, and their eldest dau., Susan
JIarcia, a. 3 Apiil, 1S7S. Admiral Saurin d. 28 Feb.

2 James, Esquire to AVilliam, 2nd Marquess of ThonionJ,
at his installation as a Knight of St. Patrick, May, 1819.

3 Mark Anthony, also Esquire to the Marquess of Thoniond
at Lis installation.

1 Sarah, m. Jan. 1811, Jolin Flood, Esq. of Flood Hall, co.
Kilkenny, and d. s. p.
in. Mark Anthony, 6. in Holland 1720.
IV. James (.Right Uev.), of whom hereafter.

Kev. James Saurin made his will 20 Jan. 170G, which was
proved 27 Aug. 1772. His 4th son.

Eight Rev. James Sacbin, D.D., Bishop of Dromore, was
ordained at Lishurn 2 Feb. 1781, appointed Vicar of Rosenalis,
CO. Kildare, 1^01, Dean of Cork 1812, Archdeacon of Dublin
1813, Dean of Derry 1818, and was consecrated Bishop of
Dromore, at Armagh, 19th Dec. 1819. He m. 1796, Elizabeth,
dau. of Anthony Lyster, Esq., and by her (who d. 19 July,
IS?3) had issue,

James (Yen.), appointed Archdeacon of Dromore, 10 May,

Mark Antony, of Orielton.

Emily, m. 1S24, Rev. Edward Richards, Chancellor of the
Diocese of Dromore, and Rector of Clonallon, co. Down {see
EiCHAKDS of Ardamine).

Lucy Catherine, m. Rev. Edward Perry Brooke, Canon of
Dromore, and of Coolmain House, co. Monaghan, and d. 23
Feb. 1887, aged 75.
Dr. Saurin d. 9 April, 1842. His son,

Makk Antony Saurin, Esq. of Orielton, co. Pembroke,
J.P., High Sheriff 1^67, fc. 1S12; ?ii. 30 April, 1844, Margaretta
Sutton, dau. of Eev. John Jones, and by her (who d. 27 Dec.
1870) had issue,

Morgan James, now of Orielton.

AVilliam Loftus, d. 1»52. Ernest Sutton.

Edith Mary, w. Is81, Capt. Walter Hore, Derbyshire Kcgt.,
and has issue, Walter Mark, Mary Georgina.
Mr. Saurin d. 25 March, 1885.

Arms — Arg., out of a mount vert an oak-tree ppr., ona chief
az., a crescent between two mullets of the first. Crest — An oak-
tree ppr.

Stat — Orielton, Pembroke.

Ciu6— Naval and Military.


Satile, John Walter, Esq. of Ballendrick, co.
Perth, and of Barley House, Exefter, Devon, Lieut.-
Col. late 1st Devon Militia and Capt. (retired
lialf-pay) H.M. Indian Forces, J. P. for Devon, b.
21 Jan. 1825; in. 25 Jan. 1859, Sarah Emma,
eldest dau. of G-eorge Stoddart, Esq. of Ballen-
drick, CO. Perth, formerly II.B.M. Consul at
Madeira, and has issue,

I. George Walter Wket, Capt. 2nd Eatt. (Duke of Cam
bridge's Own) Middlesex Regt., 6. 14 March, 18C0; m.
Ellen Louisa, eldest dau. of Col. A. D. Parsons, 2nd
Madras Lancers.

II. Philip Bourchier, 6. 9 June, 1861.
in. Reginald Vernon, b. 22 Oct. 1864.
IV. Leopold Halliday, b. 31 Aug. 1870.

I. Loiina Augusta. u. Emma Louisa, rf. 18G6.

III. Mildred Eleanora.

liiueag'e. — Christophee Atkinson, Esq. of Park Street,
Westminster, and Sweetlands, Devon, M.P. for Hedon, co.
York, appears to have been descended from William Atkin-
son, Esq. of Little Cattail, co. York, 1550, whose name is men-
tioned in the Heralds' Visitation of 1612. Christopher m. Jane,
dau. and lieir of John Savile, Esq. of Enfield, Middlesex, and
assumed by royal licence, 1789, the surname and arms of
Savilk. He was father of

-Vlbant Savile, Esq. of Oakland?, D.C.L., J.P. and D L.,
M.P. for Okehampton, ra. 2 March, 1815, Eleanora Elizabeth,
2nd dau. of Sir Bourchier Wrcy, 6th Bart, of Tawstock House,
Barnstaple, North Devon, and had issue,

I. Albany Bourchier, his heir, d. 1873.

II. Bourchier Wriy (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Dunchideock and
SInllingford, b. 11 March, 1817; m. April, 1842, Mary
Elizabeth, dau. of James Whjte, Esq. of Pilton House,
Devon, i.nd ■/. Ih89, leaving issue,

1 Walter Albany, b. 6 Aug. 1846.

2 Bour. Iiier Beresford, Paymaster R.N.

3 Henry, Lieut. R.N., 6. 2 Ma', h. 1854.

4 Charles, twin with Henry, d. 1876.

1 Constance Emma Beresford, b. 24 Dec. 1844; d. 18S9.

2 Blanche Eleanora Bourehier, twin with Constance, »i. 7
April, 18G9, John du Terreau Bogle, Major li.E., and has

3 Emma Elizabeth Adelaide, 6. 2 Dec. 1847 ; m. 22 Aug.
1866, Major-Oen. John Beresford, and has issue.

4 Mary Louisa Henrietta, 6. 22 Jidy, 1849; d. 16 July,

5 Augusta Fanny b. 28 April, 1851.

III. Henry Bourchier Osborne, Capt. (retired) R.A., Hon.
Col. 1st Gloucester A.V., b. 6 May, 1819 ; m. July, 1842,
Catherine, dau. and sole heir of llev. Thomas Law, and has

Albany Robert, Lieut. -Col. late Royal Irish Eegt., Pro-
fessor Royal Military College, Sandhurst, b. March, ls44.
Catheriue Maria.

IV. Frederick Alexander Stewart-Savile (Eev.), of Kilmori?,
Torquay, co. Devon, M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., J.P. co. Devon ;
held successively the Rectories of Kings-Nympton, North
Huish, and Torwood, Torquay, co. Devon; b. 4 July, 1820,
assumed the name of Stewart in 1874, under the will of his
wife's uncle, Robert Dykes, Esq. ; vi. Sept. 1852, Sophia
Stewart, only dau. of Thomas Dykes, Esq. of Oatlands, co.
Lanark, and has issue,

Walter Stewart, Capt. "The Buffs," b. July, 1855, educated
at Harrow and Cambridge; m. 1885, Mildred, dau. of
Capt. Campbell, R.E., and has issue, two daus.

Robert Dykes Stewart, b. Jan. 18d3, educated at Harrow
and Cambridge, went to New Zealand in 1888, as A.D.C.
to Earl Onslow, Governor-General.

Marion Louisa, m. 1 June, 1886, Lodovic Edward Bligh,
only son of Hon. and Rev. Edward Vesey Bligh, of
Fartherwell Hall, Kent {set Burke's Peeraye, Darnlet,
E.), and has issue.

Eleanora Sophia, m. 27 June, 1882, Robert Jamieson, Esq.,
and has issue.

Adelaide Jlai-.^aret. Alice Stewart Maud.

V. Charles Henry, b. 18 Sept. 1821 ; d. 1822.

VI. Edward Bourchier, of 30, St. George's Eoad, London,
S.W., Recorder of ukehampton, b. 16 Oct. 1823; m. Cornelia,
dau. of 1). O'Callaghan, Esq. of Ballinahinch, co. Clare, by
whom he had a dau.,

Frances Eleanora.
He m. 2ndly, Margaret Marion, dau. of Rev. John Steven-
son, D.D., of Patrixbourne, Kent, Hon. Canon of Canter-
bury, and has further issue,

Edward Gordon, b. 24 Feb. 1866.

Henry Montague, b. 5 Sept. 1867.

Evelyn St. Ledger. Ida Gwendolin.

Lillian Marion Estelle.

VII. John Walter, now of Bellendrick and Barley House.

VIII. Robert Bourehier, b. 2 Oct. 1829 : d. 1866.

I. Eleanora Maria, m. Rev. G. A. Rogers.

II. Louisa Elizabeth, d. 1852.

III. Anna Augusta, m. George Miles, Esq. of Llangattock
Park, and d. 1893.

IV. Henrietta Anna, to. Gerald de Courcy Hamilton, Esq.,
and ((. 1893.

V. Adelaide Maria, d. unm. 1888.

Mr. Savile d. Feb. 1831, and was s. by his eldest son,

Albany Bourchier, Esq. of Down House, Eedland, co.
Gloucester, and previously of Oaklands, Devon, J. P., an Officer
7th Hussars, b. 26 March, 1816; m. 16 May, 1848, Elizabeth
Anna, eldest dau. of Sir Lawrence Vaughan Palk, 3rd Bart, of
Haldon, Devon, and d. 7 June, 1873.

Amu — Arg., on a bend sa.,cotisedgu., three owls of the first,
all within a bordure engrailed of the third. C)-est — An eagle
rising per bend sinister or and sa., holding in the beak a fleur-
de-lis az. Motto — Nil conscire sibi.

Residence — Barley House, Exeter.

Ciu&— E.I.U.S., St. James's Square, S.W.


Savill-Oxley, Charles Alfred Onley, Esq.
of Asli Priory, Somerset, and Bexfields, Essex, J. P.,
b. 18 June, 1849 ; m. 5 Jan. 1875, Mary Elizabeth,
2nd dau. of the late William Fox, Esq. of Adbury,
Hants. He assumed by royal licence, 21 May,
1891, the name and arms of Savill-Onley.

Lineage. — Eev. Charles .Onley, of Stisted Hall, Essex,
son of Capt. Onley, E.N., in. Ann, dau. and co-heir (with her
sister, Sarah) of — Savill, of Colchester and Fordham, Essex,
but dying s. p., devised his property to his nephew,

Charles Harvey, Esq. (3rd son of Eobert Harvey, Esq.,
Mayor of Norwich, by Judith his wife, dau. of Capt. Onley,
E.N., and sister of the Eev. Charies Onley, of Stisted Hall).
This gentleman, who was a Barristor-at-Law, Recorder of
Norwich, Chairman of the Norfolk County Sessions, and M.P.
for Norwich 1812, and twice for Carlow, took the surnames and





arms of SAvii-L-ONLETin 1822. He m. 1st, 1783, Sarah, dau. of
John Ilayncs, Esq. of Twickenham, and by her had issue,
Onlet, of Stisted Hall ; Sarah, m. William Herring, Esq. of
Norwidi ; and Judith, in. Charles E. Turner. Esq., Barrister-
at-Law and Master of Queen's Bench. Mr. SaviU-Onley vi.
2ndly, Charlotte, dau. of John Haynes, Esq. of Twiclienham.
He d. 31 Aug. 1843, and was s. by his only son,

Onley Savill-Onlet, Esq. of Stisted Hall, Essex, B.A.
Camb., J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1848, h. 27 Oct. 1795; m.
1st, 16 April, 1818, his cousin, Caroline Mary, 5th dau. of Col.
John Harvey, of Thorpe Lodge, Norfolk, and had issue,

I. Charles, b. 21 June, 1827 ; d. 7 Nov. 1876.

n. Arthur, d. 2 March, 1843, ajred 8.

I. Caroline Savill, of whom presently.

II. Louisa, 7)1. 22 June, 1848, Rev. T. G. Carter, "Vicar of
Linton, Kent, and d. 12 Dec. 1849, leaving a son, J. Savill,

III. Mury. m.'i Feb. 1862, Herbert Whitaker, Esq., Barrister-
at-Law (of the Inner Temple), of Stone House, Southwold,
and has an only son, Percival Ayton Onley, b. 1»70, Lieut.
4th Batt. Essex Eegt.

Mr. Savill-Onley in. 2ndly, 22 July, 1851, Jane, eldest dau. of
■\Villiam I'ox, Esq. of Chester Terrace, Regent's Park, and by
lier had three daus.,

IV. Judith, TO. 20 May, 1873, Clement William Joseph
Unthank, Esq., Capt. 17th Lancers, of Intwood Hall, Nor-

V. Jane Elizabeth, to. 2') April, 1879, Evelyn William Eash-
leigh, Esq. of Menabilly, Cornwall, 13arrister-at-Law.

VI. Maria, in. 12 Feb. 18b4, Edward Lee-Warner, Esq.

The elder dau. and co-lieir,

Caroline Savill, to. 19 Sept. 1849, Eev. Henry Philip
Marsham, of liippon Hall, Hevingham, Norfolk {see that
fiunily)., and d. 26 Aug. 1893, having by him, who d. 9 March,
1892, had issue,

I. Henry Savill, of Eippon Hall (see Marsham of liippon

II. Charles Alfred Onley, who assumed the name of
Savill-Onley, and is now of Ash Priory.

III. Frederick Savill, Capt. late 60th EitlfS, b. 5 April, 1853,
m. "24 Aug. 1887, Bertha Alice, only dau. of the late Col.
Cameron Hogge, Gren. Guards, and has issue, a dau.,
Cameron "Violet, b. 5 Sept. I8f 8.

I. Agnes Louisa, in. 7 May, 1874, Eev. James Lee-Warner,
Kector of Beckley, Sussex.

Anns — Quarterly: 1st and 4th per pale or and gu., three
piles meeting in point counterchanged, on a canton arg. a
mullet pierced ea., for Olney; 2nd arg., on a bend sa. cotised
gu. three owls of the field, for Savill; 2rd erm., on a chief
indented gu. three crescents arg., for Harvey. Crests — 1st,
Out of a crown vallery or, an eagle's head issuing from flames
ppr. holding in the beak a sprig of laurel also ppr., for Onley;
2nd, On a mount vert, an owl arg. charired on the body with
three mullets in bend gu., for Savill; 3rd, A dexter cubit arm
epaumee ppr., charged from the wrist with a pile gu., above the
fingers a crescent reversed arg., for Harvey, ilutto — Alterisi

Seats— \&\\ Priory, Taunton, Somerset ; and Bexfields,
Chelmsford, Essex.


Sawbeidge, Edward Hexet Bridgman, Esq.
of East Haddon, co. Nortliampton, J. P., late Capt.
^-itli Regt., b. 1840; m. 1877, Bertha, eldest dau.
of liev. George Goodwin Pownall Glossop, M.A.,
"Vicar of Twickenham, Middlesex, and has issue,
four daus.

Liineag'e. — Henry Sawbridge, Esq. of East Haddon, co.
Northampton, b. 15 Sept. 1719 (son of William Sawbridge,
Esq. of London, by Mary his wife, dau. of Henry Shibell, and
grandson of William Sawbridge, Esq. of Daventry, a descendant
of the Savvbridges of Hill Morton, co. Warwick) served as
High Sheriff of co. Northampton 1782. He m. 1752, Elizabeth,
dau. of Thomas Sikes, Esq. of London, and had issue (with
two daus., who d. utiui.),

I. William, his heir.

II. Henry (Eev.). M.A., Eector of Welford, Berks, m. 1791,
Kosanna, dau. of George Cherry. Esq., and widow of Tiiomas
Blachford, Esq., and d. s. p. 1830.

III. John Sikes (Eev.), M.A., who s. his brother as Eector of
Welford, in. Frances Jane, dau. of Framingham Thruston,
Esq. of Market Weston Hall, Suffolk, and d. 183C, having
had issue,

1 Frederick, who d. young.

2 Edward Henry (Eev.), M.A., of East Haddon Hall,
Eector of Thelnetham, Suffolk, 6. 1813; m. Is38, Fanny
Isabella, elder dau. of Edward Bridgman, Esq. of Coney
Weston Plall, Suffolk, and d. lSi4, leaving is.sue.

Edward Henry Bridgman. now of E ist Haddon.

John Sikes (Eev.), of Coney Weston Hall {see next

Henry Barne Thruston, b. 1857 ; d. 18''9.

Fanny Isabella Bridgman, m. 185><, Ecv. C. G. Wode-
house, Eector of Mongewell, co. Oxford, 2nd son of
Vice-Admiral Hon. Philip Wodehouse.

Mary, in. 1866, Hev. Philip Cameron Wodehouse, Chap-
lain at Hampton Court Palace, 3rd son of Vice-Admiral
Hon. Philip Wodehouse. He d. 16 Dec. 1883.

Elizabeth, 7)1. 1869, Leonard Downes, Esq., Col. E.A.,
son of Rev. John Downes, Rector of Hannington, co.
Northamjiton, and has issue, five sons and two daus.

Laura Helen, d. lb7J.

Harriet, m. 7 July, 1880, Eev. Benjamin Mills, and has
issue, two sons and three daus.
I Frances, d. unm. 12 Feb. 1880. 2 Jane.

3 Mary, to. Eev. W. Whalley, Vicar of Toddington, co.
Gloucester, and d. 1850.

4 Dulcibella.

6 Eosanna Catherine, d. unm. 1884.
6 Harriet, d. unm. 1850. 7 Laura, d. unm. 1862.

Mr. Sawbridge d. 31 Dec. 180G, and was s. by his son,

William Sawbridge, Esq. of East Haddon, in. 21 Nor.
1777, Mary, eldest dau. of Miles Barne, Esq. of Sotterley,
Suffolk, M.P., and d. 11 Oct. 1836, and was s. by his only son,

Henry Barne Sawbridge, Esq., b. 1779 ; m. Grace Julia,
widow of T. C. Glyn, Esq., 3rd son of Sir E. C. Glyn, Bart.,
and youngest dau. of Thomas Charles Bigge, Esq. of Brenton
House, Northumberland, and d.s. ji. 1851. His widow, Grace
Julia, of East Haddon Hall, d. 1872, and was s. by

Eev. Edward Henry Sawbridge, who d. 1874, and was s. by
his eldest son, Edward Henry Bridgman, Esq., now of East

Arms — Or, two bars az., each charged with a barrulet dan-
cettee arg., on a chief indented of the second an ermine spot of
the first. C-rest—A. demi-lion az., holding in his paws a saw
erect or, on the shoulder an ermine or.

Seat — East Haddon, near Northampton.


Sawbridge, Ret. John Sikes, of Coney Weston
Hall, CO. Suffolk, 5. 2i Sept. 1841 ; m. 24 Sept.
1874, Elizabeth Tudor, eldest dau. of the late
George Edward Frere, Esq., F.R.S., of Roydon
Hall, Diss, Norfolk, and has issue,

I. John Edward Bridgman, b. 22 June, 1877.

II. liartle Frere, b. 2 Nov. 1883.

III. Henry Eichard, b. 11 March, 1885.

IV. Hugh Fabian Frere, b. 20 Jan. 1887.

I. Laura Helen Tudor, b. 2 Oct. 1875.

II. Mary Constance Tudor, b. 14 Oct. 1879.

III. Bertha Elizabeth Tudor, 6. 7 June, 1880.

IV. Hilda Tudor, b. 1 Oct. 18sl.

V. Brenda Geraldine Tudor, b. 1 Dec. 1882.

The Rev. John Sikes Sawbridge (2nd son of Rct.
Edward Henry Sawbridge, see Sawbridge of East
Haddon Hall), inherited the estate of Coney
Weston, from his aunt, Elizabeth Mary Bridgman,
who d. unm. 8 May, 1889.

^amiljT of ^ribgman.
The first record to hand of the Bridgman family is of one
John Beidgman, who 7)i. (circa) 1740, a Miss Andrews. Their

Edward Bridgman, lived at Botesdale, co. Suffolk, and
became possessed of the Coney Weston Hall estate, lie m.
about 1770, Elizabeth Walton, of Dickleborough, co. Norfolk
(of the same family as the famous Izaak Walton), and by her
had, with three daus., one surviving son,
Edward, of Coney Weston Hall.

E.izabeth, b. 1772 ; m. Capt. Oibell Eay, of Tostock, but left
no issue.

Ann, b. 1774; to. Eichard, elder son of John Mills, of Col-
chester (who through their son Edward, were grandparents
of Rev. Benjamin Mills, the husband of Harriet, youngest
dau. of Eev. E. H. Sawbridge).

Fanny, fc. 1777; m. John Fletcher, younger son of John
Mills, of Colchester, and had issue.
The only surviving son,

Edward Bkiljgman inherited the Coney Weston Hall estate
from his father; ju. 21 June, 1810, Frances, dau. ol Thomas
Fox, Esq. of South Lopham, co. Norfolk, and had issue,
Fanny Isabella, b. April, and d. -iug. Isll.





Fanny Isabella, 6. 15 July, 1S12; m. 29 ilay, 183S, Eev.

Edward Henry &iwbridg-e, late of East Haddon Hall.
Elizal'ttli Mary, i. 3 June, 1S17 ; s. to the estate on lier

miither's death 29 xUig. ISlJo. She d. S May, lS

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