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8i>, havinR

devised the estate to her nephew, the liEV. John Sikes

Sawbkidoe, the present owner,
ilr. Bridgman d. 23 Oct. 1S60.

Seat— Coney Weston Hall. Ixnorth.
JiesideJice — Thelnetham Keetorv, Ilarling.


Satvtek, Edmund Charles, Esq. of Heywoocl,
Eerks, h. 1871 ; s. Lis uncle 1892.

Lineage. — Sir Edmund Sawyer, Knt., b. 1579, son of
George Sawyer, Esq., and .\nne hi.'s wife, dau. of Elezins
Hill, of Blofiekl. and grandson of Edmund Sawyer, Esq. of
Cawston, Norfolk, by his wife, Jane Fiske, of Halesworth.
purchased 1627, the manor, A.-c.,,of Heywood, Berks, and was
Member for Berwick-upon-Tweed in the Parliament of 162y.
He hi. Anne, dau. of Sir William Whitmore, Knt. of London,
and d. 1670, having had by her (who d. 1651), with other issue
(of which the 4th son was Robert (Sir), Knt., 0. 1633, Attorney -
General to Charles II., and counsel for the seven Bishops in
the reign of James II., who d. 1692, leaving an only child,
Margaret, mi. Thomas, 8th Earl of Pembroke), an eldest son,
George, who d. v. j>. 1655, leaving two sons and a dau.,
Edmund, successor to his grandfather; John, b. 1685, d. 1722;
and Catherine, in. Sir Gonstantine Phipps, Knt., Lord Chan-
cellor of Ireland. Sir Edmund's grandson,

Edmund Sawyer, Esq. of Heywood, ?«. 1680, Mary, 2nd
dau. of John Finch, Esq. of Fiennes, lierks, and by her (who
d. 1730) had (besides three dans., Sarah, Mary, and Elizabeth)
two sons, John, of whom presently, and George, b. 1687, of
Canon Pyon, co. Hereford, a Major in the army. Mr. Sawyer
d. 16?8. His eldest son,

John Sawyer, Esq. of Heywood, 6. 1685; m. Anne, dau. of
Anthony Duneombe, Esq., and sister of Anthony Duncombe.
1st Lord Feversham, and by her (who d. 1770) had, with other

Anthony, his heir.

Herbert, Admiral R.N., 6. 1730; m. 1755, Anne, dau. of
— Majendie, of Lisbon, and had issue.
Herbert (Sir), K.C.B., m. 1792, Louisa, dau. of John
Lloyd, Esq., of Pound, Devon, and d. 1833, having had by
ber (who d. 1828)
Herbert, '.. 1793; d. 1811.
John Jervis, Lieut. U.K., h. 1799; d. 1822.
William George (Itev.), h. 1802.

Jane, m. Henry Hope, Esq., Capt. R.N., and d. 1823.
Charles, d. ji.nm.

Susan Anne, m. Charles Hope, Esq., Capt. R.N.
Sophia. _ Louisa.

Sarah, m. Eev. James Thistlethwaite, of Sunning Hill,
Elizab. th. Jane, c?. 1714. Anne.

Harriet, m. Capt. Dansey, K.N.

Maiy, m. 13 June, 1735, Ven. Charles Jenner, D.D., Pre-
bendary of Lincoln, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, Rector
of Buckworth, and Chaplain in Ordinary to King George
Mr. Sawyer d. 1750, and was s. by his eldest son,

Anthony Sawyer, Esq. of Heywood, b. 1713; m. 1st, Anne,
Countess of Ruglen in her own right, mother of the 4th Duke
of Queensberry, and 2ndly, Phoebe, dau. and co-heir of Richard
Harcourt, Esq. of Wigsell, Sussex, M.P., and by the latter
only (who d. 1813) had issue,
John, his successor.

Richard, b. 1763; m. 1st, Miss de Petersen, a Dutch lady,
and by her had a son, Richard John, b. 1791. He //;. 2ndly,
Jlary Anne Shrapnell, and d. 1823, having had by her
Henry Richard, .John, and Phoebe.

George (twin with Richard), 7/1. 1st, Miss Chappelen, a
Dutch lady, by whom (who d. 1814) he had one son, George
Anthony, 6. 1791, who m. Justine, dau. of Baron Van
Wcstrenen, and had issue, George Cappelcn, b. 1815, in.
184J, Mary Rebecca, dau. of George Hillhouse, Esq. of
Bristol, and has issue: Charles Richard John, i. 1816, »;.
1846, Ellen, dau. of Joseph Butterworth, Esq. of Clapham,
Surrey, and has issue ; William, b. 1817, d. 1838 ; Frederick,
6. 1821 ; and Edward, 6. 1823, m. 1856, Emma Louisa, dau.
of ilenry Ward, Esq. of Brockland, Hants. He in. 2ndly,
JIarianne, widow of Capt. Wiiliain Maxwell, and d. 1837.
M;iry, in. William Bristow, Esq. of Quiddenham, Norfolk,
and d. 1S04.

Anne, m. Rev. Charles Smith, cousin to Lord Carrington,
and d. 1839.

Francis, m. George Smith, Esq., brother to Rev. Charles

Mr. Sawyer d. 1784, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

John Sawyer, Esq. of Heywood, J. P. and D.L.,High SherifT
1819, b. 1762; m. 1785, Sarah, dau. of Anthony Dickens, Esq.
of Cherrington, co. Warwick, and by her (who d. 1848) had
Charles, of Heywood.

Herbert, b. 1803; d. 1877; in. 1829, Frances Mary, only
dau. of George Smith, Esq., and by her (who d. 1851) had
issue, Duneombe Herbert (Rev.), Rector of Hammoon,
Dorset, b. 1837 ; Edward Wayland, 6. 1842 ; and Mary

Mr. S.awyer was s. at his decease, in 1745, by his elder son,

Charles Sawyer, Esq. of Heywood, J. P. and D.L., 6. 1787;
m. 10 Oct. 1812, Henrietta, eldest dau. of Sir George Bowyer,
5th Bart, of Radley, in the same co., and by her (who d. 1864)
had issue,

Charles, now of Heywood.
Edmund, Bairister-at-Law, 6. 1816.

Henry John, Barrister-at-Law, b. 1820; appointed a Judge at
Demerara, where he d. 1852.
Robert, Barrister-at Law, b. 1822.
George Herbert (Rev.), B.C.L., b. 182G, has four sons and

two daus.
William George (Rev.), Rector of Taplow, Maidenhead, b.
1829; HI. 1862, Margaret, dau. of Rev. Mr. Sheppard, of
Great Milton, Oxon, and had, with other issue, a son,
Edmund Charles, who s. his uncle.
Henrietta, rf. 1866. Charlotte.

Mr. Sawyer rf. 1876. His eldest son,

Charles Sawyer, Esq. of Heywood, Berks, Lieut.-Gen. in
the army, late Lieut.-Col. of the 6th Dragoon Guards, b. 19
July, 1813 ; m. 1840, Anna Maria, dau. of J. F. Timmins, Esq.
of Hilfield, Herts, which lady d. 1876. Lieut.-Gen. Sawyer d.
s. p. 1892, and was s. by his nephew.

Arms — Az., a fesse chequy or and sa. between three sea-pies
arg. Crest — A talbot guardant ppr. Motto — Cherches et tu

S:at — Heywood, Maideuliead, Berks.


Hall-Sat, Richard, Esq. of Oakley Court,
Berks, J. P. for Norfolk and Berks, and High.
Sheriff of the latter co. 1864, b. April, 1827 ; m.
Aug. 1857, Ellen, only child of Edward Evans, Esq.
of Boveney Court, Bucks, and has had issue,

I. Lionel Henry, b. May, 1S59; d. unm. 1885.

II. Geoffbry Norman Edward, b. April, 1864.

I. Jlary Violet, m. 26 April, 1876, Rev. Arthur Henry Austen
Leigh, M.A., Rector of Winterbourn. co. Gloucester.

II. Beatrice Maud. in. Ethel Nina.
IV. Hilda Lilian.

This gentleman, only son of Eichard Hall, Esq. and
Harriet his wife, dau. of Robert Say, Esq. of Down-
ham, Norfolk, who d. 1831, assumed the surname
and arms of Sat in conformity with the testamen-
tary injiuiction of his uncle, Eev. Henry Say, Eector
of North Twickenham and Houghton. He has had
two sisters, Harriet, m. 1850, James Thomson, Esq.
and has by him (who d. 1870) two sons and one
dau., and Dora, m. 1848, Eev. John Macuaught,
stnd d. 1864, leaving one sttrviving dau.

^r»!.s— Quarterly : 1st and 4th chevronny of .six az. and gu.,
two flauuches erni., for Say; 2nd and 3rd sa., two feathers
chevronwise arg. between as many chevronels or, the whole
between two talbots' heads erased of the second, for Hall.
Crests— 1st, A stag's head erased arg., guttee de larnies, in the
mouth a cinquefoil slipped vert, for Say; 2nd, A talbot's head
erased sa., charged with four bezants in cross, in the mouth a
feather arg. Motto— Varc et age.

Seats— Si. Ives Place, Maidenhead, Berks, and Swaffham,

Citii— Reform.


Satek, Johx, Esq. of Pett Place, in the parish
of Charing, Kent, b. 3 July, 1850, educated at
Eugby and Ch. Ch. Oxford, M.A. 1876, Barrister-
at-Law (Lincoln's Inn) 1875, J. P. for co. Kent ;
m. 30 April, 1889, Dorothea Hugoline, eldest dau.
of the late Eev. Hugh Pigott, Eector of Streatham,
CO. Cambridge, and has issue,





I. Gladys Hiigoline.

II. Sibella Margaret.

Lineage. — The Sayers were settlea at a yery early period
in Esses, where we find William and John Suyer, of Birch, in
the reign of Edward II.

John Satek, Alderman of Colchester, d. 1509, leaving, by
Elizabeth, or Isabella his wife (whod. 1530, and was bur. with
Ler husband at St. Peter's, Colchester), three sons,

•George, of whom presently.

John, sometime Mayor of Colchester, who d. 1563, leaving
two sons, William, who uf. s. p., and Richard, who d. 1010,
<et. circa 80, leaving Jane, his only duu. and heir, then
under age.

Robert, mentioned in his mother's will 1530, living 1545.
His issue living 1673-7-1.

George Sater, probably the eldest son, was thirty years
Alcernian, and in 1554 one of the Burgesses of Colchester. He
purchased, tcmii. Elizabeth, the estate of Bourchiers Hall, in
Aldham, Essex. He d. in 1577, leaving, by his 1st wife,
Agnes, dau. and co-heir of John Westdene, of co. Lincoln, an
'Only surviving son,

George Sayer, Esq. of Bourchiers Hall, m. Kose, dau. of
William Cardinal, of Great Bromley, and dying 3 July, 1590,
left, besides a 2nd and youngest son, Thomas (who m. and
had issue, recorded in the Visitation of Suffolk 1012), an elder

Sir George Sayee, Knt. of Bourchiers Hall, in. Dorothy,
dau. of Sir John Higham, of Barrow Hall, Suffolk, and was ,'.
at his decease, March, 1630, by his son,

John Sayee, Esq. of Bourchiers Hall, b. 1589, M.P. for Col-
chester 1645, m. Hester, dau. of Eobert Honywood, Esq. of
Mark's Hall, Essex, and had issue,

I. George (Sir), of Bourchieis Hall, knighted 1640, Master of
the Horse to the King of Bohemia, who cL v. p. 11 July,
1050, leaving (by his wife) a posthumous dau.,

Hester, m. Sir John Marsham, 2nd Bart, of Cuxton. and
was mother of the 3rd Bart. She d. without surviving
issue 1716.

II. John (Sir), of whom presently.
John Sayer d. 1658. His 2nd son,

Sir John Sayer, Knt., Page to the Prince of Orange and
•Col. of Foot, m. Katherine, dau. of John Van Hesse Van
Piershill, of Wena, in Holland, and had five sons, Geoegf
liobert, John, Charles, and Adolphus. Sir John d. Sept. 1007
and was s. by his eldest son,

George Sayee, Esq., Vice-Chamberlain to Queen Cather-
ine, Consort to Charles II., and also to Queen 3Iaey II.,
who made him Sub-Governor and Gentleman of the Bcd-
■chamber to William, Duke of Gloucester. He m. Frances,
dau. and heir of Sir Philip Honywood, of Pett, in the parish of
Charing, Kent, and dying May, 1718, aged 63, left a son and

George Sayer, Esq. of Pett, in. Mary, sister of Daniel
Godfrey, of Feversham, and d. 1733, leaving two dau-s.,
ilary and Catherine (who both d. unm.), and a son,

George Sayer, Esq. of Pett, la. Mary, dau. of John
Greenliill, of Maidstone, by Mary his wife, sister of Matthew
Chandler, of St. Kadigund's, in Polton, Kent. He was High
Sheriff of Kent in 1755, and d. 1778, leaving issue,
George, his heir.

John, Major in the army, m. Charlotte, dau. of Charles Van,
Esq. of Llanwern, co. Monmouth, and had a son, Hev.
John Sayer, Vicar of Arlington, co. Gloucester, who m.
Elizabeth, only dau. and heir of Kev. Thomas Hodges, of
Slowwe in Arlingham, also Vicar of Arlingham (who d.
1784, aged 29). He d. 1S36, aged 49, having had one son,
John, late of Pett, and one dau. Mary Elizabeth, m. Rev.
John Lloyd Crawley, M.A., Vicar of Arlingham, who d.
Mary, d. unm. 30 March, 1829.

Catherine, m. Rev. William Gregory, 2nd son of Dr. John
Gregory, of Aberdeen.
Frances, d. unm. 3 March, 1829.
Mr. Sayer was s. by his elder son,

ItEv. George Sater, LL.B., of Pett, Rector of Egglescliffe,
CO. Durham, m. 1786, Catherine, only dau. of James Wakely,
of Charing, and had, with other issue, who d. young,
George Edwaed, his heir.

Mary, m. Henry Egertcn, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-
at-Law, and d. s. p. June, 1854.
Catherine, d. unm. 1870. Charlotte, d. unm. 1874.

Selina, d. %mm. 1861.

Jane, m. Kev. H. T. Parker, and d. s. p. 1864.
Mr. Sayer d. 1814, and was ^«. by his son,

Geokge Edward Sayee, Esq. of Pett, d. unm. 28 May, 1871,
aged 76, and was s. on the death of his last surviving sister,
Charlotte, in July, 1874, by his cousin,
John Sayee, Esq. of Pett Place, Kent, and Arlingham, co.

Gloucester, educated at Rugby and Trin. Coll. Oxford, B.A.
1845, M.A. 1849, Earrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn) 1850, J. P.
for CO. Kent. b. 21 Jan. 1823; m. 13 Sept. 1849, Charlotte
Sibella, eldest dau. of Rev. William Crawley, Incumbent of
Flaxley,co. Gloucester (5th son of Sir Thomas Crawley-Boevey,
2nd Bart, of F'laxley Abbey), and had issue,

I. John, now of Pett Place.

II. George, 6. 7 Sept. 1853, educated at Eton and Trin. Coll.

III. William, b. 7 Kov. 1854, educated at Westminster and
Ch. Ch. Oxford, m. 1888, E. A., dau. of— Coy, E.-;q.

IV. Arthur, 0. 15 Aug. 1856, educated at Wesinjinster, m.
1887, Katherine, dau. of B. Smith, Esq., and had issue,

Arthur Gerald, b. 1888.

I. Mary, m. 28 Sept. 1S82, Rev. J. R. Lawrence.

II. Sibella F'anny.

Mr. Sayer d. 1 July, 1880.

Arms—Gu., a chevron arg. between three peewits ppr
Ct-est — A dexter arm in armour cmbowed ppr., garnished or,
the hand grasping a griffin's head crused or,

Seat — Pett Place, Charing, Kent.

Club— Os.foTd and Cambridge.


De Casteja, Count (ilAiiiE EiiMANUEi Al-
tar DE Biaudos), of Scarisbriek, co. Lancaster, 7).
1849 ; m. 1S74, Adolphine Gahi-ielle Marie de
Fai-et, dau. of tlie Marquis de Foui'nes, aud has

Marie Andre Leon Alvar, h. 1875.

liineage.— Gilbert de Scaeesbeeck is the first of this
family on record. F""roin him descended

Waltee de Scaeiseeeck and Henry de Scarisbveck, and in
1303, we find

Gilbeet de Scaeisbbeck settled land in Hurlton, Scarisbrick,
andSnape, co. Lancaster, by deed dated 31 Edward I., on his

Gilbert de Scarisbbeck, who m. 14 Edward II., Joan, dau.
of John de Kirkby, and was ancestor of

Thomas Scarisbrick, of Borwick, heir to his cousin, Edward
Scarisbrick, of Scarisbrick. His son,

Henry Scarisbeick, m. 28 July, 1599, Anne, dau. of Anthony
Parker, Esq. of Radam, co. York, and d. 1008, leaving a

Edward Scarisbeick, m. 24 March, 1631, Frances, dau. of
Roger Bradshaig, Esq. of Haigh, and by her (who d. 1007) had
a son,

James Scarisbeick, 6. 1635; m. 1659, Frances, dau. of Robert
Blundell, Esq. of Ince Eluudell, and by her (who d. 1120) had
issue ; he d. 1673. His 3rd son,

Robeet Scaeisbeick, m. Anne, dau. of William Messenger,
Esq. of Fountain Abbey, co. York, and by her (who d. 1744,
aged 65) had issue; he d. 1737. His son,

Basil Thomas Scarisbrick, ^. to the estate of Eccleston,
CO. Lancaster, under a deed of settlement made by Thomas
Eccleston, Esq. of Eccleston, dated 18 Aug. 17'25, and then
assumed the surname of Eccleston. He afterwards s. to Scaris-
brick, '/;!. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Dicconson, Esq. of
Wiightington, same co., and d. 1789, leaving by her (who d.
1753) a son,

Thomas Eccleston, Esq. of Eccleston and Scarisbrick, 6.
1752 ; s. to Wrightington on the death of his maternal uncle,
Edward Dicconson, purchased the manor of Ilalsall ; m. 1784,
Eleonora, dau. of Thomas Clifton, Esq. of Lythain, und<(. 1809,
when he was s. by his son,

Thomas Eccleston Scarisbrick, Esq. of Eccleston, m.
Sybella Georgiana, dau. of William ffarington, Esq. of Shaw
Hall, and resumed his paternal surname of Scarisbeick.
He inherited the estate of Wrightington on the decease of
his uncle, Edward Dicconson, Esq. of Wrightington. He had

I. Thomas, who assumed the surname and arms of Scabis-
brick, only.

II. Charles, who assumed the surname of Dicconson, and
s. to Wrightington.

I. Anne, m. lSu7, Sir Thomas Windsor Hunloke, Bart.

II. Eliza, m. 1819, Edward Clifton, Esq.

III. Maria. iv. Catherine.

On the decease of Mr. Eccleston-Scarisbrick, his son,

Thomas Scaeisbeick, Esq., s. to ;he Scarisbrick estates. He
TO. Sybella Georgiana, dau. of ^'illiam ffarington, Esq. of
Sliaw Hall, but d. s. p. II July, 1833, when he was s. by his





CuAKLES ScARisERicK, Esq. of Soarisbrick, co. Lancaster,
nigh ShcrilT 183E), whose patronymic was Ecclcston, assumed
the surname of DiccoNsos on succeeding to the Wrightington
estates, which surname he exchanged for that of Scabisbbick
on succeeding to the Scarishrick estates in 1S33. lie d. 1859,
when the entailed estates devolved on his sister,

Anne, m. ISO", Sir Thomas Windsor IIvnloke, Bart, of
W'ingcrworth, and had issue,

1 Henry John Joseph (Sir), last baronet of Wingerworth,
who (/. unni. S Feb. 1S56.
1 Cliarlotte, rf. unm. 16 May, 1S57.
■J Eliza Maegaket, of whom presently.

Lady llunloke assumed by royal licence 17 Oct. 1870, the
Eurname and arms of Scakisbbick, and dying 6 March, 1872,
W.1S s. by her only surviving dau. and heiress,

Eliza Margabet, m. 1835, Kemy Leon de Biaudos, Marquis
DE Casteja, who was authorised, on succeeding to Scarisbrick,
by royal licence dated 31 Jan. 1373, to take the name of
ScABisBRicK, after that of de Biacdos, and to bear the arms
of ScARisBRicK quarterly. Eliza Margaret, Marchioness de
Casteja, </. 13 Nov. 1S78, and was s. by her husband, who
was s. under a deed of settlement by his son, Marie
Emmanuel Alyar de Biaudos, Count de Cast^ja, now of

.-!,-);i6-— Quarterly; 1st and 4th gu., three mullets in bend,
between two bendlets engrailed arg., and for distinction, in
tlie Centre chief point a crosslet or, for Scarisbrick ; 2ud and
Srd, De Biaudos.

iiiut — Scarisbrick Hall, near Ormskirk.


ScAELETT, William: James Yoeke, Esq. of
Giglia, CO. Argyll, b. 16 Feb. 1872; »«. 20 April,
lb'j'3, Mabel Sydney, younger dau. of Col. the
Hon. Sydney Aunesley.

Lineage.— The family of Scarlett is of ancient English
origin, a branch of which emigrated to Jamaica soon after
the taking of that island, and became possessed of considerable
landed property there.

ItoBERT Scarlett, Esq. of Duckett's Spring, Jamaica, m.
2 Feb. 1765, Elizabeth Wright, widow, dau. of Philip Anglin,
Esq. of Paradise Estate, Hanover, Jamaica, and great-great-
pranddau. of Henry Lawrence, President of Cromwell's
Council of State, and had issue, Philip, James, 1st Lord
Abinger {see Burke's 2'etrage and Baronetage), Robert, and

SiB William Anglin Scablett, Chief Justice of Jamaica,
m. 19 July, 1S09, Mary, dau. of Joseph Williams, Esq. of
Luana, in the parish of St. EUzabeth. The Williams family
are of Welsh origin, and have been landed proprietors in
Jamaica since its conquest. Sir William d. in Jamaica 9
Oct. Is31, leaving, by his said wife (who d. 11 Oct. 1832),

James Williams Scarlett, Esq. of Downland, Sussex,
B.A., Barrister-at-Law, J. P., b. 20 Feb. 1812; ?/i. 14 Sept.
Is37, Anne Rhodes Williams, youngest dau. of James Brown,
E-iij. 01 Harehills Grove, co. York, and by her (who d. 25 Dec.
IfeOty had issue,

I. William James, of Gigha, Lieut. -Col. Scottish Division
Garrison Artillery, b. 19 Oct. Is39: m. 27 Jan. 1868, Hen-
rietta Katherine, dau. of John Low, Esq. of Sunvale,
Kilmallock, co. Limerick, and d. 31 July, IssS, having by
her (who d. 1885; had i.ssue, William James Yobke, now of
Gigha; John Lawrence, 6. 11 Marcn, 1874; Francis Kow-
land, 6. 18 May, ltt75 ; Henry Norman, b. 2 Oct. 1876;
Benjamin Anglin, b. Is78 ; Charlotte Anne, d. 19 March,
ltS6 : Georgiana Marj-; Kathleen; and Amy.

II. James Williams (Rev.), Rector of Rossington, 6. 6 Oct.
Ib41 : m. 28 Oct. 1873, Barbara Isabella, dau. of Rev. John
Lawson, of Seaton Carew, co. Durham, and has James
Alexander, h. 16 June, 187i, and other issue.

III. Kobebt Lawrence, of Otterbourne House, Hampshire,
Major late R..\., b. 27 Jan. 1849; m. Arabella Lucy, dau.
of Gilbert Maxwell Walsh, Esq. of Rockbeare Court, near

rv. Thomas Rowland, 6. 17 May, 1855, late Lieut. 1st Royal

V. Harry, of Preston House, West Firle, Sussex, LL.B.
Camb., Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple, b. 20 Aug. 1857 ;
7/1. 6 Aug. 1884, Mary Charlotte, eldest dau. of J. Blakiston
Houston, Esq. of Orangefield, co. Down, and has issue,
Charles Herbert, b. 31 March, 1888 ; Nina Kathleen.

I. Mary Wilhams, m. I865, Richard James Streatfeild, Esq.
of the Rocks, Sussex, and Ro.ssington Hall. co. York.

II. Chirlotte Anglin, vi. 1864, John Edward Ruck-Keene,
J. P., Major-Gen. (retired), formerly Lieut. -Col. R.H.A.

III. Annie.

Mr. Scarlett d. 30 April, 1890.
Ai , lis {home with slight variation by the familiLS of Scar- i

LETT of Norfolk; SuffolL; Essex, Sclop, and Siisf:ex) — Chequy
or and gu., a lion rampant erm., a canton az. Cresi —A Tuscan
column chequy or and gu., supported on either side by a lion's
gamb erm.
iSciU — Gigha (under) Greenock.


ScnANK, William Edwahd Alexaxdee, Esq.
of Castlerig and Gleniston, co. Fife, b. 20 Aug.
1856 ; educated at Eton, B.A. Jesus Coll., Cam-

Lineage.— This family is descended from Schank of that
ilk, and is described in the matriculation of the arms, dated
1732, as " a very ancient and considerable family in the
Lothians." The name was indifferently spelt Schank and

Murdoch Schank, a cadet of Schank of that ilk, is stated to
have settled at Kinghorn, in Fife, and got lands there in the
reign of Robert Bruce, a.d. 1319. Traditi^.n adds that he dis- '
covered and took charge of the body of King Alexander III.,
who met his death whilst riding amongst the clilTs at King-
horn a.d. 1286, and for this service received a gift of the lands
of Castlerig, near Kinghorn, from King Robert Bruce. He
had a son,

Robert Schankis, whose name is mentioned as owner of
lands bounding certain property at Kinghorn in a Charter
of Confirmation dated 1360. He i». Isabel Irvine, and had a

John Schank, who vi. — Kirkcaldie, and was father of

Henry Schank, iiiiVft and seised a.d. 144:'2. He m.
Christian Melvil, dau. of the Laird of Rairh, and had Martin,
his successor, and also, it is presumed, two other sons, viz.
Ninian Schank, who was in 1497 Provincial Prior in Scot-
land of the Dominicans, and Robert Schank, who is men-
tioned in the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland, in a
confirmation of a burgess of Kinghorn (near which Castlerig
is situated), as owner in 1478 of bounding property.

Martin Schank, the above-mentioned son, -/ii. 1482, Alison,
dau. of "Glasmount" Boswell, i.e., Boswell of Glasinount,
near Kinghorn, a family now known as Boswell of Balmuto.
Their son,

Martin Schank, infeftA.D. 1520, m. Bessie Lochore. Their

Henry Schank, who in 1608 was elder of Kinghorn, m.
1565, Bessie, dau. of John Balfour, of Ballo, and was the father
of another

Henry Schank, who was a Commissioner for Kinghorn
in 1643, of which town he was also Bailie. In the same year
he was M.P. for the borough of Kinghorn. He m. 1609,
Janet, dau. of Robert Cunningham, of Woodfield, and had

Martin Schank, who m. 1640, Christian, dau. of John
Reedie, Shipmaster in Burntisland. He had a son,

Henry Schank, of Castlerig, Bailie and Kirk Treasurer
of Kinghorn, who appears in the Valuation Roll of Fife,
1695, as owner of land in the parish of Kinghorn. He m.
Agnes, dau. of Alexander Balfour, of Balgarvie, by whom he
had issue (with Henry, bapt. 1672; Christian, bapt. 1674;
Elizabeth, bapt. 1676; Mary, bapt. 1681 ; Elizabeth, bapt.

I. Martin (Rev.), of whom presently.

II. Alexander (Rev.), bapt. 1678, became M.A. of St. Andrews s
University 25 June, 1700, appointed to the living of Drum-
oak 1703 ; m. i March, 1705, Elizabeth Barrett, of the parish

of Banchory Ternan, who was b. 1676, and (L 1 April, 1730. \
Mr. Schank d. 6 March, 1749, in the 73rd year of his age, .
and the forty-sixth of his ministry. By his wife he had
1 JIabtin. 2 Henry.

3 Milliam (Rev.), M.A. of Aberdeen University 1730,
Sliuisterof Brechin, d. 1744.

4 Alexander (Rev.), illinister of Ecclesgreig or St. Cyrus
1732-43 and of Arbuthnott 1743-80, educated at Aberdeen
University, and d. S Jan. 1780, aged 71. He Hi. Jane,
dau. of Bailie Gordon, by whom he had issue,

Alexander (Rev.), who s. to Castlerig in 1741, by dis-
position in deed of entail, of wliom subsequently.

John (Rev.), L. 23 Jan. 1738, s. his father as Minister
of Arbuthnott, which hying he held from 1780 to I8I8;
d. until. 10 Dec. 1818.

William (Rev.), b. 29 June, 1739; licensed 1761, ordained
2 Maich, 17ti2. appointed Minister of Fetteresso, co.
Kincardine, 2 March, 1769; li. same year.


Jean. /). 20 March, 1743 : ?». Kenneth Mackenzie, of
'liliieiion, Meieiiani in ALerdetn, d. s. ^j.





1 Marjory.

2 Margaret, m. Kev. — Walker, Minister of Dunnottar.

3 Jean, to. Rev. — Thomson, Minister of Marykirk.
Eev. Martin Schank, of Castlerig, eldest son of the above-
mentioned Henry Scliank, M.A. of University of St. Andrews,
19 July, 1690, Minister of Auchtertool 1694, of Xe

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