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her body,
&c., and so often as a female succeeded, upon her marriage,
her husband was to take the name, and bear the arms of
Scott, in addition to his own. His son,

John Scott, m. in 1735, Mary, only dau. of William Oliver,
of Dinlahyrc. The contract is dated 29 May, and the lands of
Synton and Satchels, settled on the children of this marriage.
He d. before his father, and left one son, Alexander; and one
dau. Mary, m. to William Fairbairn. His son,

Alexander Scott, s. his grandfather in 1765, as appears by
precept of clare constat, dated IS Feb. in that year. He to.
(contract dated 22 and 26 July, 1773) Eleanor, dau. of Walter
Grieve, of Branxholme Park, and by her had one son, John ;
and three daus., Catdekine. s. her brother; Mary, d. young ;
and Helen, m. ISlo, to William Telles, of Madeiro. He d.
Aug. 17S2, and was «. by his son,

John Scott, of Synton, who entered the army, and d. in
the West Indies in 1796, a minor and imm. He was «. by his
eldest sister,

CATHHiiiNE ScoTT, who 171. 18 March, 1800, John Corse, Esq.
of Bughtrig (a cadet of the family of Carmyle, Lanarkshire) ;
he assumed the name and arms of Scott, of Synton, in ad-
dition to his own, in consequence of the settlement made by
his wife's grandfather. Of this marriage there was issue, six
sons and three daus.,

I. John, of whom presently.

II. Alexander, d. unm. Is79.

in. James, d. vnm. 1890. IV. Robert, d. young.

V. Hcnrv, d. iinm. 1855.

VI. Edwiird William, h. 16 April, 1820; entered the East
India Company s Service ; m. May, 1845, Catherine Char-
lotte, 2nd dau. of Major Vanrencn, of the Bengal Horse
Artillery, and d. 20 May, 1853, having had issue,

John, entered the army in 1865, served with the 4th and
19th Foot through the Abyssinian and Burmese cam-
paigns (medals) ; m. 1881, Eugenia Margaret Cameron,
dau. of William James Money, Esq., C.S.I. , and d. Aug.
1888, at Dhurmsala (while 2nd in command of 2nd batt.
of the 1st Goorkhas), leaving issue, Edward, b. 1883 ;
Ernie James, b. 1886; Una Catherine, b. 1884.

Alexander James, b. 1847 ; entered the army in Jan. 1866,
in the 79th Cameron Highlanders, employed in the sur-
vey of India till his retirement in 1879 ; m. 30 Oct. 1875,
llorence Emily, eldest dau. of the late Rev. Thomas
McCalmont, of HighSeld, Southampton, and has issue,
Evangeline Katherine Florence, b. 30 May, 18S0.

Edward Henry,entered the service in the Gth Royal Warwick-
shire Regt. in Jan. 1809; m. 1886, Emily Sara licnrica, 2nd
dau. of the late Henry I'earcc, Esq. of Soperwood Blanor,
Hants, and has issue, Catherine Florence ; and Mara-
quita Emily.

Donald Augustus, d. young 1851.

I. Helen Eliza, ni. 24 Oct. 1820, William Downe Gillon, Esq.
of Wallhouse {see Gillon of ]\\iUliouse and Hurstmon-

II. Catherine, m. Edward Glass, Esq., Bengal C.S.

III. Margaret, m. Col. David Laird, of Strathinartine, co.

The eldest son,

John Cokse-Scott, of Synton, s. his mother in 1850 ; d. 17
Jan. 1870, and was s. by his son, John Cohse-Scott, Esq.

SecU— Synton, co. Roxburgh.


Macmillax-Scott, Walter, Esq. of Wauchope
and Pinnacle Hill, co. Eoxburgh, J. P., late Capt.
Scottish Borderers Militia, and formerly Lieut. (Jth
Dragoon Guards (the Carabineers), b. 1848 ; m.
1876, Antonietta, eldest dau. of Theodore Henry
Dury, Esq. of Bonsall, co. Derby, and has issue,

Thomas Alexander Frederick, 6. 1881.
Cccile Margaret, b. 10 July, 1879.

Lineage.— Walter Scott, Laird of Buccleuch, the greal-

great-grandfather of the 1st Earl of Buccleuch {see Burke's
Peerage, Buccleuch, Duke of), was slain in the streets of
Edinburgh, in 1552, in an encounter with Sir Walter Kerr, of
Ccssford, leaving besides his legitimate issue, a natural son,

Walter Scott, of Goudilands, b. 1532, who got his lands
from his father when very young " in order to keep a watch 1
at his house of Goudilands, and a tour built for that purpose
(which was called the watch tour of Branxholm), in order to
spy and give a check to the enimes of Buccleuch, or of his
country, and to warn the laird of his danger." MS. Statist.
Acct. Parish Hawick, 1738). He was a person of good points
and great bravery. At the raid of Reidswyre, 7 July, 1575,
where Lord Russell, eldest son of the Earl of Bedford, was
taken prisoner, the Laird of Buccleuch being then very young,
this Walter Scott led the clan, his qualities having fitted him
more than any other to perform this duty. He was a witness
to the will of the Laird of Buccleuch, at Hawick, 11 April,
1574. On 13 July, 1592, James VI., "with the advice of the
lords of his secret council, gave and granted full power anct
commission to Walter Scott, of Goudilands, and Mr. Gideon
Murray conjunctly and severely to demolish and cast down
to the ground the places, houses and fortaliees of Harden
and Dryhoip, pertaining to Walter Scott, of Harden, who, with
James Stewart, sometimes of Tynneis, was art and part of
the treasonable fact perpetrated against the King's person at
Falkland." Pitcaini's Crim. Trials, v. I., jiar. II., p. 275.)
On 13 April, 1596, he was with the Laird of Buccleuch at the
release of " Kinmont Willie," from the castle of Carlisle. He
d. the following Nov., aged 64, and was buried in the aisle of
the old church of St. Mary, Hawick, where his tombstone still
remains; at his death he was s. by his son,

Walter Scott, of Goudilands, whose name appears to a
contract signed at Jedburgh, 29 March, 1612, between James
VI. and several of his subjects; he received from Walter,
Earl of Buccleuch, a charter in his favour, dated 17 March,
1626, of the lands of Goudilands and Westcoatrig. He m.
Jean, dau. of Sir Andrew lUddell, of that ilk, by whom (who
d. 1660, aged 60) he had two sons, 1 Walter, his successor,
2 Charles, of Crumhaugh, who had a son, Walter, successor
to his uncle,

Walter Scott, of Goudilands, the eldest son, .s. his father,
and was rated in the county valuation book of 1843 for lands
in the parishes of Hawick and Cavers. He d. s. p. before nee.
1072, having executed a "bond of tailzie," dated 13 Oct.
1671, and registered 8 Dec. 1672, and various deeds relative to-
Goudilands, in favour of his nephew,

Walter Scott, of Goudilands, previously of Crumhaugh,
6. 1632. Whether from being in debt or other causes, the
estate of Goudilands passed soon after into the Buccleuch
family, but W^alter Scott retained other lands which he in-
herited from his uncle. He ■»(. Janet Glendinon, and d. 20'
Dec. 1700, having had, with a younger son, Waltei;, of whom
hereafter, an elder son,

Charles, b. 1664 ; m. Rachel, dau. of Langlads of that ilk,

and d. v. p. 22 Oct. 1098, leaving a son,
Walter, of Crumhaugh and Howpasley, b. 14 Aug. 1689,
who s. his grandfather and in. Beatrice Scott, by whom he
had a son,
Charles, of Crumhaugh, &c., b. 1719 ; d. 1757-58, leaving
two sons and a dau. Being much involved, his estates
were all sold in 1703 and 1761, and the male line of his
sons has since become extinct.

Walter Scott, of Goudilands, sometimes so designated,
the above mentioned second son of Walter Scott and Janet
Glendinon, b. 11 June, 1670, di, Christiana, dau. of Robert
Bennett, of Chesters, by whom (who d. 4 Nov. 1708, aged 34),
he had issue,

Walter, of whom below.

Robert, b. 5 June, 1704; d.s.p.

Charles, b. 23 Jan. 1708 ; d. s. p.

Joan, b. 29 May, 1702; d. s. p.

Walter Scott, of Wauchope and Howclcuch, the eldest
son, b. 26 July, 1700 ; m. Rachel, dau. of Francis Elliott, of
Fenwick, and had two sons,

Walter, of Wauchope, ft. 1726 ; m. let, in April, 1768, Eliza
beth, diu. of David Rutherford, of Capehupe, d. 1772, and
2iidly, Nov. 1789, Beatrix, d:iu. of Gideon Scott, of Friest-
haugh, but d. s. p.. May, 1796. j

Charles, of whom hereafter.

Mr. Scott purchased the estate of Wauchope, in the parish of
Hobkirk, Howclcuch, and other lands in the parish of Kober-
town. He gave Wauchope to his eldest son, and Howclcuch
to his second,

Charles Scott, of llowcleueh, b. 1728, who ,<!. to Wauchope
in 1796. lie m. 17 Aug. 1776, Elizabeth, dau. of Archibald





Dickson, of Hassendcan Eurn and Hantlow {h. i Aug. 17o7,
and (/. ai March, 183S), and cZ. IsOs, having had issue,
Walter, his heir.
Archibald, b. 19 Aug. 1773; m. 1804, Charlotte, sister of Col.

Sililiald, of Pinnacle, and s. to Hoivclcuch, but d. s.p.
Charles, 6. 4 Nov. 1782 ; d. unm. 26 July, lb56.
Bobeit, h. 12 Nov. 1786; d.umu. April, "l333.
James, H.E.I.C. Madras Army, 6. 30 July, 17S9 ; d. unm. in

India, 2"i May, 1810.
■\Villiani, Capt. 42nd Regt. Madras N.I., b. 25 Feb. 1792 ;

d. unm. at Anuntapoor, India, 27 Sept. 1828.
Rachel, m. Oct. 1807, Hugh Micheh, Esq. of Dumfries, and

had issue.

Christian, m. Archibald Dickson, and d. 5 June, 1861, with-
out surviving issue. Through her eldest sou, Finnacle Hill

came to the tjcott family.
Agnes, d. young.
Jessie, )(i. John Cockburn, of Woolwick, d. 27 Hay, 1857,

leaving one dau.

His eldest son,

Walter Scott, of 'Wauehope, h. 6 July, 1778, s. to the
estates of his father and uncle. He hi. 9 June, 1812, Marion,
dau. of Thomas Macmillan, Esq. of Shorthorpe, co. Selkirk,
and left issue,

Charles, h. 1 Jlay, 1814 ; d. 6 Dec. 1817.

Thomas, his heir.

Walter, M.D., H.E.I.C.S., 6. 10 July, 1817; c?. at Allahabad,

Bengal, 17 Aug. 1844.
Charles, h. 24 March, 1819 ; m. 1862, JIargaret Amelia, dau.

of Browne Roberts, Esq. of Ravensbourne Park, Kent, s. to

Howcleuch, 1874.
Archibald, b. 22 Nov. 1822 ; d. at Malta, 4 May, 1862.
Anne, d. 2 Dec. 1817, aged 4 years.

Mr. Scott d. 24 May, 1857, and was s. by his eldest surviving

Thomas Macmillan Scott, Esq. of Wauehope and Pinnacle
Hill, J. P., b. 13 Feb. 1816, assumed the additional surname of
Macmillan in accordance with the conditions of the entail of
his maternal grandfather's estate of Shorthoj'pe, vi. 10 April,
1844, Katherine Jane, dau. of Browne Robert, Esq. of
Ravensbourne Park, Kent, formerly of the Bengal army, and
High Sheriff of Calcutta, and had issue,

I. Walter, h. 22 Dec. 18^6 ; d. 6 April, 1847.

II. Walter, now of Wauehope.

III. Arthur Francis, Lieut. Reserve of OfBcers, b. 13 Oct.

I. Edith Marion, m. Major-Gen. Frederick Edward Sotheby.

II. Marion Maud. iii. Katherine Margaret.

Mr. MacmiUan-Scott, d. 10 June, 1862, and was s. by his
eldest surviving son.

^•/•)«s— Quarterly : 1st and 4th or, on a bend az. a mullet
between two crescents of the first, a bordure compony of the
second and first, for Scott ; 2nd and 3rd per p.ale or and arg.,
a lion rampant sa., in chief three niullet.s az., for Macmillan.
Crrsts — 1st. Scott, A slag's head erased gu. ; 2nd, Mac-
millan, A dexter and sinister hand issuing from the wreath
brandi.-hirg a two-handed sword all ppr. Mottoes — Over the
crests, Miseris succurro ; under the arms, Ardenter amo.

Utali — Wauehope, and Pinnacle Hill, Kelso, N.B.

Scat — Thorpe, Chertsey.

Tovrn Ktsui.,.nce—ii, Brechin Place, South Kensington.


Scott, William Chaeles, Esq. of Thorpe, co.
Siu-rey, J. P. for cos. Loudon and Surrey, b.
June, 1842, m. 14 Jun. 1880, Ursula Katherine,
dau. of Gen. Augustus Henry Lane Fox-Pilt
Rivers, of Rushmore, "Wilts, by the Hon. Alice
Margaret, his wife, dau. of Edward John, liudLord
Stanley of Alderley, and has issue,

I. Kate.

II. Patience.

III. Marcia.

Mr. W. C. Scott is the only son of General Wil-
liam Henry Scott, by the Hon. Harriett Alethea,
dau. of John Thomas, 1st Lord Stanley of Alderley,
whom he m. 20 Oct. 1835. He d. 18G8, and his
widow, 24 April, 1888. They had issue, with
William Charles (as above), 1 Marian, m. 1871,
Wniiam Williams, of Parcian, Anglesey, who d.
Aug. 1892 : 2 Alethea Rianette, m. 1st, 5 Aug.
1880 Sir Edward Blackett, 6th Bart, who d. 23
Kov. 1885, and 2ndly, 5 Nov. 1888, Henry Gis-
borne Holt, Esq. ; and 3 Adela Jane. Gen. W. H.
Scott was the son of Lieut. Gen. Scott by Anne his
wife, dau. of Sir Edward Blackett, 4th Bart,


Sceatton,Daxiel RoBEKT,Esq. ofWestOgwell,
Devon, J. P. and D.L. for Essex, J. P. for Devon,
Lord of the manors of East Ogwell and Denbury,
and of the manors of Prittlewell Priory and Milton
Hall, Essex, and Patron of East and West Ogwell,
h. 1819 ; m. 1844, Maria, dau. of Mr. James Tliorn-
ton. . Mr. Scratton is only son of John Baynton
Scratton, Esq. of Milton Hall, by Harriet his wife,
dau. of Thomas Boone, Esq.

5eai— West Ogwell, Newton Abbot.




Esq. of Sibton Abbey, co. Suffolk, J. P.
R.jN". (retired), late Bursar, Etble College
h. 11 Eeb. 1857; m. 1st, March, 1884^
Desborougli, 2nd dau. of Sir Harry Smith Parkes,
G.C.M.G., K.C.B., H.M. Minister 'Plenipotentiary
at Pekin, China, and by her (who d. May, 1890)
has issue,

I. Evelyn Harry Byrd, h. Jan. I8S5.

II. Alaric Parkes b. April, 1S86.

He m. 2ndly, Sept. 1891, Mary, only dau. of H.
Mirehouse, Esq. of St. George's Hill, co. Somerset.
Mr. Levett-Scrivener, who is 3rd son of Col.
Richard Byrd Levett, of Milford Hall (see LeA'ett
of Milford Kail; and Mieehouse of An.iie),
assumed the additional surname of Sceivexee by
Deed Poll in 1889, under the will of his great-
aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Pike-Scrivener, whom he suc-

liineagre.— John Sckiven-eb, of Bildeston, was s. by his
son, Nicholas Scbiven-er, of Brantham (who m. Margery, dau.
of William Smith, of Bulmer), 6. 1482; d. 37 Heney VIII.
His eon, Ralph Scrivener, Esq. of Belstead, Portreeve of
Ipswich and Barrister-at-Law, 6. 1535, to whom arms were
granted 20Jan. 1576; m. 1st, Joan Cole; 2ndly, Mary — of
Haveningham, whose 6th child, John, 6. 1580, bought the
abbey of Sibton, from Thomas, Earl of Arundel, and Lord
Howard, of Nawoifh (Belted Will), on 30 Nov. 1610. The
original surrender by William Fladbury, the last abbot, re-
mains in the family's possession. John Scrivener built a com-
modious mansion, adjoining the ruins of the abbey. His son,
Thomas, living at the time of the Heralds' Visitation of Suf-
folk, 16C4, was a great sufferer in the royal cause, his estate
having been sequestered, and he himself confined in various
prisons in the country. He m. 15 Dec. 1640, Elizabeth, only
child of William Grudgefield, Esq., and dying 1C67, was
buried at Sibton. He left (with other issue) a son, Charles
Scrivener, LL. B. of Sibton, 6. 25 April, 1660 ; hi. Anne, dau.
of Thomas Wharton, Esq., and (Z. 8 Aug. 1737, le-iving a son,
Charles, of Sibton, m. Margaret, dau. of Francis Bechnijfeld,
Esq. of Bedingfeld, and d. 1751, and a dau. Ann, who m. Rev.
Thomas Freston, LL.B., Vicar of Cratfield, Gth son Richard
Freston, Esq. of Mendham, and left at her decease, 7 Nov.
1764, a dau. Ann, m. Edward Howman, Esq., and a. son, Jon.v
Freston Scrivener, Esq. of Sibton Abbey, who took the name
and arms of Scrivener; he m. Dorothea, dau. of Roger How-
man, Esq., M.D., of Norwich, and d. 1797, aged 67, leaving aa
only surviving dau. Dorothea Scrivener, of Sibton Abbey, w ho
m. John Fisher, D.D., Bishop of Exeter, afterwards Bi.<:hop of
Salisbury, and Preceptor to the Princess Charlotte of Wales,
and by him (who d. 1825) left (at her decease, 5 Sep.. 1831,
aged 69) a son, Edward, d. unm. 1836, and two daus., Dobo-
tuea, of Sibton Abbey, and Elizabeth, m. John Mirehouse,
Esq. of Brownslade, co. Pembroke. The elder dau,

Dorothea Scrive.ner, of Sibton Abbey, m. 8 April, 1839,
John Frederick Pike, Esq., who assumed on his marriage, the
additional surname of Scrivener, and d. 1856. Mrs. Pike-
Sciivener d. March, 1889, aged 92, and was 3. by her grand-

,SVa(- Sibton Abbey. Toxford, Suffolk.

tiuii— Naval and Military.

5 z 2






ScEOPE. SiMox Thomas, Esq. of D;uiby Hall,
CO. York, find Coekerington, co. Lincoln, J. P. and
D.L. for jS^orth Eiding of co. York, male repre-
sentative of the great House of Sckote, b. 27
April, 1822; m. 31 Oct. ISoo, Emily Jane, 3rd
dan. of Robert Berkeley, Esq. of Spetclilej, co.
"Worcester, and has,

I. SiMos Costers, h. 16 Oct. 1S57.

II. Henry Aloj-sius, 6. 3 Jan. 1S60.

in. Geoffrey Willi.-im, b. 23 Juno, 1S70.

rv. Stephen Francis Eustace, b. 24 Oct. 1872.

V. Gervase John Philip, b. 5 May, 1874. ,

I. Mabel Mary Henrietta.

II. Margaret Mary Louisa,
in. Cecily Mary Elizabeth.

IV. Melliceut Mary Ursula. v. Mary.

liineagre. — Among the numerous baronial houses which
formerly possessed great influence in England, that of Le
Scrope (or Scrope) stands conspicuous. Though some of their
titles are now dormant, and others extinct, few families were
more distinguished in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, and
Shakespeare has given immortality to no less than three indi-
viduals of the name. The house of Scrope was ennobled in
two branches, Sckope of Bolton ^r\i\. Sckope of Mashaiu and
Uj'ml, and its members shared the glory of all the great
victories of the Middle Ages. An unbroken male descent from
the Conquest, if not from the time of Edward the Con-
fessor, and the emphatic declaration of the Earl of Arundel,
given in 13S6, as a witness In the celebrated controversy
tetween Sir Richard Scrope and Sir llobert Grosvenor for the
right of bearing the coat "azure, a bend or," as well as of
numerous other deponents in that cause, that the representa-
tive of this family " was descended from noble and generous
tlood, of gentry and ancient ancestry, who had always pre-
served their name and estate in dignity and honour," as well
as their alliances and property, sufficiently attest their anti-
quity and importance ; whilst the mere enumeration of the
dignities which they attained between the reigns of Edward
II. and Charles I. proves the high rank they enjoyed. In
this period of SOO years, the house of Scrope produced two Earls
and twenty Barons, one Chancellor, four Treasurers, and two
Chief Justices of England, one Archbishop and two Bishops,
five Knights of the Garter, and numerous Bannerets, the
highest military order in the days of chivalry.

Eichard Scrope held various manors in Worcestershire,
Herefordshire, and Shropshire in the time of Edward the
Confessor, as appears on the authority of Domesday Book, at
the compilation of which they were possessed by his son,

Osborne Fitz-Richard, or Fitz-Scrop, who, in 1067, whilst
William the Conquerob and the greater part of his nobles
were in Normandy, assisted the Castellan of Hereford in sub-
duing the rebel Edric. From him descended the Lords Scrope
of Bolton (Sir William Scrope, K.G., eldest son of the 1st Lord
Scrope, of Bolton, was created Earl of Wiltes, 1397), the
Lords Scrope of Masham, and the Scropes of Castle Cooinbe,
Wilts, whose heir, Emma Phipps, only child of William
Scrope, Esq., m. 1S21, George Poulett Thomson, Esq., M.P.,
afterwards Scrope, and d. s. 'p. Aug. 1866.

Sir Henry Le Scrope, 6th Baron Scrope, of Bolton, left, by
Elizabeth hia 1st wife, dau. of Henry, Earl of Northumber-
land, Henrt, 7th Lord Scrope, of Bolton, and

John Scrope, of Spennithome, co. York, and of Hambledon,
CO. Bucks, m. Phillis, dau. of Ralph llokeby, of Mortham, co.
York, and had, with other issue,

I. Hen-rt, liis heir.

II. Ralph, of Hambledon, Bucks, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Wil iaiii, Lord Windsor, and rehct of Sir George Paulet.and
by her had a son.

Sir Adrian Scrope, Knt., who settled at Coekerington,
CO. Lincoln, and was progenitor of the Scropes of C'oc/cer-
in. Adrian, ancestor of Scrope of WormesUy, co. Oxford.

The eldest son,

Henet Scrope, of Spennithorne, m. Margaret, dau. and heir
of Simon Conyers, of Danby-upon-Y'ore, co. I'ork, and had by
her («ho d. 3 March, 1609), with other issue,

I. Francis, of Danby, m. Dorothy, dau. of Anthony Caterick,
E.-q. ol.';tanwiek, co. York, but d. i. p.

II. Henry, rf. s. p.

III. CiiRisToPHtR. of Spennithome, m. Margaret, dau. of
John Ueesley, Esq. o; skelton, and (i. 31 Jan. 1637, leaving,
with other issue.

1 Henrt, who inherited Danby.

2 Si.MO.N, successor to liis brother.

IV. John, i)i. .\nne Thoresby, and left a dau. and Iicir, Ann-e,
who in. Edward Topham, Esq. of Aglethorpe.
The representation of this family eventually devolved upon the
eldest son of Christopher, of Spennithorne,

Henry Scrope, Esq., b. 14 Oct. 1G05, who became "of
Danby." He d. 1642, leaving an only dau. Anne, wife of
Thomas Tempest, Esq. of Broughton, and was s. by his brother,

Simon Scrope, Esq. of Danby, Tith son of Christopher, b.
1615; in. Mary, dau. of Michael Warton, Esq. of Beverley,
and d. 22 Dec. 1691, having had, with three daus. (Catherine,
m. Nicholas Thornton, Esq. of Netherwitton, Northumber-
land ; Mary, m. Nicholas Errington Stapleton, Esq. of Carleton,
CO. York; Margaret, m. John Messinger, Esq. of Fountains
Abbey, co. York), three sons, of whom the eldest,

Si.MON Scrope, Esq. of Danby, b. 14 Nov. 1666; m. 1st,
Mary, dau. of Robert Constable, Viscount Dunbar, by whom
he had no issue, and 2ndly, F'rances, dau. of Ralph Sheldon,
Esq. of Beoly, co. Worcester, by whom he left at his decease,
28 Feb. 1723,

I. Simon, his heir.

II. Henry Joseph, of Leghorn.

I. Mary Dorothy, m. Thomas Strickland, Esq. of Sizergti.

II. Frances, a nun.

III. Catherine, vi. Roger Strickland, Esq. of Richmond.
The eldest son,

Simon Scrope, Esq. of Danby, m. Ann Clementina, dau. and
eventual co-heir of George Meynell, Esq. of Aldborough and
Dalton, CO. York (by his wife Elizabeth, only child of George
Cockson, Esq.), and dying 3 Jan. 178S, left a dau. Clementina
Elizabetli Frances, m. James Maxwell, Esq. of Kirkconnell,
and a son,

Simon Thomas Scrope, Esq. of Danby, m. 3 March, 1789,
Catherine Dorothy, eldest dau. of Edward Meynell, Esq. of
Kilvington and the Fryerage Y'arm, and had issue,

Simon Thomas, liis heir.

Edward Gervase, b. 5 Jan. 1796 ; d. 17 Jan. 1867.

Henry, b. 13 Oct. 1798 : d. 1873.

Frederick, b. 25 Dec. 1801; d. 1848.

Charles George, 6. 21 March, 1805; d. 1841.

Catherine Dorothy, m. 1826, Anthony George Wright Bid-
dulph, Esq. of Burton, Sussex; d. 1834.

Anne Clementina, d. 1868. Frances, d. 1858.

Mr. Scrope d. Aug. 1838, and was s. by his eldest son,

Si.MON Thomas Scrope, Esq. of Danby Hall and Coekering-
ton, male representative of the great house of Scrope, b. 17
April, 1790; m. 25 June, 1821, Mary, eldest dau. of John
Jones, Esq. of Llanarth Court and Ti'e-Owen, co. Monmouth,
and by her (who d. 26 April, 1830) had issue,

I. Simon Thomas, now of Danby.

II. Henry John, Lieut. 1st Royal Eegt., b. 16 May, 1828 ; d.
11 Dec. 1853.

I. Mary Catherine, d. 7 Feb. 1829.

II. Florence Mary, m. 22 Nov. J 853, Edmund Rodney Pol-
lexfen Bastard, Esq. of Kitley and Lyneham, Devon, who
d. 12 June, 1856. She d. 23 Jan. 1871.

ui. Adela Mary Elizabeth, m. 1st, 16 June, 1866. Edward,

Francis Riddell, Esq. of The Grange, Northumberland, and

2ndly, 26 April, 1873, Hon. Alexander Temple Fitzmaurice,

4th son of Thomas John Hamilton, Earl of Orkney.

Mr. Scrope, of Danby, laid claim to the earldom of Wilts, but

the decision of the House of Lords was adverse. He d. 1 Oct.

1872, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Az.,abend or, quarterinq the arms of many great
and historic families. Ccest— Outof a ducal coronet or. a plume
of ostrich feathers ppr. Jl/o(to— Devant si je puis.

Sects— 'Oanhy, Bedale, co. York, and Coekerington, Louth,
CO. Lincoln.


(Scudamore), Latjea Adelaide, of Kentchnrch
Court, CO. Hereford, m. 1st, 21 May, 1852, Major
Fitzherbert Dacre Lucas (kilied at Lueknow 30
Sept. 1857), 2nd son of the Right Hon. Ednard
Lticas, M.P. of Castle Shane, co. Mouaghan, and
had an only son,

Edward Scddamore Lucas, of Castle Shane, co. Monaghan,
and now of Kentchurch, J. P. and D.L. for cos. Hereford
and Monaghan, High Sheriff co. Monaghan 1879, J.P. cos.
Monmouth and Radnor, and Capt. and Hon. Major 4th
Batt. Shropshire L.I., b. 8 March, 1853 {see Ldcas of Castle
She m. 2ndly, 8 Dec. 1859, the late John Doncgan,
Esq. of Carrigmore, co. Cork, J.P. Mrs. Doncgan





Las made OTcr to her only son her life interest in
Xeutchiircli Court.

Lineage. — The Scitdamores, one of the most eminent
familks in the West of England, have been established at
Kcntchurch for many centui'ies. At an early period they
t)ecame divided into two distinct families, the Sccdamores of
KaitcUarch and the Scudamoees of Home Lacy ; but the
exact period when the branches separated has not been accu-
rately ascertained (see Burke's Extinct and Dorman

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 223 of 392)