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Sir Alan Scfdamore, Knt., living 4 William Eufus, m.
Jane, dau. and heir of Sir Alexander Ketchuiey (Catchmay),
Lord of Troy and Bigswear, Monmouthshire, and left a son
and successor.

Sir Titcs Scudamore, Lord of Troy and Bigswear, m.
Joyce dau. of Sir Robert Clifford, Lord of Clifford, and had
two sons,

WiLcocK (Sir), whowi. Eleanor, dau. and heir of Sir Brian
Trowhek, Knt., and

Jenkin Sccdamore, m. Alice, or Agnes, dau. and heir of
Sir Robert Ewyas, Knt., and had two sons, John (Sir), his
heir, and Philip, who was, according to some authorities;
ancestor of the Home Lacy branch. The elder son.

Sir John ScnoAMORE, ra. Jane, dau. of Sir Walter Basker-
ville, of Erdisley, co. Hereford, and was father of

Sir John Sccdamobe, m. Joyce, dau. and co-heir of Sir
Robert Marberry, Knt., and left a son and successor.

Sir Jenkin Sccdamore, ra. Alice, dau. and co-heir of Sir
Walter Pedwarden, or Bredwarden, Knt., and had two sons,
John (Sir), his heir, and Philip, who, on the authority of most
of tlie ancient pedigrees, was ancestor of the Scudasiores of
Home Lacy. The elder son.

Sir John Scudamoke, Knt. of Kentchurch, living in the
reigns of Edward IL and Henry IV., m. Elizabeth, dau. and
co-heir of the celebrated Owen Glendowr, and was great-great-
great-grandfather of

James Scudamore, Esq. of Kentchurch, te;r.p. Hekrt VIL
He ra. Joane, or Sibell, dau. of Sir James Baskenille, Knt. of
Erdisley, co. Hereford, and had two daus., his co-heirs, of
whom Eleanor became the wife of Miles ap Harry, Esq. of
Kewcourt, and

Joan Scudamore, inheriting Kentchurch, m. her cousin,
Philip Scudamore, Esq. of Rowlstone, and left a son and

John Scudamore, Esq. of Kentchurch, from whom the 4lh
in descent,

John Scudamore, Esq. of Kentchurch, aged 68 in 1683, ?/i.
Mary, dau. of Andrew Lloyd, Esq. of Aston, .Salop, and by her
(who d. 6 Jan. 1705) had si.\ sons and three daus. Mr. Scuda-
more d. 28 Dec. 1704, and was s. by (the son of his eldest son,
Ambrose) his grandson,

William Scudamore, Esq. of Kentchurch, ra. 1701, Pene-
lope, dau. of Edmund Lechmere, Esq. of Hanley Castle, and
sister of Nicholas, Lord Lechmere, by whom (who was
interred at Kentchurch, 24 July, 1730) he had one son, John,
who d. in youth 1713, and three daus., i. Mary, m. John
Wynde, Esq. of St. Laurence Pountney, London; it. Pene-
lope, 7/1. Lewis Clive, of Howton Grove, co. Hereford; iii.
Rachel, d. 1737. Mr. Scudamore d. 1741, and was s. by
(the eldest son of his uncle, Richard Scudamore, of Rowlstone)
his cousin,

John Scudamore, Esq. of Rowlstone and Kentchurch, b.
1727, Col. of the Herefordshire Militia, and M.P. for the city
of Hereford. He ra. 26 Aug. 1756, Sarah, dau. and heir of
Daniel Westcombe, Esq. of Enfield, and had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Richard Philip, b. 30 June, 1752, M.P. for Hereford,
d. unra. 6 March, 1831.

I. Mary, vi. 15 Feb. 17s7, James Hereford, Esq. of Siifton.
Mr. Scudamore d. 11 July, 1796, and was s. by his son,

John Scudamore, Esq. of Kentchurch Court, Col. in the
Duke of Ancaster's Eegt. of Light Dragoons, M.P. for Here-
ford, b. 11 June, 1757. He ra. a May, 1797, Lucy, only dau. of
Jamiis Walwyn, Esq. of Longworth, co. Hereford, M.P., and
by her (who d. 24 Feb. 1798) left at his decease, 12 April, 1805,
an only child,

John Lucy Scudamore, Esq. of Kentchurch, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff, Lieut.-Co)., b. 20 Feb. 1798: in. 23 Oct. 1822,
Sarah Laura, elder dau. of Sir Harford Jones Brydges, 1st
Bart, of Boultibrook, and had issue, a son, b. at Floicnce, 24
Nov. 1823, who d. in infancy, and a dau.,

Laura Adelaide, now of Kentchurch.
He d. 2 July, 1875, and was s. by his only child, Laura

.4 rms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th gu., three stirrups, leathered
and buckled, or Scudamobe (modern) ; 2Dd and 3r4 or, across
pattiie fitchee gu., Scudamore (ancient). Cresl—A bear's paw
ppr., issuing from a ducal coronet or. il/uUo— Scuto amoris

Seal — Kentchurch Court, Hereford.


ScrLLY, yi>-CENT, Esq. of Mantle Hill, co. Tip-
perary, High Sheriff 1870, E.A. Christ Cliurcli,
Oxon., b. 1 Aug. 1846 ; W2. 21 Nov. 1871, Emma
Eliza Mary Clare, dau. of Pierse Marcus Barron,
Esq. of Belmont Park, D.L. co. Waterford, and by
her (who d. 7 April, 1890) has had issue,

I. Vincent Bernard, b. 1 Sept. 1872 ; d. 10 Nov. following.

II. Denys Vincent Arthur, 6. 6 Sept. 1873.

III. Marcus Vincent Barron, b. 2 July, 1881.

I. Katherine Juliet Mary.

II. Manuella Beatrice Mary. m. Louise Frances.

Lineage.— The sept of Ua Scolaidhe, O'Scullt, or
Scully, is stated to have been of Milesian origin. The sept at
a very early period possessed a territory in the present co.
Westmeath, called Dealbhna Sarthair, or Western Delvin, and
are mentioned by O'Duhbagain, who lived in the 15th century,
in the topographical poems, as '■ O'ScuUy of Sweet Stories, over
the delightful Western Delvin ; " the literal meaning of the
word "Scully " is scholar, or narrator of events. The Annals
of the Four Masters supply evidence of members of the sept
holding high ecclesiastical preferments before the conquest of
Ireland by Henry 1L, viz., a.d. 1050, " O'Scully Herenach, of
Inis Cathaigh, d.; " a.d. 1117, "Plann O'Scully; Bishop of
Condere, d. " An inquisition taken at Drumakeenan, 15 Dec.
1021, mentions part of the bounds of the tenitory of Ely
O'CarroIl, in the King's co., as "the town and lands of Farida,
called Scully's Land. "

Jeremiah Scully, of Eyallstown or Lyonstown, co. Tippe-
rary, with his brother, Roger Scully, settled near Cashel, in
that county, subsequent to the restoration of Charles II. Tra-
dition, carefully preserved in the family, says they came from
the King's CO. or Longford; the latter, Roger, d. 1704; the
former, Jeremiah, was b. 18 Sept. 1645, and had four sons and
two daus. He iZ. 2 June, 1710. The eldest son,

Teige, or Timothy Scully, of Barnahilla, co. Tipperary,
was b. 8 Aug. 1674 ; m. 1708, Mary, dau. of Roger Ryan, of
Kilnemanagh, in same co., by whom he had nine sons and
two daus.; of the sons, the two elder were i. Jeremiah, of
Kilconnell and Shanbally, same, CO., 6. 1709; m. Katherine,
Maher, and d. 27 April, 17Go; ii. Roger, of whom hereafter.
He (/. 27 July, 1748. His 2nd son,

Roger Scully, of Kilfeacle and Dualla, co. Tipperary, 6.
17 Nov. 1713; m. 24 Jan. 1734, Mary, dau. of Gilbert Maher,
of TuUamaine, same co., by whom, who d. 10 July,
1780, aged 60 years, he had with ten daus., seven surviving

I. James, of whom hereafter.

II. Edmund, of Cashel, b. '24 Dec. 1739 ; d. 24 Aug. 1806; m.
Dora, dau. of Koger Ryan, of Kilcloan, by whom (who d.

16 June, 181 6), he had a son, Daniel, 6. 1 May, 1773, d.

17 Dec. 17t<6, and six daus., 1 Mary, m. 1791, Andrew
O'Ryan, of Bansha Castle ; 2 Ellen, ra. Matthew Moore Esq.,
son of Rev. Croshie Moore, of Mooresfort; 3 Elizabeth, ra.
27 Sept. 1800, William Delany, of Castle Durrow ; 4 Mar-
garet, m. Theobald O'Meagher ; 5 Frances, ra. William
Colles ; 5 Dora, in. Michael Lidwell, of Dromore and Beaks-

III. Jeremiah, of Silverfort, b. 8 Dec. 1741 ; d. ID Sept. 1807;
);i. 1768, Barbara, dau. of Daniel Hourigan, of Tanlore,
by whom (who d. 3 Nov. 1818) he had, with six daus , as
many sons, 1 Roger, of Limerick, b. 1770, m. Ellen, dau.
of Denis Lyons, Esq. of Croom, J.P. co. Limerick, and had
a son, Edmund, Capt. in the Imperial Hussars of Aus.ria;
2 Daniel, Lieut. 7th Dratoon Guards, 6. 1772, m. Feb.
1779, Elizabeth, dau. of James Aylmer, Esq. of Painstown,
CO. Kildare, and <^ 21 Jan. 1802; 3 Patrick, Capt. 99th
Regt., ti. 1776, d. in West Indies 4 March, 1796; 4 Jsmes,
of TuUamaine, b. 21 July, 1779, d. 18 May, 1853, m. 1st,
Katherine, dau. of Denis Jloylan (who d. IS Jan. 1827), and
2ndly, Jan. 1830, Jane Balfe, widow of John Taaffe, of
Annahill, co. Mayo; 5 Jeremiah, of Silveifort, b. 178i), m.
Jan. 1811, Elenor, dau. of Capt. John Buike, of Limerick
(who d. 29 Jan. 1818), d. April. 1838; 6 Edmund, of Clon-
banane, J. P., 6. 1788, d. s. p. 18 Dec. 1847.

IV. William, of Dually, b. 6 June, 1746; ta. 177G, Anne, dau.
of Robert Roe, and d. 21 Dec. 1828.

V. Timothy, 6. 28 April, 1756.

VI. Roger, b. 27 June, 1758 ; m. 1798, Elizabeth, dau. of
Patrick Ciirley, of Galway, and d. 1828.

VII. Patrick, of Carrick-on-Suir, b. 1764.





Eoger Seullv d. S March, 17S3. His eldest son,

James SrrLLY, Esq. of Kilfeacle, J. P. co. Tipperary, 6.
Xov. 1737 ; )ii. 14 July, 17G0, Katherino, dau. of Di'nis Lyons,
Esq. of Ci'oom House, oo. Limerick, by whom who d. 30 June,
1S18, ho had (with six daus., i. Mary, d. 12 Aug. 1S31 ;
II. Fanny, m. 1793, Jean Bernard I'asquet, of Bordeaux, and
d. 20 Dec. 1795: in. Katherine. 7;i. 9 Xov. 17SG, Kichard
Sausso, Esq. of Annesbrook, and d. 14 Aug. 17SS ; iv. Anne,
m. 15 June, 1791, Thomas Mahon, d. 2S Oct. 1841 ; v. Lucinda,
m. ISOO, Leonard Keating, (?. 21 May, 1843; vi. Joanna, m.
19 Sept. 1S05, Clement Sadleir, Esq., d. 25 Dec. 1858) six

I. Eocer, h. 9 Nov. 1772 ; d. v. p. unm. 7 Jan. 1797.

II. Dents, of whom hereafter.

in. James, of Shanballyraore and Tipperary, J. P. co. Tip-
perary, b. 25 March, 17 77 ; m. 17 Jan. 1806, Margaret, dau.
of John Wyse, Esq. of the manor of St. John, Waterford,
and d. 31 Dec. lS4d, leaving three ."ons and one dau., 1
James, of Shanballymore and Mountjoy Square, J. P. co.
Tipperary, m. 1st, 1832, Helen, dau. of Alex. Sherlock, Esq.,
and 2ndly, 18b0, Catherine, dau. of Cliarles Galwey, Esq.,
and (?. 1878, leaving issue: 2 John, Resident Magistrate,
Capt. 80th liegt. : 3 Francis, M. P. co. Tipperary 1847-57,
and Eliza, /;i. 5 June, 1849, John Duff Coghlao, Esq. of
Kilcop, who d. 21 Oct. 1854, leaving issue, John Duff, b.
1850: d. 1851 : James Duff, Major late 28th Eegt. b. 1851 ;
and Margaret, I. 1853; d. iinm. 1893.

IV. William Timothy, 51. D. of Torquay, Devon, 6. 15 May,
1778; ra. 18 Feb. 1796, Margaret Koe, of liockweU, co. Tip-
porai7, and(L 5 Nov. 1842.

V. Edmund, of Bloomfield, h. 22 Jan. 1779; m. 6 March,
1806, Anne, dau. of Con O'Brien, and d. 16 Sept. 1839.

VI. Jeremiah, of London, 6. 15 Dec. 1872; m. 1st, 4 July,
1809, Alice, dau. of Francis Arthur, and 2ndly, Ellen, dau.
of Edmund Sexton, of Limerick, and d. 1 March, 1840.

Mr. Scully d. 11 Feb. 1816. His eldest son.

Dents Scully, Esq. of Kilfeacle, Barrister-at-Law, Author
.of Statcmeyitofthc Paml Laws, 1812, 6. 4 Jlay, 1773; m. 1st,
26 Nov. 1801, Mary, dau. of Ferdinand Huddleston, Esq. of
Sawfton Hall, co. Cambridge, who d. s. p. 12 April, 1806, and
2ndly, 2 Sept. 1808, Katherine, dau. of Vincent Eyre, Esq., of
Hightielcl and Xewholt, co. Derby, by Katherine his wife, only
child of William 'Parker, Esq. of Rainhill, co. Lancaster, by
viiom (who d. 11 June, 1843) he had issue,

I. James, his successor. 6. 13 Sept. 1809 ; d. unvi. 26 Nov.

II. ViNXEXT, of whom hereafter.

III. K'dolph Henry, b. 12 March, 1812; m. Mary, dau. of
John Graham Lough, Sculptor, and d. 6 Aug. 1876, leaving
four sons,

1 James Eodolph, 6. 5 Sept. 1853; m. 24 Oct. 1876, Annie,
dau. of T. O'Neil, Esq. of Beechdale, Kent, by whom he
has issue, James IJodolph, b. 9 Oct. 1877 ; Vincent Ray-
mond ; Reginald Lough ; Mary Julia ; Cecilia Rose ; and

2 Rodolph Francis, 6. 28 Jan. 1855.

3 Reginald William, 6. 5 July, 1856.

4 Thomas Vincent, Barrister-at-Law, 6. 1 May, 1857 ; m.
8 Aug. 1^78, Rosa Victoria, youngest dau. of the late
Vincent ScuUy, Esq. of -Mantle Hill.

IV. Thomas Joseph Denis, b. 12 July, 1817, d. s. p. 13
April, 1857.

V. Wii'.iam Francis John, of Ballinaclough, co. Tipperary,
and Holland Park, London, b. 23 Nov. 1821 ; m. 1st, 1851.
Margaret, dau. of Michael Sweetman, Esq., by whom (who
d. 20 May, 1861) he had three daus.,

1 Gtrtrude. 2 Julia. 3 Kathleen.

He m. 2ndly, — Chynoweth, and has issue.
1. Katherine Julia Mary, m. Prince Antonio Publicola Santa
Croce, Duke de Corchiano and Santo Gemine, Grandee of
Spain of the First Class, and d.. 16 Feb. 1864, leaving three

1 Louisa, in. Marquis Rangoni.

2 Vincenza, ';;(. Count .Santa Flora.

3 Valeria, m. JIarquis Pa.-sari.

II. Mary Ann, a nun, "lrt„„„„,grt

III. Juliana, a nun, Jtieceasea.

Mr. Scully, d. 25 Oct. 18.30. His 2nd son,

Vincent Sccllt, E.sq. of Mantle Hill, co. Tipperary, and
Mcrrion Square, Dublin, Barrister-at-Law, Q.C., M.P. co.
Cork 13.V2-57 and 1859-65, 6. 8 Sept. 1810 ; s. his eldest brother
Ibii; rii. 6 Sept. 1841, Susanna, dau. of John Grogan, Esq. of
Harcourt Street, Dublin, BarrLster-at-Law, and sister of .Sir
Edward Grogan, Bart. M.P. for the city of Dublin, 1841-65,
and by her (who d. 3 Sept. 1874) had i.ssue,

I. Vincent, now of Mantle Hill.

I. Katherine. ii. Juliet, a nun.

III. Rosa Victoria, m. 8 Aug. 1S78, Thomas Vincent Scully

(SI.K vJj'fCt).

Mr. Scully d. 4 June, 1S71.

yf )■);(.'!— Vert, a cross boutonne between two mullets in chief
and a Heur-de-lis in base or. Crest— Owl of a mural crown ppr.
a pha'nix, also ppr. , charged on the breast with a cross boutonne
or. Motto — Sine labe resurgens.

iSeai— Mantle-hill House, Golden, nearCashel, co. Tipperary.


ScuEFiELD, G-EORGE JoHN, Esq. of Forcl, Hur-
worth House, and Crimdon House, all co. Durham,
and Lord of the Manor of Crimdon, J. P. for the
Xorth Eiding and co. Durham, D.L. for the
latter co., and Hi-h Sheriff 1880, Hon. Col. 1st
Vol. Batt. Durliam^Liglit Infantry, h. 4 Feb. 1810;
m. 11 April, 1839, Aiine Alice, 2nd dau. of Eev.
Kobert IIoi>pcr Williamson, of Whickham, co.
Durham, J. P., Eector and Patron of Hiirworth
{see WiLLiAMSox of Whickham), and bj her (who
d. 1 April, 1872) has liad issue,

I. Geokge John, Barrister-at-Law, h. 16 April, 1841.

II. William, d. an infant.

III. Robert Grey (Rev.), b. 6 Aug. 1844 ; m. 27 April, 1880,
Alice Mary, dau. of Rev. Edward Douglas Finling, and
d. 29 Aug. following.

IV. William Williamson, 6. 24 Dec. 1845; d. 1858.
I. Alice Joanna Sarah Dorothea.

Col. Scurfield, who graduated JVI.A. at St. John's
Coll. Camb. 1836, assumed by royal licence, dated
22 Oct. 1831, the surname of Scuefield only, in
lieu of his patronymic Geet.

Liineag'e. — The family of Grey was long settled in the
city of Durham, and by tradition descends from a younger
branch of the noble house of Gret, of Northumberland.

John Gket, an Alderman of Durham (son of Robert Grey,
Aldeiinan of Durham, who d. circa 1698, and grandson of
John Grey, of Durham, by Mary his wife), was Mayor of that
city in 1707, 1715, 1722, and 1735. He r,i. Lst, 23 Jan. 1699,
Rebecca, dau. and co-heir of William Chipchase, Gent, of
Norton, co. Durham, who was bur. 14 Jan. 1716. Mr. Grey
m. 2ndly, 5 Aug. 1718, Mary, dau. of George Bowes, Esq. of
Bradlej', co. Durham, grandson of Sir George Bowes, Knt. of
Bradley, and by her had, with other issue, a son, Bowes Grey,
Esq. of Old Elvet, co. Durham, b. 1725. Mr. Grey m. 3rdly,
12 June, 1722, Elizabeth, cousin of his previous wife, dau. of
Thomas Bowes, Esq. of Quarrington, but d. without further
issue, and was bur. in St. Nicholas Church, Durham, 17 Sept.
1760, aged 80, being «. by his 4th, but eldest surviving son by
his 1st wife,

John Gret, Gent, of Norton, bapt. 21 July, 1709 ; ra. 23
Dec. 1727, Anne, dau. of Hugh Finch, Gent, of Billingham, co.
Durham, by Anne his wife, and by her (who was bur. 17 Sept.
17C7) had issue,

I. William, of London, 6.9 Jan. 1729: m. Elizabeth Wright,
of Bishopton, and by her had an only child, Elizabeth, b.
Vibl. This lady inherited the extensive estates of her
great-uncle, Gascoigne Finch, Esq. She to. 8 June, 1783,
Rev. Christopher Anstey, of Trumpington, co. Cambridge,
by whom (who d. 19 Dec. 1827) she had an only child,
Christopher, who lived but a few days.

II. Chipchase, grandfather of William Robinson Grey, Esq.
of .Silksworth, co. Durham, who has assumed the name of
Robinson only {see Robinson of Silksworth).

III. John, of whom we treat.

I. Anne, ra. 17 May, 1764, John Ward, of Billingham, co.
Durham, Gent.
Mr. Grey d. about 1760. His 3rd son,

John Gret, of Norton, Gent., b. 14 June, 1744; m. 10
March, 1768, Elizabeth, dau. of John Darnell, of Billinghani,
CO. Durham, and <?. 4 April, 1791, having by her (who d.'Z\
Dec. 1818, aged 73) had issue,

I. John, of Stockton, co. Durham, Merchant, 6. 4 Sept. 1776 ;
1,1. 25 Nov. 1802, Margaret, dau. of Edward Aiskell, of
Sunderland, co. Durham, and had issue,

1 John, of Stockton, Merchant.

2 Edward, of Liverpool, Merchant.

1 Eleanor, to. 26 April, 1827, Thomas Heniy Faber, Esq.,
Town Clerk of Stockton, and had issue.

2 Elizabeth, TO. 6 June, 1831, Frederick William Trevor,
Esq., Collector of the Customs at Montrose, and had issue.

II. William, of whom presently.

I. Ann, of Norton.

II. Elizabeth, m. 1825, Rev. Christopher Anstey, Vicar of
Norton, co. Durham.

The 2nd son.





William Ghet, Esq. of Norton, 6. 18 Sept. 1778, J.P. co.
Durham ; m. 1 July, 1807, Joanna, only child and heir of
■\\"illiam ScurfiL'ld, Esq. of Ford, Coatham, JIundeville, and
Criradon Hou.^e, all co. Durham (ivho was 2nd son of William
Scurfield, Esq. of Ford and Ne\vcastle-on-Tyne, the discoverer
of copperas;, and by her (who d. 26 Jan. 1862) had issue to
aurvive infancy,

I. WiLLiAsi ScDEFiELD, his lu'ir.

II. Geokge John, who «. liis brother, and is the present Mr.

lit. John William (Rev.), who has assumed the name of
Smith only (.see Smith of Ryhopc. and Carroiobroufih).

IV. Charles, an Ensign 1st vVest India Kegt. He d. anm. in
the West Indies, June, 1842.

V. Henry Anthony, late of Hurworth Hall, co. Durham, for
which he is a J. P., now of Meole Brace, Shrewsbury, Hon.
Col. of 1st Cheshire Artillery Volunteers, b. 1822 ; to. .3 Sept.
Ihol, Frances Elizabeth, youngest dau. of James Eoyds,
Esq. of Woodlands, co. Chester, by whom he has issue,
four surviving daus.,

1 Florence Royds, m. 20 Oct. 1875, Major Charles Edward
Writfht, 96th Regt., eldest son of Peter Wriglit, Esq. of
HoUins Hey, co. Chester.

2 Dorothea Royds, m., as 2nd wife, 6 Oct. 1885, Henry, 4th
son of Sir William H. Ripley, 1st Bart.

S Harriet Royds, m. 16 Sept. 1879, Capt. Thomas William
Best, 76th Regt., son of Hon. and Rev. Samuel Best, and
grandson of 1st Lord Wynford.

4 F"rances Louisa.

VI. John Reynolds, of Calcutta, Merchant, d. 23 March, 1858
aged 33.

VII. Robert Septimus.

I. Sarah Dorothy, m. 2 May, 1839, her cousin, William
Robinson-Robinson (formerly Grey), Esq. of Silkswurth,
CO. Durham, and has issue.

II. Joanna, 7 .

III. Anne Elizabeth, j "- J^"""-

Mr. Grey d. 23. Jan. 1862, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Scurfield Grey, Esq. of Norton and Ciimdon
House, b. 18 Aug. 1808 ; M.A. of St. John's Coll. Camb., and
a Barrister-at-Law, J. P. for the North Riding and co. Durham,
for the latter of which he was a Deputy-Lieut., Chairman of
Quarter Sessions, and served as High Sheriff 1867. He d. unm.
9 Jan. 1876, and was s. by his brother, George John, of Hur-
worth House, CO. Durham, who had, as above stated, previously
assumed the name of Scurfield only.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, barry of six pean and or, per
pale counterchanged, for Scukfield ; 2nd and 3rd, gu., a lion
rampant and a bordure engrailed arg., for Grey. Crests — 1st,
A cubit arm in armour erect ppr., encircled by a wreath of
oak or, firing a carbine also ppr., for Scurfield ; 2nd, A scaling-
ladder arg., for Gret. Mottoes — Vidi, vici, for Scurfield ;
Deum lime, regem serva, for Grey.

Seai.s— Hurworth House, Darlington, and Crimdon House,
Castle Eden.


Sealy, John Thomas Hungerfoed, Esq.,M.D.,
of Gortnaliorn House, co. Cork, J.P., b. 4 Dec.
1853 ; m. 3 April, 1877, Sarah, dau. of the late
Joseph Weightman, Esq. of Staiuton-le-Tale, co.

liineage. — The Sealys of Gortnahorn are a junior branch
of the Bridgwater family.

John Sealy, Esq., who went to Ireland tcm}}. Charles II.,
was father of

Robert Sealy, Esq. of Bandon, to. Miss Marsh, sister of
Gen. Marsh, and had issue, Armiger, John, and George. The
descendants of John settled at Richmount, near Bandon. The
3rd son,

George Sealy, Esq. of Gortnahorn, vi. Anne, only dau. of
Eev. Richard Baldwin, of Ardacrow, Rector of Rathclareen,
and had issue, Rodert, Richard, Armiger, George, Baldwin,
Eliza, Bridget, and Jane. The eldest son,

Robert Sealy, Esq. of Gortnahorn, m. 1st. Eliza, dau. of
Jonas Morris, Esq. of Dunkettle, and had a son, Jonas Morris
Sealy, of Gortnahorn, Barrister-at-Law, Q.C., d. s. p. 1857,
and a dau. Mary Anne, to. 1820, Rev. Jonas Morris Poole.
He TO. 2ndly, Anne, eldest dau. of John Hungerford, Esq.
cf Burren, brother of Col. Thomas Hungerford, of The Island
see that Name), and by her had issue,

John Thomas Hungerford, of whom presently.

WiNTHROP Baldwin, of Gortnahorn.

Anna Maria, d. unm.

Mr. Sealy d. 1826. His eldest son by his 2nd wife,

John Thomas Hungerford Sealy, M.D., B.A., b. 26
March, 1S04 ; vi. 18 Dec. 1829, Sarah, 4th dau. of Rev. Robert

Shanly, of Julianstown, co. Meath, and d. 1850, in California,

Robert, b. 13 Sept. 1830, to whom his uncle, Jonas Morris
Sealy, bequeathed the estates of Gortnahorn, Kilcoleman,
and Garanteah, after the decease of his widow. He d. s.p.
in Australia 1662.


WiNTHROP Baldwin Sealy, Esq. of Gortnahorn, co. Cork,
B.A., J. P., b. 1SIJ6; i;i. 4 June, 1836, Susan Jane, youngest
dau. of the late Richard Hungerford, Esq. of The Island, co.
Cork, and had issue,

I. Robert Winthrop Baldwin (Rev.), B.A., b. 1839.

II. Richard Hungerford, b. 1841.

III. Jonas Morris, b. 1844.

IV. W'inthrop Baldwin, b. 1847: m. 1875.

V. John Thomas Hungerford, now of Gortnahorn.

VI. George Marsh, 6. 18.=>4.

I. Frances Eyre, deceased. n. Susan .Jane.

ui. Henrietta Helena. iv. Letitia Charlotte.

V. Eliza Anne, ))i. vi. Maria Catherine Becher.
Mr. Sealy d. 24 Nov. 1887.

Arms — Or, a fesse embattled az., between three wolves' heads
erased sa. Cre<t— Out of a ducal coronet or, a wolf's head sa.
Motto — Concipe spes certas.

Scats — Gortnahorn House, and Barleyfield, Bandon, co.


Seckham, Samuel Lipscomb, Esq. of Beacon
Place, CO. Stafford, J.P. audD.L., High Sheriff 1890,
b. 25 Oct. 1827 ; m. 1 IN'ov. 1853, Kinbarra Swene,
6th dau. of Bassett Smith, Esq. of Gfravelly Hill,
Erdington, co. Warwick, and has issue,

I. Bassett Thorne, b. 1863 ; m. 1888, Alice Dorothy Moore-

II. Guy Lipscomb Thorne, b. 1866.

III. Gerald James Thorne, b. 1867.

IV. Lionel Allen Thorne, b. 1870 ; d. 1885.

V. Douglas Thorne, i. 1873.

I. Kinbarra Swene, 6. 1861 ; m. 1886, Arthur Chetwynd, of
Longdon Hall, co. Stafford, and has issue, Arthur Henry
Talbot, 6. 1887, and Ralph Talbot, b. 1890.

II. Violet Thorne, b. 1865. ili. Isabel Thorne, b. 1869.
IV. Mabel Thorne, b. 1875. v. Dorothy Thorne, b. 1879.

ilr. Seckham is son of TTilliam Seckham, of
Kidlington, Oxon, who d. 1859, by his wife, Har-
riett (m. 1822).

Seat — Beacon Place, Lichfield.
Residence — Whittington Hall, co. StalTord.
Club — Junior Athenaeum.


Moltneux-Seel, Edmund Richard Thomas,
Esq. of Huyton Hey, co. Lancashire, late Capt.
2nd Lancasliire Militia, b. 5 Aug. 1824; m. 16Kov.
1847, Comtesse Anna Maria de Dosada y Lousada,
and has issue,

I. Edmund Harrington, Capt. the King's Liverpool Regt.,
b. 27 July, 1857.

II. Edward Honord, Capt. Royal Scots (Lothian) Regt., 6. 24
June, 18o2 : m. 6 Aug. 1892, Margaret, dau. of Matthew
Bullock, Esq.

I. Agnes 3Iary Matilda, m. 5 Oct. 1870, Sir John Lawson,
2nd Bart, of Brough Hall, co. York, and has issue.

II. Charlotte Amelia.

Lineage. — Thomas Unsworth, Esq. of Maghull Hall,
CO. Lancaster, son of Thomas Unsworth, Esq. of Maghull (who
rf. 1802), yn. Aug. 1791, Frances, eldest dau. and heir of
Thomas Seel, Esq. of New Hall and Alt Grange, co. Lancaster,
by Frances his wife, last heir of Richard Molyneux, Esq. of
New Hall, and by her (who d. 1841) hadissue,

Thomas, who assumed the surname of Molyneux-Seel.

William Gillebrand, d. unm.

Richard Bhmdell, d. 23 Aug. 1869.

Frances Seel, m. 1823, John Smale, Esq. of Guy's Clift
Lodge, CO. Warwick, M.D., who d. 1841.
Mr. Unsworth cf. 5 June, 1815. His eldest son,

Thomas Molyneu.k-Seel, Esq. of Huyton Hey, co. Lanca-ster,
.J.P. for cos. Lancaster and Norfolk, D.L. for the former,
Major2nd Royal Lancashire Militia, b. 1 July, 1792 ; m. 31 Oct.
1S23, Agnes Mary, dau. of Sir Richard Uediuj;feld, oth Bart, of





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