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Oxburgh Hall, Xorfolk, and bj- her (who d. 7 Sept. ISTO) had

I. EDMr>.T) Richard Thomas, now of Huyton Hej-.

II. Charles William, 6. !? April, 1S30 : m'. 15 Feb. 1S56, Mary,
dan. of Capt. Philipps, of Torquay, Devon, and d. 14 Feb.
185!). havins had one son and one dau.

ni. Henry Harrinfiton. Eiehmond Herald, b. 10 May, 1839:
VI. June, 1S70, Louisa, widow of Alex. Spearman, Esq. and
dau. of Edward Mainwaring, Esq. of Whitmore, co. Stafford,
and d. 31 Aug. It'S-j. loavinV two sons.

This gentleman assumed, by royal lieenee, dated 12 July, 1815,
in accordance with the will of his maternal grandfather,
Thomas Seel, Esq. of New Hall and Alt Grange, co. Lancaster,
the surnames and anus of Moltneux-Seel in lieu of his
patronymic Uns'.vokth. He represented, through his mother,
the families of Harrington ofHayton, Molt.-jecx of JS'etn Hall
and Alt Grange, Hawakdes of Lit. Green, and Seel of Liver-
pool. He c^ 16 Jan. 18S1.

Ai-m.< — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, per fesse potent counter-potent
peanandaz., three wolves' heads erased counter-changed, for
Seel; '2nd and 3rd, az., a cross moline or, a canton arg., for
MoLTKErs. Crests — .\ wolf's head erased per fesse pean and
az., for Seel ; on a chapeau gu. turned up erm., a peacocks
tail ppr., for Moltnedx.

Stat — Huyton Hey, co. Lancaster.


Seelt, Chakles, Esq. of Brooke House, Isle of
"Wiglit, and of Sherwood Lodfje, Nottingham, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1SS9, Lieut.-Col. Kobin
Hood's Kotls R.Y., M.P. for Kotts 1SG9-74, and
lSSO-5, and for West Notts 1SS5-6, and since 1892,
b. I,s33 ; m. 1857, Emily, dau. of William Erans,
Esq. of London, and has issue, Chaeles Hilton,
b. 1S59.

Lineag-e.— Charles Seelt, Esq. of Brooke House, J.P.
and D.L., M.P. for Lincoln 1847-4S and 1861-85, High Sheriff
for Hants 1800 (only son of Charles Seel}-, of Lincoln, by Ann
his wife (who d. 1863), dau. of Mr. J. Wilkinson), b. 1803 ; m.
1831, Mary, youngest dau. of Jonathan Hilton, Esq. of Xew-
castle-upon-Tyne, and by her (who d. 1884) had issue,

I. CnABLEs, now of Brooke House.

I. IMary, m. Rev. T. Renwiek.

II. Frances Anne, m. B. Temple Cotton, Esq.

III. Annie, m. Lieut.-Col. Browne, V.C.
Mr. Seely d. 1887.

5. ('(8— Brooke House, Newport, Isle of Wight ; andShenvood
Loilge, Xottiugham. Town Residence— I, Carlton House Ter-
race, S.W.


SegeAVE, Hexet, Esq. of Xiltimon, co. Wicklo-n-,
of Cabi-a, co. Dublin, and of Calla, co. Galwaj, J.P.
COS. Dublin and AYicklow, High Sheriff for co.
Wicklow 1893 ; late Capt. 12th Eoot, h. 1823 ; m.
1850, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Erancis
Dehane, Esq. of The Eeaches, co. Stafford, and nas

I. O'Xeill Edward John, m. 17 Sept. 1882, Beatrix, dau.
of W. J. J. Warneford, Deputy-Assistant-Quarteniiaster-
General, brother of J. H. Warneford, Esq. of Warneford
Place, Wilts.

II. Walter Henry. in. Charles William.

I. Frances Emma, m. 21 Nov. 1876, Sir John Talbot Power,
3rd Bart., and has issue.

II. 3Iary Clare, m. 31 Jan. 1839. Hon. George Stopford, 3rd
son of the Earl of Counown.

III. Edith Blanche, ni. Henry, son of Maxwell Close, of
Lrumbanagher, Xewry.

Liineag-e.— Richard Segrave, Chief Baron of the Ex-
chequer in Ireland a.d. 1404, was father of Patrick Segrave,
living 1445, who m. Mary, dau. and heir of William Waler, of
Killeglan, co. Meath, and was father of Richard, whose son,
John Segrave, of KiUeglan, circa 1500, m. Jenot Dongan,
and left two sons, Patrick, of Killeglan, d. s.'j^-, and

Richard Segrave, who rf. 1541. He iit. l^t, Elizabeth
Dowdall, by whom he had

I. Patrick, of Killeglan, heir to his uncle; he m. Joan Beg,
and left with two daus., Catharine, wife of Robert Usher,
and Anna, wife of Simon Barnewall, of Kilrew, one son,

EicHARD, a Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, m. twice,
and left issue ; d. 1598.
11. Laurence. I

He m. 2ndly, Jenet Eustace, by whom he had, with other issue, i
a 4th son, /

William Segrave, Esq., m. Elizabeth, dau. of William
Walsh, Esq. of Carrickmaine, and d. v. p., leaving a son, '

Christopher Segrave, Esq. of Dublin, Akierman and Mayor
of that city 1659. He vi. tivice. By his 1st wife, Alson, dau.
of Nicholas Humphrey, he left at his decease, 2 Oct. 1589, a
son and heir,

Walter Segrave, Esq. of Dublin, Alderman and Mayor
of that city 15S8, who m. twice. By Catherine his 1st wife,
he had one son, John, his heir ; and by Elinor Ball his 2nd
wife, he had issue, Christopher ; James, to whom his father
and uncle gave the dissolved monastery of St. John's, Dub-
lin ; Mary, wife of Sir John Tyrrell, Knt. ; Alice, wife of
John Fagan; and Jane, wife of Robert Kennedy, Esq., Alder-
man of Dublin. Walter Segrave d. 9 Dec. 1621, and was s. by
his son,

John Segrave, Esq., m. Jane, dau. of Christopher Fagan,
Alderman of Dublin, and left a son,

Henry Segrave, Esq. of Little Cabra (heir to his grand-
father), b. 1599 ; d. 1662, leaving, by Alice his wife, several
children, of whom the eldest son,

John Segrave, Esq. of Cabra, co. Dublin, to. Anne, dau.
of Sir Ncal O'Neil, Bart, of Killelagh, co. Antrim, and was
father of

Henry Segrave, Esq. of Cabra, whose will, dated 18 Aug.
1738, was proved 1739. He m. Anne, sister of John Davis,
and had issue, l. Neill, his heir; ii. John; in. Richard;
IV. Jenico; v. Arthur, who d. in London, 1SI7, at a very ad-
vanced age; i. Emelia, ra. Gerald Arclibold, Esq. of Donodea,
CO. Kildare ; ii. Elizabeth ; iii. Barbara; and iv. Anne. The
eldest son,

Neill Segrave, Esq. of Cabra, whose will, dated 8 March,
1709, was proved 16 July, 1777, m. Cl-ara, dau. and co-heir of
Michael Ambrose, Esq. of Dublin, and sister of Lady Palmer,
"the dangerous Papist," and had issue, two sons, i. John, his
heir, and ii. James, who went abroad, and three daus., i. Rose,
m. Darby O'Grady, Esq. ; ii. Frances, d. 1794 : and in. Eleanor,
m. Anthony Brown, Esq. The elder son,

John Segrave, Esq. of Cabra, m. Anne, dau. of William
Nugent, styled Lord Riverston, and had issue,

I. O'Neill, Iiis heir. ii. William, d. unm.

III. Thomas, of Dublin, m. Anne, dau. of Peter Grehan, Esq.,
by Mary his wife, dau. of Stephen Roche, Esq., and d. 1»17,
leaving issue,

1 John, deceased.

2 O'Neill, late Inniskilling Dragoons, m. Frances, 2nd dau.
of Ambrose Harbord Stewart, Esq. of Stoke Park, Suffolk,
and had issue.

3 Henry (Rev.), deceased.

4 Srephen, b. 1308; ra. Isabella, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. J.
Birkenhead Gliegg, of Backford and Irbie, co. Chester,
and d. 29 Jan,. 1839, having had issue.

5 Peter (Rev.).

6 Thomas, Bamster-at^Law, m. Miss Hamilton, dau. of
Dr. Hamilton, of Edinburgh, and d. 1846, leaving issue.

7 Patrick, J.P. co. Dublin, m. 1808, Henrietta Cecilia, dau.
of Hobert Daniel!, Esq., D.L., of New Forest, co. West-
nicath, and has issue, Thomas Lewis, Lieut. 2nd Batt.
Royal Irish Kegt., 6. 20 Dec. 1861 ; John O'Neill, b.
31 Dec. 1864; Henry Francis, b. 1 Oct. 1860; Anne;
Mary Clare ; and Cecilia.

1 Mary, m. Nicholas Whyte, Esq. of Loughbrickland.

2 Anne Frances, j)i. 1326, Hon. William Browne, and
d. s. p.

3 Clara, m. John Lewis More O'Ferrall, Esq. of Lissard,
CO. Longford.

4 Margaret, m. Hon. James O'Brien, one of the Judges of
the Court of Queen's Bench in Ireland.

I. Henrietta, ra. William Kellet, Esq. of Great Clonard.

II. Clara, 7/i. Marcus Blake L3-ncli, ILsq. of Barna.

III. Anne, m. Capt. Baldwin, R..\.

IV. Frances, d. unm.

Mr. Segrave d. 1733, and was s. by his son,

O'Neill Segrave, of Cabra, m. Margaret, dau. of George
Goold, Esq. of Cork, and by her (who m. 2ndly, John Agnew
Connell, Esq.) left at his decease, 1793, a son and successor,

Henry John Segrave, Esq., of Cabra, m. 1817, his cousin,
Anna Frances, dau. of William Kellet, Esq. of Great Clonard,
CO. Wexford, and had issue,

I. O'Neil, of Cabra.

H. Henry, now of Kiliimon.

III. William, late Capt. 71st Foot.

IV. Thomas, Il.M., late Capt. 14th Foot, m. 15 Aug. 1S54,
Louisa Mary, dau. of Major William Buckley, late 18tli
Regt. and has issue, a son, Henry John, 0. 9 Nov. IsOl,






and a dau. Claire Mary, to. 8 May, 1884, James Lombard
Cotter, Esq. eldest son ot Sir James Cotter, Bart.

Mr. Segrave d. 1843, and was s. by bis eldest son,
O'Xeill Segrave, Esq. of Kiltimon and Cabra, D.L., an

Officer 7th Dragoon Guards, m. 23 .May, 1848, Matilda, 3rJ dau.

of John Hyacinth Talbot, Esq. of Castle Talbot, co. Wexford,

M.P. ; d. s. p. 25 June, 1878, and wass. by his brother.
ylcr/i.«— Quarterly • 1st and 4th, arg., on a bend gu. three

trefoils or ; 2nd and 3rd, az., three eagles displayed or. Crest

^A demi-lion rampant arg., between the paws a branch of oak

ppr., fructed or. Motto — Uieu et mon roi.

Seats — Cabra House, co. Dublin; Kiltimon, Newtonniount-
kennedy, co. Wicklow; and Calla House, Kilconnell, co.


Selbt, Walter Chaeles, Esq. of Biddlestone,
Nortlmmberland, J.P., High Sheriff 1885, b. 12
July, 1858 ; m. 9 June, 18S1, Margaret Beatrice,
2nd dau. of the late H. Gr. Bromilow, Esq., and has
had issue,

I. Walter Arthur, 6. 31 July, 1882.

II. Charles Walter, b. 14 and d. 16 Oct. 1883.
ill. Ronald Walter, 6. 4 Sept. 1891.

I. Laura Margaret Maude.
n. Gladys Mary.

III. Cecily Beatrice.

Xiineage. — The Selbys have been seated time out of
mind in Northumberland. A grant from King Edward I.,
which has been preserved, shows beyond doubt that they
derive from Sir Walter de Selby, who flourished in the reigns
of Henry III. and Edward I., as the lands thereby given to
the said Sir Walter have continued uninterruptedly in the
possession of his descendants, and are enjoyed by them to this
day. From

Christopher Selbt, Esq. of Biddlestone (son of Percival de
Selby, one of the Commissioners of the Middle Marches 6
."DWARD VI.), the 3rd in descent, who m. Eleanor, dau. of Sir
William Ogle, Knt. of Cawsey Park, Northumberland, son of
Ealph, Lord Ogle, descended

Sir Willlam Selby, of Biddlestone, High Sheriff for North-
umberland, who received the honour of knighthood from King
James, at Berwick, 1603. He m. Ellen, dau. of Sir Thomas
Haggerstone, Bart, of Haggerstone Castle, and had (with three
daus.) an only son to survive him,

Charles Selby, Esq. of Biddlestone, m. Elizabeth Gilli-
brand, of Chorley, and had three sons and one dau. The
eldest son,

Thomas William Selby, Esq. of Biddlestone, m. Barbara,
dau. and heir of Christopher Percehay, Esq. of Eyton, co.
York, and had (with two daus., i. Barbara, m. 1735, Roger
Meynell, Esq. of North Kilvington ; it. Elizabeth, m. John
Lawson, Esq., 2nd son of Sir John Lawson, Bart, of Brough)
an only son,

Thomas Selby, Esq. of Biddlestone, m. 1st, Mary, 3rd dau.
of Roger Meynell, Esq. of North Kilvington, and had one dau.
Mary. He m. 2ndly, Eleanor, dau. and co-heir of Nicholas
Tuite, Esq. of the family of Tuite's Town, co. Westmeath, and
had by her five sons and one dau.,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Nicholas Tuite, 6. 1754; m. 1st, Teresa, 4th dau. of
Joseph Coppinger, Esq., 3rd son of Stephen Coppinger. Esq.
of Ballyvolane, co. Cork, but by her had no issue. He m.
2ndly, Frances, dau. of Anthony Wright, Esq. of Wheelside,
Essex, by whom he had one dau. Eleanor, d. xmra., and
3rdly, Frances, dau. of Tiiomas W'almesley, Esq. of ShoUey,
CO. Lancaster, by whom he had two daus., Mary Anne, vi.
23 Sept. 1839, Sir Charles Wolseley, 8th Bart, of Wolseley,
and d. 18 Jan. 1873, and Mary Eleanor.

III. Charles Joseph, b. 24 Oct. 1755, who settled in Denmark,
where he was created a Baron 1796, appointed Major of
the South Zetland Fencibles March, 1801, and Chamberlain
to the King 1808. He m. 1st, Bridget, dau. and co-lieir of
Peter Borre, of Copenhagen, and 2ndly, Anne Ernestine de
Brockdorff, dau. of Baron de Brockdorff, of Klein Nordsee,
in Holstein, widow and heir of Cay von Hantzan, of
Guldenstein and Gaarg. Baron de Selby had issue by his
1st wife only, two sons and one dau.,

1 Charles Borre, Baron de Selby, Lord of the Blanor of
Ourupgaard, in the island of Falster, Chamberlain to the
King of Denmark, Knight of the Dannebrog, m. 1806,
C.liristina Georgiana Louise, 2nd dau. of Capt. Falbe, of
the Danish navy, and had issue,
Charles Ernest, b. 23 Aug. 1813; d. May, 1843.
Eleanor Ida Christine Fredereke, a lady of the Royal
Danish Chapter of Walloe, m. 1845, Baron Wedel.

Ida Charlotte Nicolette, a lady of the Danish
Chapter of Wemmetofle, vi. Baron Brienan.
Jeromia Catherina, m. Count Bille Brache.
Anna Ernestine Angelique Elizabeth, a Lady-Expectont

of the Royal Danish Chapter of Gisselfeld.
Angelique Louisa Johanna Christina Antoinette, d.

Caroline, ) .

Carohne Amalie, J" '"'''^^•
2 Nicholas Tuite, an OfBcer in the Austrian Cavalrv, Lord
of the Bedchamber to the Emperor of Austria lhU9, and
JIajorof Klenan Light Horse 1813,6. 11 Jan. i;s2 ; m.
Wilhelmine Kheischel, and d. 1815, leaving an only dau.,
Ernestine Wilhelmina Caroline, Lady in her own right
of the Manor of Guldenstein, Holstein, m. Oct. 1633,
her cousin, Frederick de Bulow.

1 Eleanora Sophia, m. 4 April, 1803, Franz Christopher
Von Bulow, Adjutant-Gen. to the King and Acting
Adjutant-Gen. to the Prince of Denmark.

IV. John, d. unm.

V. Robert, m. 5 Feb. 1793, Teresa, dau. of the Hon. Charles
Talbot, and sister to Charles, 15th Earl of Shrewsbury, and
by her (who d. 1 Jan. 1823) has had two sons and one dau.

1 Robert Joseph, d. unm. 25 Sept. 1824.

2 John Tlionias, who was named " Cameriere Scgreto di
Cappa Spada" to His Holiness Pope Pius IX., on 2 Dec.
18tjl, and Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the
Great, and shortly, after Franxis II., King ot Naples,
conferred on him the Order of Francis I., b. 1804; m.
Anna Maria, dau. John Searle, Esq. of Molesworth, co.
Huntington, and d. 1 July, 1872, having had issue,

Robert John, vi. 26 July, 18.'i8, Caroline, dau. of the
Count and Lady Anne di Sangiorgio, and d. in Klorence,
19 March, 1875, leaving issue, William, Walter, and

Charles Alexander, d. unm.

Albert Joseph Perceval, d. young.

John George Fauconberg.

Anna Maria Treresa, m. Dec. 1870, Edward Walter
Farrell, Esq. (see Farrell of Mo>jnalt-i), and d. 10 Jane,

Harriet Mary Augusta, d. unm.

Teresa Geurgina, d. unm.
1 Anne, who d. young.

Mr. Selby was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Selby, Esq. of Biddlestone, b. 1753; m. Catherine,
dau. and heir of Ralph Hodshon, Esq. of Lintz, co. Durham,
and by her (who d. 1826, aged 65) had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir. ii. Ralph.

III. Edward, m. Charlotte Amie, and had two daus., Cathe-
rine and Cliarlotte, who d. unm.

IV. Walter, successor to his brother,
v. Richard, d. unm. 1815, aged 27.

VI. William, m. Miss Julia Brien, and had two sons and one

1 Thomas. 2 Robert.

1 Maria.

I. Catherine, m 1819, John Aloysius Clavering, Esq. of
Callaly, Northumberland.

II. Henrietta, Lady Abbess of the Benedictine Convent at

III. Maria, d. mim. 1824.

Mr. Selby d. 15 May, 1816, and was s. by his eldest son,
Thomas Selby, Esq. of Biddlestone, at whose decease, toim.,

1818, aged 38, the estates devolved on his brother,
Walter Selby, Esq. of Biddlestone, m. April, 1817, Alicia,

dau. of Thomas Swarbreck, Esq., and had issue,

I. Walter, his heir.

II. Thomas, b. 19 Jan. 1824; d. April, 1848.

I. Mary, m. 24 July, 1858, Henry B. G. Whitgreave, Esq. of
Moseley Court, co. Stafford.

II. Eleanor, deceased.

Mr. Selby d. 1833, aged 46, and was s. by his eldest son,

Walter Selby, Esq. of Biddlestone, J. P. and D.L., 6. 2
Nov. 1822; m. 18 Feb. 1857, L.aura Ann, dau. of Henry
Tempest, Esq. of Broughton, and by her (who d. 21 Oct. I85b)
had issue,

I. Walter Charles, now of Biddlestone.

II. Thomas Cyril, b. 24 Nov. 1859.

HI. Ri-i:inald .irthur, b. 17 June, 1867.

I. Evel.\ n Mary.

II. Edith Mary.

III. Myriel Mary.

Mr. Selby d. 2 Sept. 1868, and was s. by his son, Walter

^,.„is_Barry of eight or and sa. Crest — A Saracen's head
ppr., wreathed about the temples or and sa. JMotVj — Semper
sapit suprenia.

iM(— Biddlestone, Rothbury, Northumberland.






Selbt, Beafchamp Peideavx, Esq. of Pawston,
•00. Nortlnimberland, J.P., Barrister-at-Law, b. 23
Aug. 1S41 ; m. 9 Aug. ISSl, Fanny, youngest dau.
of the late Joseph Pocklington Souhouse, Esq. of
Ketherhall, Marrport, co. Cumberland, and hhs

Beauchamp IIenkt, h. 4 June, 1SS2.
Prideaux Joseph, h. 1 June, 1SS5.

Xiineag-e. — The family of Selbj- has lone: been seated in
CO. Xoi'thiimberland, and their name is frequently to be met
vith in the records of that county.

AViLLiAM Selbt, of Beal, the son of another William, was
bur. ;' Aug. 1G71, and by Anna his wife, who was bur. 17 May,
ItJ73, he left two sons,

I. William, of Beal, living 1705, to. Eleanor Burrell, and
had, with other issue,

1 Prideaux, of Beal, )h. Elizabeth, dau. of JohnColIiugwood,
of Cornhill, and d. 17-iI, leaving a large family; of the
survivors were three daus., Grace, Elizabeth, and Mary,
who all three married, and two sons, John, who s. to the
property at Beal, and George, of Twizell House, Belford,
Konhumberland, m. 1782, Margaret, 2nd dau. of John
Cook, Esq. (2nd son of Edward Cook, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law and lieeordcr of Berwick), and d. 1804, leaving issue,

Prideaux John, of Twizell House and The Blote, Kent,
J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1S21, b. 1789; m. 17 Dec.
1810. Lewis Tabitha, 2nd of Robert Mitford, Esq.
of Jlittord Castle, and d. 1867, having by her (whod. 2i
March, 1859) had issue,

I. Lewis Makianne Ldard-Selbt, of The Mote, Ton-
bridge, CO. Kent, m. 1st, 18o:i, Charles John Bicrge
(who d. 1846), eldest son of Cliaries William Bigg'e,
Esq. of Linden, and 2ndly, 1850, Major Robert Luard,
J. P. (who assumed the name of Selbt in 1870, and
who d. 1S80), 7th son of Peter John Luard, of Blybro'
Kail, CO. Lincoln. Mrs. Luard-Selby has issue by the
lormer, Charles Selby, J. P., b. 1834; to. 1856, Kathe-
Tina, dau. of James Ogle, Esq. of Beckenham, co.
Kent, and has issue, Charles, b. IHfil.

II. Frances JIargaret, of Twizell House, in. 1833,
Rev. Edmund Antrobus, youngest son of Rev. William
Antrobus, Rector of Acton, co. Middlesex, and has
issue. Her only dau. Fanny Lewis, m. 5 Jan. 1859,
^\ illiam Henry Johnston, of Malhenny, co. Dublin.

HI. Jane, m. 16 April, 1839, Sir Thomas Tancred, 7th
George, Comm. R.N., of Shilbottle, co. Northumberland,

J. P., m. 1840, Mary Anne, eldest dau. of Rev. George

Thomson, of Howick.
William, Lieut. 3rd Dragoons, killed at the battle of

Margaret, m. 1st, Thomas Bell, Esq. of Alnwick, and

2ndly, William Clark, Esq. of Belford Hall, Northum-
Elizabeth, m. Stephen Fryer Gillum, Esq. of Middleton

Hall, CO. Northumberland.
Mary Anne, in. AVilliam Broderick, Esq., Barrister at-

Isabella, in. John Church, Esq. of Woodside, Herts, and

Bill's Hill, CO. Northumberland.

2 George, of Elwick and Berwick, left two daus. and co-
hei resies,

Elizabeth, rn. John Stannard, of Lowick.
Catherine, m. Capt. Thomas Penible, E.N., and had

3 Gerard, of Beal and Holy Island, in. his first cousin,
Alice, dau. of Richard Selby, of Il^ly Island. Tliis
Gerald Selby is the ancestor of the Middleton, Golds-
cleugh, and Alnwick Selbts, He was detendant in the
lawsuit of 1709, of Barbara and Elizaljeth CoUirigv.ood to
mortgage of Holy I.sland. By Alice \\U wife, he left issue,
a .'on, GtoRGE, of Hunton Hall, who held lands in Shil-
both, and voted for the shire in 1748 and 1774; he left by
Ann Marshall his wife, a son, Prideaux, of Belford, jii.
1770, .\nn Wilkinson ; he held lands in Holy Island as
shown by award 1793; he d. 183.', leaving a son, William,
b. 1777, 77i. Mary Eliza Lonsdale, and was fatherof George
William, -in. Penelope Earles, and d. in Melbourne 1890,
having had a son, Prideaux, of Croydon, Surrey, rn.
Rose Anne, dau. of the late John Wise, Ksq,, 12th Lancers,
and had, with other issue, Prideaux Gi;orge, of Teyii-
ham, Kent, rn. Elizabeth Mary Alice Eastby, and has
issue, George Prideaux, b. 1891, and Joan Prideaux, b.

II. Richard, of whom presently.
Tlie 2nd son,

Richard Selbt, of Holy Island, ra. Anne Lilburne, and d.
1G99, leaving issue, 1 Georou, his heir; 2 Gerard; 3 Daniel;
4 William ; 5 Richard ; 1 .Vlice, in. her firs* cousin, George
Selby, of Beal, and had issue; and 2 Eleanor. His eldest son,

George Selby, of Holy Island, d. 1739, leaving by Jane, his
wife, a son,

George Selbt, of Alnwick, m. his cousin, M.ary Selby, and
d. at an advanced age in 1806, having had issue,

Prideaux, of Toronto, Canada, who d. 12 May, 1813, leaving
a son,

Prideaux, of whom presently.

His grandson,

Prideaux Selbt, Esq., h. 17S0 ; m. 1805, Mary Beaumont,
and d. 1829, having by her (who d. 1854) had six daus. and
eight sons, of whom,

Prideaux Selby, Esq. of Pawston, co. Northumberland,
J.P., D.L., 6. 3 Sept. 1810 ; in. 3 Nov. 1840, Harriett Eliza-
beth, dau. of Admiral Sir William Beauchamp Proctor, 3rd
Bart, of Langley, and d. 5 April, 1872, having by her (who d.
23 April, 1893) had issue,

I. Beauchamp Prideaux, his heir.

II. William Henry Collingwood, Comm. R.N., h. Sept. 1842;
in. June, 1872, Rose Alice, youngest dau. of the late
Robert Cliuterbuck, Esq. of Hinxworth, Walford, Herts,
and had issue, Prideaux Robert, b. April, 1873, and two
daus.. Rose Jlary, and Dorothy. Capt. W. H. C. Selby was
accidentally killed whilst shooting near Scutari, Feb. 1882.

III. Prideaux George, b. 16 Sept. 1844; m. 19 April, 1887,
Amy Harriett, 3rd dau, of H.arry Spencer Waddington,
Esq. of Cavenhain Hall, co. Suffolk, and has issue, Henry
Prideaux, J. 16 Aug. 1890; Gerard Lancelot, 6. March, 1892.

IV. Oliver, b. 13 May, 1850: lu. April, 1875, Victoria Cordelia
de Lisle, of Montreal, and has three sons, and one dau.,

1 Alexander Prideaux, 6. 16 May, 1877.

2 Reginald Nolan, b. 29 July, 1878.

3 Arthur Beauchamp, b. 16 March, 1881.
1 Margaret Beatrice, b. 12 Jan. 1887.

I. Edith Harriet, h. May, 1846: to. Jan. 1872, H. A. Camp-
bell, Esq., and has issue, two sons and a dau.

II. Maud Emily. iii. Evelyn. iv. Gertrude.

V. Beatrice Mary, /;. May, 1857 ; m. April, 1884, Richard
Durnford, elder son of the Bishop of Chichester, and has
three sons and one dau.

Seat — Pawston, CornhiU-on-Tweed, co. Northumberland.


Selbt, Julie Axna Maeia, of Yearle, Northum-
berland, dau. of the late Pi ofessor Franz Horner, of
Munich, m. 1859 (as his 2nd wife), Charles Selby,
Esq. J. P. of Yearle, who d. 1885.

liineage. — The Selbts of Yearle descend from a younger
son of the ancient House of Biddlestone. The estate of Yearle
was acquired by

William Selbt, who in. 1698, Mary, one of the three daus.
and co-heirs of Robert Swinburne, Esq, (of the Capheaton
family), and had by her, who );i. 2ndly, Ilderton, of llderton, a
son and successor,

Charles Selbt, Es(i, of Yearle, b. 1702, to whom Prince
Charles Edward sent a gold cup as a testimonial of his appre-
ciation of his services. He in. 1739, Elizabeth Le Brun, a lady
of French extraction, and had issue,

I. William, d. unm. ii. Charles, d. unm.

III. Edward, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Nathaniel Handasyde, of
Wooler, and left at his decease, one dau., Elizabeth, wife of
Thomas Cookson, Esq,, and one son,

Charles, inherited the Y'earle estate, but d. unm. 1804,
when it passed to his uncle.

IV. Thomas, of Yearle.

I. Jane, m. 1st, Dr, William Ormston, of Henderside Park;
2ndly, Michael Pearson, Esq. of Matfen; and 3rdly, George
Silvertop, Esq. of Jlinsteraeres.

II. Elizabeth, j)i. Daniel Wilkinson, Esq. of Felton.

III. Barbara.

Mr. Selby d. 1789. His youngest son,

Thomas Selbt, Esq. of Y'earle, b. 23 May, 1756 ; in. 30 Sept.
1812, Ann, dau. of Walter Rowland, Burgess of Berwick, and
by her (who d. May, 1862) had issue,

I. Charles, of Yearle.

II. Leopold, b. 1817; m. 8 April, 1840, Mary, youngest dau.
of Chiistian Ker Keid, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and d. 23
July, 1883, having had issue

1 Thomas Cliaries, 6. 24 Feb. 1843; d. 13 March, 1807.

2 Leoiiold Christian, h. 3 Dee. 1844; d. 29 May, 1871.

3 Daniel Wilkinson, b. I<i0 ; in. 9 June, 1884, Anne
Stevenson, dau. of — Stevenson, Esq. of Ncwcastlc-on-

1 Ida, in.

Mr. Selby d. June, 1846, and was s. by his eldest son,

Charles Selby, Esq. of Yearle, co. Northumberland, J. P.,
b. 1813; lit. 1st, 1846, Margaret, dau. of William Willoughby,





E?q. of Ecnvick, which lady is deceased, and 2ndly, June,
IfeSJ, Jc

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