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. iv. Claud, b. 1875.

I. Minna.

II. Lucy, m. E. Cameron Gallon, Esq. of Shelsley Grange,
CO. Worcester.

III. Margaret. iv. Caroline.
V. Dorothy. vi. Ruth.





Lineage.— Thirteen descents of this family were recorded
iu the Visit;ition of London, by Sir H. St. George, Richmond
Herald, 1623, anil continued in the Visitation of Cambriilge-
shire 16S4, and in that of Loudon 1CS7.

Hc.MFRY Letwood, sonof KiCHARD Letwood, Esq. of Lanca-
shire, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. and heir of John Soroould,
Esq. of Sawford, co. Lancaster, assumed the surname of Soro-
coLE. He j)i. a dau. of John Curzon, and was father of
liOBERT SoROCoLE, who 111. the dau. and heir of John Little, of
Manchester, and was grandfather of {sie Skeels of Chatteris)

KoGER SoRocoLE, who m. a dau. of Sir Eichard Molincux,
of Sefton, Knt., and was father of

Ealph Sorocole, whose sou (by Alice his wife, dau. of
Thomas Koy,.s),

Tho-mas Sorocole, of Salford, was father of, besides other

liALPH Sorocole, who m. Catherine Hardiuan, and was
father of

Tno.MAs Serocold, of London, mercer, living 1559, when he
received the freedom of the city. He m. Anne, dau. of John
Xewton, and h.-id a son,

Ralph Serocold, who m. twice; 1st, a dau. of Thomas
Blagrave ; and 2ndly, Martha, dau. of John Sicklemore, of
Ipswich, and by the latter had issue,

Thomas, b. 1649, at Hinton, co. Cambridge, m. Sarah, dau.
of John Aynge, and d. 1721. His descendant and heir
general is the Rev. Serocold C. Skeels, of St. Martin's,
Stamford {,<ee Skeels of Chatteris).

Walter, of whom presently.

Anne, m. 1st, to Henry Underwood, of Northamptonshire ;
and 2ndly, to Francis-Chambers, of Hauxtou, co. Cam-

Elizabeth, m. to H. Hall, of Harding Court, co. Oxford.

The 2nd son,

Walter .Serocold, of Hinton, co. Cambridge, b. 1651, m.
Mary, dau. of Francis Westrop, of Hildeuham, in the same
shire, and had issue : his youngest s n,

Thomas Serocold, b. 1601, in. Esther, dau. of MarkLawne,
and d. 1774, leaving, with a dau., Mary, m. to — Osborne, one

The Rev. Walter .Serocold, of Cherryhinton, co. Cam-
bridge, b. 1720, who (11. Mary, dau. of Gilbert Richardson, alias
Marshall, and d. 1789, having had issue,

Walter, b. 1758, Capt. R.N., killed in action at Corsica, 9

Aug. 1794, s. p.
Anne, of whom presently.
T^tar}', d. uiim. 1837.
Harriet, m. to George Borlase, B.D., son of Borlase, of Castle

Horneck, co. Cornwall, and d. 1792.
Margaret, m. to William Wade, B.D., and d. 1842, leaving

an only son, the Rev. William-Serocold Wade.

The eldest dau. and co-heir of her brother,

Anxe Serocold, m. William Pearce, JD.D., who was b. 1744,
at St. Keverne, co. Cornwall, where his family had possessed
the lands of Rosuick, for three centuries. This gentleman
wa.s Master of the Temple 1787, of Jesus Coll. Cambrid.^e,
1789, and Dean of Ely 1797. He d. 1820, leaving by Anne
Serocold, whod. 1835, an only child,

Eev. Edward-Serocold Pearce-Serocold, of Cherryhinton,
who assumed by royal licence, 30 July, 1842, the additional
surname and arms of Serocold. The Rev. Edward-Pearco-
Serocold, who was of Cherryhinton, co. Cambridge, J. P., h.
28 April, 1796 ; m. 1st, 30 Oct. 1S24, Georgiana-Elizabeth, dau.
of George Smith, Esq. (brother of Robert, 1st Lord Carring-
ton), and by her (who d. 10 Dec. 182s) had issue,
Walter-Serocold, of Cherryhinton, co. Cambridge, b. 7
Aug. lb2o: formerly Capt. 66th Regt. ; m. 1853, Anielie,
dau. of the Hon. Judge Duval, of Quebec ; and d, 14 Aug.
18S0, leaving two daus., Georgiana, and Edith Cecile.
Chakles-Serocold, present representative.
George-Edward-Serocold, formerly Lieut. R.N., b. 10 Dec.
Is28 ; ra. 1st, 1 Juno, 18S4, Amy, only dau. of John G.
Richardson, Esq. of Pant-y-Gwydir, Swansea, and by her
(who d. 15 Aug. 1872) has issue,

1 Edward, b. 27 March, 1871.

1 Mabel, m. 24 July, 1890, John Paget, eldest son of the
Right Hon. John William MeUor, Q.C, of Culmhead,

2 Violet Amy. 3 Jlildred.

He ra. 2ndly, 17 Jan. 1874, Mary Clarke, eldest dau. of
J. Clarke Richardson, Esq. of Derwen Fawr, near Swansea,
and has issue, one dau,
Winifred Margaret.

He ra. 2ndly, 4 Aug. 1812, Charlotte-Eleanor, dau. of Col.

Arthur Vansittart, of Shotte.sbrook, Berkshire, by Caroline

his wife, dau. of William, 1st Lord Auckland, and had by her

two daus.,

1 Charlotte, m. Eev. H. Robeson, Archdeacon of Bristol.

2 Teresa, m. John Richardson, Esq. of Glaubydau Park,

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, per chevron, arg. and sa.. In
chief, two fleurs-de-lis, az., and a castle, in base, or, for Sero-
coid; 2nd and 3rd, per chevron, arg. and or, in chief, two
Cornish choughs, ppr., in base, three roses, gu. growing out
of a mount, vert, for Pearce.

Crests — 1st, a castle, or, with a fleur-de-lis issuing from the
battlements, az., for Serocold; 2nd, in front of a rose, gu., a
Cornish chough, jipr., for Pearce.

lieside/ice — Taplow Hill, Maidenhead.


Seton, George, Esq., M.A. Oxon, E.E.S.E.,
F.S.A.S., representative of the Setons of Cariston,
CO. Fife, b. 25 June, 1822, called to the Scottish Bar
1846, author of The Law and Practice of Heraldry
in Scotland, and other works ; m. 26 Sept. 1849,
Sarah Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of James Hunter, Esq.
of Thurston, co. Haddington, and by her (who d. 4
July, 1883), has issue,

I. George, b. 13 Feb. 1852.

I. Elizabeth Lindsay, in. 13 Feb. 1878, William Livingstone
Watson, Esq., of Ayton, co. Perth, by whom she has a
son, Robert William Seton, b. 20 Aug. 1879.

n. Margaret Montgomerie, m. 18 Dec. 1886, Vyvyan D'Oyly
Wintle, of Shanghai, eldest surviving son of the late
Major-Gen. Alfred Wintle, R.H.A., and d. s. jj. at
Shanghai, 25 Sept. 1890.

III. Mary Stuart.

Mr. Seton is also senior co-heir of Sir Thomas
Seton, of Olirestob, 4th son of the 1st Earl of
Winton, and representative of Mary Seton, one of
the " four Maries " in attendance upon Mary,
Qeeen of Scots, who was half-sister of the 1st Baron
of Cariston. Among other heir-looms in the posses-
sion of Mr. Seton is the two-handed sword of Sir
Cliristopher Seton, who m. Christian, sister of King


Lineage. — The Hon. John Setox, 2nd son of George,
6th Lord Seton, by mizabeth his 1st wife, dau. of John, Lord
Yester, ra. Isabel, dau. and heir of David Balfour, of Cariston,
and was 1st Baron of Cariston. Being a favourite with his
grandmother, Lady Janet Hepburn (widow of George, 5th Lord
Seton, who fell at Flodden), she acquired for him the lands of ^
Foulstruther,in East Lothian, and added them to his patrimony. _
During the absence of his brother George, 7th Lord Seton,
abroad, a report of his lordship's decease having reached
Scotland, John was put in possession of his whole estate, as '^
appears by a charter under the Great Seal, dated 1545. He
also assumed the titles of Lord Seton, and sat in Parliament as
a peer; but, on his brother's return, was dispossessed of both
estate and honours. The temporary acquisition of the lordship
of Seton proved very unfortunate to John and his posterity,
as he was obliged, in order to clear off the extraordinary ex-
penses incurred thereby, to sell his lands in Lothian, as well
as a portion of his Fife estate. He afterwards got a charter
under the Great Seal from Queen Mary, of the Barony of
Cariston, &c., dated 1563. Besides two daus. (Geilles and
Elspetb), he had three sons,

I. George, his heir.

II. John (Sir), Knt., Capt. Scots Guards in France, lii. a dau.
of the Count de Bourbon, by whom he had a dau., who m.
Adinston of that ilk, an ancient baron in East Lothian, of
whom was lineally descended Christian Hepburn, 4th.
Countess of Winton. From the time of Robert the Bruce,
the family of Adinston were the hereditary standard-bearers-
of the House of St-ton.

III. James, residing in France in 16C1.

From records in the Library at Paris, it appears
that " Jehan Seton, ecuyor, Sieur de Cariston, Lieutenant
exempt des gardes ecossaises du corps du roi," m. 1622,
"Demoiselle Catherine Eustache," and that he d. 1661. He
was probably son either of Sir John or of his brother James.
The eldest son,

George Seton, 2nd Baron of Cariston, m. Margaret, dau. of
John Ayton, of that ilk, co. Fife, and had (besides four daus.,
Elspeth, Margaret, Christian, and Isobel) four sons, Alexander,
Andrew, Christopher, and his success r,

George Seton, 3rd Baron of Caiiston, m. 1620, Cecilia, dau.
of David Kynynmond, of that ilk and CraighaM, co. Fife, auil.
by her had three sons and three daus.,





I. Geoege, his licir.

II. David, m. and settled in Yorkshire, and had issue.*

HI. Alexander, J. P. of St. Andrews, was twice m., his 2nd
wife being Helen Napier, widow of Binnins of Dunino. His
son, David, «i. Anne, dau. of Watson, of Atherny,by whom
he had four daus.

I. Anne, d. iinm.

II. Isabel, m. George Seton, representative of the family of
Parbroath (now supposed to be represented by William
Seton, of Kew York), and had a son, James, who d. in

III. Cecilia, m. David Craigengelt.

His eldest son and successor,

George Seton, 4th Baron of Cariston, was educated at Seton
Palace with Lord Seton, son of the Earl of WinLon, had the
management of the affairs of the regality of Dunfermline from
his kinsman Charles, 2nd Earl of Dunfermline, and declined
an offer of knighthood. Contrary to his inclination, he was
obliged to join the Covenanters of Fife at the battle of Kilsyth ;
but afteiTvards, with his son Christopher, he accompanied his
chief, the Earl of Winton, when he commanded the Lothian
Militia at Bothwoll Bridge. He m. 1638, Margaret, eldest dau.
of Sir Thomas Seton, of Olivestob, 4th son of Robert, 1st Earl
of Winton, and left with three daus., (i. Mary, m. Bimiing, of
Dunino; ii. Elizabeth ; iii. Anne) six sons,

I. George, d. young.

II. Chuistopheb, his heir.

III. Alexander, an Otficer in General Dalyell's troop of horse
at the battle of Pentland Hills, m. Isabella, dau. of Lindsay
of Pitskanly, co. Forfar, and had one child, who d. young.

IV. David, m. Marjory, dau. and heir of Archibald, of Black-
hall, CO. Fife, and had several children, of whom

David, who was bred to the medical profession, m. Chris-
tian, dau. of Sir John Clerk, Bart, of Penicuik, co. Edin-
burgh, and left, inter alios, a son,
Henry, I). 1741, Capt. in the French Regt. of Chasseurs
Britanniques, with which he served in the American
war, where he was severely wounded. He ni. Margaret,
dau. of George Seton, 7th Baron of Cariston, of whom

V. John, killed in a scuffle at Falkland by a party of Crom-
well's troopers. vi. William, d. 1698.

The 4th Baron d. 1688, aged sixty-six, and was s. by his son,
Christopher Seton, 5th Baron of Cariston, who was ap-
pointed Lieut, of one of the independent troops of horse raised
during the reign of James VII. and commanded by Colin, Earl
of Balcarres. He m. 1st, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Patrick
Lindesay, of Woolmerston, co. Fife, by whom he had, with one
dau. Catharine, ?u. JohnLindsay, of Kirkforthar, two sons,

I. George, his heir.

II. Christopher, m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Adair, Geographer
for Scotland, and had several children, of whom Jean, 7ti.
her cousin, George Seton, 7th Baron of Cariston, and

Robert (6. 1722, d. 1795), m. Margaret, dau. of Richard
Cox, Esq. of Dublin, by whom he had (with two daus.,
Sarah, m. Miles Marley, Esq., and Juliana, d. unm.) four
sons, 1 Robert Eglinton, an Ufficer in the army, killed in
the American war; 2 Winton ; 3 Christopher Melville,
both d. iu childhood; 4 William Garden, Col. C.B., b.
1775, who commanded the 88th Regt. at Batlajos and
Salamanca, d. 24 March, 1842, having m. Margaret, dau.
of C. Hazlett, Esq., by whom he had (with two daus.,
Juliana Josephine, m. Rev. W. H. M'AIpine, and Mar-
garet, d. unm.) four sons,

1 Miles Charles, an Officer in the 85th Regt., h. 23 Sept.
1808 ; d. 18 Sept. 1877 ; m. 1st, 1832, Ann Maria, dau.
and heir of Josias Cocke, Esq. of Camborne and
Trekersby, co. Cornwall, by whom he had (besides a
dau. Julia, m. 4 Dec. 1858, Caesar Hastings Otway, Esq.)
(see Otway of Castle Otway) two sons,

William Garden Seton, of Trekersby, Cornwall, and
Blandfield House, Edinburgh, b. 1836, formerly Capt.
82nd Regt., in. 1871, Amy Isabel, dau. of James
Forsyth, Esq. of Glengorm, co. Argyll, by whom he
has (besides three daus., Isabel Margaret, Amy
Magdalen, and Dorothea Eva) two sons, Miles

* There is reason to believe that this David was the ancestor
of the family of Seaton residing at Gothenburg, in Sweden, who
trace their descent from Robert Seaton, of Grimethorp Hall, co.
York (d. 1716, cet. 78), and who may not improbably have been
David's son. Robert's great-grandson was John Fox Seaton,
of Pontefract, who, besides other children, had two sons,

I. Gen. Sir Thomas Seaton, K.C.B., 6. 1806, whose biography
was published a few years ago.

II. George, of Gothenburg, m. 1835, Eleanor M'Killop (sister
of Capt. M'Killop, of H.M.S. "Snake," in which he greatly
distinguished himself at Yenikale), and had three sons,
George, Douglas, and Arthur Edward, of whom the last is
a merchant in Gothenburg. The arms carried by the
Swedish family are gu. a bend arg. between six martlets or.
Cr«jit— A martlet. il/o«o— Hazard zet forward.

Charles Cariston, h. 1874, and James Nigel Cariston,

b. 1875.
Miles Charles, b. 1838, Major Hampshire (07th) Regt.,

m. 1866, Mabel Catherine, dau. of — Court, Esq.
Miles Charles Seton, sen., m. 2ndly, 15 April, 18J1, Hon..
Mary Ursula, eldest dau. of William, 2nd Viscount
Sidmouth, by whom he had (with three daus., Edith
Wary, m. George Dickson, Esq., Sheriff Substitute of
Berwick, and d. 1869; Margaret Ursula, vi. Philip Peck,
Esq. ; and Eva, m. George Ninian Logan Home, Esq.,
Ifith Regt., of Broom House and Edrom, co. Berwick)
eight sons,

Henry Cariston, S. 1842, Capt. R.A., d. s. p. 11 Sept.

Bertram William, b. 1845; m. 1869, Isabella Mary,
2nd dau. of Nelson Kearsey Cotter, M.D., of Butte-
vant, CO. Cork (son of Sir Laurence Cotter, Bart.),
by whom he has a son, Malcolm Cotter Cariston, b.

Leonard Miles Cari.stcn, b. 1847; vi. 1882, Eleanor,
dau. of Hugh Wyndham, Esq. of Bukkulla, N.S.W.
by whom he has a son, Bertram Wyndham.

Malcolm Robert, b. 1850; d. 1858.

Ronald Cariston, b. 1853; 711. 1874, Augusta Mary,
eldest dau. of Robert R. Christie, Esq., late Madras
Light Cavalry, by whom he has Hubert Addington
Arniel Cariston, Ronald Wiles Cariston, Charles
Henry Cariston, and Archibald Eardley Eglinton.

Basil, b. 1858; m. 21 Oct. 1886, Ellen Georgina, only
dau. of Col. Logan Home, K.L.H., of Edrom, co. Ber-

"Winton Cariston, 6. 1862.

Hubert Addington, b. 1864 ; d. in infancy.

2 William Garden, Major 41st Regt., b. 1813; m. 1847,
Anna Shaw, only dau. of Ileniy Shaw Jones, Esq. of
Dollardstown, co. Meath, and had issue, two sons,

Henry Garden.
Robert Eglinton.

3 John Hariis, h. 1SI7; d. 1844.

4 Robert Eglinton, formerly an Officer in the 93rd High-
landers, Lieut.-Col. and Col. Commanding City Dublin
Militia, m. Jane, dau. of Henry Garnett, li;sq. of Green
Park, CO. Meath, by whom (besides other sons and
daus.) he had a son,

Winton, Major Leinster Regt. (Royal Canadians) b.
29 June, 1854.

The 5th Baron m. 2ndly, Helen, dau. of Watson, of Atherny,.
and by her had issue, David, Robert, and James, who all d.
young; Christian,/)!. — Graham, in Perth ; Anne; Margaret;
Mary, m. John Lamont, Surgeon ; and Jean, m. Christopher,
son of Lamont of Newton. He d. 1718, aged 73, and was s.
by his eldest son,

George Seton, 6th Baron of Cariston, m. 1st, Margaret,,
eldest dau. of David Boswell, of Balmuto, co. Fife, and widow
of Thomas Majoribanks, of that ilk, by whom he had one son,

f. George, his heir.
He m. 2ndly, 1722, Margaret, dau. of James Law, of Erunton,
CO. Fife, and by her had (with three daus., Margaret, d. young;
Elizabeth, in. Capt. George Lindsay of Kirkforthar; and Mar-
garet, d. unm. 1748) three sons,
II. Christopher, who d. at sea off the coast of Guinea.
HI. James, an officer of the army, engaged in the rising of
1745 when only iifteen years of age, was wounded at
Culloden, and taken as a prisoner to Carlisle, where he was
liberated through the interest of John, Earl of Crawford,
with Frederick, Prince of Hesse. He afterwards went ta
Holland, and was present at the siege of Bergen-op-Zoom.
On quitting the Dutch service, he was appointed Senior
Lieut, of the 105th Regt., raised by General David Graeme
of Gorthy, and after serving some years in the 54th Regt.
retired from the army in 1774; he d. in 1817, in the sstli
year of his age. He ni. 1783, Anne, youngest dau. of John
Siuison, of Brunton, and had one dau. Anne, who d. 1803.
IV. John, Capt. of a West India merchant ship, settled in
Dublin, and m. Lueinda, dau. of Capt. Cau.sier, of the revenue
service, by whom, besides other sons who d. young, he had-
a son, John, and three daus.

The 6th Baron d. 1760, aged 72, and was s. by his son,

George Seton, 7th Baron of Cariston, who m. Jean, eldest;
dau. of his uncle Christopher, and had (with six daus., i. Mar-
garet, of whom aftenvards ; 11. Christian, m. Thomas Barland,
Esq. of Rosebank, and four others who d. unm.) two sons,

I. George, his heir.

II. Christopher, who joined the 54th Regt. in 1776, and served
during the whole of the American war, and also in the
campaign in Flanders and Holland, 1794-95, under the Duke
of York. He was afterwards sent to the West Indies;
the French and Carribs of St. Vincent, and commanded the
Grenadiers at the storming of the Vigii, when he was severely
wounded. In 1792, he was arraigned before a court-maitial
at the Horse Guards, along with two brother-officers, at
the instigation of the celebrated William Cobbett, formerly
Sergeant-Major of the 54thliegt., who failed, to appear oa





the day appointed for the trial, when all the accused were
honourably acquitted. Major Christopher Seton, hi. 1797,
Catharine, eldest d;ui. and co-heir of Creorge Lindsay, ot
Kirkforthar, and widow of Robert Carmicliael, of Bahnblae,
by whom he had a son, George James Lindsay, who d. in
The 7th Baron d. 1762, aged 4S, and was s. by his eldest sur-
viving son,

George Seton, Sth Baron, aud last proprietor of Cariston,
who. after the sale of the last portion of his estate, about 17S0,
betook himself to a military life, first as a Lieut, in the 50th
Eegt., and aftenrards had the brevet rank of Capt. in the 7Sth
Highlanders. He d. unm. 1797, aged45, and was s. in the
representation of the family by his brother,

Chkistopher Setos, at whose death 1819, it devolved
on the descendants of his sister,

Margaret Seton, who »i. Henry Seton, grandson of David
Seton of Blackball, 4th son of George, 4th Baron of Cariston, by
whom she had (with two daus., Jean, m. William Blair, Esq.
and Melville, m. William Dawson, Esq. of Tayside, Tertk) two
sons, David, a Capt. in the army, d. s. p. 1826, and

George Seton, Comm. in the H.E.I.C.S., who m. 12 Jan.
1S19, Margaret, 2nd dau. of James Hunter, Esq. of Seaside, co.
Perth, and d. 21 June, 1S25, leaving one son and two daus.,
1. George, the present representative of the family.

I. Elizabeth, to. 25 July, 1838, Edward James Jackson, Esq.,
B.A. Oxon (who d. 1878), of Upwell, Norfolk, and The
Priory, St. Andrews, Fife, and d. 28 April, 1885, leaving

II. Margaret, m. 9 July, 1845, John Buchanan-Hamilton,
Esq. of Leny, Spittal, and Bardowie, Chief of the clan
Buchanan, andcL 5 July, 1892, leaving issue.

Arms — Or, three crescents within a double tressure flowered
and counter-flowered gu., and in the centre an otter's head sa.,
for Balfour. This family have sometimes been in the habit
of quartering the entire arms of Balfour with their own, viz.,
1st and 4th, Seton, as above, without the otter's head : 2nd
and 3rd, Bauocr, arg., on a chevron sa., betwixt two otters'
heads in chief of the second and a fleur-de-lis in base az., an
otter's head erased of the first. Crest — On a ducal coronet a
dragon vert, wings elevated, spouting fire ppr., and charged with
a star arg. Motto — Hazard zet fordward.

Rijidt-nces—iS, Old Cavendish Street, London, W. ; and
Ayton House, Abernethy, co. Perth.


Seton, Datid, Esq. of Mounie, co. Aberdeen,
J.P., formerly of the 93rd Highlanders, and after-
wards of the 49th Regt. (retired), b. 1817; s. his
brother, Lieut.-Col. Seton, 1S52.

Lineage.— This family is a branch of the Setons of Pit-
viedden, Barts., who derive their descent from the Hon. William
Seton, younger brother of the 1st Earl of Huntly.

George Seton, of Mounie {2nd son of Sir Alexander Seton,
of Pitmedden, a Lord of Session, under the title of Lord Pit-
medden, who was created a Bart, of Novia Scotia 1683 (see
Et3KE's Peerage and BaronUoge), m. 1st, Anne, dau. of Sir
Alexander Gibson, Bart, of Pentland, and by her had (with
two sons, who d. unm.) a dau. Helen, wife of Alexander Leslie,
Esq. of Warthill. He m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of John Leslie,
grandson of James Leslie, of Warthill, and had by her a son
and five daus.,

William, his heir.

Margaret, ot whom presently.

Isabella, to. Picv. Skene Ogilvy, D.D.

Catherine, to. William Henderson, Esq. of Xewton, an Officer
in the army,

Eachel. Jean.

The only son,

William Seton, s. his father, but d. unm., when the estates
devolved upon his sister,

Margaret Seton, m. James Anderson, Esq., LL.D., of
Cobenshaw, son of James Anderson, Esq. of Cobenshaw, 2nd
son of James Anderson, Esq. of Cleugh and Cobenshaw. The
property of the elder branch of this family passed into other
hands at the decease of Alexander Anderson, Esq. of Cleugh,
1790. By this marriage with Mr. Anderson, who sold his
paternal estate of Cobenshaw, and adopted the surname of
Seton, according to the terms of succession, Mrs. Seton had
(with other issue) a son and heir,

Alexander Seton, Esq. of Mounie, J. P. and D.L., m. 1810,
his cousin, Janet Skene, dau. of Rev. Skene Ogilvy, D.D.,and
had issue,

James, d. 1813. Alexander.

David, of Mounie.

George, late Major Sutherland Highlanders, 6. 1S19 ; to. 1853,

Anne Lucy, only surviving dau. of Baldwin Wake (grand-
son of Sir William Wake, 7 th Bart, of Courteen Hall, co.
Northampton), by his wile Sarah, dau. of James Spedding,
Esq. of Summergrove, co. Cumberland, and has issue,
Alexander David, Capt. and Hon. Major Forfar and Kin-
cardine Artillery Militia, to. 12 Feb. 1879, Emily Isabel,
2nd dau. of Alfred Turner, Esq. of Deysbrook, and has

1 Alexander Charles.

2 George William Seymour.

3 Henry Winton.

1 Jean Isabel.

2 Wary Lucy Ogilvy.
William George, d. 1873.

William Skene, d. 23 July, 1829.

Isabella, d. 1 July, 1«45. Anne, h. and d. 1812.

Jessy Jane, d. at Pisa, in Italy, 19 Feb. 1831.

Mr. Seton d. 16 April, 1850, and was s. by his son,

Alexander Seton, Esq., an Officer first in the Royal Scot3
Fusiliers, afterwards in the 74th Highlanders. He was appointed
Assistant-Deputy-Quartermaster-General to the Forces in Ire-
land 1S49, resigned that office on promotion the following year,
and became Lieut.-Col. of the 74th Highlanders 7 Nov. 1851.
Being in command of the troops on board II. M.S. "Birkenhead,"
when that vessel was lost near Point Danger, Cape of Good
Hope, 26 Feb. 1852, he was drowned in the wreck, but not
until, by his self-devoted firmness and promptitude, he had
secured the safe removal of all the women and children in tlie
boats. Never having married, he was s. by his brother,

David, now of Mounie.

-4rws— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, three crescents, and in
the centre a man's heart distilling blood, the whole within a
royal double tressure flory and counterflory gu., for Seton;
2nd and 3rd, arg., a demi-otter sa., crowned with an antique
crown or, issuing from a bar wavy of the second, for Melded.m ;
in the centre of the quarterings a crescent az., for difference.
Crest and. Mutto—A demi-man in military habit, holding the
banner of Scotland, with a motto on an escrol above, "Sustenio
sanguine signa."

<Seai— Mounie, Old Meldrum, co. Aberdeen.


Seveene, John Edmund, Esq. of Thenford, co.
Northampton, aud Wallop Hall, Salop, M.P. for
Ludlow 1865 to 1868, aud for South Shropshire
1876 to 18S5, J.P. and D.L. for cos. Northampton
and Salop, and J.P. co. Montgomery, late Capt.
16th Lancers, High Sheriff co. Northampton 1861,
b. 21 April, 1826; m. 6 July, 1858, Catherine
Florence Morga

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 227 of 392)