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Shafto had two sisters, Caroline Matilda and Isabella Eliza,
m. 1816, William Clayton, Esq. of Langcliffe, co. York. J.P.
and D.L. WestEiding, d. 1855, leaving five children, 1 William
(Kev.) ; 2 Edward, in the army ; 3 George ; 1 Anne Frances ;
2 Elizabetli. He d. 1876, and was s. by his only son,

William Henry Shafto, now of Bavington.

Arms— G\i., on a bend arg. three mullets az. Crest — A
salamander vert, amid tiaines ppr.


Shafto, Robert Charles Buncombe, Esq. of
Whitworth Park, co. Durliam, b. July, 1843 ;
m. 1886, Alice Yere, dau. of Erederick Boucher,


Lineage. — Mark Shafto, Esq. of Kewcastle-upon-Tyne,
5tli son of Edward Shafto, Esq. of Bavington, by Elizabeth
Swinburne his wife, was Mayor of that city 1548 ; he ?}i. Mar-
garet Eiddle, and had issue. The 3rd son,

Ninian Shafto, Esq. of Newcastle, m. Anne, dau. of Henry
Brandling, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and dying 1581, was s. by
his eldest son,

Eobert Shafto, Esq., Alderman and Sheriff of Newcastle
1607, m. Jane, dau. of Eobert Eden, Esq. of that place, and
had, with junior issue,

Eobert!', to whom his father devised Benwell Tower, co.
Northumberland, ancestor of the Shaftos of Bemcell.

Mark, of whom we are about to treat.
Eobert Shafto's 2nd surviving son,

Mark Shafto, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Eecorder of New-
castle 1648, purchased Whitworth 1652. He vi. Mary, dau.
of Thomas Legard, of Newcastle, Merchant, and had issue.
Mark Shafto d. 25 Feb. 1659, and was s. by his eldest son.

* This was to the exclusion of Edward Shafto, Esq. of
Durham, youngest son of Sir Cuthbert, by his first wife. This
gentleman, who d. 30 June, 1831, eet. 61, left issue by his wife
(»( . Li July, 1S05), Eliza, eldest dau. of George Gartliorne, Esq.,
banker, of London, with other issue, Eobert Ingram Shaito,
Esq., b. 14 Oct. 1809, d. at Durham, s. p. 13 May, 1881; and
Edward Shafto, Esq., also of Durham, b. Isl4, who by his
2nd wife, Anne Catherine (i/i. 3 Oct. 1867), youngest dau. of
Hilkiah Hall, Esq. (representative of the ancient family of
Hall or" Comseit; see Sortees' History of DiirUum), by Anne,
dau. and heiress of William Augustus Feilding, E.=q. of the
Siartforth branch of Feilding, Earls of Denbigh, left an only
son, in whom the representation of the family now vests.

6 A 2





Sir Robert Shafto, Knt. of Whitworth, co. Piirham, Bar-
rister-al-L;iw, Kecorder of Newcastle, and Serjeant-atLaw.
He III. 1661. Catherine, dan. and co-heir of Sir Thomas AVid-
rinston, Knt. of Chcesoburn Grange, co. Northumberland.
Seijeant-at-Law (bj- Frances his wife, dau. of Fernando, Lord
Fairfax, of Cameron), and left at his decease, '-1 May, 170?, an
only son and successor,

Mark Shafto. Esq. of 'Whitworlh, h. 16G2, High Sheriff co.
Purham 170;'. He w. Catherine, eldest dau. of Sir John
Ingleby, Bart, of Eipley, and eventually co-heir in blood of
her nephew, Sir John Innleby, Bart., and had two sons and a
dau. Catherine, m. 31 Jan. 1715, Sir John Eden, Bart, of
W'indlestone. Jlr. Shafto d. 2S Dec. 1723, and was s. by his
elder son,

Robert Shafto, Esq. of 'Whitworth, 51. T. for the city of
Durham 1 George I., m. 1723, Dorothy, 5th dau. of lUnry
Dawnay, 2nd Viscount Downe, but by her (who m. after his
decease, llev. Thomas Eden, P. D.. I'rcbendary of Durham, 4th
son of Sir Robert Eden, of 'Windlestone) left no issue, and the
estates accordingly devolved upon his brother,

John Shafto, Esq. of Whitworth, M.P. for Durham 1729 to
1742. He ;)i. Mary, dau. and heir of Thomas Jackson, Esq.
of Nnnnington, co. York, by whom (who re-married after his
decease, — Wynne, Esq., and d. 176S) he had issue,

Robert, his successor.

Thomas Goodfellow, P.P., Rector of Branccpeth, and Canon
Residentiary of Ch. Ch. Oxford, d. unm. 17 Oct. 171)7.

Dorothy, m. 19 April, 1763, Wilmot Yaughan, Earl of Lis-
burne. and d. 1805.

Margaret, d. unm. 1818.
Mr. Shafto d. 3 April, 1742, and was s. by his elder son,

Robert Shafto, Esq. of Whitworth, m. 18 April, 1774, Anne,
dau. and sole heir of Thomas Duncombe, Esq. of Duncombe
Park, CO. York (by Diana his wife, youngest dau. of Henry
Howard, 4th Earl of Carlisle, and co-heir of her mother,
Frances, only child of Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunder-
land, by his countess, Arabella, youngest dau. and co-heir of
Henry Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle) and had issue,

John, his successor.

Robert Eden Ddncombe, late proprietor.

Thomas, b. 2U Aug. 1777.

This gentleman, who represented co. Durham in Parliament
1760, 176S, and subsequently the borougli of Downton for
Ecveral years, d. 24 Nov. 1797, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Suafto, Esq. of Whitworth, at whose decease 'unm.,
July, 1S02, the family estates devolved upon his next brother,

Robert Eden Duncombe Shafto, Esq. of Whitworth Park,
M.r. fur Durham, b. 23 JIarch, 1776 ; m. Nov. 1803, Catherine,
3rd dau. of Sir John Eden, Bart, of Wiudlestone, and had

I. Robert Pcnco.mbe, his heir.

II. John Duncombe (Kev.), b. 10 May, 1807; m. Catherine,
dau. of Rev. Robert Moore, and grami-dau. of the Most
Rev. John Moore, P.P., Archbishop of Canterbury, and d.
6 Aug. 1S63, leaving by her (who d. 14 July, ISbSj,

John Eden Puncombe Shafto, b. 1837; d. s. p. 21 June,

Frederiek Puncombe Shafto, b. 1845 ; d. 1876.
Dulcibella Maria (the 2nd), m. 11 Sept. 1866, Rev. Arthur

Slajendie, Rector of Bladon, Oxon.
Amelia, ra. Robert Norton, Esq., M.P.
Emma, yi. 21 June, 1877, Lieut. -Col. Richard Talbot

Plantagenet Stapleton, late 19lh Hussars, 2nd son of lion.

and Rev. Sir Francis Stapleton, 8tk Bart, of Grey's Court.

III. Thomas Puncombe, of Beamish Park, co. Durham,
J. P., b. 1811; m. 1846, Dulcibella Jlary, dau. of Rev.
Robert Moore, and granddau. of the Most Rev. John Moore,
P.P., Archbishop of Canterbury. She (/. ■^. p. 1849. He
s. I»a5, under the entail of Morton John Davison, Ksq., to
the Heamish estates, on the death of his cousin, John Eden,
Esq. (formerly Methold;; of Beamish, and then assumed, by
royal licence, the name of Eden, instead of Shafto.

IV. Frederick William, b. 1812: d. 1820.

V. Slingsby Puncombe (Rev.), b. 11 Aug. 1811; in. 19
July, 1838, Frances, 6th dau. of Joseph Hunter, Esq. of
■\ValbottIe, and d. leaving issue,

SUngsby Puncombe, J. P. and P.L. co. Durham, b. 1844 ;
III. 30 Sept. Is76, Louisa Ann, dau. of Frederick Newman
Api'leyard, Esq., and has issue,

Slingsby Puncombe, b. 17 Aug. 1877.

Robeit Charles Puncombe, b. 6 July, 1879.

Frederick Duncombe, b. 12 March, 1881 ; d. 2 Feb.

Thomas Puncombe, b. 21 April, 1884.
Rosa Louisa Eleanor Duncombe, 6. 12 July, 1878.
Florence Constance Puncombe, 6. 2 May, 1882; d. 19

March, ls89.
Silvia Puncombe, 6. 31 Pec. 1885.
Fanny, m. 1st, 23 Nov. 1863, John Wins Coates, Esq., and

2ndly, 26 April. 1373, John Hawksworth Legard, Esq.,
and d. 11 Feb. 18S6.

Eleanor, jji. 10 July, 1865, Capt. R. C. de Grey Vyner,
Grenadier Guards, 3rd son of Mr. and Lady Mary Vyner.
Rosa, )/(. 1871, Col. Arthur Wombwell.
Gcorgiana, m. 3 Sept. 1860, Henry Cradock, Esq.
VI. Arthur Puncombe (Rev.), Rector of Brancepcth, J. P., h.
1 1 Jan. 1815 ; m. 1 Sept. 1842, Dorothea Anne, dau. ot George
Iluttou Wilkinson, Esq. of Ilarperley Park, co. Purham,
and by her (who d. IS Feb. 1866; has issue,
Edward Duncombe, Capt. R.A., killed at Cabul, 16 Oct.

1879, by the explosion of a magazine.
Charles Ottiwell Duncombe, Barrister-at-Law, B.A. Camb.,
b. Ibb3; m. i June, 1877, his cousin, Helena Rosa,
younger dau. and co-heir of Rev. G. P. Wilkinson, of
Harperley Park, co. Durham (see that family), and has

Charles Duncombe, h. 27 June. 1878.
Arthur Duncombe, b. 8 April, 1880.
George Duncombe, b. Feb. lsS2.
Kathleen Duncombe, b. May, 1884.
Susan Frances Duncombe, m. 20 Jan. 1870, John Lloyd
Wharton, Esq. of Dryhurn, co. Dxahaxw (see that family) .
Dorothea Elizabeth Duncombe, m. 25 May, 1870, Rev.
Will. Fawcett, Vicar of Somerford Keynes, Wilts {sei
I'AWCETT of Durham).
Jlargaret Duncombe, m. 13 Oct. 1886, Rev. Mr. Evans.
Edith Mary Duncombe, m.4Feb. 1891, Capt. Charles Foyle
Randolph, Lancashire Fusiliers, only son of C. Foyle
Randolph, Esq. of Kimpton Lodge, Andover, Hants.

I. Catherine, m. 1827, William Charles Harland, Esq. of
Sutton Hall, co. York.

II. Maria Georgiana, d. young.

Mr. Shafto d. 17 Jan. 1S4S. His widow d. 19 March, 1872, in
the 102nd year of her age. The eldest son,

Robert Duncombe Shafto, Esq. of Whitworth Park, D.L.
and J.P., M.P. for North Durham 1S47-63; b. 7 April, 1806;
m. 1838, Charlotte Rosa, dau. of William Baring, Esq., M.P.,
and had issue,

Robert Charles Duncombe, now of Whitworth.

Edith Rose, m. 2 May, lb67. Rev. Edward Abercrombie
Wilkinson, Vicar of Whitworth, J. P., and has issue {see
Wilkinson of Harperleij).
Mr. Shafto d. 1889.

Arms — Gu., on a bend arg., three mullets az., with upii-ards
of 100 qv.arterinijs, ahioii'/ ic/iick are Widdrington, Fairfax
Ingleby, Mowbray, Umfreville, Kyme, DnNco.viBE, Caven-
dish, ScDDAMoRE, Ogle, Eden, Lambton, a.nd Lumley, die.
Crest — A salamander reguardant vert, in the middle of flames
ppr., pierced through the neck with a spear, point to the sinister,
and in tlie mouth a cross-crosslet fitchee.

i'eat— Whitworth Park, Ferryhill, co. Durham.


Shaibp, John Campell, Esq. of Hotistoun, co.
Linlithgow, J.P. B.A. Oriel Coll. Oxford, member
of the Scotch Bar, and presently Sheriff substitute
of Argyllshire at luverary, b. June, 1858 ; s. his
uncle 1891 ; m. 1890, Caroline Harriet, 3rd dau. of
Sir Thomas Erskine, Bart, of Cambo, Fife, and has

Norman, b. 19 March, 1891.

Liineage. — In old charters the name is variously spelt
Scharp, Scharpe, &c., but not without the "c" till the 18th
century. The earliest charter of the lands of Houstoan, or
Hostaine, or Houstain, bears date about 1560, when it is sup-
posed that Houstoun was acquired by Sir John Scharp, Knt.,
an eminent Lawyer and King's Advocate. Before this, the
family possessed the lands of Ballindoch, Craigie, &c., in oo.
Forfar ; how long this tenure reaches back we have not yet
ascertained. These lands in co. Forfar they continued to
hold till some time in the 17th century, when they parted with
them, and were confined solely to co. Linlithgow. During the
wars of Charles, they took the royal side. Scharp, of Hous-
toun, bore a "mourning standard" at the funeral of Arch-
bishop Sharp, but whether the Archbishop and Houstoun were
related seems uncertain. At the time of the Union, the then
Schairp, of Houstoun, was one of the two knights for the shire
of Linlithgow in the last Scottish Parliament. He spoke and
voted against the Union.

The great-great-grandfather of the present representative of
this ancient family,

Thomas Shairp, Esq. of Houstoun, had, by Janet his wife,
two sons, Thomas, his heir, and Walter (Sir), Consul at St.
Petersfcurgh. The former,

Thomas Shaibp, Esq. of Houstoun, m. Anne, eldest dau. of





Walter Soott, Esq. of Harden, by his wife, Lady Jane Evs-
klne, dau. of the Eavl of Kellie, and(L 1781, having had issue,
I. Thomas, his heir; ii. Gideon, Col. 9th Foot, Quartermaster-
General in Ireland, d. 1806 ; iii. Maitland, Capt. K.X. ; iv.
Walter, Major 6th Eegt., d. 1815 ; v. John, an Officer in the
army, d. in India ; i. Jane, m. John Gordon, Esq. ; and ii.
Janet, also 511. The eldest son and heir,

Thomas Shairp, Esq. of Houstoun, 6. 1st Sept. 1751 : m.
21 Sept. 1777, Mary, youngest dau. of Norman McLeod, of
McLeod, and by her (who d. Ii Sept. 1787) had issue,

Thomas, Major 96th Regt., b. 10 Sept. 1778; d. v. p. 1807.

NoKMAN, his heir.

Walter, Capt. Madras Horse Artillery, l>. 21 Nov. 1783 ; d.
U7im. 1809.

Ann McLeod, m. 1804, Comm. Thomas Inncs, E N.

Christian, m. 1810, William Mitcliell Innes, Esq. of Parson's
Green and Ayton.
Mr. Shairp d. 10 March, 1831, and was s. by his son,

NoBMAN Shairp, Esq. of HoustouH, J.P. andD.L., Convener
of the CO., MajorH.E.I.C.S.,6. 26 Oct. 1779; ?». 6 March, 1S08,
Elizabeth Bining, 4th dau. of John Campbell, Esq. of Kildal-
loig, CO. Argyll (of the CAHrJit.Li.s of A achinbreck), a.nd had

Thomas, late of Houstoun.

Nurman, K.N., b. 4 Sepi. 1816 ; d. unm. 29 Sept. 1844.

John Campbell, Principal of United College of St. Salvator
and St. Leonard, in the University of St. Andrews, LL.D.,
and Professor of Poetry at Oxford, Prufessorof Humanity in
the University of St. Andrews, b. 30 July, 1819 ; m. 23 June,
1853, Eliza, eldest dau. of Alexander Henry Douglas, Esq.,
younger brother of Charles, 5th Marquess of Queensberi-y,
and d. 18 Sept. 1885, having had issue, Norman, deceased,
and John Campbell, now of Houstoun.

Mary Anne Eliza, d. 1S29.

Christian, d. 1830. Annabclla, d. unm. 1858.

Elizabeth Bining, m. 16 June, 1847, Capt. Charles T. Leckie,
K.N. (d. 1867), and had issue, Norman Houstoun, and Mary
Alice, d. 1887.

Hetty, d. 1886. Helen Montgomery.

Grace. Georgiana Hope, d. 1829.

Major Shairp served under Lord Lake in his Indian campaigns.
He d. 7 April, 1864, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Shairp, Esq. of Houstoun, J.P. and D.L., Hon. Col.
Haddington, Berwick, Linlithgow, and Peebles Militia Artil-
lery, b. 24 March, 1814; d. Jan. 1891, and was s. by his

-irins—Arg., on a fesse az., between two crosses-crosslet
fitchee sa. in chief and a dexter hand couped, holding a sword
in pale ppr., in base, tliree mullets of the first. Crest— A steel
helmet in profile, witli a plumage of featheri ppr. ilutto —
Vivit post funera virtus.

Seat — Houstoun House, Uphall, co. Linlithgow, N.B.


Paeeinson-Shaep, Henry, Esq. of Blindlmrst
and Fairsnape, co. Lancaster, in. 20 July, 1886,
Adelaide Frances, widow of Francis Walker
Hutcbins of Villa Bontau, Nice, and dau. of Rev.
William Henry Williams, holding large estates in
Savannah, Georgia, in the Southern States of
America. Mrs. Parkinson-Sharj), by her first hus-
band, has two children, Walter Hutcbins, and Flor-
ence, m. Baron S. Alfred Yon Oppenheim, of
Cologne, Ehenish Prussia, only son of Baron
Edward You Oppenheim.

J^itmilg of IJurkinsort.

Parkinson of Blindhurst and Fairsnape, co. Lancaster, a
family of great antiquity and high position in that shire,
descended, originally, from a son of Perkin Featherston-
haugh, of the North, recorded in the Herald's Visitation,
as Perkin-son, and assigned the arms of Fetherstonhaugh.

In 1617, CHRisTOPHEa Parkinson, Esq. was chosen Steward
of the Forest of Bowland or Holland in Yorkshire, which
forest adjoins that of Bleasdale. This Christopher was the
younger son of Ralph Parkinson, Esq. of F'airsnape, by Grace,
his wife, dau. of Robert Shuttleworth, Esq. of Hacking, co.
Lancaster, through which marriage the family became con-
nected with the Hoghtons of Pendleton.

Robert Parkinson, Esq., Christopher's elder brother, m.
1st, in 1606, Mary, dau. of Jerome Assheton, Esq., whose
father was lialph, 4tli son of Sir Richard Assheton, of Middle-
ton, by Ann his wife, dau. of Sir Thomas Strickland, of Si-
zergh; and 2ndly, in 1616, Ann, dau. of Sir George Singleton,

Esq. of Stayning, by Mary, his wife, one of the co-hcircsses of
John Iloghton, Esq. of Pendleton, brotherofSir Richard Hogh-
ton, Bart, of Hoghton Tower.

In 1702, Christopher Parkinson, Esq., the immediate des-
cendant of the first named Christopher, devised, by will dated 8
July, in that year, lands at Hazlehurst, in Bleasdale, to his
kinsman, Richard Parkinson, Esq., and others, in trust, for
the endowment of Admarsh Chapel, and school at Bleasdale,
and for the use of the poor there for ever.

About two centuries ago a considerable portion of the
Bleasdale estates passed to the Cliftons of Lytham, with an
heiress of the Parkinsons. These estates were sold by the
Cliftons in the beginning of the present century, to Thomas
and William Birley, of Kirkham, by whom they were again
alienated by sale to William Garnet, Esq. of Manchester,

The present representative of this ancient race— the Parkin-
sons of Bleasdale — Jane, the wife of William Sharp, Esq. of
Linden Hall, co. Lancaster, and only child of William Taylor,
Esq. of Borwick, by Jane his wife, dau. and co-heir of Henrt
Parkinson, Esq. of Woodycar Hall, who was male heir and
representative of the Parkinson family. By virtue of this
marriage the Fairsnape and Blindhurst estates came to the late
William Sharp, Esq., and have now devolved on his son,
Henry Paekinson-Sharp, Esq.

(ifitmiln of Sljarp.

Among the most ancient of Cumberland families were the
Salkelds. So far back as the year 1336, Sir Richard de Sal-
keld obtained from the Crown a grant of the Manor of Corby,
on the attainder of the Earl of Carlisle. With Sir Richard's
direct male descendants, Corby remained until 1502, when Sir
Richard Salkeld, Governor of Carlisle, died in possession of
the estate (buried in Wetherall Church, at Corby), leaving five
daus., his co-heirs, one of whom m. Salkeld, of Whitehall, a
member of a younger branch of her paternal family, and was
ancestress, by him, of John Salkeld, Esq. of Knock, whose
dau. ra. William Sharp, Esq., and had issue, a son,

W'lLLiAM Sharp, E*q. of Linden Hall, co. Lancaster, J.P.
for cos. Lancaster and Westmorland, m. Jane, niece of Rev.
John Taylor, Incumbent of Horbury, co. York, J.P. and D.L.,
and only child of William Taylor, Esq. of Borwick Lodge, co.
Lancaster, by Jane his wife, dau. and co-heir of Henry Par-
kinson, Esq. of Woodacre Hall, co. Lancaster, representative
of the Parkinsons of Bleasdale, and by her (who d. 4 Dec.
1857) had

I. John, of The Hermitage, near Lancaster, m. 3 June, 1840.
Margaret, youngest dau. of Thomas Brown, Esq. of
Stainforth-under-Barge, co. York, and d. 19 July, 1879,
leaving issue,

1 William Thomas, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, 6. 17 May,
1841 ; m. Emily, younger dau. of the Rev. George Preston.

2 John Rimington, Capt. King's Own Royal Regt., b. 26
April, 1843; m. 1875, Jessie Charteris, 3rd dau. of Arthur
Stewart, Esq. (see Burke's Peerage, Galloway, E.).

3 Walter Josias, b. 19 June, 1846.

4 Charles Taylor, 6. 2 Jan. 1855.

5 Frederick Joseph, b. 7 Dec. 1859.
1 Margaret.

II. William, vi. Clara, dau. of John Williams, Esq. of Sey-
mour Street, Portman Square, London; she d. 20 Dec.

III. Henry Parkinson, of Blindhurst and Fairsnape.

IV. James Atkinson, m. Hannah Arundale, eldest dau. of
Richard Grainger, Esq. of Newcastle, and by her (who d.
13 Jan. 1866) had issue, one son and two daus.

V. Edward, J.P. co. Lancaster, m. Sarah Catharine, only dau.
of James Aspinall Turner, Esq., M.P., J. P., I/.L., of
Pcndlebury House, co. Lancaster (which lady d. 7 Nov.
1878), and has had issue, two sons, of whom one is dead.

I. Alice, 1)1. Cornelius Bourne, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Stal-
mine Hall, co. Lancaster. She d. 29 Nov. 186U. He d.
Feb. 1866, having had one son and one dau.

II. Jane Taylor, d. 30 April, 1SG6.

in. MiUicent, >n. Robert W'illiam W'aithman, Esq. of Jloyne
Park, CO. Galway, and Mnyvannon Castle, co. Roscommon,
J.P. and D.L. co. York, and has issue, a son and two daus.

IV. Elizabeth, m. Joseph Waithman, Esq., and has one son
and one dau.
Mr. William Sharp (?. 13 Nov. 1861.

S:ats — Blindhurst, and Fairsnape, co. Lancaster.


Shaep, Robeet, Esq. of Maryfield, Bute, J.P. b.
21 Jan. 1835, m. 26 Jan. 1870, Elizabeth, dau. of
Alexander Duif, Esq. of Inverness, and has issue,
Archibald, b. 15 March, 1873.





Eobert Alexander Duff, 6. IS June, ISSO.
Mary Klizaborh.
Maria Catherine.

Lineag-e. — Rorekt Shakp, Esq. of Rothesay, m. Janet,
dan. of Daniel Duncan, Esq., and had issue,

Archibald Shakp, Esq., J.P. and D.L. of llothesay, b.
ISO'J ; m. lSo'2, Jlaria, dau. of James Smith, Esq. of Liverijool,
and by her (.who d. 4 Feb. ISSt!) had issue,

1. EoKEKT, now of Maryfield.

I. Agnes Jlaria, m. 4 June, ISG2, X. B. Stewart, Esq., and
has issue, Marie Amelia, and Agnes Maria.

II. Janet Duncan, jii. 20 .March, 1S62, Gen. Ritchie, E.A.,
and has issue,

1 John Robert, Capt. R.A.

2 Archibald Buchanan, Lieut. Seaforth Highlanders.

Mr. A. Sharp I?. 4 Xov. 1S70.
&ct<— Maryfield, Rothesay, Isle of Bute.


SnAEP Adam, Esq. of Clytli Lodge and Bank
House, CO. Caithness, J.P., b. 1814, m. 1864, Isabella
"Welsh, 2nd dau. of James Goodall, Esq. of co. Fife,
and has issue,

I. Adam James, b. 1873.

II. "William, b. 1877.

I. Annabella. ii. Etta.

Mr.Sharp is the son of the late Adam Sharp, Esq.
(the son of Adam Sharp) of Clyth, by Isabella, his
wife, dau. of - Chisem, Esq. and has three brothers,
William, Alexander, and John.

&-«(s— Clyth Lodge, Clyth, X.B., and Bank House, Rothes,
near Elgin, X.B.


Shaw, William Otho Nicholson, Esq. of
Arrowe Park, co. Chester, J.P., retired Major
Cheshire Yeomanry, B.A., educated at Eton and
Christ Cluu-ch, Oxford, b. 22 May, 184-6; s. his
father, April, 1884; m. 17 Feb. 1887, Marie Odette,
eldest dau. of Thomas Henry Exshaw, of Bordeaux,
and A'alentine Esle, his wife, eldest dau. of Baron
de Eichemont, and has had issue,

Otho Henry Kicholson, b. 7 July, 1SS9.
Fanny Eglfe, b, 6 Jan. 18S3 ; rf. 31 Aug. 1888.
Corinne Odette Eglfe, b. 25 June, 1891.

Lineag'e.— From Otho Nicholson, who erected the
Carfax, and conducted the water to Oxford, and who built
and endowed the library of Christ Churcli, Oxon, lineally
descended, it is stated, the Kicholsons of Iltaton Norris, a
Bcion of which family.

Rev. Ralph Nicholson, Rector of Dudcote, Berks, Fellow
of Brasenose Coll. O.xford (youngest son of Francis Nicholson,
Esq. of Macclesfield, by Ellen his wife, dau. of Adam Gordon,
Esq.), b. 6 -April, 17o4 ; ra. Catherine, dau. of Charles Roe, of
Macclesfield, and d. 26 Dec. 1794, having had by her (who d.
12 March, 1801),

I. William, of whom presently.

I. Catherine, »i. Sir Christopher Robinson, Knt., Judge of
the Court of Admiralty, and d. 27 Aug. ln.'JO.

II. Ellen m. Richard Wood, of Macclesfield, and d. 1833.

III. Elizabeth.

The Snd son,

Col. William Nicholson, Esq. of Chadkirk, co. Chester, and
Springfield House, near Liverpool, some time Major 2nd Lan-
cashire Militia, hi. 4 May, 1802, Hannah, 3rd dau. of William
Roe, Esq. of Liverpool, by Hannah his wife, dau. of Samuel
Shaw, and sister of John Shaw, Esq. of Liverpool, and d. 24
june, lb32, aged 58, having had by this lady (who m. 2ndly,
11 Jan. 1844, Col. Sir Duncan MacDougal), with William,
John, Ralph, Christopher, and Hannah Catharine, all of whom
d. young v.nm., one surviving child, who, having taken the
name of Shaw by sign-manual 11 Jan. 1S37, in accordance
with the will of his maternal great-uncle, John Shaw, Esq. of
Liverpool, was

John Ralph Siiaw, Esq. of Arrowe Park, Chester, J.l'.,
HighSheriffl«G4, formerly Capt. 1st Royal Lancashire Militia,
6.28 Sept. Isll ; m. 27 July, 1S37, Fanny Harriet, 4th dau.

of Rev. William Cruttendcn Cruttenden, M.A., formerly of
Macclesfield, late Rector of Aldcrley, co. Chester, and by her
who d. 21 June, 1887) had issue,

I. William Otho Nicholson, now of Arrowe Park.

II. John Arthur MacDougall, b. 6 June, 1851 ; has assumed
the name of Nicholson.

III. Herbeit Jocelyn Cruttenden, h. 3 July, 1856; to. 1st, 25
April, 1878, Ida Blanolie, 2nd dau. of Gileat Hatfield, Esq.
of Moiden, Surrey, and by her (who d. 10 Feb. 1880) has
issue, Bertie Hattield, b. 26 Jan. 1880; 2ndly, 13 Oct. 1887,
Henrietta, 2nd dau. of John H. Nunn, of Penzance.

IV. Duncan .Vlfred Michael Legh, b. 2 July, 1857; m. 14
June, 1883, Blanche, 4th dau. of William Chambres, Esq.
of Wallasey Grange, co. Chester, D.L., and had issue,
Phyllis Blanche, b. 29 Oct. 1884.

I. Fanny Dorothea Nicholson.

II. Florence Alice Stewart, ni. 19 Oct. 1871, Capt. H. H.
Rawson, R.N., C.B., A.D.C., made Rear-Adniiral March,
1892, and has issue, Harry Hugh, b. 18 Jan. and d. 7 July,
1875: Harry Christopher Shaw, fi. 21 Feb. 1878; Hubert
Wyatt Hay, 6. 11 Sept. 1887; Alice Evelyn; Florence
Muriel Editli, b. 19 July, 1881, d. 24 Sept. 1882.

III. Annie Elizabeth Nicholson, m. 31 Oct. 1878, Col. Charles
Iloskcn France Hayhurst, of Bostook Hall, Middlewich,
Cheshire (see Hayhckst).

IV. Mary Christine Nicholson.

v. Edith Hannah Nicholson, m. 26 April, 1888, Richard Henry
Venables Kyrke, of Nantytfrith, Wrexham {see Ksrke).

Mr. Shaw </. 14 April, 1884.

^4r/ii.s— Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., two chcvronels between
three lozenges ermines, for Shaw ; 2nd and 3

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