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I. Agnes, 1)1. Eev. H. Wilkinson, Fellow of St. John's Coil.
He m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of John Harrison, Esq. of Hundlow,
and by her had

III. William, d. v.nm.

IV. Antliony, d. unm.

V. Eoljert (Eev.), M.A., to. Jane, dau. of John Bame.', and
niece and heir of William Augustus Burke, Esq. of Cal-
cutta, M.D., Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals in India, and had,
with other issue,

Augustus Burke, M.D.,to. Amelia, dau. and heir of F. W.
Staine, Esq. of The Uplands, St. Leonards-on-Sea.

VI. John, m. Jane, dau. of Henry Carne, Esq. of Falmouth.
The 2nd son,

Henry Shepherd, m. Mary Anne, dau. of Thomas Atkinson,
Esq. of Selside, and had issue,

I. Arthur, now of Shaw End.

II. Henry (Eev.), M.A., Eector of Chaldon, co. Surrey, m.
18 April, 1865, Harriette Eliza, dau. of John Pickersgill,
Esq. of Netherne, co. Surrey, by Sophia his wife, dau. of
John Cunliffe, Esq. of High House, Addingham, co. Yorii,
and by her, who d. 10 Nov. 1893, had issue,

Arthur Cunliffe.

III. Thomas, d. unm.

Seat—Sha.w End, Kendal, Westmorland.


Sheppaed, Henry, Esq. of CUfton, co.
Tipperary, J.P. formerly Capt. Tipperary Militia,
and Capt. 67th Regt., b. 28 July, 1823 ; m. 22 Aug.
1866, Emily Agnes, dau. of Joseph Frederick
Ledsam, Esq., J.P., D.L., of Chad Hill, Edgbaston,
Warwick, by his wife, Elizabeth Ann Ashton God-
dington, and has surviving issue,

I. Henry Goddington, Lieut. 3rd Batt. Leinster Eegt., &. 17
Jan. 1869.

II. James Frederick, b. 5 Aug. 1870.

III. Thomas Moreton, b. 10 Aug. 1874.

IV. John Ashton, b. 24 April, 1876.

Lineag-e.— The Sheppards (or Shepards, as sometimes
spelt) were a Saxon family which settled in Norfolk. From





that county, Capt. Thon:as Sheppard came over to Ireland in
Cromweirs army, and got a grant of the lands of Castle John,
CO. Tipperary. He had four sons, James, William,* John,
and liohin, who settled in the townland of Kilouiiahenbeg. in
the year 1700. llis two youngest sons d. without issue. His
eldest son,

James Sheppard, settled at Clifton, then called Killeullcn-
more, hi. Mary Kobiuson, a descendant of Sir Luuiley llobin-
son (buried in Westminster Abbey), and aunt of JlajorGen.
llobinson. Equerry to Trincess Caroline. He had issue,

James, of whom presently.

John, »!. llis cousin, Jane Robinson, and had a son,
Anthony, whose son, m. the dau. of Henry Downes, K.-q.,
«nd had issue, Col. W. D. Sheppard, of Jlunatrea House,
Youghal, CO. Cork, who d. s. 2).
The elder son,

James Shsppaed, of Kilcullahenhcg, now called Clifton, ).(.
r^fary, dau. of John Gilbert, Esq. of Cloughane, Holycross, co.
Tipperary, and (?. 17SJ, leaving a son,

James Sheppakd, b. 1782; Capt. in Tipperary Jlilitia, iii.
1^0S. Mary, dau. of Thomas Doolan, Esq. of Wingfiekl, Shin-
rone, by Marj', dau. and heiress of Amos Palmer, Esq. of Derry
House, Shinrone; and had, with other issue,

I. William (Kev.). B.A., T. CD., formerly a Barristcr-at-Law,
b. ISll ; m. Bithia, dau. of Launeelot Watson, of Warren-
point, and <;. 1S60, leaving issue, William H. Cope, of New-
stead, Blackrock ; and liitliia Mary, authoress of Prettii Miss
Seville; Diana Bairln'jton. &c., m. Lieut.-Col. J. Croker,
Munster Fusiliers, and has issue, a dau., Eileen.

II. Henby, of Clifton.

III. Frank, of St. Cronan's, Eoscrca, m. Sara, dau. of T.
ffranck Tuite Goulding, Esq., and d. 27 Nov. 18S6, leaving
issue, John Francis. B.A., T.C.D., Capt. Royal Dublin
Fusiliers ; James William ITranck (liev.), of Meadow Brook,
Dundrum ; and Mary Eleanor, m. Hev. H. J. Gillespie, D.D.,
M.A., T.C.D., of Castletown Hector}', Killaloe.

I. Maria, m. James Kennedy, Esq. of Spalield, Roscrea, and
had one dau. Maiy,

II. Anna Doolan, m. George Austin Medlen, Esq., J. P., of
Lowlands, Roscrea.

Capt. Sheppard d. 1S66.

Scat — Clifton, Shinrone, King's co.


Sheppaed, William Lewin, Esq. of Keyforcl
House, Froiue, co. Somerset b. 4 April, 1860 ; s.
]iis father ISSl.

Xiineage. — John Sheppard, of Tythcrington, Wilts (born
towards the close of the reign of Ja.mes I. or the commence-
ment of that of King Charles), purchased, circa IGGO, from
the Chanipneys family the manor-house and estate of St.
Katharine's Hill, Frome Selwood. He left issue, i. Edward,
from whom descended the Sheppards of I'au-aton, now repre-
sented by Kev. Henry Fleetwood Sheppard, M.A., Rector
of Thurnscoe, co. York; ii. John, ancestor to the Sueppardsp/
Frorne Schrooi! ; Siud other issue. Mr. Sheppard's will bears
date 3 Dec. 1675. His 2nd son,

John Sheppard, of the Manor of St. Katharine's Hill, Frome
Sehvood, hi. 7 June, 1705, Philippa, dau. of William Humphrey,
of Berkley, and by her he had (with three daus.) two sons,
I. William; ii. John, whose dau. Ann, m. Mr. Wayland,
of Frome Selwood. The son and heir,

William Sheppard, Esq. of The Manor House, St. Katha-
rine's Hill, J.P., b. 17 Oct. 1708; -m. G May, 1731, Eleanor,
dau. of Edward Parsons, of Biistol, by Anne his wife, dau. of
Joseph Houlton, Esq. of Farley Castle, Somerset, and by her
(who d. 1792) had issue,

I. William, his heir.

n. Edward, Merchant, of London and {jure uxoris) of Stone

House, CO. Gloucester, ra. 1777, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of

John Harmer, of Stone House, co. Gloucester, and d. 5

Sept. ISOb, having had issue,

1 Thomas Harmer, of Stone House and Clifton, m. 1st, 25

* William Sheppard (ancestor of the Castle Sheppard
family), m. Edith, dau. of — Armstrong, and widow of T.
l;r.bin.son, and so was step-father to Major-Gen. Robinson,
Equerry to Princess Caroline, of whom there is a portrait by
Hudson, and who was of the family of Sir Lumley Robinson
(who is bur. in Westminster Abbey), and was father of William
SiiKpPARD, who Til. Mary, dau. of Thomas Shortt, of Wingfield
Shinrone, and had issue, 1 William, m. Eliza, dau. of Robert
Bradshaw, 5th Dragoon Guards, of AUeen, Tipperary, and
'/. .-1. p. 1852, at Castle Sheppard, Ballingarry, Shinrone; 2
Robert, East India Civil Service, (/. unm. in India; 3 John,
Lisut. 85th Regt. d. v.nm. in India; 1 Edith, m. Randal
Cooke, Esq. ; 2 Sara, }/i. Christopher Abbott.

July, IS05, Isabella, dau. of liis uncle, Henry Sheppard
F>q. of Frome Sehvood, and by her (who d. 21 May,
IS06) had issue, one son,

Edward Harmer, of Stone House and London, 6. 9 May,
1800; m. 1 Oct. 1830, Mary, dau. of Richard Berlins,
of Penmain, co. Monmouth, and d. 28 March, ls78,
leaving a dau. Juliana Augusta, m. 12 Oct. 1854,
Francis Ileineken Perkins, Esq., and had issue.
He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of his uncle, John Sheppard, and
had issue,

John Bauger Sheppard, d. 18i6.

Elizabeth, ?». 2-1 Oct. 1S(j5, Capt. John Henry Armstrong,
9oth Regt.
Ucd. 17 Oct. 1860.

I Mary Harmer, m. Richard Wilsonne Sheppard, Esq., her
cousin, and d. 1840.

III. Walter, d. unm.

IV. Henry, to. 1777, Isabella, sister and heir of Capt. Wil-
sonne, of Purton, CO. Gloucester, and had issue.

1 Richard Wilsonne Sheppard, m. Mary Harmer, dau. of
his uncle, Edward Sheppard, Esq., and d. 18G3, leaving a
dau. Isabella Wilsonne, m. 1849, Frederick Henry
Smith, Esq.

2 Enuly.

3 Isabella, 1st wife of her cousin, Thomas Harmer Shep-
pard, Esq. of Stone House and Clifton.

V. John, m. 22 Sept. 1784, Mary Kelson, dau. of Jo'nn
Bauger, Esq. of Piddletown, Dorset, by Mary, dau. of
William Kelson, Esq. of Midsummer Norton, Somerset, and
had issue,

1 John Sheppard, Esq. of Frome Selwood, 6. 10 Oct. 1785;
m. his cousin, Anna, dau. of William Tomkins, Esq. of
Abingdon, Banker, and d. 1879, leaving one son, Walter,
who d.s.p.

1 JIary, 2nd wife of Thomaa Harmer Sheppard, Esq.

I. Anna, vi. William Tomkins, Esq. of Abingdon, Banker.

II. Eleanor, m. Timothy Laoey, Esq. of North Hill House,

Mr. Sheppard d. 1759; his eldest son,

William Sheppard, Esq. of Frome Selwood and of Bath,
J. P., b. Jan. 1734 ; la. 2 Jan. 1762, Ann, eldest dau. and co-
heir of William Hulbert, Esq. of Salisbury, and by her (who d,
20 Feb. 1820, aged 83) had issue,

I. William, of Styleshill, Somerset, b. 28 Dec. 17C2; d. -c. p.
19 Nov. 1804. He iu. 1st, 19 Jlay, 1789, Susanniih,-dau.
and co-heir of John Lewin, Esq. of The Manor of St.
Katharine's, Ruislip, by Sarah his wife, dau. and co-heir
of John Mico, Esq., and by her (who d. 25 Oct. 1794) had

1 William Hulbert, late of Koyford House, F'rome.

2 Frederick, c/. unm. 4 Oct. 1802.

3 John Lewin (Uev.), M.A., b. 5 Aug. 1794; d. v.nm. 10
Aug. 1821.

1 Susan Mary Anne, of Spring Hill, near Frome, d. 22
May, 1861.
He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth Hayter, relict of Thomas W. Wyatt,
Esq., but had no further issue. Mr. Sheppard d. 19 Nov.

II. Edward, of Firgrove, in Dudmaston, and also {jure uxoris)
of Alstone, co. Worcester, and Oxenton, co. Gloucester,
sometime of The Ridge, in the latter CO., of which he was
High Sheriff 1819, J. P. and D.L., h. 10 Oct. 1704; m. 9
Jan. 1797, Mary, sole dau. of John Darke, Esq. of iUstone
and Oxenton, and had issue,

1 Edward, h. 29 Dec. 1801 ; d. ». p. 25 March, I84S.

2 Richard, b. 2 Aug. 1807 ; d.s. p. 1863.

3 Arthur Francis (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Holme Cultram,
b. 19 July, 1813; vi, 13 June, 1865, Catherine, dau. of
Rev. Joseph Gilbanks, Rector of Lamplugli.

4 Thomas Henry (Rev.), M.A., B.D., and Feliow of Exeter
Coll. Oxon, b. 9 Nov. 1814.

1 Mary Rebecca.

2 Ann, rn. 1820, John Wallington, Esq. of Dursley.

3 Frances Elizabeth.

4 Eleanor Martha.

5 Caroline, ra. Rev. Kenelm Henry Digby, 2nd son of
Admiral Sir Henry Digby, G.C.B.

6 Emily.

7 Harriet Jane, hi. 28 April, 1846, Rev. Thomas Fremcaux
Boddmgton, M.A., Rector of Badger, Salop, who d. l!i
July, 1871, leaving issue.

III. Thomas, of Folkington Place, Sussex, Shrewston Lodge,
Wilts, and Hampstead Heath, Middlesex, J. P., b. 28 Oct.
1766; TO. 5 Dec. 1800, Sarah, 2nd dau. of Richard Down,
Esq. of Halliwick Manor House, Colney Hatch, Middlesex,
and d. 1 June, 1858, having had issue,

1 Thomas, b. 16 Sept. 1802 ; m. Maria Theresa Catherine
du Croc de Brassac, only child and heir of Charles Joseph,
Count du Croc de Brassac, in I ranee, and had issue by
her a dau. Marie Clementine Wilhelniine CamiUe, m. the
"Viscount de Briniont, who takes the additional surname
of Brassac

2 Charles Down, b. 29 June, 1805; d. 1861.

3 Walter Cope, Capt. (retired), 6. 20 Dec. 1806 ; d. 1861.





4 Frederick, 6. 21 Dec. 1812 ; d. 1875.

1 Sarah Frances, m. 12 Sept. 1832, Rev. Georffe Gayton
Harvey, B.A., Kector of Honon, co. Stafforci, who d.

2 Susan, m. 1st, 20 July, 1841, Richard Eushton, Preston,
Esq., who d. 26 Feb. 1844, and 2ndly, 28 Nov. 1851,
Philip Kemp, Esq., son of Thomas Reed Kemp, Esq. of
Kemp Town, Brighton, M.P.

IV. Henry, of Seymour Court, Somerset, and of Clifton, and
sometime also of Conipton House, co. Gloucester, h. 30 Nov.
1770; m. 1st, Ann, dau. of \Villi:im Tonildns, Esq. of
Abingdon, Banker, by whom he had an only child,

Ann, m. Rev. Aaron Rogers.

He 7)1. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Thomas B. Winter, Esq. of

Shenley Hill, Herts, and by her he had an only son,

Henry Winter (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Emsworth, Hants,

h. 15 F'eb. ISOD ; m. 1st, 28 Aug. 1833, Maiy Anne, d.HU.

of Gen. Alexander Graham Stirling, of Rednock, N.B.,

and has issue,

1 Henkt Alexander Graham (Rpv.),M.A., of Rednock
Castle, CO. Perth, b. 1835 (■■see next Memoir).

2 Thomas, 6. 1837 (see 'next Memoir).

He 111. 2ndly, 1872, Miss Marianne Thomas.

V. George, of Fromefifld House, Somerset, b. 23 .July, 1773 ;
in. 1797, Mary Ann Stuart, dau. and co-heir of Sir Thomas
Byard, of Mount Tamar, Devon, Capt. R.N., and by her
(who d. 1838) he left at his decease, 2 Feb. 1855.

1 Thomas Byard, of Frome Selwood, b. 8 March, 1805 ;
111. 6 Aug. 1829, Augusta Perchard, 2nd dau. ot John
Mico Winter, Esq. of Shenley Hill, Herts, by Raclicl his
wife, dau. and co-lieir (witli her sister, Martha, wife of
Lieut.-Gen. Le Mesurier, formerly Hereditary Governor
of Alderney) of Peter Perchard, Esq., Loid Mayor of
London 1804-5, and d. 8 Feb. 1888, having by her, who d.
10 Feb. 1890, had issue,

Thomas Byard Winter, b. 15 Blarch, 1834 ; vi. i July,
1861, Mary Anne, only dau. of Aaron Roger.s, Incum-
bent of St. Pauls, Bristol, and has issue, Herbert
Byard, b. 1866; Alfred Byard Winter, b. 186s ; Clement
Mico, i. 1870; Edgar Stuart, b. 1872; Eustace Graham,
b. 1875 ; John Cecil, b. 1879, d. 1881 ; Arthur Lewin, '-.
1882; Amy Byard, b. 1862; Alice Marion, b. 1864;
Janet Augusta, b. 1873; Helen Mildred, b. 1887.

John Edwin, d. 1837.

George Edmund, b. 1841; d. s. p. 20 April, ISSS.

Jessie Augusta.

Caroline Stuart, m- Rev. Thomas Spratt, and d. 10 July,
1875, leaving issue, Theodore Byard.

Emily Byard, m. 20 Jan. Ia57, Rev. Charles Barton,
Rector of Trusbam, co. Devon, and has issue.

Agnes Louisa. Susan Anna. Kditti Mico.

2 George Wood, of Fromefield House, co. Somerset, .J.P.,
b. 1807 ; m. 1834. Emma, dau. of Joseph T. Brown, Esq.,
H.E.I.C.S., of Winifred House, Bath, by Mary his wife,
dau. of Rev. S. Sneade, of Netley and Ludlow, and by liur
(who d. 1871) has issue,

George Frederick (10, Chester Place, Regents Park),

late H.E.I. C.S., JP. for London, b. 17 May, 18-35 ; m.

1861, Adeline Babington, dau. of Rev. B. W. Peile, and

has issue, Pliilip Arthur Sneade, b. 1863 ; Evelyn Stuart ;

Guy Babington; Seymour Hulbert; and Alexander

Mary Stuart, m. 7 Feb. 1861, Major T. W. Shcppard,

87th Regt. (see next Memoir), and d. at Malta, July,

1868, leaving issue.
Ellen Olivia, rii. Rev. A. B. Peile, Incumbent of Holy

Trinity Church, Ventnor, and has issue.
Emma Flora, m. George Upton Robins, Esq.
Susan Elizabeth Sneyd.
Isabel Byard, d. num. 1847.

3 Walter (Rev.), Perpetual Curate of Hermitage, Berks,
6. 1S09; m. Fanny Rebecca, tlau. of William Boulger, of
Bradfield, Berks, and dying 1852, left issue,

Walter Byard, )?i. 3 Oct. 1865, Frederica Jaue, dau. of
Capt. Festing, R.N., K.H., and has issue.

Mary Ann Stuart, m. 1864, Thomas M. Le Mesurier,

Elizabeth Frances.

4 Alfred Byard, of The Hove, Torquay, m. 1845, Maria,
dau. of William James Thompson, Esq., and has issue,

Maria Stuart, m. 1870, Charles Noble Luxmoore, Esq.

1 Harriet Byard, m. Rev. William Dalby, Rector of Comp-
ton Basset, Wilts, and d. 1840.

2 Stuart, m. Rev. David Malcolm, M.A., Vicar of Kingston
Deveril, Wilts.

3 Elizabeth Hulbert, cif. 1868.

4 Emma Martha, m. 21 May, 1839, Richard Edward Austen
Townsend, Esq. of Norwood, co. Surrey.

■ 5 Jane Bunn, m. Rev. John Heniy Clayton, Rector of
Farnborough, Hants, and d. 1858.

I. Anne, m. Thomas Whittaker Ledyard, Esq. of Road Hill,

n. Elizabeth, m. Samuel Wathen, Esq. of New House, Stroud,

CO. Gloucester.

in. Ellenor, to. Rev. Peter Wood, Rector of Broadwater, co»
Sussex, and Prebendary of Chichester.

Mr. Slieppard cZ. 17 May, 1814, and was s. by his grandson,

William HnoERx Sheppard, Esq. of Keyford Hou?e,
J.P., 6. 10 Aug. 17J1; j/t. 24Sept. 1818, Hannah, only child
of William Pollett, Esq, of Great Bardfield, co. Essex, and,

I. William, his heir.

II. John J-ewin, 6. 6 Nov. 1828; in. 6 July, 1852, Sabine,,
youngest dau. of Major Charles Walton, 4th Light Dragoons,
and had a dau. Lilian Mary Anne, who d. 8 Feb. 1861.

III. Thomas Pollett, b. 6 June, 1830 ; m. 1864, Eliza Ectella,
dau. of Capt. Ansti-uther McTier, and has issue.

IV. Albert Mico, b. 1836 ; m. 1869, Anna Margaret Griffin,
and has issue.

I. Mary Anne, m, 30 Dec. 1862, Lieut.-Gea. Thomas Tapp,

II. Lucy Hannah, TO. 13 June, 1855, Henry Carter Snell
Chauncy, eldest son of Rev. C. Chauncy, Vicar of Paul's-
Walden, and had issue.

III. Susan Katharine, m. 17 Aug. 1854, William George,
youngest son of Capt. Barton, late of the 4th Light
Dragoons, and d. 27 Nov. 1862.

IV. Alice Leader, -m. 14 Sept. 1870, Alfred Reginald Wilkin-
son, Capt. Bengal Staff Corps, and d. 27 May, 1873.

Mr. Shcppard d. 1878. His eldest son,

William Sdeppaud, Esq. of Keyford House, Frome, co..
Somerset, 6. 8 Nov., 1823; to. 6 April, 1850, Emilie Liues,
3rd dau. of J. H. Scrivener, Esq. of Liverpool, and had-

William Lewin, now of Keyford.
Mr. Shcppard d. 1881.

Arms — Az., on a chevron, between three fleurs-de-lis or, as-
many mullets gu., quai-tering Hulbert, Lewin, Mico, and
Childe. Crest — A ram passant ppr., between two olive-branches

Scat — Keyford House, Frome.

Sheppard, Eet. Hexry Alexander Graham,
I\I.A. Trill. Coll. Camb., of Eednock, Ducliray,
Auehjle, and Saiicbop, b. 24 Aug. 183.5, s. liis
uncle 1875, and represents G-raham of Duchray,
Stirling of Auchyle, G-raham of Rednock, MoN-
CRiEFf of Sauchcp.

Lineage. — For paternal descent, gee Sheppard of Frome

^umitg of ^Stirling of ^ucbiilc.

Thomas Stirling, of Auchyle, co. Perth, living 1498, a cadet
of the old baronial family of Calder, was father of

Walter Stirling, of Auchyle, who left, by Isabella his wife,
with a younger son, John,

James Stirling, of Auchyle, who d. circa 1593.

William Stirling, of Auchyle, his son, is, in Acts of Parlia-
ment, 1644-49, styled Baron of Auchyle. He m. 1st, Jlarioti
Sinclair; 2ndly, Janet Peebles; Srdly, Elizabeth Lundy, and
had, with a younger son, John, of Herbertshire, co. Stirling,.
1643, a son and heir,

James Stirling, of Auchyle, 1643-59, who )ii. 1630, Margaret,,
dau. of James Haldane, of Gleneaglos, co. Perth, by Lady
Margaret Murray, liis wife, and had three sons,

I. William, of Auchyle and Herbertshire, m. Helen, widow
of Sir John Rollo, of Bannockburn, and dau. of Sir William
Sinclair, of Roslin, and d. s.p., 1678.

II. George, of whom hereafter.

HI. Alexander, of Auchyle and Herbertshire, ra. (contract, 13-
Dec. 1681) Margaret, natural dau. of William, Earl of Men-
teith, and d. June, 1715, leaving a son,
William, who sold Auchyle to his cousin, John.

The 2nd son,

George Stirling, of Auchyle and Herbertshire, sold the-
estates to his younger brother. He m. Jean, elde.'^t dau. and
co-heir of Sir Robert Criohton, alias Murray, of Cockpool, co.
Dumfries, executor and universal disponee of James Murray,
last Earl of Annandale, and d. Dec. 1706, leaving issue,

I. William, of Herbertshire, TO. Lilias, dau. of William, Lord
Forester, and d. s. p. May, 1745.

II. John, of whom hereafter.

iir. George, of byres, co. Perth, father of George, of Byres,

who d. s. p. 1750.
I. Margaret, m. Alexander Graham, of Duchray and Rednock,

and had

1 Col. Thomas Graham, of Duchray and Rednock, d. s. p.
18 June, 1773.

2 Capt. John Graham, of Duchray and Rednock, 42nd





Hiffhlanders, m. Christian, dau. and heir of Robert Jlur-
ray, alias Macgrcijor, of Glencarnock, co. Perth, and d.
14 Get. 1790, leaving a son,
Alexandek, who s. to Auchyle.
The '2iid son,

lArr. John Stirling, of Auchyle anil Hcrbcrtshire, m.
Christian, dau. of Sir William Stirling, Hart, of Ardouh, co.
Perth, and i^ 1756, when he was s. by his son,

George Stirling, of Auchyle and Herbertshire. He d. !. p.
July, 1760, and was s. by his sister,

Jean Stirling, of Auchyle, who sold Herbertshire 1768.
She .)!. 1st, 28 Jan. 1751, Sir James Stirling, Bart, of Glorat,
and 2ndly, Hon. James Erskine, of Aloa, a senator of the
College of Justice, and</. s. p. 1797. She was s. by her cousin,
Alexander Graham, of Duchray and Redneck, who took the
name of Stirling and hadagrantof supporters 21 April, 1798.
He became

Liect.-Gen. Alexander Graham-Stirling, of Auchyle,
Eednock, and Buchray, Lieut. -Col. in the army, b. 1709; m.
1794, Margaret eldest dau. and heir of Col. James lloncrieff,
of Saiahop, en. Fife, and d. 8 May, 1849, his wife having pre-
deceased him 4 Jlay, 1844, in her 72nd year, leaving issue,

I. John, of Auchyle, S:c., Advocite, d. unm. 28 Feb. ISGo.

II. James, d. young.

III. Alexander, Capt. 42nd Rogt. d. unm.

IV. JanifS, d. young.

V. Thomas, Col. late 1st Royals, d. s. p. on his return from
the Crimea, 1 Nov. 1S54.

VI. Robert, of Auchyle, <fec., Capt. 75th Rcgt., rf. s. yj. 25
July, 1875, aged 67.

1. JIary Ann, ni. Rev. Henry Sheppard, and d. 1870, in her
73rd year, leaving two sons,

1 Henrt Alexander Graham, now of Rcdnock, &c.

2 Thomas Winter, Major S7th Regt., formerly Capt. 2.ith
Regt., b. 1 July, 1837; m. 1st, 7 Feb. 1861, his cousin,
Mary Stuart, dau. of George Wood Sheppard, of Krunie-
field House, co. Somerset, and by her (wlio d. July, 1868)
had issue, Graham Stuart, b. 26 Dec. 1861, d. 11 April,
1862; Harry Winter, b. 11 Sept. 1867, m. Feb. 1891, Rita
de Courcy Martelli, and has issue (Thomas Maurice
Winter, b. Den. 1893); Grace Stuart; and Mary Con-
stance ; and 2ndly, 9 April, 1872, Margaret Agnes, dau. of
Matthew Nisbet, M.D., and by her, who d. Jan. 1886, he
had one son, Thomas Winter, Lieut. (8th) King's Own
Liverpool Regt., b. 4 March, 1873.

n. Christian, m. Capt. Mark Currie Close, R.N., d. s. p.

III. Margaret, m. Augustus Henry Urmston, Esq., and d. s.p.

IV. Moncrieff, d. unm. v. Elizabeth, d. young.
VI. Sarah, d. unm. vii. Elizabeth, d. young.

VIII. Lindesay, ra. Rev. George Edwards, d. s. p.

IX. Jemima, m. Signor Pirfee, and had one son, who d. at
Malta. She d. 1890.

(^"umiliT of (BritljanT of ^Icbuoch.

John, 4th Earl of Menteith, m. Marion, dau. of John, Lord
Seton, and had by her (whom. 2ndly, John, Earl of Sutherland)
a 2nd son,

George Graham, of Rednock, tutor, 1579, of his nephew,
John, 6th Earl of Menteith. He d. circa 1585, and was s. by
his son,

James Graham, of Rednock, who d. s. p. about 1610, and
was s. by his brother,

John Graham, of Rednock, who left two daus. and co-heirs,
Ann, the younger, m. 1644, Alexander Colquhoun, of Camstrod-
den. Marion Graham, of Rednock, the elder dau. and co-heir,
m. John Graham, of Duchray, who d. in 1700, aged 100 years.
This gentleman, a very remarkable character, was known as
the ''Highland Hector," and the "Tetrarch of Aberfoyle." In
1671, he was committed to the Tolbooth of Edinburgh for
firing at the Earl of Menteith and wounding some of his
servants, they having come to arrest him for debt when he was
attending the baptism of his son Thomas's child, at Aberfoyle.
He and his friends were armed, and the infant was laid on the
ground during the fight. At a later period, he had pensions
of 500 marks and £100, and the sumsdue by him forfeuduties
•were remitted. His son,

Thomas Graham, of Rednock and Duchray, m. 1669, Mar-
gery, dau. of Colin Campbell, of Mochaster, grand-aunt of the
Marquess of Breadalbane, and had a son,

Alexantjer Graham, who hi., as already stated, Margaret

Arms of Sheppard — See tho.t family.

&a£i— Rcdnock House, Stirling, and Duchray Castle, Aber-


Sheebrooke, William, Esq. of Oxton Hall,
iS'otts, J. P., Commander K.X. (retired), b. 23 Oct.

1844 ; m. 1 Sept. 1870, Margaret Macdonald, eldest
dau. of Alexande- G-raliam, Esq. of Dunelutha,
CO. Argyll, and has issue.

I. Henry Graham, b. 11 Feb. 1877.

II. Robert Lowe, b. 1885.

I. Violet.

II. Eva Caroline, ra. 1890, A. J. Popert, Esq.

III. Gertrude Lillian.

Lineage. — it appears from Thoroton's Antiquaries of
KottitKjhoui^hirc, that the Sherbrooke family first became
connected with the county in the time of Queen Elizabeth,
in the eighth year of whose reign {anno 1566) the moiety of a
manor, together with certain lands in Oxton, were purchased
by Thomas Sherbrooke, son and heir of Robert Sherbrooke
(the 2nd son of Robert Sherbrooke, of Tibshelf, co. Derby,
whose ancestors derived tlieir name from the hamlet of Shire-
brooke, on the borders of Xottinghamshire and Derbyshire),
by Alice his wife, dau. of John Brailsford. This Thomas
Sherbrooke, ;)!. Elizabeth, dau. of William Hall, of Saxendale,
Xotts, and was father of

Robert Sherbrooke, of Oxton, m. Mary, dau. of John
Savile, of Oxton, by Margaret his wife, dau. of Thomas
Tempest, Esq., and had issue, with two daus., Margaret and
Elizabetli, a son and successor,

Tho.mas Sherbrooke, of Oxton, 6. in 1600 ; m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Thomas Jobson. Esq. of Cudworth, co. York, and c/. in
1653, having had with other issue,

I. Robert, who s. to his father's estates, and of whom pre-

II. Thomas, m. his cousin, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Jobson,
Esq. ot Cudworth, co. York, and had issue, a son, Henrt,
of whom hereafter.

Robert Sherbrooke, Esq. of Oxton, who s. his father in
1653, 1)1. Elizabeth Taylor, a Lincolnshire lady, but had no
male issue, and upon his decease the Oxon estate devolved
upon his nephew,

Henry Sherbrooke, Esq. of Oxton (

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