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gale, by royal sign-manual, dated 21 Feb. 1815. He
bought the estate of Embley, Hants, and served the office
of High Sheritr of that co. 182B, and dying 1874, left
Frances Parthenope, m. 23 June, 1S58, Sir Harry Verncy,

Florence, who undertook the conduct of the War Hos-
pitals at Scutari and in the Crimea from la54 to 185ii.
1 Mary, 7)i. Samuel Smith, Esq., son of William Smith,
Esq. of Parndon.

I. Margaret, d. unm.

II. Hannah, m. Thomas Walker, Esq. of Manchester.

III. Sarah, d. uniu.

Mr. Shore d. Sept. 1785. His eldest son and heir,

Samdel Shore, Esq. of Norton Hall and Mearsbrook, J.P.,
b. 5 Feb. 1738; m. 1st, 15 March, 1759, Urith, dau. of Joseph
Offley, Esq. of Norton Hall, and sister and co-heir of Edmund
Offley, Esq., and by her (who d. 30 Nov. 1781) he had issue,

Samdel, his heir.

Bohun, a Col. in the army.

He m. 2ndly, 3 April, 1788, Lydia, the only dau. and heir of
i'reeman Flower, Esq. of Gainsborough and Claphain, by
whom he had no issue. Mr. Shore, High Sheriff co. Derby
1760, d. 16 Nov. 1S28, aged 90, and was s. by his son,

Samdel Shore, Esq. of Norton Hall, co. Derby, and of
Castle Hill, Dorset, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff ls32, i. 3 June,
1701 ; m. March, 1788, Harriet, youngest dau. of F'itz-Walter
Foye, Esq. of Castle Hill, Buckland Newton, co. Dorset, and
by her (who d. 1826, aged 65) had issue,

I. Sydney, 6. 14 April, 1790; m. 6 May, 1812, Mary, only
dau. of Charles White, Esq. of Lincoln, and d. s. p. 2 July,

II. Offley, of Norton Hall and Castle Hill, who sold those
estates and resided subsequently on the Mearsbrook estate,
near ShefSeld, exchanging the old family property at Blore,
CO. Staff'ord, for that of Lindridge House, co. Leicester. He
was 6. 26 May, 1797 ; to. 17 Oct. 1823, Eliza, dau. of John
Brewin, Esq. of North Deighton, co. York, and d. 18 Feb.
1B70, leaving issue,

1 Harrington Offlet, now of Lindridge House.

2 Sydney Foye, in. 22 June, 1864, Louisa Alice, dau. of
James Heygate, Esq., M.D., F'.R.S., of Derby.

3 Offiey Bohun, of The Cedars, Mickleover, co. Derby, b.
31 Jan. 1839 ; in. 17 Oct. 1862, Anna Maria, dau. of John
Leishman, Esq. of Edinburgh, and has issue,

Offley Bohun Stovin Faiiiess, Lieut. West Yorkshire
Eegt., b. 9 Aug. 1863.
Florence Nightingale. Urith Beresford F'oye.

I. Elizabeth Maria, d. unm. ii. Harriet.

III. Urith Lydia. iv. Amelia Theophila.
v. 3Iaria Theodosia. Vi. Ociavia.

Mr. Shore d. 1836.

Arms — ^Vrg., a chevron sa. between three holly-leaves vert.
Crest— A stork reguardant ppr., holding in the dexter foot a
stone or pebble of the sea-shore sa. Motto — Non dormif qui


Shoet, Edwaed Hassaed, Esq. of Edlington,
CO. Lincoln, J.P., h. 22 Aug. 1848 ; m. 1873, Geral-
dine Each el, dau. of John Henry Blagrave, Esq.
of Calcot Park, Berks, and Barrow Court, Somerset,
and has issue,

I. Hdeert Edward Hassard, &. 1877.

II. Digby Valentine Hassard, b. 1879.

Lineage. — John Short, of Exeter, appears by the Visi-
tation of Devon to have left, with four daus., two sons,
Anthony and John, ancestor of the Shorts of Bkkham. The
elder son.

Rev. Anthony Short, D.D., Prebendary of Canterbury,
1579, to whom was granted the family crest, was father of

Eev. Thomas Short, of Bawtry, co. York, &. about 1560; m.





3Iargaret Cooke, of Doneaster, an heiress, und was father of
Peter Short, Esq. of Doncaster, m. Feb. 1616, Anne, dau.
of John Armitage, Esq. of Doncaster, and by her (who mi.
2ndly, Thomas EUcrker, Esq. of Doncaster), had, with other

Peter Short, Esq., Lord of the Manor of East Kcal, co.
Lincoln, citizen of London, to whom was granted by King
Charles II., a.d. 1666, the coat of arms now borne by this
brancli of the family. He m. 1st, Briilget, dau. of Edmund
Heron, Esq. of Buloott, Notts, and 2ndly, Helen, dau. of Julin
Bishop, Esq. of Stickford, co. Lincoln, and had issue. The
youngest son,

JosEFH Short, Esq. of Edlington, East Keal, i-c, co. Lin-
coln, and Clerkenwell, Jliddlesex, m. EUzabeth, dau. and heir
of George Longe, Esq. of Clerkenwell and East Kirby, and
had issue,

Joseph, d. i(«m.

Georhe. of whom presently.

Elizabeth, m. 1714, John Hassard, Esq. of Bloomsbury

Square, and was mother of Henry Hassard, Esq. of London,

who »i. 1741, Anne, dau. of Thomas Fitzhugh, Esq. (who<?.

17y9) of 31ile End House, Middlesex, and d. 1 July, 1796,

aged 75, having had issue,

Henry Hassard (Col.), of whom hereafter.
John Garbradd Hassard, b. 1743; (/. luod. 11 July, 1807.
Robert FitzHugh Comm. H.N., b. 1750 ; d. 1782 unm.
EiCHARD Samuel Hassard, who s. his brother, of him
also hereafter.

Susanna, m. Col. Timothy Carr, of Enniskillen, Ireland,
and Twickenham, Middlesex, Equerry to the King, and d.

The younger, but only surviving son,

George Short, Esq. of East Keal, m. Penelope, eldest dau.
of Sir John Tyrwhitt, Bart, of Stainfield, co. Lincoln, and d-
1752, having had issue, George, who d. aged 20, and

John Short, Esq., b. 1723, who d. unm. 9 Jan. 1793, and
bequeathed his estates to his relative,

Henry Hassard, Esq. of East Keal and Edlington, D.L.,
Lieut. -Col. in the army and Major of the 1st Uoyal Dragoons,
b. 9 April, 1742 (eldest son of Henry Hassard, Esq. of London,
by Anne his wife, dau. of Y.alentine Fitzhugh, Esq., and
grandson of John Hassard and Elizabeth Short, xU supra),
who assumed, by sign-manual, Jan. 1794, the surname and
aims of Short only. He in. 1796, Mrs. AVhitby, and dying
*. p. 1S07, was s. by his brother,

Richard Samuel Hassard, Esq., Lord of the Manors of
Edlington, East Keal, and part of Clerkenwell, b. 20 April,
1754, who assumed the surname and arms of Short. He m.
1808, Mary Anne, dau. of John Kendall, Esq. of Hatfield, co.
York, by Honor his wife, dau. of John Raper, Esq. of Aber-
ford and Lotherton, and by her (who d. 19 Oct. 1851) had

John Hassard, late of Edlington.

Samuel Dyne, d. an infant.

Henry (Ktv.), b. 21 M<irch, 1812 : m. 1842, Lucv, dau. of the
Rev. John Marten Butt, M.A., Rector of oildingley and
Vicar of East Garston, by Mary Anne Congreve his wife,
and granddau. of Rev. George Butt, D.D., Chaplain to
George III., and has issue, Henry Ilassard, b. 21 F"eb.
1844: Richard Samuel, b. 9 May, 1848; Alfred Fitzhugh
Hassard; Lucy Alice Hassard; Emily Constance Ilassard.

WiUiam, b. 28 May, 1813; -m. 6 Aug. 1837, Isabella, 2nd
dau. of the late James Dixon, Esq. of Cottingham Hall, co.
York, and gnat niece of Rev. W. Mason, the poet, and
has issue, William James, b. 27 Aug. 1840; Frederick
Hugh, b. 19 March, 1843; Charles Mason, b. 6 March,
1343; George Hassard, i. 13 Feb. 18.50; Robert Elmhirst,
6. 27 Jan. 1852; John Locke Broadbent, b. 8 Oct. 1853;
Frances Marion ; Louisa Anne ; Annie Harriette ; Eleanor

Mary Ann, m. 1832, 'W'illiara Blanshard, Esq., M.A., Barris-
ter-at-Law, Recorder at Doncaster, and has issue.

Lucy, ?/i. Frederick Richard Lucas, Esq. of Louth, co. Lin-

Frances Harriet, m. Capt. James Maitland, E.X., of Rossie
House, CO. Fife, nephew of Sir p-rederick Maitland.

Jane, m. WiUiam Garfit, Esq. of Boston, and d. 1851, having
had issue.

Maria Louisa, m. Edgar John Meynell, Esq. of Kilvington
Hall, and The Fryerage, co. York, and has issue.

7<Ir. Short ■'. 24 Oct. 1826. His eldest s jn,

John Hassard .Short, Esq. of Edlington, co. Lincoln, J. P.
and D.L., //. 18 Xov. 1810; -/,i. 24 Nov. 1831, Margaret, 4th
dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. Richard Elmhirst, of Ashby Grove,
CO. Lincoln, and by her (who d. 2 I"eb. Is81) had issue,

I. Fi-.zhugh Hassard, 6. 27 Oct. 1832; d. 3 Nov. 1849.

II. Edward Hassard, now of Edlington.

III. Algernon Lawson Hassard, b. 20 Feb. 1852; m. 1875,
Ruth i:., dau. of Col. Bridgers, U.S.A., and has issue, Regi-

n.ald Elmhirst Ilassard, b. 1878 ; Katharine R. B. Hassard ;

Muriel Dorothea.
I. Agnes Margarette, d. 1867.
ir. JIarian.

III. Caroline Mary, »i. 1868, Charles G .dfrcy Bolam, Esq.,
late 7th Royal Fusiliers, and has issue.

IV. Harriette Frances, d. an infant.

V. Frances Adela, m. Gen. Thomas Augustus Carey, late
Bengal Cavalry, who d. 23 Jlay, 18'r2.

VI. Katharine Jane, lit. 1877, Rev. E. T. J. Marriner, and
has issue.

VII. Gertrude Elndiirst.

:Mi-. J. H. Short d. 4 Dec. 1893, and was s. by his eldest sur-
viving son.

Arms — Sa., a griffin passant arg. on a chief of the last five
ermine spots of the field. Crest — A griffin's head and neck,
wings elevated sa., collared erm. Motto — Sinceritas.

Heat — Edlington Manor, Horncastle, co. Lincoln.


Short, Fraxcis Albert, Esq. of Bickham,
Devon, b. 23 Feb. ISil.

Lineage. — John Short, Esq. of Exeter, 2nd son of John
Short, of Exeter {sccSuowy of Edlington), m. SohaLxma. Thomas,
of Exeter, and d. 1584, having had issue, John, of whom pre-
sently; Anthony, Rector of Ashreigney, co. Devon ; Thomas,
settled in Spain, where he married: Jerome, merchant of
Exeter ; Maria, m. Edmund Wear, of Clist Honiton, Devon.
The eldest son,

John Short, Esq. of Newton St. Cyres, Devon, h. 1584; in.
Alicia, dau. and heir of Roger Shirland, of Morchard, and relict
of John Quick, and had issue. The eldest son,

John Short, Esq., b. 1611 ; d. 1657, leaving an eldest son,

John Short, Esq., b. 1644, who settled at Bickham. He m.
a dau. of William Long, Esq. of Newhouse, and d. 1714. His
eldest son,

John Short, Esq., b. 1686; m. Elizabeth, dau. of John
Cooke, Esq. of Kenbury, and dying 1736, left an eldest son and

John Short, Esq. of Bickham, Barrister-at-Law and Bencher
of the Middle Temple, b. 1720 ; m. Susannah Vowler, and had

I. John Jeffrey, his heir.

II. Thomas Vowler, d.. s. p. in India.

III. William, D.D., Sub-Preceptor to H.R.H. the Princess
Charlotte of Wales, and Archdeacon of Cornwall, in. Eliza-
beth, dau. of the Rev. Tilliman Hodgkinson, Rector of Sars-
den, and d. 1826, having had by her (who d. 1839),

1 Thomas Vowler, Bishop of St. Asaph, b. 16 Sept. 1790 ;
m. 26 Feb. 1833, Mary, dau. of Charles Davies, Esq., and
widow of Rev. John Josias Conybeare, by whom (who d.
16 Aug. 1848) he had no issue. He d. April, 1872.

2 William, M.A., Canon of Salisbury, Rector of Llandrinio,
CO. Montgomery, Prebendary of Salisbury, in. 1827, Jane,
dau. of John Awdry, Esq. of Notion House, Wilts, and d.
18 Feb. 1878, leaving issue by her (who d. July, 1872), 1
Walter Francis (Rev.), M.A., Fellow and Tutor of New
Coll. Oxford, and Rector of Donhead St. Mary, Wilts; 2
Ambrose (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Bodicote, Banbury, Oxon,
b. 6 June, 1833, m. 28 Sept. 1869, Lucy Douglas, dau. of
Rev. H. Douglas, Canon of Durham, and has issue,
William Ambrose, 6. 11 April. 1871, Edward Awdry, 6. 28
June, 1874, and Mary Emma, b. 6 April, 1872; 1 Char-
lotte, in. John Pearson, Esq. ; 2 Mary Jane ; and 3 Eliza-
beth Laura, d.

1 Jane Susannah, m. Ven. Robert Wickham, Archdeacon
of St. Asaph.

2 Laura, d.s.p. 1839.

3 Elizabeth Hodgkinson, d. s.p>. 1837.

IV. Bartholomew, d. s. p.

V. George,!", and left a large family.

I. Susannah, m. Very Rev. John Ireland, Dean of West-
The eldest son and heir,

John Jeffery Short, Esq. of Bickham, b. 1753; in. 21 Nov.
1786, Charlotte, dau. of John Baring, Esq. of Mount Radford,
M.P., and had, with other children, vho <^ young,

John Baring, of Bickham, d. unm. 8 Feb. 1818.

Francis Baring, late representative.

Elizabeth Susanna, d. unm. 1834,

Frances, m. 1842, Rev. Blarwood Tucker, Rector of Wid-
worthy, Devon, and d. 27 Feb. Is82.

Anne, who d. unm. 1824.

The 2nd son,

Francis Baring Short, Esq. of Bickham, J. P., late R,N.,
b. 24 Sept. 1800; vi. 8 April, 1833, Emily Jane, 3rd dau. of
Rev. Richard Lane, of Coffleet, and by her (who d. 1885) had





1. John BaTing, 6. 27 June, 1836; m. Oct. 1808, Elizabetli,
clan, of Major Barry, of Casile Cor, co. Cork, and d.s.p.
10 Dec. ISSO.

u. Krancis Albert, now of Bickham.

I. Cluivlotte, i)i. 11 Oct. 1854, Gilbert Maxwell Walsh, Esq.
of Grinibltthorpe Hall, co. Lincoln.

II. Lucy. m. 14 June, 1860, Samborne Palmer Samborne, Esq.
of Timsbury House, Somerset.

III. Julia.

IV. Frances, m. 1st, 17 Sepr. 1874, Eear-Admiral Joseph
Marryat, who rf. 29 Nov. Ib^Sl; 2ncUy, Feb. 1885, Charles
Leslie Sutherland, Esq. of Coombe, Croydon.

V. Margaret, m. 17 July, 1807, C. Hoare, Esq., son of Peter
Hoare, Esq., Banker, Loudon, and Luscombe, Devon.

Mr. Short d. 18 Sept. 1890.

Arms— GVi., a grifHn segreant or, a chief erm. Crest — A
priffin's head couped or, between two wings az., each charged
with an estoile or.

Seat— MickhSLW. House, Exeter, Devon.


Short, Kev. Hugh Martin, M.A., of Aistaby
Lodge, CO. York, formerly Vicar of Thoruthwaite,
Cuiiiberlancl, and of tirkstall, Leeds, J.P. for
Cumberland, b. 7 Aug. 1816 ; m. 1st, July, 1844,
Mary Ann, dau. of Featonlay Burrell, Esq. of
Nevvham Hall, eo. York, and Billingham Grange,
Durham, son of Peter Burrell, Esq. of Durham, by
his wife, Jane Watson, of Burn Hall, Durham, and
by her (who d. 21 Jan. 1872) had issue,

I. Laurence Featonby Holwell, 6. 6 Feb. 1846.

II. Hugh Martin, b. 27 Oct. 1850.

III. George Ofspring Blackall, b. 24 Dec. 1855.

IV. Arthur Burrell, b. 2 Aug. 1858 ; </. Feb. 1859.

I. Mary Anne Nodder.

II. Isabella Thurston, ra. Eichard Eonaldson Dunlop, Esq.

III. Emily Frances Burrell.

He m. 2ndly, 1875, Emma Catherine, widow
of Sir Francis Hawtrey Cox, 13th Bart., and dau.
of Duncan McKellar, Esq. of Grove House,


liineage.— Kev. Lackence Short, M.A., Rector of
cver, Chesterfield (son of John Short, of Drontficld, Derby-
shire, by Mary Staniforth his wife), m. Charlotte Eleanora,
dau. (by his wife Martha, dau. of Hugh Thurston, of King-
ton, Thornbury, co. Gloucester) of Rev. William Hohvell, B.D.,
Vicar of Thornbury, cc. Gloucester, J.P. same co.. Preben-
dary of Exeter Cathedral, Senior Proctor of Christ Church,
Oxford, 1758, and Chaplain in Ordinary to H.M. King Georgi;
III., and had issue,

I. William Holwell, m. 12 April, 1831, Eliza Maria Decima
Griffiths, dau. of Sir George Griflies Williams, Bart, of
Llwynywormwood, co. Carmarthen.

II. Laurence Holwell.

III. Edward Holwell, m. Miss CofBn, dau. of Gen. Coffin, of

IV. Beresford Holwell.

V. Hugh Martin (Rev.), of Aristaby Lodge.

I. Anne Holwell, m. Edward Kirkby, son of Samuel Kirkby,
Esq. of Grove House, Sheffield.

II. Harriet Holwell.

in. Charlotte Eleanora Holwell.

IV. ilartha Isabella Holwell, m. George Buxton, J. P., North-
ampton, son of George Buxton, Esq., J. P.. of Cold Ashby,
co, Northampton.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, az., a griffin segreant arg., a
chief orni., for Short; 2nd, or, on a bend gu. three goats trip-
pant arg., for Holwell; 3rd, sa., a stag's head couped or,
between three bugle-horns or, stringed and garnished az., for
Thurston. Crest — A griffin's head couped or, between two
wings az., for Short.

Residence — Aistaby Lodge, Whitby, Yorks.


Shrtjbb, Chaexes Peyto, Esq. of Merrist Wood
and Vicars Hill, Hants, b. 15 Oct. 1837 ; m. 1859,
Henrietta Caroline, dau. of Isaac Newton Wigney,
Esq., formerly M.P. for Brighton.

Xiineage.— James Shrubb, Esq. of Merrist Wood and
Guildford, Surrey, son of James Shrubb, Esq., and grandson
of James Shrubb, Esq., 7ft. Elizabeth, dau. of John Peyto, Esq.
of Guildford, and dying 1775, left, with a dau. Anne, m. Rev.
Arthur Irdcll, Rector of Glynde, Sussex, a son and successor,

John Peyto Shrubb, Esq. of Merrist Wood and Stoke, J.P.,
b. 27 March, 1762; m. 19 May, 1784, Charlotte, dau. of George
Elers, Esq. of Chelsea, by Mary, his wife, dau. and heir of
Peter Charon, and by her (who d. 1830) had issue,
John Peyto, d. 1807.

George James, of Merrist Wood and Stoke, d. s. p. 1846.
Charles (Rev.), of Merrist Wood and Stoke.
Henry, formerly F'elluw of Corpus Chris' i College, Oxford,

and late Rector of Stratford Tony, Salisbury, B.D., m.

Jane More, dau. of J. More Molyneux, Esq. of Losely,

and widow of Major Arthur Wight, of Braboeuf Manor,

Charlotte Aubrey, m. Beverley Robinson, Esq., Capt. R.A.,

eldest son of Col. Morris Robinson, by Margaret his wife,

sister of Capt. Warin;;, R.N.
Susanna, vi. William Elers, Esq., formerly of Oldbury Place,

Ightham, afterwards of Boley Hill House, Rochester,


Mr. Shrubb d. 3 Feb. 1845, and was s. by his eldest 8on, who
d. s. p. 1840, and was s. by his brother,

Rev. Charles Shrubb, M.A., of Vicars Hill, Lymington,
Hants, and of Merrist Wood, Surrey, 6. 1790; m. 10 Nov.
1834, Charlotte Aubrey (deceased), dau. of Thomas G. Bayliff,
Esq. of Southgate, Middlesex, Capt. H.E.l.C.'s naval ser-
vice, and granddau. of Timothy Lane, Esq., F'.E.S., and had

Charles Peyto, now of Merrist.

John Lane, Verderer of the New Forest, b. 9 Jan. 1840;
m. 11 Feb. 1861, Sibylla Mary, 2nd dau. of Charles
Fluder, Esq. of Lymington, Hants, and d. 1884, leaving
John Peyto Charles, of Boldre, Hants, and Astwell, Tor-
quay, Patron of Boldre, 6. 16 May, 1862; i/j. lt;86, Alice,
dau. of the Rev. F. W. Peel.
Henry Arthur Beverley, R.N., b. 11 May, 1867.
Sibylla Beatrice, b. 23 Nov. 1869.
Ida Mercia Augusta, 6. II March, 1873.
Thomas James Henry, b. 4 Sept. 1843 ; d. 1855.
Charlotte Aubrey Mary Anne, m. 1852, Rev. Charles Meade
Ramus, M.A., Rector of Playden-cum-Guldeford, and has
Mary Lane, m. 24 June, 1861, Rev. Edward Henry Elers,

M.A. Trin. Coll. Oxon., Vicar of Boldre, and has issue.
Anna, iji. Rev. Cholmeley Cradock Glascott, whod. 15 July,

Amelia Elizabeth, d. 1864.

Rev. Charles Shrubb d. April, 1875.

Arms — Az., on a chevron engrailed, between a lion passant
guardant in chief and an escallop in base arg., three roses gu.,
barbed and seeded ppr. Crest— An eagle reguardant, perched
upon an oak-branch fructed, all ppr., charged on the breast
with an escallop gu. Motto — Sub cruce semper viridis.

Seat — Merrist Wood, Worplesdon, Guildford.


SnrcKBURon, Eichard Henry, Esq. of Botirton
Hall and Bilton Manor, co. Warwick, J.P., b. 1837;
m. 1866, Ellen Clara, dau. of Archibald Webb,
Esq. of Trafalgar Lodge, Chelsea, and has issue,

I. Charles James, b. 1867 ; m. Dec. 1892, Blanche Cobham,
2nd dau. of John Bell Chirmside, Esq. of Clifton Hall,
Eugby, Warwickshire.

II. Henry Frederick Blencowe, b. 1869.

I. Rhoda Elizabeth Ella, b. 18GS.

II. Florence Mary Ellen, b. 1878.

Mr. Slmckburgh is 2nd son of Eichard Wood, Esq.
of Eugby, CO. Warwick, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of Samuel Blencowe, Esq. of Marston, St.
Lawrence, co. Northampton, and sister of Eev.
Charles Blencowe Shuckburgh, of Bourton Hall.
He assumed the name of Shucebuegh by royal
licence in 1876, under the will of his maternal
uncle, Rev. Charles Blencowe Shuckburgh, on suc-
ceeding to tlie estate of Bourton, which Dtigdale
states to have been ijurchased from Sir Humphrey
Stafford, Kut. of Blatherwycke, about the end of
the reign of Queen Elizabeth, by John Shuck-
burgh, Esq. of Birdingbury (one of the Six Clerks
in Chancery).

Arms — Sa., a chevron indented or, between three mullets
pierced arg., a borderof the second. Crest — A demi-Moor ppr.,
wreathed about the temples or and sa., habited arg., seniee of
mullets pierced, also sa, and holding in the dexter hand an
arrow, point downwards, ppr. Mnttn — Vigilate et oiate.

Seats — Bourton Hall, and Bilton Manor, Rugby.

6 B






SHrLDHAir, Edmfxd Axpeeson, Esq. of Puu-
mnmvav, oo. Cork, M.A. Oxon, J. P. and D.L.,
High Slieriff 1S71, Lieut.-Col. late Soutli Cork
Miiilia, formerly A.D.C. to his ExceUenpy tho
Lord-Lieuteuant of Ireland, b. 12 May, 1826.

liineage. — Frakcis Shuldham, Esq. of Kottlc^tone (des-
ceiuUil, it is statetl, from tho SurLDHAMS of S/inkllnini'/!
Mtiiwr, Xon'olk), m. 1 Oct. 1612, Mary, daa. and at length
sole heir of Kobert Taverner, Lord of Kettlestone, and d.
4 April, U''or> {vriU dated 27 March, 1G52), having had by her
(who d. 21 Xov. 1659), besides several daus., four sons, of
vhoni were I. Nathaniel, ancestor of the Shuldhams of
K'-tlU. lop.i, and ii. Lemtel. The 2nd son,

Lemcel Shuldham, of Walsinghani, admitted of Caius Coll.
Can-.b. 1C42, rf. before 4 Feb. 1688, leaving, by Eleanor his
■wife, a son,

Edmi-xd Shttldham, Esq. of Ardtully, co. Kerry, a.d. 1708,
Crown Solicitor 1713, m. Mary MacCarthy, dau. and heir of
JIacCarthy Spaniagh, of Dnnmanway, and had issue,

Edmund, of whom we treat.

Francis (Eev.), of Dublin.

Lemuel (llev.), of Dublin, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel
Jlolyneux. Esq. of Ballymulvey, by Catherine his wife,
dau. of Thomas Poolcy, Esq. of the city of Dublin, and
granddau. (by Mary his wife, dau. and co-heir of William
liowdall. Esq. of Mount-town, co. Meath) of Col. Adam
Molyneux, of Ballymulvey, M.P. co. Longford 1661,
who was son of Daniel Molyneux, Esq. of Newlands, co.
Dublin, Ulster King of Arms, M.P. for Strabane 1613, and
grandson of Thomas Molyneux, Chancellor of the Ex-
chequer in Iieland, laiqi. Elizabeth, who d. 3 Jan. 1596.
By Eliz.abcth ^Molyneux, who was sole heir of her brother,
Pooley Molyneux, Esq. of Ballymulvey, who d. s.p. 1772,
Kev. Lemuel Shuldham had issue,

Lemuel, of whom presently.

MoLTNECx, Vice Admiral E.N., and M.P. for Fowcy,
created Bakon Shuldham, in the Peerage of Ireland, 31
July, 1776. His lordship m. i Oct. 1790, Margaret Irene,
rehct of John Harceurt, Esq. of Ankerwycke Park, Bucks,
and dau. of John Sarney, Esq., hut d. s. }7. Oct. 1798.
His widow m. 13 July, 1805, Kichard, 2nd Earl of Clan-
Eebecca, d. tmm. 1785.
The elder son,

Lemuel, of Ballymulvey, m. Sarah Hamilton, of Dublin,
and cM775, having had (with two daus., Elizabeth, ?)i.FolIiott
Warren, Esq. of Lodge Park, co. Kilkenny, and Elinor,
d. s. p.) an only son and heir,

PooLET, of Ballymulvey, m. 1768, Mary. dau. of Sampson
Brady, Esq. of Lakeview, co. Antrim, and d. 1793 (will
dated 12 Aug. 1790, and proved 2 July, 1793), having had
issue, John Beadt, his heir; Molyneux William, succes-
sor to his brother; Elizabeth, in. Edward Warren, Esq.;
Eebecca, m. Kev. Edward Berwick; Elinor, m. Eev. T.
Henry ; Sarah, m. Daniel O'Neill, Esq. ; Mary, vi. Samuel
Crawford, Esq. ; and Charlotte, m. J. Johnston, Esq. The
elder son,
John Bbadt, of Ballymulvey, d. umn. 1832, and was s. by

his brother,
Molyneux William, of Ballvmulvey, J.P., D.L., High
Sheriff 1829, i. 1784; w. 1S24, Helen, dau. of Col. Mac-
manns, of Mount Davis, co. Antrim, by Hester his wife,
dau. and heir of Mark Kerr O'Neill, Esq. of Flowerticld, co.
Derry. a branch of the O'Neills of Shn.nt's Casll:\ and d.
25 Dec, 1846, having by this lady (who d. Oct. I875j had

John, of Ballymulvey (Moigh House), co. Longford, and
Gortmore, Ballybrack, co. Dublin, J. P. and D.L.. High
Sheriff ISoO, b. June, 1826 ; m. Nov. 1867, Frant-es Helena,
eldest dau. of Hermann Kobert De Eicci, M.D., of Mole-
sey House, Surrey.

Alexander, of Flowerfield, co. Derry, of the 6th Foot, Capt.
Derry Militia, High Sheriff co. Londonderry 1873. m.
Lelitia Mary, eldest dau. of George Knox, Esq. of Prelien,
CO. Derry, and rf. 1876, having had issue, Molyneux, b.
1870, George, Anna Maria, and Helen.

Molyneux Pooley, m. Kate Staples, dau. of Rev. Robert
Alexander, of Portglenone House, co. Antrim, and lias
issue, Helen, Kate, and Hester Grace.

Pooley Francis, 73rd Uegt., and Capt. and Adjutant London-
deiTy Militia, m. Mary, dau. of John Ross, Esq. of Cape-
town, and d. 12 Sept. 1865, leaving issue, a dau. Kate.

Robert, Capt. Lc^ngford Militii, (/. 1»70.

Tlie eldest son of Edmund Shuldham,

Edmund Shuldham. Esq. of the cos. of Cork and Limerick,
and of the city of Dublin, whose will, dated 12 Oct. 1722, was
proved 4 March, 17'23, to. Elizabeth Bredin, an heiress, and
had, with a dau. Elizabeth, wife of Beverley Usher, Esq., M.P.
of Kilmeadon, a son and successor,

Edmund Shuldham, Esq., w. 1749, Judith, dau. and co-heir

of Beverley Usher, Esq. of Cappagh, co. Waterford, and had
Arthur Lemuel, heir to his father.

Tliomas, Major-Gen. H.E.I.C.S., Bengal, m. Sophia, dau. of
Dr. Hume, D.D., Bishop of Salisbury, and the Lady Mary
his wife, and had issue, John Shuldliam (Rev.), Christ
Church, Oxford; Thomas Shuldham, Capt. H.E.I.C.S.; and
Mary, widow of Chief Justice Mackenzie, of Calcutta.
Gen. Shuldham d. 1832.
Lucy, VI. Very Eev. Richard Bourne, Dean of Tuam.
Mr. Shuldham d. 1758, and was s. by his son,

Arthur Lemuel

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