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ril, 1817.

EUinor Susannah.

Elizabeth Margaret, m. 22 Sept. 1810, Rev. Thomas Gore,
Rector of Mulrancan, co. Wexford.
The eldest son,

Francis Corbet, Esq., 6. 14 Oct. 1770; m. 11 Feb. 1806,
Frances, dau. of Joseph Deane, Esq. of Terenure, co. Dublin,
M.P., and relict of Major Anthony Cliffe, of Abbeybraney and
New Ross, CO. Wexford, and by her (who d. 1860) had issue,

Henry, his heir.

Robert Corbet (Rev.), M.A., b. 9 Oct. 1810; d. 7 Feb. 1881.

Francis Corbet, R.N. (S. Australia), h. 17 Dec. 1812: hi.
Louisa, dau. of Rev. T. Gore, Rector of Mulrancan, and (/.
10 May, 1887, leaving issue.

Samuel' Wellington Corbet, b. 18 June, 1815; d. unm. 18i4.

Frances Susanna, m. June, 1826, John Timothy Kirby, Esq.,
Mr. Corbet assumed, in compliance with the will of his great-
grand-uncle. Right Hon. Henry Singleton, sometime Master
of the Rolls and Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in
Ireland the surname of Sinrleton by royal licence, dated 9
Nov. 1820. He d. Sept. 1825, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henry Corbet Singleton, Esq. of Aclare, co. Meath, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1842, formerly Lieut. 7ih Dragoon
Guards, b. 27 Dec. 1806; m. 7 Sept. 1833, Jane Perceval
Compton, youngest dau. of Gen. William Loftus, by the Lady
Elizabeth, his 2nd wife, dau. of George, 1st Marquess Town-
send, and by her (who d. 10 Aug. 1S84) had issue,

I. Henry Corbet of Aclare.

II. Uvedale Cobbet, s. his brother.

III. Francis Corbet, C.B., Lieut.-Col. Bombay Staff Corps, 6.
8 June, 1841 : m. 14 Oct. 1875, Jane, 2nd dau. of Francis
Corbet Singleton, of Adelaide, Australia, and d. 18 Jan.
1886, leaving two daus., Aclare and Yolande.

IV. Loftus Corbet, 92nd Highlanders, b. 2 Aug. 1842; m. 6
Dec. 1872, Emmeline, youngest dau. of Thomas de Moleyns,
Esq., Q.C., rf. of wounds received in action with Boers, 1
May, 1881, leaving issue, one son, Henry Corbet; and one
dau., Violet.

v. Reginald Corbet, Lieut.-Col. Comm. 1st Batt. Highland
Light Infantry, b. 19 .March, 1847.

I. Annie Elizabeth Harriet Jane.

II. Constance Frances, m. 3 Nov. 1860, Capt. Frederick Rad-
ford, late 1st Royal Dragoons.

in. Edith Charlotte Sophia, m. 1st, 12 July, 1864, John Payne
Garnett, Esq. eldest son of Samuel Garnett, Esq. of .-irch
Hall, CD. Meath (who il. Jan. 1872) leaving John Payne.
She /a. 2iully, Cicel Gilliat, Esq.

IV. Alice Cecilia, m. 28 June, 1866, Henry Thomson, Esq. of
Newry, co. Down, M.P.
Mr. Singleton d. 14 April, 1872, and was.f. by his eldest son,

Henky Corbet Singleton, Esq. of Aclare, co. Meath, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1877, late Brevet-.Major 30th Foot, b.
29 April, 1837: and d. uani. 23 Aug. 1890.





Arms — Quarterly: 1st anti 4th, arjr., three chevroncls gu.
tetween as many nmrtlets .«■<., forSiNGLETOS ; 2miaml 3rcl, or,
a raven close ppr., for Coecet. Crests — 1st, An arm embowed
in armour grasping a sceptre terminated by an estoile or, for
Singleton ; 2nd, An elejihant arg.,armcd or, on his back s tower
of the last, the trapjiings gu., garnished or, for Corbet.
Jl/o«o - Bona fide sine fiaude.

Seat — Aclaie House, Ardee, co. Meath.

SlXaiETON, JO>'H KOLLAXD, Esq. of Mell, CO.
Louth, and Hazely Heath, Hants, b. 31 Julv,
1869 ; s. his father 1893.

Liineag'e. — Sir Oklando Fowkeis stated to have come to
England from Spain in the lime of Ferdinand and Isabella,
and to have been ancestor of the Fowkes of Breicood and
Gi'-iislon, CO. Stafford; a descendant of wtiich family,

John Fowke, Esq., acquired estates in Stepney, Middlesex,
by his marriage with Joyce, dau. of Richard March, Esq.,
Gentleman Uslier to Kings Chables I. and Charles II. Of
his sons, the 4th, Thomas, was progenitor of the present Sir
Prederick Thomas Fowke, Eart., and the eldest,

Rev. Richard Fowke, D.D., of the family before us. He
■m. Joyce, dau. of Sir Humphrey Sydenham, and had is.sue. Sir
Sydenham Fowke, Knt., m. Frances, dau. and co-heir of
Edward Proger, Esq. of West Stowke, Suffolk, and

John Fowke, Esq., who settled in Ireland during the Vice-
royalty of the Earl of Rochester. He m. Patience, dau. of
Edward Singleton, Esq., and sister of the Right Hon. Edward
SiNOMTOK, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and left
a son and heir,

Sydenham Fowke, Esq. who s. to a portion of the property
of his uncle, the Chief Justice, and assumed the surname of
Singleton in lieu of his patronymic. He ;/i.30JuIy, 1703,
Elizabeth Whyte, and by her (who d. Aug. 1797; had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Mark, /j. 1762; rii. 1785, Lady Mary Cornwallis, dau. of
Charles, 1st Marquess Cornwallis, Governor-General of
India, and d. 17 July, 1846.

m. Henry ni. Miss Burke, and had issue,

1 Edward, nf Collon andBelpatrick, J.P., High Sheriff! 864,
m. Maria, sisrer of Sir Claude JIartin Wade, and d. 1881,
having had issue, with three other sons who d. s. p.,

Henry, who d. 30 March, 1846, from the result of an acci-
dent, at Oxford, unm.

2 John Henry, Major-Gen., Col. of the Uth North Devon
Kegt., m. 1848, Frances, dau. of John Vance, Esq. of
Jersey, and d. 10 April, 1877, leaving issue,

Mark, now of Collon and Belpatrick, co. Louth, b. 24
Dec. 1849, formerly of the 87th R.I. Fusiliers.

James .Sydenham F'owke (Rev.), Rector of Theale, co.
Somerset, o. 1851 ; 711. 15 Aug. 1881, Maiy, dau. of
John Morinan, Esq.

John (Ash I'ark, Whitchurch, Hants), h. 14 Oct. 1853.

3 Richard, of Bclpatiick, 6. 20 Dec. 1814; d. vnm. 3 F'eb.

IV. James, m. 21 Aug. 1804, the Hon. Caroline Upton, dau.
of Clotworthy, Viscount Templetown.
I. Patience, m. Gen. O'Moran.
n. Charity, m. — Spencer, Esq,
HI. Elizabeth, in. Robert Wynne, Esq.

Mr. Singleton d. 1800, and was s. by his son,

John Singleton, Esq., 6. 20 Feb. 1759, m. 12 Oct. 1812,
Sarah, dau. of James Moore, Esq., and had issue,

I. Henrt Sydenham, of Mell.

I. Patience, ra. 30 July, 1839, the Eight Rev. Lord Arthur
Hcrvey, ];i-;hop of ISath and Wells, 4th son of Frederick
William, Marquess of Bristol.

II. Sarah, ni. 3 Aug. 1850, Robert Dennet, 6th Lord Rodney.
Mr. Singleton d,. 12 Aug. 1849, and was s. by his son,

Henrt Sydenham Singleton, Esq. of Mell, co. Louth, and
Hazely Heath, Hants, High Sheriff co. Louth IS62, andof co.
Cavan 1867, h. 14 April, 1819; m. 27 Feb. 1864, Mary Mont-
gomerie, eldest dau. of the late Charles J. S. M. Lamb, Esq.,
and sister of Sir Archibald Lamb, 7th Bart, of Beauport,
Sussex, and had issue,

I. Henry Mtrntolieu Rodney, h. 12 June, 1867 (deceased).

II. John Rolland, now of Mell.

I. Clara Patience Sarah. 11. Mary Sophie Theresa.

Mr. Heniy Sydenham Singleton d. 16 March, 1893, and was s.
by his son.

J^amtlg of Singkton.
Edward Singleton, the grantee mentioned in an Act of
Parliament passed in England, in the second year of Queen

Anne, d. between Dec. 1709 and April, 1710, leaving, by his
wife, Catherine,

I. Rowland (Rev.), m. Elizabeth Graliam, and d. 1741-42,
leaving issue,

1 Patience, wife of Francis Leigh, Esq.

2 Sarah, wife of Arthur Rochfort, l'!sq.

3 Mary, m. Philip 'Jisdall, Esq., afterwards Attorney-
General, land by him had two daus., Elizabeili, the wifeof
Col. Hugh Morgan, by whom she was mother of an only
child, Catheiinc, m. Robert Stearue Tighe, Esq. of
Blitchelstown, and JIary, d. 'iinm.

4 Charity, ra. .Sir ^\ idiam Yorke, Chief Justice of the
Common Pleas ; d. s. p.

It. Samuel, M.D., d.s.p. 1726.

III. Edward, d. uniii. 1725-26.

IV. John (Rev.), d. unm. 1736.

V. Henry (Right Hon.), Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief
Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, Ireland, d. umn.

I. Sarah, m. the Rev. John Morris, and had a dau. Anne,
wife of the Very Rev. Francis Corbet, D.D., Dean of St.
Patrick's, co. Dublin {.see Singleton af Aclare).

II. Mary, wife of John Leigh, Esq.

III. Margaret, m. George Hardman, Esq. of Drogheda.

IV. Jane. in. James Meade, Esq.

V. Elizabeth, m. Judge Lindsay.

VI. Patience, ra. John Fowke, Esq., and was great-grand-
mother of tlie late Henry Sydenham Singleton, Esq. of

vii. Anne, rn. — bladders, Esq.

Arms — Arg., three chevronels gu. between as many martlets
sa. Crest — An arm embowed in armour, the hand grasping a
sceptre terminated by an estoile or.

Seat — Hazely, Winchfield, Hants, and Mell, co. Meath.

'J'oicn Kesidtnce — 8, Prince's Gate, S.W.


Singleton, Edward Newport, Esq. of Quin-
ville Abbey, co. Clare, b. 9 Dec. 1829; m. Annie
May, eldest dau. of George Kichardson, Esq. of
Montreal, and has had issue,

I. John, 6. 28 and d. 29 March, 1875.

II. John Edward, b. 5 March, 1876.

III. Frederick George, b. 21 Sept. 1881 ; d. 12 Nov. 1S93.

I. Lucy Isabella, b. I6K0V. 1873; c^ '20 Jan. 1877.

II. Susan Ethel, 6. 13 Dec. 1877.

III. Irene Lily, b. 14 Aug. 1889.

IV. Annie May Richardson.

Lineage. — John Singleton, Esq., a scion of the Lanca-
shire family of Singleton, rn. Jane Bruffe, and had with an
only son, John, two daus., Anne, wifeof Samuel Cooper, Esq.
of Cooper Hill, co. Limerick, and Sarah, m. 1st, Richard
Copley, then of co. Limerick, but aftei-wards of Boston, in
America, and was mother, by him, of John Singleton Copley,
Esq., R..\., fatherof John Copley, Lord Lyndhdrst. Shem.
2ndly, Henry Pelham, Esq., by whom .she had Henry and
Edward Pelham; the former m. Miss Butler, dau. of William
Butler, Esq. of Castle Crine, and had issue, Peter and William
Pelham, twin brothers, d. unm. Mr. Singleton was s. by his

John Singleton, Esq. of Ballygreen, in. Marcella, dau. of
Michael d'Alton, Esq., of Deer Park, and heir of her brother,
and had issue,

I. John, formerly of Quinville, co. Clare, and afterwards of
the city of Limerick.

II. Edward d'Alton.

I. Jane, rn. Sir Anthony King, of the city of Dublin.

II. Mary, m. Edward Palmer, Esq.
Mr. Singleton d. 1797. His 2nd son,

Edward d'Alton Singleton, Esq. of Quinville, rn. 1791,
Mary, eldest dau. of Hugh Brady, Esq. of the city of Limerick,
a member of Tomgreany family of co. Clare, and by her
(who d. Feb. 1835) had issue,

I. John, late of Quinville.

II. Hugh Brady, m. Jane, dau. of John Massey, Esq. of
Doonas, and has three sons and three daus., the latter all

III. Edward, in. Jane, dau. of James Potts, Esq. of Chelten-
ham, and has isjue, one son and one dau.

IV. Anthony.

I. Marcella, rn. 1st, Henry Vereker D'Esterre, Esq. of Rose-
manaher, only son and heir of Henry D'Esterre, Esq.,
Recorder of co. Limerick, and 2ndly, William Finch, Esq.
of Kilcolman, co. Tipperary.

II. Anne, iji. John Biady, Esq. of Raheens. co. Clare.

III. Maria, rn. John Browne Finch, Esq. of Clonmaken, cq,

IV. Eliza, m. James Campbell Patterson, Esq. of Tarbert.





Jlr. Singleton d. 6 Oct. 1814, and was s. hy his eldest son,

John Sisgletos, Ksq. of Quinville Abbey, J.r., Higli Sheriff
1825, !j. 16 Feb. 1793; m. 1st, IS Xov. 1819, l«iliell;x Curew,
only child and lieir of Michael Creagh, Ksij. ol Lamvntinuni,
CO. Cork, by Sarah Dobson his wife, dau. of Itobert .Shapland
Carew, Esq. of Castleboro', co. Wexford, and by her (who d.
ilay. 1S61) had issue,

I. Michael Creash. b. 1 Nov. 1S20. late Lieut. 10th Foot;
had medals for Sobraou, and was mentioned in despatches,
<S:c., deceased.

II. JoHX, of Quinville Abbey.

III. Edward Xewpobt, now of Quinville Abbey.

I. Sarah Dobson, m. Capt. James Butler Staveley, of Croydon
Park. CO. Dublin.

II. Mary.

m. Susan Anne, ra. Jan. 1SG5, Capt. William Walshe, R.I.C.,
2nd son of J. Walshe, Esq. of Walshe I'ark, co. Tipperary,
who is deceased.

IV. Isabella, d. unm. 8 Jan. 1S90.

V. Marcella Elizabeth Carew, d. 20 March, 1S57.

He ?)!. 2udly, 1SG7, Emma, widow of Thomas Woodforde, Esq.
and dau. of Eev. Matthew riiillips, of Myrrtheer, co. Pem-
broke, and d. 5 Aug. 1877. His son,

JoHX Singleton, Esq. of Quinville Abbey, co. Clare, J. P.,
Lieur.-Col. R.A., Col. in the army, and retired Lieut. -Gen.,
h.i April, 1826; m. i Jan. 1856, Catherine Jlarianne, eldest
dau. of Major-Gen. Barry, E.E. Major-Gen. Singleton served
in the Eastern campaign 1854-55, at the Alm.a, Balaklava,
Inkerman, the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and in India in
1858, commanding the artillery in the repulse of the Sepoys
at Mooltan during the Mutiny. He had medals and clasps,
the Order of the Medjidie, the Legion of Honour, etc., and was
thanked by Lord Eaglan for his services 26 Oct. 1854. He
d. f. ji. Aug. 1800, and was s. by his brother, Edward New-
port Singleton, Esq. now of Quinville Abbey.

Ai-iiis — Arg., two chevronels gu. between three martlets sa. ;
quartering D'Alton. Crest — A martlet sa. iV/oMo^Mutare

Seat — Quinyille Abbey, Quin, co. Clare.


SiTWELL, KOBEET Sacheveeell Wilmot, Esq.
of Stainsby House, co. Derby, J. P., Earrister-at-
Law, h. Nov. 1823 ; m. 18 Dec. 1861, Mary Blanche,
dau. of John Senior, Esq. of Brooklands, Birken-
liead, and has issue,

I. Edward Sacheverell of Horsley, co. Derby, J. P., b. 18
Oct. 1862; m. 24 June, 1885, Caroline Agnes, eldest dau.
of Major Edward Levett, late 10th Hussars, of liowsley,
CO. Derby, and has issue,

Sacheverell Edward, b. 13 July, 1886; d. U Aug. 1891.
Caroline Margaret, b. 20 June, 1887.
Joyce Maud, b. 4 Aug. 1888.
Blanche Ella, b. 2 Sept. 1891.

II. Francis Staunton, b. Sept. 1865.

III. Robert, b. Feb. 1868. iv. Degge, b. June, 1869.
V. Charles John, b. Dec. 1870.

I. Margaret Blanche, 6. Jan. 18G4 ; m. 2 April, 1887,
Edmund Jefferson Maynard, Esq. of West House,

II. Mary Joyce, b. Oct. 1866.

Iiineage. — Rev. Richard Wilmot, D.D., Rector of
Morlrv and Mickleover, co. Derby, and one of the Canons of
Winil.-or (4th son of Robert AVilmot, Esq. of Chaddesden, co.
Derby, by Joyce his wife, dau. and eventual co-lieirof William
Sacheverell, Esq. of Morley, co. Derby, and Mary his 1st wife,
sister of Hen-ey Staunton, Esq. of Staunton, co. Notts), ru.
Dorothy, only dau. of .Simon Degge, Esq. of Derby, and of
Blithebiidge, co. Stafford, by Jane his 2nd wife, dau. and co-
heir of the above-named Hervey Staunton, who was last heir
male i.f Sir Malger de Staunton, toiip. William the Con-
QUERon. Simon Degge was grandson, and his dau. Dorothy
eventually sole descendant, of Sir Simon Degge, of StramshaU
(where the Degges had resided since II Edward II.), an
eminent lawyer, well known for his treatise on law. He d.
1771, having had five sons and one dau. who all d. without
issue, except the 2nd son,

Edward Sacheverell Wilmot (b. 1749, d. 1836) who
assumed the surname of Sitwell in pursuance of the will
of Elizabeth Sitwell, spinster, dau. and eventually sole heir
of George Sitwell, Esq. of Renishaw, co. Derby, she being,
through her grandmother (a sister of the above-named William
Sacheverell), 2nd cousin of the above-named Richard Wilmot,

D.D. Edward Sacheverell Wilmot-Sitwell m. 1777, Lucy, sol&
surviving child of Sir William Wheler, Bart, of Lcaminston-
llastings, by whom he had six sons and eight daus.,

I. Edward Degge, of Stainsby House, Capt. 3rd Dragoons, b,
1778; (/. unm. 1860.

II. William, Rector of Morley, co. Derby, b. 1783 ; d. unm.

III. Richard Staimton, Major 3rd Dragoons, b. 1787 ; d. unm.

IV. IIekvet Wilmot, of Stainsby House, Vicar of Leaming-
ton-Hastings, ',,1. Sophia, dau. of Charles John, 2nd son of
Sir Charles Wheler, Bart, of Leamington-Hastings, and
d.a.j). 1S74.

V. RoitEBT Sacheverell Wilmot, of Morley.

VI. Charles John, b. 1799; d. unm. 1857.

I. Dorothy Wilmot, (/. 1863. il. Luey, d. 1853'>

III. Jane, m. John Bell Crompton, Esq. of Derby ; d. 1852.

IV. Margaret, d. 1872.

V. Jlary, )/(. Charles Arkwright, Esq. of Dunstall, co. Staf-
ford : d. 1858.

VI. Eliza, d. 1875.

VII. Susan, m. Rev. George Holcombe, Rector of Brinkley, co.
Cambridge, and had a dau. Eliza Selina, whot?. unm. She
d. 1880.

VIII. Selina, d. 1872.

Mr. Wilmot-Sitwcll ri!. 11 May, 1836, and was s. by his eldest
son who, dying 1860, was s. by

Rev. Hervey Wilmot-Sitwell, of Stainsby House, b. 1794 j
TO. 1823, Sophia, dau. of Charles John, 2nd son of Sir Charles
Wheler, 7tli Bart, of Leamington-Hastings, co. Warwick,
which lady d. 1868. lie d. 1874, and was *-. by his brother,

Robert Sacheverell Wilmot-Sitwell, Esq. of Morley,
CO. Derby, late 29th Regt., b. 24 Jan. 1797 ; m. IS Nov. 1821,
Charlotte Ann, dau. of Francis Bradshaw, Esq. of Barton
Blount, CO. Derby, (by Eliza his wife, dau. of Sir Robert
Wilmot, Bart, of Chaddesden), and had four sons and two

I. Robert Sacheverell Wilmot, of Stainsby House.

II. Edward Wilmot, Capt. 34th Regt., b. Jan. 1825; d. Oct.
1855, vnm.

III. Francis Bradshaw Wilmot, d. an infant.

IV. Degge Wilmot (Rev.), M..\., Vicar of Leamington-
Hastings, CO. Warwick, b. 17 Jldy, 1838 ; to. 16 April, ls63,
Rosamond Shuttleworth, dau. of Edward Shuttlewortli
Holden, Esq. of Aston Hall, co. Derby, and has issue,

1 Hervey Wheler, b. 9 July, 1865.

2 Willi:im Sacheverell, b. IS Dec. 1870.

3 John Knightley, b. 28 June, 1874.

4 Richard Degge, b. 1877.

5 Arthur Trevor, b. 22 June, 1878.

6 Ralph Sacheverell, b. 1883.
Two other sons.

1 Rosamond JIaud. 2 Eleanor Wilmot.

3 Susan Charlotte. 4 Dorothy Mary.

5 Harriet Wilmot.

I. Charlotte Wilmot, m. 24 April, 1845, Edward Arkwright
Esq. of Hatton, co. Warwick, and d. 4 June, 1S55.

II. Harriet Wilmot, m. 21 April, 1864, the Hon. William
Blonk Jervis (sci: Bcrke's Peerage, St. Vincent, V.), and
d. 22 Jan. 1875.

Mr. Wilmot-Sitwell d. 8 Dec. 1891, and was s. by his eldest

Arms — Barry of eight or and vert, three lions rampant sa.
Crest — A demi-lion rampant erased sa., holding between the
paws an escutcheon per pale or and vert.

-Sea^— Stainsby House, Smalley, Derby.


SiTEiGHT, William Heney Eevell Bedell,
Esq. of South House, Meggetland, Gorgie, and
Plewlands, co. Ediubitrgh, and Ardencaple, co.
Argyll, h. 28 Marcli, 184G; s. as heir of entail l-h
May, 1873, and assumed the surname and arms of
SlVEiGHT 6 Feb. 1871 ; m. 1st, 25 March, 1875,
Emma Jane, dau. of Richard Chismon, Esq., Rich-
mond, who d. 4 Dec. 1877 ; 2ndly, 24 March, 187(\
Grace Edith, dau. of the late Benjamin Barbour,
Esq. (who d. 24 Jan. 1884), leaving issue,

David Revell, 6.8 Dec. ISSO.

John Vandeleur, b. 18 Oct. 1881.

William Henry Verc, b. 1 Aug. 1883.

He m. 3rdly, 1890, Eleanor Locke, dau. of Henry
Aynsley, Esq. of Northumberland, and has issue,

Eleanor Frances, b. 6 Dec. 1890.

Catherine, b. 23 Feb. 1892.

Sophia, h. 17 Dec. 1893.





Lineag'e. — John Sivkight, of South House, and riew-
lands, d. s. p. 3 Dec. 1731, and'was s. by his brother,

David Sivbight, of South House and Meggetland, who en-
tailed the estates in 1732. He m. 1st, Margaret llutton, and
had a dau. Margaret (Mrs. Forrester,) who d. s. 'p., and 2ndly,
Elizabeth Sydserf, and had,
John, his lieir. David, d. s. p.

Sophia, ),i. Thomas Cleghorn, and had issue.
The eUler son,

John Sivkight, of South House and Meggetland (The

Institute), ui. Elizabeth, dau. of John Philp, of Greenlaw, co.

Peebles (and granddau. of Rev. Daniel liobertson, of Lady-

kirlc), co-heir of her brother James Philp, of Greenlaw, Judge

of the Admiralty Court of Scotland, and d. 20 July, 1756,

leaving with others, who d. s. p.,

John. Thomas.

David, of Klyth, Northumberland, m. Miss Dallas, sister of

Sir F. Dallas, and iL 1819, having had one son, William,

Lieut. 8th Bengal Cavaly, w ho Hi. Ann, dau. and heir of Gen.

Sir Gabriel MartindeU, K.C.B., and d. 6 Dec. 1812, leaving

an only child, Frances Elizabeth Ann, m. 1S27, William

Bedell, of Calcutta, who c^ Oct. 1857, son of Col. William

Bedell, by Anne Eliza his wife, dau. of Henry IJevell, of ihe

H.E.I.C.S. Mrs. Bedell d. 28 Sept. 1851, leaving three

daus. and an only son, the present William Henbt Kevell

Bedell Sivkight.

Sophia, m. Charles Inglis, of Baberton, co. Edinburgh, and
had i.'^sue. Her grandsons, Henry liaeburn Inglis and
Charles James Leslie Inglis, inherited the personal property
of Miss Sivright In 1873.
The son and heir,

Capt. John Sivkight, of South House, &c., vi. 24 Nov. 1757,
Margaret, dau. of Alexander Munro, of Craiglockhart, co.
Edinburgh, Professor of Anatomy in the University of Edin-
burgh, but dying s.jj. Dec. 1767, was s. by his brother,

Tho-mas Sivkight, of South House, &c., who d. 17 May, 1313,
leaving issue,
Thomas, </. train. 6 Nov. 1835.
Euphemia, d. U7im. 30 Jan. 1839.
Elizabeth, d. unm. 5 Feb. 1848.
Catherine, ci. unm. 14 May, 1873.

Ariiis — Or, a battle-axe paleways ppr. between three torteaux.
Crest — A hand holding a thunderbolt, ppr. Motto — Eeete ft rio.
Seat — South House, near Edinburgh. lUskUnce — North
Cliff, North Queensferry, Fife.


Seeels, The Eet. Seeocold Clarke, of Chat-
teris, M.A., Yicar of Evington, formerly Yicar of
Abthorpe, near Towcester, ZS'orthamptonshire, b.
12 Jan. 18-iO ; s. his father 1SG8 ; and m. 1863,
Maria Sarali, only child of the Eev. Abner W.
Brown, Vicar of Gretton, and Hon. Canon of

Iiineagre.— This family represents the ancient family of
Sekocold of Salford, co. Lanes., the first sixteen descents of
which family were recorded in the visitations of London in
1623 and 1687.

John de Letwood in co. Lancaster, m. a dau. of Hugh de
Holme, and with a son John, who m. a dau. of Thomas Boteler,
of Warrington, was lather of another son,

Everakd de Letwood, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
Goldaere,and liada son,

KoiiERT DE Letwood, who by his wife, a dau. of — Standish
of Standish, was father of (with a dau. Anne, wife to Itichard

James de Letwood, who m. a dau. of Thomas Antwistle, and
had a son,

Matthew Letwood, who mi. a dau. of Thomas Filkington,
and by her was father of

liicuARD Letwood, of Lancashire, who m. Elizabeth, dau.
and heir of John Sorocole, of Sawford, co. Lanes., and had a

HcMFKY Letwood, who assumed the surname of Sorocole,
and by his wife, a dau. of JohnCurzon, was father of

KoBERT SoBocoLE, who TO. the dau. and heir of John Little,
of Manchester, and had an only son,

Henry Sorocole, who m. a dau. of — Strangwayes, and
was father of

Roger Sorocole, who m. a dau. of SirEichard Molineux, of
Sephton, Knt., and had an only son,

Kafe Sorocole, whose son, by Alice his wife, dau. of
Thomas Keyes,

Thomas Sobocole of Salford, near Manchester, was father

RafeSoP-ocole, of JIanehester, who i/u Catherine Hardman,
and had a son,

Thomas .Serocoi.d, of London, who received the freedom of
the City of London, in lf,:J9. He m. Ist, Margaret, dau. and
their of Thomas Gore, and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Jchn Xewton,
and by the latter, had a son,

Ralph Serocold, of Hinton, co. Cambridge, who m.
twice, Lst, Anne, dau. of Thomas Blagr.ave, and2ndly, Martha,
dau. of John Sicklemore, of Ipswich, and by the latter, had
I. Thomas, of whom we treat.

n. Walter, of Hinton, co. Cambridge, from whom are
descended the Pearce-Serocolds, late of Hinton, through
William Pearce, D.D., Dean of Ely, who m. the heiress, and
whose son assumed the surname and arms of Serocold in
addition to those of Pearce in 1842.
III. Ralph, d. unm. at Harding Court, 1687.
I. Elizabeth, wife of Henry Hall, of Harding Court, co. Oson,
High Sheriff of Oxfordshire.
The eldest son,

TuoMAs Sekocold, b. 1049 at Hinton, co. Cambridge ; m..
Sarah, dau. of John Aynge, and d. 1721, leaving a son.

John Serocold, of Aldermanbury, London, b. 1087 ; m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Joseph Bumpstead, and left with a.:
son, John (whose only child Elizabeth, d. without issue),

Tiio.MAS Sebocold, of Peterborough, 6. 1732 ; la. Anr, dau.
and heir of William Bowker of Peterborough (by Frances his
wife, dau. and heir of Thomas Gierke, brother of Sir Robert
Gierke, of Watford (fee Burke's Baronetage, Clebke, Bart.),
and d. 1799, leaving issue,

I. John Jackson, in Holy Orders, J.P., b. 1771, m. twice but
d. in 1835 without surviving issue. His widow Anne, oau.
of the Rev. WiUiam Hunt, of Wakerley, m. 2ndly, Dr.
Hopkinson, of Stamford, and d. in 1862.

I. Frances, b. 1769: d. 1786.

II. Elizabeth, of whom we treat.

Elizabeth Serocold, b. 1773 ; m. Rev. Henry Clarke, of
Sutton, CO. Northampton, only son of Captain Henry Clnrke,
of Peterborough, by Mary his wife, dau. and heir of John
Rowell, Esq. of Sutton (by Mary his wife, dau. and co-heir of
James Wright, Esq. ofWoodstone, co. Hunts.), and cZ. in 1850,
leaving an only child,

Frances, b. 1801 ; m. in 1828, Henbt Skeels, Esq. of Chat-
teris, CO. Cambridge, and

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