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St. Martin's, Stamford, and d.m
May, 1859, leaving issue,

I. Serocold Clarke, the present representative.

II. EdwardSerocold,'/^. 2May, 1842: m. 1st, 1864, Eliza Jane,
dau. of the Eev. C. H. Swann, Rector of Stoke Dry, co..
Rutland, who -/. 27 Dec. 18S4. He r,i. 2ndly, 1892, M;irtha,
dau. of Standish Grove Grady, Esq. late Recorder ofi

III. Charles Henry, b. 4 Feb. 1845 ; to. 1868, Louisa, dau. o£
Joseph Moore, Esq. of Lincoln (by Catherine, his wife,
grand-dau. of Admiral Elphinsrone, Conunan;ler-iu-Chief
of the Russian fleet, and niece of Sir Howard Elpliinstone,
Bart.), and d. '20 June, 1882, leaving issue, by her (who d,.
March, 1882),

1 Edward Ralph Serocold, 6. 11 Sept. 1870.

2 Cecil Serocold, 6. 17 June, 1874.

3 Lewis Serocold, b. 29 -Aug. 1878.

1 Frances Elphinsione Serocold.

2 Margaret Serocold, d. 10 Aug. 1S37.

3 Maud Serocold. 4 Mildred Serocold.

I. Fanny Maria, to. 1868, Lieut. Bernard Moore, EN. v.hO'
was lost at sea, Dec. 1892.

Arms — Argent, three piles gules, two issuant from thte chief
and one in base, each charged with a water bouget of the field.

Crest— X swan arg. charged on the wing with an escallop
gules and resting the dexter foot on a water bouget of the last^

Motto — Fidens Deo eonfidens.

Residence — Evington Vicarage, Leicester.


Skene, William: Baillie, Esq. of Hallyards,
and Pitlour House, Strathmiglo, co. Fife, J. P. for-
Fife and Kinross, and D.L. co. Fife, M.A. Corpus
Coll. Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, late Fellow of AH
Souls' Coll. Oxford, b. 2i April, 1838 ; m. 7 Feb.
1S74, Lorina Charlotte, eldest dau. of the Very
Hey. H. G. Liddell, Dean of Ch. Ch. Oxlord, and
has issue,

I. Philip George Monxbieff, b. 18 July, 1880..

I. Alice Janet.

II. Ina Katharine Hilda.

III. Luvy Edith.
XV. Ruth Mary.



THE la:\'ded gextry.


Xiineage. — Andrew Skene, 2nd son of Alexander Skene,
25th Luird of Skene, »i. Bessie Ciulell, and was s. by his
eldest son.

Sir Alexander Skene, kniirlited liy Chavles I. in the
Parliament uf hUl. /,;. Barbara, dan. of William Forbes, of
Craiyievar, and settled at Uallyards, in the parish of Auchter-
tulc, CO. Fife, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Skene, of Hallyards served heir to his father 24 May,
1653, )/i. three times. By his 3rd wile, Helen, dau. of Patrick
Pitcairn, of Pitlour, he had an only son,

Pavid Skene, of Hallyards, m. Jean Douglas, of Strath-
cndry, and by her (who d. 10 Jan. 1783) had issue,

I. Ror-EKT. M.P. for co. Fife from 17S0 to his death, d. icnm.
19 May, 17s'.

II. I'HiLip, of whom hereafter.

III. David, VI. Jliss Morrison, of Naughton, and had David,
(/. i(/i»j, Oct. Is05.

I. Helen, HI. George Moncrieff, Esq. of Reedie and Myres
Castle, CO. Fife, eldest son of Col. Patrick Monciieff, of
Eeedie (by his wife Anna Druniniond, widow of James
Skene of Grange), and grandson of ft, MonerielT, of Reedie,
who d. 1709, and d, IS 16, having had a son,

Patrick Moncrieff, of Reedie and Myres Castle, co. Fife, on

whose issue the estate of Hallyards was entailed by (Jen.

Philip Skene, m. 1760, Lucy, 3rd dau. of I'eter Hay,

Esq. of Leys and Randerston, and d. April, 1790, having

by her (who d. 9 Nov. 1822) a son,

Patrick George Moncrieff, of whom hereafter, who

assumed the name and arms of Skene of IlaUyards on

succeeding, 1825, to the estate of Pitlour, in compliance

with a clause in the c^ecd of entail executed by his

grand-uncle, Gen. Philip Skene in 1787.

The 2nd son,

Philip Skene, of Hallyards, Gen. in the army, i. unin. 22
June, 178S, having made an entail of his estates under which,
in 182.T. they devolved on his great-nephew, the grandson of
his sister Helen, as above,

Patrick George Skene, of Hallyards, h. 15 May, 1790, who
m. 1st, 1826, Emily, 2nd dau. of James Rait, Esq. of Anniston,
CO. Forfar, and had issue by her, one son,

Moncrieff Patrick George Skene, his heir.
He m. 2ndly, 1837, Jessie, 3rd dau. of the late Dugald John
Campbell, Esq. of Skerrington, co. Ayr, by Janet his wife, 4th
<lau. of Hon. William Baillie, one of the Senators of the
College of Justice in Scotland (commonly called Lord Pol-
keminet), and had issue by her, an only son,

William Baillie, heir of his half brother.
Patrick George Skene, d. 30 Dec. 1861, and was s. by his eldest

Moncrieff Patrick George Skene, of Hallyards, h. 17
Aug. 1827, who d. unm. Oct. 18GG, and was s. by his half-
brother, William Baillie Skene, now of Hallyards.

A-nas — Gu., three skenes (or daggers) paleways in fessearg.,
liilted and pommeled or, surmounted of as many wolves'
heads of the third. Crest— A dexter hand erect ppr., holding a
dagger ai'g., hilted and pommeled or, surmounted of a woll's
head, as in the arms. Motto — Virtutis regia inerces.

Heat — Pitlour House, Strathniiglo, N.B.


Skeeeett, Rev. Hyacinth Heffeenan, of
rinavara, co. Clare, in Uoly Orders of the Cliiircli
of Eotne, b. 2 Not. 1845.

Lineage. — This family was originally of Galway ex-
traction, and formed one of the thirteen tribes of that ancient
town. It is stated that the name was formerly Huscared, and
that Robert Huscared, of Scared, held lands in Connaught
under Richard de Burgo in 1242. In 1378, Richard Scared,
alias Skerritt, was Provost of Galway, and in 1421 John
Skerrett was Mayor. The representative of this long-descended
line. Hyacinth Skerrett, Esq. of Finavara, )/t. 20 July, 1708,
Mary, dau. of George Byrne, Esq. of Cabinteely, co. Dublin,
hy Clare his wife, sister of Robert, Earl Kugent, and left a son
and successor.

Major William Skerrett, of Finavara, m. 12 Oct. 1803,
Mary, dau. of John Roche, Esq. of Limerick, and by her
(who d. 1821) ho left at his decease, Aug. 1818, with three
daus. (Margaret, rn. Thomas Comyn, Esq. of Holliwell, co.
Clare; Clarinda, -m. George Comyn, Esq. of Holliwell; Mary
Ann, til. Valentine French, Esq. of Prospect Hill, co. Galwa)'),
one son,

William Joseph Skerrett, Esq. of P'inavara, J. P. andD.L.,
High Sheriff 1843, b. 2 Feb. 1S19 ; ;/i.26 Feb. 1840, Anna, dau.

of John MacMahon, Esq., J. P., of Firgrove, and d. 1 Sept.
1874, leaving issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. John, luir to his brother.

III. Hyacinth IIeffernan (Rev.), now of Finavara.

IV. Alfred Thomas, deceased.

V. Philip, h. 3 Nov. ISSu ; deceased.

VI. Charles Percival. B..\. Triu. Coll. Dublin, h. 30 Au?.
1852 ; m. 1884, Ada Mildred youngest dau. of John Haason
Sperling, Esq. of Catton Jlouse, co. Korfolk, and d.
leaving one son and two daus.

VII. Valentine Joseph 1 . . , ^ -rv .oc
Yiii. Robert 1. avid | twins, 6. 9 Dec. 1854.

IX. Frederick, Siirg.-Capt. A.M.S,, F,R.C.S.I., b. 16 Oct. 1858.

X. Patrick de Basterot, Surg.-Capt. A. M.S., b. 20 Autr. 18G1.

I. Helena, m. July, 1864, Stephen Cowan, Esq. of Gorua-
mnna, co. Gahvay, J. P., late Capt. Galway Militia.

II. Jlary, a nun.

lit. Matilda, m. George Douglas Williams, Esq. of London.
IV. Elizabeth, m. Lieut. G. H. Yonge, R.N.

The eldest son,

William Skerrett, Esq. of Finavara, J. P., Capt. 36th
Regt., b. 11 Feb. 1842 ; m. 4 June, 1877, Helena, dau. of John
Reilly, Esq. of Dublin, and dying 10 June, 1878, was s. by his

John Skerrett, Esq. of Finavara, J.P. 6. 30 Aug. 1844,
d. unm. 1881, and was s. by his brother, Rev. Hyacinth Hef-
FERNAN Skerrett, now of Finavara.

Arms — Vert, a chevron or, between two squirrels counter-
sejant. C'tsf — A squirrel sejant ppr. Motto — Primus ulti-
musque in acie.

Seat — Finavara, Burrin, co. Clare.


Skinnee, Chaeles Lancelot Andeewes, Esq.
of The Chantrj, Sutrolk, J.P. CO. Wilts, late lltli
Hussars, b. 3 Aug;. 1853; m. 26 June, 1883, Sara
Katliloen, dau. of Hon. and Rev. Walter VA'illiain
Brabazon Ponsonby (.see Bueke's Feerage, Bess-
BOEOUGH, E.), and has issue.

Edgar Lodis, b. 7 Sept 1884.
John Lancelot, 6. 23 Jan. 1894.
Marjorie Isabel, b. 12 Oct. 1885.
Faith Mary Wordsworth, b. 8 Aug. 1887.
Lilian Frances, b. 12 Oct. 1891.

Lineage. — The Skinner or Skynner family originally
came from Ledbury, co. Hereford, and owned the manors of
Le Byrtons, Pixey (The Knapp estate), Underdown, and
Walton, besides Cof ton Hacket in Worcestershire, and Newent
in CO. Gloucester.

The Right Rev. Robert Skinner (great-grandson of
Thomas Skynner of Le Byrtons), b. 10 Feb. 1590; Tiin Coll.
Oxford; Chaplain-in-Ordinary to Charles I.; Bishop of
Bristol 1636; translated to Oxford 1641; impeached of high
treason, and imprisoned for eighteen weeks in the Tower of
London ; transl.ated to Worcester 1G63 ; d. 1670. His grandson,

Rev. John Skinner, of the Scottish Episcopal Church,
Incumbent of Langside, near Peterhead (son of John, a
schoolmaster of Echt), b. 1721 ; author of Tullochijoram, Ewle
with the Crooked Horn, and many other works; d. 1807. His

The Bight Rev. John Skinner, Bishop of Aberdeen, and
Primus of Scotland, b. 1744; m. and had issue,

John, of whom presently.

William (Right Rev.), Bishop of Aberdeen and Piimus, 6.
1778; d. 1857.
The Bishop d. 1816. His son.

The Very Rev. John Skinner, Dean of Dunkeld, 6.
1769; m. 1798, Elizabeth Ure, and d. Is41, having had issue.
His 4th son,

Charles Binny Skinner, Esq. of The Chantry, Ipswich, 6.
1808 ; m. Feb. 1850, Frances Mary, eldest dau. of the
late Col. Andrewes, I4th Light Dragoons, and by her had

I. Charles Lancelot Andrewes, present representative.

II. Edgar William Dudley, d.

III. Alan Cameron. iv. Wilfnd John, d.

I. Frances Mary, m. Rev. Harry Ramsey, Vicar of Den-

II. Agatha Gr.ace Catherine.

III. Innes Elizabeth, i/i. Rev. Cecil Paget (see Burke's
Peerage, Anglesey, M.), Vicar of Holt, Wimborne, and has

IV. Helen Ann Flora. v. Edith Agnes.

Mr. Skinner d. 2 Sei t. 1889.
§«(£— The Chantry, lis.vich.






Skrixe, Hexet Duncax, Esq. of "Warleigh
and Claverton Manors, Somerset, and of Stubbings,
Berks, M.A., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1876, b.
22 May, 1815; m. 3 Aug. 1843, Susanna Caroline,
3rd dau. of William Mills, Esq. of Saxham Hall,
Suffolk, and has issue,

I. Henrt JIills, M.A., J.P. for Somerset, ancl Hon. Col. 1st
Somerset 11. V. (has the Volunteer Decoration), 6. 1844.
in. 1872, Lady Maiy Jane, sister of Earl Temple (««e
BnRKE's Peerage) and eldest dau. of W. Gore Langton,
Esq., M.P., of Newton Park, Somerset, by Lady Anna
Eliza Mary his wife, dau. of 2nd Duke of Buckingham,
and has issue, Henrt Langton, b. 12 Nov. 18S0; Anna
Dorothea Mary ; Mary Alice Caroline ; Margaret Cicely
and Francis Ethel Rosamond.

II. Duncan William Hume, b. 184-3; m. 6 July, 1875, Amy,
dau. of Capt. J. Hanham, 9th Kcgt., and has issue.

III. John Huntley (Kev.), M..\., Warden of Trinity College,
Glenalniond, near Perth, h. 1848 ; m. 1878, Mary Jessie
Hammond, only dau. of Rev. T. H. Tooke, Rector of
iMonkton Farleigh, Wilts, and has twin daus., b. 1883.

IV. Edward Harcourt, 6. 1849.

V. Sholto George Douglas, b. 1850 ; m. May, 1882, Edith,
Clara, dau. of the Hon. Sholto James Douglas, Advocate-
General, Mauritius, and has two sons.

VI. Vivian Eccles (Rev.), M.A., twin with the above. Vicar
of Leadenham, co. Lincoln, m. Mary, 3rd dau. of E. Fox-
croft, Esq., D.L.

VII. Osmund Percie, h. 1859. viii. Walter Clarmont.

I. Alice Caroline Frances, m. Gerald Augustus Robert Fitz-
Gerald, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and has issue, Maurice
Henry, 6. 1877, and Robert Geoffrey, b. 1880.

II. Ethel Emily, m. Douglas C. Richmond, Esq., Barrister-
at-Law, and Charity Commissioner, and has one son and
four daus.

III. Mary Catherine.

Lineage. — The tradition in the family is that when
Philip of Spain came over to England to marry Queen Mart,
he brought with him a favourite follower, a DonEskrino. On
Philip's return to Spain (the account proceeds), this follower
declined accompanying him back, and Philip gave him the
arms of Spain to wear and a grant of land. From this
ancestor the family inherits the original three-sided silver
seal, a reliquary, and a miniature portrait of himself. It is,
however, more probable that the Serines of Warhigh are of
the ancient family of Skerne of co. Durham, which settled
afterwards in Yorkshire, Essex, and Dorset. A branch of the
Skrine family once possessed the estate and rectory of Claver-
ton, Somerset, on the Bath side of the river Avon, opposite
to Warleigh ; this was sold to Mr. Allen, of Prior Park, but
the greater part has been recently again purchased by Mr.
Henry Duncan Skiine. The manor of Warleigh was pur-
chased in 1634 by Henrt Skrine, who had held the same
property as copyhold for many years previously. His grand-

Richard Serine, Esq. of Warleigh, m. Elizabeth, only dau.
and heir of Rev. William Weston, of Cobham, Surrey, and
was s. by his son and heir,

Richard Dickson Skrine, Esq. of Warleigh, in. Elizabeth,
dau. and heir of John Tryon, Esq. of Collyweston, co. North-
ampton, and had issue, a son, Henrt, and two daus., Sarah, vi.
Robert Still, Esq. of Mere, Wilts, and Elizabeth, d. v.nrn.
Mr. Skrine was s. by his son,

Henrt Serine, Esq. of Warleigh, who in. 1st, 1787, Mari-
anne, eldest dau. of John Chalie, Esq. of Bedford Square,
Middlesex, and Wimbledon, Surrey, and by her had one son,
Henrt, his heir. He i,i. 2ndly, Letitia Harcourt, of Dan-y-
Park, iiearCrickhowell, Brecon, and by her had

I. John Harcourt (Rev.), of Teddington, ?«. 15 Aug. 1815,
Eleanor, youngest dau. of Henry Baldwin, Esq. of London,
and had (with one dau.) two sons,

1 Harcourt (Rev.), M.A., d. 14 Nov. 1886.

2 Henry, deceased.

II. Thomas, d. v.nm. Aug. 1815, in Bengal.

I. I.'^abella, d. v.nm. 1870.

II. Henrietta, iii. Rev. Edward Butler, and d. s. p. 1832.

III. Catherine, d. 1814.

Mr. Skrine d. 1803, and was s. by his eldest son,

Henrt Serine, Esq. of Warleigh, b. 1788 ; in. 21 Jan. 1 812,.
Caroline Anne, dau. of Rev. Benjamin Spiy, Vicar of St. Mary
Redcliffe, Bristol, and Prfbendary of Sarum, by his 2nd wife,
dau. of Rev. Richard Huntley, of Boxwell, co. Gloucester, and
d. 10 Sept. 1853, leaving issue,

I. Hesrt DrxcAN, now of Warleigh Manor.

II. Wudliam Huntley, M.A., late Vicar of Stubbings, near
Maidenhead, b. 2i Oct. 1818; m. 27 May, 1847, Clara Mary
Anne, dau. of William Mills, Esq. of Saxham Hall Suffolk,
and has i.«sue,

1 Douglas Huntley.

2 Herbert Henry (Rev.), Vicar of Greenham, Berks.

3 Edward Chalie. 4 Richard Huntley.
5 William Dickson, deceased.

1 Emily Esther. 2 Agnes Clara.

III. Clarmont (Rev), of Warleigh Lodge, Wimbledon, Minis-
ter of Emmanuel Church, Surrey, late Capt. 78th and 47th
Regts., b. 28 Jan. 1820 ; m. 16 Dec. 1846, Mary Anne Auch-
muty, dau. of Major Charles Butson Bennett, late ()4th
Regt., and has issue,

1 Francis Henry Bennett, Bengal C.S., 6. 23 Dec. 1847 ;
7/1. 25 Jan. 1887, Helen Lucy, youngest dau. of John
Stewart, Esq. of Ardvorlich, Col. R.A., Cawnpore,

2 Charles Huntley, b. 24 Nov. 1848.

3 Clarmont Alfred, 6. 25 April, 1850.

4 Edward James, deceased.

5 Tryon James, b. 11 May, 1854.

6 Clarmont William, b. i) Aug. 1855.

7 Walter De Vear (Rev.), Curate of St. Andrews, Buniley,
b. 18 Aug. 1803.

1 Edith Mary, b. 17 March, 1852; m. 28 July, 1875, Archi-
bald Grahame Moncreiff Grahame, Esq. of Surbiton,
Surrey, and has issue, Archibald Skrine Grahame, ti. 20
May, 1876.

2 Henrietta May, 6. 22 May, 1857.

3 Frances Clara, b. 15 Sept. 1861.

I. Susan Caroline, 7ft. the late George Jordan Harries, Esq.
of Priskilly, co. Pembroke.

II. Emily Anne, m. W. R. H. Powell, Esq. of Maesgwynne,
CO. Carmarthen, deceased.

III. Frances Catherine, 7/t James Hanning, Esq. of KUcrone,
CO. York, decease.;.

IV. Mary Anne Agnes, m. John Leach, Esq. of Ivy Tower,
CO. Pembroke.

Arms — Az., in ihe dexter chief and sinister base points a
tower arg., in the sinister chief and dexter base points a lion
rampant erm., ducally crowned or. Crest— A tower arg., on
the battleirents thereof a lion couchant erm., ducally crowned
or. Motto — Tutainen.

Seats — Warleigh Manor and Claverton Manor, near Bath,
Somerset ; and Stubbings, near Maidenhead, Berks.


Slace, Egbert, Esq. of Derwent Hill, co.
Cumberland and Old Falinge, Yorks, b. 21 Jan.

Lineage. — Nicholas Slacke, of TheBrownside, Chapel-in-
le Frith, co. Derby, m. 27 Oct. 1586, Parnell, dau. of — Stevon-
son, of Tydrington, co. Chester, and by her (who was bur. 20
Feb. 1635) had issue,

I. Thomas, of whom presently.

u. William, of Swanscoe Park, Macclesfield; he held lands

in Derbyshire and Cheshire, and on lease in Swanscoe,

Wildboresclough, and in Sutton, in the parish of Prestbury.

He was bur. at Macclesfield, lo June, 1631. By Emme, his

wife, he had issue,

1 William, of Brownside, bapt. 15 July, 1610; 7ft. 2 June,
1632, Jane Day, and d. 1640, leaving issue, a son, William,
under 21, in 1640.

2 Thomas, bapt. 29 Sept. 1612.

3 Nicholas, bapt. 24 Jan. 1618-19.

4 Robert, bapt. Apiil, 1621.

5 Adam, of Sutton, d. 1C43.

6 Philip, of Macclesfield, and of Perfeyhouse in Sutton,
Alderman of Macclesfield, bapt. 10 Feb. 1627 ; d. 16aO-l.
By Elizabeth his wife (who was bur. 22 June, 1689), he
had issue, six sons and five daus.

1 Emma, m. 15 April, 1632, James Higginbotham.

2 Elizabeth, bapt. 17 Nov. 1616.

3 Marie, 7ft. before 1643, William Rowbotham.

Nicholas Slacke d. 1625. His elder son,

Thomas Slacke, of Dunge, in Kettleshulme, co. Chester,
Hi. Dec. 1619, Hellen (orElline), dau. of — Bennett, and by her
(who was bur. 9 Feb. 1665-6) had issue,

I. Nicholas, of whom presently.

II. John, to whom his father bequeathed lands in ^Miitefield-
hurst, from whom, the Slackes of Slacke Hall.

III. Henry, bapt. 27 Jan. 1621-2; bur. 18 Juiy, 1637.

IV. Robert, of Little Heyfield, co. Derby, bapt. 14 Nov.
1624. By Anne, his wife, he had issue, John; Ann ; Mary;
and Ellen.

V. William, of Little Heyfield, bapt. 25 Dec. 1628 ; bur. 6
Jan. 1671-2.

VI. Adam, of Blakelow alias Downes, co. Chester, 7ii. 1st,





1670, Alice Lowe, and by her (who was bur. 17 July, 1672)
hail issue, John, b.Tpt. 24 Aiiir. 1071. He m. 2nclly, ol July,
1G73, Anne Bennett, ,ind by her (who was bur. 23'Oct. 16S5)
had issue, Thomas, ot Blakelow ; Ellen ; Elizabeth ; Anne.
He was bui\ 22 June, 1082.

I. Mary, m. Edward (or Ednumd) Jackson, and had issue.

II. EUen, bapt. 22 April, 1G32; m. llichard Hait;h, and had

III. Elizabeth, bapt. 10 April, 1C35; m. 2 Dec. 1667, Robert
Pott, of Charlesbead, and had issue.

Thomas Slacke was bur. 27 Jan. 1G78-9. His eldest son,

X1CH01.AS Slack, of The Brookhouse, in Kettleshulme, to
whom his father bequeathed the lease of the lands in Dunge,
<tc. ; Hi. twice, by his 1st wife, Elizabeth (who was bur. 10
Jan. 1676-7) he had issue, Mary and Elizabeth. He m. 2ndly,
27 Aug. 167S, Mary, dau. of Christopher Downes, of Normans-
wood, Taxal, and by her (who was bur. 16 Oct. 1739) had (with
six d:ius.) three sons,

I. Nicholas, bapt. 27 Dec. 1690; bur. 29 April, 171C.

II. Thomas, of Uungfe, was bur. 10 April, 1755. By Eliza-
beth, his wife, he had issue, John, of Dunge, bur. 2S .Vpril,
17f^5 ; Kobert, who had issue by Kebeccah, his wife, a dau.
Elizabeth; Thomas, bapt. 1726, had issue, by Eebeccah, his
wife, a dau. Susanna.

III. Adam, of whom we treat.

Mr. Slack (who was bur. 22 Feb. 1727-8) was s. by his 3rd

Adam Slack, of The Brookhouse, 6. abo,ut 1698 ; d. 28
Dec. 1773, leaving by Alice, his wife (who d. 15 Aug. 1771),
fire sous and four daus.,

I. Adam, of Bollington, in Prestbury and of Manchester, 6.
about 1725 ; d. 27 Oct. 1800. By Anne, his wife (who d. 17
Jan, 1794), he had issue, seven sons and two daus.

II. AnRAHAM, of whom presently.

III. Hubert, bapt. 21 June, 1730; d. 1736.
jv. Thomas, bapt. 31 May, 1732; m.

V. George, bapt. 16 Feb."l737; m.

I. Sarah, bapt. 27 Dec. 1723; in. John Brough, and had

II. Mary, ra. Joseph Brocklehurst, and had issue.

III. Elizabeth, to whom her lather be(iueathed the lease of a
tenement called the " Kuipe," in Taxal ; bur. 4 Nov. 1780,

IV. Alice, bapt. 1 May, 1734 ; bur. 8 Dec. 1770.

The 2nd son,

Abraham Slack, Esq. of Longsight and Ardwick, co. Lan-
caster, bapt. 25 Oct. 1727; m. 15 May, 1770, Mary, eldest
dau. and only surviving heir of John Upton, of Chorlton liow,
Manchester, and by her (who d. 12 Juue, lsl2) had issue,

I. John, of Ingersley, co. Chester, b. 19 Feb. 1772 ; d. nnra.
24 Feb. 1630.

II. William, of whom presently.

III. George, of Manchester, b. 13 March, 1777 ; d. unm. 30
June, lb04.

IV. James, of Longsight, b, 11 April, 1780 ; d. unm. 9 Dec.
1811, at Valenciennes, France, whilst detained there as a
prisoner of war.

I. Mary, b. 24 Sept. 1773; m. about 1802, Thomas Gas-
kell, Esq. of Ingersley Hall, co. Chester, and d. 1 June,
1»51, having had issue.

Mr. Slack d. 24 May, 1808. His 2nd son,

William Slack, Esq. of Ardwick Place, and formerly of
Derwent Hill, co. Cumberland, 6. 17 Nov. 1774; m. 1st, 1 Aug.
1799, Mrs. Mary Butterworth (widow), and by her (who d. 23
Aug. 1811, aged 37) had issue; he m. 2ndly, 3 Sept. 1812,
Mary, dau. of Ambrose Turner, by whom (who )(i.2ndly, Nov.
1830, Ilev. Thomas Lamplough Ilervey, of Crosby House, co.
Cumberland, who d. s. p. 1854) he had issue,

I. Upton, of Aberlour, co. Banff, bapt. 26 Oct. 1817; hi. 24
Jan. 1>!39, ■\Villiamina Grant, dau. of James Campbell, Esq.
of Aberlour, Lieut. K.M., and d. 23 March, 18/1, having
had issue. She d. 24 Sept. 18s2.

II. Frederick William, bapt. 26 Nov. 1818 ; d. an infant.
lu. RoBEBT, now of Derwent Hill.

IV. Frederick William, bapt. 24 Aug. 1823; d. 31 Oct.

I. Ellen, d. unm. 23 June, 1835, aged 21.

II. Mary, bapt. 6 Nov. 1814; deceased.

III. Emma, bapt. 10 June, 1816; ra. 22 Dec. 1836, John
Hethom, Esq. of Altrincham, co. Chester, and d. Feb. 1890,
leaving issue.

IV. Frances, b. 28 May, 1820; m. 16 Jan. 1845, Humphrey
Archer Hervey, Esq. of Marsala, Sicily, and d. 5 Aug. 1861,
leaving issue. He d. 20 April, lh65.

v. Bertha, bapt. 20 Nov. ]s2G ; d. 7 March, 1828.
Mr. Slack d. 30 Aug. 1830. His 3rd son,

KoBERT Slack, Esq. of Derwent Hill, co. Cumberland, and
Armathwaite House, co. Warwick, M.D. Edin., 6. 10 .March,
1822; m. 17 Aug. 1853, Anne Ainsworth, dau. of Henry Kel-
sall, Esq. of Rochdale, co. Lancaster, J. P., and d. 20 Sept.
1893, having by her had issue,

I. Henry Kelsall, b. 30 March, 1855; d. 1 Sept. 1873.

II. Robert, now of Derwent Hill.

III. Austin Ainsworth (Rev.), M.A. Camb., Vicar of Thorn-
thwaite, Keswick, Cumberland, b. 25 July, 1863.

IV. Eric, ;).30 Dec. 1873.

I. Ethel Ainsworth, b. 6 Dec. 1861.

II. Ellen Christine, b. 2S Dec. I8ri5; d. 13 Oct. 1890.
ni. Edith, b. 4 June, and d. 18 Aug. 1868.

Arnu — Az.,on a cross formee throughout erm., between four
crescents or a human heart gu. CVcsf— In front of a crescent
or, a snail ppr. Motto — Lente sed certe.

&(Us— Derwent Hill, co. Cumberland, and Armathwaite
House, CO. Warwick.


Slacke, Owen Eandal, Esq., C.B., of Fane
Valley, co. Louth, b. 15 Aug. 1837, J.P. for co,
Leitrim, and late Capt. 10th Eoyal Hussars, now
Divisional Commissioner f or the Is^orthern Division,
Ireland ; \^•as made C.B. 1893 ; m. 1st, 7 Oct. 1863,
Katlierine Anne, eldest dau. of the late Sir Charles
Lanyon, of The Abbey, co. Antrim, and by her (who
d. Jan. 1872) has issue,

I. Charles Owen, b. 31 Jan. 1872.
I. Helen Marie.

Mr. Slacke m. 2ndly, 17 July, 1875, Fanny Rose,
3rd dau. of the late Peter Connellan, Esq. of Cool-
more, D.L. CO. Kilkenny, and has issue,

n. Randal Beresford, b. 31 Oct. 1876.
III. Cecil Roger, b. 10 Oct. 1880.

Lineage.— About the year 1693, three brothers, stated
to have been of the family of Slacke of Slacke Hall, Derby,
went to Ireland, and, purchasing property there, settled in cos.
Leitrim, Dublin, and Monaghan. From one of these, who
settled in the first-named county, the present Owen Randal
Slacke descends, and continues to hold land there. His great-

William Slacke, Esq. of Annadale, co. Leitrim, the family
seat, 7/i. his cousin, Angel Anna Slacke, and d. 1810, having
had issue, three sons and four daus., Randal James ; James
Wilkinson, m. and had a son, the present owner of Anna
dale ; and William, m. and had issue.
The eldest son,

Randal James Slacke, Esq., who resided at Strokestown,
CO. Roscommon, ni. 1800, Jane, dau. of James Cooper, Esq.,
and (?. Aug. 1807, and by her (who survived him till 1849) was
father of

Rev. AVilliam Randal Slacke, of Ashleigh, Incumbent of
Newcastle, co. Down. b. 2 Feb. 1808, m. 26

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