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large as life. Pennant, in his Tour from Alston Moor to
Ilari-ou-r/ate, says of this figure, after having minutely de-
sciibed it, " the whole is one of the best sculptures I have
seen in our churches." The monument -was put up during
his lifetime. He had issue, by his wife,

Henry, aged 7 in 1627, Master of the Mint to King
Charles II., and, as such, author of the motto on our
coin, " Deeus et Tutamen."

William, chi istened 7 Oct. 1518, in Knaresborough Church :
d. 1622.

Elizabeth, aged 8 in 1627.

VIII. Guildford (Sir), christened 7 Oct. 1565, in Knares-
borough Church, Comptroller oi the Navy, teni}}. James I. ;
m. JIargaret, dau. of William Water, Alderman of York,
and by iier had eight sons and four daus., of whom, Guild-
ford, aged 7 in 1617, was Secretary to the Earl of Strafford,
and Dorothy, aged 5 in 1617, JJi. Jeffrey Nightingale, of
Knesworth, co. Cambridge.

IX. Francis (Sir), Constable of Haulbowline Castle, and of
the Royal Council of the Province of JIunster, aged 48 in
IfiI7; m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Hugh Cuffe, of
Cuffe Hall, Somerset, and by her had issue.

The eldest surviving son.

Sir Henry Slingsby, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth,
and held sundry offices under the Duchy of Lancaster, of
which he was deprived in 1611, by an unjust decree of Sir
Thomas Pairy, then Chancellor to the Duchy, who by a second
decree in 1615, deprived him of certain Crown leases and com-
mitted him to the Fleet for his (SirThomas Parry's) life, which






was two years. SirHenrywasHighSheiiff of co. York, 1611-12,
and being absent from the summer assizes in 1612, on account
of his suit in London for restitution of his offices, was fined
£200 by the Judges of Assize, Barons AUham and Bromley,
of the Exchequer. He m. Frances, dau. and heir of William
Vavasour, of Weston, co. York, and by her (who d. 1C09) had

I. William, who was killed at Florence in 1617, aged 21, s.p.

II. Henky (,Sir). aged 15 in 1617, of whom presently.
m. Thomas.

I. Elizabeth, ),i. Sir T. Metcalfe, Knt.

II. Maria, la. Sir Walter Hethell, Knt. of ."^.llnc.

III. Katherine, m. Sir John FenwicU, Knt. and Bart., d. 1616.

IV. Mice, m. Thomas Waterton, of co. York.

V. Anne.

VI. Frances, m. Brian Staplcton, of Wighill, co. York.

VII. Eleanor, ai. 'Sir Arthur Ingram, of Temple Newsom,
rather of Henry, 1st Lord Viscount Irvine.

Sir Henry d. on the 17th, and was buried 28 Dec. 1634, at
Knaresborough Church. He was s. by his eldest surviving

Sir Hesrt SLisGSBT,who was created a Baronet of Nova
Scotia by King Chakles I., by letters patent under the Great
Seal of Scotland. Sir Henry adhered to the king through all
his troubles, had .all his estates sequestered and sold, and lived
a ruined man till 16o8, when, for an attempt, unhappily for him
made a little too early, to restore His Majesty King Charles II.,
he was beheaded, after a mock trial before a pretended court,
8 June, 1658, on Tower Hill, being the time and place also of
the execution of the eminent Dr. Hewett. Sir Henry m.
Barbara, d.iu. of Thomas, 1st Viscotint Falconberg (who d.
31 Dec. 1641), and by her had issue,

Thomas, his stxccessor.

Henry, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King Charles II.

Barbam, ra. Sir John Talbot, Knt. of Lacock, Wilts.
He was «. by his eldest son.

Sir Thomas, who was High Sheriff of co. York 1661, M. P.
for Knaresborough, 1678 and 1681, and for Scarborough 1685.
He was appointed Constable of Scarborough Castle by patent
dated 26 Oct. 1670. He ui. Dorothy, dau. and co-heir of George
Cradock, of Caverswall Castle, co. Stafford, by whom (who d.
24 Jan., and was buried, 2 Feb. 1673, in the Slingsby Chapel,
in Knaresborough Church) he had issue,

I. Henrt, his successor.

II. Thomas, successor to his brother.

I. Barbara, thrice married: 1st, Sir Eichard Mauleverer, of
Allerton Mauleverer, co. Y'ork ; 2ndly, John, Lord Arimdel
of Trerice ; and Srdly, Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and

He was s. by his eldest son.

Sir Henrt, M.P. for Knaresborough, d. s. p. 1692, and was
s by his brother.

Sir Thomas, ra. Sarah, dau. of John Savile, Esq. of Methlcy,
CO. York, and by her had issue,
Henry, his successor.
Tho.mas, successor to his brother.
Savile, 8. as 7th Bart.

Charles, who dying before his last elder brother, never suc-
ceeded to the title. He was Barrister-at-Law, and resided
at Loft House Hill, near Knaresborough. He ni. 1738, Miss
Turner, and by her had issue,
Thomas, s. as 8ih Bart.
Barbara, d. s. j/.
S^rah, m. 18 Aug. 1714, Thomas Duncombe, Esq. of
Ilelmsley, from whom the Earl of Feversham lineally
Barbara, d. s. p.
Sir Thomas was s. by his eldest son.

Sir Henry, M.P. for Knaresborough in the last Parliament
of Queen Anne and the first of George I., m. a dau. of John
Ainslie, Esq. of Studley, Chancellor of the Exchequer, by
whom (who d. 31 3Iay, 1736) he had no issue, and dying 1763,
was s. by his brother.
Sir Thomas, 0.. s. p. 1763, and was a. by his brother.
Sir Savile, d. s. p- I'SO, when the title devolved on his

Sir Thomas Titrner, High Sheriff 1785. He m. 1st, his
cousin Katharine (Turner) Buckley, and 2ndly, Mary, natural
dau. of his uncle. Sir Henry, by whom he had no issue. He d.
1806, leaving issue by his 1st wife,
Thomas, his successor.

Charles, of Loftus Hall, who, dying before his elder brother,
never succeeded to the title. He 'i.i. 1 Oct. 1820, Emma
Margaret, dau. of Thomas Atkinson, Esq., by whom he

Charles Slingsby, 10th Bart.

Emma Louisa Katherine, m. 19 July, 1860, Capt. Leslie,
now of Scriven Park.

Ho was s. by his elder son.

Sir Thomas, d. s. p. Feb. 1835, and was s. by his nephew.
Sir Charles Slingsby, the 1 0th and last Bart, of Scriven Park,
York, b. 22 Aug. 1824, formerly lloyal Horse Guards, and d!,
v.niii., when the title became extinct.

Arms — Arg. a gryphon segrcant sa. surmounted by a fessa
gii. and i/m- distinction) a canton of the last. Crest — A lion
statant vert., charged on the shoulder (Jor distinction) with a
cross-crosslet or. Motto — Veritas liberavit.

Seat — Scriven Park, near Knaresborough, and The Bed
House, near Marston Moor.


Slippee, Thomas, Esq. of Ludham and Brayde-
stone Hall, co. Norfolk, J.P., 1. 1837 ; m. 1862, Mary
Grooch, dau. of William Littlewood, Esq. of Hemp-
stead, and lias, with other issue, a son,
Thomas Goclder, 6. 1864.

Mr. Slipper, who is the eldest son of the late Joha
Armine Slipper, Esq. {d. 1866), by EKzabeth his-
wife, dau. of Robert Goulder, Esq., s. his grand-
father, Thomas Slipper, Esq. of Ludham and
Potter-Heigham, who inherited this property about
1790, from his uncle.
Seats — Ludham, and Braydestone Hall, Blofield, Norwich.


Smethuest, Eichard Augustus G-ut, Esq. of
Chorley, co. Lancaster, h. 16 May, 1883.

liineag'e. — Richard Smethurst, Esq. of Chorley (son
of Arthur Smethurst, Esq. of Oldham), b. Feb. 1756; i/i. 31
Dec. 1786, Alice, dau. of John Kamerh, Esq. of Bolton, and
d,. 22 Jan. 1822, leaving a son,

KicHARD Smethurst, Esq., J. P. and D.L., h. 26 July, 17.90 j
TO. 21 July, 1820, Ann, eldest dau. of James Mellor, and d.
23 April, 1857, having had issue,

I. Eichard, his heir.

II. James Mellor, b. 26 July, 1827, Barrister-at-Law, M.A.
Trin. Coll. Camb., d. mini. 29 Dec. 1879.

III. Augdstus William, of Chorley.

IV. Frederic Charles, M.A. St. John's Coll. Camb., Major
Commanding 56th U.V., 0. 15 Feb. 1832 ; d. v.nm. 19 Feb.

V. Arthur Clough, of Charnock House, Chorley, J. P., b. 16
Feb. 1834 ; m. 20 Jan. 1864, Catherine Wemyss, dau. of
Alexander Eonaldsou, Esq. of Wemyss Bay, co. Kenfrew,
and has had issue,

1 Arthur Wemyss, h. 27 Nov. 1864; d. 29 May, 1869.

2 Frank Konaldson, b. 5 Nov. 1865.

3 Alexander, b. 3 Dec. 1869.

1 Gertrude. 2 Catherine.

I. Ann, m. 1843, Eichard Smethurst, Esq. of Brighton, for-
merly of Chorley, and d. 29 Feb. 18S0.

II. Joanna Kussell, m. 1854, James Vaughan, Esq., M.A.,.
Worcester Coll. Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, and Magistrate-
of the Police Court, Bow Street.

in. Amelia, d. 1844.
The eldest son,

llicHARD Smethurst, Esq. of Chorley, co. Lancaster, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1874, b. 29 Oct. 1824; m. 21 July, 1853,.
Emily Jane. dau. of Joseph Holdsworth, Esq. J. P., D.L., and
M.P. for Wakefield, and d. 23 April, 1879, leaving issue,

Eniilv Maud Mary,?ii. 1st, 16 April, 1879, J. J. Leeman, Esq.
of Acomb Priory, co. York, M.P., D.L., who d. 2 Nov.
18S3: and 2ndly, 25 Oct. ISSS, George Wolfe, Esq., J.P.,
of Forenaughts, co. Kildare.
The 3rd son,

Augustus William Smethurst, Esq. of Eookwood, Chorley,
J.P., formerly Capt. 4th Eoyal Lancashire Militia, and the first
Mayor of Choriey, b. 11 July, 1830 ; m. 1st, 7 June, lS66,Theresa
Maria Willoughby, elder dau. of Major-Gen. George Wil-
loughby Osborne, of Hawford, co.Worcester (which lady d. Oct.
1881), and 2ndly, 12 Aug. 1882, Fanny Wells, eldest dau. of
Joseph Ingram, Esq., J.P., and widow of Lieut-Col. Sydney
Millett, li. W. Fus., and d. Nov. 1891, leaving issue,

Eichard Augustus Guy.

Arms— Y.rm., an eagle displayed vert between two flaunches-
of the last fretty or.

Crest— Xn eagle's head erased gu., guttee d'eau, in the beak.
a snake or.

Motto— AXia. peto.






Smirthwaite, John Geeavfs, Esq. of Norman-
ton Kise, and Grove Hall, co. York, County Coun-
cillor, late Major 3rd Batt. South Yorkshire Eegt.,
h. 10 Tec. 1848 ; m. 9 Aug. 1876, Jane Elizabeth,
elder dau. of William Wood, Esq. of Oidton Green,
near Leeds, and Lord of the Manor of Middletou
Quernhow, co. York, and has issue,

Violet, 6. 30 March, 1879.

Major Smirthwaite is eldest son of John Sanderson,
Esq. of St. John's Grove, Wakefield {d. 3 May,
1881), by his wife, Sarah Ann Greaves {m. 6 Jan.
1846 ; d. 3 Jan. 1881), who assumed by royal
licence, the surname of Siiiethwaite, 10 Eeb. 1871,
on succeeding to tlie estates of the late David
Smirthwaite, Esq. of St. John's Grove, Wakefield.

Seals — Normanton Ilise, Scarborough ; and Grove Hall,


(See Doeriex-Smith.)


Sjiith-Carington, Eichaed, Esq., Lord of the
Manor of Ashby Folville, co. Leicester, F.S.A.,
J.P. and D.L. co. Worcester, b. 1 Sept. 1824; m.
1st, 19 Oct. 1847, EUzabeth, 2nd dau. of Thomas
Stroud, Esq. of Clewer, Berks, and by her, who d.
1 March, 1875, has issue,

I. Herbert HANBUBr, of Stanley Grove, Manchester, and
Ashley Folville, h. '28 Feb. 1851; m. 1 June, 1870, Eliza-
beth Fiince, 2nd dau. of Josiah Stallard, Esq. of The Blan-
quette.?, co. Worcester, D.L., and has i.ssue, Fbanxis
Herbert, b. 28 Oct. 1877; Nevill Woodford, b. 24 Dec.
J878; llamo Folville, b. 2 Nov. IbSO ; and JIary Morton,
b. Sept. 1892.

II. Kichard Carington,of Sonthbuvy House, Great Malvern,
M.A. Camb., and of the Inner Temple, h. 2-2 May, 185-2 ;
m. 30 Jan. 1880, Alice Susanna, only dau. of Edward Con-
der, Esq. of New Court, Colwall, co. Hereford, and has
issue, Michael Conder Harewell, b. 10 F"eb. 1887 ; Arthur
Ei-ic Conder, b. 5 July, 1890 ; and Enid Mary, b. 25
March, 1881.

I. Elizabeth Alic , b. 5 Oct. 1848; m. 22 Nov. 1877, Arthur

Hill Holme, Esq., C.E., and J.P. of Delfield, Aigburth,

II. Emily Stroud, b. 21 Jan. 1350; m. 30 Aug. 1877, George
Edward Giles, Esq. of Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, and has

He m. 2ndly, 11 April, 1878, Patty Leader, 3rd
dau. of Edward Leader Williams, Esq., C.E., of
Uiglis, CO. AYorcester ; she d. 27 Jan. 1894.

Liineag'e. — Sir Mychell de Cakixton, Knt., eldest son
of Adam de Carinton, who sold half of the township of Sale,
near Jlanchester, to Adam de Button in 1189, was 6th in
descent fiom Hamo, Lord of Carinton, co. Chester, teiap.
William I. He was Standardbearer to Eichard I., in the
Crusade 1191-2, and d. in the Holy Land. His efBgy, the
" Carington Crusader," is in the church of St. John the
Baptist, Chester. He had issue, William, of whom next; and
Thomas and Matthew, both entered on EoU " De Oblatis" for
compulsory tribute of ij. solidos each to the King in 1220. His

William de Carin'tok, Lord of Carinton and Ashton, d. 25
Henry III. ; his eldest son William being heir to the Manor,
gave lands in Ashton and Carinton in tail male to Thomas the
2nd son, with remainder to John the 3rd son, and Eichard the
youngest son.

William de Carinton, Lord of Carinton, held the office of
Bailiff of Dunham ^Massoy in 1270 under grant from the Earl
of Chester, as a reward for distinguished services ; m. Agnes,
dau. of William do Toft, by Joan, dau. and heir of Eichard de
Lostock of riumley, Cheshire ; and <?. about 1274, leaving
issue, 1 William (Sir), of whom presently ; 2 Hugh; 3Edmond
(Sir), "who died of wounds leeeived at the battle of B.m-

nockburn in 1314; 4 Ranulph : 5 Eoger; Philip (Sir),
entered on list of knights present with Edward I. in
Scotland and France, and, as one of the companions of
Edward II., was also present at the Tournament at Dunstable
in 1309; and 7 Gilbert. His eldest son.

Sir William de Caryngton, Lord of Caryngton and Ash-
ton, knighted by Edward I. after the defeat of William Vv'al-
lace at Falkirk, 1298 ; m. Anne, dau. and heir of Sir Edmund
Farnell, Knt., by his wife, a dau. and heir of Eobert Coventry,
and by her had,

John (Sir). William. Thomas. Jordan.

Avicia. Mabella. Alicia.

Sir William d. about 1334. The eldest son,

Sir John de Caryntox, Lord of Carynton, Ashton, <fcc.,
■was in the Scotch wars of Edwards 11. and III.; ni. about
1320, 1st, Sibilla, 2nd dau. and co-heir of Alan de Eixron,
Lord of Eixton, by Margaret, dau. and co-heir of Sir Jolin
Danyers, and by her (who d. 1335) had issue,

^ViLLiAM (Sir), of whom presently. Thomas.

Eobert. Ealph. Geoffrey. John.

And three daus.
Sir John m. 2ndly in 1359, Cicely, dau. of Ralph de Hyde, by
Margery his wife, dau. of Thomas Davenport, of Whel-
trough, CO. Chester, and d. the same year. His eldest son,

Sir William de Caryngton, " Chyvaler," knighted by
Edward III., was at the battle of Sluys, Holland, 1340.
Da. Obmerod, in his History of Cheshire, states. " Tlierc is in
the possession of William Hamper, Esq., 1816, a certifieate of
47 Edward III., to which two seals only of red wax now
remain. One seal has Arms: on a bend three lozenges;
Crest — out of a ducal coronet, an unicorn's he;id; circum-
scribed SiGiLLv' Willi .... byngton.". The date of
this certificate, 20 Dec. 1373, proves the use of tbese Arms for
upwards of 520 years. He m. 1st, Katherine, eldest dau. of
Sir William de Montacute, by Lady Elizabeth his wife, who in
1346 gave the Christ Church Meadows to maintain a chantry,
and has a noble monument erected to her memory in Christ
Church, Oxford, and was dau. of Sir Peter de Montfort, and
sister of William Montacute, Earl of Salisbury, and Marshal
of England, and by her had issue,
Thomas (Sir), of whom presently.

Michael, taken prisoner at Eochelle, 1372, and carried theuce
to Spain, where he d. f. p.
Isabel, in. Sir Nicholas ffarington.
Ann, a nun.

Catherine, m. Sir Thomas Wake.

Lienor, m. Sir John Curson, father of William, Abbot of St.
Osithe's, Essex, who in 1404 succoured John Carington.
Sir William, had by his 2nd wife, Matilda, dau. of Peter de
Arderne, of Alvanly and Harden, and Cecily liis wife, dau. and
heir of Adam de Bredbury, who survived him,
Edward, in. Helena de Ines, widow of Eoger de Hilton, d.
s. p.

George (Sir), afterwards Lord of Carington.

Arthur, Henry, and Nicholas, all defts. with Lady Matilda,
their mother, in a Plea of Trespass, 20 Eichard II., 1396.
Sir William d. 1377. His eldest son.

Sir Thomas de Carington, "Chyvaler," was knighted in
1377 in Gascony by the Black Prince, who made him also
Seneschal of Eovergne. There is in the British Museum
Harl. MS. 2153, fo. 257, a fine and perfect seal to a deed dated
3 Eichard II. 1380, showing the Carington arms, helmet, and
crest, with a label of three-points, circumscribed " Sigillum
Thoma de Carington." Sir Thomas d. 1383. He in. Mar-
garet, dau. of Sir Eobert de Eoos, Knt., by whom he had
Edmund (Sir), m. Joanne, dau. of Sir John Ferrars, and
had issue, two daus. He d. 1397.
John, of whom we treat.
Ann, m. William Lainton.
The younger son,

John Carington, b. 1374, whom Dugdale says was bred up in
Gascoigne under Sir Thomas Neville, in the service of Uichard
II., and after the decease of his elder brother Edmund, 1397,
returned to England, still in the service of the King, but oa
deposal of Eichard II. by Henry of Lancaster, being con-
strained to flee into France, after one year in Paris, served in
Italy, and then went to Brabant, where he met two Englisli
friars going to Rome, who informed him that his cousia
William Curson was now Abbot of St. Osithe's, whereupon hu
hasted by Amsterdam to Ipswich in 1404; he thence sped to
St . Osithe's, where, changing his name to Smyth, and
adopting for arms a cross between four peacocks, made
himself known to the abbot, and was by liim courteously
entertained and advanced with good means. Joini Carington,

G c :i





by the death of his brother Edmund, became the head of the
Caringtons, hut having thus expatriated himself, tlie dignities
and emoluments due to him, were seized and held by his
paternal unele George, who transmitted them to his own
family, by whom they were retained, to the entire exclusion
of the senior branch. He was bur. at Hivenhall 1446. He
TO. 1st, Anne Gernon, who d. s. p.; '2ndly, Jlilicent, dau.
and heir of Eobert Laynham, Essex, by Alice liis wife, dau.
and heir of Sir John Hende, Lord Mayor of London 1391
and 1404, and by her (with wiioui he obtained great
possessions) left issue,

I. Thomas, of hivenhall and Blackmore, m. 1st, a dau. of
— Hamond, by whom he had issue,

Thomas (Sir), who left issue.

John, I?, s. p.

He VI. 2ndly, Isabella, dau. and heir of William Toft, of
Little Badow, and by her had, with four daus., three

Clement (Sir), m. Dorothy, sister of Lady Jane Seymour,
3rd wife of Henry VIII., and had issue.

John, Serjeant-at-Law, left issue.

Leonard, of Shouldbam, left issue.

II. Eobert, by Johanna, his wife, had issue, John, Thomas,
and Henry.

in. Hdgh, of whom we treat.

IV. John, m. and had issue, John, William, Edward, and

V. Edward.

VI. Christopher, d. s. p.

I. Jone, )

II. Margaret, >who all 7n.

III. Milicent, )

The 3rd son,

Hugh Smith, of Cressing Temple, White Notley, and half
the manor of Witham, co. Essex, m. Elizabeth Smith, of Jlor-
vill, Salop, and d. 1485, leaving by lier a son,

Sir John Smith, Knt., appointed Kemembrancer of the
Exchequer 12 Jan. 1513, and 2nd Baron of the same, I Aug.
1540. He d., seised of Cressing Temple, White Notley, half
the hundred of Witham, and lands in cos. Middlesex, Herts,
Camb., Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, Salop, Hereford, and War-
wick. His will was proved 31 July, 1547. He hi. 1st, Alice,
dau. and co-heir of Edward Woode, citizen and grossier of
London, by whom he had issue,

I. Edmund, m. Barbara, dau. and co-heir of Sir John
Hampden, Knt., and had a dau. and heir, Anne, »i. William
Pawlet, son and heir of Sir George I'awlet, Knt.

n. Thomas, of Cressing Temple, m. 1st, Joan, dau. and
co-heir of Eustace Fitzherbert, she d. s. p. ; 2ndly, Mary,
dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Nevill, of Holt, by whom he
had issue, with two daus.,

Clement, d. s. p. 1590.

Henry, who took the name of Nevill, and d. s.p. 1612.
Thomas (Sir), of Holt, High Sheriff 1606; m. Jane, dau.
of Tobias Houghton, of Kingscliffe, and d. 1637, having
had issue (ancestor of Nevill of Hull).
William Smith, d. s. p.
m. Edward, rn. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Eustace Fitz-
herbert, and had a son, John, of Uunmow, Essex.

Sir John m. 2ndly, Agnes, 5th dau. of John Harewell, of
Wootton Wawen, and co-heir of her brother Thomas, with
whom he had Wootton Wawen, and lands in cos. Warwick,
Gloucester, Essex, and Salop, a great dowry, and by her had

IV. Francis, of whom presently.

V. George, >

VI. Hugh, > all d. s. p.

VII. John. >

VIII. William, of White Notley, bur. there, 7 April, 1625.
He m. Grace, dau. of Eobert Cooke, of I'okinge, Essex,
and had issue, Thomas, William, Edward (whose grandson
Edward entered his pedigree at the Visitation of Loudon,
16t»7), Francis, Matthew, and two daus.

I. Ann, 'III. II. Ursula, m.

HI. Dorothee, m. iv. Bridgett, m.

V. Elizabeth, m. vi. Martlia, unm. in 1561.

The 4th son,

Francis Smith, of Ashby Folvile, and Wootton Wawen, High
Sheriff of the united cos. of Leicester and Warwick in 1566, b.
1522- m. 1537, at Baynards Castle, London, Mary, dau. and
heir of John Morton, of Ashby F'olvile (nephew of Richard
Morton, Bishop of Worcester, and great-nephew of Cardinal
Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury), and d. 3 Sept. 1606,
leaving by her (who was 22nd in descent Irom Alfred the
Great, and was b. 1522, and d. 30 March, 1550) a son,

George Smith, of Ashby F'olvile, co. Leicester, b. 16
July, 1541 ; ra. Anne, 5tb dau. of Sir Thomas Giffard, of Chil-
lington, CO. StaiJoid (by his 2nd wife, Ursula, dau. of Sir

Robert Throckmorton, of Coughton, co. Warwick), and d. 31
July, 1607, having had, with other issue,

I. Francis (Sir), Knt., of Ashby Folvile and Wootton
Wawen, &c., 6. 1570; m. 1596, Anne, dau. of Sir Thomas
Markham, of .Mlerton, Notts, and d. 6 May, 1629, having
by her had issue,

1 Charles (Sir), Knt., for substantial aid to Charles !•
was created Lord Carington, 31 Oct. 1643, and Viscount
Caring ION, 4 Nov. 1643. He was murdered in Pontoise,
FraiA'C, 21 Feb. 1664. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John
Caryll, Knt., of South Harting, co. Sussex, by whom he
had, with other issue,

Francis, 2nd Viscount Carington, m. 1st, Juliana, dau.
of .sir Thiimas Walmesley, by whom he had a son
Charles, who U. an infant, and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of
William Herbert, Marquess of Fowls; she d. s. p.

Charles, 3rd Viscount Carington, b. 5 July, 1635; m.
F'ranees, dau. and co-heir of Sir John Pate, Bart, of
Sysonby (she d. 13 July, 1693), and d. s. p. May, 1706.

2 Thomas (Sir), of Broxton, Notts, m. Mary, dau. and
co-heir of Sir Thomas Blakiston, Bart, of Blakiston,
CO. Durham, and by her had issue, three sons and two

3 F'raneis, m. and had a son, Francis, of Aston, co. Salop.

4 John (Sir), Jlajor-Gen., knighted at Edgehill, by
Charles I., for rescuing with his own hands the royal
standard, 1642, being the last Kniglit Banneret created;
slain at Alresford, Hants, 30 March, 1644; bur. in
Christ Church, Oxford, M.I.

1 Mary. 2 Lucy.

3 Alathea. 4 Ann.

5 Elizalieth. 6 Frances.
7 Dorothy. 8 Ursula.
9 Martha.

II. Nicholas, d. an infant.

III. George, of Queeniborough, co. Leicester, b. 10 March
1577; VI. Mary, dau. of Edward Holte, of Aston Hall, co.
Warwick, and d. 28 F'eb. 1642, having had, with other

George, of Queeniborough, b. 1614 ; m. 1st., Mary, 2nd
dau. of Antliony Dormer, of Grove Park, co. Warwick,
2nd son of Richard, 1st Lord Dormer, and by her had issue,
George, d. an infant in 1641 ; Margaret, b. 1643 ; Anne,
b. 1G47 ; and Mary, b. 1649; he m. 2ndly, Anne, dau.
of William Byerley, of Belgrade, co. Leicester, and
d. Aug. 1653. His widow re-m. 9 Aug. 1654, Humphrey
Wharton, at St. Paul's, Covent Garden.

Edmund, of Queeniborough, b. 1615; d. 1694. He m.
Mary Tipping, of co. Leicester, and had issue, three daus.
and a son, Francis, of Queeniborough.

IV. Thomas, of Charley, co. Leicester, and afterwards of
Snelston, CO. Derby, b. 1578-9; d. 6 April. 1646. He m.
twice; 1st, Jane, dau. of Sampson Erdeswick, of Sandon,
CO. Stafford ; and 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Martin Powtrell,
of Sandford, Abingdon, Berks, He had, with other issue,

George, of Ashby Folville, m. 1st. Dec. 1659, Dorothy,
dau. of Henry furvile, of Aston Flamvile. co. Leicester,
by whom he had three daus. ; by his 2nd wife, he had two
sons and one dau.

Eobert, of Alsworth, Nottingham, m. 1st, 3 Feb. 1667,
Sarah, dau. of William Smith, of Strelley, who d. s. x>.;
indly, 14 Feb. 1698-9, Naomi, dau. of Thomas Blood, of
St. Mary's, Nottingliam, by whom he had
William, of Plumtree, of whom we treat.
William Smith, of Plumtree, Beeston, and East Leake, co.
Notts (son of Eobert Smith and Naomi his wife), bapt. at St.
Mary's, Nottingham, 26 Dec. 1699; m. 10 Feb. 1738, Hannah,
dau. of Richard Cox, of Beeston, and d. March, 1795, in his
96th year, having had issue, John, bapt. 1 March, 1741;
William, bapt. 30 Sept. 1744; Eichard, of whom present

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