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Burke's Pteragc Galway, V.).

Col. Smith </. 21 Feb. 1852.

Arms — Per bend indented az. and or, two crosses moline
pierced co-inierchanged. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a
dove rising arg.

Seat — Ellingh.m Hall, near Bungay, Norfolk.


Smith, Richard Cliffohd, Esq. of Grove-
hurst, Kent, J. 12 June, 1816; )«. 1 June, 1870,
Alice Maud, 2nd dau. of Thomas Lever Rushton,
Esq. of Moor Piatt, co. Lancaster.

Lineage. — Richard Smith, Esq. of The Priory, co. Wor-
cester (son of Thomas Smith, Esq. of Tipton, Dudley), and of
Berry Hill, co. Stafford, J.P. and D.L., b. 31 Jan. 1783; m. 1st,
11 June, 1811, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Fereday, Esq., some-
time of The Ellowes, in the parish of Sedglcy, co. Stafford,
and afterwards of Ettingshall Park, same co. (and sister of
Dudley I'ereday, Esq. of Sedglcy, J.P. co. Stafford, Gentle-
man Commoner of Magdalen Coll. Oxford), and by her, who
d. 26 Nov. 1838, had issue,
George .Samuel Fereday, late of Grovehurst.
Frederick, assumed the name of Shenstone (secSHENSTONE

of Satioa Hall).
SaVah, l>. 14 Dec. 1814; m. 20 July, 1841, Thomas Dickson

Archibald, Barrister-at-Law, of the Inner Temple, and

subsequently a Judge of the Queen's Bench, and had

Mr. Smith m. 2ndly, 27 April, 1843, Mary Anne, dau. of
Richard Emery, Esq. of Burcott House, co. Salop, and d.
1868. His elder son,

George Samuel Fereday Smith, Esq., I'.G.S., F'.R.G.S., of
Grovehurst, Kent, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1884, and J.P.
for COS. Sussex and Lancaster, M.A. (Queen's Coll.), Oxford,
Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple, 6. 7 May, 1812; m. 5
March, 1845, Mary Jane, dau. of Richard Hampson, Esq. of
Mancliester, and had issue,

I. Richard Clifford, his heir.

I. Evelyn :\Iary.

II. Miuion Beatrice





Arms — Gu., a tend engrai'.ed arfc., between two sala-
manders in flames ppr. C)-es£— Upon a mount vert, in front
of a rock, a chamois ppr. Mottn — Per saxa per ignes.

Srai— Grovehurst, Tunliridge Wells.

Reiidtnce—AiMoxA Hall, Bakewell.

Smith, Eet. John William, M.A. (Camb.), of
Uyhope, co. Durham, J. P. for co. Durham, and
North Riding, co. York, Eector of Dinsdale, co.
Durham, h. 4 Sept. 1811 ; m. 18 July, 1839, Maria,
4th dau. of Lieut. -Col. Thomas Robinson Grey, of
Norton (by bis wife Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
Hogg, Esq. of Durham, by Ann, his wife, sole dau.
and heiress of John Jefferson, Esq. of Norton), and
has had issue,

I. William Grey, &. 14 June, 1S40. X i ■ c ^

II. Jolm William Grey, h. 2 Dec. 1841. j '"''''"'s.

in. 'WiUiam Anthony Grey, Major 2nd Batt. East Surrey
(70th) Regt., 0. 19 Feb. 1849, d. %invi. 12 April, 1886, at

IV. Frederic John Grey, b. 21 Oct. 1853 : d. an infant.

I. Maria Grey, in. 8 Feb. 1866, Cuthhert Greenwood Johnson,

Esq. of Oakwood, Croft, co. Durham, J. P. (see Johnson of
Aykicyheads), and has issue.

II. Joanna Grey, m. 6 Oct. 1887, Francis R. P. Kane, Major
(70th) East Surrey Regt.

ni. Fanny Grey, d. 6 Dec. 1874.
IV. Anne Grey, d. 24 Dec. 1863.

Mr. Smith assumed by royal licence, dated 2 Sept.
1833, the surname and arms of Smith only, in lieu
-of those of (3-EET.

Xiineagre. — Anthony Smith, Esq. of Ryhope, co. Durham,
had an only siuviving child and heir, Joanna, ni. William
SccRFiELD, Esq., formerly of Sunderland, and afterwards of
JSTewcastle-on-Tyne, an eminent surgeon, the 2nd son of whicli
marriage, William Scdefieij), Esq., had an only dau. and
heir, Joanna, who in. 2 July, 1807, William Gket, Esq. of
Koi'ton, by whom (who d. 23 Jan. 1862) she had, with other
issue {which see, under Scurfield of Ford and Ilarwortk), a
3rd son,

Rev. John William Grey (afterwards Smith), to whom his
maternal great-aunt. Miss Dorothy Scurfield, devised that por-
tion of the family estates acquired by the alliance with the
heir of the Smiths.

Arms — Arg., on a bend gu., between two unicorns' heads
erased az., armed, maned, and crined or, three crosses-cross-
let of the last. Crest — On a mount vert, a stork, wings
elevated, arg., charged on the breast and on either wing with
.a cross-erosslet gu., in the beak a snake ppr. Motto — Tenax
■et fidelis.

Residence— Dinsdale Rectory, Darlington.


Smith, Joseph Charles Thomas, Esq. of
Shortgrove, co. Essex, J.P., Lord of the Manor
of Newport, late Capt. (Queen's Eoyal Antrim
Rifles, b. 4 Eeb. 1845, educated at Brighton
Coll., and at Caius Coll. Cambridge, B.A. 1866,
M.A. 1870 ; m. 12 April, 1877, Eliza Annabella
Sealj-, 4th dau. of Edwin U. Vidal, Esq. of Corn-
.borough, CO. Devon, and has issue,

I. Ambrose Joseph Cocks, b. 6 June, 1878.

II. Geoffrey Vidal, b. 19 Feb. 1885.

III. Eustace Edward Arthur, 6. 16 Nov. 1887.

I. Margaret Sealy. u. Winifred Eyre,

iiii. Violet Alethea.

IV. Evelyn Agnes.

liineag-e.— This family claims descent from the ancient
and distinguished house of Smith (formerly Heriz), of With-
cock, CO. Leicester, a younger branch of which— Smith of Ed-
mondthorpe, co. Leicester, created a baronet 1661— is now
represented in the female line by the Earls of Derby (see
Beralds' Visitation co. Leicester, Morant's History of Essex,
iScc.). From Henry Smith, the notorious regicide, the last of the
family who possessed Withcock, is said to have been de-

Henry Smith, Esq. of Great Hautbois, in the parish of Col-

tishall, CO. Norfolk, bur. at Coltishall, 2 Oct. 1743, aged 67,
leaving by his wife, Elizabeth Johnson (who was bur. at Col-
tishall, 5 Oct. 1735), a (5th) son,

Joseph S.mith, Esq. of Great Hautbois, bapt. at Coltishall
24 April, 1715, m. Margaret, dau. of Anthony Atthill, Esq.
of Beardeston, and d. 30 Nov. 1701, leaving issue, with three
daus., of whom Mary, ia. Dr. Porter, Lord Bishop of Clogher,
a son,

Joseph Smith, Esq. of Shortgrove, co. Essex, Secretary and
confidential friend of the Prime Minister, William Pitt, bapt.
at Coltishall 23 March, 1757, M.A. Caius Coll. Camb. ; id. 1st,
Anna (who d. s. j). 13 Aug. 1791), 3rd dau. of Joseph Martin,
E?q., M.P. (see Martin of Haul Court), and 2ndly, Margaret,
2nd dau. and co-heir of Joseph Cocks, Esq., younger brother
of Charles, 1st Lord Somers, by whom (who was 6. 28 May,
1773 ; and d. 29 June, 1847) he had issue,

I. William Charles, his heir.

li. Ileniy Joseph, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, ra.
1843, Letiiia, dau. of Charles Shillito, Esq., and d. 14 Sept.
1S78, having had issue,

1 Joseph Charles Thomas, of whom hereafter, as suc-
cessor to his uncle.

2 Henry George (Uev.), M.A. Magdalen Hall, Oxford.

3 Reginald Yorke, Comm. R.N., has taken the name of
Heriz ; j/i. Ada, eldest dau. of Col. Hunt, of 3, Onslow
Gardens, and widow of Middleton Evans, Esq.

4 Somers Percy.

1 Margaret Catherine, in. Rev. W. Gilbert Edwards, Minor
Canon of St. George's, Windsor, and has issue.

2 Jane Florence Mary.

3 Susan Frederica, m. J. D. Holmwood, Esq., and has

4 Edith Letitia. 5 Leila Marian Sarah.

III. George James Philip, Barrister-at-Law, Master of the
Court of Queen's Bencb, d. 1S86.

IV. John James (Rev.), M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Caius
Coll. Camb., d. ISsO.

V. Richiird Snowuon (Rev ), Prebendary of Chichester.
I. EUzabeth, m. Richard Glyn, Esq., d. 1874.

Mr. Smith d. 15 April, 1822. His eldest son,

Vv'illiam Charles Smith, Esq. of Shortgrove, J.P. and D.L.
CO. Essex, High Sheriff 1SG8, in. 1860, Fanny Rowley, dau. of
Sir Richard King, Bart., G.C.B., and dying without issue, 6
June, last!, was s. by his nephew,

Joseph Charles Thomas Smith, Esq., now of Shortgrove,
CO. Essex.

Arms — Gu.,on a chevron or, between three bezants, as many
crofses-crosslet lituhee az., quartering Cocks, <S:c. Crest — Out
of a ducal coronet or, an Indian goat's head arg., erased sa.,
bearded and attired of the first. Motto — .ffiquo animo.

Estate — Shortgrove, Newport, Essex.

iteiicZrtice — Fairycroft, Salfrou Walden.


Smith, Oswald AtrGUSTrs, Esq. of Hammer-
wood Lodge, Sussex, D.L. for the Citv of London,
M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., b. 21 Oct. 1826 ; m. 27
Nor. 1867, Rose, only dau. of Arthur Vansittart,
Esq. of Shottesbrooke, Berks, and Foots Cray,
Kent, and by her, who d. 1892, has issue.

I. Basil Gdy Oswald, b. Sept. 1861.
It. Rupert Oswald, b. Jan. 1864.
m. Maurice Oswald, b. April, 1866.
I. Mary Oswald.

Ijineag-e.— Oswald Smith, Esq. of Blendon Hall, Kent,
2nd son of George Smith, Esq., M.P. for Selsdon, Surrey (see
Bcrke's Peerage, Carrington, B.), by Frances Mary, dau. of
Sir John Parker Mosley, Bart. : b. 2 July, 1794; i/i. 18 March,
1824, Henrietta Mildred, dau. of theVery Rev. Robert Hodgson,
Dean of Carlisle, and had issue,

1 Oswald Augustus, now of Ilammerwood.

2 Eric Carrington, of Ashfold, Crawley, Sussex, b. 1828; m.
28 June, 1849, Mary, 3rd dau. of J. Maberley, Esq., and has

Lindsay Eric, 6. 1852.

Algernon Fox Eric, b. 1857.

Beilby Eric, b. 1864.

Gertrude Mary, m. Lieut.-Col. A. C. H. Stewart, 2nd Life

Virginia Katharine, m. 28 June, 1876, Hon. Francis Hyde

Villiers (see Clarendon, E.).
Margaret Rose, m. Alfred Fitzroy, Esq., Coldstream Guards

(see Grafton, D.).
Mildred Frances, in. 2 June, 1881, Charles Thomas Lucas,

Esq. of Warnham Court, Sussex.
1 Isabella Mary, in. Cadogan H. Cadogan, Esq. of Brinck-
burne Priory, Northumberland, who d. 1888, leaving issue.





2 L:mra Char'.otte, m. Gen. Evan Jlaberley, C.B., K.A., and
has issue.

3 Frances Dora, m. Claude Bowes, loth Earl of Strath-

4 Marion Henrietta, m. H. D. Streatfield, Esq. of Chidding-
stone, Kent, who il. 1889.

Mr. Smitli d. I#63.

Seal — Ilammenvood Lodge, East Grinstcad.


Smith, Henet, Esq. of Sudbrook Hoiise, co.
Lincoln, J .P. for the parts of Kcsteven, b. 1850 ;
eduoated at "Winchester, and Trin. Coll., Cambridge,
(B.A. 1S72).

Lineagre. — Henrt Smith, Esq. of Ilorbling, co. Lincoln,
J.r., Lord of the Manors of Monks Hall and Wikes, late Capt.
ISrh Lincolnshire R.V. , i!;. 1820 ; y,i. 184G, Mary, dau. of James
Gould, Esq. of Birthorpo, co. Lincoln, and had issue,

Hexby, now of Sudbrooii House.

George, m. 26 Jan. 1888, Helen ThylUs, eldest dau. of
William AlUson, Esq. of Louth.

Capt. Smith was son of Francis Smith, Esq. of Gosberton, and
nephew of Benjamin Smith, Esq. of Horbling. He d. Jan.


.Sta J— Sudbrook House, Ancastcr, Grantham.


Smith, Susax Emma, of Jordanhill, co. Kenfrew,
Tvidow of Archibald Smith, Esq., anil dau. of Vice-
Cliancellor Sii- James Parker, of Kothley Temple,
CO. Leicester, by Mary his -wife, dan. of Thomas
J3abington, Esq. of Kothley Temple, m. Aug. 1S53,
Aechibald Smith, Esq. of Jordanhill, M.A., J. P.,
F.K.S. {b. 10 Aug. 1813), Earrisler-at-Law, late
Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb. where he graduated
as Senior "Wrangler 1836, who d. 26 Dec. 1872,
having had issue,

I. James Pakkeb, J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Partiek Div. of
Lanarkshire from 1890, M.A., late Fellow of Tnn. Coll.
Camb., 6. 1854; Hi,. 1882, his cousin, Mary Louisa, dau.
of the late AVilliam Hamilton, Esq. of Minard, and has

Archibald Colin Hamilton, b. Oct. 1883.
AViluiot Babington, b. 1885.

II. Walter Edward (EeY.), M.A. Oxon, Vicar of Gorton,
Suffolk, 6. 1855; m. 1831, Margaret Uose, dau. of Eev.
Canon E. T. Vaughan, and has issue,

Edward Archibald, b. 1886.

Humphrey Walter, b. 1888.

Arthur Vaughan, 6. 1893.

Emile, b. 1>582. Susan Jlary, 6. 1884.

Margaret Lilian, b. 1890.

in. Archibald Harry, b. 1857; d. 1853.

IV. Charles Stewart, Lieut. B.N. and H.B.M. Consul at
Bilbao, i. 1858; m. 1886, Anne Georgiana, dau. of the
late Rev. Samuel Macaulay, and has had issue,

Anne Georgiana, b. and d. 1887.
Dorothea, b. 1888.
Frances Ellen, d. 1390.
Jean Isabel, b. 1891.

V. Arthur Hamilton, M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., b. 1860.

VI. Henry Babington, M.A., Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb., b.

VII. George Edward, Lieut. R.E., b. 6 Aug. 1868.

I. Maiy Susan, m 1894, Charles Edmund Duff, Esq., M.B.,
son of Lieut.-Col. Duff, late 74th Regt., of Knockleith,

II. Margaret.

liineage.— This family is descended from the Smiths
formerly of Craigeivl, co. Stirling, where they had been seated
since the introduction of surnames, originally holding their
lands as " kindly " tenants of the Ducal House of Montrose,
to which they were armourers.

JoHM .Smith, the last of the old rentallers, d. 1640. His son,
E'.UEBT, acquired the fee-simple of the lands circa 16G0. On
the death of John, the 6th in descent from Robert, the estate
•was sold. The only surviving sister of John Smith, last of
Craigend, Agnes Graham, i/i. 1849, David Stuart, Earl of
Bueban, and had issue.

Archibald Smith (youngest son of James Smith, of Craig-
end), b. 1749, an eminent Merchant in Glasgow, purchased the
estate of Jordanhill 1800. He m. 1781, Isabella, dau. of
William Euing, Esq., by whom (who d. 1855, in her 101st year)
he had

I. James, his heir.

II. William, of Carbeth-Guthrie, co. Stirling, J.P. for cos.
Stirling, Lanark, and Dumbarton, Lord Provost of Glasgow
1S22-23, m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Alexander Cuningham, Esq.,
son of Sir William Cuningham, Bart, of Robertland, and
by her had issue,

1 Archibald, Advocate, m. Jannett, dau. of William Black-
wood. Esq., d. 1873, leaving William Archibald ana

2 Cuninghame, m. Margaretta Lavinia, dau. of John Gib-
son, Esq., and d. 1890, leaving William Cunningham and

He m. 2ndly, Sarah, dau. of Henry Wallis, Esq. of Mary-
borough, son of Henry Wallis, Esq. of Drishane Castle, co.
Cork, and by her had issue,

3 Henry Wallis (Rev.), Minister of Kirknewton, and East
Calder, N.B., m. Elizabeth Dunlop Macnair, and d. 1885,
leaving issue.

4 John Guthrie, of Mugdock Castle, co. Stirling, m. Anne
Penelope Campbell Dennistoun, and by her (who d. 1883)
has issue.

5 William, Major-Gen. E.A. Cretired), m. Emma Corrie
Crozier, and by her (who d. 1879) has issue.

6 James George, m. his cousin, Christina Laura Buchanan
(see biloir), and has issue.

1 Jane Cuningham, m. 1861, John Macredie, and d. 1862,

2 Helen Catharine.

Mr. Smith s. to his cousin-german, John Guthrie, Esq. of
Carbeth 1834, and d. Is71.

III. Archibald, m. Eliza, dau. of Thomas M'Call, Esq. of
Craighead, eo. Lanark, and d. 1883, having by her (who d.
1889) had issue,

1 Thomas Denroche, late Bengal C.S., vi. 1887, Florence
dau. of Gen. Joliri Bayly, K.E., and has issue.

1 Martha Denroche, d. 1852.

2 Isabella, (/. 1851;.

3 Elizabeth Maria Lydia, m. William Heniy Edye, Admiral
R.N., and has issue.

4 Emily Anne.

I. Isabella, m. John M'Call, Esq. of Ibrox Hill, co. Lanark,
d. s. 1-). 1871.

Mr. Smith d. 6 May, 1821, and was s. by his eldest son,

James Smith, Esq. of Jordanhill, J. P., F.E.S., i. 15 Aug.
1782; m. 25 Aug. 1809, Mary, dau. of Alexander Wilson, Esq.,
and by her (who rf. 27 Oct. 1847) had issue,

Archibald, his lu ir.

Alexander, d. in infancy.

Chii.5tina Laura, m. 1851, Walter Buchanan, Esq. of Shan-
don, CO. Dumbarton, ai.P. (who d. 1883). She d. 1853,
leaving a dau. Christina Laura, m. James George Smith
(s p above).

Isa K'lla, ?;i. 8 May, 1834, Henry Gore-Booth, Esq., son of
Sir Robert Gore-Booth, 3rd Bart, of LissadeU, and has issue.
Mr. Gore-Booth d. 25 July, 1881.

Mary Joanna Guthrie, d. 1840. Mary, d. 1840.

Louisa, m. William Hamilton, Esq. of Minard Castle, co.
Argyll, d. 18(i3, leaving Walter Archibald and Mary Louisa,
m. 1882, James Parker Smith, Esq. as above.

Sabina Douglas Clavering, m. 1878, Rev. Robert Paisley,
D.D., of St. Ninian's, co. Stirling, who d. 1881.

Jane Charlotte, d. 1864.

Mr. Smith d. 1867, and was s. by his son, Archibald, late of

Arms—Gvi., a chevron erm., between two crescents in chief
and a garb in base or, within a bordure engrailed or. Crest —
An eagle's head erased, ducally gorged ppr. Motto — Macte.

Stats— Jordanhill, l^artick, N.B. ; and Eiverbunk, Putney,


Smith, Michael Edwakd, Esq. of Annesbrook,
and Newtown, eo. Meath, and Ivillitara, co. Tyrone,
Major (retired), m. 8 Sept. 1817, Jane G-race, 2nd
dau. of the late "William Ireland Syme, Esq. of
Kysdale, co. Kirkcudbright, and Lilias his wife, dau.
of the Eev. Charles Maitland Babington, M.A.,
Rector of Peterston, co. Ilereford.

Xiineage.— This family was originally from co. York.

John S.mith, who possessed, Ump. Charles L, the estates
of Coolestown and Maine, Louth, left a son,

Jeremiah Smith, who was twice married. By his 1st
marriage, he had one son, Edward, of Maine, whose only
child inherited the estate of Maine, and m. Hugh Stafford,





Esq. By his 2nd marriage, with Alice, dau. of Harry Townley,
Esq. of Aclare Castle, co. Louth, he had issue, i. Hakky,
Becorder of DrogUeda ; ii. Townley (Eev.), of Mansfeildstown ;
III. Jeremiah, of Beabeg; iv. Tcnison,from whom descended
Admiral Edward Tyrrell Smith; v. Hamilton; i. Mary Ann,
VI. 1st, Charles Sandford, Esq. of Kilkenny, and 2ndly, William
Foster, Esq. of Dunleer, co. Louth.

Henbt Jeremiah Sjiitu, Esq., D.L., of Beabeg and Annes-
hrook, b. 28 Nov. 1783, eldest son of Henry Smith, Esq. of
Beabeg, by Martha his wife, dau. of Laurence Steele, Esq. of
Bathbride, and grandson of Jeremiah, of Beabeg, as above,
m. 1st, 28 Dec. 1802, Margaret, dau. of Henry Osborne, Esq.
of Dardistown Castle, same co., by Alice his wife, dau. of
Francis Dunne, Esq. of Brittas, Queen's co., and had issue,

I. Henrt Jeremiah, his heir, of Beabeg, h. Oct. 1803; m.
1st, lb28, Sarah Maria, dau. of Robert Harrison, Esq. of
Preston, Kent, and by her had issue, one son,

1 Henei Jeremiah, now of Beabeg, co. Meath, 5. 14 Sept.
1829; in. 16 July, 1857, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of
James Kynaston Edwards, Esq. of Old Court, co. Wick-
low, and by her (who d. 1880) has issue, 1 Henry
Jeremiah; 1 Emily Kate; 2 Lilla Caroline Constance;
3 Gertrude Frances Helen.

He m. 2ndly, Oct. 1836, Hon. Henrietta Priscilla Carleton,
dau. of Lieut.-Col. Hon. George Carleton, and sister of
Guy, 3rd Lord Dorchester, and by her had issue,

2 Carleton, late Capt. in the army, ni. 12 Oct. 1865,
Alice Anna, younger dau. of Charles Freshfield, Esq., late

3 George.

4 Dudley Henry Seymour, late Lieut. 64th Foot.

1 Georgina Sarah, m. W. Davies, Esq., Capt. Essex Rifles.
Mr. H. J. Smith, d. 13 March, 1877.

II. Francis Edward, Capt. H.E.I.C.S., d. s.i^.

Hem. 2ndly, 18 Jan. 1809, Elizabeth, dau. of William Ead-
cliffe, Esq. of Tinnekilly, co. Wicklow, by Catherine his wife,
dau. of Sir Michael Cox, 3rd bart., and d. 1857, having by her
had issue,

I. Stephen Henry, of Annesbrook, J. P., High Sheriff 1861,
late Lieut.-Col. Londonderry Militia, b. 1813: m. 1st, 1860,
Georgina Barbara, only dau. of Col. Raymond Pelly, 16th
Lancers, C.B., and by her Cwho d. 1874) had issue, three
daus. He m. 2ndly, 1876, Francesca Helen Mary, eldest
dau. of Col. Henry Bouchier Savile. He d. 1890.

II. St. George William, of Newtown, co. Meath, J.P. (de-

III. Michael Edward, now of Annesbrook.

IV. William Thomas, of Besborough, late Capt. 22nd Eegt.,
m. 1st, Miss Pattison, deceased, and 2ndly, Miss Chambers,
and had issue by each wife.

V. Richard Jeremiah, m. Miss Archer, and had issue.

VI. Frederick Augustus, Col. (retired), V.C. (deceased).

VII. Kynaston Walter, accidentally killed 1857.

I. Catlierine Matilda, m. 16 Aug. 1843, Col. Sir Robert
Wallace, K.C.B., H.E.I.C.S., and left issue.

II. Elizabeth, m. 26 June, 1840, Hugh Lyons Montgomery,
Esq. of Belhavel, co. Leitrim, M.P.

III. Matilda Cox, m. Francis Macnamara Faulkner, Esq.

IV. Emily, deceased.

V. Mary Henrietta, m. 1857, Ralph Smyth, Esq., J.P. of
Newtown House, co. Louth, and d. 1876, leaving issue.

Arms — Arg., on a bend, between t^vo bull's heads erased az.,
armed or, three lozenges of the last. Crest — A demi-bull
salient az., armed and unguled or. Molto — Delectat amor

&a/.s- Annesbrook and Newtown, near Kells, co. Meath,
and KiUitara, co. Tyrone.

Residence — 11, Lansdowne Crescent, W.


Smithwick, Ret. Richaed FitzGeeald, of
Ballyngawsey, co. Limerick, and Seaforth Vicarage,
Liverpool, M.A. Cantab., and Cuddesdon Coll.
Oxon, Vicar of Seaforth, b. 31 Aug. 1843 ; m. 17
Oct. 1883, Sarah Coates, dau. of Walter Hebden
Wilson, Esq. of Nortonsea, Waterloo, near Liver-
pool, and has issue,

I. Robert FitzGerald, 6. 18 June, 1886.

II. Walter FitzGerald, b. 14 April, 1891.

I. Catherine Elinora, b. 6 Sept. 1884.

II. Geraldine, b. 17 May, 1893.

Xiineag'e.— This family claims to be a branch of the ancient
house of Smithwick, of Lees Langley, Herts. Early in the
17th century, one of that family is stated to have settled in
the CO. Wexford, but he and every member of his family (with
the exception of one son, aged about 16) were cut off during
the rebellion of 1641. The survivor in. Margaret, dau. of

Richard le Hunte, who went to Ireland as Col. in the army of
Cromwell, and eventually settling in Cashel, co. Tippcrary,
represented that city in Parliament 1661. When William III.
went to Ireland Mr. Smithwick joined his army as a volunteer
dragoon, and served at the siege of Limerick. Some of his
sons settled in co. Tipperary, and one of them, Peter Smitu-
wicK, at Kildaff Castle, co. Limerick ; he 'in. a dau. of —
Apjohn, Esq. of Garthelin, now called Lenfield, co. Limerick,
and had, besides other sous, William, the yourgest, of Mount
Catherine, in the same co., who iii. his cousin Catherine, dau.
of — Gabbett, Esq. of Cahirlinc, and d. 29 Sept. 1796.

Robert Smithwick, Esq. of Eathjordan, J.P. cos. Limerick
and Tipperary, t. May, 17C0; ni. 1st, 1787, Rebecca, dau. of
Henry White, Esq., J.P. of New Ross and Mantle Hill. co.
Tipperary, by Elizabeth his wife, 3rd dau. of Thomas Maunsell,
Esq., LL.D., K.C., M.P. for Kilmallock, and Dorothea his
wife, youngest dau. of Richard Waller, of Castle Waller, co.
Tipperary, and had issue, Robert. Mr. Smithwick iii. 2nd]y,
in 1803, Eliza, dau. of Rev. John Madder, Rector of Newport,
CO. Tipperary, by Dorothea his wife, dau. of George Gough,
Esq. of Woodstown, co. Limerick (grandfather of Hugh, 1st
Viscount Gough), but by her had no issue. His son,

Robert Smithwick, Esq. of Ballyngawsey, R.M., m. 12
March, 1829, Catherine, dau. of Rev. Richard FitzGerald, and
by her (who d. 21 Dec. 1870) had issue,

Richard FitzGerald, of Ballyngawsey.

Robert, d. 22 Dec. 1885.

Rebecca, d. 22 Nov. 1859.

Ellen FitzGerald, ni. 7 May, 1853, AVilliam Pidgeon, Esq.,
J. P., of Athlone, co. Westmeath, and Greystone, co. Wick-
low, and has issue, Wihiam Robert, &. 5 March, 1862;
Helen Rebecca ; Carlotta.
Mr. Smithwick d. 16 Dec. 1881.

Seat — Ballyngawsey, co. Limerick.

Residence — Seaforth Vicarage, near Liverpool.


Smollett, Patrick Botle, Esq. of Bonhill, co.
Dumbarton, J.P. and D.L., M.P. co. Dumbarton
1859-1868, and for Cambridge 1874-1880, late in
H.E.I.C.S., h. 4 Feb, 1804; s. his brother 1881.

Lineage. — This family of Smollett is of considerable dis-
tinction in North Britain.

Archibald Smollett (4thsonof Sir James Smollett, of Bon-
hill, one of the Commissioners for the Union), r,i. Barbara, dau.
of Cuninghame, of Gilbertfield, co. Lanark, and bad, with
other issue, a younger son, Tobias Smollett, the tminent
writer, b. at Dalquhurn, near Dumbarton, 1721, d. 21 Oct.
1771, and a dau.,

Jean Smollett, in. Alexander Telfer, of Symington, co.
Lanark, and had a son and heir, Alexander. Mrs. Telfer, s.
at the decease of hercousin-german, Mr. Commissary Smollett,
to the estate of Bonhill, and resumed her maiden name of
Smollett. Her son and successor,

Alexander Telfer Smollett, of Bonhill, m. Cecilia, dau. of
John Renton, of Lamberton, co. Berwick, by the Lady Susanna
Montgomerie his wife, 3rd dau. of Alexander, 9th Earl of
Eglinton, by Susanna his 3rd wife, dau. of Sir Archibald Ken-
nedy, Bart., and had issue,

Alexander, Lieut.-Col. Coldstream Guards, M.P. for co.
Dumbarton, killed at the battle of Alkmaar 1799, s. his
father, the latter having predeceased him by a few months,
and was s. by his brother.

John Rouett, heir.

Tobias George, Capt. 78th Ross-shire Highlanders.

James, accidentally killed at sea.

Susan, in. 1st, — Pigott, Esq., and 2ndly, Edmund Nagle,
Esq. of CO. Cork.
The second son,

John Rodett Smollett, Esq. of Bonhill, Eear-Admiral R.N.,
s. his brother, and m. 1st, Louisa, dau. of William Rouett,
Esq. of Auchindennan, co. Dumbarton, and by her ha

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