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III. James (Rev.), of Bath, in. Hannah, dau. of Arthur Eey-
ncll, Esq. of CO. Kildare, and (/. ,>!. p.

IV. William, an Officer of Dragoons, in. Charlotte, dau. of
Capt. Charles Stewart, of Lisburn, co. Antrim, and of
Clunie, co. Perth, by Rose, his wife, dau. of Roger Hall,
Esq. of Narrow Water, co. Down, and had issue,

1 James (Rev.), m. Joanna Ryan, and had one son,
William St. John (Rev.), Chancellor of Down 8 Jan.
Iti28, Praecentor of Connor March, 1843, in. Marj-, dau.
of Henry Mant, Esq., and d. Jan. 1847, leaving a dau.
Gertrude Adeline, ra. Rev. George Webster, D.D., Chan-
cellor of Cork, and five sons, 1 Henry Mant, ra., and
had issue ; 2 William Nugent, of Royds Hall,co. York,
b. 1831, ra. 20 Oct. 1863, Katherine Isabel, eldest dau.
of Charles Hardy, Esq. of OJsall House, co. York,
and Chilham Castle, Kent, brother of Gathorne, Ist





Viscount Cranbrook, and has issue, ArthurNugent, 6.7
July, 1864, and Gertrude Catherine Nugent ; 3 Arthur
Gafelee, m. Miss Lawrence; 4 Charles lleginald; 5
Eichard Phillolt, m. Mary Tliociipson.
2 Ralph, 30th Regt., m. Amelia St. George, dau. of Rev.
Thomas Adderley Browne {see Bkowne o/ Riverstown),
and had issue,
William Thomas, m. Mary Gray, dau. of Eichard Cham-
hers, Esq. of Whitebourne Court, co. Hereford, and
Cradley Hall, co. Worcester, and had issue, 1 Edward
St. George, 3Cth Eegt., m. Marie, dau. of Mnns. J. de
Liguferes, granddau. of Charles IJieudonne de Monte-
nach. Patrician of Fribourg ; 2 Mary St. George, m.
Eev. \Vm., son of W illiam I'iersy Austin, D.D.,
Bishop of Guiana, and has issue.

TliDuias Graham, of La Kouan, near Nice, Italy, S. 1810 ;
m. Ist, Charlotte, dau. of Capt.G.ILBaunigarten, E.N. ,
and 2ndly, Cecilia Gal(*.

Ealph, of St. George's Lodge, Southampton, Lieut. -Col.
in the army, m. 1st, Mary, dau. of J. Gibbon, and had
issue, 1 Italph Graliam, Major E.E., m. Lucy, dau. of
J. Werge ; 2 Ctiai Its ThuilUor ; 1 Jemima, m. Lieut.
Ecss, 35th Kegt. ; 2 Amelia St. George, m. William
Bayley, Esq. ; 3 Katherine, m. Eredericli Higginson,
M. L). Col. Smyth m. 2ndly, Harriett, dau. of Camp-
bell Cameron, Esq., and has further issue, 3 Ealph
Adderley; 4 Edward St. George; 5 Hugh Cameron ; 4

George Saclcville, Lieut, in the Guards of the late King
of Hanover, m. Maria, dau. of Newburgh Higinbothoni,
and has issue, 1 Newburgh Ealph ; 2 William Sackville ;
1 Amelia St. George Catherine ; 2 Eileen Eva Graham ;
3 Alice Harriett, in. John Martin, Esq. ; 4 Katherine,
TO. George Armstrong, Esq.

Anne, m. J. Thompson, Esq. of Sherwood Hall, co.
Nottingham, and had issue, of whom the third son is
Sir Ealph Wood Thompson, K.C.B., Permanent
Under-Secretaiy for War.

Elizabeth Ivatharyne.

Amelia St. George, m. Rev. Henry Turton, Vicar of Bet-
ley, CO. Stafford, and has ipsue.

Katherine Mary, m. Eev. Henry Deane, Prebendary of
Salisbury Cathedral, and has issue.

1 Anne, m. Major Philip Stewart, and had issue.

2 Katherine, to. Eichard Stewart, lOsq. of Gilgorm, co.
Antrim, and d. 19 March, IbOU, leaving, with other issue,

William (Major), m. Mary Stewart Moore, and had
Jane, 6. 1780; to. 1809, James Orr, Esq. of Holywood
House, and liad Ak-xander (Rev.), to. and has issue;
James, B A., Oxon, ra. twice, and has issue; Armi-
netta, d. 182D; Charlotte; Jane, Viscountess Cran-
brook; Elizabeth, m. Eev. Carey H. Boner, M.A. ;
Cafhoiinp, to. Charles Hardy, Esq. of Chilham Castle;
and Emily.
1. Anue Maiia, m. William Waller, Esq. of Allenstown.
The Archdeacon of Meath rf. 1759. His eldest son,

Ralph Smyth, Esq. of Eieklstown, co. Westmeath, High
Sheriff 1760, m. 4 April, 1748, Judith, dau. of Balthazar John
C'i'amer, Esq., by Hon. Judith Butler his wife, dau. of Brinslcy,
1st Viscount Lanesborough, and had (with a younger son,
James, Capt. E.N., who was killed in action during the
American war 1781) an elder son and heir,

Ealph Smyth, Esq. of Gaybrook, High Sheriff 1790, 6. 1751 ;
rni. 1st, Mary, dau. of M. Harrison, Esq., by whom he had
several children, all of whom d. young, except a dau.,
Catherine, m. Hon. George Cavendish, of Leixlip Castle, co.
Kildare. He m. 2ndly, 1799, Hannah Maria, dau. of Sir Eobert
Staples, 5th Bart, of Dunmore, and by her (who d. 18 Feb.
1849) had issue,

I. Ealph, his heir.

II. Egbert, successor to his brother.
J. Mary Jane, d. unm. 27 Feb. 1843.

II. Anne, in. 1830, Walter MacGeough Bond, Esq. of The
Argory, co. Armagh, and has issue.

III. Elizabeth Selina, m. 1839, Francis Longworth Dames,
Esq. 01 Greenhill, King's co., and had issued

Mr. Smyth d. 1817, and was s. by his eldest son,

Ealph Smyth, Esq. of Gaybiook, b. 1800; to. 1821, Geor-
giana, dau. of Hon John Thomas Capel, 2nd son of AVilliam
Anne, 4th Earl of Essex, by whom (who to. 2ndly, 18 June,
2831, Pierce O'Brien Butler, Esq. of Dimboyne Castle, co.
Meath, and d. 19 Oct. 1835) he had no issue. He d. 1827, and
was s. by his brother,

Egbert Smyth, Esq. of Gaybrook, J. P., D.L., 6. 20 July,
1801, late 7th Hussars, and Capt. 24th Eegt., High Sheriff
CO. Westmeath 1830, and co. Antrim 1852 ; in. 20 May, 1830,
Henrietta Frances, youngest dau. of Nathaniel Alexander,
D.D., Bishop of Meath, and by her (who d. 9 July, 1885) had

1. Ealph, his heir.

u. Nathaniel Alexander, b. 5 Dec. 1835 ; d. 1838.

III. Egbert Staples, 5. 21 Dec. 1837; in. 24 Aug. 1862,
Christina, dau. of Mr. Macpherson, and has, with other
issue, a son, Ralph.

IV. James, now of Gaybrook.

I. Anne, TO. 20 March, 18.i9, Charles Pole Stuart, Esq. of
Woburn Sands, Woburn, Beds, ind son of William Stuart,
Esq. of Aldenham Abbey, Herts, and has issue.

II. Maria Hannah, to. 3 Oct. Is65, Samuel Thompson, Esq.,
of Muckamore Abbey, co. Antrim, and has issue.

III. Henrietta Frances, in. 1st, 3 Oct. 18B.-S, George Travers
Alacartney, Esq., late Capt. I5th Hussars, of Lissanure
Castle, CO. Antrim, and had by liiu (who d. 29 Au?. 1874)
issue. She m. 2ndly, 39 June, 1877, Hamilton W. Palmer,
2nd son of W. L. Palmer, Esq. of Eahan, Edenderiy, co.
Kiidare, and has issue.

Mr. Smyth d. 28 July, 1878, and was s. by his eldest son,

Ralph Smyth, Esq. of Gaybrook, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1S79, lormerly Capt. I7th Rcgt., served in the Crimea,
m. 6 Aug. 1861, Hon. Selina Constance Somcrville, 4th dau. of
Kenolm, 17th Baron Somcrvillc, Admiral R.N., and d. s. p. 20
Nov. 1890, and was s. by his younger brother, Col. James
Smyth, now of Gaybrook.

.<4nHs— Arg., on a bend, between two unicorns' heads couped
az., three lozenges or. Cresi— Out of a ducal coronet or, a
unicoin's head az. il/o»o— Exaltabit honore.

Seat — Gaybrook, MuUingar, co. Westmeath.

a^fe— Naval and Military, and Kiidare Street (Dublin),


Alicia Maria Eliza, The llox. Lady Smyth,
of Drumcree, co. Westmeath, m. 12 Feb. 1866,
Gen. the Hon. Sir Leicester Curzon, K.C.B.,
K.C.M.G-., late Kifle Brigade, Knt. of the Legion
of Honour and the Medjidie, A.D.C. to Lord Eag-
lan in the Crimea. He vras Military Sec. in Ire-
laud 18G5 to 1870, and commanded the troops in
South Africa 1880, and administered the Govern-
ment of the Cape of Good Hope 1883. He was
appointed to the commatid of the Southern Dis-
trict in 1889, and in the following yenr was made
Commander-in-Cliief of Gibraltar, and d. 27 Jan.
1891, while holding that command. He assumed
by royal licence, 16 Nov. 1866, the surname and
arms of Smyth. Sir Leicester was youngest son of
Richard William Penn, 1st Earl Howe, G.C.H., by
Harriett Georgiana his 1st wife, dau. of Robert, Gth
Earl of Cardigan. (See Bueee's Peerage) He was
b. 25 Oct. 1829, was J.P. and D.L. for Westmeath,
and served as High Sheriff 1872.

Xiineag'e.— Thomas Smyth, Esq of Drumcree, Capt. in
the army, son (by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir Eichard
Ilawkesworth, Knt. of Hawkeswoitli) of Capt. Ralph Smyth, of
Ballymacastle, who was also ancestor of the Smyths of Gay-
brook (whom see), to. Elizabeth Hatfield, and had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Thomas (Ven.), Archdeacon of Glendalough, 6. 7 Feb.
1723; TO. 1st, Mary GiC'ord, and 2ndly, Elizalieth Mitchell,
and d. s. p.

III. Hawkesworth, m. Evelyn Sherard, and had issue.

I. Mary, in. 1693, Thomas Nugent, Esq. of Cloulost, and had

II. Elizabeth, m. Edward Lucas, Esq. of Castle Shane, whose
son, Thomas, m. Hon. Alice Blayney, dau. of William, 6th
Lord Blayney, and had issue.

III. Anne, m. Dudley Loftus, Esq. of Kiliyon, and had issue,
of whom Dudley, w. Lady Jane Gore, dau. of Arthur, 2ud
Earl of Arran.

IV. Alice, in. Eichard Berry, Esq. of Wardenstown, and had
issue, Mary, m. Humphrey, 1st Earl of Lanesborough, and
had issue.

V.Abigail, m. Thomas Judge, Esq. of Grangebeg, and had issue.
The son and heir,

William Smyth, Esq. of Drumcree, to. Mary King, dau. and
heir of Eobert King, Esq. of Coxard, co. Fermanagh, and
niece and ward of William King, Archbishop of Dublin, and by
her had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Ealph, ancestor of Smyth of Glananea.
The eldest son,

Thomas Smyth, Esq. of Drumcree, m. 1st, his cousin, Alice,
dau. of Thomas Nugent, Esq. of Clonlost, by whom he had
I. William, his heir.
I. Frances Maria, to. Eev. Philip Johnson.

He VI. 2ndly, Miss Purefoy, and 3rdly, Martha, of Ven.

6 D






Francis Hutchinson, Archdeacon of Down and Connor, liy
whom he had a son,

II. TiioMAS HcTCHiNsox, anccstor of Smyth of Balli/negall.
The elder son,

William Smyth. Esq. of Prumcrce, If. P. co. Wcstmeath.
and High Sheriff 1770, ),i. 1st, Maria, dau. of Mark Synnot,
Ksq. of Prumcondrasli, co. Arniash, and sister of Sir Walter
Synnot, Knt. of Ballymoyer, and by lier had issue,

I. Robert, his htir.

I. Anne, in. 1st, Hon. Kobert Kochfort, and 2ndly, Thomas
Creaser, M.D.. of Bath.

He m. Cndly, a dau. of H. Maxwell, Esq. of co. Down, and by
her had

II. William Hamilton, J.r., of Drumbeg, co. Down, m. Isa-
bella -Mai'saret, dau. of Henry Daniel, Esq. of New Forest.
Westnieath, and d. 1S66, having had issue,

1 William Maxwell, late Capt. in the army. h. 1823; ,».
IS7o, Agnes Mary, dau. of Claude de Queiros, Ksq. of

2 Arthur, Capt. 45th Eegt., d. s. p. 3 Henrj-.
HI. James, Lieut. Westmeath Rifles.

II. Letitia, m. John Berry, Esq. of Middleton, co. Westnieath,
.and had J. W. Middleton Berry, d. s. p.
[ III. Alicia, m. J. Gibbons, Esq. of Ballynegall, co. West-

IV. Emily, m. Rev. Michael de Courcy, nephew of John, 26th
Lord Kings.ale, and had issue (see Burke's Ptirar/e).

Mr. Smyth d. May, 1S27, and was s. by his son,.

Robert Smyth, Esq. of Drumcree House, High Sheriff 1823,
and M.P. for the co. 1826, h. Jan. 1777 ; m. 26 Jan. 1835; Eliza-
beth, widow of Major Snodgrass, and sister of Col. Clones,
H.E.I.C.S., and left at his decease, two daus., his co-heirs,
1. Alicia Maria Eliza, m. (as above) the late Gen. the Hon.
Sir Leicester Curzon (afterwards Smith), of Drumcree ; and
u. Emily Anne.

y< /•)/!«— Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., on a bend, between two
unicorns' heads couped az., three lozenges or, a canton erm.,
lor difference, for Smyth; 2nd and 3rd arg., on a bend sa.,
three popinjays or, collared gu., a rose tor distinction, for Cur-
zon. Ci-tsts—ist: Out of a ducal coronet or, a unicorn's head
az.. charged with a lozenge of the first, for Smyth; 2nd: A
popinjay "rising or, collared gu., a rose for distinction, for Cub-
ZON. Motto — Exaltabitur hoiiore.

Seat — Drumcree House, Killuean.

'J'oim Residence— 2i, South Eaton Place, S.W.


Smyth, Thomas Jame.s, Esq. of Eallynegall, co.
Westmeatli, B.A., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1858, late Capt. Westmeath Rifles, b. 7 July,
1833; *. to the property at the decease of James
William Middleton Berry, Esq., 1855 ; m. 14 Jan.
1864, Bessie, 4th dau. of Edward Anketell Jones,
Esq. of Adelaide Crescent, Brighton, and by her
(who d. 27 Oct. 1891), has issue,

I. Thomas Gibbons Hawiceswortu, Capt. East York (l.jth)
Regt., b. 10 June, 1865.

I. EUinor Marion Hawkesworth.

II. Maud Emily Abigail Hawkesworth.
Liineage. — This is a branch of Smtth of Dnmicree.
Thomas Hutchinson Smyth, Esq. (only son of Thomas

Smyth, Esq. of Drumcree, by his 3rd wife, Martha, dau. of
Ven. Francis Hutchinson, Archdeacon of Down and Connor),
served as High Sheriff 1792, being then described as of
"Smythboro," or Coole. He m. 1790, Abigail, dau. of John
Hamilton, Esq. of Belfast, and d. 1830, leaving issue by her
(who d. Ib53),

Thomas, his heir. Francis, Capt. E.N.

John Stewart, d. 1887. Edward, d. 1857.

Arthur, M.D., d. lSt)6.

Hamilton, Barrister-at Law, h. 1813 ; d. 1859.

Anna. Emily.

The eldest son,

Rev. Thomas Smyth, h. 1796; to. Aug. 1832, Mary Anne,
dau. of Adam Tate Gibbons, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., and r.iece of
James Gibbons, Esq. of Ballynegall, and d. 8 March, 1874,
leaving issue,
Thomas .Tames, now of Ballynegall.

James Giiibons, Major-Gen. ^retired) formerly Lieut.-Col.
39th Regt., b. 21 Feb. 1837; m. Oct. 1875, Ellinor, dau. of
Col. Powell, of Banlahan, co. Cork, and has issue, one dau.
Eleanor Mar)-.
"William Adam, Lieut.-Col. 11th Regt., 6. 1839; d. Oct.

Albeit Edward, Col. 15th Regt., ;.. 1842; m. 1S7S, Florence

dau. of Col. Grantham.
Elizabeth .Vbigail Mary Amelia.
Mary Anne, m. J856, Chaworth J. Fergusson, Esq., J.P.,

Banisler-at-Law, and has had issue, Thomas Chawortli, /..

26 Sept. 1858, d. 2 Nov. 1862; William J. Smyth. Capt.

King's Dragoon Guards, h. 19 Aug. 1864; and Herbert

Chaworth, Lieut. 71st Higlilanders, h. 5 Dec. 1865.
Louisa -Anna, 9)!. July, 1875, Richard Reynell, Esq., eldest

son of Richard Winter Reynell, Esq. of Killyuon, and d.

1881, leaving issue, Richard and Louisa Anna.
,4)-Hi.'!, li-c. — Same as Smyth of Gaybrook.
-b'cai— Ballynegall, near MuUingar.


Smyth, Lady Haeriette G-eeteude Isabei.i,a,
of Ballynatray, co. Waterford, m. 17 Oct. 1872,
Lieut. -Col. John Henry Graham Holroyd, J.P.,
Comm. 3rd Jiatt. Prince of Wales' Leinster Regt.,
late Capt. Goth Regt. (has 3rd class of Medjidie),
and has issue,

I. Rowland Henry Ttssen, b. 1874.

II. Ch.irles Edward Ridley, 6. 1882.

III. William Baker, b. 1885.

I. Isabclle Charlotte Sophie Wilniot.

II. Helena Anna Mary More. in. Harriette Gwendoliii.

IV. Sophia Beryl Sheila. v. Victoria Penelope Minna.

Lieut.-Col. and Lady Harriette Holroyd assumed by
royal licence 3 June, 1892, the surname and arms-
of Smyth iia lieu of Holroyd.

Liiueag'e. — This family of Smtth has been settled iu
CO. Wateiiord for nearly three centuries, holding a distin-
guished position amongst its largest landed proprietors. In
the ruined cathedral of Ardmore (the burial place of Smyth
of Head.borowjh), there is a sculptured flag on a tomb, bearing:
the names, arms, and crests of the Headborough family, dated
in the 16th century.

Sir Richard Smyth, Knt. of Ballynatray, co. Waterford,
and Rathcogan, co. Cork, who flourished in the reign of
Queen Elizabeth, m. Mary, dau. of Roger Boyle, Esq. of
Preston, Kent, and sister of Richard Boyle, the first and
great Earl of Cork, and had one son and three daus.,

I. Percy (Sir), his heir.

I. Catherine, m. 24 April, 162'2, William FitzEdmond Supple,
Esq. of Aghadoe, ancestor of De Capel Brooke, Bart, of

II. liorothy, m. Arthur Freke, Esq., ancestor of Lord Car-

III. Alice, m. 1st, William Wiseman, Esq. of Bandoc, and
2ndly, Bernard Roche, Esq. of Ballyhendon.

Sir Richard commanded as captain in the defeat and expulsion
of the Spaniards at Castle-Ny Parke, co. Cork. He was s. by
his son.

Sir Percy Smyth, Knt. of Ballynatray, distinguished for
his loyalty and courage in the rebellion of 1641. He raised
one hundred men to assist Sir William St. Leger, Lord Pre-
sident of Munster, and obtained at the same time, with Lord
Broghill and Capt. Brodriek, his commission as Capt. of Foot.
He was knighted 17 Jan. 16'29, and was Military Governor of
the town of Youghal in 1645. Sir Percy m. 1st, Mary, dau. of
Robert Meade, Esq. of Broghill, and by her (who d. 27 Nov.
1633) had issue,

I. Mabella, m. Sir Henry Tynte, M.P. for Youghal, whose
dau. Elizabeth, in. Sir Uichaid Hull, of Leamcon Manor.

II. Joan, m. Beverley Ussher, Esq., whose dau. Mary, hi.
Francis Smyth, Esq. of Rathcourcy, co. Cork.

Sir Percy i)i. 2ndly, Isabella, dau. of Arthur TJsshcr, Esq. (by
Judith his wife, dau. of Sir Robert Newcomen), and grand-
dau. of Sir William Ussher, Clerk of the Council, by Isabella
his wife. dau. of the Most Rev. Adam Lnftus, D.D., Arch-
bishop of Dublin and Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, and
left issue,

I. Boyle, M.P. for Tallow, whose will, dated 15 Aug. 1C6I,
was proved the following year, d. uuni. v. p.

II. Percy, d. unm.

III. William, liis heir, anccstor of SyiYTH of Headborov;/ii.

IV. Richard, of whom wc treat.

v. John, whose will, dated 15 Aug. 1688, was proved in
Dublin, d. s. p.

III. .Margaret, d. unm.

IV. Elizabeth, m. Charles Oliver, Esq. of Castle Oliver, co.

V. Isabella, m. Walter Galwey, Esq. of Cork.

VI. Maria, m. Very Rev. Arthur Stanhope, Dean of Water-
ford, and d. 1684.





VII. Catherine, ni. Rev. John Eugge, of Ballydaniel, co.

EicHARD Smyth, Esq. of Ballynatray, 2nd surviving son of
Sir Percy Smyth, Knt. of Ballynatray, by Isabella, his 2ncl
wife, dau. of Arthur Ussher, Esq. He to. 1st, Susanna, dan.
of John Gore, Esq. of Clonronc, co. Clare, who d. s. p. He
m. 2ndly, Alice, dau. (and co-heir with her sister, Susanna,
wife of Thomas Ponsonby, Esq. of Crotto) of Richard Grice,
Esq. of Ballycullane, co. Limerick, and had (with a dau., Isa-
bella, m. Col. William Crosby, of Tubbrid, co. Kerry), a son,

Grice Smyth, Esq. of Ballynatree, vi. Gertrude, dau. of
William Taylor, Esq. of Burton, co. Cork, and had issue,
RicHAKD, his heir, and Deborah, who m. Robert Blakeney,
Esq. of Mount Blakeney, co. Limerick, brother of Lord
Blakeney. He d. intestate, administration to his effects
granted 24 April, 1724, and was s. by his son and heir,

Richard Smyth, Esq. of Ballynatray, b. 1706; m. 1st,
1734, Jane, dau. and co-heir of George Rogers, Esq. of Cork,
son of Robert Rogers, Esq. of Lotamore, M.P., and by her
had one dau., Gertrude, m. William Blakeney, Esq. of Mount
Blakeney, co. Limerick. Mr. Smyth m. 2ndly, 1756, Pene-
lope, dau. of John Bateman, Esq. of Oak Park, co. Kerry, and
by her (who d. Sept. 1789) had issue,

I. Richard, his successor.

It. Grice, of whom presently, as heir to his brother.

III. John, of Temple Michael, co. Waterford, m. 1st, Pene-
lope, dau. of Jlorley Saui.ders, Esq. of Saunders Grove, by
Lady Mary Stratford his wife, and had one son, John, who
m. Mary, 2nd sister of Kilner Brazier, iisq. of Rivers, co.
Limerick. John Smyth, of Temple Michael, m. 2ndly, Bar-
bara, dau. of Carre Williams, Esq. of Cork, and by her had
a son, Carre, who d. tnim., and a dau. Barbara, m. John
Willington Brazier, Esq., and has a son, Brooke.

IV. Rowland, d. tinm.

I. Elizabeth, m. Sir Henry Hayes, Knt. of Vernon Mount, co.

II. Penelope, m. 1st, 1788, Francis Garden Campbell, Esq. of
Troup House, and Delgaty Castle, co. Banff, and 2ndly,
Major-Gen. Bruce.

Mr. Smyth d. April, 1768, and was s. by his eldest son,

Richard Smyth, Esq. of Ballynatray, who d. umn. and was
s. by his next brother,

Gkice Smyth, Esq. of Ballynatray, to. June, 1795, Mary
Brodrick, dau. and co-heir of Henry Mitchell, Esq. of Mit-
chell's Fort, CO. Cork, by Ellen his wife, dau. of Richard
Feard, Esq. of Coole Abbey, same co., and by her (who to.
2ndly, John Caulfeild Irvine, Esq.) had issue,

I. Richard, his heir.

II. Henry Mitchell, ancestor of Smyth of Castle Widenham

III. Grice Blakeney (Rev.), d. 18 July, 1864.

IV. Rowland, d. unm. 12 July, 1836.

V. John Rowland (Sir), K.C.B., Gen. in the army, and Col.
6th Dragoon Guards, d. 14 May, 1873. He m. Hon. Catha-
rine Alice Abbot, dau. of Charles, 1st Lord Tentcrden, and
by her (who d. 31 Dec. 1865) had a dau. Penelope Mary
Gertrude, to. 2 Aug. 1859, Charles Stewart Aubrey, 4th Lord
Tenterden, and is deceased.

I. Ellen, TO. Henry Wallis, Esq. of Drishane Castle, co.

II. Penelope, m. 5 April, 1836, H.R.H. Charles Ferdinand
Borbone, Prince of Capua, who d. 22 April, 1862, leaving
by her (who d. 13 Dec. 18s2),

Francesco Ferdinando Carlo Borbone, Prince of Capua.
Viitoria Augu>ta Penelope Borbone.

III. Gertrude, to. 11 April, 1840, William Lewis, 1st Lord
Dinorbcn, and d. 2 Jan. 1871, leaving an only child, Hon.
Gwen Gertrude Hughes, to. 26 Sept. 1871, Sir Arundell
Neave, 4th Bart, of Dagham, who d. 21 Sept. 1877, leaving
Sir Thomas Lewis Neave, 5ih Bart., and other issue.

Mr. Smyth d. 18 Jan. 1816, aged 54, and was s. by his eldest

Richard Smyth, Esq. of Ballynatray, M.A., J.P. and D.L.,
and at one time High Sheriff, h. 7 May, 1796; m. 31 Oct. 1821,
Hon. Harriet St. Leger, dau. of Hayes, 2nd Viscount Doneraile,
by Charlotte his wife, dau. of James Bernard, Esq. of Castle
Bernard, and sister of Francis, 1st Earl of Bandon, and by her
(who d. 29 May, 1846) had an only surviving child,

Charlotte Mary, of Ballynatray.
Mr. Smyth d. 19 April, 1858, and was s. by his dau.

Charlotte Mary Smyth, of Ballynatray, who m. 18 Jan.
1848, Charles William, .5th Earl Mount Cashell (see Burke's
Peerage) who assumed by Royal Licence 9 July, 1858, the
additional name and arms of Smyth. She d. 17 Jan. 1892,
having had issue,

I. Richard Charles More, &. 26 Sept. 18.59; m. 16 Oct. 1884,
Helen Stirling, younger dau. of Rev. William Makellar, and
d. V. TO. 3 Jan. 1888, leaving a son,

Claude William Stephen Richard, Lord Kilworth, 6. 19
Dec. 1387 ; el. 1 Oct. 1890.

I. Harriette Gertrude Isabella, now of Ballynatray.

II. Helena Anna Mary, d. unm. 6 Nov. 1876.

III. Charlotte Adelaide Louisa Riversdale.

The Countess Mount Cashell having no surviving male issue
was s- at her death by her eldest dau.

^rms— Arg., on a bend, betv/een two unicorns' heads erased
az., armed, crined, and tufted or, three lozenges of the last, u
crescent gu. for difference. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or,
a demi-bull salient arg., armed and unguled or, and ch:irged
with a crescent gu. for difference. Motto — Cum plena magis.

Seat — Ballynatray, Youghal.


Smyth, Percy, Esq. of Headborough and
Monatrea, co. Waterford, B.A., J.P., High Sheriff
1872, b. 8 Oct. 1839 ; m. 27 June, 1865, Mary,
eklest dau. of Robert Perceval Max-well, Esq. of
Finnebrogiie and Groomsport House, co. Down, by
Helena Anne his wife, only d;iu. of William
Moore, Esq. of Moore Hill, co. Waterford, and has

I. William Crofton, 6. 25 Jan. and d. 19 Feb. 18G8.

II. Percy Robert Edward, b. 4 Nov. 1870.

III. Cecil Ernest, 6. 19 Dec. 1871.

IV. Robert Riversdale, b. 8 Dec. 1875.

I. Ethel Maud. ii. Louisa Mary Kathleen.

liiueagre. — William Smyth, Esq. of Headborough, 3rd'
son of Sir Percy Smyth, of Ballynatray, ra. Anne, dau. of
Richard Smyth, Esq. of Bridgelield, co. Cork, and d. leaving
issue, a son and heir,

Percy Smyth, Esq. of Headborough, Capt. in the army, r.i.
Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Jervois, Esq. of Bradc, co. Cork,
and by her had issue.

I. William, his heir.

I. Mary, el. unm.

II. Esther, to. 1st, Robeit Gookin, Esq. of Carraieen, eo.
Cork, who rf. 1752, leaving issue, and 2ndly, 17."i5, James
Bernard, Esq., M. P., of Castle Bernard, and (<. 17bO, leav-
ing, with other issue,

1 Francis Bernard, Esq. of Castle Bernard, created 1800,
Earl 01 Bandon (see Burke's Pieteigei.

III. Anne, m. 1747, Hibernicus Scott, Esq. of Lisnalecn or
Flaxford, co. Cork, and had issue,

1 Percy, of whom presently.

2 Matthew, Lieut.-Col. 18th Foot, d. unm. in the West

3 Anne, to. Rev. Edward Spread, of Forest, Rector of
Youghal, and '/.leaving an only ehikl, Anne Isabella, who
III. Rev. Henry Hamilton Beamish, of Mountbearaish.

Mr. Smyth was s. by his only son,

William Smyth, Esq. of Headborough, m. Elizabeth, dau.
and co-heir of Digby Fowke, Esq., and dying s. p. 1794, was
s. by his nephew, Percy Scott, who assumed the name of
Smyth, and became

Percy Scott-Smyth, Esq. of Headborough. He ra. Sarah,
dau. of Samuel Kingston, Esq. of Bandon, co. Cork, by the
dau. of Robert Gookin, Esq. (6th in descent from Sir St.
Vincent Gookin), and had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Percy (Rev.), s. his brother.

I. Elizabeth, el. unm.

II. Anne, d. unm.

III. Sarah, d. unm.

IV. Esther, m. Crofton Uniacke, Esq. of Ballyro, co. Cork,
and d. March, 1868.

Mr. Sc

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