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ott-Smyth d. 1826, and was ,<;. by his eldest son,

William Smyth, Esq. of Headborough, d. uitr.i., and was
s. by his brother.

Rev. Percy Smyth, of Headborough and Monatrea, m. 4r
Sept. 1827, Catherine, dau. of John Odell, Esq. of Carriglea, •
CO. Waterford, by Catherine his wife, dau. of Mathew Young.
D.D., Bishop of Clonfert, and d. 1848, leaving by her (who ('.
11 May, 1882), an only son and heir, Percy, now of Head-

Arms — Arg., on a bend, between two unicorns' heads coupcrt
az., three lozenges or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a
demi-bull salient sa., armed and unguled or. Motto — Cum
plena magis.

Seats — Headborough, Tallow, and Monatrea, co. Waterford,


Smyth, Johx, Esq. of Masonbrook, co. Cralway,
J.P., High Sheriff 1878, late Capt. loth Rcgt.,

6 D 2





b. 1S35; m. 1863, Charlotte Frances, dau. of
Audre\v ^Yilliam Blake, Esq., D.L., of Furhoiigli,
CO. Gahyay, and has issue,

I. JonN James, Lieut. 4th Batt.Connauffht Ranscrs, h. ISfiC.
n. Kobert Henry, 6. IBC'J. iii. Edgar, 6. 1873.

IV. Harold, 6. 1S7S.
I. Marion, b. IS72. ii. Jlildrcd, h. 1875.

Iiiueagre. — James Smtth, Esq., J.P., of MasonbrooU.
CO. Galway. in. Charlotte McDerniott, 3rd dau. of Jlajor
McDermott, co. Galway, and had by her

I. John, now of Masonbrook.

II. James, 6. 1839; d. 1876.

in. Authonv, late Capt. Galway Militia, formerly Capt. 2Sth
Foot, 6. 1842.

I. Annie Jo,«ephine, hi. 17 Feb. 1857, John Martyn, E^q. of
Tillyra Castle, co. Galway, J. P.

II. Louisa, a nun in the cloisters of the Sisters of llercy.
Mr. Smyth d. 1868, and was s. by his eldest son, C.\pt. John
Smyth, now of Jlasonbrool;,

&a£ — Masonbrook, near Loiighrca.


Smyth E, William Lysteu, E.sq. of Barb.avilla,
CO. Wcstmeath, J. P. and U.L., High Sheriff 1888,
Major Dublin Artillery Militia, formerly Assistant
Private Secretary to Earl Spencer, K.G-., when
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1882-5, Gentlcman-in-
"Waitinsi to the Earl of Aberdeen in 1886, and now
Gentleman-iii-Waiting to his present Excellency
since 1892, b. 29 S^ept. 1859; m. 6 Oct. 1885, Agnes
Mary llenrietta, only dau. of Capt. Eichard Weld
Litton, late 3 1st Eegt., by Mary his wife, dau. of
Sir Hugh Stewart, 2nd Bart, of Athenry, and has

He.nut IxfiOLDSBT Ltster, 6. 4 June, 1800.
Gladys Mary Lyster, 6. 1887.

Lineag-e.— This is a branch of Smtth of Gayhrook,
?lirii)j;i'.ig from

William Smtthe, Esq. of Barbavilla, b. 1603, youngest son
of Eight Rev. William S.mtth, Bishop of Kilmore and
Ardagh (see Smyth of G-iyhvook), who purchased different
estates in Westmeath from Lord Fitzwilliam, of Merrion, and
others 1670, ra. 1712, Barbara, dau. of Sir George Ingoldsby,
ind Bart, of Lethenborough, co. Buckingham, by Elizabeth
■Cromwell, 1st cousin of the Protector. Mr. Smythe d. 1773,
leaving a son and heir,

Ralph Smytbe, Esq. of Barbavilla, 6. 1716; m. Anne, dau.
of Darby Clarke, Esq. of co. Kiklare, and sister o£ James
Clarke, Esq., M.P. for Ballymahon, and had issue,
William, his heir.

lialph, of Orogheda, m. Mary .Schoales, and had a son,
P^lph (lA Newtown House, co. Louth, J.P., who m. Anna,
dau. of Rev. CharlesCranford, Vicarof St. Mary's Urogheda,
and had Ralph, of Newtown House, J. P., High' Shevitl' 1869,
late Capt. Louth Militia, ra. 1857, Mary Henrietta, dau. of
Henry Jeremiah Smith, Esq. of Annesbrook, which lady d.
1876; and 2ndly, lSi8, Maria Georgina, youngest dau. of
James Brab^zon, Esq, of Momington, co. Meath, and has
a son, Ralph George, 6. Is64: Mary Frances, m. l8bG,
Robert, 2nd son of Sir George Forster, Bart. ; and Sarah),
and a dau. Mary Hannah, who r,i. St. George Smith, Esq. of
Frances, vi. 4 June, 1787, Sir Hugh Crofton, of Mohill House,

CO. Leitrim, and had issue (ste Bcbke's Peerage).
Barbara, in. John Cooke, Esq. of Cookesborough, and had
Mr. .Smythe d. 1790, and was a. by his eldest son and heir,

William Smythe, Esq. of Barbavilla, b. 1761 ; m. 1783,
Catherine, dau. and hieress of William Meade Ogle, Esq., M.P.
for Drogheda, and had issue,
Ralph, bis heir.

William Meade, of Deer Park, Devon, M.P. for Drogheda,
TO. Aug. l8lo, Lady Isabella Howard, dau. of William. 3rd
Earl of Wickiow, and d. 9 July, 1866, having had three
daus., Eleanor, Catherine Stuarta, and Is.abella.
Jlenry, of Newtown, co. Louth, ra. Frances Barbara, dau. of
Rev. R. Cooke, of Ballyneal, co. Kilkenny, and d. 1«62,
Jiaving had, with other issue, a son, Richard Altaniont, of
Lau'agh, Queen's co.. High Sheriff co. Louth 1871, late
Capt. Salop .Militia, b. 1838, m. 29 July, 1869, Frances Anne
Jane, dau. oi Sir Edward Alan Bellingham, 3rd Bart, of
Castle Bellingham, and has issue,
Alan Theodore, 6. 8 Sept. 1873.
Eudo Somerset, h. 18 Uct. 1875.

Agnes Elizabeth. Laura Frances.

Olive Mary.

John (Rev.), of Dromiskin, co. Louth, m. Harriet, dau. of
Rev. J. Wyatt, and had issue,

William, d. 1842. James. Henry. Frederick.

Altha Maria, m. Thomas Rice Fosbery, of Clorane, whu

d. s. p. 18'28.
Anne, m. Col. Thomas Wade, Deputy-Adjutant-General of
Ireland, and had issue. Their son, SirT. F. Wade, K.C.B.,
?«. 2S July, 1868, Amelia, dau. of Sir John Herschel, 1st

Catherine Elizabeth, m. John Hamilton, Esq. of The Grove,
CO. Meath {see Hamilto.n of Abbotstown).
Ml-. Smythe (/. 1812, and was s. by his eldest son and heir,

Ralph Smythe, Esq. of Barbavilla, b. 1786; m. 1808, Eliza,
dau. and heiress of Matthew Lyster, Esq. of New Park, co.
Roscommon, and by her (who d. 1845) left at his decease,

William Bahlow, his heir.

Henuy Matthew, late of Barbavilla.

Frederick, formerly 66th Eegt., Staff Officer of Pensioners
Major (retired on full pay), m. Ellen, dau. of Benjamin
Johnson, Esq. of Newcastle, co. Northumberland, and has

Hi-nry Gerald.

Ellen. Emma. Helena.

The eldest son,

AVilliam Bablow Smythe, Esq. of Barbavilla, J. P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 183'2, and J.P. co. Meath, b. '26 Nov. 1809; m.
7 Feb. 1837, Lady Emily Monek, dau. of Henry Stanley, Earl
of Eathdowne, and by her (who d. 25 Nov. 1S37) had one

Emily, d. 3 Dee. 1842.
Mr. Smythe ('. 1886, and was s. by his brother,

Henry Matthew Smythe, Esq. of Rarbavilla, co. West-
meath, B.A., J.P. CO. Roscommon, b. 1810; m. 3 Dec , 1855,
Maria, 2nd dau. of the late Robert Carr Coote, Esq., Capt.
8tli Royal Irish Hussars, brother of Sir Cliaiies Coote, 9th
Bart, of Ballyfin, and by her (who was murdered in her
brother-in-law's carriage at Barbavilla 2 April, 1882), had issue,
William Lyster, now of Barbavilla.

Margaret Altha 3Iaria, m. 3 Dec. 1880, W. E. Smyth, Esq.
of Glananea.
Eii/abeth Ada Mary, ra. 1st, 1878, Christopher W. Bailey,
Esq. of Moorock House, co. Clare, and 2ndly, 21 Dec. 1885,
James Hume Dodgson, Esq.
Loui-sa Ellen Lyster.

Lydia Lucy Lyster, m. 30 July, 1887, Robert Daiicy Guin-
ness, Esq.
Maud Francis Lyster, ra. 20 Aug. 1S91, Henry Richard
Banister, Esq.
Mr. H. M. Smythe d. 6 Sept. 1833, and was s. by his eldest

Arms, dr. — Same as Smyth of Gayhrook.
.S't(i(— Barbavilla, Collinstown, co. Westmeath. Town
Residence— Z'i, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin.
Club — Kildare Street, Dublin.


SsiTTHE, Geokge, Esq. of Hilton, co. S,alop,
Capt. R.xN. (retired), 6. 26 Sept. 1811 ; m. 19 April,
1855, Georgiana, dau. of Dr. Allardyce, of Chelten-
ham, by his 2nd wife, Georgiana Shakespear, and
has a dau. Annie Georgiana.

Lineage— There is every reason to believe that the
family of Smythe became settled at Hilton at a remote period;
but as the Court Rolls extend only as far back as 1327, temxi.
Edward II., there is no documentary proof of the fact beyond
a charter granted by Edward I., afterwards contirmel by
Elizabeth. Several branches emanated irom the parent
stock, and held considerable possessions in the neighbour-

Thomas Smythe, Esq. of Hilton, Capt. Shropshire Militia,
rii. Elizabeth, dau. of Wannerton Groome, Esq. of Trysull, co.
Stafford, and Mary his wife, and by her had an only son, John
Groome, and a dau. Elizabeth. The former,

John Groome Smythe, Esq. of Hilton, D.L., Major Local
Militia, b. 18 July, 1771; m. 23 Sept. 1805, Anne, youngest
dau. of Thomas Parke, Esq. of Highfield House, co. Lancaster,
and sister of Lord Wensleydale, and by her (who d. 4 Nov.
1852) had issue,

Thomas, late representative.

John Groome, b. 9 Oct. 1809, H.E.I.C.S. ; d. 25 July, 1839.

Geoege, present representative.





Henry Ealph (Kev.), h. 23 May, 1S13, Rectory of Beckbury,

Salop, deceased.
Anne, ra. 23 Dec. 1839, Gen. Henry Monckton, 4th son of
Hon. Kdward Monckton, of Somcrford, co. .Stafford, 3i(l son
of John, 1st Viscount Galway, and d. 10 April, 1S78, leav-
ing issue. Gen. Monckton d. 29 June, 1854.
Major Smythe d. 8 Dec. 1835, and was s. by his eldest son,

Tho.mas Smythe, Esq. of Hilton, Salop, and Try.sull, co.
Stafford, formerly Lieut. -Col. Madras Engineers, late Com-
manding 3rd batt. Staffordshire, R.V., 6. 12 Sept. 1808; in.
19 May, 1857,. Mary, only child of Eear-Admiral Deans, K.N.
(by bis 1st wife, Mary Clay), and by her(who d. 2 April, 1862;
had isaue,

I. Mary Eliza Clio, ^

II. Cecilia Anne Parke, ''of Manor House, TrysuU.

III. Anne Blanche. )

^rms— Sa., a bend between six martlets ar;
buffalo's head ppr.
&at— Hilton, near Bridgenorth, Salop.

Crest— X


Smttiie, Datid Mueeay, Esq. of Methven
Castle, CO. Perth, J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. 3rd
Batt. Eoyal Highlanders, b. 17 Nov. 1850.

liineag-e. — Thomas Smyth, having applied his talents to
the study of physic, attained hit;h eminence in the medical
profession, and was appointed Apothecary to James 111., King
of Scotland, as appears by a charter bearing date 29 Jan. 1477.
He was father of

Patbick Smyth, of Braco, co. Perth, temp. James IV. His

William Smyth, of Braco, had a cliarter of the lands of
Braco and Warkland, Aug. 1536, m. Agnes Scott, of thefamily
of Balwearie, and relict of Christopher Suel, of Balgarvie, by
whom tie had a son,

PATnicK Smyth, of Braco, served heir to his father 1561.
He j)i. Christian, dau. of Haldane, of Killour, and d. 1604.
His son, Alexander, m. Margaret Oliver, of Pitfogo, and
((. I-. p. 1603, leaving issue, Patrick, who s. his grandfather;
and Andrew, of Uapness in Orkney, who left issue. His

Patrick Smyth, of Braco, he m. 1st, 1618, Catherine, dau.
of George Graham, Bishop of Orkney, and had issue,

Henry, b. 1621: joined the Royal army, and was killed at
Maiston Moor 1644.

George, d. s. p. in the lifetime of his father.

Patrick, successor to the estates.

Andrew, b. 1632 ; m. Miss Stewart, of Burgh, and had issue.

Catherine, j». 1st, John Cowan, Esq. of Tailorton, and 2ndly,
Rev. John Drummond, minister of Moneydie.

Marion, m. Patrick Monteith, Esq. of Egilshaw.

Barbara, m. Rev. John Gibson, minister of Haline.

Jciin, m. Richard Murray, Esq., brother of the Laird of

Margaret, m. James Drummond, Esq. of Drummonderinoch.

The Laird of Braco m. 2nd!y, 1039, Margaret, dau. of Henry
Stewart, of Killinan, and had issue,
John, of Huips, Orkney, b. 1640.

David, of Barnhill, b. 1644 ; m. Miss Bruce, of Cultmalundie,
and had issue.
Alexander, minister of Moneydie, 6. 1646 ; m. the dau. and
co-heir of Arthur Ross, fiishop of Galloway, and lett a son,
James, one oi the most celebrated surgeons of his time, m.
Anne Watson, of Airthcrney, and left three dans., Margaret,
m. Dr. Carmichael, and had issue; Jean, m. Martin
Lindsay, ol Dowhill, and had issue ; Anne, to. Dr. Robert
Wood, and had issue,
Agnes, b. 1G41; vi. Col. Patrick Graham, of Inchbrachie,
and had issue.
The Laird of Braco, m. 3rdly, Margaret Anderson, and had
three daus., who all d. s. p. He was cast away in crossing
the Pentland Firth, where himself and the whole boat's crew
])erished, 26 April, 1655. He was s. by his eldest surviving

Patrick Smyth, of Methven, who purchased the lands of
Methven in 1664, having sold his estate in Orkney; b. 1627;
j;t. 1st, 1652, Anne dau. of James Keith, of Benholm, brother
of William, tith Earl Marischal, by whom he had one son,
Patrick, b. 1655; accidentally killed by his tutor while
shooting on th(! Loch of Methven.
He m. 2ndly, 1682, Janet, dau. of Mungo Haldane, of Glen-
eagles, by whom he had issue,
David, his heir.

Mungo, b. 1684 ; a Military OfiBcer, killed at the siege of

Patrick, 6. 1688; in. Elizabeth, daa. of Col. Strasburgh, of

the Russian army, and left issue.
JIargaret, b. 1685 ; m. Sir Thomas Moncrieffe of that Ilk,

and left issue.
Katherine, b. 1693 ; to. John Campbell, of Glenlyon.

lie was s. by his eldest surviving son,

David Smyth, Esq. of Methven, b. 1683; m. 1707, Katherine,
dau. of William Cochrane, of Kilmarnock, by his wife, the
Lady Grizel Grahame, dau. of James, 3rd Marquess of
Montrose, and had issue, David, of Metliven ; Grahame, Capt.
42nd Highlanders, b. 1718, d. 1751; Christian, 6. 1714, m.
John Crajgie, of Dunbarney ; Grizel, 6. 1715, d. unm. 1735.
He d. 1732, and was.?, by his son,

David Smythe, Esq. of Methven, b. 24 June, 1711 ; m. Ist,
1741, Mary, eldest dau. of James Graham, of Braco, (by his
wife Katherine, daii. of Sir William Stirling, of Ardoch), and
sister of Gen. David Graham, of Gorthie, by whom he had
David, his successor; Katherine, b. 1741, m. 1776, Majt)r
Alexander Duncan, of Lundie, elder brother of Viscount
Duncan; Margaret, 6. 1747, m. 1764, George Oswald, Esq. of
Scotstown, and had issue, Isobel, b. 1748, ('. unm. 1839. He
111. 2ndly, 1761, Katherine, dau. of Patrick Campbell, titular
Lord Monzie, but by her had no issue. Mr. Smythe d. 1764,
and was s. by his son,

David Smythe, Esq. of Methven Castle, 6. 17 Jan. 1746; m,
1st, 8 April, 177'2, Elizabeth, only dau. of Sir Robert Murray,
Bart, of Hillhead, and by her (vvhO(/. 30 June, 1785) had three
sons, David, 6. 1775, an officer in the Guards, </. 1798; Robert,
of Methven; James, b. 1779, d. at Calcutta, 1802; and four
daus. who d. young. He m. 2ndly, 2 Aug. 1794, Euphemia
Amelia (only dau. of Mungo Murray, Esq. of Lintrose, co.
Perth, by his wife, Cecilia Lyon, of Brigton), and ,by her (who
d. 1845) had issue,

George, b. 1797 ; an advocate at the Scottish Bar, d. 1834.

William, of Methven.

Patrick Murray (Rev.), Rector of Solihull, co. Warwick, and
Hon. Canon of Worcester, b. 3 Dec. 181)4; d. 23 Jan. 1872;
TO. 6 Aug. 1844, Anne Gertrude, 2nd dau. of Uobert E. E.
Mynors, Esq. of Weatheroak Hill, co. Worcester, and by
her (who d. May, 1860) had issue. 1 Robert David, 6. 1845 ;
2 Geor^'e Edward, 6. 1846 ; 3 William Mynors, 6. 1850 ; 4
Patiick Murray (Rev.), B.A., Vicar of Westbury, Wilts,
b. IsSO ; and 1 Euphemia Amelia, m. 19 Sept. 1872, Clement
G. Lefroy, Esq., and d. 1884.

Katherine Campbell, 6. 1799; m. 17 July, 1827, Eight Hon.
David P.oyle, of Shewalton, CO. Ayr, Lord President of the
Court of Session in Scotland, and d. 25 Dec. 1880, leaving

Cecilia, b. 1800; d. unm. 1867.

This eminent gentleman, who was one of the Senators rf the
College of Justice, under the title of Lord Methven, d. 30 Jan.
1800, and was s. by his son,

Robert Smythe, Esq. of Methven, J.P. and D.L., a Convener
of the county of Perth, Lieut. -Col. in the army, b. 10 Feb.
1778 ; m. Ist, 5 April, 1810, Mary, 2nddau. of James Townsend
Oswald, Esq. ofDunnikier, co. Eife, and this lady having (L 15
Sept. 1814, he )i!.2ndly, 6 Feb. 1817, Susan Kenton, eldest dau.
of Sir Alexander Muir Mackenzie, 1st Bart, of Delvine, but
by her had no issue. He d. 5 Oct. 1847, and was s. by his

William Smythe, Esq. of Methven Castle, M.A., J.P. and
D.L., and Convener of the county for 34 years, &. 23 Jan.
1803; TO. 1st, 9 Aug. 1838, Margaret, eldest dau. of James
Walker, Esq. of Great George Street, Westminster, F.K.S.,
and by her (who d. 17 Dec. 1846) had a dau.,

1. Margaret, m. 20 Oct. 1875, James David Drummond, 10th
Viscount Strathallan (see Bdrke's Ptcruge, Stkathallan,


He m. 2ndly, 20 Feb. 1849, Emily, dau. of Gen. Sir John
Oswald, G.C.13., K.C.M.G., of Dunnikier, co. Fife, and by her
had issue,

I. David Murray, now of Methven.

II. Charles John, of Strathearn, Natal, b. 21 April, 1852: m.
17 Aug. 1876, Elizabeth Margaret, dau. of John King, Esq.
of Lynedoch, Natal, and has, with other issue, a son, David
William, b. 18 May, 1879.

III. Francis Henry, b. 8 Dec. 1853.

IV. William Frederick, b. 9 Jan. 1859.
II. Emily Beatrice.

Mr. Smythe d. 1892, and was s. by his eldest son,
David Murray Smythe, Esq., now of Methven.

Arms — Az., a burning cup between two chess-rooks in fcsse
or. Unst — A dolphin haurient ppr. Hollo — Mediis trauquillus
in undis.

iVai— Methven Castle, Perth.

VLubs — Naval and Military, Batchclors, Pratt's, and New






S.NEYD, Kalvh, E#q. of Koelo, Snovd, Tiinstall,
Braihvoll, &e. J.P., High Sheriff for "co. Stafford,
1892-3, h. 10 Dec. 1863. m. 19 Dec. 1885, Mary
Kvelyn eldest dau. of Maj-Gen. Arthur Edward
Augustus Ellis, C.S.I. {See Eueke's Peerac/e,
HowAUD DE Waldex, E.) bv the lion. Mina dau. of
1st Baron Taunton {See Bueke's E.rt. Peerages).

Lineag'e. — Tlic following pedigree of the ancient family
Aif Skevd is compiled from the following authorities: Sleigh's
Hhtoi y of L(i k- : Ward's Histonj of Stok\-on-Tvcnt ; Doinisdai/
■Sioj^'onlfliiii, hihI C/ffliin ; Ancknt Pcdigi-ee of Trenthams
of JhccsUi- ; and Obmkkod's History of Cheshire; and from
51SS. in flu- muniment rooms at Keele and Ashcombc, and the
llulton Abtey MSS.

E-ADULF v£L Eadwclt, SOU of Obdgab, caUlorman of the
Defnsanas (Devon and Cornwall), m. -"Klfwyn, dau. and heir
of .a^tlielrcd, last King and 1st Karl of Mercia, by .aithelfloed,
dau. of Alfred the Great, and liad a son,

LEorwiNE, Earl of Mercia, who m. Alwara, dau. of jEthel-
>ian, Duke of the East Angles, and had, with other issue, a
4th son,

GoDwiNE, tainus regis, lord, according to Domesday,
lii many manors in Staffordshire and Cheshire. He had a

WruKic CiLD VEi, UurRir, Lord of Alditheley, Balterley,
and many other manors in StatTordshire and Cheshire,aecording
To lloinesday, m. a dau. of William, Count of Arques, son of
Richard II.. Duke of Xormandy, and had, with other issue, an
eldest son,

Gamel, tainus regis, Lord of Alditheley, Talke, and Balter-
ley, etc., in the co. of Stafford, Mottram Andrew, Cedde, etc.,
in the co. of Chester, at the Domesday Survey, had issue, by
Jii.s w ife (probably a Verdun).

Adam i>e Alditiielet (le Verdun), Lord of Alditheley. Bal-
terley, (tc, in the co. of Stafford. He was the brother of
Itobert de Stanley vel Stonlegh, Sheriff of Staffordshire ir23-
ll'JS. He was father of

LvNCLrucs DK Alditheley, son and heir. Sheriff of Cheshire
>tii,ji. King Stephen, m. ilabel de Stonlegh vel Stanley, dau. of
Heui-y de Stanley, and had issue.

I. Adam de Alditheley, of Alditheley, father of

I IIexhy de Alditheley, lord of large estate in Stafford-
shire, Cheshire, ic., founder of Hulton Abbey, a.d. 122o
d. 123C.

II. EoBERT DE Alditheley, of whom we treat.
EoBEBT DE Alditheley, rn. Joan — , and had a son,
KicHAitD DE Alditheley, who took the name of Sned vel

Snede from the lands of Sned which he held under his cousin,
Henry de Aldiiheley. He m. Eosia, dau. and heir of Henry de
I'raers of Barthomley, in the co. of Chester. He gave a hide
of land called Sithefeld, near tlie wood of Sned, to the Abbey
of Hulton, A.D. 1233, and was bur. Festival of S. Mathias,
'23 Henry III., leaving

I. EicuARD de Sxed, his heir.

II. linger del Sned, who had issue, a son, Tlioinas del Sned
living 6 Edward 1. (1277-S;.

EicHAED DE Sned assumed his mother's arms, gules, a scythe,
argent, vide .Sleigh's Hiitory of Ltdc. He ni. Joanna de Ston-
lc;;b, and had issue,

WiLLiAii DE Sntid VEL SxEDE, who gavc lands near the wood
of Sned, called Kouthescroft, to Hulton Abbey, a.d. r2S0,and
had a grant of lands from Eichard del Hay, a.d. 1270. He
was bur. least of St. Martin, 21 Edward L, leaving issue, by
hi.< wife, Matilda,

Henry de Snede or Sned, who gave land called Merefeld to
Hulton Abbey, a.d. 1298. He in. Margaret, dau. and heir of
Nicholas de Alditheley, who had assumed the name of Tun-
.stall from the manor of that name, which he held under his
kinsman, Nicholas de Alditheley. Henry de Snede was living
A.D. 1310. He had issue,

Nicholas de Snede, who sometimes assumed his mother's
name of de Tunstall, had two grants of land from his kinsman,
Nichola.s de Alditheley, Lord Alditheley, tlie 1st dated 6 Edward
IL, A.D. 1313, of land in Tunstall and Chattcrley, the other
dated 10 Edward II., a.d. 1318. The grants were made at
Helcigh Castle, and were from Nicholas, Lord Alditheley, to
Nicholas de Snede, and to his wife, Idonia, dau. of iEgidiusde
Alditheley, who was the son of William de Alditheley, Lord
of Blore a'.;d Grindon, in co. Stafford, the son of Henry
de Ahlitheley, founder of Hulton Abbey. His son,

Biciiard de Tcnstall de Sneyde, who was engaged in the
Trench wars under the Lord Audley, and fought with him at

the battle of Poicticrs, 30 Edward III. (135G), in commemo-
ration of which services he bore the fleurs-de-lis in his arms, as
appears by his seal, the family having previously carried the
scythe plain. He was the last of the family who bore the
name of De Tunstall, and was «. by his son and heir,

Eichard Sneyde, of Sneyde Bradwelland Tunstall, to whom i
Lord Audley and others granted the manor and demesne lands I
of Bradwell, 2 Henry IV.(UOO),infee farm. He was s. by his. ]
son and heir, i

William Sneyde, of Sneyde Bradwell, &c., living Um^. '
Henry IV., who was i. by his son, |

Eichard Sneyde, of Sneyde Bradwell, drc, who, by Agnea i
his wife, dau. of John Sutton, of Sutton, co. Chester, was '
father of i

Nicholas Sneyde, of Sneyde Bradwell, &c., who was living
1473. He 111. Margaret, dau. and co-heir of Eobert Downes,
of Shrigley, co. Chester, and by her had a son,

William Sneyde, of Sneyde, Tunstall, &c., citizen of Chester,
tc,ii}i. Edward IV. and Henry VII. He m. Johanna, dau.
and heir of Eoger Ledsham, Gent., of Chester, and by her had
issue, Eichard, his heir; William, citizen of Chester, of which
city he was Sheriff 1504, and Mayor 151G and 1532; and Ann,
Hi. Edward Massey, of Broxton,co. Chester. William Sneyde
was Sheriff of the city of Chester 1473, and Mayor 1479. He
was s. by his elder son,

Richard Sneyde, of Sneyde Bradwell, &c., Eecorder of
Chester, m. Ann, dau. of Sir Eobert Fowlehurst, of Crewe,
CO. Chester, was co-executor to his cousin. Sir Eichard Sutton
{d. 1524), the founder, with Bishop Smyth, of Brason-Nose
College, Oxford, and was co-trustee for the College and the
large estates Sir Eichard settled thereon 3 Heney VIII. He
had issue,

William (Sir), his heir.

Richard, M.B. lor Chester 7 Edward VI.

Ann, )ii. I.St, William, eldest son and heir of John Leycester,
Esq. of Tablev; and 2ndly, Roger Hurleston, Esq. of

Jane, m. Sir John Legh, Knt. of Booths.

Elizabeth, m. Sir William Calverley, of Calverley.

He d. 27 Henry VIII. , and was s. by his son and heir.

Sir William Sneyde, Knt. of Bradwell, Sneyde, Tunstall,
&c.. High Sheriff of co. Stafford, 3 Edward VI. and 5 and 6
Philip and Mary, who had a grant of Keele, which had been
parcel of the possessions of the Knights of St. John of Jeru-
salem, from the Crown 36 Henry VIII. He liad been engaged
in the Scottish wars, and participated in the victory of Pinkie,
10 Oct. 1537, I Edward VI. He d. C June, 1571, and was bur.
in the chancel of Wolstanton Church. He iii. 1st, Ann, dau.
and heir of Thomas Barrowe, Esq. of Flookersbrooke, near
Chester, and 2ndly, Jane, dau. and heir of John Salter, Esq.
of Salter's Hall, Salop, and widow of Thomas Chetwynd,
Esq. of Ingestrc. Sir William Sneyde by his 1st wife had,
with four other sons and two daus., d. unra., the following

I. Ralph, his heir.

II. George, d. s. p.

I. Jlary, ?«. John Delves, Esq. of Doddington, co. Chester.

II. Elizabeth, m. Henry Touchet, Lord Audley, of Heleigh.

III. Anne, m. William Young, Esq. of Kajnton, co. Salop.

IV. Jane, m. Thomas Trentham, Esq. of Eocester, co.

V. Margaret, m. 1st, John Somerford, Esq. of Somerford, co.
Chester, \nd 2ndly, Gilbert Domvile, Esq. of Lymme, co.

The eldest son,

Ralph Sneyde, Esq. of Keele, Sneyde Bradwell, <fec., Higli
Sheriff 18 and 37 Elizabeth, ra. twice. By his

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